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Big Brother 15 – You’re In The Jury, Everyone’s In The Jury!


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Forgive my horrible Oprah impression in the title, but it was announced that Big Brother will be going to a 9 person jury this season which means everyone in the house right now is guaranteed an extra 5-6k dollars by landing jury.  I wonder if Julie Chen will break the news to the house, and if so, will Helen finally realize the end game is near and start worrying about Amanda?

In other news, houseguests were given a thing to practice for tomorrow night and GM was also told to practice.  This basically told them that it’s going to be a double eviction as the HoH typically doesn’t need to practice for that weeks competition.  Note:  The competition they’re practicing for will be the second HoH comp of the night, not the one immediately following Candice’s eviction.

Big Brother is on CBS in a few minutes, but I guess I have a few minutes to address something I didn’t even want to talk about. Spencer’s comments.  Yes, you’ve heard them by now, but if you haven’t, here is a link to the TMZ saying he was being investigated by the police for them.

Ugh, that’s all I can really say.  Ugh. Again?  Can this cast please stop saying stupid things?  I am sad watching every thread I post fill up with comments bashing my favorite show.  As far as his actual comments, well, it was a joke.  To be fair, a very stupid joke, but a joke.  He grabbed McCrae’s mic and said nasty things while pretending to be McCrae.

I’d never joke about that, and I don’t defend him for doing so, but there is a different between trying (and failing) to be funny, and admitting you’re the next Jerry Sandusky on national TV

All I know is that Spencer is in for a world of hurt when he leaves the Big Brother house, and it’s sad I have to keep writing about the stupid things people say.  I’d much rather be writing about how Jessie made some super bold move and got the house flipped on Amanda or something exciting, but nope.  Jessie’s too busy laying out in the sun, Candice has given up, and I’ve resorted to talk about stuff I did not want to talk about.

If you want to hear his comments, use the flashback feature and go to 8/5 7:06pm.

For those new readers checking in tonight for the first time:

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  1. Comments (302)

    I think we’re all getting sick and tired of commenting on the stupid things this cast does and says. I know I’ve repeated myself numerous times. It’s just such a loathsome bunch you want to vent and this is a great site to vent.
    I mentioned on the previous thread but I just can’t stand this cop-out by CBS. After their travesty of a fake live show last week for fear of the audience reaction they just expand the jury so they can wash their hands of it. Now Julie Chen is spared from our outrage when she would have soft peddled an exit interview with the likes of Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer or Gina Marie. CBS has mishandled nearly everything in this show. That being said I’m glad Candice will get some level of satisfaction when her vote will actually count for something. But we’ll know she’s cursed if the next two guest in the Jury are Aaryn & Gina Marie.

  2. Comments (4)

    OMG!!!! They need to pull these idiots from the show right now! I love big brother, but something I will NOT support by watching is the racist, child porn crap! This has gone way beyond anything big brother should put up with! If somebody hits another houseguest they pull them from the show. They should pull them when they are talking out their ass’s like they have been this season!

  3. Comments (357)

    I have become VERY fond of most of the people on here. I enjoyed the back and forth banter of minds trying to comprehend what going on in the BB house. Sadly, I am at a point where my posts have exposed me to personal attacks and i’m not willing to add that extra stress to me life. So. I’m out! Rita, yearbooks. christina and so on…TY for making this a great experience for me. Enjoy this GREAT website from stevebeans and enjoy the game.

    • Comments (487)

      nqb1234 I’m sorry see you leave the conversation. It is annoying when posters feel that the only way to say something is to be demeaning and hateful. Take care and stay blessed.

    • Comments (768)

      Please don’t go nqb1234. I enjoy reading your posts. There will always be trolls on here who downvote or criticize your opinion. Just realize that some people do it because they have a sense of insecurity and frustration at not being as articulate or intelligent as you are. Please hang in there. 🙂

    • Comments (1162)

      Please, stay and post your opinions.
      Enjoy the back and forth good BB game conversations which far outweigh the
      negative ones.

      Don’t engage – Ignore the “Thumbs Down.”

    • Comments (682)

      Aww. Don’t go. I haven’t seen the personal attacks on you but STAY and anytime someone tries to Amanda (bully) you “I got your back”. lol. I have seen the thumbs down on everyone’s post and I just ignore it.

      There seems to be more good people here than bad or I would have left too.

      • Comments (407)

        I am thinking of removing the thumbs up/down from comments. It seems to be more of a pain than what it’s worth. Nobody really deserves thumbs down for what they say. I don’t like when people give the random thumbs down to everyone

      • Comments (302)

        I’d stick with it stevebeans. We probably all get a little too sensitive to the thumbsdown but it’s relatively harmless. It’s a way for some to express themselves without participating in the conversation. There will always be haters but some just want to disagree with a viewpoint.

      • Comments (768)

        I agree Doug. I could really give a rat’s ass if someone doesn’t like my opinion or sense of humour. If I’ve posted something controversial and it gets an inordinate amount of thumbs down, then I’ll reconsider my opinion, but if it’s an innocuous comment that gets a lot of thumbs down, then see my second sentence. 🙂

      • Comments (286)

        Your opinions are your opinions who cares if you get a thumbs up or down.Some will ALWAYS agree with you and some will not that’s just normal.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.
        The Thumbs Up and/or Thumbs down works, except for the few who
        abuse it.
        Overall, I’ll bet the majority here click on Thumbs Up much more
        often than Thumbs down.

      • Comments (151)

        You should get rid of thumbs up/down. It’s fun, but why keep something that is making someone leave your site. Your site rocks, people love it. I do agree that thumbs up/down is a good way to express yourself though, it’s fun and isn’t meant to be hurtful. But when someone takes it as a personal attack, it’s just not fun anymore.

      • Comments (233)

        That would be fine, stevebeans. I know several times I’ve hit the thumbs-down by mistake when I really agreed with the post. Small phone/fat thumb. The low caliber of some of the cast this season has attracted a lot of trolls here. I’m optimistic that we’ll all feel better about the show when there are a few less twisted, empty-hearted people in that house.

    • Comments (302)

      nqb1234 – We have all said something in the past that irritates someone on this site and they will forever give us a thumbs down on whatever we say. Disregard and enjoy being a participant. I respect everyone’s opinion even if I don’t agree … would hate to lose your unique perspective on this show.

    • Comments (198)

      What you can’t handle comments back. Not everyone wants to post there name. But I get it. You could not handle being in the house. It seems to me you can dish it but not take it. Who cares if you do thumbs up or down. After all it is JUST someones opion.

    • Comments (20)

      Don’t go, this is the first year I have read and commented on any bb sites,though I have loved bb for since bb4, please ignore the a&%$*-$s, I also like thumbs up and down. This is the only site I comment on.

      • Comments (20)

        Sorry , I just reread my comment, please delete the for. Also I can’t wait till the hg find out they will all be in jury

    • Comments (453)

      A couple of weeks ago I was called a moron among other things for voicing my opinion on here. I and another were slammed for speaking our minds. If you don’t like what someone says, that is your right, same as it is my right to say what I said to pi** you off. Calling names and making hateful remarks shows that person’s lack of empathy and intelligence. I look at it this way, you don’t like what I have to say, move on and say what you want, no need for name calling and you don’t have to read my posts, just skip over them. Never be afraid to voice what you think or feel, as long as you aren’t hurting others with your words. Difference of opinions makes the world go round.

    • Comments (1276)

      I’m sorry to hear that. I wouldn’t leave a site because of people not liking what you say. Who cares what they think? I think you should stick around. The trolls usually get bored and move on, or change their screen name.
      I’ve had more than one go off on me over the years. While it can get me ticked at the time, I mostly just laugh at them. When I post something that I think people might not like, I just own it and know that they won’t all agree. And there are always going to be the ones that no matter what you say, they are going to jump on you. Just know that they aren’t worth the time. Heck, do like me and laugh at them while you poke the cage they are in. 9 out of 10 times they are trying to get you to react either by fighting back, dropping to their level or get you so annoyed/upset that you leave.
      I think you should stay. I’ll try to watch out for them and saying something myself.

    • Comments (39)

      Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, poor baby.

    • Comments (7)

      Could not agree more. I have expressed my opinions but have received nasty and negative responses from some people. I may not agree with the opinions expressed by everyone on this forum but I will not criticise or make vile remarks to someone because I do not happen to agree with their view point. I respect the right of each and every poster to have their say. An intelligent, well articulated discussion is always acceptable. Playground name calling does not belong here.

  4. Comments (1162)

    The only reason I decided to watch tonight’s BB show was to see Amanda’s
    reaction to the MVP vote.

    Loved It!!!

    Does anyone think Amanda has ever walked away from any male relationship?
    My bet – they have all left her.
    It’s time for McCrae to do the same.

    • Comments (487)

      She’s been left a lot. She wears a person out. I doubt she has any true girlfriends that she could count on.

      • Comments (682)

        Very good points.

      • Comments (286)

        Loved it when Amanda said Why would the MVP put me up?…silence from everyone in the cockpit room.Told my brother America wants to watch you freak out Amanda that’s why.LOL

      • Comments (30)

        theye should have edited some crickets chirping… it was extremely satisfying to see tonight’s episode lol

      • Comments (3)

        Amanda reminds me of the sarlacc pit.

      • Comments (1276)

        They all just looked around the room, lost, even McCrae. It should have been one of those ah-ha moments for her, sadly for her, she just doesn’t get it.

    • Comments (1)

      Omg! I think CBS supports the racist comments by not giving a consequence to houseguests for them.I’m disgusted and want amanda, aaron, helen and now after reading abt spencer he needs to go. Gm is just not smart and apparently was never taught to eat with her mouth CLOSED. My favs are allisa and judd. Mccrae if I could see his game but that ball and chain is making him unlikeable.

      • Comments (682)

        McCrae’s DR entries have really exposed a lot about his thoughts this week. Maybe he CAN play the game once the anchor is cut.

      • Comments (651)

        I’ve been watching his face and knew he had reach that point. Now he’s concerned if he tries to break it off what she’ll do. Sort of like GM on steroids.

      • Comments (682)

        I liked his comment about scratching through the drywall to get out there.

      • Comments (875)

        Jackie, I wonder what would have happened if Jeremy would have won the 1st HOH?

        *Would Amanda have hooked up with Jeremy?

        * Would Amanda had even noticed, or given McCrae the time of day?

        *Lastly, I don’t see Amanda & McCrae being in a long term relationship at all. It is written all over his face, he has had enough of this “Alpha Female.”

      • Comments (274)

        I thought this too! I even wonder if she would’ve switched teams if a girl was hoh?
        Even more bizarre is that HE is the one wanting OUT! From purely an appearance only standpoint this is very odd! I really am praying…no, really I am praying, that McCrea wants to get her out and flips the house himself. At least he wouldn’t have to deal with her “separation anxiety” for a while!

      • Comments (682)

        Never gonna happen. He would be the ultimate betrayer if he campaigned for Amanda to go and he knows that.

      • Comments (20)

        That would totally rock

      • Comments (1276)

        I don’t see it happening, but that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought they exact same thing.
        I think it could work, with him looking innocent. He could go to the ones he knows is fed up with her, Jessie, Elissa heck maybe even Aaryn, Spencer would go along and I’m pretty sure Judd too. McCrae could keep his vote to keep her, just to save face, but he could get it done.

      • Comments (6)

        I’ve never seen Helen say anything racist, why her? I don’t have after dark so maybe I missed something. I hope not because she’s my fave!

    • Comments (768)

      At last production is finally portraying her in the manner she deserves.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah! My friends and fam that don’t watch feeds finally see what I’ve been trying to explain. Sadly this isn’t the half of it.

    • Comments (160)

      I loved it. I loved the fact that she is freakin’ out about who the MVP is. I started liking McCrae because he’s finally given some air time. Throughout the whole season we see more Amanda than McCrae. I thought he was blinded by the p**** (excuse my language lol) but now I’m seeing more of him, he’s got a brain of his own.

      And I agree with all of you! She definitely wears a person out. It’s too much to keep up with her constant burst of rage and paranoia.

      A lot of people talk about how Jessie is quite an insecure gal, but I see that so clearly with Amanda. She’s soooo crazy right now, that it makes Aaryn look good.

      • Comments (651)

        Kathy McCrea has always been the brains behind the strategy. He’s used Amanda so he wouldn’t have to get his hands dirty. But now he has to worry that the monster will turn on its creator.

      • Comments (160)

        I think partially he was being treated like a lap dog because he said so himself. He was sick and tired of her putting a leash on him. But yea, for sure he’s been feeding stuff to her as well.

      • Comments (178)

        If left to play on his own, I think McCrae would stand a good chance. He at least seems to have game strategy and he’s capable of winning competitions. Unfortunately, he’s between a rock and a hard place because he became involved with The Red Queen. So while he may have some safety because the house is fearful of incurring The Red Queen’s wrath, the house can also turn against him in an effort to strike a blow at her. McCrae apparently tries to talk sense to The Red Queen; but she’s not listening. It’s her way or the highway. Kudos to Big Brother for actually airing some of The Red Queen’s shenanigans. The Red Queen and McCrae’s relationship probably won’t make it past the jury house if it continues along the way it’s been going. Signs are emerging that McCrae finds The Red Queen to be overbearing.

        Actually, I have sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman. They have to view, along with the entire Big Brother viewing audience, the spoiled, over-indulged, demanding and bossy brat they raised.

      • Comments (682)

        I’ pretty sure Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman are proud of their baby girl.

      • Comments (407)

        I wouldn’t bet on that Rita. I read that her Dad has deleted his twitter account as a result of the backlash against her and also that they have received death threats. Like I said, I read that so it may or may not be true. Kind of ironic though since Amanda has stated she would like to slit throats and stab other hg’s. Maybe her upbringing is coming back to bite them in the butt.

    • Comments (7)

      It was very nice to see that McCrae has “a set”. I was worried he was being totally emasculated and was starting to lose all respect for him. He put Amanda in her rightful place… Totally proud of him!!!

    • Comments (11)

      Nothing could have been worse than for GM to call Candace a “rat”. Racist comments aside, Amanda, in my opinion, is soft porn. In my opinion, those talent scouts at CBS for choosing these BB airheads should be fired.

  5. Comments (11)

    If there don’t evict Amanda tomorrow or they will go down as the dumbest cast i n bb history not that they already have

  6. Comments (68)

    So, I’m a little slow, will Candace be in Jury????

  7. Comments (13)

    McCrae needs to get away from Amanda now if he wants any chance of winning this game because the longer he stays with that wack job the harder it will be for him to further himself from her antics

    • Comments (487)

      Maybe McCrae grows a pair and at the last minute asks everyone to evict Amanda and waits until just before the vote to tell Andy so he can’t squeal to GM or Amanda. Oops, I was dreaming and fingers just started typing on their own.

      • Comments (682)


      • Comments (226)

        Thumbs Up!!

      • Comments (150)

        Wouldn’t you love to be sitting next to Amanda in the final two? Voting her out might make the viewers happy, but if I was there I would carry her all the way to the finish line.

      • Comments (151)

        I totally agree. But the hg’s don’t see it that way. They don’t see what we see. They think America would never vote her up as MVP! If they took her to the end, people in jury would prob think she played a good game and she’d win. Sadly.

  8. Comments (6)

    If they don’t vote Amanda out this week I think I’m going to scream! I had really liked Helen but am now questioning her game completely…I just don’t understand. I’m also very disappointed that she didn’t stay true to what she had said to Elissa earlier in the game..when she basically said she wouldn’t play a deceit ful game. Elissa seems to be the only one, and Candice that has any morals at all. Please come to your senses hgs get rid of Amanda. She’s bad for your game and downright hateful!

    • Comments (25)

      We have seen such a change in Elissa,Helen and Aaryn, I really think production has directed them a certain way during their diary sessions. We know that at the very least, based on what the GH have said, they are asked questions in diary in a way that is telling them things. – I believe Prod is letting them know what Prod ‘wants’ (read that as orders) them to do.

    • Comments (150)

      Make believe you are really playing the game. Who better to take to the end then the most obnoxious person in the house? Do you want to win or just play an emotional game that gets you nowhere?

  9. Comments (6)

    These majority of the people in the house this time are really stupid. I love this show and am saddened by the people chosen this time around. I have a feeling that the CBS casting person will not be in charge of casting BB16, if there is one…

    • Comments (6)

      I meant “the” not these…

    • Comments (407)

      Currie, Les Moonves, CBS-CEO and also Julie Chen’s husband, stated that he personally has final say over the contestants. He also said that some of the controversial comments on BB were “absolutely appalling” but he felt the network handled them appropriately. He’s taking his millions to the bank so I feel like he doesn’t really care since ratings are up and I’m sure stock is on the rise!!

  10. Comments (17)

    Every season people come on here and say that they will “no longer watch the show” because of this or that. Well, nothings changed and CBS is getting better than average ratings this season. Controversy sells. People are too thin skinned these days, especially with jokes that were made. Get real people, CBS wants this, and you’re still watching. No, I don’t condone comments made, it’s just reality…. you know…REAL LIFE. BTW I hope Jesse wins.

    • Comments (160)

      I agree with you partially about people who say “I don’t ever want to watch this show again.” But go ahead and tell Blacks, Puerto Rican, Asians, gay and other minority group that they have thin skin because it’s all a joke. You say you don’t condone their behaviour but you’re okay with it being a joke?

      • Comments (682)

        I’m Italian (not a minority) but I would not be offended by anything GM/Amanda/Spencer or anyone else in the house had to say about Italians. But if it offends the masses then it’s offensive.

        I’m not a gay man but I found GM calling Andy a (sorry, I just can’t type what she called him) completely offensive and I am not easily offended.

        The girl is 33 years old living in New York. It’s hard to imagine any justifiable “excuse” for her ignorance unless she was locked in a New York closet for the first 32 years of her life.

        Same goes for Amanda, Aaryn and Spencer. But it also shows how clueless they are while knowing America is watching yet they still signed up for the show and still say what they say. I can’t believe I’m about to use Kaitlin as an example here but when she said the “n” word in the bathroom she immediately covered her mouth and knew what she said was wrong. And if you recall Amanda said “so what?”.

      • Comments (1276)

        And see I think what Kaitlin said was an example of using the N word just as a form of speach. While I don’t use it, when she said it wasn’t meant as offensive, or to degrade or insult anyone, it was just said. And even though she knew it wasn’t meant in an offensive way at all, she recognized that while lots of people do use it, as a white woman it wasn’t in good taste.
        While not a joke, it was not an insult, or said in a racist way. That is when there’s a big difference. The others say that and much worse, and never realize or admit their wrong. There is nothing good about using that kind of speach, but there are different ways to do it.

      • Comments (17)

        I’m ok when things are said as a joke without it getting personal. For example if somebody does something and another person jokingly says “That’s so gay”. I don’t find that bad so long as it’s not a personal attack and nobody gets hurt. I’m not thin skinned and I grew up in the hood, so I never got upset when someone jokingly called me a “cracka”, or when people call redheads “gingers”. There’s a difference, not everybody lives in a politically correct world. Has there been offensive and racist comments made that deserve scorn? Yes, Amanda, Aaron and GM have all said hurtful racist comments and they will (and already have) pay for it. As I said, this is the real world and not a lollipop politically correct one. CBS is and will keep enjoying the controversy.

      • Comments (150)

        If you say “that’s so gay” and you and the person you say it to is are not gay then it is a bad remark. Wtf are you saying? That’s so dumb or that’s so lame or that’s so stupid? My goodness another idiot speaks and you got a bunch of thumbs up so you are not the only jerk here. So the hg’s are terrible people but if you say it it’s OK? Urrggg. Stupid is as stupid does..

      • Comments (17)

        So let me get this straight…. In your opinion, it’s ok to make homophobic or racial slurs if you’re a member of that group? And I’m a stupid jerk???? That, my friend is an idiotic remark. Let me guess…. It’s ok that our president is over there drone bombing brown people because he’s brown himself??? There’s just sooo much stupidity in your statement, it’s comical. I realize that you feel that we live in a utopian society, but it’s simply not the case.

      • Comments (1276)

        Mark I think I get what you’re saying. You said you’re jewish. One of my best friends is jewish, and when she picks on me for being broke, while she always has cash, I tell her “I’m sorry for not being a Jew”.
        Granted, I wouldn’t say it to someone I didn’t know well, and I didn’t know would pick on me in the same manor. But she knows it’s a joke, and I’m guessing if I said it to you, you would take it that way too.
        I’m pretty sure this is the kind of thing Mark is talking about. He’s not trying to say it’s ok to make racist remarks, or hurt others with your words, only that there is a big difference in something said in a joking manor and malicious remarks.

      • Comments (17)

        I completely agree Christina, except the me being Jewish part. Like I said, I grew up in the hood in DC, went to a majority black HS, majority black college (UDC), hung out and was friends with some gays/blacks/Hispanics/Asians etc.. and we all made jokes and all got along and would’ve done anything for each other. We called each other stereotype names all of the time and we know that it wasn’t personal. There is a difference, and I don’t expect some people who think that we live in a “utopian” society to understand. Do I condone aggressive, hurtful, racist remarks? Absolutely not. At the same time, I believe that we all could need to get rid a little liberal guilt because it does more harm than good. Calling people a racist for using slang or saying something as a joke CAN be irresponsible.

      • Comments (1276)

        Good lord, my daughter keeping me up all night with her cold, and me with my own, I think I’m just imagining things now. I have NO IDEA where I thought you had said that you were jewish. lol, that’s what I get for typing on cold meds!

  11. Comments (6)

    I just watched BB. Amanda has really lost her mind. She is the most paranoid person I have ever seen play this game and is a liar. she denied saying that Judd was MVP when she clearly said in the room with Candice sitting right there. She just went after Candice like lightening all because she saw her whispering to Judd. Who does that? A paranoid person that’s who. I will say that it’s good to see that Mcrae is finally seeing what he’s attached himself to in Amanda. He’s probably starting to think that she’s a loose cannon, a manipulator with her temper tantrums, and a stage 5 clinger because Jessie sat down next to him. I’m glad he stood up to her. If he continues on with her he is shooting himself in the foot. It’s unfortunate he doesnt have the guts to drop her like a bag of potatoes before it’s too late otherwise he could possibly win this game.

    • Comments (6)

      kb …I think your right Amanda has lost her mind but I really think we are just now seeing the real Amanda now completely uncensored. She’s paranoid now…because she’s on the block again. I just hope she gets evicted. I’m really tired of her bad behavior on the other hand if Candice gets evicted then Amanda I feel sorry for Candice because they’ll both be in jury together and for a fairly long time.Ugh!

    • Comments (25)

      If he had a private talk first with Judd and Spence, they would form a firm 3, and could possible get some of the others to join them. Once he had his firm core group, he can ‘break up with her and then he should announce it to everyone – all before the vote – and she is gone. Although I don’t understand why people keep giving Spence a pass when he has said so many things and laughed at others.

      • Comments (37)

        It sounds like Spencer likes a firm 3. two swollen balls and a firm c**k!! The younger the better judging by his comments. He prefers a hairless frank!

    • Comments (1)


    • Comments (1276)

      I was thinking the same thing, the part I find even funnier is that Amanda did say it, in a room and in front of Elissa, Helen, Candice and I can’t remember who the other was, maybe Aaryn or Jessie? So there were 4 witnesses to her saying it, and yet, not one of them called it out, and said something to the extent of “if you weren’t making these racist remarks to Candice, then I might have kept my mouth shut, but seeing how you are acting and talking, guess what Judd, she did say it, and too a group of us, that included a, b and c.”
      I also would have called her out for the crap she was saying to Candice while they were standing there. And then she tried to act like she wasn’t saying a word. I would have let my true bitch show, and done it right back. Had I been Candice, I would have straight up been whispering right back calling Amanda dirty, white trash, ugly and oompa loompa and anything else I could hav thought of.

  12. Comments (68)

    I am so glad she gets to go to jury! I love Candace and she deserves something for all she has been through! Imagine the reactions from some of the others! It will be priceless! **dancing a clownie dance to celebrate!**(*¯︶¯*)

  13. Comments (4)

    Question: Does anyone know if the HG’s in the jury will have contact with the outside? Mainly I’m curious if Aryn, GM, Amanda, & Spencer will find out about all the negative reactions and consequences because of their behavior. Anyone think Julie will bring it up during exit interviews?

    • Comments (682)

      No outside contact. Sequester.

      • Comments (7)

        Will the jury see the 24/7 feeds or will they only see the edited version of the preceding show? Are they allowed full discussion of everything, including production or will production still monitor them?

    • Comments (487)

      No contact, but they get to see some tapes of the about what went on in the house and share with each other about the lies being told. That’s how Ian won over Dan last year. Dan got caught in his lies and the Jury made him pay by not voting for him to win. Karma

  14. Comments (682)

    Just a thought… Maybe BB should have excluded people using Adderall in the casting.

    What is Adderall?

    Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both these medicines are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

    Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    • Comments (875)

      This Season Aaryn, Amanda, & Judd are all on some type of behavioral medication.

      GM has some sort of eating disorder, & learning disability/or is illiterate.

      If believe if you have to take a Meds for behavior you should be excluded from being a contestant, and I don’t know how GM got on BB, GM has some serious issues.

      • Comments (35)


        Additionally, it is written on EVERY label of the majority of drugs “do not mix with alcohol”

        and what do these house guests constantly do?

        These HG are destroying themselves on so many levels its unbelievable.

    • Comments (35)

      People will say it’s discrimination against those with mental illnesses and such.

      • Comments (682)

        So BB should let crackheads play because they have an illness? Sorry but “mind altering drugs” should disqualify you from being on Big Brother.

      • Comments (7)

        Well then they shouldn’t let people who drink caffeine or smoke cigarettes on the show either then. Those are ‘mind altering’ too… ASK anyone who’s ever had a caffeine headache. And you’re not addicted to ANYTHING, right, RITA? BTW the term ‘crackhead’ is as discriminatory as ‘nigger’. If they did allow addicts on the show, it might actually HELP them… you take them OUT of their environment, give them healthy food, a space to work out and a team to play with. What a concept. I can’t believe you actually posted that…

      • Comments (1446)

        My son uses Adderall because of his ADD(a by product of high functioning Autism). It is very beneficial in helping him concentrate at school. He doesn’t even take it on weekends or school vacations. That’s how Adderall works, you only take it when you need to concentrate – it’s NOT something you should be taking like, every 6 hours, like some meds. I DO NOT think that anyone taking Adderall should be excluded from playing BB.
        With that beig said, I have done lots of research since my son began taking it. 20 years ago ony only about 5%of those 18-29 took Adderall. It is now up to 22% because lots of kids either want the stimulation or can sell it other kids for big $$. It is also know as “the fat housewife’s best friend” because some of them take because it is an appetite suppressant. THAT’s why I think Amanda and Aaryn take it.
        Also – I DO NOT think that “crackhead” is as discriminatory as the “N” word – that’s nuts. A person chooses to use crack, you do not choose your race that you are born into. Also, I don’t recall “crackheads” having a historical meaning attached to slavery, bigotry, and violence.

      • Comments (35)

        I’m on the fence with Aaryn needing it. Just because she’s basically how I was, where she’s (for lack of a better word) calm, eats a lot and sleeps “normally”. Yes, as an adult I was prescribed Adderall. It was a time released version that I took once a day, everyday. I only took it for a few month, by choice, because of the stigma. But it’s a wonderful medication for those who honestly need it.
        I truly believe Amanda doesn’t need it. She needs to stay away from it. Far away. Doctors prescribe Prozac for weight management now, perhaps she should try that. I say that because she needs some form of help with her mental health.

      • Comments (151)

        How could you not remember the beginning of the war on drugs… crackhead was kinda a derogtatory term. Not so much now though. So you’re both right 😉

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        There is a huge difference between prescribed/necessary medication and random drug use. I’m with you Breezy. I’ve been on medication for depression for years and it is very necessary.
        I have been wading through all of these comments for weeks and weeks about how ignorant and uneducated the house guests are to make such horrible and judgmental comments about others but man alive, there are some ignorant commenters in this conversation.

      • Comments (150)

        u r wrong. crack head is nowhere as offensive as the n word.

      • Comments (35)

        No one’s opinion is wrong, that is why it is called an OPINION

        and not a FACT.

      • Comments (150)

        wrong again.

  15. Comments (316)

    I keep on trying to convince myself that Spencer was only joking.
    I’m trying really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt here. I try to see the good in all people. I’m not a very religious person but I try my best to be kind to family and friends. I have made some mistakes along the way. I’m going to stay with Big Brother and all the websites about it that I enjoy. I have to tell you all that what Spencer said really makes me feel bad. You can’t pass bad behavior off as a joke. Please people, no more sick words about small children. It’s so not funny.

    Now I will force myself to move forward. I will try to remember all the things I love about Big Brother even still, after all these years!!

    • Comments (17)

      It was a joke, but a very bad one.

      • Comments (231)

        My husband pegged him the first night and I said that we should just give him a chance. Must be that “cop” sense of his bc ha was right. I even tried to defend here on this blog until Spenser became progressively worse. Anyway, Amanda showed her true colors on Wednesdays show during the competition with Candice, what a mess and I’m happy that she will go to jury.

      • Comments (37)

        And do you “peg” your husband.

  16. Comments (32)

    I am so disgusted over this season’s cast members. From the ignorance of their openly racist views to their just plain ignorance, this has to be the most pathetic group ever gathered.
    To quote the famous line from Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone, “I am afraid that this game has lots its allure.”

    The only way to salvage this season would be for the producers to actually go into the house and give them a nice and simple warning; inappropriate racist comments are grounds for removal from the house and forfeiture of all monies earned/won to this point.

    Sadly I had some respect for the intelligence Amanda had shown up to this point. Her true colors shined through and she is no better than GM, Aaryn, or Kaitlin. I sincerely hope the gets backdoored this week. From the way she has acted thus far this season it would not be the first time for her by the way. (to get backdoored that is)

  17. Comments (41)

    OMG…….CBS at it again, did anyone see the bar running across the bottom of the screen during tonights show? Seriously, on double eviction night…and CBS has a programming issue and will not air tomorrows show untill 3am in morning due to Cleveland Brown football game!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

  18. Comments (178)

    Here’s a new twist on the “Expect the Unexpected”….

    What if the final contest to pick a Big Brother winner involved selecting a person from the Jury House to compete against the last remaining player in the Big Brother house? Have America decide which person from the Jury House they want to compete against the last remaining houseguest. THAT could certainly turn the game on it’s ear. Considering how many people will end up in the Jury House this season, it’s almost logical that one of them should be selected as a candidate to win the big prize.

    • Comments (22)

      America has no business in this game…..This game should be decided by the contestants that were chosen to play. Not someone sitting at home watching tv and voting for a person because THEY dont like them.

  19. Comments (316)

    Why are they putting 9 jurors instead of 7? I[m not following..

    • Comments (487)

      Probably to keep Candice from being available for any interviews with the press.

      • Comments (316)

        It is probably easier for the houseguests to just leave into the public all at once. CBS can manage it better that way if its all at once. Rather than start it then wait. There will be a lot of explaining to do… I’m guessing this is the reason, not sure.

    • Comments (682)

      Because they started with more players.

      Maybe they will bring some evicted HGs back to the game (doubtful, we have enough this year) but it would only be jury members later. The ones that already went home will have way to much info to come back like some are hoping.

    • Comments (274)

      What Julia said or the fact they know Candy was put through hell and want to make it so she at least had something ($). Basically to calm their searing concious.

      • Comments (7)

        Ooooo… like inter-game hush money… I didn’t think of that… Oooo… and that way Amanda will have some extra cash to escape for a while so she doesn’t completely put her parents over the edge…

    • Comments (15)

      I hope 3 people goes the final like on Survival

  20. Comments (49)

    As I have read other blogs, there is zero chance that Candice is staying. If that is truly the case, I am ecstatic the edit Candice has gotten, especially tonight. She absolutely stood her ground, played the game (whispering to Judd in veto game), all the time never crossing the line while getting verbally assaulted by Amanda.

    She then took the Clownitard and gave up the cash with grace and wears the outfit with style and grace. Too bad we are losing someone that we can cheer for.

    • Comments (302)

      Great points BBCubby. I didn’t think about the fact that Candice never made it personal in her argument with Amanda … it was more like a Dragnet episode “just the facts ma’am.” Can you imagine if it was Aaryn, Gina Marie or Amanda who had the $5000 snatch out of their hand for a clown suit. They’d be bitching and moaning & plotting their revenge against the “backstabbers” & “Flip floppers” who took their money. Candice didn’t even grimace when it happened and played along when they gave her the suit. Bravo Candice!

      • Comments (150)

        yeah. but she could have waited to talk to Judd until they ere alone. that’s what started the fight. all of you view things as either good or evil, wrong or right, no ones hands are clean. Candice also has a big mouth and her game play stinks.

      • Comments (302)

        No doubt her game play stinks but I think it was a great time to bring it up. It puts it out there for the other houseguest to here and maybe start doubting their allegiance to Amanda … getting her to freak out is probably the best think Candice has done in the house. But I agree I probably see too much of the good vs evil .. there are definitely no clean hands in this house.

      • Comments (302)

        Oops I meant “to hear” … not “to here” that must be the GM in me.

      • Comments (302)

        Oh my God I also wrote “think” instead of “thing” someone take this keyboard away from me.

      • Comments (651)

        GinaMarie is that you? 🙂

    • Comments (15)

      she gets my vote to win the money as “FAVORITE”

  21. Comments (7)

    So, Candice has already been evicted or you’re just going by the live feeds so far?

    • Comments (407)

      Come on people!! Why thumbs down on a simple question. Lisa, eviction will be tonight and we are just assuming by what the houseguests are saying that Candice will be going to the jury house.

      • Comments (7)

        Thanks! I thought so but I’m still holding out that they’ll come to their senses and get rid of Amanda!

      • Comments (407)

        OMG!! Me too but I’m in Ohio and it is going to be delayed until 3:00 AM so I am really bummed out.

  22. Comments (166)

    I just have to say after watching BB tonight that Candice is a very strong & courageous person..Amanda has totally lost her mind to the point of scary crazy!! I was soo glad to see her stand tall against Meanmanda!! The mean girls LOVED that she got stuck with clownietard & when she said “I look good in anything Boo!”..I love love loved that!! Please, if anyone is watching & needs to hire someone for their company that has class & a wonderful personality then Candice is your girl!!!!!!

  23. Comments (46)

    I hate to be so negative, i love this show and regardless i will continue to watch always
    But in my opinion this is the worse cast by far in years, and i cant remember a worse cast
    It feels like none of them came in to play the game stead they just want to be part of bb

  24. Comments (624)

    Anyone notice that Elissa turned out to have a pretty quiet week? I recall not much more from her on the evening show other than a quick DR clip about Amanda. I’d like to see her go in the final three.

  25. Comments (274)

    I have a sliver of hope production will manipulate as that’s what they’re best at and will plant seeds to get Amanda out and keep Candy. Hopeful…yes it maybe a stretch but with Amanda’s recent freaking behavior it just may happen.
    My husband and I just had a family discussion over this. Yes we do this for our very easily influenced children. We said a few days ago that if it gets worse we would stop. As I mentioned we are fairly new to this show. Wouldn’t harm us if we stopped. We don’t want them watching this garbage and have decided to turn it off for now, all of it. I am following the threads but above that, zilch.
    If someone or something decides to change the way it’s going then we will go back. We’ve lost money watching this but that’s the least of the damage done to mine, my husbands but most importantly my young impressionable children’s minds and spirits. My family has been through a lot to trudge up memories through a degenerate show. So hopefully tomorrow you will have good news to share!

    Usually this sort of thing wouldn’t have been a big deal but we try to have a moral compass and allowing a foothold in is all it takes to take a person or a family down.

  26. Comments (1162)

    The HGs, including GM, are practicing for tomorrow’s comp..
    They’re freaking out – Double Eviction!!!

    • Comments (302)

      Sadly the HOH game they’re practicing for was completely dominated by Aaryn. Rolling a ball down a long board into a container without it dropping to the ground. Aaryn nailing it with regularity … no one else even close to her success. Oh my Gosh … she could be HOH for the 3rd time this season. No doubt she’ll be perplexed as she looks for a black person to nominate … damn .. she might have to settle for an Asian, a gay guy or a jew. This is what can happen when you keep someone evil in the house .. she’ll get you before you get her.

  27. Comments (68)

    When are they gonna tell the HG’s that there will be 9 in jury instead of 7? It would be funny if they didn’t find out until they are sent to the jury house. Imagine the look on AAryn, Gm’s, or Amanda’s face when Candace greets them “Hey boo! Welcome to Candyland!” Lol that would be hilarious!!!!

  28. Comments (1)

    Has anyone noticed that Howard hasn’t given any post-eviction interviews? If he has, where are they?

  29. Comments (240)

    I have always said this show feels rigged for Amanda to win. I don’t know for sure how true this story is but I read this that seems to confirm some of our ideas. This is written by a former employee.…/a-former-big-brothe...

  30. Comments (143)

    So we got racist, homphobes, bigots, rapist, child rapist and child pornographers. I think that covers every possible disgusting element of society, I really do not see how the house could have been anyworse. Did they like wait outside of mental hospitals to get these clowns. Could they not find a better new yorker than gina marie like 20 million, come on. Nick was great, they couldn’t have found a cooler new york chick than that. PUHHHLEAAASE. They wanted racist, anti gay, child rapist and rapist. CBS wanted the controversy. Worst of all is the coverup.

    • Comments (41)

      CBS…..the equal oppotunity employer…

      • Comments (610)

        CBS public service announcements always end with “CBS Cares”…but apparently not enough to remove the HG’s for their inexcusable behaviors.

      • Comments (22)

        It would be illegal and would violate civil rights to remove HG for expressing their own personal opinions.

      • Comments (651)

        No it wouldn’t CBS is not the government. Only the government is restricted from Regulating speech. But even so there are restrictions…that’s why there are bleeps See George Carlin’s 7 Words.
        CBS/BB could have and still can pull anyone out just like an employer can fired you for things you say online. Spencer’s union is the one who has to decide if they are going to fight his firing or not. Union Pacific wants him gone.

      • Comments (143)

        I`d like to add, I just found an old article about cbs talking about jason collins the former black panther in season 1, they said cbs will not tolerate hate speech. LOL, funny. Its more like, they won`t tolerate hate speech from a house guest who is black.

    • Comments (150)

      The house could be worse if I was a HG.

  31. Comments (2)

    I wish they would let Zingbot tell all these people they no longer have jobs outside the house. He wouldn’t be able to say zzzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg, but I bet the houseguests wouldn’t even pick up on that.

  32. Comments (19)

    For the first time ever I started watching BB intending to watch the whole season, in the past I had not had the time and just caught bits and pieces, but so far I am not impressed. I am just getting to post on this site so forgive me if this all has been said and hashed out. I cannot believe CBS keeps letting the house guests get away with their comments. To top it all off, most of the house guests have no idea what’s waiting for them on the outside, I have read reports of some losing their jobs and their parents getting death threats. Come on CBS use some common sense, they apparently warned them about their comments, so if they are still doing it kick their butts out. But no, they are going to put them all in the jury house and pay them more money for having to wait until the game is over. I really would like to be a fly on the wall in the jury house, just wondering who might get kicked out of the jury house for the first time ever. Really hope no one gets hurt. As I read many of your posts this must be the worst season of BB ever. The game can be played with out the comments and still be good, Amanda’s entertaining enough trying to figure out who keeps putting her up for eviction and does not think America would do that to her,lol I know some say that they did not think the MVP was a good idea but all in all I think that it being kept secret that America is doing the nominating adds a great twist to the game. I mean it is making people paranoid of who keeps putting them up and obviously America would like to see Amanda go. America keeps giving the house a hint of what to do next but none of them has figured that out yet. I have one last rant and that has to do with Spencer, I think CBS is doing a great disservice to those who have been victim’s of child pornography by not kicking Spencer out of the house for the comments he made about enjoying child porn. The Conway, Arkansas police department took those comments seriously and its being investigated. I am from Arkansas, but we are not being well represented by Spencer, makes me embarrassed. I think all of the ones who have made remarks that should have never been made should be gone but I know then the game would have been over weeks ago. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with those staying, I chose to try and ignore those making the comments. I don’t think they get that they are on air almost 24 hrs everyday so America has heard everything, I mean everything. So, on to tonight’s eviction show, Thanks to Steve for explaining the double eviction, I didn’t know how that all worked. But, I guess Amanda could still go to the Jury house tonight if she does not win HOH or MVP, and what worse two people could be in there together alone for a week until someone else is evicted. Candice and Amanda, that could be interesting. Anyway I will quit rambling and ask “Who does everyone think will go in the second eviction tonight?”

  33. Comments (1)

    Why is the After Dark not being aired on TVGN?

  34. Comments (1162)

    It depends upon who the new HOH is.
    Two names being talked about most often for the next eviction – Judd & Jessie.
    IMO, they need to win to stay off of the block.

    McCrae mentioned last night that perhaps everyone is his group should
    throw the HOH comp just to keep their votes in line.
    Like that is going to happen!!!!!

  35. Comments (5)

    they are so prodictable it will be jesse cause the ppl in the house are to scared to make a move i think that big brother needs to cast people that are big fans and watch all the seasons,they dont have to look like beuty quenns but be smat and interesteing,im trying out for big brother canada next week,and if i get on,im gonna play right good,and hopefully win,the trick is to get everyone to like u and the people watching to love you,be funny and smart.hope i make it on bbc 🙂 and hope its a better cast not just hookup central

  36. Comments (624)

    I hope Jessie makes it to the final 3. She seems indecisive and childish at times, but who of these HG haven’t been at one time or another? My dream final 3 are:

    1. Elissa
    2. Jessie (between her and Elissa, may the best one win)
    3. Anyone but GM and McManda. As long as my first 2 picks go 1-2 (or 2-1 lol).

  37. Comments (233)

    Wednesday’s CBS show was excellent. When Amanda was in the shower, McCrae was just sitting there too afraid to tell her to take a hike. The look on her face told it all. You know she reaches this point in her relationships very quickly but STILL can’t understand why decent people cut and run from her. Her gasp of disbelief when she saw her face as MVP nominee was so hilarious. The sound of crickets when she asked why on earth anyone would vote her as the MVP nominee was also priceless. She needs to go, then Spencer, Aaryn, GM. Take out the trash and then let’s play the game! I could care less about thumbs-down. I like to see how many people out there are such losers themselves that they want to show their support for the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and just plain hateful behavior. My choices for double-eviction would be Amanda and Spencer, in either order.

    • Comments (22)

      Just remember that not everyone believes the same way that you do. Everyone has their own opinion and no opinion is wrong.

      • Comments (150)

        That’s is crazy nonsense. If I said, “In my opinion I think Amanda is just misunderstood”, I would be wrong. Opinions are often wrong, and sometimes even dangerous.

      • Comments (35)


        I don’t want to have to explain this a million times to you

        an opinion is subjective, based upon a person’s education, experiences, beliefs and a plethora of other factors

        an opinion cannot be inherently “wrong”

        if that were so, EVERY opinion would be wrong because there HAS never been complete consensus on ANY opinion

        again, that is the difference between an OPINION and a FACT.

        a fact can/ has been empirically proven
        a FACT can be incorrectly misrepresented,

        but an OPINION, is subjective

        you can disagree with another individuals opinion based on personal, moral, or religious reasons, but that still does not make the opinion itself ‘wrong’

        This is the last time I will respond to you, because IN MY OPINION you are clearly a prepubescent troll in need of life experience, lessons in common DECENCY, and an actual education.

      • Comments (233)

        Really? Thanks for clearing that up. Why would someone stand up for those who think it’s hilarious and genius game-play to use racial slurs and joke about children and women being sexually assaulted? When a person is supportive of the horrible behavior we’ve seen this season, IN MY OPINION, that makes their values suspect, too.

    • Comments (77)

      I do not want to see Spencer leave in the double eviction if Candice is the first one in Jury House. I would hate for him to get there and frighten her. She has been through enough. I don’t want to see any of the girls go and be the only one there and then Spencer shows up second.

      • Comments (37)

        “she has been through so much” What a F’in joke. What exactly has she been through? Most of the offhand remarks were made between HG’s anyway and not to her. Why don’t you take up a collection for her or start a non-profit organization in her honnor. Al Sharpton could use a new soap box to stand on now that Trayvon mania is over

    • Comments (37)

      “take out the trash?” Are you calling them white trash? You are no better then anyone else. I am sure if the cameras followed you around all day and night they would pick up some things that some would find offensive or no agree with. I love all of the people up on their high horses over some BS game with some snide off color comments or jokes. With the exception of Spencer and his child porn comments that of course nobody in their right mind would find funny the rest has been pretty tame and often funny. Me I am not prejidice, I hate everyone

  38. Comments (80)

    For the sake of feeling bad for Candice, I’m glad that she at least gets to go to the jury, but only for the fact that she will at least receive some profit ($$$) from it, as I feel she deserves it, with all the crud she has had to go through this season.

    As far as Spencer’s comments. UGH. I don’t get these HG’s this season. All I can do is sit here and say WHY? Spencer is really in for a world of hurt when he exits that big brother jury house. As Ricky Ricardo would say “You have a lotta esplainin to do!”

    • Comments (37)

      I just can’t stand all the “feel bad for Candice” BS I am so sick of it. You get treated how you allow yourself to be treated. She should have stood up for herself from the start and said she didn’t appreciate those kinds of comments and wasn’t going to stand for it. Instead she hid in her room and sulked. Not to mention the only one she ever hung out with was Howard. It appears she doesn’t like to socialize with whitey as much as they didn’t want to socialize with her. NOT because she was black but because she was a no game playing stuck up bore.

  39. Comments (15)

    I hope 3 people goes the final like on Survival

  40. Comments (28)

    What does everyone think?? Do you really think this game is rigged for Amanda to win? cause all i no is, that would really piss me off….How do you all feel??

  41. Comments (5)

    i hope they bring back some from the jury house in a few weeks,give candance a chance,noone wants to watch boreing,week after week same stuff,someone grow a set mix shit up!i know i will if i get excepted to bbc2 everyone will love me 🙂

    • Comments (46)

      F her. Why is everybody boo hooing of this no game play skank? She is just as racist as everyone else with her rebel flag and redneck comments. She does not interact with anyone (except her “own kind”) and has caused all kinds of crap in the house with starting sh*t with other HG’s. Then when she goes acting all ghetto last night or all “shaniqua” everyone is like yea you go girl stand up for yourself. So sick of her self pitty crap. I am parapledgic in a wheelchair from a car accident and i hear all kinds of cripple jokes. who cares that is life roll with the punches. It never ceases to amaze me how the blacks can be say all the racist sh*t they want and nothing is said but one whitey makes a comment and people want their heads to roll. Every blog about they are so mean and should be kicked off of the show. GET REAL! It is all good ratings and CBS is laughing all the way to the bank. Julie probably gave them pointers on some good rice comments and the nail salon skit Julie probably told them what to say. $10 she love you long time GI

    • Comments (37)

      Why give that no game playing skank a chance? she had no social game, didn’t win any challanges, was a piss poor sport and was just as nasty and vile to some HG’s as others. She played the poor me card but she is just as much racist and full of hate as everone else in there and in the real world. Give me a break with the Poor Candace and Howard crap. Him pretending to be all holly and shit and then saying the things he said and messing around with “candyland” (sounds like a shemale name I wonder if Howard found a toy surprise in the pack)

  42. Comments (46)

    There is a pediatrician a lawyer and a priest who are on the Titanic as it is ready to go down. the pediatrician says “oh my god save the children” the lawyer runs for the life boat and says ” F*** the children” and the priest says “do you think we have time”

    jokes like this although off color are not uncommon. You can tell by his looks that he is some kind of freak and probably a member of the new nazi party. I am surprised from his earlier comments about women he wasn’t checked to see if he had any women chained in his basement

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