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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Thread

You'll be missed, Jessie!
You’ll be missed, Jessie!

This thread is going up a bit early because I did my prediction thread hours ago and I feel the need for another thread.   Tonight could be another live endurance challenge for HoH, and if that’s the case, I will create a new post for that so you can track the updates.  The reason I think it may be is because they’ve been on indoor lockdown for awhile now, and now would be a pretty good time to have one.  To be fair, I said that about 3 weeks ago and they had some stupid trivia thing or another type of game.

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If it is live endurance, you can follow along by watching the feeds, but we’ll worry about that later.

First, it’s poll time…  (note: I excluded Jessie because it’s nearly certain she’ll be voted out tonight)

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Live Updates:
(All times EST)

9:00pm – Here we go!  Some of you may be watching football because of CBS.  If so, keep checking back because I will update this throughout the show.

9:05pm – They’re showing highlights of this past week.  It will be focused on the Jessie meltdown and probably highlight the Aaryn/GinaMarie tiff.

9:10pm – Still highlighting the Jessie/Helen fight from this week.  Nothing new yet

9:15pm – We head to commercial break and Julie hints that those in the jury may not be there long.  Let’s go Judd!

9:20pm – We’re back and still highlighting Hurricane Jessie, and now the clips of GinaMarie/Aaryn fight

9:25pm – Jessie absolutely loved the Aaryn/GinaMarie fight. She had a huge grin that night.  Too bad that was her only victory.   Finally, time to talk to houseguests…

— Breaking News: Julie Chen actually talked to Aaryn about the week.  She’s been stiffing her all season.

— Julie asks Helen about a twitter question she received.  “When will the house start making big moves?”

9:30pm – Eviction time, votes shortly….

Aaryn – Jessie
Amanda – Jessie
Elissa – Jessie
GinaMarie – Jessie
Helen – Jessie
McCrae – Jessie

Jessie is evicted by a unanimous vote, 6-0

9:35pm – After a commercial break, Julie informs Jessie that she’s evicted.

9:45pm – Julie chatted with Jessie for a little bit, she saw good-bye messages, and gave the hint that she’s coming back.  We’re waiting for the HoH competition now.

9:50pm – HoH competition time!  It’s the knockout competition.  Will give you results shortly

Helen vs GM = Helen out
Spencer vs Elissa = Elissa out
McCrae vs GM = GM out
Spencer vs Aaryn = Spencer out
McCrae vs Amanda = McCrae out
Amanda vs Aaryn = Amanda out

Aaryn is the new HoH!

10:00pm – Julie doesn’t tell the house that someone will be coming back, but she confirmed it to us.  The first 4 jury members will have a chance to return.  I’m going to guess it will be a competition and not America’s vote because she said it will happen next week.


Another note, the conspiracy theory about BB rigging the show for Amanda to win is a joke, right?  If the show was favoring Amanda, they wouldn’t have edited in some of her nasty comments to make the CBS episodes. I think production is terrified of Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Amanda winning at this point.  They don’t want another black eye like Adam Jasinski.

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  1. Comments (46)

    Jessie u got my vote for americas favorite

  2. Comments (24)

    i can’t watch the live eviction cuz of sports grrrrr

  3. Comments (19)

    I hope Elissa wins because I think she’s the only one willing to finally make a move in the game. Hopefully she will win and Amanda/McCrae will be the next nominees.

  4. Comments (3)

    Elissa or Spence need to win 2 nite Helen is a fool if no move is made this week you can hand the money to MCray

  5. Comments (82)

    Just finally was able to watch Wed nights episode. Sooo many of you can hate on Amanda all you want, but what a MASTERMIND!!! She is playing an amazing game. From deciding early on that Elissa had value to keep in the house for her MVP powers while everyone wanted to get rid of Elissa. Amanda has built strong alliances with so many different people that obviously have her back to a huge degree. She has won 0 competitions but is winning the game with her social play and amazing gameplay. And now what???? Oh heck yes, she schemes to have Andy/McCrae make a fake alliance with Helen to prevent them all being put up against each other….damn this girl is good. Love her comment at the end too, that Helen will go next…or maybe Spencer….whoever she feels like. Haha. You can all hate on her, and I think its sexist as it gets. But when Dr Will played an evil game, or Evil Dick did everyone LOVED It and they are “all time great players”. But a girl is doing it and she is just plain evil. Come on people, recognize that Amanda is by far the best player in this house and at this point deserves the money. Go Amanda, keep it rolling!

    • Comments (82)

      What is to dislike about this?? Its totally true. Who in your opinion is playing a better game in the house? Seriously? Stop judging her for whatever…base it on gameplay in the Big Brother house. Not your opinions about what you think or don’t think she is. And is she being a little cutthroat, or fake, or two timing people etc? YES!!!! Its Big Brother people! If you want a house full of people being all sweet and nice to each other you’re watching the wrong show!!

      • Comments (166)

        How do you say its gameplay & to stop judging her…really, so I guess if it was your gay brother, or your friend who is Korean or African American, or if you are adopted then I’m guessing you wouldn’t give a damn, right..anything they say like that is OK.. IT’S NOT OK….THATS NOT THE GAME!!!!!!!

      • Comments (35)

        people are so thin skinned now a days it’s ridiculous

      • Comments (82)

        No use trying to argue with the whiners. You are right, way too thin skinned. And to judge these people on things said in that house are ridiculous. I never judge anyone until I meet them, then form my own opinion. If I were to hangout with Amanda (which I would LOVE to do), and she spewed racist comments on a daily or weekly basis, then yeah I’d decide shes not too cool and move on. But I find it HIGHLY doubtful thats the case, as she is from very populated areas with diverse populations (New York/Florida), so I would bet a load of cash that she has plenty of friends of different races and that are gay or lesbian. Those people know her, realize she is just playing around in most cases and are laughing at all of the haters out there that THINK they know her. Keep up the Masterful Game play Amanda!! (Haters can now click dislike) hahaha

      • Comments (18)

        Her comments about autistic people just show her ignorance.

      • Comments (2)

        I agree! She was not “joking” around when she said that Elissa sounded like she had some sort of autism….she was being a very nasty person thinking she was saying things about Elissa to one or two people in the house (I guess “forgetting her every move was being recorded). I did not find it amusing at all. In fact, I found it disgusting along with all the other racist, homophobic, rude, and derogatory things she has said in the house….She is definitely NOT a good person and should not win this game. I really wish someone deserving would win, and someone that needs the money would be nice to see!

      • Comments (82)

        Annette, you have never said anything racist, sexist, rude, homophobic in your life? Kudos to you!! I bet if we watched your life for 60 days straight we could come up with ALL kinds of wonderful things about you…..

      • Comments (453)

        Will probably get hated for this but not a problem! The difference between Annette and Amanda is Annette is not on national tv, where children, and parents of children who are autistic or are mentally challenged watch and are slammed with the disgusting remarks that Amanda spews. Then we have the death threats, bodily harm threats,and racial remarks this degenerate spews on a daily basis on national tv. If she spews this garbage on tv she does it in real life which shows her to be at the bottom of the garbage heap of degenerates in this country!

      • Comments (1276)

        I don’t think most people have denide that Amanda is playing a good game. And yes, out of the HG’s left, she is one of the strongest players, even without winning anything. It’s her vile mouth, the constant threats and violent day dreams she’s spews that people take offenise to.
        She’s proven time and time again how incredibly hateful. As far as being from well populated areas, she’s GM and she’s said “N”insurance. They have said such racist comments it hard to watch. It’s gotten hard to want to keep up.
        I’m a HUGE BB fan, and have been for years. I may not want someone with a ruthless game to win, but in the end, they have often deserved to. Amanda, doesn’t deserve to get the big bucks in the end. But no-one, no matter what they say should have death threats said to them or their family, just as she shouldn’t wish it on others.

      • Comments (166)

        Thank You Peggi, I love blogging with everyone on here, its soo fun for all of us who absolutely love this game..when someone like Meanmanda is on there hurting & hating soo many people, & someone like myself stands up & doesn’t agree with her bullying, racist ways, then people like Kurtis who obviously think thats ok what meanmanda is doing, try to come after me…sorry Kurtis you might live YOUR life like that, but I don’t!!

      • Comments (79)

        Amanda takes it up da ass in hell.

      • Comments (1437)

        It’s one thing to “play the game” with it’s backstabbing and lying, but the girl is just plain gross. Yes, kudos to her for bullying her way to the top in a house full of scared lemmings.
        Personally, I think she is poor excuse for a human being. She makes fun of minorities, People w/ Autism, and anyone else she thinks she can offend. She talks graphically about bodily functions, brags that she like to have sex on her period, and last night she sat and picked zits and then went upstairs and ate chips(licking every finger after each bite) and then sticking her hands back in the bag. Half way thru the bag she folded it back up and put it in the HOH food box.
        Hooray for Amanda’s gameplay!! But as a human being she really sucks…

      • Comments (357)

        Amen Jannie, I just can’t swallow the fact that Amanda may win. What an AWFUL to message to send out to future BB contestants. If that happens, next years BB is going to be undesirable to watch to say the least.

      • Terri Kunkemoeller
        Comments (1)

        There is no one left in the house who I would really like to see win. Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Amanda are nothing but racist. Andy is a weasel. Helen is a phoney, Ellisa hasn’t done anything. I was really hoping Spencer would win so he could break up Amanda and McCray. This season sucks.

    • Comments (453)

      game play is good, spewing death threats, racial remarks, wishing bodily harm on others is not good game play, she is a very sick person to make all of the remarks she has made and laughed at herself for saying it and thinking none of it is wrong. We aren’t thinskinned, we don’t like vile remarks.

    • Comments (6)

      I think the mastermind is McCrae, not Amanda. Amanda just makes everyone think she is because she talks sooo much! If you sit back and watch, McCrae is the one with the idea, Amanda just twists it and next thing you know Amanda has a new idea! In any other season, I think Amanda wouldn’t have been called evil and would have gotten the same credit as Dr. Will or Evil Dick, but this year with the nasty houseguests that we have, no matter who was ruling the game, even if it was McCrae and was saying some of the crazy shit that has been said, he too would be called evil/horrible/racist. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with Amanda being a female, just that she is in a house full of nasty people. Her racist/rude comments aside, she has been playing a decent game, but I think McCrae is still a step ahead.

      • Comments (50)

        I don’t think McCrae is a “mastermind”, but he does know the game really well. Plus, his social game blows Amanda’s out of the water. If they went to final 2, he would probably win unanimously. He is also really aware of what is going on in the game and not full of himself like Amanda is. She can’t even fathom that America would vote to put her on the block.

      • Comments (624)

        McCrea is a scab eating slob, not a mastermind! I hope a non 3AM wins the POV so they can put up his bossy bed buddy and good riddance. EWW that onion crotch remark is so freaking disgusting….I could only imagine what the HOH bed smells like after they’ve been scrogging in it. Fumigate the sheets! Better yet, incinerate them!

    • Comments (10)

      She’s not a mastermind; the rest of the house is just dumb. How can Helen believe that Mccrae is going to turn his back on Amanda for her? Amanda preys on people’s weaknesses and takes advantage; this would be good game play if she didn’t act like a bigoted jerk.

    • Comments (111)

      I have to say, in Kurtis’ offense he based his opinion off of GAMEPLAY. I also agree with Kurtis’ comment on cameras being on you NONSTOP 24/7. Everyone here has 99.9% sure said a nasty comment in their life.

      • Comments (224)

        I don’t know any of the contestants, so it very well may be that they are indeed racist. But, just because someone makes racist comments during a fight doesn’t neccessarily mean they believe it. People say hurtful things when they are angry. Sometimes they believe the things they say in anger, but sometimes they don’t.
        I also think it’s a bit hypocritical to hate someone for having different opinions than you do. If they are racist, well, so what? You don’t have to agree with them, you don’t have to vote for them. But to hate them for it and wish harm on them? Isn’t that kind of the same thing that they’re doing?

    • Comments (41)

      I’ve appreciated Amanda’s game play, her smarts, and her sense of humor since Day One on BB. That doesn’t mean I think she’s an angel or that I don’t shudder some when I hear her say something disgusting or racist. But I’ll tell you something right now, and that is that I’ve READ many a disgusting thing right here on this blog. So many of you have written such horrible things, showing just how immature you are. The attacks you’ve made on Amanda are just as vile as the things she’s said – things which you are complaining about. And you’ve attacked me, as well, just because I wrote that she’s the best player this season and, for that, I hope she wins. “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.”

      • Comments (6)

        i dont think amanda should win because she really hasnt done anything that deserves the half a million dollars. if anything i think aaryn should win because out of everyone in the house she had won the most competitions and she is playing a goood game by aligning herself with helen amanda and macrea

      • Comments (624)

        All Amanda has done is taint up every bed in the house!

      • Comments (3)

        I’m casting!!!!!!

    • Comments (1288)

      Take a look at the poll results from this thread over who was wanted to win HoH, apparently there is a plurality of Brenchel army drones around hence the thumbsdown for anything that consists of reason and logic.

      The consequences of all bad behavior will come after the game ends, until then deal with it. Aaryan ahs destroyed her outside life as has GM. If anything, this will create a dialogue about these issues and that is always a good thing. Trying to cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist is asinine and will do more to prolong it than anything said in the BB house.

      The members of 3AM have been playing hard and making big moves for their game since the beginning. Amanda is doing great at the spider-queen manipulator but the other members also deserve credit. Andy has been very skillful at controlling the flow of information. McCrae has demonstrated an understanding of strategy and critical thinking as well as balancing Amanda’s ego-centrism. Aaryan has held her end up by becoming the competition beast of the season, Jeremy who?

    • Comments (10)

      People are hating on Amanda because of her racist remarks and she’s annoying. Also there are rumours going around that she was pre-chosen to win big brother and people are also upset about that. Only live feeders know about the racist remarks, but EVERYONE knows how annoying Amanda is and how annoying she is with McCrae as well. She’s running the house and you gotta give her props for that, but she needs to go next, I can’t stand her

  6. Comments (651)

    If production is terrified of Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Amanda winning its their own damn fault. I can imagine how many people try out for the show but they have to go bring in “Friends”? And the fact that these are adults who are highly medicated and they still provide booze? Then they have the same old boring comps so everyone knows what’s coming. They got what they asked for and unfortunately its the fans who are suffering the most.

    • Comments (624)

      I say give them more booze. It leads to diarrhea of the mouth. Also, remember the one a few seasons back that got drunk and took her top off in the hot tub and made out with one of the other girls?

  7. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    Since you asked…yeah I get that face book like pop up all the time now. Very annoying.

  8. Comments (28)


    • Comments (50)

      Aaryn looked totally unenthused about winning. Just wondering who she is going to let pick her nominations this time. But I guess this strategy is working for her. She’s still in after all.

      • Comments (1276)

        she’s probably scared that amanda will be mad she didn’t throw it for her. mccrae so obviously threw it for her, and i don’t even think she noticed.

      • Comments (624)

        Yep, I don’t blame her for hating winning. Now she’s the one driving the house. But oh wait, nobody’s driving because it’s on auto pilot, with periodic course correction courtesy of McCranda. I hope Jessie wins the competition to come back.

  9. Comments (226)

    I totally think CBS/bb would show Amanda’s nastiness evn if it turns out she was predetermined to win. Why? To make it look like she isn’t. Plus she would know no matter what she s safe. I’m torn on this one, she is playing the best game but I just can’t reward people who get far by intimidation and bullying. I’ve thought for years that a bb winner should at least have to win an hoh or a veto to win the Grand prize. Gal can dream….

    • Comments (226)

      Oh and p.s., last nights show was a snooze fest!

      • Comments (624)

        It was predictable. Waaaaay too predictable! The only segment even worth a glance was Jessie’s exit interview.

    • Comments (407)

      Saabgirl, I agree with you. CBS/BB had no other choice. They had so many complaints against the HG’s, especially Amanda, that they had to partially show her nastiness. Let’s face it, they still haven’t shown her for who she truly is…a nasty scumbag.

  10. Comments (400)

    The FB box pops up every time until you follow 🙂

  11. Comments (2)

    I cannot believe Sperv

  12. Comments (1)

    BORING only one mean person (Amanda) and I cannot believe they are letting her run the entire season…. So boring I am not even watching after dark…

  13. Comments (18)

    I would love to see stevebean on the show

      • Comments (226)

        Omg wouldn’t that be great to have a cast of all bloggers!!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        So you could handle the information deprivation? No way could I go cold turkey with only the bible to read (though I guess I could ask for the Mahabharata for the better stories).

      • Comments (651)

        Yes!! All bloggers!! Now that would be something to watch. We would miss you but would be rooting for you.

      • Comments (1162)

        BB Bloggers would be great fun and because they
        know most everything about the game, BB would have to change
        the format for comps..
        BB15 – Battle of the Bullies is disgusting.
        Wait for It – IF one of the bullies wins BB15, CBS will probably have
        that person due a Public Service Spot for television.

        Picture it – Bully BB 15 Winner –
        “We all know that bullying is not acceptable behavior. So speaking
        from my heart especially to the young people in school –
        “CBS CARES”

        GAG! GAG! GAG!

      • Comments (624)

        After the winner is announced, they should have an hour special with live Q&A with the houseguests. Air it on TVGN in case CBS needs to air one of their dozen monotonous cop shows. Stevebeans can be in the audience and tell them what we think of the season!

    • Comments (53)

      woot woot

  14. Comments (46)


    Julie just asked them about big moves????


    CBS feeling the pressure?????


    • Comments (18)

      Its about time CBS gives the houseguest a hint that this season is terrible

      • Comments (822)

        On finale night I’d love for Julie to give the HG’s an idea of what we viewers think of this season. Read viewers posts, responses etc. Several HG’s have commented on what a good cast they are, I think they need to have a little comeuppance on national TV. Would love to see them try to justify their play. Of course, if Helen got called out, she might storm off! But wait – give her 2 seconds & she’ll be back! I’d like to see several of them squirm as much as they’ve made us squirm this season. Don’t know who to root for now 🙁

      • Comments (768)

        Helen would do a ‘fake leave’ at least 3 times before she actually left.

      • Comments (610)

        Yes, right after saying “I’m done” at least 3 times too. {eyerolls}

      • Comments (624)

        Just like my above post about having an hour live Q&A after the show’s done. Fielding web questions and live ones from folks in the audience. Message board admins should definitely be there to speak for their members.

    • Comments (226)

      They asked the wrong person…really she asked the wrong question. She should have asked each one of them what/why the are only doing what the house wants when they vote. Easy enough.

  15. Comments (79)

    Helen saying they have made big moves? BULLSHIT.

    • Comments (302)

      That was the ironic quote of the night “we’ve made a lot of big moves.” HA HA HA HA HO HO HO HO HEE HEE HEE HEE Oh you are killing me Helen stop it .. HA HA HA HA Can’t wait to catch your late show at the Comedy Shack HO HO HO HO HEE HEE HEE!!!!!

  16. Comments (46)

    I hope GM or spencer get this HoH

    I also rather see amanda’s side of the house win than helen
    I started to hate helen since she pushed for judd to go
    And called that a big move…..

  17. Comments (357)

    Steve, I think CBS had to air “some” of Amandas dirty laundry. They couldn’t stand by with so much outside controversy. Call me the conspiracy theorist, but by doing this CBS may not have to worry about backlash fans and investigations of game rigging. I’m waiting for the anonymous former employer for his/her post the night before the finale. The promised proof and if he/she can’t produce, then i will leave this theory to bed.

    • Comments (1288)

      I heard a UFO landed in the backyard the other night and exposed that Elissa is really a lizard-person wearing human skin.

      That statement is just as likely as the BB truther claims (and much more likely to make it on Coast-to-Coast AM).

  18. Comments (7)

    I think J.C. looks like a whore in Vietnam ready to lure Americans soldiers into a hut for sex then kill them all. Perhaps some back peddling to save a little Asian face for Helen insults and Helen hate.

  19. Comments (53)

    if we get to vote plz bring back judd everyone him and andy are the only cool ones

  20. Comments (357)

    OMG! Another week of Amanda crying because she can’t win ANYTHING! Ugghhh

    • Comments (30)

      She’s already crying. She’s under a cabinet and behind a garbage can in the storage room crying. I feel bad for her. Her bullying must be a result of her low self esteem.

      • Comments (1162)

        I thought you were joking ……….but Amanda really is boo-hooing in the
        Storage Room behind a garbage can.
        At least she knows the kind of real estate where she fits in …………..
        : )

      • Comments (610)

        In all seriousness, bullies generally bully because they have low self esteem.

      • Comments (226)

        This is true-same for Aaryn and GM.

      • Comments (357)

        Low self esteem or not, doesn’t make all the things she said in the past right. Maybe if she surrounds herself with people with positive self esteem, than maybe some of that will rub off on her? She is too old to be this type of bully AND her family has the financial means for counseling. Oh yeah forgot, she’s not 18, she’s 28. She should seek counseling for herself. Because her behavior has ruined her parents real estate business and reputation at home.

        On a side note: Every time Spencer opens his mouth, I say a silent pray and is it just me or is Helen setting herself up to get rid of her BFF Elissa? BBAD really focused on that.

    • Comments (624)

      Oh BOO HOO! Daddy’s little girl who always got whatever she wanted, doesn’t get her way? Life sucks….wear a helmet.

  21. Comments (79)

    Aaryn wins and the nightmare continues…

  22. Comments (46)

    Will aryan stick with 3 am???

  23. Comments (1162)

    What an AWESOME COMP!!!!!


    • Comments (357)

      Amanda could have won that HOH if only she remembered what production told her the answer was fast enough. She needs to stop looking and asking for booze and then she will remember what she has been coached. Loved her reaction after she realized Aaryn already buzzed in……PRICELESS!!

      Physical Comps would be dominated by Aaryn, McCrae and possibly “The eloquently spoken” GM. Poor Elissa is trying to make a comeback from the log rolling comp. Julie couldn’t even finish her sentence before Elissa almost fell off. Not a good look for the yoga instructor.

  24. Comments (20)

    Will Aayrn take the chicken route and put up Spencer and GM or make the bolder move of putting up Helen and Elissa?

    • Comments (53)

      anything to get elissa out hell i would even back aaryn

    • Comments (1162)

      Helen and Elissa.

      She hates Elissa and recently found out Helen wasn’t her BB friend.

    • Comments (1437)

      She’ll put up Spencer and Elissa – guaranteed.

      • Comments (39)

        She’ll definitely put up Elissa and Spencer then try to backdoor Helen. I just find it funny the Spencer is continually the safe nomination every week. Poor guy never gets to vote anymore.

      • Comments (1288)

        To risky in case Helen wins veto and saves Elissa leaving them both in the house. The noms will be Spencer and GM and the veto will definitely be used to backdoor Helen.

        If Helen or Elissa wins the veto they will be told they are going to backdoor Amanda and when they take down GM or Spencer, Aaryan will nom the other who didna win veto. The look on their face when they realize they just had a hand in putting their only friend up on the block will be priceless indeed.

    • Comments (453)

      Or an even bolder move and put up Amanda and GM.

    • Comments (357)

      Spencer and Elissa will get put up. Someone will win POV and they will backdoor Helen. I can’t WAIT to see Helen’s reaction when the HGs say “it’s what the house wants” or “We didn’t think it was too soon, so we chose to evict today instead of Next Week”! CLASSIC!

  25. Comments (1162)

    I’m sick of Andy the Wuss crying over the evicted HG.
    What a schmuck!

  26. Comments (17)

    Tell me…why did Spencer choose GM and McCrae to go against each other? Wasn’t he supposed to be getting close to GM. Why would you not do GM and Aaryn or McCrae and Amanda. What an idiot!

    By the way…Amanda can’t win anything because she is terrible at competitions…why are these people carrying her? Aaryn…I hate you! But, do something that YOU want to do this HOH for a change.

  27. Comments (43)

    Honestly, I’m glad Aaryn won; even though she’s not my favorite houseguest, she’s been competing her butt off the last few HoHs! At least she’s winning to save herself.. Maybe she’ll finally do something interesting — like backdoor Helen. She’s driving me crazy!

    • Comments (407)

      Aaryn is by far not my favorite player, but I’m glad she beat Amanda. I just wonder now if Amanda will throw one of her crying fits because she can’t win anything.

      • Comments (169)

        Did y’all read that Amanda instructed Aaryn before the last round of the HoH that Aaryn MUST throw the competition to her (Amanda)? Hahaha… That’s why I was glad to see Aaryn win, just so Amanda could throw a hissy fit once again…

        Heck, McCrae freakin THREW their round together to her, and Aaryn said she tried her best to, but she waited and waited and waited for Amanda to ring in, but she never did, so Aaryn finally had to… Lol… Even when a comp is practically handed to her on a silver platter, she cannot win! I think it’s damn hilarious. It’s pitiful that she has to demand that everyone throw comps to her just so she can win something.. ANYTHING, then she still can’t win it.

        She was stockpiling her Adderall to help her in comps until the DR finally said they had to take their meds in the presence of the DR…

        Even doubling up on Adderall can’t help her win a comp. LOVE it!

      • Comments (48)

        yeah I didn’t read that coaching of Aaryn but it seemed like she was apologizing as soon as she won it and you could tell by Amanda’s face that she was none too pleased.

      • Comments (1288)

        If Aaryan had wanted to throw the comp she would have just answered wrong, then even if first she would have still lost. Winning was her only true safety.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree DDM!

      • Comments (1288)

        Aaryan is an ugly, despicable racist but she is not stupid. Her reasoning, intuition and logic have been spot on once the MVP twist made her see she needed to play the game and not ride thru on the pretty people’s crew. I have no idea how she is both smart about some things and stupid about others.

        It is actually good to show the stereotype of the gap-toothed, barefoot redneck married to his cousin is not necessarily the face of racism.

      • Comments (34)

        It annoys me that Amanda feels entitled to win without earning it… I hope that nobody hands her a win and that she loses everything until she’s out (or in the finals).

      • Comments (34)

        Same, I would have HATED to see Amanda win lol. And Mcrae TOTALLY threw it, that was obvious. Yuck….. I don’t like Amanda at all.

  28. Comments (651)

    OMG!!! If GM gets evicted then she has to compete with Candice to get back in the house–Call Security!!!

    • Comments (53)

      this would be funny as hell

    • Comments (17)

      That would be awesome!

    • Comments (357)

      My dream would be for Spencer to leave, BB does the jury Comp. Judd (who is the strongest out of jury) wins, and walks back in the house plucking all the rest of the HGs out. That way whoever is evicted after Spencer is GUARANTEED to sit in the jury house until the finale with no hopes of ever getting a chance to go back into the house!

      • Comments (226)

        Agree on this, but I kind of see it as pointless to have someone come back into the house -with this lot- anyone of them (except spencer) would be an immediate target and the Lemming House would send them back out the door…

  29. Comments (6)


  30. Comments (26)

    One of the most horrifying moments of the season thus far: having to choose in an instant who to root for, Amanda or Aaryn.

  31. Comments (64)

    I’m hoping Candace or Jessie returns. Those two really stirred it on their way out and I’m interested how that would play out.

    • Comments (875)

      I think all 3 evicted HG might come back to play the game again, can you see the “Bad PR” CBS/Big Brother would get if they allowed Aaryn, Amanda, GM, or Spencer to win BB15?

      I think the evicted HG will get out, Aaryn, Amanda, GM, & maybe McCrae… With the winner of BB 15 being one of the evicted HG, or who is left over in the House, like Spencer, Elissa, or Andy.

      Just my 2 cents… 🙂

  32. Comments (768)

    Looks like Aaryn fixed her eyebrows. Too bad, I was getting used to that surprised look she had going on.

  33. Comments (35)

    Seriously, why is Elissa so incredibly bad at ALL comps? -including the endurance/balance comp which we all thought should have been in her favor!

    I am saddened at the prospect of having literally NO ONE worth cheering for….

    Maybe I’ll spend my time drafting a petition to cbs to divert prize funds to victims of hate/ race related crimes.

    Adderall, I mean Aryn, could likely win this.

    I know there will be a protracted debate regarding whether she truly needs it, but in my opinion, she needs it about as much as Lindsay Lohan does.

  34. Comments (22)

    Ugh… I am over this season. So next week we get to bring back a Jury member, who doesn’t have any alliances in the game and will just be voted out a week later if they don’t win HOH.

    Thanks BB for ruining all my excitement for this season of BB.

  35. Comments (195)

    On the live feeds Spencer just told GM that she is a great role model for young girls……you have got to be kidding me!!!!

  36. Comments (875)

    Idk, and I may be wrong…But I think that all of the past 3 evicted HG are going to come back, & play Big Brother again. it is more than obvious that Candice, Judd, and now Jessie have not gone directly to the Jury House…Sooo, I think all 3 of them will come back, and pick up Spencer as in their Alliance, and take out, Amanda, McCrae, GM, & Aaryn, 1st and foremost. Leaving Andy in the game, with Elissa.

    What do you guys think??? Btw…just my 2 cents 🙂

    • Comments (610)

      That would be so awesome! The season just might be redeemed after all!

    • Comments (36)

      I thought Julie said the 3 jury members plus next weeks evictee will compete agianst each other for a spot back into the house. I think that’s what she said?

      • Comments (875)

        Oh…Ok, I’m on the West Coast, and had not seen the show as of yet.

      • Comments (302)

        That’s correct Constance. The four will compete live for one to come back in. As much as I’d like to see Jessie, Candice & Judd come back together that would extend this show another three weeks and I think that’s beyond my limit of enduring this pitiful cast.

      • Comments (357)

        Not excited for an extension to this season. But Julie did say one would win the Comp to come back. Somehow I think that Judd will stir up more crap than Candice or Jessie could. Candice eviction was hate personal (she knew she was leaving), Jessie eviction was “too late syndrome” personal (she knew she was leaving), but Judds eviction was Game Personal and the ONLY blindside where he had 4 minutes to campaign (he knew he was leaving seconds before Julie told him).

  37. Comments (339)

    I disagree about Spencer. Yes, I know he said the idiotic comments in his lame attempt at humor (and that’s what it was), but America hates the real racial comments that were made by some, the self-righteous and stupidity of Helen, and the Overbearing jackass that Amanda is. Let’s not forget the weasal ways of Andy the Tattle Tale. No one really like Spencer, but I think he is hated less than the others. And maybe McCrae if he’d dump Amanda (but he won’t).

    • Comments (53)

      man why is andy a weasel hell win if he makes final two against amanda or mcrae so i think hes just playing smart letting them do the dirty work but im still really pullin for a judd comeback

      • Comments (357)

        If Spencer goes against McCrae in the finals….Andy is gonna lose. Don’t forget the jurors will have time to compare notes. And Andy has much more blood on his hands than McCrae does.

      • Comments (357)

        Crap….I meant if Andy goes against McCrae. I’m at work sneaking in comments in between my duties, dammit!

  38. Comments (1162)

    Just read – Aaryn is planning to put up Elissa and Helen.
    No Surprise!

    Watch for Andy to be hiding out all week —- freaking out over the possibility
    of his lies being discovered and having to face Helen’s & Elissa’s wrath.

  39. Comments (302)

    Doesn’t it figure … finally something viewers could look forward to on sending a Houseguest back into the competition and they won’t let America decide who should go. When Julie said the 4 jury members will compete live that pretty much kicked us to the curb on having a say. So someone like Helen could be voted out this week .. then go right back in. I fear that might happen because she has been studying so much with Elissa for a possible BB Quiz. You know if it’s a live competition to be decided during the show … odds are it’s going to be a quiz. Jessie, Candice, Judd … I wouldn’t mind if any of them went back … but if it’s one of the current houseguest what a let down that will be.

  40. Comments (302)

    I’m not sure what bothered me more tonight … Helen’s joyously cocky attitude as she voted out Jessie or Andy’s umpteenth crying act after another one bites the dust. C’mon Andy this was the BOLD move you were bragging about on your CBS BB Blog. No doubt next week will come another unanimous vote you’ll know about ahead of time … could you just start crying in the afternoon before the show and get it out of the way.

    • Comments (1162)

      Read tonight that Andy the Wuss is upset with the Tweet Julie read on Live TV
      asking about WHEN there might be Big Moves in the BB House.

      • Comments (302)

        That is hilarious Midwest Middie. It’s amazing how clueless this cast is about their place in Big Brother history and that would be at the bottom of the barrel.

      • Comments (357)

        Yeah and Helens best answer was Judds eviction…..WOW!

  41. Comments (195)

    I am getting REALLY REALLY annoyed and it takes a lot for me to get mad but for the past hour and a half I have seen more fish than feeds. This is absolutely ridiculous. Production should put their fricken foot down and say from now on you are going to be penalized. We pay money for these feeds and this has to stop. Other seasons yes it goes to fish but this year has been unbelievable. And sometimes it is not even for a short time. At one point tonight there was fish for over 15min. Enough is enough already. As I am writing this it has already gone to fish 6 times! Boy am I grumpy tonight lol. As always thanks for letting me vent…”happy face”….sorry don’t know how to do those on here lol.

  42. Comments (302)

    Here goes Helen again stroking the new HOH .. we’ve heard this song and dance before:
    Helen to Aaryn: “If I was f**king just watching this show I would f**king love you.. You are Janelle.. You are better than Janelle.. You’ve gone from everyone in this house hating you to everyone admiring you OK. ..you are such a bright girl and so humble.”
    Gag me with a serving spoon.
    This was my fear if Aaryn lasted this long – Racism swept under the rug now the talk switches to her game play … damn this girl might win.

    • Comments (610)

      Wouldn’t it be great if whoever comes back in next week is automatically guaranteed a spot in final 3 or final 4? Wouldn’t that just tick off the others and spoil all their “deals”?! (it’s a reach, I know, but we the fans writing an ending is gonna be way better than the way it looks like it’s going right now)

    • Comments (822)

      It’s a good thing Janelle has a new baby to focus on. Otherwise, she’d probably go into the house a rip Helen to shreds for telling Aaryn she’s Janelle!

    • Comments (1288)

      So what if she wins? That $500k is going to have to last a long time because much to her surprise, Jessie has a better career future than Aaryan does.

  43. Comments (1)

    It would be nice if Judd went back in the house as the next HOH.

  44. Comments (7)

    Honestly, I hope Judd wins the ability to come back to the house.

    What would be awesome (but probably not happen) is that after the live eviction it was announced that the HG would not be competing for HoH but instead the 4 Jury members would be competing for HoH and the ability to reenter the game. Would totally shake up the house and give the person who is brought back a chance to play instead of instantly being re-evicted the next week.

  45. Comments (19)

    observations from today

    Jessie: kind of pissed she went back on her stand and exited with that boring speech. would have liked if she kept her stance knowing she was going home anyway. she did look pretty good tho probably the best shes looked all year.

    Mccrae: someone tell this moron that a hat is to be worn forward. not sideways, slanted, backwards etc. makes me want to punch him in the face.

    Helen: hahaahha caught… it was funny to see her backpeddle so hard. as much as i want to see an amanda/helen clash, i hope they get rid of helen asap. i cant stand her pretending to play truthfully and then go around and lie and deceive at every chance she gets. not to mention she is uglyyyyyyyyy. definitely not good to look at. at least in Jessies goodbye speech, she didnt say blah blah blah i played a heavy hand in you going this week. cant stand when she does that. someone needs to CHECK her. hard. hopefully it hurts.

    GM- wtf is with those nerd glasses. does she think it makes her look smart? glasses or not she still acts like a unstable childlike b1tch.

    Andy- man… another eviction, another shot of andy sobbing it up. his tears could flood the nile. are gay people all this fragile? man up andy. play the game and stop being so emotional.

    as far as someone coming back, as long as it isnt sassy candy or helen if she goes next week, thats cool. Judd/Jessie deserve another shot. Candy doesnt. she wouldnt take advantage of it anyways.

    • Comments (19)

      forgot to mention 2 more things.

      amanda is really pathetic at competitions. i cant tell if mccrae threw their headsup match to her or not, but if he did, and she still couldnt win… sad.

      and helen, if i have to see her walk around and tell every houseguest individually something to the tunes of… “you are so awesome, you are playing the best game, you are totally gonna win, you are the best…” then im going to need to punch her husband and kids. seriously. to pick one houseguest whom you have an alliance with fine, whatever, but to do it to everyone else and be so fake… ugh. makes me want to gag.

      • Comments (487)

        Oh McCrae definitely threw the HoH competition trying to give her a chance to win. It appeared to me that there was a plan in place to only have her answer 1 or 2 questions. She was never paired with anyone until she was paired with McCrae and she still lost to Aaryn. That was why Aaryn was so shocked that she won. She really doesn’t want to be HoH again.

    • Comments (39)

      all I could think about when gina marie was wearing those glasses:


    • Comments (34)

      MCcrae’s hat….and how he purposely keeps the tag sticking out in the front looks ridiculous. Of the BBAD I have watched (not much) he constantly takes it off, puts it on, fixes his hair, looks in the mirror, repeat. It’s annoying to watch haha

  46. Comments (26)

    In my BB voice Helen PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Comments (2)

    Why would anyone donate to this blogger as he only tells us what I see every night for free on after dark. He doesn’t tell u anything that happens during the not for free feeds. He’s pulling a wool over your head!!

  48. Comments (875)

    As much as I do like Candice, I would not want her to come back into the house, for 3 reasons. Aaryn, GM, and she can’t win competitions.

    if Judd comes back I think he will pick up right were he left off at, helping his Alliance, (McCrae & Amanda) win $500.000.00.

    Jessie was, and is pissed about the tight control that McCrae & Amanda have, and “would” Shake things up.

    If Helen gets the backdoor this week, and comes back she would shake things up also, because she played a Stupid Game, & was betrayed by Amanda, & McCrae.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      I keep reading Jessie would shake things up – unless she wins HOH, what more can she do than what she tried to do most of this week?

  49. Comments (15)

    On October 19, 2009, Jasinski was arrested, and charged by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in North Reading, MA for possession of 2,000 oxycodone pills with intent to distribute.[2] Jasinski allegedly admitted funding his illegal venture with his $500,000 winnings from the show, and to buying and reselling oxycodone pills for several months.[3][4] He faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.[4][5]

  50. Comments (302)

    It appears the 3AM plan to fake out Helen is in full force. Claiming that Ellisa is the target this week while really going after Helen. Elissa set them up beautifully by telling Amanda & Helen before Thursdays vote that she didn’t want to sit next to Aaryn & GM because they are unpleasant people. Needless to say that word quickly got to Aaryn and sets up the Helen Blindside perfectly. Aaryn & GM make it clear to Helen that Ellisa now their target this week. Ellisa tells Helen if she’s voted into the jury that she’ll quit and go home. Now it’s time for Helen to turn on the waterworks in the HOH room. Helen crying that if Ellisa leaves no one will vote for her if she makes it to final 2(sorry Helen … that pathetic attempt to sway your fellow houseguest into thinking you would be the perfect pawn to take to the finals will not work on the 3AM bunch). Maybe things finally get interesting around here.

  51. Comments (19)

    agree. aaryn needs to put up elissa and helen. tell helen she is the pawn and then blindside her. if elissa wins POV, simple, you put up spencer and assure him of safety and KO helen. that way you can still string spencer along.. if helen god forbid wins POV, then you backdoor Andy, you use the fact that he is playing both sides. yes they take out one member of 3AM so i guess it becomes 2AM? but you get rid of someone whom you may potentially have a hard time getting rid of later because he has alliances with everyone.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      2 am. Good one. I just don’t want the final two to be 1 am.

    • Comments (1288)

      Everyone looks for the big move to soon. I believe 3AM will stay together thru evicting Helen, Elissa, the returnee and either GM or Spencer. Then the two couples will vie for whoever is left of GM and Spencer to have a 3-2 advantage over the other couple.

      • Comments (19)

        i disagree. you need to constantly think of who you can and cant beat in the final 2. i mean. lets say aaryn sticks to the plan. 3AM. its aaryn andy amanda and mccrae in the final 4. well guess what aaryn, you just lost half a million dollars because you cant beat any of them.. whereas say.. if its aaryn, spencer, GM and mccrae, then cool. you pretty much have an alliance with mccrae and one with GM, you take out spencer, and voila, your chance of winning a half million dollars is pretty darn good. Sometimes its not about getting out the strongest players as much as its about getting out people you cant beat.. like Helen.

  52. Comments (46)

    I dont know if judd has got what it takes to come back and win
    Im very hopefull but idk if hes the guy to do it

  53. Comments (302)

    There goes Helen again blaming Jessie again for screwing up her game. Wake up Helen … had you listened to Jessie in the first place you might have been Queen of Castle right now. Ain’t Karma grand!

  54. Comments (1288)

    Dayum, just caught up on the overnight stuff and somehow all of my perfect reasoning to backdoor Helen with a GM/Spencer misdirection nom gets thrown out the window because of the stupidity of Elissa. Aaaaaarghhh.

    Please Helen win veto so Elissa goes to jury and then walks out as she has threatened. I am sure her sister will be so proud. It also means the Fav Player $25k can go to someone that actually played the game instead of falling to the Brenchel Army drones mindless support.

    • Comments (46)

      What happened?!

      • Comments (1162)

        I don’t have the Live Feeds, so in the early morning hours I check up
        on the BBH late night happenings by checking out the following sites.

        *Check out Big Brother Updates – just beneath it, click on
        QUICK VIEW. You can go as far back as you need for information.


        *Check out the Overnight Report for a Recap – most mornings, the Overnight
        Report is on site by 5:30AM EST.

        Even though I check up on the overnight reports on the above sites, this is
        my BB Posting Home.

  55. Comments (624)

    Last night’s eviction was complete crap and if nothing’s done to get her (or one of the others) back in the house now, the season will finish out on auto pilot and might as well pay to the order of McCranda on the check because at least one of the two will make it to the final.

  56. Comments (651)

    I’ve been trying to figure out why these idiots think they’ve been making big moves then it occurred to me. They think just because you backdoor someone it’s a big move. How stupid can they be.

  57. Comments (487)

    Dream scenario: Aaryn puts Elissa and Helen on the block; Helen wins the POV, takes herself off the block and is replaced by Amanda. Amanda gets backdoored out of the house and now has to win a competition to get back in. Amanda loses the competition and is replaced in the house by Candice or Jessie who wins the competition. Amanda is gone for good. Helen, Aaryn and GM have to deal with Candice or Jessie being back in the house.

    • Comments (46)

      I dont think aryan would backdoor amanda

      shes kinda working with amanda

      They would probably backdoor spencer and call that a big move

      • Comments (19)

        the problem with the scenerio is amanda is part of 3AM. so if the noms are helen and elissa, replacement for either one winning veto is spencer. if spencer somehow wins veto and saves one of them, which i think is HIGHLY unlikely, then GM is going up. pretty simple.

  58. Comments (85)

    oh snap did i see MrCrae throw that comp to Amanda? talk about pu$$y whipped!

  59. Comments (12)

    If that rich witch Elyssa wins America’s Favorite player after saying last night that she would not go to jury, she would just go home, I will throw up!!!!! Don’t vote for her America! She doesn’t deserve it OR need it!!!!!

  60. Comments (4)

    The unanimous vote nonsense would be eliminated if Julie would just simply announce the name of the evicted houseguest and not give the vote count. HGs could then really vote without fear ….. and the drama created by the LACK of info would be fun to watch.

  61. Comments (453)

    Another week of having to listen to the mean girls claiming they have never said or done anything to anyone but others have treated them badly, and dreading the racial slurs to come back. From afterdark Elissa is their number one target of wrath.

    • Comments (12)

      That was mean & petty of Elyssa to say she didn’t want to sit by GM & Aaryn. I actually felt bad for GM. She is right. Who the hell does she think she is?

      • Comments (1162)

        It was stupid for Elissa to say anything but it was especially
        stupid of her to tell Amanda.
        Amanda couldn’t wait to tell Aaryn and GM.

        I don’t feel sorry for any of them.
        Who wants to sit next to someone who openly hates them
        and who wants to sit next to someone who smells of vomit?
        (Aaryn has complained several times about GM’s personal stench.)

  62. Comments (82)

    I have been openly supportive of Amandas masterful gameplay and strategies in the house. But wow, that girl sucks at competitions. haha, had no clue on either of those songs in the HOH until the very end of each song. Right now as far as gameplay (leaving all of your personal issues with the HGs), Aaryn or Amanda deserve to win this game. I know they are disliked by many of you, but Aaryn has won 4 hoh’s. She did let Helen run one of them, and then let the others basically run the one with Judd leaving. But think about it, she HAD to do that in order to further herself in the game. So it was strategy. She was on her way out of that house, but proved loyalty to Helen and Amanda, now she is sitting very pretty in a probable top 4 position. And Amanda, think what you want but that girl has had an amazing social game, and some of her strategies have been great. Last one being getting McCrae and Andy in a fake alliance with Helen. Thats a GREAT move if it works out, which she seems to have bought into it so far. So, hate all you want…but as far as BB gameplay these 2 girls are easily the only 2 that deserve to win this game…..McCrae may be a good player, but he has hidden behind Amanda this whole time. He is to Amanda what Jordan was to Jeff. Jordan ended up winning, maybe McCrae will as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

  63. Comments (407)

    Watching BBAD right now and they just entered Aaryn’s HOH room. The first thing Andy did was run to the food and start stuffing his mouth! I’m just wondering..why does the HOH winner put down the food they want when the rest of the house is going to inhale it as soon as they walk in? Another thing I noticed..did Aaryn even get a letter this time?

    • Comments (768)

      Yes, she got a letter from her friend Meredith. Still no letter from her mom. I know Aaryn has said some pretty offensive things, but it sucks that her mother or father haven’t written to her yet. Children are a product of the environment provided by their parents. Just because they may have screwed up, they still shouldn’t abandon their children.

      • Comments (407)

        Thanks Rob. I guess I missed that somewhere along the way.

      • Comments (1162)

        What did her friend say in the letter?

        I think Aaryn’s mother is a Realtor in Colorado and she may
        be suffering $$$$ from her daughter’s BB behavior and remarks.
        Her father runs his own Hunting Ranch in Texas and may not be feeling
        any financial wrath at this time but doesn’t want to rock any future

        They probably haven’t abandoned Aaryn but realize that whatever
        they might say in a letter wouldn’t help them or her.
        In a way it is kind of fitting for Aaryn to wonder about not hearing
        from them ……

        Wait until she hears from her agent!!!!

    • Comments (487)

      Maybe she won’t get a letter this time because her family would let her know what people in TVLand really think of her personally or about the fact that she has lost her job because of her personal behavior. Good gameplay; lousy personality. I also think she realizes (or was told by BB Production) how she is being perceived by the people watching. I see Arryn giving a very tearful apology coming to Howard and Candice at the finale show.

    • Comments (528)

      Her parents have probably been put into the witness protection program and that’s why they can’t write…

    • Comments (35)

      She has stated in the past that her parents won’t sign the release needed to have the letter made public

      they are not “abandoning her”, they just know better than to add fuel to the fire and be dragged down in flames

      also- they may just be very private individuals.

      either way, does she deserve to be reassured by “mommy and daddy” right now?


    • Comments (624)

      I can just picture Andy chewing with his mouth open and talking with a mouth full of food. I would just stash the snacks I want for myself and let them nasty up the other items with their zit popping and scab picking fingers.

      Better yet, a hand sanitizer dispenser by the door. I’d make everyone at least use that….but I’d still stay out of common bags of geedunk.

      • Comments (1162)

        You forgot to mention GinaMarie’s vomit smelling hands………

        BB needs to put up a HUGE sign on the bathroom mirror –

        Wash your hands after using the toilet, having sex with someone or yourself,
        picking scabs, boogers or zits, etc..
        You pigs should show some respect for yourself or others.

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