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Big Brother 15 – Jessie Is Going Down Swinging

August 13, 2013 | 79 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

bb15-jessie-outside (1)

First, I apologize for the super late morning update.  I had some stuff to do this morning, and I really wasn’t expecting to be able to post much anyway.  This has been the most boring week in the Big Brother house in the few seasons I’ve been covering it… until last night.

Let me set this up for you, Jessie was walking around yesterday growing a bit suspicious of the way she has been treated by Elissa and Helen I believe.  They have acted a bit different towards her the past few days as I guess they’re not good at smiling to your face as they stab you in the back.   Andy tried to brush it off as nothing and she is still safe, blah blah.  The problem is, Jessie is more aware of her surroundings than they gave her credit for and she wasn’t just going to sleep the week away like Candice did last week.

Note: If you want to watch any of the flashback times, join the live feeds, they’re all up there.

Do a flashback to 10:53pm when Jessie asks Helen if she wants to go outside and play pool, but she had ulterior motives.  Apparently Helen told Aaryn how Jessie was some mastermind recently about trying to get Amanda out the door, when in reality Helen was also considering it and it was a secret thing.  Jessie confronts Helen on how open she was about this for good reason, she’s on the block and that could cost her votes. Helen thinks nothing of making Jessie look like a schemer in a week she could very well be going to jury (and she will be, sadly).

Basically, Jessie is starting to call Helen out on all the bullshit she’s been stirring in the house this season and is kind of upset her name is being used as the scapegoat.  Helen tried to bring up things that were already settled and buried, but tried to re-play the victim card on them.  For example, a few weeks back, Jessie told McCranda that neither Helen nor Elissa actually needed the money.  Jessie was called out on it by Helen and apologized for it – weeks ago – to which Helen accepted.   Now Helen is bringing it back up to make Jessie look bad, but it didn’t work so Helen storms away and they never get to play pool….

10:59pm – After the argument, the re-tells begin.  Helen is in the rainbow room with Andy, McCrae and Amanda while Jessie is trying to calm down outside. Warning, don’t watch this part if you’re a Jessie fan and you already have high blood pressure.  It is frustrating to watch the way Helen re-tells the story to the group as they laugh about certain aspects.  Some aspects of Helen’s re-tell are true, but some were exaggerated a bit for effect I suppose.

At this point I am thinking – Hmm, maybe Andy’s strategy of laying low isn’t so bad.  He may actually win this thing after-all because of how bitter this jury will be.  Helen and Amanda are handling future jury members about as gentle as Russell Hantz does (another Survivor reference).

11:10pm – After talking to Jessie in the cockpit, McCrae is walking out the door and Amanda yells at him across the house ‘McCrae.. what are you doing???’.  Apparently he’s not allowed to do anything in the house without her.  I wonder if she wipes his butt?

Amanda and McCrae goes outside and Jessie follows them to re-tell the story once again to her.  In this situation, the story seems a bit more accurate even when Amanda asks Jessie about the idea to get Amanda out a week or so ago.  Jessie basically tells her she’s been loyal to Helen and Elissa but has been crapped on by them and is sick of it.   She also reveals how she was told to ‘get close’ to Judd and make out with him, which I remember Elissa telling her to do so.

11:23pm – Jessie was in the bathroom telling Amanda that she’s on her side and is done with Helen and Elissa now, when the pair walk in and start up another quick confrontation with Jessie.  Elissa denies ever wanting to get Amanda out and Helen does the same and finishes it with ‘You’re leaving Thursday’.

Jessie heads outside to cool off and re-tells a few things yet again to McCrae and Spencer.   She said how one night she mentioned the entire plan to Spencer (about Elissa and Helen wanting Amanda out) in the hammock.  Spencer played dumb, but as soon as Jessie left, he admitted to McCrae that Jessie was telling the truth about it but didn’t want to get involved.

11:33pm – Jessie decides to head upstairs into the HoH room to defend herself against Helen once again. Right away Elissa opens the door and asks Jessie if she had asked to take some meds this week.  Jessie replies, oh just some advil to which Elissa replies “You haven’t been taking anything daily?  I feel you’ve been over analyzing every situation” – Jessie tells her she’s offended by the question, which I don’t blame her, and Elissa just tries to pass it off as “It’s just soo weird”… yes, it’s weird that Jessie is trying to stick up for herself.   (This cast gets worse by the day)

Anyway, Helen and Jessie go at each other pretty good at this point and voices are raising by the minute.   Helen keeps saying ‘I’m done’ and heads for the door, but then comes back for more.  At one point Jessie called her on that which was pretty funny.  Helen finally does leave with a ‘go ahead, keep going.  I’m not the one on the block’ as she storms away.   This night is getting interesting.


12:40am – Things were tense in the past hour, so Jessie heads upstairs yet again to pull Helen aside and have a talk.  The two sit at the chess table for a nice civil conversation.  Oh, what could go wrong?

After some apologies by Helen, Jessie wasn’t letting it go that easy.  She kept going at it with Helen because she really doesn’t understand what’s going on in the house.  Everyone has promised her safety this week but have treated her pretty awkwardly.  Jessie sees the writing on the wall and is trying to get to the bottom of it.  At 12:47, Helen even assured her safety once again, but Jessie is not stupid.  She asks ‘why would you keep me safe?’, which is a very valid question considering the arguments of the night.  Helen’s pitch gets a little higher and pulls the ‘If you don’t want to stay, we don’t have to keep you’.

A few minutes later, as they get louder, people from the house start to notice.  Amanda and McCrae actually left their bed to listen in from across the house, and GM listened through the HoH door.

Elissa comes to talk to McCrae and Amanda to distract them from the argument going on.

The pair continue to argue, and it finishes once again with Helen huffing and puffing and walking away.   She tried to deny it all while Jessie kept saying ‘That’s a real nice story’.

The re-tells continue for awhile and then things die down….

Note – I had to get this out there because I know people check this blog daily and want updates.  Keep checking back every 15 minutes or so and you’ll see an update from further on in the night.  I am skimming through the flashbacks right now to pull out the highlights of the night but wanted to rush this out so you didn’t think I forgot!  I typically don’t just stop recaps in the middle, but I’m so late on this one I had to get it out asap.

Double Note – I am done with this recap, it was quite an interesting night, so I’m going to start a post soon recapping it all, what it means for everyone and how people are acting today. 

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