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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Thread

August 15, 2013 | 245 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans
You'll be missed, Jessie!

You’ll be missed, Jessie!

This thread is going up a bit early because I did my prediction thread hours ago and I feel the need for another thread.   Tonight could be another live endurance challenge for HoH, and if that’s the case, I will create a new post for that so you can track the updates.  The reason I think it may be is because they’ve been on indoor lockdown for awhile now, and now would be a pretty good time to have one.  To be fair, I said that about 3 weeks ago and they had some stupid trivia thing or another type of game.

If it is live endurance, you can follow along by watching the feeds, but we’ll worry about that later.

First, it’s poll time…  (note: I excluded Jessie because it’s nearly certain she’ll be voted out tonight)

[polldaddy poll=7324869]

Also, follow me on twitter or follow me on facebook depending on what you prefer.


Live Updates:
(All times EST)

9:00pm – Here we go!  Some of you may be watching football because of CBS.  If so, keep checking back because I will update this throughout the show.

9:05pm – They’re showing highlights of this past week.  It will be focused on the Jessie meltdown and probably highlight the Aaryn/GinaMarie tiff.

9:10pm – Still highlighting the Jessie/Helen fight from this week.  Nothing new yet

9:15pm – We head to commercial break and Julie hints that those in the jury may not be there long.  Let’s go Judd!

9:20pm – We’re back and still highlighting Hurricane Jessie, and now the clips of GinaMarie/Aaryn fight

9:25pm – Jessie absolutely loved the Aaryn/GinaMarie fight. She had a huge grin that night.  Too bad that was her only victory.   Finally, time to talk to houseguests…

— Breaking News: Julie Chen actually talked to Aaryn about the week.  She’s been stiffing her all season.

— Julie asks Helen about a twitter question she received.  “When will the house start making big moves?”

9:30pm – Eviction time, votes shortly….

Aaryn – Jessie
Amanda – Jessie
Elissa – Jessie
GinaMarie – Jessie
Helen – Jessie
McCrae – Jessie

Jessie is evicted by a unanimous vote, 6-0

9:35pm – After a commercial break, Julie informs Jessie that she’s evicted.

9:45pm – Julie chatted with Jessie for a little bit, she saw good-bye messages, and gave the hint that she’s coming back.  We’re waiting for the HoH competition now.

9:50pm – HoH competition time!  It’s the knockout competition.  Will give you results shortly

Helen vs GM = Helen out
Spencer vs Elissa = Elissa out
McCrae vs GM = GM out
Spencer vs Aaryn = Spencer out
McCrae vs Amanda = McCrae out
Amanda vs Aaryn = Amanda out

Aaryn is the new HoH!

10:00pm – Julie doesn’t tell the house that someone will be coming back, but she confirmed it to us.  The first 4 jury members will have a chance to return.  I’m going to guess it will be a competition and not America’s vote because she said it will happen next week.


Another note, the conspiracy theory about BB rigging the show for Amanda to win is a joke, right?  If the show was favoring Amanda, they wouldn’t have edited in some of her nasty comments to make the CBS episodes. I think production is terrified of Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Amanda winning at this point.  They don’t want another black eye like Adam Jasinski.

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