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I've clearly lost interest in taking new screenshots

Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction And HoH Challenge

I’ve clearly lost interest in taking new screenshots

The last Thursday of the Big Brother 15 season.  I don’t know what to think about it.  Summer is ending, football season is starting, but now we get to deal with the very, very long winter waiting for Big Brother 16 to start…


You heard that right!  CBS confirmed there will be a 16th season next summer, so don’t forget to follow me on twitter or facebook to get updates on that.  I know what you’re thinking, and I’m way ahead of you.  The chances of racist or bigoted comments will be slim to none next year.  Not only will they screen cast members better, most Big Brother fans have witnessed the incredible backlash against Aaryn, GinaMarie, and crew.  They’re going to think before they speak, I can almost promise you this.  Will that make it bland?  I doubt it, because nothing is more exciting than strategic gameplay and tight alliances you’re really rooting for.

I have a strong feeling tonight will start the 3 part HoH challenge, so I’m going to wrap this up and begin the live updates.  If it is indeed an endurance challenge, I will bump that to the beginning of this post and give you updates on the first part winner.



5:45pm – Watching Thursday Night Football – Go Patriots!

6:00pm – Here we go!   I expect the first 15 minutes to show what happened since Tuesday.  Nominations, veto, etc

– FYI, Andy wins this game with ease if he’s in the final 2.

6:10pm – Still showing highlights about the nominations.  Spencer and McCrae were nominated.

6:15pm – Jury house footage. Aaryn apologized to Candice and Helen for the things she said. Candice is pretty much ignoring her.

– Aaryn rubs it in to Amanda how keeping Andy over her was a bad game move (it was)

– After a commercial break, it’s time to see Judd enter the all female jury

– Amanda called GM a floater, and Judd told her that McCrae rode her coattails.  Candice agrees with Judd, in fact pretty much everyone but Amanda thinks McCrae was a floater

6:30pm – Veto competition time (taped – not live)

– Andy won the veto first attempt.  Not too surprising considering how much he studied what happened this summer

6:45pm – Julie tells us just before they went live, the group came clean about their alliance to McCrae.

– Live PoV meeting

– Andy doesn’t use the PoV

– McCrae gives a few shoutouts.. next year, someone better give BBJ a shoutout.

GinaMarie evicts McCrae

– McCrae thinks Andy wanted to get Amanda out so they can work together…. wow….

7:00pm – No HoH competition tonight.  Not sure when part 1 will be or if we’ll get to watch it.


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  1. Avatar

    No offense to anyone here
    And u guys can thumb down my coment all you want
    But andy has played THE big brother game
    Sorry if he used the rat way to the final, but guess what it got him to the final

    Stop judging ppl by how they play the game
    Andy did what all good bb strategist has done, find out is own weakness and time your moves
    Andy weakness maybe had been winning early on, so he kept a good social game, by backstabing(huge part of bb game) fan favorites and playing both side of the house( HUGE move in bb if u dont get caught), winning and making calculated moves and jumping ship calculated FOR HIM

    Sry rambled too much

    But yeah
    Andy was not my favorite but BB is an last man standing wins……
    Stop whining

    • Avatar

      The question with andy is not about how he played the game. The reason that people do not like andy at all is because of the way that he talked so nasty about people. He made his attacks personal and against the way they looked, the people they were married to, their children, how much money they had, called them nasty names. If he had not done all of that it would not have affected his game at all. Otherwise, People would admire his game play had he not done all of those things, but because he was so vile when he did not even need to be, (because it did not affect his game play) that is why people have no respect for how he played the game.

      • Avatar

        Yes and he did it all behind the others backs……like the truly
        vile wuss that he is.

      • Avatar

        He does say nasty things, but so do the other two, so isn’t that kind of a pointless thing to point out when picking who to root for? Ginamarie made the comment about Elissa’s child, Spencer is probably the most crude and vulgar.. They’re all horrible, why is Andy getting all the heat?

      • Avatar

        They all did it and when others did it they let them get away with it and said nothing. Judd, even tho he joined in the nastiness did say to them that family should not be talked about. But that was it. It was Andy that always lead and started the elissa bashing. And the only reason for it was because she put him on the block and because she was the only one who did not trust him. I think he is like that in his real life. He has lied about his profession also. He is like a sub teacher. Does not even work full time. That is why he is always saying he has no money. And he is not a professor. He is a teacher. No advanced degree.

      • Avatar

        I was wondering that about Andy, he just didnt fit the”professor” mold he look like he just got out of high school. BB has totally lost me as a fan this season. The name calling and talking about disgusting topics have just gotten out of hand, did they think the producers would edit or bleep out what they were saying?! The final 3 are idiots!

      • Avatar

        I believe he’s a profess-or!

      • Avatar

        But the jury doesn’t watch the feeds or BBAD so Andy is pretty much a shoe in if he is in the F2. The jury tonight confirmed it, he was praised for gaming them. The HG’s spent the summer playing BB, not attending Bible Camp.

      • Avatar

        I’m with you Trudy. The funny thing is you never hear anyone bashing Andy behind his back(Okay maybe Aaryn) yet he gleefully uses the C-word and talks about punching women in the face. He’d be an easy target with those ridiculous tank top shirts and fashion backward outfits. I think it’s just basic instinct to hate snitches and floaters. Andy loves to take credit for every move in the house but he has floated in the shadow of McCrae, Amanda & Helen the entire game until the numbers were against him then floated to the other side. Gotta give the dude credit for his timing … but I think most of us recognize that this house is full of such weak players they allowed it to happen. Even McCrae admitting he smelled a rat and still went against his instincts and “Did what the house wanted”. At this point does Andy deserve it more the GM or Spencer … yeah … it doesn’t mean we have to like it. I pray CBS doesn’t give this jerk more gigs after this season. But it just seems the most loved and most hated can make a career out of it. Listening to the women in the jury house tonite it seems inevitable Andy will win this thing. That finale is going to be tough to stomach.

      • Avatar

        Doug, I didn’t get the impression that Andy would “automatically” be awarded the $500,000 prize by the jury. Helen, clueless as ever, seemed to think Andy played a good game. No doubt, with the appearance of Dr. Will at the jury house, he will also do his best to sway the jury house into believing that Andy played the best and most calculated game. Some of the jurors expressed surprise that GinaMarie was still in the running and said they would vote for her if she was a finalist. In a season where you not only have to hold your nose and vote for the finalist but ALSO hold your nose to view the finale, GinaMarie seems like the lesser of all the evils remaining in that house. Yes, she’s made threatening and sometimes racist comments; but I chalk that up to her ignorance and upbringing. GinaMarie could benefit from professional counseling and $500,000 might help bring that about.

      • Avatar

        I whole heartedly agree. He has a potty mouth and is great talking in a cowardly fashion BEHIND your back. I like to see him repeat his feelings towards Lisa and her husband face to face next week. Guess Smagel (from Lord Of The Rings) wouldn’t have the guts..

      • Avatar

        Last night Spencer and Rat Andy were dissing Julie Chen
        and her husband.
        I’d like to see them say their same words to Julie and her

      • Avatar

        Your comment about Andy can easily be compared to the comments that a lot of people on this blog have made about the house guests – and behind their back too. Lots of haters on this blog.

        TRUDY: The question with andy is not about how he played the game. The reason that people do not like andy at all is because of the way that he talked so nasty about people. He made his attacks personal and against the way they looked, the people they were married to, their children, how much money they had, called them nasty names. If he had not done all of that it would not have affected his game at all. Otherwise, People would admire his game play had he not done all of those things, but because he was so vile when he did not even need to be, (because it did not affect his game play) that is why people have no respect for how he played the game.

      • Avatar

        Kate: I would gladly state my opinions on some of these hg’s directly to their faces, given the opportunity. I am sure other’s up here feel the same way.

        Also, I love how you can make that comment and in the very next breath, call Andy vile. smh!

      • Avatar

        Kelly: I didn’t call Andy vile. The “next” comment was a quote from Trudy. Trudy called Andy “vile”. I was commenting on Trudy calling Andy “vile”.

        I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that so many commenters on this blog say nastier things about the HG than the HG themselves. And, I have a difficult time understanding why people are happy that some of the HG lost their jobs. To me, that is very insensitive and mean. Big Brother is a game. The HG are in a controlled environment that promotes paranoia and behavior that might not be normal for them because of the situation. The commenters are in their everyday environment. I find the comments meaner and more hateful than what’s seen and heard on BB.

        Again, so sorry to offend you.

      • Avatar

        I agree that no should take pleasure in someone elses demise. But these people have been very ugly to each other all season long. It is very hard for the company’s the represent not to take that into consideration when deciding whetehr or not they should be allowed to continue to represent them. Am I happy they lost their jobs, not at all. But am I happy there will be consequences for some of them….most definitely!

        Your comments don’t offend me. But this is a place (one of the few) where people can come and voice their outrage at some of the comments being made by the HG’s; about the other HG’s and to the other HG’s. I understand that people have to lie and form alliances int his game, but being disrespectful about someone’s race, heritage and biological parents, children and step-children crosses a line that should have been made clear by CBS from the very beginning. I think the outrage you see is mainly for those reasons! And CBS needs to do a much better job of screening people for this next year!

      • Avatar

        @Kate, you must have not watched the same show I saw last night on Thursday. Did you see Aaryn try to apologize to Candace and Helen? Candace essentially ignored her. Do you think the racist, verbal vomit that Aaryn threw relentlessly at Candace is tepid, jokey stuff? Do you think Candace didn’t feel hurt, offended and humiliated? It was vicious talk like that from GM, Amanda and Andy that just was so repulsive to mix with, or suggest was necessary for “great” game play that provokes the rest of us and make us dislike them. Yes, I’m glad, as an African-American woman, that they lost their jobs. Yes, I hope that society scorns them and that some of the blow-back will stain them for quite a few years. Even if they felt that way, down to the very essence of their dna, you just wouldn’t believe they would have said it OUT LOUD, 24-7. I’m sure it took everything in Candace’s and Howard’s power to not go tsunami on them. And it’s people like you who want to make excuses for that kind of behavior–– as if grown ass adults don’t know what they’re saying. Excuse me, I bet Aaryn, GM, Amanda and Andy, who really should have been more sensitive as a gay man, are going to find out from a lot of strangers that it can be a very ugly, two-way street. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be walking with them publicly if I was a friend, or family. I am not condoning what is going to happen, but they surely asked for it!

      • Avatar

        Well said Lez!

      • Avatar

        Lez…first off I am a different Kate than the one you were responding to and I agree with your response to her 100 percent. As a woman over 40 (how much over I will never reveal), white, and living in the south I would like you to know that I am appalled by the racial comments made this season. It’s disheartening to know that this racial crap is still so prevalent. Hopefully it will be addressed at the finale. Candace and Howard took the high road and I was impressed by them … If I were in their shoes I wonder if I could have done the same, sadly I probably would have been kicked off the show because Aaryan would have been a stain on the carpet.

      • Avatar

        Do you know the definition of vile?
        Horrid – Offensive – Obnoxious – Hateful – Disgraceful – Contemptible, etc..

        Andy’s vileness is unacceptable to most individuals.
        He isn’t the only HG but he is certainly one of the most vile HGs
        in the BBH.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree. Big Brother is not a popularity contest, it is not about making lifelong friends. IT IS A GAME.
      Yes, even I can admit that there was more trash talk this season than I have ever seen before. But I would bet that Elissa’s fans would never admit that she was hell to live with on a daily basis McCrae said that she didn’t give a shit about the game or the other players from day one and that she got special privileges and was always bragging about how many producers she knew when she was drunk. She acted better than the other houseguests from the start. I don’t think he was lying. They have also discussed that they already know that she will win MVP because she has Rachel’s fan base – and that is just not a fair playing field from the start. I can see why the are all bitter.
      And Andy did play the best game. I do think, however, that he had the best chance to win against McCrae as the jury won’t want to hand the money to someone that could spend it all on Amanda. He may have a hard time winning against GM or Spencer as GM played a good social game, Spencer survived 8 times on the block, and neither have a lot of blood on their hands(although Amanda and McCrae’s blood on GM is a good thing)!
      Bring on the finale!!

      • Avatar

        Elissa had a disadvantage being Rachels sister not an advantage. If you all remember as soon as they figured out who she was she was placed on the block. So being Rachels sister was never an advantage for her. I can’t say why people voted her as MVP but I voted for her and it had noting to do with liking rachael. I voted for her because she was placed on block because she was rachaels sister, and not because of any other reason. And she might have acted as if she was better than the others (although I did not think she acted that way)because she was better then they were. When they started all the cussing, staying in the bed and all the nasty sex talk, she would leave the room and not join in their talk. That is why they all did not like her. It hurt her game to do that but I have to say that I greatly admire that in her. None of the others had the guts to walk away from all the nastiness that was being done and said. Thats why the hg think she thought she was better than them (she was) and that is why she was a target. She kept saying she had never been around people like them and it blew her mind that people acted like that toward other people. They all criticized elissa when she did not talk with them about her life and when she did– they thought she was bragging about it. She could not win for losing!! I admire her more than any of the other house guests. She knew what was going on when others did not. She tried to tell helen she did not like some of her decisions but what she thought was not listened to. Helen kept voting out everyone that was on her side and Elissa tried to tell her not to vote for them but she was outvoted and just went with everyone else. people do not give elissa enough credit. I think she was brought up very protected and just has not been around trashy people in her life.

      • Avatar

        We’re just going to forget the fact that she called Amanda fat? She does know the staff members, and DR could influence to keep Elissa? She wanted to quit simply because she wasn’t winning. Producers wanted her to be treated better, and I’m sure she got paid more, weekly than everybody else. Her spot in the game could have been used on someone more deserving, who needs that money more, would have appreciated the game more, and not have an advantage that got her what she wanted. She is obnoxious, not as obnoxious as others is the house, but obnoxious nonetheless.

      • Avatar

        Elissatardz will never stop defending that idiot 😉

      • Avatar

        I read elsewhere that elissa got a bigger weekly amount than the other houseguests.
        IMO, she ruined the show. (the first whispers and fights were about her not admitting she has a “famous” sister)

      • Avatar

        Like I said – “Elissa’s fans would never admit she was hell to live with…”
        She will get America’s player because she is Rachel’s sister, she got MVP because she was Rachel’s sister, she got special blankets in the have not room, heck, she got in the game because she is Rachel’s sister!!!
        Do you agree that if you see someone being bullied you should just walk away?? That’s no hero – my kids have been taught that you are JUST AS GUILTY as the bully if you just walk away. Now I would admire her if she stepped up and said something to their faces. Walking away is not admirable.

      • Avatar

        She was so rude when she left the house. Even Amanda was a good sport. Elissa is getting the treatment she deserves. They can’t all be crazy. Even tonight on TB she sat there detached from the group. She’s anti-social and creepy.

      • Avatar

        Wow! Still with the elissa bashing. You peeps are worse then the house guest and that’s saying something. I love Rachel and I love elissa but as two separtate people. Elissa played a great game. She wasn’t nasty like the others or racist never once made a personal attack against anyone. There was comment earlier that she called Amanda well Amanda got off easy. I would have punched that b**** in the face if she were to talk about me or my family like that and I’m postive I’m not the only one. So the elissa haters can suck it. I don’t know why you’re still bashing her you got your way she lost now one of tjese three idiots will win CONGRATS! And as for Andy maybe he’s game ok. The is all that s*** talking he did was not for he’s game that was just him being mean and what’s worse he’s a professor. He’s suppose to sculpting the minds of tomorrow. As a gay guy you think he would take that more seriously.

      • Avatar

        But they were alienating her since week one. All because she’s Rachel’s sister. So after going through week after week of the HG talking behind her back, I’d be a little stand offish around them also.

        On the other hand, you see how she really cares and gets along with Helen, Candice and even Jessie. I think she does have a heart and you saw how she was hurt along with Candice when the bitches called her Shaniqua and flipped her mattress. She could easily have slipped off into another room and ignored everything. She seems to be a good person to those that are good to her. Andy’s favorite word for degrading women DOES apply to Amanda and for all the abuse Elissa took from that witch, she deserved to get laughed in her face when she tried to become buddies with Elissa now that her back was against the wall.

      • Avatar

        How do you its not “bullying” n not the kid told jokes bout the big kids sister n now he’s paying…..?? Who said your stupid ass needs to breed lil skoolyard cops eh asswipe 😀 lmao

      • Avatar

        This comment is impossible to understand. Were you ever in a schoolyard, or school for that matter?

      • Avatar
        ashamed to be watching

        Elissa was the one BEING BULLIED ! Did You not watch the feeds ???

      • Avatar

        Don’t bogart that joint.

      • Avatar

        That was for Trudy.

      • Avatar

        Heh, you said bogart. lol

      • Avatar

        Trudy, very well said, agree with you 150%. She didn’t think she was better than anyone, she wouldn’t lower herself to the nastiness the others used against each other. She had morals and integrity and didn’t sway from it, which shows her parents did a good job raising her.

      • Avatar

        Despite that I don’t really care for Rachel, I actually like Elissa and pulling for her for America’s Fave. She’s not superficial and stuck up, she just doesn’t play the fake I love you games the other HG do to each other….then stab them in the back as they shift alliances and eviction votes.

        So if she avoided those folks well that just shows she’s not into breeding hate, insensitive remarks to different race/backgrounds, etc. Good for her!

      • Avatar

        I agree with you Trudy. I voted for her too because I felt it was a disadvantage to her the way she was treated from the beginning.

        At least she stayed true to herself and didn’t just go along with the others in their nasty ways. She just ignored them. I do the same thing in everyday life. If I don’t like someone I just ignore them, I don’t socialize with them.

        If she wins America’s favorite it is because of her fans, not her sisters. Maybe some of Rachel’s fans became Elissa’s fans. I wasn’t a Rachel fan but whe was a good BB player. Elissa was not the player Rachel was but had she not listened to Helen all the time she would have been a lot better. As far as Amanda goes, Amanda knew how Elissa felt about her. It wasn’t hidden. Helen tried to hide it for her but Elissa didn’t.

      • Avatar

        The first two nominees were Jessie and Candice. Elissa was MVP before she was put up as a replacement nominee, so at least the first vote was simply because of her DNA, not because she earned it.

    • jimbo

      It’s simply picking the best out of who is left. Perhaps it’s Andy — but that just proves what I penned long ago in this column. This was BB15 Summer of the Stupid. It’s like winning the Least Dumb competition.

    • Avatar

      Okay, to an extent, Andy did play the game, but he played the dirtiest type of game you can play in big brother. He was worst then a floater, he was a rat and that’s why we don’t like him.

      Honestly, (and you can hate me for it) GM might win this, and I don’t mind if she does. Not looking at the game at a moral standpoint, (and I’m not denying the things she said were downright terrible) she did make moves in the game, BIG moves, moves that were upfront and not behind everyone’s back. And I know backdooring and sneaking and lying is part of the game(that’s fine), but if that’s the whole game your playing, then it’s not really game play at all. That’s, in my opinion, the weakest game play in BB.

      Another example would be Ian. He played a dirty/sneaky/rat game too, and I do not think he deserved to win. Dan was smart, he was upfront about his moves and he deserved that win. The only reason he didn’t was because of the bitter-ass jury.

      And Spencer, he’s not even worth talking about. He played the ultimate pawn/floater. That’s also game play, but very weak and very cowardice. My bets on GinaMarie. That’s all I got to say about that.

      • Avatar

        Ya know that’s a good point. I didn’t want her to but she has played well. As the hg’s stated GM would win over Andy and probably Spencer. At this point I will be depressed if Andy wins so for my health I need anyone but him to win!

      • Avatar

        Andy is the clear cut favorite to win if he is in the F2. Please brace yourself. And don’t be a drama queen. For all the people who have serious health problems I will apologize for your thoughtless and callous remark. You are running true to form.

      • Avatar

        I like Spencer. Andy’s game & GM’s were ok.
        But if America is zeroing in on the bigots…GM can’t win.
        She was so awful to Candace.

        Wonder if anyone will get news of their job losses on air.

        Found an afterdark vid that is really odd. They filmed in the daytime and even talk about it being fake evening.

      • Avatar
        ashamed to be watching

        That was so they could do the eviction (that happened on wed.)and keep the outcome a suprise . All of the feeds were cut as well till after the live show thurs. This happens Every year !

      • Avatar

        Candice is nasty 😛 that look on her face is gross….go fuck yourself you pig nosed bitch if u got better places to be…. why did she even spply to be on BB anyway? She sucks at the game, obviously sucks with makeup, and sucks at losing…fuck her, she didn’t deserve Howard throwing his game away for her crabby bitchy ass 😀 lol

      • Avatar

        did you forget to take your meds ME

      • Avatar

        greatest troll ever

      • Avatar

        Shouldn’t you be in school?

      • Avatar

        @ME, you are beyond crazy, you are an undescribable fiend––and I had to laugh at the sheer madness of your chatter which now convinces me you are a little smart ass kid or pre-teen, who really should become a Howard Stern comedian. So for the rest of us who howl at Howard Stern, remember, we could laugh at your fool ass too! Love you to reveal yourself on YouTube so we could track your snarky little sub-ass down! I would love to hold you down—

      • Avatar

        Smagel (Andy) thinks the he’s being portrayed like Dan from BB 14..LOL!!!! Spencer thinks he played the best game. What delusional people. This was said by them on the live feeds.

      • Avatar

        Ron, the show isn’t called Let’s hold hands, play nice, and someone will win a prize”

        It is Big Brother. The hg’s have to be able to lie, manipulate, and backstab, all while being in a social atmosphere.

        Whether the lying and backstabbing is the person’s true character, or if they are “in character” while in the house, it doesn’t matter. They have to do what they have to do in order to win.

      • Avatar

        Andy was sayinng he thought he was being compared to Dan from BB15. I think he played more like that guy named Ronnie. I can’t remember what season he was from.

    • Avatar

      GM won 1st round of hoh. Wonder who she’d take to f2…

    • Avatar

      I’m with you. He did play a dirty game BUT he did PLAY the game and deserves it over the other two who decided to start playing last minute.

  2. Avatar

    Why don’t people like Andy?

    • Avatar

      I mean, he is not portrayed that bad during the shows. Is is terrible during live feeds or something?

      • Avatar

        I think ppl dont like him
        Because he choosed to play both side of the house
        And backstabbed fan favorites like helen, elissa and few others

        Kinda hard to understand………..

      • Avatar

        People don’t like Andy because he is a pipe smoking piccolo player. Get it.

      • Avatar

        ME!!!! Lol…maybe next season they will have a hot looking gay guy.

      • Avatar

        I would try out for it…I went as far as downloading the application*tons of pages…tons of questions* but knowing how I am.. I would be voted out 1st..lol…I don’t like bullshit.. 🙂

      • Avatar
        ashamed to be watching

        If is More the way he lied , it was not game play he would lie just to cause problems and drama then sit back and watch . He has said things that would curl your hair for no reason .He has a fowl mouth and No respect for anyone except himself (who he considers a Master ) He is SO fake and cries at the drop of a hat . He admitted to Cheating on his exams to become a Teacher . He was part of all of the disgusting talk about that took place in the house including but not limited to the rape and murder of Jessie , Candice and Elissa . He is the worst type of human ,and the fact that he teaches makes it even more unforgivable .

      • Avatar

        Andy is a disgusting creep during the Live Feeds.

      • Avatar

        As opposed to the disgusting creeps here.

      • Avatar

        Midwest, how would you describe you and your pals daily bashing of andy for six plus hours of comments on here? A little disgusting? A little creepy? A little sad?

      • Avatar

        To me he was horrible on BBAD. The things he keeps saying especially about Elissa. He seems to be so uneducated he cannot carry on a conversation with others. The only thing I hear him talk about is bashing Elissa as well as others. Some of the things he has said about them is out and out nasty.

    • jimbo

      Because he would run from side to side spilling secrets as soon as they were told to him. He’s what you call a rat.

      • Avatar

        Or just a good runner.

      • Avatar

        Jimbo: That sounds like good game play to me. He’s in the final 3. How is calling him a “rat” different from the HG calling their competition in a game names? The difference – they are playing a game. You are personally attacking someone. So what does that make you?

        jimbo: Because he would run from side to side spilling secrets as soon as they were told to him. He’s what you call a rat.

    • Avatar

      The fakeness, the use of tears, the over-the-top hysterics, the constant bashing of Elissa (and this was on the live feeds, CBS didn’t show it… didn’t bother me, but it bothered the huge Elissa fanbase). Yeah, it’s a way to play this game (there are quite a few different methods), but that doesn’t mean people have to like that method. It’s, in my opinion, the most “in the gutter” way to play. He just doesn’t come across as genuine.

  3. Avatar

    Really classy…NOT!

  4. Avatar

    Andy’s Biggest Nightmare has become a reality.

    McCrae reminded Andy about what Andy said concerning Game Play.

    Andy said he would only become a BITTER JUROR IF SOMEONE BACKSTABBED HIM.

    Hmmm – how’s that working out for your Game Plan now, Rat Andy?


      • Avatar

        Maybe ……. maybe not

        Seeing the CBS/BB “Happy Face” JH tape doesn’t necessarily mean
        viewers are seeing how the jurors really feel about Andy nor how
        they will vote next week.

      • Avatar

        OK. That’s not what I saw, but if it makes you happy….What happens next week when Andy wins by a landslide. Will one of you superior, judgmental moralists admit how way off you have been all along? If Andy is in the F2 and loses I will surely say I was wrong.

      • Avatar

        I have to agree suzyq. Despite being stabbed in the back by Andy … Amanda has never liked Spencer & hates GM and seems okay with being stabbed in the back by Andy. Helen seems to be ready to lead the charge for him playing the superior game. My guess is Elissa will go along with Helen and Candice & Jessie probably will too. Then he’s kissed enough Spencer and GM butt that the last evictee will probably vote his way too. My guess is he’ll be much more influential when addressing the Jury … feeding on their ego … making each dope feel like they were such a powerhouse threat he had to move against them. My only hope is he sucks in the final challenges and gets bounced.

      • Avatar

        Oops .. I mean no probably for Candice .. she obviously hates Gina Marie and Spencer.

      • Avatar

        why do you say Candace hates spencer? He was best friends with howard.

      • Avatar

        Candice had that screaming fit against Spencer after she thought he was siding with Amanda when Spencer was really siding with Howard & Candice. Then you might recall the legendary Candy screaming fit at Spencer yelling “Don’t let my name come out ya mouth.”

      • Avatar

        I think GM will take Spencer. So far she has won the 1st competition.

  5. Avatar

    Yes he is a Rat!!!

  6. Avatar

    Geez Andy’s already crying.

  7. Avatar

    They need to have a BB where youre not allowed to backstab, switch alliance, and you cant nominate/vote out fan favorite
    No “rats” allowed
    That way everyone will be happy

  8. Rita

    Steve, can we get an ignore option next season?

  9. Avatar

    Nice to hear Aaryn apologize. I doubt she means it but here’s hoping.

    • Avatar

      It shut Candice down, so she did what she had to do to have a relaxing few weeks.

      • Avatar

        I doubt Candice being there had much to do with it.
        Aaryn said what she had to say knowing full well it would be
        seen on television. After her interview with Julie, Aaryn
        realized she’s in trouble with the public outside of the BBH.

      • Avatar

        It still shut Candice down. You did not negate my point. If Candice wasn’t there to hear it then I wouldn’t have said what I said. And look at all the thumbs up you got. You just disagreed to disagree and they all love you. Welcome to the moron convention of 2013.

      • Avatar

        Why do you stick around here if you believe this place is filled with morons? Is it because you’ve finally found a place you can feel superior?

      • Avatar

        @suzyq, if you think that shut Candace down, then you don’t know a smart black woman when you see one. Why would Candace get into a foul mouth match on live TV with Aaryn at this point? Even if she wanted to, Helen probably pulled her to the side, since she is older, and told her to remember she’s on live TV when the others showed up! Yeah, I’m stalking you! I’m a black adult woman; so tell me you know what we would do since you think you know damn near everything else in the world! Tell me!

      • Avatar

        Steve, sorry, meant to hit the down button.

    • Avatar

      It’s not that she doesn’t mean it I really don’t think she understands at all what she is apologizing for. Ignorance is no excuse but the girl really doesn’t have a clue. It’s just sad.

      • Avatar

        I agree with you d martin. The look on her face seemed to say I think I am supposed to apologize to you guys but I am not exactly sure what I am apologizing for. Her facial expression seems to say I trying to figure out why I owe you this apology.

    • Avatar

      Her apology sounded too PRish to me. I hope when she leaves bb, she can learn from this experience.

      • Avatar

        She is still being sequestered. She has yet to meet with her mom’s PR team. She just doesn’t want to fight and defend the indefensible for the rest of the summer. You know that her mother hired a PR team so now you dismiss what she says as being coached by a PR person who she has yet to meet. How fucking silly is that. Are you headless?

      • Avatar

        Who cares if she has a perma-grin and it showed during the apology. …she apologized and by the International rules of go fuck yourself its over!, that cow Candice snd all U race nazis gotta drop it now so eat it!

        Lmao at all of u 😀

    • Avatar

      When they leave the BB House, there is a psychiatrist assisgned to them for a debriefing. I’m sure they coached her into saying what she did when she arrived at the jury house. It was so scripted. Wasn’t feeling it. When BB is over, another debriefing takes place to let them know the reality of the real world outside the BB house.

    • Avatar

      It wasn’t a heart felt apology. Yes, she did direct it to Candice (who was barely paying attention) and Helen, but she partly blamed the comments on gameplay, and being in the house.

      She may have apologized, but I don’t think she really understands how much she offended them while still in the house.

      Also, when Amanda came into the jh, she mentioned the boos, and Aaryn confirmed how much America qas mad at her too. It seems like her apology was based on what America’s perception is of her, and not what is truly inside her.

  10. Rita

    Finally, some jury house coverage. We need more of that.

  11. Avatar

    The jury is impressed with Andy’s game. Helen, Amanda, Jessie, Candice Aaryn and even Elissa think Andy has played the best game. If Andy is in the final 2 he will be a big winner. Judd thinks GM is the smartest person left in the house. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Amanda trying to push McCrae, but the girls are not feeling it. Andy Panda take a bow. The money is yours for the taking. Spencer is a non-entity as far as the jury is concerned and they feel GM was a floater.

  12. Avatar

    My own opinion based on the little feedback from the jury

    Mccrae: got amanda, everyone else thinks he floated
    I dont think he floated, at one point in the first week his name came up to be a target and he won
    After that he hid behind amanda and call the shot and won when he had to. But I can see where candice is coming from…. He did not social with the jury

    GM: got aryan, elissa, judd and helen maybe jessie…. She floated but kept her loyalty pulled a few wins….. Solid game but i can see how her personality and not so brightness might come across as being a floater

    Andy: could win if he takes spencer to the final 2, bitter judge…. Bitter bb fans….. But he played the game and deserves…..

    Spencer: peon mvp and thats it, no way he can win……

      • Avatar

        GO SPENCE 🙂 that ol’ boy outplayed and outlasted all them young wannabez!!! He’s still got a shot against Andy IF …BIG IF….the jury does the ultimate typical jury douchy thing it always does, get bent bout being deceived. …either way, good job Spencer. .. one summer and I estimate over 70k in earnings and a trip for him and his loyal loving gf/wife/life mate lol whatever 😀

  13. Avatar

    This season sucks monkey balls!! Lol. I can’t believe I still care about who wins…guess I need closure! I wanted Candice or Ellissa to win & maybe if they weren’t playing with the worst group people to grace BB, it would have been better.

  14. Avatar

    McCrae is going. Only question is who does Andy trust more to make it happen.

  15. Avatar

    Oh snap! Things are about to get even more boring. Snooooooooze…

  16. Avatar

    I don’t think Canface knows what a floater is. Whether you like him or not, It is obvious that McCrae was not a floater.

    • Avatar

      how is it obvious he was not a floater when he so clearly was? He hopped into bed with Amanda the first week, never spoke to anyone else in the house without Amanda’s presence or approval,never made a decision on his own, never tried to form any friendships with any one on his own, threw comps so his girlfriend would not get mad, hid behind Amanda’s behaviour and decisions, and basically, did nothing for himself until it was far too late. If that is not floating, I don’t know what is.

  17. Avatar

    Andy just signed that $500,000.00 right over to GM. What a freaking idiot, hahahaha.

  18. Avatar

    I could care less who wins now. I have a really bad taste in my mouth for GM, but Andy is just as despicable. I don’t like Spencer either. I never liked Elissa and I hope she doesn’t get the fan favorite money. I was rooting for McCrae (who could obviously be brighter, but was never offensive.) I’m Glad Survivor will be back soon. Unfortunately, they are bringing back yet another cast of repeats. I would have liked to see McCrae win~oh well.

  19. Avatar

    CBS making desperated moves

    First DAN
    then IAN
    now Dr.Will

    Talk about trying to save the seasonnnn

  20. Avatar

    MaCrae answered every one of Julies questions like a stoner who had just smoked a joint before he came out on stage. It is more obvious than ever that this guy wouldn’t have made it very far on his own.

    • Avatar

      Give him a break. He’s young and has just walked out of a social experiment where in the last 2 hours he’s had to process and rethink every action over 80 days. He’s unsure about everything a this point and is smart to be noncommittal in his answers.

  21. Avatar

    Will the final HOH be tape or will it be live.

  22. Avatar

    so sad McRae is gone. I really don’t care who wins now. Don’t really like any of them.

  23. Avatar

    What’s the formula to ensure a large group of people won’t make racist or bigotry remarks???…. 16 Asians.
    Has anyone in the world ever heard anyone say, “Man, that is one racist Asian!!”
    I didn’t think so.

  24. Avatar

    Thank goodness, GM has a few more days to recover from her injuries
    before the next Endurance comp.

    I wonder what kind of comp it will be for these 3 very different people?
    Hanging from ropes?
    Balancing on —–?

    GM is the most athletic …..yet injured.
    Spencer is a large size man and a smoker.
    Andy gets hyper during these type of comps and has been
    one of the first ones out in previous comps.

  25. Avatar

    I dislike Andy because he was the key to flipping the house several times to make this season remotely interesting but instead,every time he would run and blab to Amanda or Helen making this the WORST Big Brother season ever.

  26. Avatar

    1) Annoyed that we won’t get to watch the HOH comp.
    2) Confused about how people seem to think this is a morality contest.. Lying and playing both sides of the house is nothing new. The fact that Andy did it undetected for so long, and then even when people knew he was doing it and he was NEVER a target, that is impressive.

  27. Avatar

    GM put up Amanda and McRae without batting an eye. She has done well with some comps. Andy was a rat and that strategy worked for him with these hgs. It got him to this point. Spencer was on the block as a pawn how many times and survived? At least so far he has. No matter what Spencer said about adult women, does not make him a child molester. It was stupid what he said pretending to be McRae.
    I hated the vile talk and attacking race, family etc. But the game is almost over and 2 of these 3 will win a large sum of money. And then America’s favorite. I think GM should win 1st and Andy second. I wish BB PRODUCERS would have handled the entire show differently. Maybe the finale could be a Dr Phil and Julie Chen show…confront on live tv. Aaryn got the 3rd degree by Julie…so let’s bring it on without any warning to all the players. Then America votes again for the second place winner. BB16 I’m waiting … have a great year BB junkies. Thanks Steve beans.

  28. Avatar

    This games sucks. I want McRae back. Spencer,Ginamarie and Andy are the fucking bastard rats.

  29. Avatar

    If Andy wins I will officially be done with BB. He is a vile rat bastard.
    I don’t consider BB to be a “game” or they would all be thrown out for unsportsman like conduct. It’s cheap unscripted “entertainment”. When the verbal attacks became personal and racist (especially after the HG was evicted and not able to defend themselves) BB should have stepped in and said “That’s enough”. Afterall that’s what Big Brother is about, controlling every aspect of a persons life. I really don’t care which of the other two win, they’re both the same. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  30. Avatar

    Mccrae said it best Amanda crippled his game.

  31. Avatar

    Worst season ever. None of these remaining HG deserve the 1/2 M!

  32. Avatar

    One thing is for sure…Both GM, and Spencer know that if they take Andy to F2, Andy will win. Therefore if either GM, or Spence win HOH they most likely will evict Andy, and take each other. Spencer + GM = F2.

    I’m Not real happy about any of the scenarios left, but what can ya do? Survivor & The Amazing Race are both starting soon…YaY! \o/

  33. Avatar

    I don’t get all the Andy bashing for backstabbing, playing both sides, and betraying his alliances. IT’S BIG BROTHER!

  34. Avatar

    Is BBAD going to be live tonight?

  35. Avatar

    All 3 of the remaining HG’s played the game in a “mediocre” fashion. You could say that Spencer’s floating was a carefully balanced social strategy. You could say that Gina Marie was crude but bold. Yes, Andy’s duplicity was his strongpoint. But it really is the “sweet” faced Andy vs. cruel, mean, unnecessarily hard-hearted Andy that was so disturbing, and intensely unlikeable, and he just straight-up deeply lacked personal integrity, especially being a teacher. GM and Spencer seem, for the most part, “real”, in that they aren’t play-acting as America’s Sweetheart the way Andy is. It really is the two-faced behavior (that has nothing to do with strategy) that is so utterly repulsive. GM and Spencer are also repulsive, but they don’t seem as phony as Andy. I think I am reluctantly rooting for GM.

  36. Avatar

    I hope they bring back mccrae next season

    • Avatar

      McStinky doesn’t deserve to come back. He threw away his game. He spent the entire summer in bed and relied on others to bring him information and even food. He was supposed to be a BB Superfan and completely forgot about the game.

  37. Avatar

    GM won part 1. It was physical so no one should be surprised.

  38. Avatar

    Well I just saw GM win PART #1 of the Final HOH!!! She Beat both Boys!!! As long as “Rat Boy” Andy & “Pig Mouth” Spencer did’t Win I am as ok with it as I am gonna be.

  39. Avatar

    Thank God that this is about over with I have watched Big Brothers since BB12 and all of them were great except this one I hope next season it will be better
    ruined my summer watching this and the remarks that people made in the house
    was horrible and downright mean. I feel sorry for them because when they leave the house for the last time they will know how people will feel about
    them and it want be kind either the saying I always have said THINK BEFORE
    YOU SPEAK because you don’t know who is watching you and hearing what you are saying.

  40. Avatar

    Watching BB on my DVR…Andy just won HOH….and I threw up in my mouth :-/

  41. Avatar

    I’m not 21, but otherwise I’d go in and give bbj a shout out! Future bb17 cast member…. Hopefully.

  42. Avatar

    I actually had no interest in watching tonight…it was like watched a show you knew was fixed (it isn’t, just saying it was that boring and uninteresting). At this point, I could care less who wins it, because as far as I am concerned none of them deserve it based on ‘foul play’. It is one thing to play a game, even one where you are expected to lie and manipulate others, but this cast took the show to a whole new level that did not bode well for anyone; the players, the families, friends, co-workers or the fans. Season 15 will forever be known as the bad blemish on CBS and BB! Now I am just looking forward to seeing how these players react when they discovered they are NOT the beloved BB players they think they are.

  43. Avatar

    McCrae gets voted out pretty sad, Yep….I don’t know.

  44. Avatar

    If Mac had more time without Amanda his game would have been spot on. I can’t even say he was a floater. He became bed slime until Amanda left. It was a nice change watching him talk with others and not be in bed all the time. He did have potential. Too bad.

    • Avatar

      McStinky realizes it now and in the jury house Demanda was trying to convince everyone that McStinky deserves it and Candice called her out on it. Told her he did nothing but lay in bed all season. Demanda had no comeback.

  45. Avatar

    Hmmm, Dr. Will is gonna “grill” the jury next week? I wonder if he’s gonna ask some of the questions we would like to ask: what part of being recorded on camera 24/7 and broadcast to the internet and tv did you not understand?!

  46. Avatar

    Gm won part one.

  47. Avatar

    I fucking cant stand that phoney Julie FUCKING Chen!!!

    😉 lol

  48. Avatar

    Long time reader first time poster. I can’t believe everyone has forgotten Nicks famous words with Julie…Spencer is running the house. Truer words were never spoken.

  49. Avatar

    It is a fun show to watch, but it just a tv show.
    For those who are obsessed, try out for next season.

    Casting is open!


  50. Avatar

    Dr. Will is going to go into the JH, and talk to the Jury members of Big Brother?!?! I can not wait to see that!

  51. Avatar

    Of course Andy acting like the ultimate Crybaby now that he isn’t in total control. Pacing back and forth and whining about not wanting to finish 3rd. It amazes me that he does this in front of competitors as if he’s more worthy than them and that they should also want him to finish higher. If McCrae and Judd wouldn’t have been such idiots we would have enjoyed watching Andy squirm, mope and cry for a week & never make it this far.

    • Avatar

      Yes Rat Dog crying about how poor he is and is suddenly thinking about does he really have jury votes blah blah blah. Sadly this has become the best part of the show. Well besides jury house.

    • Avatar

      Rat Andy finally admitted he hated Elissa because she
      was the one and only HG he couldn’t control.
      Elissa for Fan Favorite!

      It’s time to cheer on Spencer for a Win in the 2nd part of the Finale Comp. & then
      for him to SEND THE RAT TO THE JURY HOUSE ………

  52. Avatar

    Now they should send SPENCER packing and let Andy and GM battle it out in the end. Being 3rd is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Avatar

    McCrae left some cheese by Rat Andy’s bed.


  54. Avatar

    Why didn’t BB do more of the “check-ins” with the players families outside the house? I think there was an early visit to Judd’s hometown and a brief Amanda/McRae visit. I usually found these visits very boring in years past, but it would have been very interesting to see the environment that contributed to the mindset of Aryn, GM, Spencer, and Kaitlyn. That could have made for some very interesting TV.

    • Avatar

      I wondered that too-it was odd they just did Judd. My guess is they may have done these profiles on others then all of the comments started being reported to they scrapped it to not expose those families on tv?

  55. Avatar

    I am growing a little tired of people stating up here how America should vote for someone who needs the money the most. Or the houseguest should have kept people who needed the money more.

    How would you people feel if a co-worker of yours who did half the work, slept in every day, took excessive breaks, etc was up for the same promotion or bonus as you were and your boss decided to give it to the slack co-worker “becasue they needed it more”?? My guess is NONE of you would appreciate that, considering you were to one who shoed up every day on time and worked hard!

    That is one of my biggest problem s with this country……people who think they should be handed something for doing NOTHING! Some of these HG’s were no different. They had no problem letting someone else do all the work and now, on Thursday night, we will hear from these slack, vile people why someone should reward them with $500k for doing absolutely NOTHING all season!

    Most of us were raised to work hard and reap the benefits of what we earned because hard work should be the ONLY way people are able to get ahead in this country. Not by degrading and bashing your competition; not by riding the coat tails of someone else and allowing them to do all the work; not by being racist, sexist and just down right disgusting! HARD WORK!

    It should not matter how much more money one person has over another. If you feel that person worked the hardest in the house, but was evicted becasue of jealous and spiteful people, they you deserve to be able to cast your vote for Elissa.

    I am not an Elissa supporter by any means, but she was able to read people pretty well and she did actually play the game. IMO, None of these people truly deserve to win anything…and Thursday night, BB will officially turn into WELFARE!

    I sincerely hope BB will find people with a little better work ethic next year. After this year, I am sure most of us would just settle for people with any kind of moral fiber at all!

  56. Avatar

    I agree 100% with what Kurtis said below. It’s really pathetic to read comments in which “people” state that they ENJOY hearing that people lost their job, or ENJOY calling the HG names worse than the HG used themselves. The difference between what the HG did / said versus the commenters on this blog is that the HG are playing a game in a controlled environment that promotes paranoia and other behavior not necessarily charistic of the HG while the commenters on this blog are in their environment and the commenters are saying mean and nasty things because that is their true nature. I don’t understand how “people” can be joyful about someone losing their job? This is a game. These people are put into a house without any outside influence. They are going to say and do things uncharacteristic to their normal behavior. When people make comments that they are happy that someone loses their job shows that the commenters are very insensitive and worse than the people they attack.

    I’m also disappointed to learn that Julie Chen admitted that she had eye surgery to change her “Chinese” appearance to more of an anglo appearance in order to have better advantages than she felt she had because she looked Chinese. I don’t know what to think about that. I guess good for her – but at the same time – what’s wrong with looking Chinese? From the before and after photos – I felt she looked just as good in the before photos and maybe even better looking in the before photos because that was her real self. She was beautiful in the before photos and she is beautiful in the after photos. I guess changing her looks got her more money and that’s what it’s all about?

    KURTIS: Well, I totally understand that MM, that she was on TV. But I don’t see a difference in the HGs talking badly of someone and being evil….and you people talking bad about them and its ok. Pretty hypocritical. Let each HG deal with whatever situations they have put themselves in once out of the BB game. It is not for us to trash them. As Steve said in a 9-11 thread…these are real human beings with real human being problems. I guarantee in these threads there are racists, people with mental issues, people on medication, people who use terrible language, people who make very tasteless jokes, people who backstab and talk poorly of people behind their backs and on and on. Its one thing not to care for a HG, but its totally different to call them terrible names, fat, ugly, trash, gross, stupid and on and on. The people that do so, are just as classless as the people they are trashing….

    • Avatar

      Like i said earlyier about them losing there jobs i think Good lawyers will get them there jobs or alot of money for losing there jobs, this is difficult
      setting and the worse comes out and sometimes it might not be there true feelings but game play. A good lawyer with take these cases on consignment and make big bucks for themselfs and the players,

      As far as Julie is concerned how is changing your apprearance not raceist toward her own race,
      any different then Michael Jackson turning white that was just as reverse racist.

  57. Avatar

    Last night on BBAD, GM gave Spencer a thumbs up when Andy was out of the room. I think they are going to take Andy out if they win HOH. I don’t think either thinks the can win against him.. If GM wins I hope she uses the money to go to charm school and learns some etiquette about eating, Chew with your mouth closed (not like a cow chewing it’s cud) and don’t speak with your mouth full. Last night she was eating and talking food was falling out of her mouth, I had to change the channel , I was getting nauseated.

  58. Avatar

    I’m sure Steve will cover this in his next blog but it seems the Perv and Rat Dog have a new target–Julie. They are saying she was drunk last night and if she wasn’t banging the president of the network she would have been fired.

    Oh Perv and Rat Dog I think Julie’s husband is going to the head of the line of people who want to have a one on one with you guys.

  59. Avatar

    Is anyone else absolutely disgusted!!! Turned on BBAD and they’re saying such horrible things about Asians! These people are just horrible! I hope that GM & Spencer just get roasted when they get out! Thought they would somewhat redeem themselves but obviously not….idiots!

  60. Avatar

    Andy played a very similar game then Ian played in that he was the spy between both sides of the house. Be why is he a rat for this? That is a smart way to stay on both sides .

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