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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction And Resurrection Thread

Will Judd be bringing his bear shirt back?
Will Judd be bringing his bear shirt back?

We have waited 63 days for something exciting to happen, and while we have had a few fun nights (especially fight night), this season has mostly been a snoozer. Nobody likes to hear it, but Amanda has a BostonRob-like grip on the house at the moment and it’s been a fairly slow season because of it.  Big personalities like Jeremy barely had time for a cup of coffee in the house, and when big moves could be made, they weren’t.

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Tonight could change all of that as one of the four current jury members will be competing to re-enter the house and get back to following Amanda’s lead… err, I mean playing Big Brother.   Hopefully Julie Chen has something up her sleeve for protection because there is about a 98% chance whoever comes back in will be on the block as early as tomorrow.  Giving them HoH would be a fun twist, but giving them a week immunity may be nice as well, just so they can stir things up a bit.   If they’re not protected tonight, well this twist will be a dud.

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If you want to see how the house reacts to the jury member coming back, sign up to the live feeds right hereI haven’t been pushing the feeds much because they’ve been pretty dull to watch, but I have a feeling tonight should be a good one.

Now on to the updates!


6:00pm – Big Brother is on!   Julie Chen announces the juror returning, but now they’re going to show some highlights of the week for a bit.

6:05pm – Julie brings up the juror part again, but resumes highlights.

6:15pm – Highlights done and we’re off to commercials.  They only played a brief clip of the Amanda/Elissa argument.

6:18pm – We’re back, and Julie shows the house highlights of the havenot competition.  It was a pretty funny comp, but the way Andy/Spencer re-told it to each other was even better.  Andy joked they should have slapped Aaryn and asked if she found the slap machine (complete joke – relax).

6:21pm – Voting time:

Amanda – Helen
Andy – Helen
Elissa – Spencer
GinaMarie – Helen
McCrae – Helen

Helen has been evicted 4-1

6:30pm – Helenis now talking to Julie.  Helen is giving the audience a motivational speech about taking players out sooner.  I wonder if Helen gives advice to everyone she speaks to.

6:35pm – After a long talk by Helen, Julie finally tells her that she has a chance to get back into the house.  Helen takes it very well, bounces around and asks for food (she’s been a have-not).

6:40pm – Julie shows clips from the jury house.  Finally, I love these clips

6:45pm – After the commercial break, we’ll find out who gets to go back in.  Julie tells the house about the juror twist.  The jurors enter the house, share hugs, Amanda is quite shocked, then Helen races to the bathroom.  Everyone is heading outside for the competition and then HoH competition.  I assume it’s going to be endurance

6:55pm – Weird endurance/skill competition.  Everyone is on the wall, and it is moving around a little bit.  They’re being sprayed with water during it.  The reason it’s not fully endurance is they just have to catch 10 balls thrown at them to win.  It’s unknown how often the balls will be thrown, but Jessie caught the first one.

I am going to create a new thread to follow the endurance challenge.

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  1. Comments (111)

    Judd’s bringing bear shirt back, yeah. Those other contestants kiss Amanda’s ass. Yeah. TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE. (Does anyone get it or..??)

  2. Comments (682)

    Hope we aren’t disappointed again.

  3. Comments (23)

    Me,too! This has been “The Season of Disappointments”! What gets me is how the houseguests think they are being portrayed to America!

  4. Comments (8)

    The worst thing is when only hateful people are left in the big brother house… I hate Amanda, hate McCrae, hate Andy, hate Spencer, hate Aaryin, hate GM… for God sake…

  5. Comments (1092)

    Oh man. Andy was almost crying during Helen’s keep me in the house speach. And then he is sniffling away when he casts his vote !

  6. Comments (88)

    Please not Judd. I don’t think it should be automatic head of household that might be viewed as an unfair advantage . They are already being let back in maybe they should make it the head of household comp

  7. Comments (1)

    Hopefully Helen comes back in the game! that will definately make things a bit interesting. Amanda wouldnt be sitting so comfortable then! Andy would crap his pants! I think regardless of who comes back should have one week immunity to make it a little fair for them. but for rating purposes Helen needs to come back. Judd coming back would just be an hey we missed you and were sorry party Candace would be humiliated all over again and Jessie would be pointless. Helen will be coming back for blood and I would love to see the house shaken up. Lets get this game going!!

  8. Comments (2)

    I think it would be great if the juror that comes back in is also the HOH for the week!

  9. Comments (9)

    Cant wait till they evict Botox lips and send her back home to her fake

  10. Comments (46)

    Id like anyone to go back but candice
    GO JUDD!!!!!

  11. Comments (682)

    Go Judd! Win HOH and get Amanda OUT!

  12. Comments (21)

    Come back Judd, his eviction was a complete betrayal, and he is gonna come back for blood!! Go Judd!

  13. Comments (1)

    Anybody get the live feed on cbs that can give me a update on who is back and who won HOH?

  14. Comments (166)

    Really CBS..we have been waiting & hoping all week for this & now we have to WAIT!! UGH!! Some of the HG are getting the water in the face the whole time, but not Meanmanda how convenient for her, the breaks just keep coming!!! I can’t stand her!!!!

  15. Comments (30)

    Helen coming back in would be the best overall. Hopefully either her or Elyssa will win Hoh.

  16. Comments (2)

    Yea Elissa. Hopefully she will put up Amanda and McCrae

  17. Comments (228)

    I would of like to have seen Amanda and Aaryn’s face when Elissa won HOH…Priceless…Hope she puts up McPussy and Amanda….I think she will work w/Aaryn. I know she has it in for Aaryn..Alot of ass-kissing going to happen until Sunday…

  18. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    Hopefully good bye Amanda this week,put McCrae up too, Tell Andy if he wins POV and uses it then he is on the block and going home, it is time to bitch slap the professor.

  19. Comments (339)

    Yes, I mentioned originally that this Amanda/McCrae alliance mirrors the Boston Rob/Amber alliance of survivor. In the at one, too, people were too stupid to break apart Boston Rob and Amber, an obvious alliance that was never going to split up. No one broke them up — “they” won. Because of Helen’s stupid gameplay, it probably will happen again. UNLESS, Judd does what he says in jury house — go after Helen (out) and Amanda! Well, don’t let me down Judd. You and Elissa need to put up McCrae and Amanda. I know Elissa has been mostly a follower of Helen, but she has had the brains, honestly, to do the right moves. She wanted to keep Candice and Howard (Helen didn’t) and Judd (Helen didn’t), and would have gone after Aaryn and Amanda. Out of loyalty to Helen, she listened to dummy Helen. NOW, maybe she and Judd can make the RIGHT moves finally!

  20. Comments (1)

    West Coasters obviously saw a different show than we did… they showed highlights of the VETO competition… didn’t see any Amanda/Elissa argumnent highlights at ALL… but did see Helen’s realization that ANDY was not truly on her side…

    I think the HOH competiton/juror reentry should have been a fastpaced game… I really HOPE that Elissa puts up Amanda AND McCrea… and then uses either ANDY or Aaryn as the possible replacement… THAT would be FABULOUS…

  21. Comments (1)

    Amanda/McCrea better enjoy their fake wedding, I can’t see Amanda’s family approving McCrae marrying their little Jewish princess…On the other hand they deserve each other…. spoiled brat.

  22. Comments (5)

    I am so sick of all the swearing by the HG this season. These people are nothing but trash. Amanda should be with Spencer not McCrae, they both talk the same. Finally a HG with some guts to put up the 3am group. Hopefully Amanda gets backdoored. If she wins because she has friends in the DR ( her words) than this will be the last BB I will watch and I have watched from the beginning. I even have my grandkids hooked. WHEN IS SURVIVOR STARTING…………………

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