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Big Brother 15 – Jessie Is Going Down Swinging

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First, I apologize for the super late morning update.  I had some stuff to do this morning, and I really wasn’t expecting to be able to post much anyway.  This has been the most boring week in the Big Brother house in the few seasons I’ve been covering it… until last night.

Let me set this up for you, Jessie was walking around yesterday growing a bit suspicious of the way she has been treated by Elissa and Helen I believe.  They have acted a bit different towards her the past few days as I guess they’re not good at smiling to your face as they stab you in the back.   Andy tried to brush it off as nothing and she is still safe, blah blah.  The problem is, Jessie is more aware of her surroundings than they gave her credit for and she wasn’t just going to sleep the week away like Candice did last week.

Note: If you want to watch any of the flashback times, join the live feeds, they’re all up there.

Do a flashback to 10:53pm when Jessie asks Helen if she wants to go outside and play pool, but she had ulterior motives.  Apparently Helen told Aaryn how Jessie was some mastermind recently about trying to get Amanda out the door, when in reality Helen was also considering it and it was a secret thing.  Jessie confronts Helen on how open she was about this for good reason, she’s on the block and that could cost her votes. Helen thinks nothing of making Jessie look like a schemer in a week she could very well be going to jury (and she will be, sadly).

Basically, Jessie is starting to call Helen out on all the bullshit she’s been stirring in the house this season and is kind of upset her name is being used as the scapegoat.  Helen tried to bring up things that were already settled and buried, but tried to re-play the victim card on them.  For example, a few weeks back, Jessie told McCranda that neither Helen nor Elissa actually needed the money.  Jessie was called out on it by Helen and apologized for it – weeks ago – to which Helen accepted.   Now Helen is bringing it back up to make Jessie look bad, but it didn’t work so Helen storms away and they never get to play pool….

10:59pm – After the argument, the re-tells begin.  Helen is in the rainbow room with Andy, McCrae and Amanda while Jessie is trying to calm down outside. Warning, don’t watch this part if you’re a Jessie fan and you already have high blood pressure.  It is frustrating to watch the way Helen re-tells the story to the group as they laugh about certain aspects.  Some aspects of Helen’s re-tell are true, but some were exaggerated a bit for effect I suppose.

At this point I am thinking – Hmm, maybe Andy’s strategy of laying low isn’t so bad.  He may actually win this thing after-all because of how bitter this jury will be.  Helen and Amanda are handling future jury members about as gentle as Russell Hantz does (another Survivor reference).

11:10pm – After talking to Jessie in the cockpit, McCrae is walking out the door and Amanda yells at him across the house ‘McCrae.. what are you doing???’.  Apparently he’s not allowed to do anything in the house without her.  I wonder if she wipes his butt?

Amanda and McCrae goes outside and Jessie follows them to re-tell the story once again to her.  In this situation, the story seems a bit more accurate even when Amanda asks Jessie about the idea to get Amanda out a week or so ago.  Jessie basically tells her she’s been loyal to Helen and Elissa but has been crapped on by them and is sick of it.   She also reveals how she was told to ‘get close’ to Judd and make out with him, which I remember Elissa telling her to do so.

11:23pm – Jessie was in the bathroom telling Amanda that she’s on her side and is done with Helen and Elissa now, when the pair walk in and start up another quick confrontation with Jessie.  Elissa denies ever wanting to get Amanda out and Helen does the same and finishes it with ‘You’re leaving Thursday’.

Jessie heads outside to cool off and re-tells a few things yet again to McCrae and Spencer.   She said how one night she mentioned the entire plan to Spencer (about Elissa and Helen wanting Amanda out) in the hammock.  Spencer played dumb, but as soon as Jessie left, he admitted to McCrae that Jessie was telling the truth about it but didn’t want to get involved.

11:33pm – Jessie decides to head upstairs into the HoH room to defend herself against Helen once again. Right away Elissa opens the door and asks Jessie if she had asked to take some meds this week.  Jessie replies, oh just some advil to which Elissa replies “You haven’t been taking anything daily?  I feel you’ve been over analyzing every situation” – Jessie tells her she’s offended by the question, which I don’t blame her, and Elissa just tries to pass it off as “It’s just soo weird”… yes, it’s weird that Jessie is trying to stick up for herself.   (This cast gets worse by the day)

Anyway, Helen and Jessie go at each other pretty good at this point and voices are raising by the minute.   Helen keeps saying ‘I’m done’ and heads for the door, but then comes back for more.  At one point Jessie called her on that which was pretty funny.  Helen finally does leave with a ‘go ahead, keep going.  I’m not the one on the block’ as she storms away.   This night is getting interesting.


12:40am – Things were tense in the past hour, so Jessie heads upstairs yet again to pull Helen aside and have a talk.  The two sit at the chess table for a nice civil conversation.  Oh, what could go wrong?

After some apologies by Helen, Jessie wasn’t letting it go that easy.  She kept going at it with Helen because she really doesn’t understand what’s going on in the house.  Everyone has promised her safety this week but have treated her pretty awkwardly.  Jessie sees the writing on the wall and is trying to get to the bottom of it.  At 12:47, Helen even assured her safety once again, but Jessie is not stupid.  She asks ‘why would you keep me safe?’, which is a very valid question considering the arguments of the night.  Helen’s pitch gets a little higher and pulls the ‘If you don’t want to stay, we don’t have to keep you’.

A few minutes later, as they get louder, people from the house start to notice.  Amanda and McCrae actually left their bed to listen in from across the house, and GM listened through the HoH door.

Elissa comes to talk to McCrae and Amanda to distract them from the argument going on.

The pair continue to argue, and it finishes once again with Helen huffing and puffing and walking away.   She tried to deny it all while Jessie kept saying ‘That’s a real nice story’.

The re-tells continue for awhile and then things die down….

Note – I had to get this out there because I know people check this blog daily and want updates.  Keep checking back every 15 minutes or so and you’ll see an update from further on in the night.  I am skimming through the flashbacks right now to pull out the highlights of the night but wanted to rush this out so you didn’t think I forgot!  I typically don’t just stop recaps in the middle, but I’m so late on this one I had to get it out asap.

Double Note – I am done with this recap, it was quite an interesting night, so I’m going to start a post soon recapping it all, what it means for everyone and how people are acting today. 

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  1. Comments (96)

    Haha!! Helen is shaking in her running shoes. For once, someone isn’t backing down from Helen. go Jessie!!

    • on-a-low-BS-diet........
      Comments (53)

      I have become a Jessie fan overnight!!!!
      Go Jessie!!!!!!

    • Comments (302)

      Watch the Jessie vs Helen fight at … it is beautiful to see Jessie catching Helen in a lie and Helen trying to turn it back on Jessie. You can just see the panic in Helen’s mind as Jessie calls her out. Then Helen rushes to the others to quickly do a pre-emptive strike on Jessie. It’s just starting to unravel for Helen and kudos to Jessie for finally making this interesting. I implore you to vote for her to come back in the house if America gets that chance.

  2. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    At this point if someone does come back in the house from the jury, I am not sure it will make much of a difference who it is. These HGs have their minds set. Anyone coming back in will go right back out unless they win something like HOH or POV, but between Judd, Candice and Jessie, they all can win a comp but none are a huge threat.

    • Comments (651)

      That may be true but then again these HG’s are getting down to the end and one moment they think they’ve got it locked and the next paranoia smacks them upside the head. Jessie and any returning jury member can really do some mental damage and may shake things up.

  3. Comments (651)

    Go Jessie Go!!

  4. Comments (80)

    Well at least Jessie is doing a heck of a whole lot better going out than Candice did. I guess I can give her props for that. I got a little laugh out of her hiding peoples things though. Didn’t someone else do that before eviction in a previous season?

    • Comments (487)

      Jessie should take Nick’s hat out of the house in her stuff. That will make GM want out just to get it back. LOL

      • Comments (80)

        LOL Julia, that would be absolutely hilarious, I’d love to watch that! I bet it would even affect GM’s game play also! (How ridiculous)

      • Comments (610)

        Great idea Julia…that would really stir things up for the house! I love it!

      • Comments (624)

        Better yet, throw it in the toilet for GM to find. Then she’ll really go nuts.

      • Comments (15)

        No even better have it in her bag but as she leaves the door put it on and walk out hehe.

  5. Comments (12)

    I totally think GM would’ve kicked AA butt. I also believe that AA was scared shitless!

  6. Comments (231)

    Helen’s very tangled web is untangling. I wondered how long it would take before Helen was exposed and I also find it interesting that she runs away when confronted with the truth (like w/Candice). Well Jess should go out fighting —— I would too.

  7. Comments (34)

    I hate Jessie will be leaving, but I am sooo glad she called Hele out on all of her bs!

  8. Comments (651)

    Who knew Andy’s Big Move would be turning Jessie into a fighter!

  9. Comments (24)

    Thanks for the updates i am glad jessie isn’t going out without some sort of fight this past couple weeks are such a disappointment!!! what i believed could have been some game changing outs were wasted away and Andy what a lame HOH!!!!

  10. Comments (2)

    Helen is annoying, she makes it obvious she’s running the house which is why everyone knows she is. She needs to calm down and realize she should’ve taken out a bigger target then Judd the Stud last week…such as Amanda or McCrae. I love McCrae but are the houseguests really that naive to think Howard and Candice as a couple were more of a threat then A and M? Big brother just isnt the same.. Where’s Will and Boogie or Dani and Janelle? They actually had backbones and weren’t afraid to get bloody hands like these houseguests. Sh*t I’d rather watch Evil Dick fight with Jen over his cigarettes then watch Helen reassure another houseguest that they’re actually playing a good game.

  11. Comments (17)

    THANK YOU JESSIE! She may actually save this season somewhat if she keeps putting secrets out there and getting everyone to turn on each other. Even if she leaves, the damage may be done. Keep it up Jessie, don’t back down!

  12. Comments (27)

    Once again, people are targeted for simply playing the game. “Game” meaning the game of Big Brother not “Game” as in BBXV in which you have to tell Amanda and Helen the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in order to stay in the house till they decide to cut you.

    Jesse’s task now should be convincing McAnda that they are about to go to war with Hellisa, Andy is a snake and that she (Jesse) will be a stronger partner than Spencer.

    • Comments (96)

      I agree with you. I think Jessie should make a deal with Amanda and Macre, especially since it sounds like she wants Helen out. Amanda and Macre would be stupid not to listen to her since they would have the numbers on their side. I’m glad Jessie is fighting for her spot in the game and is spilling secrets. I really want her to win!

      • Comments (1288)

        They already have the numbers on their side. Last night McCranda learned that it was Judd and Andy that held off Helen making a move on Amanda last week. Aaryan is talking with Helen but she has not exposed the 3AM alliance yet so it appears that is her main alliance. McCranda should see Jessie as a vote for them in the finals and let Jessie go to jury.

  13. Comments (487)

    That’s what those dummies get for playing for jury instead of the $500K. Everyone who makes to jury now will know before they get there that they were being lied to repeatedly and will take it personally. Remember Ian from last year. I don’t think he ever accepted Dan’s apology. Can you imagine Evil Dick or Rachel (and I did not like either of them) only playing for the jury. They wanted to send people to the jury to prove they deserved the money by making the right moves. Those guys thought like chess players, strategically. I bet a group of 10-13 year olds could play a better game.

  14. Comments (30)

    Wow!!!!! did not watch BBAD last night. Sorry I missed all the action. Come on Jess make these people turn on each other. Andy go sit your silly no balls ass down. Maybe we will get a little action.G.M. Are you for real-you are not 16 but you are one screwed up women.

  15. Comments (57)

    Jessie was the last player willing too play the game and stir things up. This show will be about as fun as watching the paint dry when she’s gone. We’ll be left with “the house wants” unanimous votes til Helen or Amanda win. Spencer and Andy are obvious third wheels in any scenario (except the scenario they made up in their own minds) so the winner will be the lucky pair that grabs the last Hoh

    • Comments (34)

      I don’t understand how so many people think that Jessie is playing the best game. She is on her way out the door because she tried to go against Amanda. That means Amanda is playing the best game. Regardless of her approach (I hate her bullying tactics), Amanda has gotten EVERY person she wanted out so far such as Howard, Judd, Candice and now Jessie. Helen is playing the house pretty well too. But I definitely don’t agree that Jessie is playing the best. Sure she wants to flip the house but of course she does, she’s on the bottom!!

      I don’t really have a favourite… They’re ALL annoying to watch!

    • Comments (34)

      I do agree though that Jessie knows how to defend herself and I can definitely appreciate that! She does have a backbone, it’s just too bad the rest of them are such cowards (besides Amanda who does what she wants…).

  16. Comments (610)

    Yay Jessie! You’ve got some game & aren’t afraid to show it (finally)! It may be too little, too late, but at least you got some HG shaking in their boots. Kudos to you! And thank you for giving us something to watch this week!!!!

  17. Comments (1)

    There is soo many times on these reality shows that the “victim” is intimidated by the “predators” and never say what they want, and I sit there saying what they should!!!!!!! But with Jessie she knows how to bite back and I defend her defense!

    Helen has gotten on my last f’in nerve. Not because of her game play, patronizing tone ~you’re so going to win this game or you’re so Janelle~ BUT her obvious cockiness that she has everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. I wish Andy could of nominated her to give her a reality check.

    Looks like Nick and Mccrae will have to go into Witness Protection together after BB! What was that gayish dude last season that I’m sure has a restraining order on Danielle? Now she scared me!!!!!!!!! Her lies were based on mental illness.

  18. Comments (682)

    OK, let’s say they kick out Spencer this week instead.

    Who want Jessie in their Alliance after her battle last night? Anything you say can and will be used against you later by Jessie.

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Jessie start the whole “let’s get Amanda out” thing with Helen in the bathroom? That was the conversation that Helen walked away from feeling Amanda was going to backdoor her. I don’t believe Jessie said Amanda was going to but Helen took it that way. So Jessie is right, she didn’t say those words but she did get the ball rolling.

  19. Comments (30)

    I swore 2 wks ago that I was DONE,DONE,DONE with this season and all the idiots. I gave in and watched BBAD and was thoroughly disgusted with the so called humorous joking by ALL about religion mainly the Bible. The usual suspects were there, Amanda, McCrea actually reading the bible but didn’t understand it, but what surprised me was ANDY’S TRUE PERSONALITY AND INTELLECT. He’s a college graduate? He’s a part-time professor? Did he receive his education/Bach.’s Degree via the Internet? He is an embarrassment to higher learning. I’m so glad that Jessie stood up to these racist,ignorant people and can’t wait for her arrival in the Jury House and all hell breaks loose when the truth comes out. None of these idiots DESERVE the money. CBS should donate it to the American Heart Association,Diabetes Research, MS Research, etc. If were able to vote for the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER WELL MS. JESSIE WILL HAVE MY VOTE. I’m fed up.

    • Comments (407)

      Buffalogal I too was disgusted with Amanda and McCrae with the joking about God and the Bible. It was truly sickening. I also agree with you about Andy. He has the poorest manners for a man of his age…burping, chewing with his mouth open and all the scratching on his private parts. The college he is associated with must be so embarrassed…as well as his students. The sad thing about these people…they act like children. My five year old granddaughter acts better than these houseguests.

  20. Comments (126)

    Helen is now behind the eight-ball, no wonder she didn’t want to play pool. Her political consulting double-talk is exposing what her occupation is highly geared toward; ‘deception’. You can only fool all of the people some of the time.

    Let’s see if her gift-of-blab can to do a slick flip on this laser-beam heading her way as she is becoming a prime candidate for the BB Block. But as we all know toward the end of the season a HOH win can turn the Casa on its head and the butt-kissing changes local and size. And quotes such as “I was really rooting for you Butch” are bestow on the new power of the keys.

  21. Comments (2)

    This is what happpens when women all you have left are women. So catty.

    I really wish Jessie could somehow stay this week.

  22. Comments (18)

    I’m hoping Jessie can stay. She is the only houseguests who have stirred thinks up lately. Helen has been using houseguests to get them out. If Jessie can align with Mcranda than I believe she will stay. Even if she does go to jury I can’t wait for some drama.
    If Ginamarie goes to Jury (will most likely) than her and Candice would be some great entertainment. It would be another Jeff and Shelly.

  23. Comments (40)

    Jessie is going hard right now and I love it!!

  24. Comments (768)

    That Elissa is such a dipstick. In the middle of an intense discussion and she interrupts it to ask Jessie if they’ve been giving her medication in the diary room. Totally clueless!

    • Comments (624)

      She can do yoga at my house any time.

    • Comments (407)

      Rob, I was really pulling for Elissa until she said that to Jessie. Why doesn’t she ask the ignorant, stupid, lowclass, (enough adjectives) GM that question. GM is a poor excuse for a woman. She acts like a child and will do anything for attention.

      • Comments (768)

        It just shows how out of touch with reality Elissa really is. It’s a clueless thing to say to anyone in the middle of a discussion surrounded by other people. There have been times I’ve liked Elissa, but that moment dulled the memory of most of them.

  25. Comments (96)

    Woohoo! Right now it’s Jessie vs Aaryn. go Jessie!! Don’t let that racist beat you!!

  26. Comments (26)

    I LOVE IT. Jessie is saying everything that I have been screaming at the computer.

  27. Comments (41)

    Did anyone actually hear GM say something about “Famous Anus brand pretzels”? Last night on BBAD, a number of the house guests were laughing about GM’s “way with words” and Amanda said she thought the funniest was the “Famous Anus” mention, and she even had the ITEM wrong (it’s COOKIES, not PRETZELS!). haha! I wondered if GM actually did say that. Anyone know?

  28. Comments (30)

    Right now (starting at 1:26pm), Jessie and Aaryn have a throw down where Jessie says that Aaryn is a liar. Jessie said that she’s not going down calmly and she’s going out like Rachael by annoying everyone. She also said, “Eff everyone in this house.” Sooo, yeah. Not a happy houseguest and spilling all of the beans.

  29. Comments (34)

    I also thought I’d mention that I’ve been reading these posts all season because I haven’t been able to watch BBAD this year (darn!) and I don’t have the live feeds…. But I come no here a couple times per day! Thanks for running this blog 🙂

  30. Comments (40)

    Jessie is my favorite player she is playing the game! That’s what I’m talking about

  31. Comments (3)

    Jessie is proving what i alredy knew
    Helen is a weak player
    Hiding behind her floaters

  32. Comments (195)

    Priceless is all I can say about the live feeds during the night last night! Unfortunately after what I saw and heard there is absolutely no one in the house I can root for except for the girl that is probably leaving Thurs night. I will however give her 100% of my vote for Fan Favourite. Jessie you finally lit up the house.
    Priceless was when she listened at the door and heard them all talking and knew then that they were all a bunch of liars. Priceless was when she would not back down from Helen and Helen was squirming in her boots and when she knew she was caught up in her lies all she could say was I am done. Priceless was Jessie spilling all the beans to Spencer and GM outside. Priceless was the fight between GM and Aaryon although have to admit was kind of scary at the same time.

    So much happened and what I saw disgusted me. Andy using that C word and bashing Jessie. All of them just acting disgusting. But the one thing that really has me mad is Helen in the storage room. This is when finally everything has calmed down except Elissa has gone wacko and is afraid of what Jessie said will tarnish her family. WHAT…she is the one who asked Jessie about the drugs. But Helen tops it off in the storage room when she tells Aaryn that she is scared Jessie is going to get a knife and hurt someone in the house. That is absolutely pathetic to resort to those tactics because you have been caught in your lies. And she kept going on and on about it. And Aaryn kept telling her it was GM she was afraid of not Jessie but Helen just would not stop. I have lost all respect for her after the way she acted last night. I was pulling a little for Elissa but after last night have no use for her either. There is no one in that house that is worthy of the $500,000.

    Jessie accomplished what she wanted. She got them fighting but the fight with Aaryn and GM…GM should of been taken out of the house. She is a loose cannon and that is someone they should be afraid of. All I can say is wow what a night. And now McCranda is believing Jessie and McCrae said he will be really upset if Judd was not the MVP. Well McCrae get ready to be upset. Haven’t had a chance to go on the feeds today….so hoping Jessie keeps up her fight and does not back down. So so proud of this girl. Someone said she should of done this before Veto and I agree….things could of gone a little differently. What a night!!!

    • Comments (768)

      “Andy using that C word and bashing Jessie.” I was surprised to hear Andy say that too, but he wasn’t referring to Jessie, he was referring to Elissa interrupting the discussion to ask Jessie if they had given her medication in the diary room.

      • Comments (487)

        Doesn’t matter who Andy was referring to, totally unacceptable. Way to make your students and family proud. Not!

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah, but where’s he really a “professor” at? One of those college commercials that they air during Jerry and Maury?

      • Comments (80)

        Lol! Your comments always crack me up!

      • Comments (407)

        Big Papi, Andy is a speech professor at College Of DuPage. He is listed as an “adjunct” professor. I hate to admit this, but I looked adjunct up in the dictionary to get the definition, and is says…”joined or added; attached in a temporary or subordinate position to the staff of an institution, as a university. An associate or assistant of another.”

      • Comments (768)

        Sounds like just a step up from being totally unemployed.

      • Comments (195)

        HeeHeeHee too funny!

      • Comments (195)

        Sorry should of separated the two. Meant to say fed up with all his bashing of Jessie and now using the C word like the others.

      • Comments (768)

        LOL Okay gotcha! I don’t think I’ve ever heard Andy use that word before. When I first heard him I thought..huh? I was just about to back up the video and he repeated it to someone else! Looks like Andy may be looking for work when he exits the house too!

  33. Comments (487)

    I don’t get the live feeds. Can some one described what happened between GM and Aaryn.

  34. Comments (624)

    You’d think one of the girls would pull Aaryn to the side and let her know her eyebrows are horrible! She must be blind. Or I guess it’s like the guy with the “kick me” sign on his back….it’s more fun to let it go and watch everyone laugh.

  35. Comments (1288)

    And now Jessie has upped the war effort and unleashed the smell of frying bacon on the have-not girls, LMFAO. She needs to follow with fried chicken for dinner and some microwave popcorn as a late snack.

    • Comments (90)

      Haaa, haa…that’s hilarious!!! LMBO!!! Love the idea of fried chicken, and popcorn…..then to finish off with some fresh baked choc chip cookies!!! That will kill them. 😀

  36. Comments (15)

    Be awesome if she(Jessie) can apologize to Amanda and tell her that she wants Helen out. That cause Amandas crew to vote out Spencer so they will have Jesse to get blood on her hands and get Helen out.

  37. Comments (1)

    America need to vote BIG TIME for Jessie when we get to decide who wins the extra $25K for being America’s favorite player. She is the only one this season that isn’t putting up with the blatant manipulations of both Amanda & Helen. It is incredible how this house of sheep is so easily led by whatever these two want. In any other season I’m not sure the house guests wouldn’t have already recognized their threat and sent them both packing. Sorry to see Jessie go. Maybe GM will get physical with someone and get kicked out for violence so Jessie avoids the eviction. One can only hope.

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