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Big Brother 15 – McCrae And Amanda Get Big Brother Engaged


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I know I’m a little behind with the updates the past 24 hours, I did some live blogging yesterday but then stuff came up and made me pretty busy last night.  I’m sad because I missed the moment I’ve been waiting a solid week for, the McCrae and Amanda engagement!  Sure, it’s a fake proposal and we’ll be shocked if the pair still talk to each other once out of the house (though I’m hoping!), but it was still cute to see.  The only sad part about it is that McCrae should have given her a target to put on her back because that’s all this really did.  I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer over the situation, these two are great to watch, but it’s the sad truth.  I hope it doesn’t screw their game, because after all, that’s why they entered the house.

livefeed2Watch the engagement and much more
Use the flashback feature here

If you want to watch the cute proposal, use the flashback feature and go to around 8:56pm to watch McCrae work his magic.  As much as I love fighting and drama in the house, I do love the occasional cheesy moment like this, so it’s nice to see everyone getting along.   This is a must watch if you’re a fan of the couple, so check it out…

I’m going to be skipping through the night to see the other highlights.  I heard a lot went on last night, so keep checking back as I update the overnight report.


(note: I am trying a new viewer, and I think it’s like 3 minutes slow, so the times may be off a little bit if you’re using the flashback feature)

At around 9:20pm, most of the ‘goof troops’ were up in the HoH finally talking together after a few days of everyone kind of branching apart.  This was concerning if you were a fan of this alliance as Andy was talking with everyone (though, that’s Andy being Andy), and Judd was being hounded by everyone to the point of talking to himself while in solitary whether or not he should betray his friends.  When Andy revealed all the little side alliances happening, it did help reassure this core is still together and just kind of playing the house.

9:26pm – McCrae said that Amanda does trust Aaryn, and they’re floating around the idea of trying to keep her for the vote.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it would be absolutely foolish of the ‘goof troop’ to get rid of Aaryn before Kaitlin (or whoever is the MVP re-nom).  Aaryn is simply not a threat by any stretch of the imagination, nobody likes her, and even if she was able to sneak her way into the final 2, that’s a near guaranteed win for the other person.  Even Porsche was more of a threat to Rachel than Aaryn would be to anyone in the house.  (I get why fans want her out, but this is pure game talk here. With $500k on the line, I’d deal with an ignorant person for a few more weeks)

Side note: Keep watching them talk.  Judd making fun of GM is hilarious.  Apparently GinaMarie was really upset about the engagement saying ‘Who had the best week ever?  $5k, a birthday and a wedding! (while throwing her hands up in the air)’.  Judd tried not to laugh about it because she is still pissy about Nick leaving the house.  They then go on to talk about how he’s been gone like 3 months now, how GM would scream at the house in revenge of Nick if she won MVP, and so on.

Random screenshot – When McCrae said he knew every girl in high school based on her ass.  It’s like a thumbprint to him…


Engagement over already?  haha

11:45pm – The house sitting around together chatting about how guys can tell girls by their butts (screenshot above).  The reason I mention this is because earlier in the day, Spencer was laying on the hammock with Helen talking about all the ‘cussing’ Amanda does, and how she is basically a trashy girl.  Then when he’s around the raunchy crew, he fits right into the conversation with everyone.

12:00am – Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM and crew are up in the HoH room and GinaMarie really sounds a bit bitter about McCrae.  She mentioned him winning $5k again, bitched about his relationship with Amanda before the rest started going on another rant session about Elissa.  Everyone can get along when it’s time to bash Elissa I guess.

(note, I honestly have no clue what time it is.  I think it’s around 1:15am now, but the feeds are all wonky)

We have GinaMarie bashing Amanda some more.  She is insanely jealous about the Amanda/McCrae relationship and has taken every opportunity to bash her.  GM said that Amanda was furious when McCrae didn’t win HoH, but I personally didn’t notice that.   Spencer comes out with ‘he has the pussy blindness’ – yes, again, the same guy who acted like a saint when talking to Helen.

2:00am or so – GinaMarie and Kaitlin agree that MIT is in New York.  Even when Spencer said it’s full name (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kaitlin insists it is in NY.  To be fair, she also said Stanford is in Mass (it’s in California), but at least they got Yale and Harvard right.   Oops, now GinaMarie takes another shot at Candice and said she’s going to stink up a blanket with crabs.

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  1. Comments (39)

    I heard that Judd dressed up like Nick and pretended the twist was ‘Nick’s back” and GM cried… do you have the flashback time for that? lol.

    • Comments (137)

      That is kind of mean, but sounds funny. I love me some humor!! I am getting a little tired of all the camera shots of Amanda and McCrae. Just like I was with Jeremy and Kaitlin. I really do not want to see a season of showmances always making out. Come on BB show us something else.

      • Comments (39)

        I know sometimes I am so embarrassed for GM and feel bad for her, but then I am like oh wait, this is hilarious.

    • Comments (624)

      I find it so childish that GM is crying her eyeballs out over some random guy she’s known only a handful of days. Who would want her with that “I’m from ‘Joisey’ so the rest of you are losers” attitude? She’s nothing but a fake blond with cheap extensions and horrendous without pancake makeup on.

      • Comments (39)

        She is SO annoying. She is one of those people who doesn’t listen or comprehend what people are saying and just goes off on her own tangent. I am SO glad she is on the block.

      • Comments (624)

        Unfortunately, she’ll have to wait in line to go out the door after at least Aaryn. If we could only have a triple eviction and mix in a BB All Star player or two to make it interesting.

      • Comments (39)

        I would love a triple eviction…but yea even though she isn’t going home most likely I am just glad she is on the block haha. Hopefully they tell her on Thursday that America put her there 🙂

  2. Comments (3)

    I’ve been enjoying your feed updates! I’m so down I can’t get the feeds because I have Time Warner instead of DTv. 🙁 enough about that…I totally agree with you about Aaryn. She is the last person they should be focusing on. I get why people want her gone but like you said, this is a game where the winner wins $$$! I feel like I’m missing something with Howard though. I know he lied to Helen about being in the MC…is that the reason why people are saying he’s shady?

    • Comments (20)

      Your cable company has nothing to do with the live feeds. Go to on your computer. If you are posting on this site, you can get the live feeds. Are you sure you’re not talking about Big Brother after Dark?

      • Comments (3)

        OMG!! Thanks! For some reason I was grouping them together, but you’re right they are separate! What the heck is wrong with me. I’m gonna blame this on the TX heat. Smh

      • Comments (1276)

        You can see Big Brother Afterdark too. It’s on TVGN, if you have DVR, just type it into the search, and you can record it.

  3. Comments (51)

    Amanda’s engagement ring is from ELISSA. a 3-carat diamond ring (i guess) she gave to MC

  4. Comments (178)

    About the only camera shot of Amanda I would really appreciate seeing is her back as she’s exiting the Big Brother house. Big Brother is milking Amanda’s and McCrae’s “relationship” for all it’s worth; but it’s become very annoying. Amanda had started out as a contender; but all she has become is a Brittany clone. I intensely disliked Brittany’s game play for both seasons she was on and I’ve started to feel that way about Amanda. Where is it written you can’t win Big Brother and still retain a modicum of class and integrity?

    • Comments (2)

      I don’t really see the comparison between Amanda and Britney…I would say that Britney is more careful and more strategic than Amanda…And Amanda is not even half as funny as Britney

    • Comments (3)

      I can see your Britney/Amanda comparison. The main difference is that brittney’s seasons were wayyyy more challenging than what Amanda’s dealing with. Other than that the attitudes are very similar. I think you hit that on the head.

  5. Comments (2)

    About the MVP, Julie said that in the event, if one of the players that America nominates to be put up on the block is already nominated by HOH, then it will be the next player with the most votes. I believe that America nominated Aaryn then katiln & Elissa was the one with the third highest votes and that is how she got up on the block.

  6. Comments (2)

    Where did the ‘crab’ Candice thing come from? Did I miss something? Because Aaryn said during last week’s blow up. Mentioned something about “I wouldn’t want to get in that bed anyway with all those crabs”. Where is this coming from?

  7. Comments (624)

    This “engagement” is about as mature as a couple of 5 year olds playing a game of house.

  8. Comments (74)

    I could use a Dan;s Funeral right about now. GM’s mixture of arrogance and stupidity are lethal. This season of BB proves that some humans haven’t evolved much at all. Makes me want to go all Cast Away and live on a deserted island. My luck I’d find an island and wake up one morning with a cast from Survivor standing around. F my life right LOL

  9. Comments (74)

    The theory many thought about Elissa nominating herself was funny because that’s something I said to a few friends a while back. Have some fun with the houseguest by nominating myself and start speculating who did it and get everybody crazy with assumptions. Elissa reminds me of a cat. Rubs up against your leg and scratches you every once in a while. Meows randomly but no one knows what she wants. I think she is beautiful and a little weird. I think Rachel’s insecurity may stem from sibling rivalry, yeah I watched their wedding special LOL

    I was amped for the first two evictions now it’s a little boring. 🙁 The showmances are ridiculous this year. The only couples I liked on BB were Jeff and Jordon and surprisingly Dani and Nick.

    Amanda always smacking her mouth like she has a bad taste in her mouth annoys me. (i hope that person accusing everybody of hating her because she’s Jewish doesn’t read this) hahha But I’m not an Amanda fan!

  10. Comments (74)

    Correction! I liked Jeff and Jordon on their season with Jesse. When they came back I couldn’t stand Jeff. 🙂

  11. Big Bro Fan 2013
    Comments (1)

    Im so glad Im not the only one who cant stand AMANDA and her mouth smacking! Omg why does she always do that??? Its soooo annoying! Kaitlyn’s eyebrows drive me nuts! And I cant wait for Racist, ignorant Aaryn to get evicted so she can find out she lost her job! HAHA. Cant wait!!

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