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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Thread; Week 1

Things are not looking good for Aaryn's alliance
Things are not looking good for Aaryn’s alliance

Here we go, it’s time for the first live eviction show of the Big Brother 15 season!  It’s been quite an eventful week in the house, and you can catch up by reading some of the latest blog posts on this site.

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Before I begin, I have to give my weekly plugs…



  • Sign up to the live feeds to watch the post-eviction drama – Fireworks won’t be just in the sky tonight when Aaryn and Jeremy realize they are not sitting so pretty in the Big Brother house.  When the feeds come back on, it should be an exciting night.  Get the first 48 hours of the feeds free!
  • Follow me on twitter – I live tweet throughout the show in addition to updating this thread.  It’s usually a good time, so if you have a twitter account, definitely add me

The houseguests are wearing their athletic gear, so it could be an endurance challenge, but it’s most likely an physical quick challenge.  Either way, if the winner is not announced before the end of the show, make sure to keep checking back for spoilers.

Refresh this thread throughout the show for updates….

8:00pm – The show is on!

8:10pm – Still rehashing the events this week, mostly about the wine. We’ll see if they bring up the race issue

8:21pm – Julie finally talking to the houseguests. Andy says the mood of the house is kind of weird.  Julie doesn’t talk to any of the controversial players.  The vote should be coming up soon, maybe after the break.

8:26pm – Chat with the nominees.  Votes soon.


Amanda – Dave
Aaryn – Elissa  (boo for her vote)
Nick – Dave
Candice – Elissa
Spencer – Dave (total silence for his vote)
Kaitlin – Elissa (more silence, did they mute the audience?)
Helen – Dave
Howard – Dave
GinaMarie – Elissa
Judd – Dave
Jeremy – Elissa
Andy – Dave

Dave has been evicted 7-5-0

8:40pm – Amanda tells Dave that he made the mistake by hooking up with the biggest bitch in the house.

8:50pm – HoH competition, endurance!!!  Stay tuned to the thread for updates.  Will start a live endurance thread after the show ends.

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  1. Comments (111)

    “They need a smackdown.” – Aaryn

    The irony.

  2. Comments (1)

    I think they told the audience to shut the heck up; they don’t want the people voting for Elissa to hear the boos.

  3. Comments (231)

    I knew Jerkemy couldn’t resist voting for Elissa.

  4. Comments (22)

    C U Next Tuesday, Aaaryn.

  5. Comments (1276)

    I actually heard a pretty loud “Shhhh” after the last cheers or boos, I can’t remember which one.
    I just wish it had been one of the really bad ones like jerk, aaryn, GM or Spencer, heck katilin for that matter. David talked the least junk, and seems more guilty by association than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone, but I wish it was someone else.
    Yay Elissa!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And what’s up with Candice voting to keep one of that group? She’s going to be so upset when she gets out and hears what kind of things that side of the house has been saying.

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