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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction And Endurance Comp Thread

Elissa is ready for some endurance


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Here we are, just 30 minutes away from the start of another live episode of Big Brother 15!  On the block tonight are Amanda, Candice and Howard.  Any one of the three can heading home…. ok, I’m not Julie Chen, I’ll be real.  Howard should be heading home.  What follows will hopefully be a great endurance competition with a lot of good people competing.  At stake is a huge momentum twist in the house that could probably either allow Amanda to put her foot on the throat of the house, or someone else who can split up McCrae and Amanda.

My reminders:  To watch the endurance competition, CBS will stop at 10pm est, but around 10:30pm est the live feeds will be back up.  This will air the competition and you can get a free trial to them right here.

Of course you can simply follow along this blog, facebook or twitter, but it’s much more fun to watch the feeds, plus it helps support the site.

Again, get your free trial to the live feeds right here.  You don’t want to miss out on this endurance competition!

Keep checking back on this thread for updates throughout the show

9:00pm – The show is on.  Candice and Howard are having a little argument as he exercises.  More recaps of the week with Spencer trying to make some moves.

9:15pm – Still highlights from the week.  Candice is going a bit crazy but Howard is still the target.  I’m not exactly sure why, but probably because she’s a loose cannon.

9:20pm – We’re back and going to check in with the house.   Julie does her current events quiz to the house.  Lets them know about about Britney’s baby, then Kim Kardashian’s baby (serious, why is she relevant?), and finally the royal baby.  After that, she does a little segment on Judd including his hometown.

9:30pm – Eviction time.  The pointless last pleas to the house when they mostly do shout-outs.

Helen – Howard
Elissa – Howard
Spencer – Candice
McCrae – Howard
Andy – Howard
Judd – Howard
GinaMarie – Howard
Jessie – Howard

Howard is evicted 7-1.   Blah, wrong by one vote.  I thought Spencer would take a shot at Amanda

9:40pm – Howard gets his notice that he’s out and it’s time to talk to Julie.  He leaves a lot more gracefully than Kaitlin last week.  It’s too bad, he seems like a really good guy.

9:45pm – We are the MVP once again, so vote for the person you want to be on the block

9:50pm – It’s time to begin the HoH competition!  Join the live feeds to watch the endurance competition once the episode ends

The houseguests are standing on moving barrels holding on to a rope.  Julie just told them there are 3 boxes to the first 3 people who get out of the competition.  One of the boxes contains $5,000.  I think I’d rather try for $500,000

Note: Double eviction next week!

Ok time to start blogging the live feeds, join the live feeds to watch with me or stay here…


7:05 – Feeds are back up, everyone appears to still be on the barrels.  Some sound like they’re tiring, I expect a drop or two very soon.

7:15pm – The barrels are picking up speed after a brief stop.  Everyone is still on, but I am not sure Spencer will survive the night – literally

7:20pm – Everyone is still on.  Spencer is hanging in there!

7:25pm – Just like that, Spencer, Candice, Helen, Elissa and Amanda are down.  Reversing direction messed with a lot of people

7:35pm – Only McCrae, GM and Jessie remain.  Who will win??

7:45pm – Same three are still up on the logs.  GM, McCrae and Jessie

7:48pm – Jessie is down.  GinaMarie is trying to cut a deal with McCrae


7:53pm – Still McCrae and GM battling it out.  One of them will be HoH

8:00pm – GinaMarie wins!   She is the next HoH and will get her hair dye


Now the question…..

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  1. Comments (4)

    Good Bye…Howard…But I think Candice is a loose Cannon

  2. Comments (357)

    I have been waiting for this all day! Still hoping for a major game change, but common sense says that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Comments (682)

    I rarely watch live TV since DVR has been invented but I will tonight.

  4. Comments (16)

    Oh my gosh! Just saw Pomo for tonight’s show and they said with Kaityn gone is there a new MEAN girl and then they had all these edits of Elisa
    Come on BB… Get real… All guest had bad moments but you know full well who those are that are the Meanest

    • Comments (682)

      They must have been showing that to get Elissa’s fans to watch. You’re right, we all know who the “Mean girl” is in the house.

    • Comments (160)

      What’s so frustrating is the fact that Elissa was mean to Amanda for one sec and BB15 people label her a mean girl? The heck is wrong with producers of this show? LOL

      But we don’t shed light on the disturbing rape comments of Amanda?

  5. Comments (357)

    Fair is fair Candace. As much as I can’t stand Aaryn, I would not put her in the same category as “Rednecks”. That is a stereotype and I have some really close friends who call themselves “Rednecks”. She shouldn’t stoop to Aaryns level of ignorance, no matter how hurt she is!

    • Comments (25)

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I think the racism is atrocious. But thinking it’s ok to put down other categories of people doesn’t exactly show someone to be a principled good person either. I had a higher opinion of C than I do now.

    • Comments (143)

      A redneck is a racist, it is the exact same thing. Given her comments I see nothing wrong in calling her that.

      • Comments (71)

        That’s a pretty ignorant statement! LOL!!

      • Comments (1)

        Did I understand this correctly? All rednecks are racists? What a stupid thing to say!! I’m from the Deep South. I grew up with rednecks. The people in my small town get along very well and have for decades. We live in peaceful harmony, respecting the cultures of all others. Please don’t make general statements about people you do not know. Our school system is giving students the option of choosing attending an all white, all black, or an integrated school. I took a poll of my 6th graders. One student chose none, she wanted to be home schooled, one black student chose the all black school, and ALL the rest, mostly white kids, chose the integrated school, when I asked why they chose the integrated school, they all said they have friends of all races and wanted to keep those friendships. I am so proud of my little rednecks and brown necks. Don’t let one person represent an entire race. It’s just wrong.

      • Comments (651)

        Did you say that there is an all white school, an all black school and an integrated school? And if so you don’t see anything wrong with that? WOW!!!

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah man, that’s pretty messed up. And they wonder why we look at the south like they’re nuts…they are! Do you have separate drinking fountains still, too??

      • Comments (1276)

        Sadie that must be the deep south. I’m from NC, and I didn’t know that there had been any all white or all black schools since my mom was in school. By the time my Aunt was in school they had already integrated the schools. I had NO IDEA that they were still around. I can’t even begin to imagine what state would allow that????

      • Comments (357)

        Sorry hernanday, but I agree with Beth. U can’t bottle up everybody who considers themselves as a Redneck as being Racist! It’s not fair play to do that and it makes ppl look ugly when they do!

      • Comments (624)

        dat’s ignant! lol

      • Comments (25)

        So all rednecks are racists? That fits in the same category as all blacks are _________, all Asians are ____________, all overweight people are _____________, etc, etc., etc. What an insightful comment.

  6. Comments (5)

    Anyone else notice Elissa has been…… Pretty Lowkey.? Lol

  7. Comments (40)

    Elisa has been on the low. I noticed i figured this was a tip she could have gotten it works the less she say the less attention. God please let there be a big super dupper twist toningt! Im at work so I am relying on u guys for updates

  8. Comments (682)

    Oh well. Maybe we can get Amanda out next week. Poor Howard.

    • Comments (216)

      Good idea. The house guests will check with Amanda and get back with you.

    • Comments (1437)

      I don’t know if it matters who the HOH is – America will put Amanda’s butt up there again for sure!!

      • Comments (239)

        I missed it! What number is Amanda for MVP?

      • Comments (682)

        It’s alphabetical. Amanda is number 2.

      • Comments (71)

        You can vote for free at the CBS BB site, ten votes.

      • Comments (1437)

        C’mon think about it. If pizza boy wins, America can put up Amanda again and he won’t get to vote! So it’s not the end of the world if he wins, but I may be naseous watching them hand job each other in the HOH room all week…Ewwwww.

      • Comments (1437)

        And he can’t play for HOH the following week so he can’t “go after” anyone who votes the evil witch out.

      • Comments (151)

        What’s so bad about handjobs under the covers. Wouldn’t you want that? I know I would! It’s not gross, people have needs. You’d do it too if you were in mcrae’s situation, don’t even say you wouldn’t.

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah, but when it’s really meant to the the HOH’s bed…..

  9. Comments (357)

    I was sooo hoping the house would make a big move. Losers for expecting the expected!

    • Comments (6)

      exactly thats why amanda and mcrea will be the final too because everyone is too afraid to go against them and doesnt have the guts to make big power moves.

  10. Comments (682)

    Yeah!!! So happy we get to be MVP again. Now to see who HOH is but I’m ready to vote for Amanda again!!!

  11. Comments (7)

    Howard was too good for that sorry bunch of players, i would have loved to see him go further or even win, but the good people usually don’t

    • Comments (169)

      I was so happy that the audience showed such mad support for him. For him to know that he is respected and admired outside the house is the only pro to him being out of there. It was double awesome when he found out America voted for Amanda to go up for MVP. I loved his thumbs up to us, heh. The man has nothing to be ashamed of, unlike the rest of the blockheads (minus Candice, of course). He should also get gratification finding out he’s one of the few this season that is liked. Howard may not have played the best game ever, but nice guys sometimes find themselves in that situation. He had one of the classiest exits of the season, if not over the past few seasons.

      Nobody should have had to put up with the garbage that he and Candice put up with over the last 40 days.

      • Comments (68)

        I agee Keith. I have a feeling Howard is about to get so many blessing because of what he had to endure in that house. Not for “who he is” but for “whose he is”……..

      • Comments (610)

        Howard for America’s favorite? just a thought…

      • Comments (1276)

        I think they have to make it to jury to qualify for America’s favorite. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure…

  12. Comments (58)

    Well…. No shocker once again… have no words for Amanda…. Sure her parents are proud and What catch for a son n law…(Nauseated) Well this will probably light a fire under Candice’s butt and flip the script on some people… Andy better pull the claws in a lil or he’s gonna get caught up in a cat fight he can’t handle.

  13. Comments (126)

    Amanda Vote Time!

  14. Comments (30)

    Go ELISSA! Hope Amanda and McCrea fall on their a..

  15. Comments (58)


    • Comments (1)

      Hopefully we can put up Amanda this week and for the double eviction pizza boy and Amanda can have a reunion with Julie!!! Maybe she can marry them.

  16. Comments (682)

    Double eviction next week!!!!

  17. Comments (1162)



  18. Comments (12)

    Did we forget Aaryn is still in this house! She needs to be the next to go! The thought of her even getting jury money makes me sick!

    • Comments (1)

      Aaryn is neutralized. Why waste our time on her? Do you seriously think her fellow blockheaded HGswould even vote her out if we put her up? It didn’t work last time. We have bigger fish to fry. Aaryn will get hers…. She’s a dead man walking. But let’s not allow ourselves instant gratification regarding Aaryn’s facing of the music. If we wait, the more delicious it will be to savor when she finally does leave. What kind of drama would an Aaryn MVP nom cause, anyway? Don’t we want more paranoia from Amanda? Or fake tears from Helen when she goes up? Come on, we can’t waste our votes on such an easy target like Aaryn. I can’t stand her, either… But what kind move would it be, getting out her? She’s a sitting duck.

      • Comments (169)

        Lol sorry.. I accidentally missed a letter while typing my email address in, so this post is a duplicate.. It’s all because my evil iPad has it out for me 😉

      • Comments (279)

        Ya but you got more votes on the second one soo……LOL

      • Comments (169)

        Haha true, but I think Steve has a thing in place now where new commenters have to have his approval now because on this duplicate comment above, the one where I missed a letter in my email address, it said “awaiting moderator approval”, plus it shows a different avatar. I don’t know if this is a new policy, but if so, I applaud it… It should weed out anyone who attempts to post under different names.

        My ipad has had a vendetta against me for a couple months now, so it constantly likes leaving out letters in words and punctuation, likely in an attempt to make me look illiterate! 😉

      • Comments (768)

        Don’t worry Keith, as long as we see your avatar, we know you are far from illiterate! 🙂

      • Comments (231)

        I have the same problem. Grrrrrrrrr

      • Comments (231)

        About the I Pad !

      • Comments (18)

        I agree my vote went to Helen

      • Comments (12)

        I understand that she has no power, but do you really think she should go to jury?

      • Comments (169)

        Oh noooo.. I definitely don’t want her to go to jury… But I’m just willing to bet that if we put her as the 3rd nom, she will just sit there and nothing will become of it. Amanda will see to it that Judd or someone goes home this week, regardless of who is up there for MVP… So in the end it probably won’t matter who we pick like it was this week unfortunately :-/ that’s why I figure it’s the best bet to go with Helen or Amanda as the nominee.. So even if they don’t go home, they’ll at least have the heat on them and we will have drama. I simply don’t feel like we will have any drama at all if Aaryn goes up, because she won’t go anywhere… I’m afraid, unless America is somehow allowed to vote who to send home, that she won’t be voted out anytime soon. Believe me, I greatly look forward to the day she walks out the door, I just have a feeling it won’t be this week regardless of if she’s up or not. Amanda and company trust her and like her now, she’s taken the place of Judd in their alliance (unbeknownst to him).. So at least with Helen or Amanda up as the 3rd nom, we will have more fireworks even if they don’t go home.

      • Comments (28)

        I think Big Brother needs a major twist. The entire house become have nots for a week, and there is no HOH, and everyone plays for Veto. America (and Canada) nominate all three people for eviction, as well as the replacement nominee should someone use the power of veto.

      • Comments (169)

        I was thinking about twists, too..yours is pretty spot on with what I was thinking… Make America HoH for a week.. Your idea is essentially that, so yeah, it’d be pretty cool, IMO. I know season one had the viewers voting to send HGs home, and while I don’t think we should ever do that again, we, the viewers, as HoH for a week wouldn’t be the same since we wouldn’t be voting on who to actually send home.

        Very interesting idea! Kudos to you for coming up with it!

    • Comments (169)

      Aaryn is neutralized. Why waste our time on her? Do you seriously think her fellow blockheaded HGswould even vote her out if we put her up? It didn’t work last time. We have bigger fish to fry. Aaryn will get hers…. She’s a dead man walking. But let’s not allow ourselves instant gratification regarding Aaryn’s facing of the music. If we wait, the more delicious it will be to savor when she finally does leave. What kind of drama would an Aaryn MVP nom cause, anyway? Don’t we want more paranoia from Amanda? Or fake tears from Helen when she goes up? Come on, we can’t waste our votes on such an easy target like Aaryn. I can’t stand her, either… But what kind move would it be, getting out her? She’s a sitting duck.

  19. Comments (1)

    I’m so sad that Howie went home =( Voting for Amanda as MVP.. Hopefully Spencer will win HOH… but this is a game of endurance so IDK…

  20. Comments (1)

    I want to vote for Amanda and Helen.

  21. Comments (36)

    These HG’s r a bunch of morans this season, don’t care for any of them in particular. Helen thinks she’s all that, but she lies
    and bullies just like the rest of them, and her speeches to the leaving HG’s is a bunch of BS. Amanda & McCrae’s engagement is ridiculous knowing each other for 42 days ??? Bbbbaaaahhhh ! Couldn’t really see the ring, what is it, a band aide ?? Aaryn is fake & still mean. Andy (can’t come up with anything) Atleast Spenser isn’t anyone’s puppet. The others not even worth my thinking.

    • Comments (35)

      That’s why Amanda said “Big Brother engaged”. Next level showmance. And I know part of her “ring” is twist-ties. Awkwardly enough I had someone give me a twist-tie “ring” and tell me that I’d marry them someday… We’re not even friends now, lol.

    • Comments (30)

      Agree with you Gabby321. Elisa is down BUT so is Amanda. Next has got to be McCrae. Andy has no backbone,no game and he is a professor??????
      I just hope Elisa isn’t put on the block since it is a double eviction.

  22. Comments (15)

    Smart move on Spencer’s part voting for Candice. It will guarantee a few more weeks in the house for him. Once he figured he did not have the votes to get Amanda out he would have been double dumb to vote for her. But I admire that he stood his ground and did not vote with the house. Sad to say but Candice made a terrible move with her house meeting. Slimy Helen runs to her and Candice took the bait.

    I find myself in another strange predicament this season, my faves at the moment are Candice and Spencer with Spencer taking a slight lead for his “no Amanda bull$!7″policy, but they are at each other.

  23. Comments (5)

    The houseguest are really ignorant this season none of them have a mind of their own. They all go with “The HOUSE” Never making big moves for themselves. Its making me mad as a viewer that its basically the same thing each week. HOH… Fights drama the enemy of the HOH is on the block (Besides Aaryn this week) lol But its making me mad and tbh it will be a MAJOR FLOATER that wins this years Big Brother (sad to say)

    • Comments (6)

      i totally agree with you everyone left in the house is a major floater none of them have really won any competitions and they are more focused on being friends with each other instead of making power moves. sad to say big brother is more of a game to where who can fly under the radar for so long and make it to the end and has the most friends in the house wins instead of how made the biggest moves and won the most competitons.

  24. Comments (12)

    I don’t get it? Everyone says they don’t want a floated to win & in the same breath they want Helen, Amanda & McCeae evicted????WTF??? They have been playing & doing GREAT! Why hate on them because the rest of the house is too dumb to see the forest for the trees? My votes will be 5 Aaryn & 5 Elyssa.

  25. Comments (35)

    WTF was up with Elissa in the beginning of this comp, lol, she had no balance and I thought for sure she was a goner. I was shocked to see her struggle at all with her amazing yoga skills.

    And yeah, Spencer will probably keel over. Remember him on that trampoline? Ouch.

    • Comments (74)

      OMG I said the samething about Elissa. I was screaming “BUT YOU’RE A YOGI!!!!” I can’t look at Spencer anymore. He really makes me uncomfortable.

  26. Comments (35)

    Wow. I did not expect this to be such a quick competition.

  27. Comments (74)

    Helen cried like Howard cheated on her, but he was just playing the game and it was an ultimate betrayal because he didn’t tell her about the Moving Company, but Helen lies to everybody. What I hate most about people on BB is that they act entitled like they are the ~chosen one~ and how dare anybody lie to them or nominate them. It’s so crowded in the BB House with all those EGOS!

    I was screaming at the t.v. watching Elissa lose her balance at first. I’m still team Elissa and I’m still confused about why LOL

    Howard is a stand up guy!

    North West LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiots.

    • Comments (58)

      Helen has political career… she can turn on the tears, kiss the babies, and stick the blade in your back and make you think you accidently backed into it… :/

  28. Comments (4)

    I went to the website to vote thinking I was going to vote for Helen. Reasoning: All for Amanda to go home, but in the event she gets POV, Helen would be my next choice. However, I get to the voting page, and I realize I don’t like anybody, and I have a reason I think everyone should go. It’s like real voting; it’s more about voting against the person I like least. (Really wanted Howard to stay, but I’m biased since I’m from MS.)

  29. Comments (5)

    So glad Amanda didn’t win HOH. I’m hoping Jessie wins HOH & puts up who she wants to put up. I also hope Amanda gets put up on the block.

  30. Comments (5)

    Who won the 5,000?

  31. Comments (216)

    GM or McCrae? Gag me.

    On the other hand, if McCrae wins and puts Aaryn on the block, America will put up Amanda, and McCrae won’t be able to vote.

    Just hope Amanda tells them it’s okay to vote her out this week.

    • Comments (1276)

      Hey Faust… who are you going to vote for MVP???

      • Comments (216)

        Aaryn. She’s awful, and there’s really no point voting for Amanda. You?

      • Comments (1276)

        I just can’t decide. I don’t want either of them to get to the end. I feel like Aaryn will be a lot easier to get out than Amanda down the road. I would like both of them out for the double evict.
        And honestly I’m having a hard time remembering how the double evict works (I forget EVERY year, like I have a memory block). Won’t they vote one out, then do a quick HOH, nomination and then vote again? If so, it’s the PERFECT week to get them both out, since Amanda won’t have time to manipulate the entire house.

      • Comments (768)

        I’m pretty sure they run the POV competition before the final nominations are voted on.

      • Comments (216)

        They do “an entire week in one hour,” including HOH and POV. If they’re also going to do MVP, they’ll have to announce that Sunday or Wednesday so that America’s vote (whether it’s for the MVP or as the MVP) is in the can.

      • Comments (1276)

        Or, they could just go down the list. Amanda gets the most votes Aaryn in second, put Amanda up for the first week, if she gets off, Aaryn is up.
        Then for the fast forward, if neither of them were voted out, do it again.
        I know, wishful thinking, but hey a girl can dream 🙂

  32. Comments (30)

    Go GM. McCrea will oust you. I can’t stand him.

  33. Comments (35)

    All I can do is repeat myself and say things like “wow” and “I am shocked”, because, well, wow, I’m shocked.

  34. Comments (20)

    It honestly disturbs me that a man who seems so true to his word, to God, to the people around him, and to the game goes home before Aaryn. It makes me cringe. But such is the game.
    When it got down to McCrae and GM for HoH, I actually began cheering for GM. Hopefully she flips the house (which no doubt in my mind she out of all people could do), puts Amanda and MC up, and America puts up the right (and obvious) choice for the 3rd nom. And double eviction… which would be GREAT to get 2/3 of that group out.

    • Comments (22)

      Howard true to his word? To God? Doesn’t anyone remember him lying to Helen’s face or swearing on his religion? People seem to forget real quick and he may claim to be those things but his game play was nothing of the sort.

      • Comments (20)

        Yeah, that’s partially why I said seems. Because I don’t watch the live feeds, so I don’t know what exactly he says and does.

      • Comments (768)

        So it’s mandatory for Howard to be totally honest with Helen?? Lying in part of the game whether someone is religious or not. Get over it.

      • Comments (22)

        Not saying it isn’t part of the game, but obviously if he holds himself so high and mighty but is nothing of the sort, it’s bad game play, which was proven and why he got sent packing. His game is over, which means there isn’t anything for me to get over since he is not a factor in the house.

      • Comments (768)

        As he said to Julie when she questioned him about the Helen thing….he was trying to stay true to his alliance. He didn’t know they had been ratted out. Denial is something anyone would have done in this game whether they were religious or not.

      • Comments (22)

        Honestly I liked Howard at the beginning, he just tried to make too many moves too soon. He was close to flipping the house, which would have been interesting but he was lacking in numbers there isn’t much room to mess up, and he kept messing up. I just can’t wait for this MVP crap to be over.

      • Comments (2)

        If GM is smart she’ll put up Spencer & Candice
        to nullify their votes,if one wins POV then
        put up Jessie (all 3 are on her hit list)
        She knows the house power will side with her
        on any of them..PS..CBS,you were right to
        take Aaryn to the woodshed for her racist
        remarks,but to single her out when they all
        did the same but edit it out is not fair *

      • Comments (9)

        I think your wrong. What happen is he tried to make to many moves to late, not to soon. I watched the live feeds, and i still cant figure out what he did besides lie to Helen. The only reason this lie became a big deal is because Helen already knew the truth. The other all lie to each other but they dont really know whats true & whats not. And in regards to his religon, i think he did a great job considering the game he was playing. He stayed true to himself & his God. And thats between him & God.

  35. Comments (1276)

    There is something seriously wrong when GM ends up winning an endurance comp! How did Elissa not do better then GM? Sure, I expected Spencer, Amanda and maybe Candice ane Jessie to not do great, but for Jessie, GM and MC to be the last ones?
    And of course, this would happen when next week is double eviction. Grrr, I don’t even know who to vote for as MVP now. I dont’ like spliting votes, it’s seems pointless. But putting up Amanda or Aaryn would both be good. I’m thinking Amanda, just because no one in that house is willing to do it.

    • Comments (35)

      She won because of all that training she did in heels on the elliptical machine. /sarcasm

    • Comments (624)

      I agree! Elissa is the most muscular and athletic of all the ladies, yet she looked in pain on the log roll from the very start. She may have struggled from a balance aspect, but you saw the muscle she displayed by pulling herself back up from when she was slipping on her thighs. So shocked she didn’t win or come close.

      • Comments (1276)

        But the balance also doesn’t make since. Yoga is all about balance and core strength. I just don’t get how she didn’t do really well if not win this one???

  36. Comments (35)

    Not sure how this will play out with GM being HOH. She’s guaranteed McC safety, but I would love for her to go back on it. I doubt she will since the majority of the house is spineless. I would love to see Amanda, McC, and Helen as the 3 nominees this week! They should delay the MVP voting until the 2 HG’s are nominated so none of America’s votes are wasted!! Voting for Amanda 10 times again this week!!

    • Comments (1162)

      I read GM tried to get McCrae to drop but he never agreed to do so and in
      the end he fell due to his exhaustion.

      If this information is correct, there is No Agreement between GinaMarie and McCrae.

      • Comments (1276)

        They were both trying to get each other to drop. Saying they’d be safe, but neither of them agreed to anything. I’m guessing he’ll try to tell her by dropping he was agreeing to their deal, but he didn’t, he just fell.

      • Comments (160)

        I find that McC is the hardest to figure out in the BB15 men crew. One minute I think he’s brilliant with the social game and the next, I’m like smh!

  37. Comments (1276)

    Oh dear lord, it just dawned on my that with this HOH win, it means that we will have to see and HEAR more out of GM… this is going to be a LONG week.

    • Comments (1276)

      And, I hope everyone is watching Helen climb on up GM’s butt! I almost want to see Helen and Amanda on the block, that way people would have to choose which queen to worship.

      • Comments (302)

        It’s stunning that few of these people can see through Helen’s butt kissing façade. No matter who wins HOH she jumps and screams around like it was what she wanted all along. She tells her alliance that she’ll agree to go along with Candice on the block if she can tell Candice that she tried to keep her(hello idiot alliance members). I think Helen is more dangerous than Amanda because Amanda gets too indignant and bossy … people grow tired of that. Helen tries to play good cop to everyone.

      • Comments (160)

        Even though I was annoyed with Helen on the latest episode of BB15, I still want Amanda out sooner or later. She’s so mean spirited and hurtful.

        She and Helen are similar in the fact that they’re strong female players but Helen is more diplomatic. Yea, she b*tches about being lied to but so does everyone else. Amanda threatens and intimidates people and then call them names behind their backs. It’s super disgusting.

    • Comments (35)

      Hopefully her departure is soon! Can’t stand her either, as that seems to be the popular theme this season!

      • Comments (1276)

        I just can’t stand Helen and the power trip she’s been on since her HOH win. And now GM won? Seriously? We have to watch GM’s opinion of herself go up? I need a tylenol.

  38. Comments (12)

    GO VOTE FOR Aaryn – America is the MVP and we vote for who we want on the block – vote Aaryn. GinaMarie won HOH and she will never put her up so let’s see if America will!!! That would be sooo cool to get her out when her bf is HOH!!!

    • Comments (22)

      Already done sir!

    • Comments (302)

      I’m afraid GM & partner Aaryn are too stupid to see the importance of breaking up the power alliance. Aaryn will convince GM to put up Candice and Elissa because she hates them and it would give her the opportunity to get the final black person out of the house scoring more points with the Klan. Then no matter who gets voted MVP … it’s likely the power alliance manages to stay intact with their usual bullying and threats. Spencer needs to be in that HOH room 24-7 to push his agenda.

  39. Comments (35)

    Hadn’t given that much thought yet, but our votes will definitely count for her since we know she won’t be a nom! This could be an AMAZING week with a double eviction!! I sure hope everyone thinks it’s the “right” time for some big moves!

  40. Comments (25)

    Um hello guys this is the last mvp. Next week is double eviction. Which means we don’t get to vote on an mvp. I really hope Candice will get hoh on double eviction or spencer. They would put mc and Amanda up. This is going to be crazy this week. I cannot stand mc and Amanda. They need to be brought down a few pegs. GM will probably do a shitty nom like Elissa and Candice.

    • Comments (22)

      I think you are spot on with GM noms this week, maybe she will shock us as much as we were shocked she won HOH… So I don’t really care if Amanda and McCrae go home or when they do, but for drama sake NOT YET LOL. I want to see a clear divide between House Helen and House Amanda! I want this to be a blood bath to the finish line and I can’t wait. If we start bringing the people making moves and playing the game out now that leaves for a pretty boring season.

      • Comments (768)

        A blood bath would certainly get them motivated. Production could put a bunch of weapons in the back yard and we could have the Big Brother Hunger Games. Last man/woman standing, wins!! Now that would make for an exciting season! 😉

  41. Comments (68)

    I hate that GM won……but at least she can get hair dye and get those nasty roots done! Looks like the GRUDGE is about to come outta the back of her head! #teamcandace

  42. Comments (768)

    I thought that Howard was very gracious in the way he handled his exit and in the manner he answered Julie’s questions. If there was any doubt about his ability to express himself, he totally laid that to rest. Thank you Howard for staying true to yourself, for standing by the courage of your convictions, and for having a backbone in a house full of spineless lemmings.

    • Comments (1276)

      You’re right Rob. He handled it all so well, and managed to rise and stay above the anger he still must feel. Like Jessie had said, I think maybe he could really use the money, so hopefully he’ll get some breaks outside the house.
      Oddly I thought maybe it was speaking to a group of people that would get him all messed up with his words. But after his convo with Amanda in the Have Not room (just one person) which was hard to understand and then his interview with Julie that went so well, with way more people watching, I think it’s more when he’s trying to keep from getting mad. Like once he was with Julie, he was out of the situation and able to get his point across.

  43. Comments (41)

    I have to say…all of you voting for Amanda, Helen or Elissa; its all your vault if Aaryn is still in the house and jury house.

    • Comments (651)

      Aaryn already knows she’s got issues when she leaves. Demanda has no clue.

      • Comments (1276)

        I wouldn’t mide putting my vote towards Amanda since she has become just as bad as Aaryn, or Helen, just because she’s driving me nuts. But I can’t imagine why any of America would target Elissa, compared to the others she should be wearing a habbit.

  44. Comments (35)

    Coward GM tells McManda that they can sleep in her HOH bed any time they want to this week. That is absolutely disgusting and GM needs to stop a**kissing… You’re HOH woman, take some control! I sure hope GM washes her sheets in Lysol, also!

    • Comments (453)

      She didn’t really need to give permission, they would have planted their nasty selves on her sheets because they think they are entitled.

      • Comments (35)

        So true, but you win HOH and that’s one of your first thoughts is to actually TELL them they can sleep in there!? These HGs are too much!

      • Comments (1162)

        I believe GM said she didn’t want to move to the HOH bed and give
        up the bed she shared with …..Nick.

    • Comments (624)

      This is such a spineless bunch of houseguests it makes me sick. Loser pizza boy and that yenta skank just running the show.

  45. Comments (35)

    GM wants to stay in the bed she’s currently in because “Nick is with her there”. So I guess it makes her seem “nice” to let them sleep in the HOH bed and not “creepy/nut/crazy/obsessed/etc.” for wanting to stay where she is.

    Has he gone into witness protection yet? O_o

  46. Comments (96)

    How does double eviction work?

    • Comments (768)

      They normally have an eviction vote followed immediately by an HOH competition where two people are nominated, then they have a POV competition to determine the final nominations and someone else is voted out.
      Hmmmm I wonder if we’re voting for the first or second MVP??? Anyone know?

      • Comments (1276)

        My guess is the first. I think that our vote will go to the 3 nom, just like usual, and then they will kick it into high gear and only have 2 noms. I wish they would let us get one more in, so we get the 3rd nom for both evictions, but I just don’t see it happening.

      • Comments (27)

        I hope the night of the double eviction, they use the same 3rd nom if not sent packing if nom elimited then go to second runner up and so on..just to meke sure they have three nom!!

  47. Comments (23)

    You know they will want poor Candace out. She was their target after Howard. That’s who GM, Arryn, & Jessie were talking about getting rid of.

  48. Comments (768)

    Despite the fact that Spencer has said and done some things that made me raise my eyebrows and question whether I wanted to see him go far in this game, I have to say that the smackdown he handed Amanda was great! She thought she could pander to him and reassure him they could help him and he was having none of it and told her in plain and simple language what he thought of her and her game. It’s about time someone had the balls to stand up to her!

    • Comments (1437)

      Just too bad he couldn’t back it up with an HOH win. He was the first one down. So GM will not move to the HOH room, but will stay in “her and Nick’s” bed?? Seriously, is she 33 or 13??

      • Comments (768)

        This was day 42. Nick went on day 21. As of tomorrow he will have been away from GM longer than he was with her.

    • Comments (35)

      That was definitely the best part of tonight’s show. I wish she wouldn’t have had sunglasses on so we could’ve seen her whole reaction! That definitely made me like Spencer much more! Let’s hope that was just the beginning of what Amanda has coming! She’s obviously used to getting her way, in BB house and in her real life!

      • Comments (768)

        I got a kick out of the fact that he totally caught her off guard with his reaction. No one has had the guts to tell her off like that so far. She had no Plan B argument so had to rely on making a point of him telling a woman to shut up. Priceless!

      • Comments (651)

        She was indignant because how dare he tell her to shut up. When she gets out, if she goes to any blogs she’ll see we were all saying SHUT UP! Girl has a rude awakening when she gets out.

      • Comments (160)

        Let’s hope she doesn’t win BB15 because then WE’LL all look like an idiot!

      • Comments (1276)

        I know, it was awesome! I mean come on, telling anyone to shut up isn’t great, but it really doesn’t matter if you say it to a man or a woman. She needed to shut up, and realize she doesn’t run everything all the time.
        Unfortunately, she will probaly make sure it’s him and Candice on the block for it. But she would have done that anyways.
        But i swear I thought I saw her hug him towards the very end of the how last night??? I am way off? As in, right after Howard left when they were all looking at the pics.

      • Comments (768)

        I think he did hug her Christina and later on he was walking around with his megaphone and she was in the bedroom putting her clothes away, he gave her the thumbs up and whispered something that I couldn’t hear. I guess he has to say everything through that megaphone now? … how lovely… as if GM and Amanda aren’t loud enough…

      • Comments (1276)

        at least it isn’t GM or Helen or Amanda with the Megaphone. I’d have to watch everything on mute. lol

    • Comments (71)

      “Shut up, Amanda!”

      *high fives Spencer*

  49. Comments (1)

    Double eviction= last two house guests evicted get to comeback and play the guests on the chopping block for thier dirty underwear.(hope no1 wants gm’s crusty infested ones)
    Jk silly
    2 house guests evicted in 1h episode

  50. Comments (143)

    I think I understand the problem, BB needs to stop casting people who are afraid to standout from the crowd and who “get along with everybody”. I do not like Jeremy, but I would rather see a house full of Jeremys, Howard’s and Elissa who do what THEY WANT, rather than what the house wants. Who the hell is the house, it is the lamest sorry ass excuse to not make a move. I am sick of these players who have no brains and make the game boring because they refuse to make any big move to shakeup the house to get out dangerous players. Instead they just do as they are told until they are slowly picked off. They must be too stupid to understand they will not win.

    Maybe I am blind b/c I am not in the game but it is utterly retarded.

    • Comments (768)

      I hear your frustration and share it. I’ve never seen a bunch of people who’s sole intention is simply to make it to the jury. WTF? It’s like they gave up any hope of winning the game. Maybe Big Brother needs to up the prize to $1 million for the winner and $100,000 for second place and the rest get nothing. I think they’ll try harder then!

      • Comments (624)

        I think they are all just playing the humble and happy to be here game (so sick of that attitude in the house), but oh I am quite sure they all want to be in the final 3.

    • Comments (651)

      I agree with your comments but please don’t use the R-word. It is a very hurtful word and the AMA is actually pulling it from usage.

      • Comments (195)

        Thanks Jackie. Agreed with everything he/she said except for the use of the R-word…..was going to post what you did but you beat me to it.lol

        Tons of drama in the house last night. Amanda told Candace what she said Howard said to her and Jessie was fighting with Amanda in the back yard. They kept cutting away to the fish constantly!

  51. Comments (41)

    Have you guys been watching the same show I am……GM is going to put up Candice n Spencer or her third choice Jesse. I just cant believe these chats….its like you arent watching who each person is aligned with and instead want to talk about the stupid $#!+. We are only half way thru, but you keep going off on childlike tantroms just like you are in the glass bubble and not the HGs.
    Please look at everyones aliances and think of moves that could be played.

    • Comments (2)

      BB15MIA Thank you, Your comment was spot on*

    • Comments (651)

      We may not be able to get Demanda out but really want to see her go nuts when she’s up on the block again.

    • Comments (9)

      See thats whats sad to me. If GM was smart she would think about whats going on here. Amanda, Mc, Helen, Elissa, Judd, & Andy are all together & then trickles down comes GM & Aaryn who are now supposed to be in an alliance with them Now. GM you are the lowest on the totem poll beside Aaryn. Why not flip it and throw your power on the other side & pull in Jessie, Candice, & Spencer, u already have Aryan. She could be running her alliance if she did that (maybe). Why are these people so scary!?? Oh yea i forgot, they all just want to make it to Jury…uhh yea ok. SMH

  52. Comments (103)

    I’m just curious why everyone hates Amanda so much? I think that her and Helen are playing the best game!

    • Comments (160)

      I agree on half of what you said. Helen and Amanda ARE playing the best game, but I really do not like Amanda for the bigoted and sadistic comments she has repeated over and over again behind other HG’s backs. Helen, I’m indifferent. Yes, she’s got her annoying moments but so far she has done nothing but play the game for what it is. She has not said any derogatory comments about other people (as far as I know).

  53. Comments (71)

    All ten votes for Amanda to go on the block and lose her mind again! mwaahahhahahahaha

  54. Comments (123)

    the Winners of the Boxes:

    Candice won the 5K

    Helen won a BBQ Party for 3 HG’s

    Spencer won a megaphone, which he has to use everytime he speaks until the Nom Cerm tomorrow

  55. Comments (357)

    I am conflicted on who I want to vote for. Aryan or Amanda? Neither one will be nominated by GM. But both deserve to be on the lock. I’m thinking of splitting my votes. Maybe BB will use the HG with the most for the first eviction and the Second HG with the most for the 2nd eviction? IDK….I’m splitting my votes.

  56. Comments (316)

    It makes me uncomfortable to watch Spencer! He says nasty things and is also bad at comps. He needs to go.

  57. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    I thought I saw GM talking with Spencer a number of times this past week (before she had any power) saying he was safe and the outsiders need to stand together – not sure why she would change her tune so quickly. Maybe that rush of popularity and acceptance from ‘the house’ after it not really being there is overwhelming.

  58. Comments (15)

    Darn! Another TV show runs out of gas.

    I find GM comical at times but after watching this HOH comp and live feeds after, I just can’t take anymore of her. I can’t take anymore of the other HG’s for that matter. BB suddenly strikes me like it is a show for teenagers and it should be on MTV. I’m done with it, it’s been fun posting here.

    I’m out.

    • Comments (15)

      Just wanted to add one more thing because I think this group can keep the truth out there as America watches revisionism in action on BB this week. The way I saw the Aaryn mattress flipping thing is as follows; the Katlyn/Jeremy block had just lost at something and the power shifted to the other side of the house. Katlyn, Jeremy, GM and Aaryan were in the bedroom and Katlyn, referring to how in her world there is to sides in hig school; the popular side and the losers side, said she feels like she is on the “other” sue in high school. Aaryn replied by asking, “the loser’s side?”, to which Katlyn responded “yes”. Immediately, Aaryn go a very pensive look on her face, she got up and flipped Candice’s mattress. Every had a hearty laugh. —- GM, it was not a joke. HG’s, it was not a joke, and Candice is not responsible for the racism in this house.

      That’s how I saw it. If you did too,keep this version of the truth alive.

      Bring on the Amazing Race!


  59. Comments (5)

    I don’t know how I really feel about Gina Marie’s HOH…. I can already hear and see her thinking she’s the shit for the week (Jersey Cockiness) and then crying like a baby next week. But we all know her HOH will be like the last past two weeks HOH and basically three including Helen’s …. Listening to the “HOUSE” I’ll be glad when someone grows a damn back bone and flip the house! Like damn .. Even though the twist makes it hard with BBMVP I would still be going Apeshit on people. I. Just can’t get over how Jesse, Andy, Amanda and Candice are still in this house and haven’t won a single comp.. It’s crazy the amount of floatation this season did they give all the houseguest floatiees or something.? Lets go!

  60. Comments (195)

    Watching the feeds last night my mouth dropped to the floor when I heard Helen (who won the barbeque dinner for 3 people) invited Aaryn and GM. I was disliking Helen more and more everyday and this tops the cake!! Jessie was upset about this (and rightly so) and spoke to Amanda about it and said she can’t believe that Helen did that after only just a couple of weeks ago nobody could stand Aaryn and she was the target. Everything Jessie said was spot on and all only the houseguests could see in their eyes was that she was jealous. Jessie and Candace are the only ones that can see what is happening in the house and Helen keeps denying and denying that she has any power. It really is pathetic to watch. I was so excited that Canada was able to get the feeds but each night when I am able to watch them it gets harder and harder to leave them on. Oh how I wish something would change and someone gets a backbone! Maybe some good will happen with the double eviction because as of now looks like it will either be Candace or Jess going home.

  61. Comments (1162)

    Zingobot needs to make an appearance, asap.

    For this crew, he should “label” each of the HGs and walk out!

    Amanda – Mean Girl –

    Aaryn – Mean Girl –

    GinaMarie – Mean Girl –

    Ellissa – Pretzel

    Helen – Mean Girl Enabler

    Jessie – Weeping Mean Girl

    Candice – Undone, Sacrificial Target

    McCrae – Miry Pizzaman

    Andy – Jellyfish

    Judd – Shirty Bear

    Spencer – Misogynist

  62. Comments (1)

    I am officially taking up yoga after seeing Elissa lol I’m determined to have that kind of strength and control by this time next year ;P

  63. Comments (19)

    I split my MVP votes between Amanda/Aaryn this week. The best thing that would happen is due to double eviction they both end up leaving by the end of the week. Then hopefully some floaters will start to get picked off. I am hoping the end had either McCrae and Helen as the last two. That would be a great jury vote!

  64. Comments (2)

    I wish that after Julie asked Howard why he didn’t confront the B-) about the racist comments, that He would have asked her why she and can didn’t confront it as well. Maybe the production people did some in the dr but but all of America doesn’t know that. I think he answered in a respectful way, however. Just wish he would have questioned their moral response as well.

    • Comments (624)

      I wonder if Julie is saving the best for when Aryan has her eviction interview. That’s one I cannot miss! Show her all the clips and hear the silence from the live audience.

  65. Comments (1162)

    Just now read the Feeds from last night – Jessie & Amanda had a Major Word Battle.

    “Kudos” to Jessie!!!!
    There might be a promising BB Player in her yet.

    • Comments (651)

      I read that Jessie called Amanda out and BB cut in the middle of it. What are they trying to hide? You know Amanda can’t keep the filth from flowing out of her mouth so why are they trying to hide it?

      • Comments (1162)

        I, also, read that at some point last night BB told the HGs to STOP
        discussing the unprovable situation/conversation between Howard and Amanda.

        IMO, the old adage, “If it walks like a duck ………….”
        applies to Amanda…. a liar is a liar.

      • Comments (453)

        May be some truth to the rumor that she knows Allison????? They didn’t step in and cut what Spencer said about Jessie doing a self hysterectomy .

    • Comments (302)

      Part of that blow up already posted on you-tube. Enter “Big Brother 15 • Amanda and Jessie Fight”. Jessie – I didn’t know you had it in you. I finally have someone in this sorry house to root for. Jessie let’s Amanda have it as a bully and of course Amanda comes back at her the only way she knows how .. attacking Jessie’s character. Amanda is a low-life and lied about what Howard said. She’s a despicable human being and I can’t stand that CBS is giving her the hero cut and leaving all her nasty behavior on the cutting room floor.

      • Comments (126)

        Jessie and Spencer need to team up and shame Amanda into a corner, who will do anything to win this game include disparaging an honorable man, revenge for Howard!

      • Comments (768)

        You really have to wonder why they’d go to fishes when something as dramatic as that was going on! It could have an impact on the outcome of the game, yet they see fit to censor it? Bullshit CBS!

        Spencer could have scored even more fan points if he had held his megaphone up to Amanda’s ear and yelled, “Shut up Amanda!!!”

      • Comments (126)

        Right, I think CBS sees a possible ‘Defamation of Character’ problem and are doing potential damage control now, not sure, but those comments are beyond game play and in today’s atmosphere, a pre-show disclaimer may not be good enough for some

      • Comments (651)

        Rob I never believed the fix was in for Amanda to win. But as the season goes on and BB edits out her bad stuff you have to wonder. I mean it’s not just the show they edit but the live feeds.
        I would hate to think that but they are covering up something and I don’t like it.

      • Comments (768)

        I can’t really figure it out either. I find it difficult to believe they are favouring Amanda’s game. Just look at the diary sessions they showed of her saying goodbye to Howard…no makeup and kind of unkempt looking. Very unflattering. I can see them trying to boost the entertainment value, which is sadly lacking this year. As I said before, I found it more entertaining watching Ian rock in the hammock while talking to himself and strategizing. 🙂

      • Comments (610)

        I just watched the you tube version of the fight…Wow! Amanda’s beyond potty mouth and certainly shows the bully side, always yelling louder and over the other person, use of F word (like that’s gonna make anything change), character assasination galore). Jessie hit it right on the head: Amanda, like most bullies, is so insecure, she has to beat others down in order to feel good about herself. Amanda needs to go this week and not be in the jury house. Frankly, like Aaryn, CBS should pull both of them out NOW.

      • Comments (160)

        I dislike it so much when Amanda twists other people’s words.

    • Comments (26)

      Amanda is disgusting. Claiming Jessie is after her “man” and having the nerve to tell her to keep her legs closed but WHOOOO is the one that had sex on a 24/7 reality show with a boyfriend back home?! Guaranteed they’re going to make Jessie look like the bad guy on the show now..

      • Comments (624)

        Jessie after McCrea? HAHAHAA! Even for boy crazy Jessie, that’s a reach. He’s not what you’d call a catch.

  66. Comments (79)

    Helen and Amanda have turned into annoying b*tches. Congrats!

  67. Comments (83)

    Now that wack job GM has won HOH we are still not getting rid of Any of the mean worthless ppl, I think america should put up Amanda, if she wins pov put up Aaryn, American should get to choose who goes home.

    • Comments (216)

      That was Season 1 and it was really boring, becuase they kept putting up what’s his name who America liked, but they couldn’t get him out of the house.

      The problem isn’t the format. It’s the awful, awful people in the game. (Yes, I’m hating the players, not the game.)

  68. Comments (74)

    Why are people still voting for Amanda for MVP??????????????? Aaryn isn’t safe this week! I don’t care if Aaryn goes home or not, but to see her face when she’s nominated during GM’s HOH week would be EPIC! Come on America!

    VOTE FOR AARYN to be nominated!

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