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Big Brother 15 – Lazy Tuesday Afternoon In The House

I just got home from a quick dip in the pond because there is nothing better than roasting in 95 degree heat only to cool off in stagnant gross water that is likely full of pee and poop.  The things I do for my daughter!

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Anyway, I came home, popped on the feeds, and it appears the house is also having one of those days.   Here is what I saw for about 5 straight minutes…


Andy – Not talking!   You know it’s a boring afternoon when even Andy has nothing to say.   So let’s check in on someone else….


Jessie looks like she ran out of people to tell the ‘Kaitlin laughing‘ story to.  We will just sit here and stare at her contemplating life for awhile….  oh wait, feed switched…


Back to Andy, still bored, still not talking.  Speaking of Andy, someone asked why they rarely see him with a shirt off – good question.  My guess is that he’s so pasty white, he’s either self conscious about it (I can relate), or he has the type of skin that burns after 2 minutes in the sun.  He’s actually a bit stronger than he looks, so I bet he’s fairly cut under there.    Anyway, what else can we talk about… ohhh, feed switch…


Hey, Jessie still bored.  Since I’m talking about people, after watching the first episode of the season, who would have thought Jessie would be one of the most likable girls in the house by day 24ish?  She came off as arrogant and obnoxious, yet after meeting some real bitchy girls, Jessie actually seems pretty sweet and nice.  Sure, she may repeat the same stories over and over, but she’s no Aaryn, Kaitlin or GinaMarie.

So there you have it, that’s the day in the house.  Probably not going to help for the live feed sales, but I will let you know when the feeds are worth turning on.

Keep checking back for updates. Going to take a quick shower and clean that dirty water off me.  Be back shortly!


– The house plans on throwing a funeral for Nick sometime tonight.  They are going to bury his stuff somewhere, and GinaMarie will be forced to get over him.  Yes, this is all for a guy she’s known 3 weeks.

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  1. Comments (35)

    Just read one of Nick’s exit interviews. He still plans to go on a date with GM, after realizing that her feelings for him are ‘genuine’.

    He needs to be warned that she is psycho, – or maybe he’s a little off too- if he would still date her after watching this meltdown of epic proportions!

    • Comments (274)

      Not only that but all the nasty comments she’s said. I’m confused why a guy would do this unless he’s using her as a guise.

    • Comments (768)

      I thought it would kind of ironic if they put Nick back in the house on the day GM got evicted. At least then she could stalk him on TV.

      • Comments (22)

        interesting. when i saw the interview the first thing i thought was that he was hedging, juuuust in case bb introduces the revolving door twist (a la kaysar). maybe he (oh so mistakenly) thinks gm is a sympthetic character and he wanted to come across as a good guy.

        but that “guise” theory is interesting too.

    • Comments (1162)


      What guy wouldn’t want a woman willing to build a Shrine to Him?

      I read there will be a BB “Mourning” Ceremony for Nick. Huh?
      It was supposed to be held today but GinaMarie postponed the event until Friday(?) because she
      needs more time to gather her strength/wits. Like that is even possible………………..

      • Comments (768)

        It’s unfortunate that Jeremy will miss it. I’m sure he’s upset about that! hehe

      • Comments (651)

        What guy wouldn’t want a woman willing to build a Shrine to Him? Maybe one who doesn’t want his bunny boiled. She’s obviously unstable and when she gets out and finds she’s lost her job and most likely won’t find another one for a while, she’s going to attach herself to anyone who looks twice at her.

  2. Comments (71)

    What’s the deal with ring worm infection amongst the HG. I think ring worms started with Germy who I think said he gets them all the time. Now it sounds as if Amanda has ring worm near her eye and Helen is complaining of her neck area itching. When Helen tells aaryn & GM that her neck itches one of those gals tell her about the ring worm outbreak. Helen said she’d never heard of “ring worms”. Helen said she’d ask BB doctor about it tomorrow if the itching persists. I think GM says the cause is the “towels”. Yuck

    • Comments (29)

      At first Germ said it was a spider bite I think. Yeah, they said that they rarely wash the towels. At one time in the HOH room Germ was washing his face in the bathroom and Kaitlin told him not to wipe his face on the hand towel because they all use it to wipe their hands, face, and mouths after brushing their teeth. These people don’t understand personal hygiene do they?!

    • Comments (71)

      I read on a blog somewhere that BB production told the HG to clean up the HOH bathroom (?Tuesday night?) and to make sure they super clean the mirror above the sink. I also heard the HG talking about wondering what happens if a HG has to go to the hospital…. HG were sitting by pool and wondering how BB production prevented HG from overhearing news from outside world if they had to go to hospital and then come back and rejoin show. I think this was on the free live feeds on tv. the beginning of the conversation was cut off – so I’m not sure who or what they were talking about. Maybe HG with ringworms?

  3. Comments (768)

    In the meantime McCrae and Amanda continue to slowly melt into the furniture…

  4. Comments (1)

    as for the racist..wouldn’t be great if they are boo’d when they leave the house?

  5. Comments (1162)

    Thanks for the UPDATE on Nick’s “Funeral.”

    No doubt, this will push GinaMarie’s psychosis to the brink ………………

    “Nick, are you watching?”

  6. Comments (31)

    Anyone know where I can find past seasons online? I wanna see the ones I missed

  7. Comments (768)

    Wil’s latest video…. Ain’t nobody got time fo two l’s!!!

    Beat ya Okesomi!

  8. Comments (195)

    I’m not sure how much more I can take of Helen. Watching live feeds and she is going on and on to Kaitlin about how she made a game change move by using the veto on HERSELF and that she (Helen) will remember this HUGE move Kaitlin made and make sure to keep her safe. It makes me sick listening to her. She makes it sound like this was the biggest move to ever happen in Big Brother history!! Now whenever I see her I switch camera’s right away even if it is watching someone Even McCrae mentioned today that she was the worst one to let the HOH go to her head.
    And when Jerkemy was pleaded his case to her and Elissa I actually think if Elissa agreed than Helen would keep him!! Someone posted on here that they think Helen is wishy washy…agree totally. Thank the Lord that Elissa has a brain and I am liking her more and more every day. She really called out Jerkemy on everything he did. It also really upsets me how much Helen is still so against Howard. My word sister…what game have you been in the past 3wks. How about targeting the people that have been a nightmare to live with before going after a decent human being.

    And ohh my goodness…..that house is a mess. I have not seen every season but quite a few and can’t remember ever seeing the house in such a disarray. Just disgusting! And I wonder how many strands of hair they find in their food. While Aaryn was making Tacos tonight she is constantly fluffing her hair right over the frying pan!!Yuk!! Ok that’s enough trashy talk for tonight Sambella lol. Nighty Nite All

    • Comments (302)

      Behind you 100% Sambella. Hard to believe less than a week ago Helen was my favorite person in the house … now I can’t stand her. Funny how she swallows everything Jeremy tells her hook, line and sinker but continues her super grudge against Howard. Funny how Helen laughed about Nick being so stupid not to lie to Elissa to avoid being put up but then she hammers Howard for daring to lie to her. I’m starting to hope Howard and Spencer are smart enough to see the alliance against them now and try to recruit Ellisa, Candice, Jessie & one of the haters to turn this around. I don’t watch enough to know whether this is true or not but I keep seeing fans write that Howard swore on the bible. The only thing I’ve ever seen is Jeremy CLAIMING Howard swore on the bible and lied. Can anyone set me straight here(not that I care whether Howard did or not … it’s a freakin’ game for goodness sakes).

    • Comments (768)

      No one was happier than me when Helen won HOH, but then listening to her I got really turned off of her game… and her. It seems whenever someone goes to talk with her, once they’ve said a few words she totally takes over the conversation and dominates it with her thoughts and opinions. I’m sure she is a super intelligent woman, so hopefully she knows that you learn more by listening than by talking. And I still don’t understand her obsession with getting Howard out.

    • Comments (36)

      Me too! So happy she got it…….. then………what the what???? Constant verbal diarrhea to everyone. Repeated stories to death, and yes this hate on Howard. Okay, he lied. Isn’t that a part of the game???? Lying???? No? It’s frustrating. She seemed to have such awesome potential.

  9. Comments (35)

    I didn’t want to join the Helen hate party, but because she actually seems to be buying what the resident stripper (I mean “bartender”) Kaitlin is selling, I have lost respect for her.

    These girls, including Kaitlin, have been horrible to every woman in Helen’s alliance, yet she gives her a free pass card?

    I hope the next HOH gets rid of Helen and Kaitlin asap.

    These are the two biggest female threats, forget Amanda.

    Kaitlin has performed well in the POV and HOH competitions, and Helen, well…enough said on that topic.

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