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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction, HoH, and Post Eviction Thread!

Which direction will Kaitlin go when Jeremy leaves?

As we near the 3rd live eviction show for Big Brother, tension begins to build in the house over the potential direction the next HoH will take it.  Seeing as it is likely the ‘What did America vote’ contest which literally anyone has the chance to win, things could shake up quite a bit tonight.  I have a feeling Andy is going to win it, but if Kaitlin, GinaMarie, or even Howard / Spencer win it, the other side of the house should buckle in because the week could get interesting.

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It’s pretty much set in stone that Jeremy will be heading out the door, so the conversation with Julie Chen should be interesting, but I wouldn’t hope for anything crazy.  Keep in mind, Jeremy’s big issue is his ego, not so much his words.  While he was a little rough around the edges, he is mostly tied to the negativity for being in an alliance with Aaryn and GinaMarie.  I’m not defending him by any means, he is quite the d-bag and I’d never want my daughter to date someone like that (especially the way he talks about women). That said, he’s a dime a dozen on reality shows these days.  Had he not aligned with Aaryn and GM, it’s likely few would think twice about it.

I will be updating this thread throughout the show, as well as live tweeting.   Keep checking back as the show begins!   Have fun and enjoy!

9:00pm – The show is on!  Time for some clips about how evil Aaryn is while ignoring GinaMarie.

The producer of Big Brother also tweeted that there will be some new type of power tonight.  Viewers will have the power like never before.  Guess we’ll find out what that is.

9:10pmRehashing prank night.  Was pretty funny to see GinaMarie’s reaction. She has lost it.

9:20pm – Julie talks to the house for the first time.  She chats with Elissa first because that will be her only airtime for the next week.   Candice next, asked about bed flip and just deflected the question.  Howard admits he is now conscious free.   Still no talk to Aaryn from Julie .   Time to meet the parents of McCrae and Amanda.

9:25pm – The segment with the families was decent, but eviction time after the break!


Candice – Jeremy
Andy – Jeremy
Howard – Jeremy
Elissa – Jeremy
Kaitlin – Spencer
GinaMarie – Jeremy
Amanda – Jeremy
McCrae – Jeremy
Jessie – Jeremy
Judd – Jeremy

Jeremy is evicted 9-1!

9:40pm – Julie talking to Jeremy about his bully image, apparently he thinks it’s because he has such an amazing profile.

9:45pm – Twist change.  No more Elissa as MVP, now we get to vote who will be nominated. It’s basically the production saying ‘please evict Aaryn’

9:50pm – New HoH time.  It’s the trivia based on what America voted this week.  They guess what America picked, which means it’s basically a crapshoot.

Round 1 – Nobody
Round 2 – Andy, Amanda, Candice, Elissa out (living at home question)
Round 3 – Nobody
Round 4 – Nobody
Round 5 – (duke of dork) Aaryn, Jessie, GinaMarie out
Round 6 – (sultan of sexy) Howard, Spencer out

Final round – Judd, Kaitlin, McCrae — winner: JUDD!

Julie is going to drop a hint that the MVP has changed.  I was hoping it was still going to be anonymous so everyone will wonder who put (Aaryn) up this week.

Turns out Julie didn’t give much away, just told them to expect the unexpected.  I think they’ll figure it out when Elissa doesn’t say she won, but here is hoping for some drama!

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Live Update time!  (now converting back to BBT for the feeds)

Thursday’s are tough.  I am a dork and play an online video game that schedules a guild thing on Thursday nights.  Of course live eviction comes first, but after that I jump in game for about an hour then I’m back to the feeds!   Sorry about the delay in updates, time to see whats’ going on in the house

8:45pm – Aaryn’s seduction of Judd underway.  She’s on the same bed with him, and I expect to see a lot of her in the HoH room this week.  This should create some drama between her and Jessie.

9:25pm – Jessie and Spencer talking about the potential twist that Julie hinted at.  They’re wondering about the 3 evicted people competing to come back.  Spencer also thought that there will be a pandora’s box that removes the MVP.  He’s close to an MVP twist.  They’ll figure it out soon.


9:40 – Elissa sighting!

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  1. Comments (6)

    I have refreshed your page about 20 times in the last 7 minutes. Can you say BB Addict much? LOL

  2. Comments (6)

    Lol, really? Did Aaryn really say that Jeremy is being discriminated against for being a physical threat!?

  3. Comments (453)

    Viewers power: Choose who to evict!!!

  4. Comments (29)

    Did anyone watch BBAD last night? After they finished their version of “The Talk” Aaryn said she had to make a coffeecake for Howard. After all the racist things she has said………she’s delusional!

  5. Comments (29)

    What’s up with everyone taking turns wearing that bear shirt?

  6. Comments (768)

    1 down, 3 to go…

  7. Comments (6)

    I was wondering the exact same thing about that SHIRT!!!! Wooohooooo BYEBYE Jeremy!! Now time for Elissa to win HOH and my night will be complete 🙂

  8. Comments (682)

    Sweeeeet!!! America is MVP! Gotta wait and see who HOH is first then vote for Aaryn.

  9. Comments (29)

    I can’t blame production for wanting Aaron out before jury. Who wants to pay her for what she is doing? Send her home. If this is how they think they can do it and make a point then cool. I don’t care how it is done just don’t want to see her anymore.

  10. Comments (29)

    Yeah!!!! Judd is HOH! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!!!!!!

  11. Comments (651)

    I split my votes between Aaryn and Amanda. Got to break up the last Showmance but still want Aaryn out of there and to see her face when reality comes knocking on the door.

    Congrats Judd!!

  12. Comments (195)

    I am so disappointed in the reaction from the studio audience tonight. How are these obnoxious bullying people like Jeremy ever going to learn that their behaviour is not acceptable if you keep accepting it. Applauding and laughing with him was unreal. This person berated Elissa from the moment she got into the house for no reason and went after anyone that he decided he did not like. A leopard does not change his spots in a few days! I guess these days its acceptable to be a jerk. Sorry I am just so mad right now. And he was so arrogant saying that it was his size and that if a smaller person would of said the same things he did no one would mind. You are the small one Jeremy so so very small. Glad you are gone!!

  13. Comments (195)

    Silence would of been golden!!!!!

  14. Comments (8)

    I just voted my 10 times for Aryan to be 3rd nominee!!!! And have spread the word…lets get her out BBers!!!!! <3

  15. Comments (195)

    Love the twist with America choosing the MVP but unfortunately Judd is in the group that want to get Howard out. So hopefully America (which in my wildest dreams can not see not happening) puts up Aaryn and Howard wins POV. She has to be gone next week….pleeeeeeeease

    • Comments (768)

      That’s why I’m thinking of voting for Howard as the third nominee. At least he will be assured of competing in the POV and not be back doored. Let me know if you consider my thinking to be faulty…..

  16. Comments (2)

    What about a reality show McCrae goes to Miami? I think it would interesting to see those worlds outside the house come together.

    • Comments (71)

      What a great idea! Amanda is my favorite BB of all times!!! I’d get hooked on a reality show about Amanda and McCrea’s lives after BB!!!! The drama could go either way – they stay together – or their romance falls apart.

      After the interview with the parents I’m wondering if McCrea is more than a pizza delivery person. Pretending to be a pizza delivery person while really being some sort of genius master mind would be an awesome plan for a BB HG … and keeping the truth to himself and not even telling Amanda would be great too. Go McCrea!!!! Amanda’s pretty smart. She may have be right about McCrea.

  17. Comments (651)

    Question? When Spencer was thanking Union Pacific what was everyone’s reaction. He has no clue they are NOT HAPPY with him.

  18. Comments (15)

    I think everyone should vote not just for AAryn but Kaitlin and GM as well incase Aaryn and one other is already up it will be the 3 and not have one person who will put like Amanda or Elissa and they go up.

    • Comments (682)

      Agreed. I did 6 for Aaryn and 4 for GM.

    • Comments (651)

      Amanda needs to go as well. She’s got McCrae wrapped around her little finger and remember how she spoke to Elissa when she wouldn’t go along with not putting up Jeremy? With Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin you know who they are but with Amanda you need to watch your back. That makes her dangerous.

      • Comments (682)

        Yes, but Aaryn needs to go first. So many times the one everyone dislikes gets a free pass and then when nobody is looking they creep up and win the game. This week should be focused on getting the bad seed out.

      • Comments (71)

        and makes Amanda a Great Player! I like Elissa – but I don’t understand what she’s doing most of the time – I know Elissa has a huge fan base established before the BB show – and she seems like a really nice person – but I just don’t get her.

    • Comments (29)

      I’m afraid if we did that then the numbers might not fall in our favor and a group of people against Howard would pull ahead. I really don’t want to see that happen. I voted all ten on Amanda. I got to see her go and it would be awesome to see her reaction when America voted her OUT. Maybe it will be a double eviction and America gets one vote out and the house gets to vote another one out. Wishful thinking but I’m dreaming here. 🙂 I really don’t want to see Howard go. He is playing the game just like Helen is. After seeing her DR feeds I don’t think she has any room to talk about Howard’s game.

    • Anti-ignorance Fan
      Comments (16)

      That’s exactly what I am thinking!

  19. Comments (682)

    What was in the storage room at 7:07 pm Camera 2?

  20. Comments (10)

    love the mvp twist, thats what it should have been from the beginning of the game.. I would have voted the past 2 weeks as Elissa did, however I am not sure I would have put up David the first week, might have put up Howard because he looks to be a physical threat

  21. Comments (10)

    why did GM vote Jeremy out?

    • Comments (1162)

      An attempt to save her butt ……..

      Did you notice GinaMarie’s bland facial expression at the end of the show?
      She’s been yammering away to get Judd out asap and then for him to win
      HOH tonight …….too much!!!!! I loved it!!!!
      : D

  22. Comments (1)

    Amanda really? Why? She is the only female their playing the game and who has brain cells!

  23. Comments (8)

    I really think its a set up by BB production to make it seem like we are picking a nom but if Aryan isn’t put up by Judd they will say she got voted by us regardless if its true or not. They want her out as bad as the rest of America but they cant “kick” her out for running her mouth, first amendment and all…

    • Comments (216)

      They won’t lie about the results. The FCC audits stuff like that and lieing about it can bring massive fines. But they won’t have to–America will nominate Aary[a]n by a landslide, and they know that.

      • Comments (1076)

        really?…i think she will be crowned queen of the red states when she gets out…she represents the all the vermin that stands in the way of progress and elightenment……

      • Comments (20)

        lloydA…you’re an idiot. Nobody would ever endorse her actions. Your post just shows your ignorance.

      • Comments (6)

        Why does everything have to be political….I watch Big Brother so I don’t have to deal with political nonense. As a Republican leaning Independent voter, I can’t stand Aryan and can’t wait until she is evicted…You need to keep your BS political comments to yourself though…

      • Comments (233)

        Very tired of all the ignorant generalizations. Assuming someone from the south is a racist, or that all Republicans are racist, or even that all southerners are Republican racists (lol) is just a different another form of prejudice. “Can’t we all just get along.”

      • Comments (71)

        I agree with you 100% Vic. The same people that condemn aaryn for her racist remarks turn around and say just as bad or even worse comments about republicans, southerners, etc. Double standards –

    • Comments (651)

      The First Amendment only applies to the government. In fact there are many things you CAN’T say on tv hence the *bleeps* and I don’t think CBS wants her gone…the ratings have jumped since she and her Mean Girls started showing who they really were. It’s more profitable to have her stay.

  24. Comments (25)

    Put all 10 votes on Amanda. Can’t stand her. She is a bully herself! Go Elissa and Jessie!

    • Comments (22)

      this is some kind of anti-feminist backlash or something. while i think i’d enjoy a girls night out with jessie and elissa, candace too, if a woman is going to win this season it’s going to be amanda. she’s badass.

      • Comments (1276)

        I don’t get the dislike I keep seeing for Amanda either. She seems to me to be playing the game harder than most of the house and while direct, is by no means not a nice person. She wasn’t too high on my list at first, but she is really growing on me, I could see her making it far, if not to the end.

      • Comments (71)

        I feel the same way. Amanda wasn’t at the top of my list at first but now I’m rooting for her. I think she’s playing a great game and she seems to figure plots and twists out really quick. I enjoy watching her and McCrea talk about the game. Go Amanda.

      • Comments (1276)

        Wow, so much for having an opinion that differs to someone elses.

      • Comments (25)

        How is this anti-feminist backlash? Amanda a feminist? Seriously! She is no better then the mean girls having to attach herself to a man to further her game. If she is as strong as you all say she would not have had to do that.

      • Comments (1276)

        Maybe, she just likes the guy. She might not have gone for him because of needing to attach herself to a guy. Plus, isn’t the point of attaching yourself to a guy, to attach yourself to a “strong” guy?

      • Comments (22)

        i don’t know if she’d consider herself a feminist or not. i’m saying that calling a strong female player a bully is anti-feminist.

    • Comments (53)

      i voted for her to go up too.
      but i respect her game i just don’t like her targets, i like howard and spencer and i think it’s in helen’s and elissa’s best interest to keep them.
      amanda needs to to go hate so say it but she’s scary!

      • Comments (1)

        Have you watched the feeds or seen the videos on YouTube? How could you like Spencer. Every time he refers to girls he uses the C word. Over and Over again.

      • Comments (53)

        I keep hearing it but i really never heard him say none that stuff to tell the truth, and even so i really haven’t seen any houseguess say that he need to go for anything beside his lying.

        But if it is true yes he needs to go but seeing that his game helps the people i like in the game, he can go after amanda aaryn gm kaitlin when he’s least needed not that surport such bahavor.

    • Comments (1162)

      IF you can’t stand Amanda, keep Kaitlin around & “Watch What Happens!”
      When compared to Amanda’s non-stop opinionated yammering, Kaitlin is the real BULLY and THREAT!!!

      Your favorite, Jessie, is Spot On in wanting Kaitlin OUT, now!!!

  25. Comments (2)

    I thought the producers wanted Aaryn out so badly that they put her on the top row for the MVP eviction… and then I realized it was alphabetical order.

    • Comments (1)

      I voted 6 times for Aaryn for 4 for Gina Marie! Aaryn has no clue what is waiting for her when she leaves there! She is delusional to think she comes off looking good at all!

  26. Comments (126)

    Just my opinion but I think production saw that Rachel had a network of voters for Elissa to flood her for MVP, can’t blame Rachel, but if you were going to do an MVP twist, it should of been done without a relative in the house, the odds were very heavy for her sister to always win.

    All the other votes scattered over the other 15 guest.

    So they stop the mistake with a better twist

  27. Comments (11)

    Does anyone have the numbers to text for each houseguest? I only know that Aaryn’s number is 1. I want to vote for GM too.

  28. Comments (22)

    i’m a bartender and i usually work thursday nights until 4am eastern time. tonight i’m home at a decent hour for the first time this summer; ran home to make midnight! just googled to find out after dark airs at 1am thursdays. good information? never knew.

  29. Comments (53)

    hate it or not but my ten votes are going to amanda. why? maybe it will raise

    some of the house guess eyebrows, and make them wonder if she a “shady f*#k”.

  30. Comments (6)

    Obviously this is the PR firm hired by Aaryn’s mother. They have their work cut out for them. I hope they fail miserably!

    • Comments (1162)

      “Adorable Aaryn” ????

      Well, I suppose she might be considered that to individuals as REPULSIVE AS AARYN!!!!

    • Comments (71)

      I’m wondering if the PR will work the comments in the BB blogs? That would be interesting.

      • Comments (1162)

        CLUE –
        Watch for adjectives describing Repulsive Aaryn as – ” adorable, cuddly,
        principled, winsome, respectable, sweet, delightful, etc..”

      • Comments (651)

        Do forget they she’s young and was just joking…

      • Comments (1162)


        Who are you kidding?
        The tone of her voice, her facial expression and her
        body stance and, of course, her vicious words were………. ANYTHING BUT JOKING!!!

      • Comments (71)

        On the other blogs I’m seeing that the majority of the comments are made against Amanda. Some of the comments seem a little over the top. I’m wondering if aaryn’s PR is infiltrating the blogs and making comments that make Amanda look like bad or are posting negative Amanda comments in order to take the focus off aaryn? Or if Elissa’s huge pre-show fan base is infiltrating the blogs with negative Amanda comments because they’re worried Amanda will surpass Elissa (no offense to Elissa – she seems like a nice person but I personally don’t understand Elissa’s game).

  31. Comments (6)

    i dont think that they want aaryn gone because they could kick her off because of the comments she made. thats not the issue i mean come on now lets rewind to a few seasons ago when they kicked chima off for a petty reason. i think that they got tired of seeing elissa win mvp like the rest of us. i like elissa and all i hope she wins but let some one else win it for a change.

    • Comments (53)

      i’m with you and i loved chima the drama queen too, but come she threw her mic in the pool.

      “ops i mean it slipped lol” and her actions really hurt her alliance, even though i would most likely do the same if they made me pretend to be hoh all week and then sent my best allie home.

      (no wonder they switch to the diamond pov just saying)

      cup da ta worst power ever super cheat code rite next to the elissa vote i mean mvp lol.

  32. Comments (453)

    what do you think of TVGN airing the weeks episodes on Friday nights, starting tomorrow night?

  33. Comments (96)

    Judd should put up Kaitlin and GM. Then before the veto comp, announce to the house America has picked aaryn as the third nominee, and watch her cry about it. Judd wins veto and Aaryn is gone.
    However, the feeds are showing that Amsnda is heavily persuading Judd to back door Howard……grrrr!!

    • Comments (453)

      Judd is getting friendly with Aaryn so don’t think he will be putting her up on his watch. She of course is just playing him because he is the only male that would really talk with her when she had no one to talk to.

      • Comments (1276)

        He might just be playing nice. He did flat out call her and GM “trashy” when they were teaming up on Jessie the night of the bed flipping.

  34. Comments (19)

    I think they’re doing Americas choice for MVP so we can vote Aaryn out. CBS seems disgusted even though maybe some people are tuning in to see her self-imploding. More people stopped watching cos of her racist remarks so I’m sure they want her gone. I wanna keep Amanda here! She was annoying at first but she’s super smart.

    • Comments (71)

      I felt the same way about Amanda at the beginning of the show but now she’s my favorite Big Brother player ever. She’s very very funny – very quick with benign funny come backs – she shows genuine compassion (an example is when she felt bad for taking GM’s shrine ornaments & giving them back to her), vulnerable (she has expressed some personal worries) – her romance with McCrea is awesome. She is very pretty – and looked especially beautiful on Thursday’s show – She looks real – except for her girls. She has a natural beauty – doesn’t over do the makeup – if she wears any at all. Go Amanda!

    • Comments (13)

      If her remarks were so bad they would pull her out instead of getting her kicked out

  35. Comments (6)

    10 for Amanda. She is bossy and after my favorites (Elissa, Candice, Howard). I like McCrae too and would like to see him play without the puppet strings lol

  36. Comments (1)

    I went to to cast my votes and I seen a Spoiler Alert saying this vote contains a spoiler about the most recent evicted houseguest…. Has anyone else seen it? I wonder what it means.. I just hope that doesn’t involve Jeremy having a chance to come back…

    • Comments (233)

      That just means that Jeremy is not in the list of who you can vote to evict next week. That’s considered a “spoiler” since it tells you he was evicted.

  37. Comments (2)

    Go Judd!

    I have no idea why but people are voting for Amanda to go?! Come on… She’s one pf the only girls not crying over their boy toy leaving the house and is actually playing a real game.

    • Comments (1276)


    • Comments (18)

      I totally agree. People are not liking Amanda for her “gameplay”? Really people? She’s the only one PLAYIING THE GAME! Of course she’s going after Howard and Spencer, they are big strong guys. She’s smart to do this. She has no idea how much America hates Aaryn (she has an idea but doesn’t know what is going on out here) so she probably is looking at Howard (like any good player) and wanting him out because he’s a great social player and physically strong. Don’t hate on Amanda because she’s actually playing the game. Her and McCrae are the only ones who actually talk game. She knows Aaryn will get hers and will gun after her soon but she’s in the fishbowl and analyzing everything in there so it makes sense to her to get Howard out first. Thank you Amanda for making this season a good one! And she’s actually got a personality and the only one who has made me laugh in her diary room sessons. I hope Aaryn goes this week but don’t hate on her for playing the actual BB game. We are all wrapped up in the BS pouring out of Aaryn’s/Gm/Spencer’s mouth that we forgot what this game is about, watching each person’s stragedy unfold and seeing how the cards should fall. Don’t forget why we watch people!

      • Comments (71)

        I agree with you 100%. I enjoy watching Amanda play the game. She is so funny in the DR and I enjoying seeing her DR sessions. She tells it like it is. She seems real and genuine – flaws and all!!! Go Amanda!

      • Comments (651)

        Amanda blew her “gameplay” when she went off on Elissa because she wanted Howard put up and Elissa didn’t want to do it. Combine that peak at her dark side with the showmance where she is the power and that makes her dangerous. I think the other players now see this. They could break up the showmance by getting rid of McCrae but he’s a follower so that would only anger Amanda more.
        Nope. She’s got to go or they better not turn their back on her because she’s just waiting…

      • Comments (18)

        I agree. If the other players are smart like she is, they should be gunning after her! Break up the last strong showmance (although I hear Candice/Howard are one now too???)…

      • Comments (1276)

        I didn’t like the way she talked to Elissa either. But I also haven’t gone back and watched the entire conversation, I only saw the CBS version. That being said, I think she is still annoyed that Howard didn’t go up last time (which I didn’t think Elissa should have fealt pressured to do either) and it just came out to abbrasive.
        That being said, she’s really been one of the ones playing the game since she got there.

    • Comments (71)

      Go Amanda!!! Go McCrea!!! Go Judd!!! Go Howard!!! Go Andy!!! Go Jessie!!!

    • Comments (651)

      Her boy toy is still there so nothing to cry about. But she has to go. they are the last showmance and she is the power. We saw how she tried to bully Elissa into putting up Howard and got really mad when Elissa said she didn’t want to. Not good game play there. Showed that with the Mean Girls you know what you’re up against but with Amanda you can’t turn your back on her. Smart move is to get her out now then take out the Mean Girls and Spencer.

  38. Comments (22)


  39. Comments (4)

    Get the “cute” bitch out!

  40. Comments (13)

    10 votes for Elissa

  41. Comments (118)

    GM voting for Jeremy was surprising but as someone already noted she must have done so to try and save herself. I’m a lifelong Staten Islander and my wife also and we laugh at GM’s Brooklyn accent or where ever she came from before Staten Island, we don’t sound like her! No? Fuggedabout it! I’m also happy we get to vote for the 3rd person to be put on the block,
    Aaryn needs to go next PLEASE, enough already of that wretch. Will Mom have a private jet waiting for you so you get home in one piece? Wasn’t Helen too exuberant after Judd won HOH? I like Amanda and I think she’ll go far, yes she’s strong and tough but I feel she’s also a cooperative smart player but will get more dangerous as time goes on.

  42. Comments (1162)

    Watching Jessie’s reaction to Judd’s HOH win was fun……
    She was thrilled but at the same time she
    was careful not to show any “My Guy Possessiveness.”

    It appears, she and Judd have a nice friendship which must
    be a real threat for the Mean Girls.

    Love it!!!!

  43. Comments (22)

    I love the game Amanda is playing and home she wins. Yeah she is a bit bossy, but at least she is playing the game. She talks to everyone and I personally think she is coming off as bossy because she knows that she has three bigger targets to focus on because it could shift in her direction. What a perfect time to do a little pushing and see what you can get folks to do before jury. As for all these House Guests who complain about doing the “dirty work”, they don’t need to worry about that till Jury time. Then you want to keep your hands clean. I think Amanda by far is playing the best game and seems to be working the house to get there.

    • Comments (71)

      I agree with you too Joey. Amanda is playing a great game. I enjoy her bossiness. She’s up against three mean girls and Amanda needs to use her bossiness on them (the 3 mean girls) because they don’t understand any other way. Amanda is a smart player. Go Amanda.

  44. Comments (1162)

    What’s Up With ……
    Judd seeming to be on Aaryn’s side? Is he faking her?

    At times, it appears he really wants GinaMarie to go but he is, also, aware of Kaitlin’s
    superiority at challenges and is concerned about her possibly winning them.

    IMO, he should be targeting Kaitlin. She is a real threat.

  45. Comments (118)

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if they could leave Aaryn in the game until the final 2 just to give her a miserable summer and the other player with her the no brainer win?

  46. Comments (118)

    Wait then she’d get 100k NFW bad idea

    • Comments (1276)

      plus, if they keep her long enough to get to jury she makes at least a grand a week (I think that’s what I heard) she surely doesn’t deserve to a paid vacation at some super nice beach house.

  47. Comments (233)

    Great show but I kept hoping they’d switch and get Aaryn out. She must go next!

  48. Comments (1162)


    Two Finalists – Jessie and Judd

    VOTED OUT OF THE GAME – Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie & Spencer

    *****Subject to change – lol

  49. Comments (137)

    Does anybody know why Spencer thanked Dave Grohl in his speech?

  50. Comments (77)

    I don’t look at Amanda as being so bossy. She just tells it like she sees it. She is not someone that is lead, she is a leader. She just doesn’t sit there and go along with what everyone wants when she knows it is not best for her game. She just tries to let others know what she feels they are not seeing. (like another perspective) She also has a louder tone when she talks. I think this is why she comes across bossy to people. If she were truly bossy we would not have seen the witty and sensitive side of her.
    I don’t like Aaryn playing up to Judd. I am afraid this could come between the relationship of Judd and Jessie. The two of them seem to have a good solid friendship. I would hate to see Aaryn get jealous over their friendship and convince Judd to put up Jessie.
    Aaryn needs to go home. Back to people who like and love her. Her place is definately not here with us. It seems we all detest her.

  51. Comments (1)

    Did anyone else notice the look Judd gave Aaryn when Aaryn commented that she should be rewarded for
    “being so nice” when it’s not in her nature? I rewound and replayed that over and over to make sure I heard

  52. Comments (71)

    Expect the unexpected: (twist): What if McCrea is really some sort of genius mastermind? What if coming into the game and claiming he’s a pizza delivery person is not true and part of a twist in the game? In fairness, there’s nothing wrong with being a pizza delivery person if that’s what one wants to be. I think McCrea is very smart for hooking up with Amanda (and vise-versa) and I think that McCrea deliberately making it look like Amanda is controlling him is also a genius way to play. I think McCrea is calling the shots in their game play and making it look as if Amanda’s in control. (I think Amanda even mentioned that McCrea made all the decisions during one of the live feeds (???to Andy??)). The odds are 50/50.

    One of the comments that got me thinking about McCrea being more than a pizza delivery person is because in one of the live feeds McCrea was telling Amanda something about how he and his group of friends outside the BB house dress up when they go gambling (or something like that–maybe he said when they go to Las Vegas). He quickly added that he doesn’t like to gamble – but he did made it sound as if he goes on gambling trips frequently. I would think that if his only source of income is from delivering pizzas, then he wouldn’t be able to afford gambling trips? But then again, maybe he makes lots of tips when delivering pizza or he has some other source of income. Just wondering and probably way off base. He’s probably a very happy pizza delivery person.

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    Did any one else hear Jeremy thank his “moms” in his exit interview? Pretty cool if so, but I haven’t heard any talk of it which surprises me.

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