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Big Brother 15 – Live Eviction Thread!


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It’s out favorite time of the week – the live eviction show on Big Brother!  What a week it’s been in the house.  If you’re just catching up, things were looking very bad for Elissa throughout the week.  It really happened throughout the week, so you may get a peek of it tonight during the show.  Nick pretty much had the votes locked up, with the exception of 2-3 people tops.  I was already wondering who would win MVP next week with Elissa out of the house… but this is Big Brother.  People came to play this season, and play they have.

Before I begin, I want to note that you can pick up the live feeds and see what’s happening inside the house, and if you sign up through this link, the first 2 days are free! It should be quite the interesting feed when it comes back live after the show, because we expect Aaryn and GinaMarie to be shocked for the second week in a row when another of their boy toys are sent packing.   Hey, it couldn’t have happened to better people, right?

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I put my prediction out there that it would be 6-5 in favor of Elissa staying, but over the past few hours, McCrae and others have been working the vote even more, and it appears Howard and Spencer will join the house and make it an 8-3 vote.  That’s still 50/50, but one thing appears to be certain, barring any craziness in the next 45 minutes, Nick should be going home.   I will update this thread throughout the show, and will also be tweeting, so follow me there!

8:55pm – 5 minutes to showtime!   Jeremy still thinks it’s going to be Elissa going home, so this should be nice to watch

9:00pm – We’re on!   The promo called Aaryn a ‘mean girl’, interesting…

9:10pm – Showing clips from the week.  Elissa did work Jessie for a vote which is key.  Hard to imagine that Jessie such a big part this week, but she is.

9:18pm – Julie talks to Jessie about wanting to be in a showmance.  She then mentions how the cameras are on 24/7 and asks Amanda if people forget about that.  Then brings it up to Aaryn in a very … non-Julielike tone.

9:27pm – Live voting!

(vote for eviction)

Jeremy – Elissa
Kaitlin – Elissa
Andy – Nick
GinaMarie – Elissa
Judd – Nick
Spencer – Nick
Jessie – Nick
Howard – Elissa
McCrae – Nick
Amanda – Nick
Candice – Nick

Nick is evicted 7-4-0

9:45pm – While talking to Nick, Julie said that he should have kissed Jessie for a vote.   Nick did predict that Spencer was a flipper, and GinaMarie was crying uncontrollably after eviction.  It’s day 20, not day 2,000.. get over it.

9:50pm – HoH competition time!   It’s a memory, true/false contest from stuff that happened last night in the house.

Question 1 – Jeremy, Judd out
Question 2 – GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa out
Question 3 – Candice out
Helen, Kaitlin, Howard, McCrae and Jessie still in
Question 4 – nobody out
Question 5 – nobody out
Question 6 – nobody out
Tiebreaker – McCrae out
Tiebreaker 2Helen WINS

Crank up the feeds, it’s going to be wild.  Get them for free here!

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  1. Comments (1)

    Stevebeans, Whatever you do, make sure to tell us about the looks on Aryan, Jeremy, GM, and Kailin’s faces when Nick goes home. 🙂

  2. Comments (14)

    Please Steve tell us every groan, moan, eyeroll, everything! And please, please, please don’t forget the drama explosion after the live show.

  3. Comments (3)

    I haven’t been this excited for a bb episode in a while.

  4. Comments (1)

    CAN’T wait to see the looks on their faces!! This is going to be awesome! So excited 🙂

  5. Comments (1)

    I am so Happy I cant believe it, this will be good TV

  6. Comments (8)

    Spencer voted for nick! I gotta say I’m surprised! Love this cant wait to see the reactions!

  7. Comments (3)

    Hahaha! Second week in a row the MVP nom hits the bricks. Can’t wait for Aaryn, Jerm, Kait, and GM to flip their [email protected]!

  8. Comments (7)

    I am so shocked at the MC I need to see the live feeds I was shocked when Spencer said Nick. I thought for sure Elissa would be going home. Can’t wait to see GinaMarie cry her eyes out over the guy who did not like her and she has only known for 3 weeks lol

  9. Comments (25)

    I have appreciated your blog so much. Thank you. I have thought all week it would be Nick – probably because I like him and Helen more than E, so I was afraid it would be one of them. Nick just stayed loyal to the wrong people. He and Helen should have teamed up. They could have run the place.

  10. Comments (2)

    The people wanting to keep Elissa around have one argument – that they can control her MVP noms. But what happens when she doesn’t get MVP? And I don’t buy the “well she’s a bigger target in the house” argument – she’s been on the block two weeks in a row and is still in the house.

  11. Comments (23)

    Shocker~Good for Elissa,Good for Helen.Keep in the house another big week.I like Nick.He is smart and try to be Dan Gheesling. However,let the mean girls enjoy the mean life.

  12. Comments (453)

    Bullies lose 7 to 4 Love it!!

  13. Comments (7)

    this game cracks me up. I love that GM is crying like they were married.

  14. Comments (1)

    I feel bad for Elissa because she’s never been able to play a true game due to her resemblance to Rachel. Jeremy, Aaryn, et al never even took the chance to get to know her, immediately pegging her as a threat and trying to evict her.

    I think she seems VERY different from Rachel (who I thought was super obnoxious) and they should just chill and let her play the game. Then again, E’s not stupid. She has a mirror – probably knew her resemblance would affect her game!

  15. Comments (682)

    I just used my 10 votes at for Helen for MVP. Let’s mix it up.

  16. Comments (83)

    OMG! GM u did’t even sleep with the guy, get over it for pete sakes

  17. Comments (768)

    There was a time I had hoped Nick would go far in this game, but during the past week or so my opinion of him changed. I’m happy with the results.

  18. Comments (13)

    Best part of the show=Julie “Gina’s probably curled up in a ball in the corner somewhere)

  19. Comments (682)

    So much for Jeremy’s photographic memory! LOL!

  20. Comments (768)

    Put you know who on slop Helen!!! Contratulations!!!

  21. Comments (682)

    Best Live Episode EVER!!

  22. Comments (5)

    Yay!!!! Helen!!! THE TIDES HAVE TURNED!!!
    This is what I love about this show. So happy that Aayrn WILL be going on the block!
    Good: 1
    Bad: 0

    Yaaaayyy 🙂

  23. Comments (12)

    I also just voted for Helen for MVP. I loved it when Spencer voted for Nick!!! Now lets see Aaryn on the block along with either GM or Jeremy!!! Or ALL 3!!! Then Kaitlyn (or Spencer for his comments in the house) if anyone wins Veto!

  24. Comments (83)

    Come on Helen, why are u feeling sorry for GM, she will only stab u in the back, hope u don’t turn on Elissa. U are a good person don’t let those ignorant ppl change u, stay who u are, u could win this game.

    • Comments (169)

      For some reason Helen likes GM, she talked Elissa out of nominating her this week.. I believe Helen is just an all around nice person.. She’s ave a change of heart regarding GM if she heard the remarks she said about her..

    • Comments (286)

      Helen is just showing her true self she does not seem to be the type that would rub it in.BTW did you see her so called “friends” and how they just ignored her.

  25. Comments (6)

    Poor Aaryn–Well they call me Barbie and that I have blonde hair. Yah with brown roots and even less of a personality then Barbie..I call her Aaryn-nation.

  26. Comments (169)

    Good triumphs over evil, for this week, at least.. And I can watch last Sunday and Wednesdays episodes now! I officially have removed the BB Blackout I instituted on myself last week, hehe 🙂

  27. Comments (1162)

    Intense Voting!!!
    Loved the chit-chat between Julie & Nick.
    THRILLED with the HOH RESULTS!!!!!

    It’s all good!!!

    *I was totally surprised by Spencer’s Vote, however Nick wasn’t.
    What clues did I miss seeing, hearing or reading?

  28. Comments (3)

    So happy for Helen. Can’t wait to see Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GM on slop all week. Was just watching the live feeds and GM is still bawling her eyes out with Kaitlin. OMG! She is also begging Judd to tell her why he voted for Nick. Laughing so hard at GM this is ridiculous.

    • Comments (7)

      GM really needs to go! They voted him out because they’re trying to win half a million! I swear these idiots forget they are there for money and not a showmance! Go on the bachelor! If she acted like this over Nick leaving, just imagine how she is going to act when she finds out she is and EX pageant coordinator!

    • Comments (274)

      I have a horrible feeling Helen will keep Gm off slop just bcuz she’s feeling so sad. I’d like if she were on slop tho. Gee Gina, those comments probably aren’t feeling so right now, right?

      • Comments (216)

        Doesn’t matter. She’s not going to get anywhere near the $. Jeremy should be the target this week. He’s the only competitor on that side of the house, and his vote isn’t up for grabs. Fixating on GM or Aaryn is not smart. They’re just sitting ducks without Jeremy. (I would consider not nominating him in the hopes he’d have to sit out the veto comp.)

      • Comments (4)

        I agree. Back door him.

  29. Comments (7)

    Aaryn says that she thinks it’s obnoxious and annoying that house guest think she is racist, well her modeling agencies sure didn’t think so, haha! Can’t wait to see her and the rest of her bimbo clan walk out the door (Jeremy, Kaitlin,and GM)

    Oh, and GM was acting like a fool crying after Nick left, GET OVER IT!

    I really hope Elisa, Helen, Candice, Andy, Amanda, Howard, Jessie, Judd, Spencer and McCrae stick together and start pecking these morons off one by one. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

    • Comments (195)

      Oh my goodness….she actually said that!! I don’t even know how this girl got into college never mind the job she had. Love saying she had!!! Can’t wait to see them out the door too and the audiences reaction. First one of them evicted I am sure is going to be the best live show ever!

      • Comments (7)

        Yes, she said it tonight on the show to Amanda! Also called Candice trash, which I think Candice has a better personality and looks in my opinion. Aaryn’s personality makes her an ugly person. Haha, I can’t wait til she finds out she was fired, I hope Julie tells her live! I’d love to see that reaction! I hope she goes next week, she is sickening!

      • Comments (195)

        Agree totally and even if Candice wasn’t as beautiful as she is on the outside she would still be a more beautiful person than Aaryn because of her inside beauty. I want and wish so bad that they would tell her live about being fired but I have a funny feeling that won’t happen. But still can’t wait to see that puzzled look on her face as she hears the audiences reaction!

    • Comments (12)

      omfg wow.. that was a really bitchy comment!

  30. Comments (14)

    Someone tell me who is on slop please. If Helen gets to choose, she should be like alright who voted for elissa? Lol. Just kidding. She should say, ok who wants to see aaryn, GM, and kaitlyn on slop? Hands? Who’s with me? Lol. Again, joking. But I’d put them on slop for sure.

  31. Comments (1)

    Would be awesome if Helen puts them on slop and America votes for rice for the have nots.

  32. Comments (22)

    Anyone else completely shocked at how fast and accurate Kaitlin was on the HOH comp…

    • Comments (22)

      Yeah, her memory was sharp! I was surprised ..

    • Comments (36)

      I was very surprised ! She was the first to hold the correct answer up a lot! I guess I just assumed she’s dumb because of her taste in men and arrogance.
      I want Jeremy on slop first! I’m not sure he can handle it. I kinda expect to see him violently explode and get removed from the house. That would be so cool for 2 of them to go next week. I’d love it if Jeremy and Aaryn then Kaitlin didn’t make jury.

      • Comments (216)

        He has the Never Not pass.

      • Comments (682)

        Jeremy has the slop pass but I still would love to see him in the havenot room.

      • Comments (14)

        I think jemery won that dumb free slop summer pass on the first show. Boooooooo.

      • Comments (36)

        Oh yeah, I forgot that. Well I can still hope the arrogant , emotionally perverted, big baby becomes unhinged and gets himself removed from the game.

  33. Comments (1)

    Yeah, another week of plastic lips Elissa and crybaby Helen. NOT

    • Comments (21)

      that’s is so funny because if you were watching live feeds, you would see that for the past 3 hours, GM has been blubbering cry-fest 2013. Blowing her nose into shorts, falling apart in every room of the house wailing in tears about how much she is going to miss Nick, grasping his chap stick, wearing his hat… then to top it off.. Aaryn talking about how they have the moral high ground in the house.

      Yeah, El and Helen are the problem. LOL.

  34. Comments (195)

    I am so happy right now I am giddy lol. Want to let all the Canadian fans on here if you don’t already know you can now sign up for the live feeds on CBS. I found out on a facebook site called BBC watching BBUS. So happy I went on there or I would never know. Maybe Steve you could mention this. As I said before I have my hands full with my daughter and we are up quite a bit during the night and when she finally gets back to sleep of course I am wide awake so nice to be able to watch the live feeds on my laptop for some escape time from real world. Don’t get me wrong my daughter is my world and love my life but sometimes we all need a little break from reality to keep us sane lol
    Also so so happy with the results tonight. I liked Nick and had picked him as one of the final 2 and is one of the nicer ones in the house but it was so worth seeing the ignorance team get the shaft again. I can not imagine Helen not making us all happy this week with her nominations. Make us all proud of you Helen…you go girl! If only you knew what GM has been saying behind your back…

  35. Comments (7)

    Aaryn makes me sick! I really can’t stand to listen to her put others down, she is so nasty! Calling Candice trash, she is just jealous of Candice. Candice won Miss Louisiana and is beautiful. Aaryn’s personality and the way she acts makes her ugly in my book! Filthy girl!

    • Comments (151)

      Filthy, but very attractive. Yeah, she really sucks as a person, but she is pretty! Don’t even deny that, people. Just remember that pretty isn’t everything. It comes down to who you are inside, and I think this season really proves that point.

  36. Comments (21)

    MVP at CBS is open now…. I voted all of my votes for Amanda. She deserved it after figuring out Moving Co., standing up to Aaryn on her racist comments and working to insure the Elissa was saved.

    • Comments (1)

      She didn’t stand up to Aaryn… not that I don’t like her, just point of fact. All she did was go in and talk about “I really thought you were just joking…” ‘… but the 3 minorities are pretty much taking it like it was racist comments’. I’m glad she said anything at all, but it still isn’t standing up to her.

      Also, Candace and Helen were the ones that figured out the boy alliance first (officially)… specifically Candace. Amanda did begin to suspect after McCray started battling with himself over who to vote with.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like her… just probably wouldn’t vote for her.

      • Comments (151)

        That IS standing up to her. Do you know how hard it is to tell someone they are racist, straight up without sugar coating it? Especally in the BB house, with someone you barely know (and hate). I think Amanda did good, she stayed neutral, with consideration to arryn’s feelings (she does have them).

      • Comments (36)

        Just wanted to tell you that my iPad hit that dislike so you should count it as a like.

      • Comments (4)

        I totally second this. I’m voting for Candice and Helen. VERY smart and classy women!!!

    • Comments (137)

      totally agree, if my would load properly I would vote for Amanda as well.

  37. Comments (48)

    I am thrilled with tonight’s turn of events. Priceless! It’s time Aaryn gets a taste of what she has been putting others through. It’s sad Aaryn rejected Amanda’s warning about her (Aaryn’s) racist attitudes toward some of the HGs. Aaryn’s in for a rude awakening when she realize she has lost her job, etc. It would be fun to see how Aaryn and her cohorts like being have nots for a change!

  38. Comments (178)

    A really nice turn of events with tonight’s elimination. It was wonderful to see the look of surprise on Jeremy and Kaitlin’s faces when Elissa was not voted out. It showed Jeremy his intimidation tactics in the house didn’t work. I also want to say that I’m delighted Elissa was given another chance to remain in the house; but I really want to see her step up her game. Thus far she really hasn’t been showing much gamesmanship. After being told she is the MVP, she runs to others to ask them what to do. Helen appears to one of the brightest in that house. She also has a great social game. I’d love to see her make it all the way to the finals. If not for Helen’s gamesmanship, I really think Elissa would have been gone this week. I’m delighted that Helen is now HOH. She has an opportunity now to turn that house on its ear. I hope that she puts Aaryn and GinaMarie on the block. The MVP (and it may or may not be Elissa again because the voters will assume that she will be safe this week from eviction) should put Howard up. I wouldn’t risk putting Jeremy up directly again because he is liable to win POV and will use it, particularly if he or Kaitlin are up for eviction. If he’s chosen to compete in the POV, I doubt that Jeremy will try very hard to win it if no one he cares about is up for eviction, although he might if he suspects the intent is to backdoor him. Once they see who wins the POV, and hopefully it will be someone on Team Elissa/Helen, that person can be asked to take Howard (despite the fact he went strictly Moving Company with his vote) off the block and THEN backdoor Jeremy. Result: Jeremy, Aaryn or GinaMarie will be voted out. It’s a win-win-win situation whichever of the three is voted out.

    • Anti-Ignorance Fan
      Comments (16)

      I disagree, she needs to nominate Aaryn and Jeremy. Then, MVP nominates Kaitlyn. That way, even if one of the wins POV, someone big goes. That would be the win-win situation. If even one of them is not on the block and he or she plays AND wins the POV, both of them are safe.

      • Comments (178)

        Jeremy has shown that when his back is up against the wall, he is liable to win a POV in order to take himself out of danger. Putting Kaitlyn up is a waste of time and a nomination. She’s really insignificant without Jeremy there to protect her. In all likelihood, Jeremy would win POV, remove himself from the block and then persuade the house to go after a more dangerous target, e.g., Aaryn, rather than evict Kaitlyn. If they ended up evicting Kaitlin, Jeremy would only team up with Aaryn. The most obnoxious people currently in that house are: Jeremy, Aaryn and GinaMarie. For this post, I’m not including Spencer in that group because Spencer is shrewd enough to vote with whoever holds the power at a particular time. I really think the best plan would be to backdoor Jeremy and then hope he gets voted out. The people in the house are now realizing how much of a bully Jeremy is and that he will end up as a threat to them because of his strength and ability to win competitions. I think this would be the best time to get him out of the house.

  39. Comments (111)

    I’m torn between Amanda and Helen on who to vote for MVP… Also I wonder if Jerkemy and Aaryn will bring up their “little deals” that Helen made with them.

  40. Comments (453)

    What is it going to take for Aaryn to wake up to the fact that she is one hateful, ugly person? GinaMarie has realized with Nick gone she doesn’t stand a chance with the rest of the house, so is crying to get them to feel sorry for her and go after the rest of the bully crew. Going to be a great week to watch them get a taste of their own medicine for a change!

  41. Comments (12)

    I think Aryan (yes I get that’s not her name but given her statements it suits her) is going to be in for a huge shock when she sees how little respect she has earned.
    I think Elissa is playing her game the best she can. By selling her MVP vote she is keeping her allies trusting her and keeping as low a profile as possible. She has to make sure she does not come across as Rachel 2.0 so this is one way to do it.
    I hope BB learns from this season that newbies create a more exciting game and stops with the constant return of the oldies von moldies. This is the best season in a long time.
    GM and her crying shows how immature she is.
    Nick going out shows that this season people are playing the game. Its about time.

    • Comments (137)

      TonyR, I dont think most people understand the play on ARYAN. She does look like what Hitler wanted. Surprised she didnt align with Spencer since he was the Hitler fan.

      For those who might not know what ARYAN means:

      The Nazis believed that the “Nordic peoples” (who were also referred to as the “Germanic peoples”) represent an ideal and “pure race” that was the purest representation of the original racial stock of those who were then called the Proto-Aryans. The Nazis declared that the Nordics were the true Aryans because they claimed that they were more “pure” (less racially mixed with non-native Indo-European peoples) than other people of what were then called the Aryan people (now called the Indo-European people).

  42. Comments (44)

    Well, he should have kissed the girl for half a million. Amanda is MVP imo, she is clearly thinking long term. I actually thought Nick would have been a great character if he stayed longer. People seem so happy like, good triumphed over evil– I actually want Jeremy to stay just to keep the house on their toes.

  43. Comments (111)

    We need more live shows like this

  44. Comments (1)

    Everyone gives Amanda the credit for figuring out the Moving Company and getting NIck voted out. But it was Candice who first figured it out. She named every member of that alliance last week when talking to Helen. And who told Elissa to nominate Nick…and promoted the girl’s alliance? That would be Candice. She’s deserves just as much, if not more credit, than Amanda.

  45. Comments (195)

    I am just watching the live show on the west channel as I missed the first 20min earlier. Why do Nick and Julie think Spencer is running the house? Even if Spencer voted for Elisa to go Nick would still have enough votes to be evicted. Oh please tell me it isn’t so that he is running things. I have more respect for a potato than I do for him!

  46. Comments (528)

    What a fabulous show. I don’t know how things could have gone better…I really hope Helen gets MVP, she is kicking ass and taking names. It’s should also help Elissa get back some confidence. Man that Aaryn, what is wrong with that girl? “They make fun of my blonde hair, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?” Do people actually think like that?? Yeesh. She is in for the shock of her life when she gets out.

  47. Comments (74)

    I’ve never been this hyped up for BB! I like how Jessie stood up for herself tonight, and it’s comical Jeremy changing his tune around the GOod Guys LOL. yay Helen!!!!!!

    • Comments (137)

      it was refreshing to see Jessie stand up for herself against the 3 of them. Sad part was there were other people around that didnt do anything to help Jessie around. But Elissa did go and get Judd, they all should have went in the room and made their presence known. Team Ignorance thinks they now can come down and bully the house around. Kind of think it is funny how Jeremy is playing low and not saying much. He knows his days are numbered, and the girls are non the wiser.

  48. Comments (31)

    Tonight’s episode has restored my faith in Big Brother. Can’t wait to see who she puts up!!

  49. Comments (233)

    Helen rocked it! It was great to see the losers so shocked. Now if the 10 will stick together for a little while, they can clean house and get this game back on track. It was a great eviction, a great show. Helen for MVP and backdoor Jeremy next Thursday. It’s getting fun again.

  50. Comments (143)

    It as really a pity nick had to go. But Elissa is ooowweee one hot lady. I didn’t want any of them to go and was scared so was going to stop watching. But damn, I never thought Nick would go, I thought it was 100% Elissa going home.

    I don’t understand how/why spencer or mccrare flipped on their mc boy? Why did Jessie backstab her own alliance? Why did nick not try to sure up the votes?

    Also how did moving company get figured out so quickly, whereas the boys from Enzo/hayden season were not figured out until reagan figured it out before he was evicted with like 6 people in the house?

    I am sad to see nick go, but glad elissa is still there.

  51. Comments (15)

    You can call me a racist if you wish, but I stopped watching BB last yr. when they only had one minority and she got voted off the first night.

    Maybe other folks that thinks like ARyan are watching the show and are pulling for her.

    anyway……Helen gets all 10 of my votes.

  52. Comments (1)

    Julie Chen needs to watch her mouth! Insulting Jessie on live tv was uncalled for. Jessie is someone’s daughter and deserves the MCs respect! Shame on you Julie.

  53. Comments (24)


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