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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Discussion

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Another week comes to a close in the Big Brother house, and we’re getting closer and closer to the jury.  Kaitlin will likely be leaving the house and heading to her new home in Las Vegas (or wherever she said she was going after the show), and the HoH competition is completely up for grabs.  The houseguests were given a little practice time on the challenge last night, and it’s more of a carnival game than anything. What this means is, anyone, and I mean anyone (GinaMarie?) can win HoH this week.

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– The house is getting ready for the live show.  People are hanging around, some are putting their makeup on, and others talking.  It should be interesting to find out how long the MVP twist is going to last.

– Julie Chen said that America overwhelmingly voted for Aaryn as the MVP vote, with Elissa second and GinaMarie third.  I figured Kaitlin would have been up there as well

9:15pm – Julie is still recapping the week and about to go over the house meeting / blowup.

9:20pm – Julie talks to the house and mentions the grizzly bear shirt.

9:25pm – Voting time!  Here are the votes:

Amanda – Kaitlin
McCrae – Kaitlin
Helen – Kaitlin
Candice – Kaitlin
Elissa – Kaitlin
Spencer – Kaitlin
Howard – Kaitlin
Andy – Kaitlin
Jessie – Kaitlin

Kaitlin is evicted 9-0-0, just like I predicted!  Boom

9:35pm – After a commercial break, Julie is going to be talking to Kaitlin now

Julie Chen tells Kaitlin that she’s known as a mean girl and asks her about the mattress flipping night.  She said Kaitlin was associated with Aaryn, etc.  Definitely not a typical Julie Chen type of interview, but I give her credit!

We will be the MVP once again, which means Aaryn will be on the block once again next week

9:45pm – HoH time, roulette wheel.  Highest number wins..

Andy – 23
McCrae – 28
GinaMarie – 3
Candice – 27
Spencer – 34
Aaryn – 36
Howard – 17
Jessie – 2
Helen – 28
Amanda – 1
Elissa – 0

Aaryn wins HoH, she’s safe this week even with the MVP vote.  Wow, anything can happen in this game.  Elissa’s roll of 0 was actually one slot away from tying Aaryn and doing a tiebreaker

Remember, join the live feeds!   This should be an interesting one with Aaryn as the new HoH


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  1. Comments (9)

    Love watching BB
    Can’t stomach watching Elisa she makes me sick!!!
    UGH DISGUSTING !!!!!!! Such a phony person!!!!!!

    • Comments (78)

      That’s right Jim. I loved her sister. Looked up to her, but Elissa is nothing like her. Hahaha

      • Comments (16)

        and I’m wondering if Aaryn is anything like her mom … if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’d be careful what I said about other BB players. You’ve got more to worry about with your own daughter!!!

      • Comments (78)

        No, not really. She’s 18 and the CEO of her own company. Very proud of her. And her friends are all mixed nationalities. On this earth and beyond we are all one. There’s no color in our books. Everyone is the same. We are united. And I’m proud of it. So stop thinking the worse. You must be prejudice. But we are not. Love one other and the world will be a better place. Let’s make our world a better place and treat everyone equal. 🙂

      • Comments (1)

        Aaryn is awesome!!! Hoh is just what she needed!! Look out Elisa and Candice!!! Love Aaryn she’s gorgeous and smart. Thats why the other are eaten up with jealousy over Aaryn! Love this week’s outlook with Aaryn in HOH!

      • Comments (17)

        Yeah…smart…and Big Brother’s ratings suck. Wait it must be Opposite Day!!!

      • Comments (31)

        Aaryn smart? Sure wasn’t in high school.

      • Comments (1)

        ….what a load of CRAP. She sure knows how to “treat people equally” She is a 18 year old little girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. It is gonna be a rude awakening when she is booted out and has to face the consequences of her actions. ….. that is really something to be so “Proud” of.

      • Comments (624)

        Aaryn was probably was in the popular girl clique in high school, acting rude and stuck up to others and was oblivious to how mean she was. It’s as if she still hasn’t grown up.

      • Comments (1076)

        If she is 18 then I am 346.

      • Comments (36)

        Aaryn? She’s 21. It says so on the CBS site. Or are we talking about someone else??

      • Comments (2)

        I thought applicants had to be over 21 to be on big brother?

      • Comments (624)

        Aaryn is older than 18, isn’t she?

      • Comments (31)

        You sound just like a racist. All the lingo indicates it and you don’t even realize it.

    • Comments (10)

      Elissa can’t play in POV. She told Aaryn to Get A Life….well, she did…Elissa’s!

    • Comments (1446)

      They are ALL phony – it’s called playing the game…


      • Comments (1162)

        I almost voted for Amanda but Helen got all of my 10 votes.

      • Comments (8)

        I voted for helen because she made a deal with the devil! YES I SAID THE DEVIL!

      • Comments (1162)

        Helen told the new, Mean Girl HOH, to go ahead and put Elissa
        up on the block, however Helen will have to act upset about it.

        Helen told Candice that she will always have Candice’s and Elissa’s
        backs and she hopes that they will always support her too.
        And, of course she said she supports Howard.
        “Liar, liar pants on fire!”
        She, also, told Candice to not tell Elissa about their conversation.

        Meanwhile Amanda has pitched to the Mean Girl HOH
        putting Howard and Spencer up while
        adding that Candice could be a possible candidate ……or Elissa.

        Imagine the Mean Girl HOH putting up Howard and Spencer for Eviction and then
        having Helen and/or Amanda join them on the couch!!!!!!
        : D

      • Comments (233)

        We are voting to evict, not “for MVP”.

    • Comments (10)

      Just listening to Elissa on live feeds…. she is delusional, she says bitchy things, and then the next sentence she says “I’m not that type of person, I don’t say things like that”! I will now just hit ‘Mute’ when she’s talking. This was posted earlier…Elissa on Anderson Live as a Bridezilla who made her bridesmaid get her braces taken off so she wouldn’t ruin the wedding photos with her smile…then changed wedding date. http://starcasm.net/archives/category/celebrities/anderson-cooper

  2. Comments (48)

    Well, it looks like Kaitlin will be going home to “daddy” without the check.

  3. Comments (25)

    Now we can stop thinking that perhaps K is not so bad. Her only regret is that she aligned with the wrong people? Julie gave her every chance to say she was sorry for her actions and that she knows they were wrong – she just said it wasn’t really her.

  4. Comments (20)

    Out of all people… Aaryn of course gets HOH. WHEN ARE HER 9 LIVES GOING TO BE OVER?

  5. Comments (23)

    holy molly!the most shitty week will come out!The mean girl leader is the HOH and I guess ELISSA and AMANDA will be nominated.

    • Comments (1446)

      Aaryn made a pact with Helen that if she stayed and won HOH she wouldn’t put up Helen or Elisa. If America/MVP puts Elisa up, she will go home. I predicted this in the last thread that keeping Aaryn would come back to bite them in the butt!! Now we will see whre Aaryn’s loyalties lie, she made a deal with just about EVERYONE to stay…what will she do?? If she listens to GM McCranda will be up there – please oh please!!

      • Comments (10)

        Was the deal not to put up Elissa or Helen, or was it to let alliance choose who she would put up? Alliance not happy with Elissa this week so maybe they will want Elissa up on block,

      • Comments (39)

        Actually Aaryn’s deal was she would put up whoever Ellen told her to. I don’t see her keeping her end of that bargain and there really is no reason for her to.

      • Comments (1076)

        It’s Helen not Ellen. And, if she doesn’t keep her promise she’s the next one out the door after Elissa.

      • Comments (36)

        OH, she’s not going to keep her promise. Guaranteed.

      • Comments (36)

        Oh….. how wrong could I be!?!?!?!?

      • Comments (1276)

        Jannie, she also said she’d throw the HOH for Elissa and/or Helen, but she didn’t do that. She won’t put up Helen, but she will 150% put up Elissa.

      • Comments (25)

        A asked Helen to tell E she wanted to make a deal to throw HOH OR if she got HOH, to put up who they wanted her to – E threw her efforts back in her face – wouldn’t discuss with her – – I don’t blame E for that – just saying, A owes E nothing. She owes H and A. But, as A famously said, “What game are YOU playing? The rest of us are playing ‘BIG BROTHER!’ People change their game play constantly.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t think Amanda, she was one of the main ones trying to keep Aaryn in. I think as soon as they knew it was a pretty literally a crap shoot for the HOH comp, they should have voted out Aaryn. Kaitlin or anyone stood the same chance to win that one.

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa or Candice/Howard are going up.

  6. Comments (2)

    Aaryn getting nominated then not getting voted out, only to win the HoH is so predictable at this point. After this week can she Finally go home along with GinaMarie in a double eviction?

  7. Comments (13)

    Elissa will be gone cuz she can’t play veto next week

  8. Comments (78)

    I knew it!!!! Good for Aaryn. I’m so proud of you:). Now let’s Rock n Roll!!!

  9. Comments (25)

    Someone who had every opportunity this week to show they were a BB game player, who was no longer targeted, instead took every opportunity to screw up the people who wanted to play with her. Nominate E!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (29)

      Did you see the look on her face when Julie said she missed Aaryn’s number by one?
      With all that she stirred up this past week I too believe Elissa will be nominated.

  10. Comments (23)

    Elissa is dead woman walking with no POV comp this week!

  11. Comments (96)

    WHAT THE…… you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!!

  12. Comments (216)


    • Comments (1276)

      I had a feeling it was going to be an Aaryn HOH week. They should have kept Kaitlin as soon as they knew what the comp was going to be. Aaryn and everyone else in that house had the exact same chance to win. They could have kept Kaitlin, voted out that horrible little, well, Aaryn, and then focused on Kaitlin next week.
      This house is nuts. If Spencer, Howard, Candice and Elissa had all said, we are voting her out, they probably could have pulled over Andy.

      • Comments (39)

        It seems like everybody in the house just votes for whoever Helen tells them to. Howard had that whole speech about the ants taking down the grasshopper and he still didn’t have enough guts to not do what Helen told him to.

      • Comments (44)

        Could have, Would have. Maybe Kaitlin stays and she wins HOH, then maybe they could have kept Aaryn instead.

  13. Comments (35)

    Totally fine.

    Gina Marie this week,

    then Aaryn the week after.


  14. Comments (1)

    WTF!!! Can’t stand Aaryn but I’m wanting Elissa to go home now that she screwed everyone that had her back…just plan stupid ….don’t get me wrong Aaryn needs to get rocks too…

  15. Comments (39)

    Yeah, go Aaryn, stick it to em. Hopefully she realizes there really is no point to holding her end of the deal. She should put up Helen/Elissa or Amanda/McCrae to shake things up. But most likely I would see her put up Howard/Spencer then the public vote be Elissa again because most people just don’t read.

  16. Comments (1)

    Ellissa going home unless they introduce a new twist to save her.

    Why would house vote out Kaitlin over Aaryn?
    don’t get it.

    Aaryan is better player than Kaitlin. Kaitlin can play in comps or win anything

    Golden chance to kik out aaryn. man this is messed up

  17. Comments (1)

    Don’t like Aaryn but so glad she got HOH to make this week so much more fun and time to see everyone trade in each other

  18. Comments (43)

    i, of course i will be voting for GM to go up but Elissa’s big mouth is gonna probably end her game. i was on her side the whole season but her stirring crap up by blabbing about the alliance thing made me so annoyed with her especially after everything her alliance did to keep her around. if she goes home i have to say i think she deserves it.

  19. Comments (768)

    Just amazing how Howard has been dominating these physical competitions? Such a physical threat? :-/

    • Comments (20)

      I would not call this a physical comp. It was more of a luck comp.

    • Comments (38)

      Yeah, Howard was never a threat, Amanda made that up and got the house to believe it. Now, I’m sure Aaryn will put up either Howard and Spencer or Howard and Candice. Everyone is in an alliance, but every time Howard tries to make one he’s persecuted for it. I’m done watching this season.

      • Comments (1276)

        Maybe one of them and Elissa, we all know she’ll put up Elissa. And with Elissa not being able to play for veto, we better all put up GM and hope the house gets her out.

      • Comments (768)

        Amanda is already pushing Aaryn to nominate Howard and Spencer. She’s like a stuck record who will keep singing the same line until they’re gone. I put all 10 votes on Amanda this week.

      • Comments (39)

        Yeah, the huge muscle bound perfectly conditioned athlete isn’t a threat. Amanda’s smart to be going after him, and Howard, instead of trying to get his own group together, which he has the respect and the charisma to do, has been a lap dog for Helen since the moving company broke up.

  20. Comments (17)

    Actually feel bad for Jeremy tonight; Kaitlin sounded like she was in it for the showmance tonight and is not interested in seeing him outside the house. A true “mean girl”…just like Aaryn! Don’t be fooled that ugly racist girl is still inside her…just see what happens over the next few days.

  21. Comments (35)


    E TV should report on this: Aaryn’s mother outed on Big Brother Blog!

    • Comments (31)

      Wow! They all deserve whatever Aaryn dishes out because they had their chance to get rid of her and they didn’t. Aaryn is definitely a racist individual and I am surprised her Mom is “proud of her.” Aaryn has offended sooooooooo…… Many people and please do not forget that. However, if they trusted her (BB players) then they will have to deal with the consequences. As far as her mom goes…..God bless you. You will need it.

  22. Comments (2)

    Aaryn is a waste of a human being. Such a disgusting, vile person doesn’t deserve to play the bb game. I have no idea what her mother could possibly be proud of. She’s definitely showed her true colors on the show. She might be safe this week, but with America being MVP, I don’t see her being in the house much longer… 😉

  23. Comments (1)

    If I were Aarons mother, I would be embarrassed to admit it to the public. She is a disgrace. The most hated female on television right now. She’s not just making bad choices, she showing her true colors.

    • Comments (78)

      We all get to have a chance for our own input. Go Aaryn. Behave. Ok. It’s just a game. Calm down you all.

    • Comments (39)

      Actually Aaryn has seemed to be changing her ways in the last week or so and tried to be nicer to everyone. She has apologized to Candice and Howard, but I guess there’s no forgiveness anymore.

      • Comments (17)

        I guess you also still believe in Santa Claus. Candice never believed that apology nor did I or the rest of the sane world or should I say the rest of the minority world

      • Comments (39)

        Are you saying all white’s are insane? What are you, racist? Ha.

      • Comments (31)

        Jon, you must be if you didn’t understand BB brotha the comment. Are you Aaryn’s brother or something?

      • Comments (36)

        She has changed nothing. In fact she was on camera saying that she hated what she had to do to stay in the game. That all the “niceness” was killing her and that she hated having to “be friends” with all the stupid people in the house. She’s just putting on a show. Which, to give her her due, IS the show.

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn makes Kate Gosslin look like Mary Poppins.

  24. Comments (5)

    Glad Aaryn Won HOH.. Tbh shes been the only on making BIG MOVES in the game we have all these lame floaters around this season it sucks. Yeah she has a personal vendetta with Elissa I understand that but make put some people on the block that hasn’t been up. Amanda or Spencer someone.. I get tired of the same story and nominees every week! Lets change the game here! Got all these floaters that haven’t won a SINGLE HOH, VETO or anything like can we get them out please they are a waste in the house make them actually play and do something. Make them fear the game and make them actually play! Lets GO BB15!!

    • Comments (39)

      Yeah, I agree with you, I’m glad she won because everybody else would’ve just put up Aaryn and Gina Marie because it was safe. Its a bunch of cowards in this house afraid to stir the pot except for Amanda and Helen, who have basically been running the house. It cracked me up how Judd was so afraid about nominating people, and then just made it easy and nominated the same two people from the week before. WEAK!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Dr. Will never won HOH and he walked away with 1/2 a mil. The he came back and won his pal boogie a 1/2 mil. Just because u know how to keep you head low and stay off the block does not make u a floater. It is a strategy.

  25. Comments (23)

    BEN&JERRY for waiting the blog’s update!Wish new dramas,new twists and new threads!

  26. Comments (31)

    Are we watching the same show? What big moves has Aaryn made?

  27. Comments (31)

    To Aaryn’s Mom: She is 18 now with the values you instilled in her so go chat somewhere else……we do not want you chatting here. Your daughter will pay……… you cannot protect her! You really are making things worse for her by standing up for her OFFENSIVE comments. You have no right to tell people to calm down.

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