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Big Brother 15 – McCrae Keeps Hanging In There

bb15-mccrae-outfitThere was only one possible thing that could have spiced up the week a little bit, and that’s McCrae winning PoV today.  By doing so, he will remove himself from the block and be replaced  by either Andy or Judd (most likely Judd).  There is early talk about sending GM home because of all the girls in the jury house, but Judd is really upset and throwing a tantrum of his own.

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The veto competition featured Big Brother 14 winner, Ian Terry, and was a very physical challenge.  When the feeds came on, GinaMarie was even more banged up than normal to the point where she is going to require stitches (sadly, not to keep her mouth shut).

What’s interesting is that Judd is storming around bitching about production among many other things. I already know he thinks one of the veto competitions was rigged in favor of Elissa, so I wonder if he thinks the same thing about this one today.  I know what you’re thinking… hey Judd, production gave you a second shot in the game, stop bitching…  oh wait, maybe that’s just me thinking that.

I like Judd, but it’s bad enough we have a crapton of readers who buy into these theories about everything being rigged for certain people. Now Judd is going to join them?  Obviously his opinion weighs more than the readers since he’s actually part of the game, but what are they rigging at this point?  Is he just being a sore loser, or is he on to something?

If production was rigging anything for McCrae, you’d think they would have clued him in on the fact that Andy was working against him, and Elissa was with him… but those are just details I suppose.

Anyway, I’m happy with the outcome only because we actually get to see people panic this week instead of just counting the minutes until McCrae is voted out.

PS – Wouldn’t it be funny if Amanda really did take the fire out of McCrae, and by re-sparking it, GinaMarie ends up going to jury.

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  1. Comments (30)

    Happy he stepped up and won POV. As for the rest of the HG, ROTFLMAO……

    • Comments (16)

      Me too, if only to keep the House lively. I’m just hoping we don’t see GM or Spencer in the F2. Really hope she goes this week.

      • Comments (378)

        GO SPENCE!! 🙂

      • Comments (357)

        ROTFLMAO right along with you Michelle and Proof. I wonder how many slices of that Karma pie is left in the house? Considering we have seen them eat more than ANY game play in BB history. Oh no wait, I forgot about sleeping…my Bad! I really wanted a female to win this year (It’s really hard to call this females “women” after the things I have seen and heard)! GM isn’t/wasn’t/ain’t the one I wanted to be left in the running! Go McCrae…you could have dominated from day 2 (minus the slug you attached yourself to)! After reading Steves Blog. I had to see what the Mitches in the BB house were doing on BBAD. So, I turned it on and 15 minutes later. I turned it right back off! Watching the scum of this season gloat about their success (still trying to figure that out) is sickening! The things that come out of their mouths is appalling.

        If only I had 5 minutes to talk to the trash left in the house. This is what I would say:

        *Hey Spencer…..I pray…..sincerely pray that when you or if you procreate (an image I didn’t really need…damn SELF)? That you are blessed with sons and not daughters! You are vile and your comments about the women in the house? Will surely guarantee a lack of self esteem in your daughters. You have NO respect for women and it shows with your Perv comments on a daily basis. Marilyn must be so proud of you! What’s that they say about leopards?

        *GM…These men…scratch that….MITCHES, have little to no respect for woman and sitting there allowing it? Is not only unacceptable, but validates the current nicknames you have incurred! I get it….It’s a game! But morals should kick in at some point during your vacay at the BB house! No one is looking for a dogfight GM! A simple…”Hey guys… guys, a woman here…cut it out! Would have made my day/decade! But then I forgot who I was talking to for a minute!

        *Judd…be happy you received a 2nd chance! Because you would be sitting in a JH with the same woman/people you are bashing with the fellas! Put your big boy panties on and be above the scum you live with! You want to impress me? Impress me by having a conversation that I could halfway understand! THAT would impress me! Sidenote Judd, If you really think that production sucks? Keep talking, because as easy as you walked back IN the BB house (post eviction)? Is as easy as you can walk back OUT of the BB house! What a disappointment!

        *Andy….you have been called a rat for some time now. Since the DOMINATE one’s have left. Your eating cheese for info like non ever. The “yeah like”, “Oh for sure”, yeah really”…. makes YOU sound more like a Valley girl than GM could ever be! As a professor of speech, you have done a piss poor job in your diction and I would DEMAND my money back if my child took your class after watching this! You went from listening and scurrying that info back to Amanda and McCrae. To joining the rest of the scum in the house by bashing every woman in the BB house.

        *McCrae….Nasty issues all season aside. I’m rooting for you. Why? Because you are the lesser of the 4 evils in that house right now. SHOCKER! Your biggest downfall was Amanda. Love is love, but stupid is stupid! And you my friend…were stupid! You can thank Karma for still being in that house! I sincerely hope that you are evaluating your BB game and realize where you went wrong. I hope that common sense was replaced by stupid (plain dumb) if you win this game. Amanda ALMOST ruined your game!

        ****OK, so that might have been more than 5 minutes. You would think this idiots would have learned that the BB fans are watching everything they do. How nice would it be for the Jury members to be watching BBAD/live feeds just as we are? I am so tired of this season and can’t wait for finale. I want to bury this disaster of a season and move on!****

      • Comments (1)

        I could not have said that better myself!

      • Comments (1)

        Correction. Andy is NOT a professor as he claims. He is a part time instructor at a community college. We are talking 6-10 hours a week “work” depending on enrollment. Just another embellishment to make him seem more accomplished than the brat he is. At least he has the wardrobe for that role.

      • Comments (378)

        Sour grapes losers!!!! GO GUYS GO 😀

      • Comments (17)

        Thank u for putting my thoughts in to words! (this bunch of idiots are so rude, crude & undeserving of the win)
        Worst BB season ever!!!

  2. Comments (24)

    Go McCray, I hate to say this (sort of) but Amanda was bringing her man down, he even kicked butt in the comp they were in together, the shame is if he wins the 500 k you know she will be sharing it, sad, I hope spencer puts andy up but GM is most likely out of this….

    • Comments (279)

      Mc on Afetr Dark said he was going home for a month to think things threw,he was not sure why Amanda liked him so much.he said he just went with it but was wondering why himself so who knows.

      • Comments (610)

        He was thinking with the wrong head?

      • Comments (32)

        McCrae also said on BBAD last night that Eliss’s “Elissasize” exercise business was a pyramid scheme.

      • Comments (45)

        Well the business expert pizza boy should know – NOT!

        McCrae only verified his ignorance and lack of sense when he was speaking bad about Elissa. It was hard to watch.

      • Comments (357)

        ME….does your parents know your still awake and using the computer?

      • Comments (79)

        I agree, she’s a moron.

      • Comments (74)

        I think McCrae knows lots about his own life. And, according to the other whiny HGs, nothing about Elissa’s. Are you actually trying to imply that Elissa told him that herself??????

      • Comments (10)

        He is way better looking than Amanda and has a better personality. He needs to find himself a real woman!

      • Comments (4)

        He is a real woman!

      • Comments (16)

        I hope he does do that, really think about it because Amanda is toxic. I would be a McCrae fan, but for the fact of Amanda…she will get her greedy hooks on his money, use and abuse him until it is gone, then leave. He is a fool if he stays with her outside the house…just saying…mark my words.

      • Comments (18)

        Unfortunately, if he wins, I can see Amanda being all over him, having every dollar accounted for and spent before McCrae has time to blink. She will make him feel guilty for even thinking about a little space between them and getting him to the final two.

    • Comments (26)

      Absolutely. Evident in the fact that during comps he was more concerned about how much Amanda is going to be mad at him if he doesn’t throw it to her than whether or not he was going to win

    • Comments (29)

      You are right in a way. Amanda did dominate the game and not McCrae but this made her a bigger target. He did try and calm her down because he knew it was hurting his game and a showmance couple becomes a target eventually but he is still there and pushing it I just wish he could see the dynamics of it all and align with Judd and focus on getting rid of Anday and Spencer

  3. Comments (6)

    Yay for McCrae!! I was about to stop watching this season completely. The exterminators behavior this week has been truly disgusting and I don’t want to see any of them win. They are constantly trash talking everyone that’s gone and the things spencer has said are vile. Judd is acting like a child. I’m really so disappointed in the whole season but am happy they’re all stressing after acting so proud and nasty since Thursday.

  4. Comments (10)

    McCrae is so hot.

    • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (10)

        He is the best looking HG this season. Hands down.

      • Comments (2)

        LOL to each their own, I guess!! I think Spencer is pretty nifty looking !! So I guess I can’t judge anyone else!! LMAO

      • Comments (18)

        Arryn was the most good looking HG this season

      • Comments (624)

        Elissa was. Aaryn has an ugly personality couldn’t even put on makeup correctly.

      • Comments (1162)

        I wonder if these HG Creeps will go to the BB15 Finale Party?
        Their non-stop Elissa and her family bashing is so horrific that I doubt these
        creeps will be able to find many supporters in the crowd.
        Rachel is hosting the BB Finale Party.
        : )

        With no one to hide behind, Snitch Rat Andy, just might
        head over to McDonald’s for his celebratory meal. I just
        can’t see Andy being able to take what is going to be
        said to him without breaking out in hives and having a bout
        of hysterical crying.

      • Comments (651)

        I heard that not all the HG’s will be invited to the finale party. I know Brendon tweeted that any HG who trash talked his nephews will have to deal with him at the party so they will probably not get an invite. And after last night that now includes Rat Dog.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner of BB15 is not invited to the finale party. And we now know that there won’t be a Vegas BB party for this season. So I think the finale party will be those that went home early as well as Candice, Jessie, Helen and Elissa.

      • Comments (1162)

        I don’t know how a BB15 Party could exclude any of the BB15 HGs.
        Some may not want to attend and for good reason.

      • Comments (624)

        I hope they DO show up to the party. Let them taste their own medicine. They can turn it into a roast of the final 5.

      • Comments (207)

        MM i laughed so hard i bout peed my pants! LOL!

      • Comments (378)

        MM is a HOMOPHOBE!!!
        …jus sayn 😉 lol

      • Comments (78)

        What????im running to the bathroom. All he does is pick his nose. Heirs discusting. Yuck

      • Comments (624)

        Debdebdebdeb, is he a heir to a rich family?

      • Comments (45)

        You must not get out much.

      • Comments (60)

        McCrae? Spencer? Hot?…you guys are kidding yes?. As a gay man I like to think I can spot a hot guy when I see one….and those two are most def. not my cup of tea…for you ladies that think they are….more power to you doll. 🙂

      • Comments (78)

        Yuck. Vomit!!

      • Comments (78)

        Andy go eat a pickle and stuff your mouth. You sick buffalo

      • Comments (357)


      • Comments (624)

        and don’t forget to chew with your mouth open like you so disgustingly do.

      • Comments (378)

        Thought all you bitchez were gonna stop watching huh??? 😀 losers!!!! Lmao

      • Comments (14)

        What do you think about Howard and Nick?

    • Comments (207)

      YourFace i was going to give you a thumbs down but i changed my mind. McCrae needs someone to take him away from Amanda. LOL

      • Comments (207)

        Ahhh Come on everybody give YoueFace some encouragement! If we get him with someone else we can all hope he wins!

      • Comments (124)

        Nancy…with $500k he can hire a bodyguard to keep her away

      • Comments (207)

        Your right Kate but we want YourFace to help him out a little! LOL

      • Comments (5)

        Honestly if Amanda didn’t force her gross self upon him, I’d find McCrae pretty adorable. Granted he has the job of a 16 year old boy and needs to get that together; but he’s not horrid looking when he has his facial hair in check. I think he could benefit from a slight haircut too, but he seems like a really nice person (how he tolerated Amanda….I will never understand), and he’s seems down to earth. But who wants her sloppy seconds…yuck.

    • Comments (6)

      Hot? as in he is working out and sweating up a storm hot? cuz ain’t nothing about this man that is hot

    • Comments (6)

      Hot? as in he is working out and sweating up a storm hot… cuz he sure isn’t hot in any other way…

  5. Comments (1)

    gah, I hope Andy ends up going home somehow

  6. Comments (1162)

    Hopefully Judd calms down very soon.
    Yes, he is ticked off at losing the comp.
    He said he lost it by 5 seconds!!
    And he knew before the comp that he was likely going to be put up.

    Meanwhile Rat Snitch Andy is using Judd’s agitation to his favor by hanging onto
    McCrae and telling him -Did you see how upset Judd was when you won?
    Why is Judd so upset that you won?

    WAKE UP JUDD & McCRAE!!! There is an ugly rat on both of your tails.
    Rust colored hair, bouncing googly eyes, squeaky voice and cries like a baby………

  7. Comments (279)

    Only prob I see with the exterminators is that none of them can win at ANYTHING!!! What a bunch of losers you could give them all a head start in a race like 50ft from the finish and they would trip,run into each other,or just plain ol run the wrong way. Andy is the only one I see playing the game left,ya hes a rat but it got him that far and he did get out(voting Amanda out)so he would not end up 3 to MC and Am.Now he really has to step up as to not get put up as a replacement and unless Spencer gets a clue I don’t see that happening.

    • Comments (11)

      I believe the reason we all dislike Andy, is not really because he is a rat, in a sense he is just Ian 2.0 which most people liked last year. we are just upset all the good players are gone and he is to blame for the last few leaving. we are stuck with Judd, Spencer, Mccrea and GM because of him.

      I do not know about everyone else but I am ready to see a winner win not another “playa”, here is to BB Canada 2014, where the action is hot and winners win.

      • Comments (226)

        I don’t see Andy being an Ian 2.0 at all. Ian was sneaky, but he didn’t rip on people and then morph in to a dictator like Andy has in the last 2 days.

        I rooted for Ian last year bc he was a superfan and underdog and it was great to see him beat Dan who may have been cunning but, *yawn*.

        Andy. Is playing a great game, don’t get me wrong. He has turned in to the new demanda and will probably take it all but an Ian? Nope.

  8. Comments (610)

    With Gina Marie’s recent injuries (possible broken toe/toes, some kind of cut and/or knee injury today), maybe they will just send her packing? She’s already up on the block…

    • Comments (293)

      Why would they have physical challenges when they know she is hurt? Hmmm.

      • Comments (22)

        Because they always have physical challenges… and if they didn’t just because she was hurt would that be the same as rigging it for anyone else?

      • Comments (293)

        They don’t always have physical challenges. They have memory games, guessing games, matching games, etc.

      • Comments (207)

        Shirley dont kill the fun….just roll with it. Its gonna be a physical challkenge. LOL….at least we hope!

      • Comments (378)

        Ya Shirley dont kill the fun with FACTS and THRUTHS geeez 😉 lol the haterz wanna hate, and they wont be satisfied till they get blood HA!
        LOSERS!!! 😀

      • Comments (29)

        Yes they have those challenges during BB but in the end most of the time it’s physical challanges.

      • Comments (293)

        McCrae told Judd that GM will probably be safe because keeping her means she won’t be able to win the competitions since she’s hurt.
        Big Brother should do the unexpected and change the competitions to brain games, video games, or something similar. That way, house guests won’t conveniently “get hurt” (Maybe GM and Judd are hurt on purpose) or try to eliminate one another because they are sure about the types of upcoming competitions.

      • Comments (1076)

        Maybe they could play Bridge and drink tea with biscuits. Last one to remain awake wins the POV.

  9. Comments (1)

    Thank you jesus!!!! McCrea beyter win tje next hoh….at this point he’s the only one worthy of winning.

    • Comments (1288)

      Actually he has two shots now even though he was up against the wall in this comp. If he doesn’t win HoH next he can still come thru with the veto. That veto is almost as good as the HoH because the veto winner gets to cast the only vote to evict.

  10. ashamed to be watching
    Comments (12)

    I would Love to see Andy on the block !!! It would serve him right . Andy;s behavior has been so disgusting and he can;t seem to let it go ,even when that part of the game is over (Elissa and her child ,sorry I just watched BBAD ) but Spencer will still most likely put up Judd .

  11. Comments (15)

    They should be called the Floaters not the exterminators.

    • Comments (3)

      How are they floaters? Each one of them has been HOH at least once, and they’ve made a bunch of alliances and have won comps (Obviously). I don’t think they are floaters, the only one that is a floater is spencer and obviously he can’t get out.

      • Comments (293)

        Spencer won a trip, money, HOH, and he volunteered to be a pawn. He also led his team to victory in one of the have/have not competitions.

      • Comments (293)

        Do the thumbs down mean this isn’t true? Have I been watching a different show?

      • Comments (1076)

        No Shirley. You have been paying attention. Some people get too emotionally invested, then when proven wrong, become belligerent.

      • Comments (207)

        Shirley look back at Spencers time in the house. He put hardly any effort in the game. He lucked up and did no strategizing. Man you sure are easy to please!

      • Comments (293)

        NancyW, Nick says, “Each one of them has been HOH at least once, and they’ve made a bunch of alliances and have won comps (Obviously). I don’t think they are floaters, the only one that is a floater is spencer and obviously he can’t get out.”

        Based on that criteria, since he has the same accomplishments, Spencer would not be a floater.

        HOWEVER, I did not say that. I merely listed Spencer’s accomplishments as I know them. I did not give MY opinion as to whether he is or is not a floater.

      • Comments (1076)

        Spencer is so bad at this game that he made the F4 and has an excellent chance at the F2. What horrible game play. Too bad he can’t play as well as the people who have been voted out and have no chance to win. And here’s some raw meat for you Spencer haters, About 20 minutes ago he told Andy, Judd and McCrae that Aaryn would be a good f%^k if she wasn’t a racist and her tits were bigger…..LOL……

      • Comments (17)

        Too bad he’s so disgusting, he didn’t need to be!

      • Comments (378)

        Lol go Spence! 😛

      • Comments (207)

        Nick they all are floaters! Even though they made it to this point. They were not strategic in getting to where their at…..so they are floaters.

      • Comments (1076)

        Andy not strategic? WTF are you talking about? McCrae has also been talking strategy for the whole game. The people who win deserve to win, no matter what convoluted reasoning you have against it.

      • Comments (207)

        Well MC only talked to Amanda and did her biding!!!! Even though i do like him he just started playing for himself. And Andy went back and forth hiding behind people. Crying everytime he thought someone was finding him out. They both did what others wanted. Andy only had to choose what side he wanted that week.

      • Comments (26)

        This is probably how Andy is in real life! McCrae has been following Amanda’s lead. He got lost after she was evicted and made a very DUMB move to evict Elissa (she would have been his ally). He let his emotions control him.

      • Comments (1076)

        Meanwhile, all those brilliant strategists you all adore are playing Mah Jongg and gossiping themselves into a coma at the jury house.

      • Comments (207)

        They may be evicted Suzyq but if they would have floated around like the ones left in the house then we would have really had a boring big brother this season from start to finish. And big brother would have had to beat them with a stick to get them to vote!! Thanks to the strategists in the house it didnt all suck this season!

      • Comments (378)

        Gave ya a huge thumbs up cuz that was funny 🙂

  12. Comments (10)

    I know everyone is all against Andy, but I think he has played an awesome game. I hope he wins!

    • Comments (1288)

      Just above us here the haters want to call everyone left floaters. They show willful ignorance that McCrae and Andy were in an alliance from day 2 and took part in controlling the house until recently. Yes they have parted ways but that could change if circumstances throw them back together.

      • Comments (1076)

        When I was a kid my mom used to tell me, “You’re not smart enough to be mean so you better be nice”. That’s how I feel about most of the posters here.

      • Comments (274)

        She sure got the first part right with you!

      • Comments (1076)

        Where have you been hiding? Upside down in a cave I imagine. Glad you could come out and spread your wings. You are the perfect example of one of the charm school graduates I was talking about. And, btw, I was reading Joyce’s Ulysses the other day and Thomas Mann called me about the death of a mutual friend of ours in Venice.

      • Comments (207)

        For one it dont take a smart person to be mean. But i would like to know which one ard you suppose to be?

      • Comments (1076)

        My mom was just trying to put me in my place because I was very bright child and a lot to handle; I was also mean as the day was long. My third grade teacher made me stand in the corner on the last day of school because I was such a sweetheart. Yes, I definitely will always win the mean card. I have learned to save it for those who write without proofreading and those with no critical thinking skill. But God compensated, I have a scathingly wicked sense of humor, an excellent memory and am extremely perceptive of others behaviors.

      • Comments (207)

        Really! Well heres my perception of you. You are not using that good memory of yours or you would know the people who floated and the people who played the game strategically. You say things to shock people so they will give you a thumbs down since you hardly get thumbs up.

      • Comments (87)

        sq, that is to funny! ..omg I wish I could meet you on person

      • Comments (30)

        Suzyq IS a great writer with a wit that cracks me up!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (207)

        DanDaMan there were alot of people in the original alliance including Helen and then Elissa. This was Helens game at first and then Amandas. I mentioned Amanda because everyone thought she was the great and powerful OZ! And we all know he turns out to br fake.

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes, Helen and Amanda were part of the early conquests and could claim their share if they were still in the game. However insisting that it was all Helen or Amanda is ignoring what happened and the contributions of McCrae and Andy.

      • Comments (207)

        Sorry DanDeMan, Ijust keep seeing Andys red shock face expressions when he was scared and McCraes head buried in Amandas butt. Almost literally. Even though they deserve a small Congrats! They didnt do enough brain or leg work to get my approval. Plus Andy claimed to be something he really wasnt to us in the DR. RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (293)

        Maybe he was acting.

      • Comments (90)

        Sorry Steve….its Fat Fingers Veeee again. No comment to report.

    • Comments (6)

      Wish andy won some amazing Pandora’s box. With this special power Andy gets evicted immediately, but with a twist, he has to pick a houseguest to take with him, and as a result two deserving jury house guest voted by America get to return to finish playing the game. The pylons that are in the house atm…. are just house fillers.

    • Comments (4)

      Please elaborate as to what game he has played.

    • Comments (79)

      Is he even human? He looks strange.

  13. Comments (1)

    I hope McCrae takes this season. The rest of the floaters are there because the stronger players used them. And after dark is soo boring now

    • Comments (1076)

      After dark is always boring when it gets near the end. I think this year has been a little livelier than most. GM is a hoot. And, Spencer and Andy’s 21st century remake of the 1970 classic “Love Story” has been inspiration for lovers everywhere. Lastly, McCraes winning of so many POV competitions reminds me of Kelly in the first Survivor.

      • Comments (233)

        Ah, damn, they finally do something that sounds interesting, and I missed it? When was the Love Story remake? Big Brother means never having to say you’re sorry.

    • Comments (26)

      Instead of watching BBAD, I’d rather watch the action in the Jury House. How about you?

      • Comments (624)

        YES. But I look forward to Andy’s eviction night.

      • Comments (6)

        I really would like Andy to be evicted, but he has played such a slimy kind of game, that he will in all likelihood win it. The house guests will only realise his crappiness once they leave and watch the show. I am sure that there has to be some students of his that don’t like his game play and although not fair…. I am sure they too will find a way to stick it too him through teacher/professeur evaluations. I don’t care who wins so long as its not him.

  14. Comments (6)

    Andy needs to go up just for the drama factor. He will be freaked out.

  15. Comments (3)

    OMG go Macrae, I will be praying GM goes home, just so I don’t have to hear that stupid ass laugh of hers. Hmmmm wonder who is scared now…lol

  16. Comments (3)

    I hope that McCrae wins HOH and goes to the end, I believe he played the better game hanging with Amanda then anyone left in the house. The thing about everyone in the house is they count their eggs before they hatch.

    • Comments (65)

      Yes. McCrae played a big role in Amanda’s plan….she ran the house but he had a say in it too. She played a good game but her vile behavior made it difficult to tolerate her, much less root for her to win. But McCrae, while he has his fair share of unflattering qualities, has done well. He had a HUGE sheild in Amanda, and unlike the merry ban of misfits that call themselves the exterminators, he has a decent comp record…5 comps, more than any of the other HGs…3 of which he had won in the last week. I am rooting for him!

      • Comments (5)

        Aaryn won 3 HOHs and I believe a Veto (not counting the HOH she won with Jeremy) – she was evicted though. Elissa won an HOH and two vetoes.
        As for the remaining houseguests, GM has two HOHs and Andy had one week where he had 100% of control – both HOH and Veto. Judd had an HOH and he technically won a veto but gave the POV to Jessie and took the money, plus he won the DE veto on Thurs. Spencer won a veto and an HOH. Everyone has won who is in the house but McCrae has just won /more/ – if you think about it at least the people here now have won something. Despite being crap people they won more than ‘better players’ Amanda and Helen.

      • Comments (207)

        Yeah but lets be real……Helen showed uz how hard she worked. Alot of people said while she was in that this was her game, now people say she didnt have game! Bull$- –t! And get this about the comps….alot of comps are thrown away by good strategist!

      • Comments (293)

        Helen caused Howard’s eviction and she tried to get McCrae to vote out Amanda–two bad moves.

      • Comments (5)

        if you can’t write ‘us’ properly i don’t think you can really process the game lol. I never said I wanted anyone in the house to win the game [I wanted Elissa or Aaryn to win to be honest, even though Aaryn is a crap person at least she was good at comps consistently], but the people there now deserve to be there more than Amanda and Helen especially since Helen wasn’t ballsy enough to evict Amanda when she had the chance. I like Helen as a person but her game was crap. I believe, as you implied, Elissa threw competitions. I wouldn’t doubt if Rachel told her to so the target on her back wouldn’t be as large. But if you’re really there to win (and your circumstances aren’t like Elissa’s) it would be stupid to throw competitions.

  17. Comments (1162)

    Spencer telling GM that all of the girls in the JH love Andy. (LOL)

    That’s right, Spencer.
    You’re best bet is to put up your dear pal, Andy and evict him.
    And you’re so correct that Jurist Andy would vote for you even
    if you could have prevented him from being on the Block.
    Andy knows it is only a Game.
    So put Andy on the Block and Evict him. It is your best move and
    a BIG ONE!


  18. Comments (6)

    I don’t watch the feeds, this site is my way of keeping up with all that happens, but I’m just wondering why wouldn’t Spencer put up Andy? I thought him and Judd were pretty tight, but that just might be how they make it seem on tv.

    • TeamMcCraeNeedsToDumpAmanda
      Comments (23)

      Andy and Spencer have been close since the beginning and even more so since Howard left. Of all the HGs, Spencer is closest to Andy.

    • Comments (61)

      “Pig Mouth” Spencer & “Rat Boy” Andy have become thick as thieves in the last few weeks actually, however “Pig Mouth” better wake up or He Will be looking at 3rd place maybe 2nd but NEVER 1st next to “Rat Boy”

      • Comments (45)

        Exactly! Spencer is not very bright so therefore will probably not figure out that his best move would be to put up Andy.

      • Comments (293)

        Spencer told Andy, he knows that he (Spencer) cannot win against Andy. Spencer said he has 20 percent chance of beating Gina Marie.

    • Comments (29)

      Spencer, Andy and McCrae have been together for a while now (and they flipped when Amanda and McCrae lost Aaryn) and Spencer knows McCrae is loyal to Andy and Andy did tell him about them trying to get rid of him and keep Amanda so there is that too. I also thinks Spencer knows once everyone knows what Andy did he may have a better chance at winning. I think the hg have time to reflect and cool down in the Jury house and may think that Andy played a better game than Spencer but he is not smart enough to figure that out lol.

  19. TeamMcCraeNeedsToDumpAmanda
    Comments (23)

    I started the season as a McCrae fan….then his showman cue with Amanda brought her into it…for the first couple of weeks they were my absolute favorite. But when Amanda started to show her true colors, I quickly began to dislike her, and by extension, McCrae. He definitely tried to keep Amanda’s crazy reigned in and told her when she was being completely inappropriate. He is the one that called her out on her racist remarks and tried to get her to just swallow her pride and let the petty shit fall to the side, which is a lot more than most of the HGs did, even if it had no effect on Amanda’s erratic behavior. As Amanda got crazier, McCrae seemed to pull away from her a bit, and it seemed he became more and more intolerant of her antics. Which bumped him up in my book. I had high hopes last week, that with Amanda gone, we would see the McCrae we saw week one and I had high hopes fr that McCrae, but his plays in the DE dashed those hopes….and his failure to see that Andy isn’t his ally (ali?) anymore gives me pause, but of the 5 HGs, he is the only one I would be happy about winning…Judd, maybe….but he seems a little different since he came back….
    #TeamMcCrae #TeamMcCraeNeedsToDumpAmanda

    • Comments (35)

      Does this remind anyone else of Brenden and Rachel in season 12? everyone hated Brenden while he was with Rachel in the house but when she was gone everyone liked him

  20. Comments (453)

    If Spencer, McCrae and Judd have any brains they will put Andy on the block and vote his sorry butt out.

  21. Comments (1)

    CBS is trying to make a season that was an epic fail somewhat palatable. I think Judd is right. Production is manipulating the game so they won’t be canceled next summer. They will do an all star season next summer to somewhat redeem themselves but I’m afraid it won’t work. They need to screen contestants better and not let reality wanna bees in the house. “Floaters beware” was a joke. Floaters sent the strong players home. Now it’s all just a coin toss. None of the remaining contestants have any real fans.
    This season sucks!

  22. Comments (21)

    Last decent person won POV . I can watch again and root again for someone to win this game!!

  23. Comments (61)

    I sooooo Hope & Want Judd to Wise Up!!! & tell McCrae about the “Exterminators” so they can then go up to the HOH Room & Strongly Persuede & or Pressure “Pig Mouth” Spencer into putting “Rat Boy” Andy up on the Block to be Blinsided or else He WILL be their Target from now on!!! Oooo that is just too Delicious!!! I get Tingly just Picturing EVERY Moment of this Scenario in My head =D =D =D Whatcha Think??? =D =D =D Blessed Be, Angel L aka Lori =D (f.y.i. I also go by Angel Luscious when Angel L is not available on the site I am joining =D) I still plan on being here till the miserable end but I wanted to make sure to say Thank-You Very Much to ALL of the Super dee Duper aka Spectacular People I have had the Pleasure of interacting with on this BB15 Site ran so Fantastically by Steve Beans even when He is dealing with some difficult personal issues, A Special Thank-you Shout Out to You My Fine Sir <3

  24. Comments (65)

    Steve,you are absolutely spot on! It would be amazing to see GM go on the back of McCrae’s PoV…the only thing better woud be seeing her o during McC’s HoH!!!!

    • Comments (4)

      GM is the only one left with any testicles. I was hoping through most of the show that she would be evicted, especially after her racial comments. But out of the remaining houseguests, she is the only one taking any chances. She orchestrated the ousting of the evil Amanda. Judd has played hard but not with a lot of strategy. Andy and Spencer have floated between sides aligning themselves with whichever side was in control at the moment while not taking any chances. Andy had a chance when he was HOH but chose not to stick his neck out. Andy and Spencer’s picture appear in the BB dictionary under the definition of “floater”. MC did not make any bold moves except maybe under the covers with Amanda. He really hadn’t started playing BB until Amanda left. He hasn’t played enough of the game to even reach the level of a floater. I’m not even sure what to categorize him as other than a horny stereotypical porn movie type pizza delivery boy. He is the least deserving of the big prize. Of the poor choices that remain in the house, I think GM and Judd are the better(????) game players. I agree that BBAD and the live feed are now too boring to watch and that they should at show at least two feeds from the jury house to spice things up. Maybe they could have another jury member rejoin the house as part of Pandora’s box. BB please do something! I do want the show to be on again next year and not cancelled due to poor ratings during the last three weeks.

      • Comments (378)

        Look …you better sit down for this I have something to tell you 😉

        …your preferred HGs are gone cuz losers lose, you prolly liked them cuz losers stick together…get a stiff drink and get a grip…theres life after BB …but if you cant handle it any longer and want to do something drastic …. 😉 go ahead lol I wont stop you 😀

  25. Comments (10)

    Yaaay McCrae! I am happy to have someone to root for. I knew he could do it. I think he is the most intelligent player left, and I hope he can figure out the best person to take to F2. Please, please, don’t let it be andy!!!!!!! I think Judd would be his best choice since some resent the fact he was able to come back in the game after being evicted. He certainly hasn’t shown us he is very good at this game.

    • Comments (29)

      Here is hoping you winning the next HOH McCrae

    • Comments (207)

      Your right joban! I hope its McCrae and Judd. Really the only reason i never wanted McCrae to win was because of Amanda. If YourFace would steal him from Amanda or he grew some big ones i would really want him to win. He has done better since she left. He got us all excited..I want him F2 with Judd just in case McCrae dont win. I keep seeing a happy face on Amanda though cause she knows she would get that money. I keep flipping back and forth. What about you all?

  26. Comments (293)

    Production can’t have Amanda, so they’ll settle for McCrae. How do we know that each house guest had the same number of bones under that hay, straw, or whatever it was when McCrae won HOH?
    Again, why have a physical POV competition when GM has been hurt a couple of times?
    McCrae must be working with Andy. There’s no way he doesn’t know what Andy has done and is doing.
    Devil’s Advocate

  27. Comments (15)

    I am actually happy for McCrae! This does make the game very interesting!!!

  28. Comments (110)

    If Spencer is smart he would put up Andy but we know he isn’t smart I don’t
    believe the rest of the house guest could win this game if Judd is voted out
    this Thursday good bye Big Brothers I will be rooting for McCrea to win it
    because Spencer, Andy and GM doesn’t deserve to win it but I am hoping something will happen that Judd gets to stay in the house maybe getting the
    diamond power of veto or golden power of veto I think its best that GM goes
    because what can of person she is a racist and what she said to Candice when
    Candice walk out the door and what she said about Ellissa stepson about the
    color of his skin anybody deserve to be in that house is Judd.

  29. Comments (29)

    I have a question that I am hoping someone can answer. I follow the show and by reading spoilers but I miss parts here and there. Judd is part of the exterminators so did they include him in on what was happening with the Andy pretending to vote out Spencer?? I don’t think he knew about all that did he? If he did he should tell McCrae about it and McCrae could tell Judd about how they always talk about him going up and home then he and McCrae could trust each other and not Andy and Spencer. Just a thought

  30. Comments (27)

    I have to say I am glad McCrae won POV to make it more exciting I just wonder if Judd or GM is going home now that Judd is throwing a fit? I have lost alot of respect for GM and all her comments toward the other players acting like a donkey. I guess at this point I hope McCrae wins HOH next week and sends home Andy the rat.

    • Comments (9)

      Ya, it’s not cool that she was bashing everyone. Heck even Amanda right to McCrae’s face. And giving him the “well we’re looking out for you” buddy. YEAH RIGHT. If you were looking out for him, why did you never take him aside in the game and talk to him. They just let him be alone with her week in and week out in a bed. It’s not like they didn’t have an opportunity to get him alone.

      Totally agree with you tho, get rid of Andy!!

  31. Comments (207)

    Oh i meant to tell stevebeans i really dont think BBs rigged. I do believe when they go to the DR BB ask questions that may get the HGs thinking. Just like Helen done those times with Amanda. But i believe the choice is still up to the HGs. They may even change what comps they are going to play that week but ultimately they all have the same chance to play. Thanks again for all your info on tbis site stevebeans.

  32. Comments (41)

    Currently Mc will be gunning for Gm, since she got Am out. The only way he doesnt vote for her is if someone tells him about Andy flipping on Am/Mc…and he wont belive it without some evidence. And without the exterminators being exposed I am not sure how that will work. Pretty sure Mc will never make a deal to save Gm.

  33. Comments (651)

    OMG!! McStinky is taking a shower!! That’s two days in a row. That’s a record for him this season. That is if you don’t count the comps they lined up to hose him down when it got too bad.

  34. Comments (5)

    Just when I thought it was gonna be boring from here on out…McCrae steps up big time!Hopefully he plays his own game & doesn’t listen to Andy…hate to say it but McCrae deserves to win it all…go Pizza Boy!

  35. Comments (875)

    GM should really be DQ’ed, due to her physical injuries, the gash on her leg is no joke! As of now she has a broken toe, & a deep gash on her leg that needs stiches, I am surprised that BB has not made the call for GM to go to the Jury House.

  36. Comments (43)

    i can see mccrae winning, never even talks to amanda after the show ends, buying a house, still delivering pizza cause thats all he wants to do because hes unmotivated, after work every night he has his friends over and they eat pizza all night and smoke weed til the sun comes up. Eventually his house gets foreclosed on, he moves back into his parents basement, keeps delivering pizza, is broke again, but is still happy and laughs about his time on bb and how he used Amanda as a piece of ass.

    • Comments (1288)

      Your towering ignorance is amazing. By your comments it is clear to see all you know about McCrae is the occupation BB listed for him. He also has experience and interest in video and audio production. He has talked about that numerous times this year. The rest of your comments are mean, spiteful drivel and certainly bad karma.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree DanDeMan. I believe people are bashing him because of his job. McCrae has dreams just like everyone else. I hope he wins and leaves Amanda behind to follow those dreams.

      • Comments (43)

        i like mccrae dandaman, relax. we are still watching a tv show and having fun on this blog, right? i hope he does do well when he gets out, just having a little fun.

    • Comments (624)

      Nuevo riche’ is the term. Or there’s a different way to say it that Aaryn may approve of.

  37. Comments (3)

    Sad as it is, this made my night. I’m hoping for a McCrae and Judd final 2 scenario. I’m sure that’s not very likely, but it’s the only possibly interesting one for me. I dislike Andy, GM, and Spencer every bit as much as the other big mouths evicted from the house.

    I also don’t agree that Andy and Ian are remotely the same. Ian was a mastermind and Andy is a tattle tale.

    • Comments (293)

      McCrae is considering putting Judd on the block. He wants to take GM to the final three because she’s hurt. She received nine stitches to patch up her knee. Spencer and Andy want to blindside Judd.

  38. Comments (1)

    I’m still bitterly disappointed that Amanda and Elissa are gone. It’s not very interesting now, is it? Except for McCrae. The awesomest thing now would be for McCrae to win EVERYTHING going forward and piece by piece killing off the Exterminators. Would be so great. Otherwise we’ll be stuck watching GM, Andy, Judd and Spencer for the duration. I just had a great idea. If that happens maybe BB could show us what’s happening in the jury house for 3/4ths of the hour and just spend a few minutes inside the BB house.

  39. Comments (1288)

    I am wondering if the POV ceremony will be tonight or tomorrow? Julie said this eviction would be revealed on Wednesday’s show implying it will have been taped and not a live event. So before Thursday they need to complete this eviction cycle and get into the next one. Her words suggest only the eviction will be “live” on the Thursday show.

    It could be POV ceremony tonight/tomottow, eviction to 4/HoH on Monday, noms on Tuesday, POV/ceremony on Wednesday and then eviction to 3 Thursday. That would give some campaign time between steps. This is a huge break for The Pests Co keeping their alliance from blowing up before they lose their first and maybe second members. They could hang on to GM until the F3 as part of the finals will be a physical event.

  40. Comments (1076)

    3:57 PM PT, GM asks, “If a goat fucks a person, can they get pregnant?
    5:25 PM PT, GM says, “When I yell at my dog Bella she pees. It’s just when she hears my voice, and I don’t know why?
    5:27 PM PT, GM says, “I would like to have a hairless cat”.

    I am going to miss GM the most when this is all over. She is bar none the funniest person on tv this summer. She can have a tv show called, “The Amusing Racist”.

    • Comments (65)

      That is freaking funny! Maybe she could have you as a guest or something…you’ve got wit

      • Comments (1076)

        You got three thumbs down because the geniuses that post here didn’t realize you were being sarcastic, and in your own awkward and ill phrased way were trying to be facetious. This blog is a howl. Thanks buddy.

      • Comments (65)

        Awkward and facetious I am 🙂

    • Comments (207)

      You calling GMs filth funny says alot about you!

      • Comments (1076)

        Now who’s being mean? I have been polite to you and your coven of witches, haven’t I. I never once mentioned how you mangle the English language and have absolutely no idea what punctuation is. I think she’s hysterical. So sue me. I love Woody Allen and the Marx Brothers too. I am eclectic. And you, NancyW can swing around on your own hoisted petard.

      • Comments (207)

        Read your reply to me! It just shows i am right! We all miss something when we write. I have a disability i wont discuss with you. So i am doing good considering! Now back to BB!

    • Comments (293)

      What’s funny about wanting a hairless cat?

      • Comments (1076)

        I just find it funny how she just speaks whatever comes into her head. I thought that line was hilarious. No one else has to. The more I think about it the funnier it gets. To each his own as my good friend Olivia d’Haviland always says.

      • Comments (293)

        I guess it’s in the delivery. I didn’t hear her say it. BTW, Dina Manzo (Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina’s Party) has one.

    • Comments (624)

      Well out of all the remaining boring HG, GM is the one I like the best.

  41. Comments (15)

    Glad McCrea won. I agree with the comment above. Andy and Ian are not alike at all. Ian played the game with class and Andy is a classless person.I can’t stand how he talks negatively about everyone behind their backs. I can’t believe he teaches/speaks to students. Not a good roll model.
    I think it would be good to see McCrea and Judd as the final two.
    I hope Andy goes to the jury house but I do believe it will be GM or Judd. I don’t think Spencer will put up Andy.

  42. Comments (11)

    There’s no point is giving two shhh’s about this “game” anymore.. Everyone that was “worthy” of winning is gone, and only the idiots, floaters, and loosers remain.. Out of who’s left, I vote for GM to Win. Andy needs to eat a bullet, McCrea needs help from the Wizard of Oz like The Scarecrow did, as in needs a Brain. Spencer has played, but he’s been a floater/looser the whole time. Judd is a idiot flopper, but he’s got personality at least. GM had a bad start, but she’d played well, played hard and gotten injured to hell. She deserves to win even if you don’t like her that much.. And any of you in the McCranda camp, Shame on You!

    • Comments (1076)

      If they were so “worthy” why are they not still in the house? Please define worthy.

      • Comments (207)

        Strategic!!!!!!!! Dd not sit on ass! Did not hide behind people. Did not say, I Will do whatcha want me to”. Thought for themselves! This really includes little miss Aaryn who won hoh’s…….oh yeah only to give away to everyone else! Got it now suzyq!

      • Comments (1076)

        You are going to bust a blood vessel. And all the HG’s have a strategy. Some might not be “worthy” based on your “Boris Spassky” strategic level, but it has got them where they are. Why do I frustrate you so. You are going to fall off your “Rooms To Go” recliner.

      • Comments (207)

        Well let me put it this way! You dont deserve a reply. You are a mean person who thinks she knows it all! Ohh yeah! I forgo t my apostrophe in dont! I just wontvreply to your comments anymore! Ohh i added a v in there too! I wont even givevu a thumbs up or down! Gotta go!

      • Comments (293)

        NancyW and suzyq, you have me laughing hysterically.

      • Comments (43)

        i agree good entertainment. nancy, lighten up, suzy is having fun on this blog. so serious, i am a fan suzy.

  43. Comments (610)

    What’s with Andy making statements that ‘he’ll kill himself’, in response to a few different questions? If that’s just a figure of speech for him, then he needs to change it ASAP. Or is he serious? What’s wrong with him?

    • Comments (45)

      Can you tell Andy has a masters degree in communications? Who da thunk it? If this is product of a masters degree then our education system needs some serious adjustments.

    • Comments (1076)

      Andy is from the dramatic side of the gay spectrum. You know, too many old movies starring Greta Garbo or Bette Davis.

    • Comments (1162)

      Let’s wait and see what happens on Finale Night.
      Andy said he would slit his throat if Elissa won Fan Favorite.
      Odds are – she will win.
      Odds are – Andy will tell her that he’s thrilled for her
      and ask if he can borrow a few thousand from her.

      I think Andy’s biggest adjustment after the show will be when he finds
      out how many people dislike him. People hate self-serving snitches.

  44. Comments (3)

    The game is sooo boring now…who gives a shit about any of them?

    • Comments (1076)

      Their friends and family.

      • Comments (1162)

        What friends?
        What family members?
        Who isn’t embarrassed to know these HGs, let alone be related to them?

        These creeps have put their families & friends through hell because of their
        words and behavior on BB.

        *Granted the Winner will have his/her family & friends with them …….just
        long enough to enjoy some of the winnings.

      • Comments (1076)

        My goodness. What ever happened to unconditional love. Aren’t parents supposed to love their children unconditionally?
        “One day a mother went to a prison to see an erring but precious son. She told the warden how much she loved him, it didn’t matter what he had done. She did not bring him parole or pardon, she brought no silver, no pomp or style. It was a halo sent down from heaven, the sweetest gift, a mother’s smile”, And that ladies and gentlemen is what goodness, purity and unconditional love really is. All the HG’s will still be loved by those fortunate enough who know how to forgive.

      • Comments (1076)

        “These creeps” haven’t put their respective families through hell. It is the over reacting imbeciles and vengeful pea brains outside of the house who have put their families through hell. Shame on all of you. Taking sides and dragging people through the mud over a stupid TV show. A million thumbs down wont remove the hate and bile that you all have been spewing. There but by the grace of God go I. I am not religious but I know a pack of hyenas when I see one.

      • Comments (1162)

        suzq – you may want to consider not posting comments
        after midnight.

      • Comments (43)

        yea suzi, i was a fan til you brought god into it, very weird

  45. Comments (1162)

    These people are sooooo pathetic.
    Occasionally, we get a teeny tiny glimpse of their good side only to see
    nothing but worthless AHs a few minutes later.

    Tonight Judd managed to get in a few & apparently final C**t slurs about Elissa
    with everyone joining in and laughing.
    I mention “final” because shortly after, they, all, said they were finished dissing Elissa and
    her family.
    IMO, all that means is a CBS Executive paid them a visit and put down the law to them.
    “Shut Up or Leave!”
    A CBS Executive did visit Amanda and curtailed her bashing on Elissa and her family.

    Spencer & GM seem to be bonding. He was downstairs offering comfort
    after she had her leg stitched.
    At the same time, Snitch Rat Andy and Judd were upstairs complaining and
    laughing about GM’s injuries.
    What a Group!

    None of them deserves to win BB.
    It is impossible to pick the Best of the Worst –

    • Comments (87)

      I sure hope Julie rips into these D-Bags at the jury show… Spencer, Andy, Judd and GM are highly offensive, repulsive and morally debased people

      • Comments (11)

        I do not think they are people. They behave like ANIMALS.

      • Comments (1076)

        Now we have gone so far as removing the humanity from these people. Sure, go ahead, this way you can be horrific without consequence. These posts tonight are disgusting. Shame on stevebeans for allowing this hate to fester into lynch mob mentality.

      • Comments (624)

        We “keep it real” here. As long as it doesn’t turn into personal attacks.

      • Comments (624)

        I dunno…seems like she let Amanda off rather lightly. May have had something to do with the time restraints on a double eviction week.

    • Comments (1162)

      Update –

      The Elissa Bashing is back on and in full force.

      Snitch Rat Andy, GM & Spencer were talking about covering up or drawing
      on Elissa’s photograph on the Memory Wall.

      There must have been a Group Brain Misfire earlier when they said they were
      finished dissing Elissa.

      • Comments (87)

        what is up with that? my gosh- have they lost their minds? I know they have not forgotten there are cameras filming their every move.. unbelievable…

      • Comments (610)

        Andy says he doesn’t like to call women bitxxxx… {he certainly like to use the c word though}.

      • Comments (226)

        That’s not all Andy said about what he’d do to her picture- just gross

      • Comments (11)

        Hey Andy what you need and deserve is good old fashion
        beating from a real man. Spencer what you need is just so
        much first stops touching your balls and picking your nose
        stop with child porn and stop lusting after man’s wife.
        GM get some manners, NICK does not want you no would any
        other guy.Judd show some humanity and stop laughing with all
        these fools they are all going to vote you out.
        Now are all you people related to this house of scum proud Hide your faces. They are showing how they were brought up
        no manners, no values actually no nothing. They could have
        been raised by a pack of wolves.

      • Comments (624)

        McCrea needs a bar of soap and a Costco sized bucket of laundry detergent. Spencer needs a Gillette $100 gift card. Andy….well I’ll just take the high road.

    • Comments (11)

      I believe it when I see it. Spencer and Andy seem to be living
      just to bash and slander Elissa. The things they say are VILE.
      And to drag her son into it. Totally disgusting.

      Do you think they both have a CRUSH on her or something? Why else
      would they be so involved with her and her life. It’s like they cannot
      control themselves. CREEPS. If there is a MARILYN run away quick
      from this perv and Andy I thought you were gay, why are you so
      stuck on this girl?

      • Comments (5)

        Because she’s a better redhead than him probably. Gays hate women more fabulous than them. Andy is a little douchebag who needs to grow up.

      • Comments (624)

        And he needs to stop selling to the HG how “evil” he wants them to believe Elissa is. He wants them to think everything was caused by her, and not by him when he was playing both sides of the house.

      • Comments (624)

        I think Spencer does find her attractive, but if you can’t have her…be a moron and trash on her.

  46. Comments (1)

    I am totally disgusted with all the nasty comments still being made about Elissa!!!! What is wrong with these vile HG? How stupid is Mccrae to think that Andy has his back? He thinks Elissa voted out Amanda? I think I am calling CBS on Monday and complaining about this season and the language especially the repeated use of calling someone a”cunt” and using the word “cum” and putting the word on someone’s picture is totally vile. I wish none of these final 5 HG woould be able to win!!!?

    • Comments (1162)

      Yeah, good old Snitch Rat Andy wanted to draw cum on Elissa’s
      Memory Wall Photograph.
      Andy’s mother must be sooooooooo proud of her son.

      • Comments (624)

        Just like Perez Hilton. How original, Andy. He was such an asshole to Elissa…Rachel needs to visit the house and slap the shit out of him. Just saying….

    • Comments (1162)

      A CBS Executive should give up his/her weekend and get to the BBH
      and give these creeps a message.

      I wonder why Production always seems to do nothing to stop these creeps
      from their horrific behavior, including the bullying and threats?
      Do one or more of the BB Production Team work for an opposing network
      or Time Warner and are at CBS hoping to destroy CBS’s relationship
      with the public? If so, they’re doing a great job.

    • Comments (11)

      They cannot help themsevles. It’s like they are addicted to
      Bashing Elissa. They need an intervention. I hope this Marilyn is
      watching and wondering why Spencer is so stuck on Elissa.
      What she tastes like, what she wears, where she lives, if she is a real
      redhead,how she talks,who she is married to, looking through her
      underwear, kicking her suitcase calling her a bitch daily actually
      hourly and don’t forget the c**t word. Poor Marilyn looks like
      this dog is wanting another. one word RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (624)

        High school behavior. To deflect anything directed at themselves, they pick on a common target. And yeah Spencer is a creep. Spencer made a masturbation comment around week 6-7 (using the expression “I’m gonna rub one out to…”) but I can’t recall which HG it was directed at. I think it was Jessie, but it may have been Elissa.

    • Comments (12)

      If any of them so much as touch another house guest photo,they should get taken off the show.No questions asked.Why do they have a problem with her and no one else?

    • Comments (624)

      Andy has really shown his true colors the last few weeks. Disgusting.

  47. Comments (43)

    Why do they always make GM cook?! She is injured. I’m not sure if they’re all sexist or what but geez…America’s housewife is behind us at this point and in a lot of households men and women are handling all duties pretty equally. It just looks bad having the last woman in the house cook the past two nights, especially since she is injured more than anyone.

  48. Comments (610)

    As the HG count dwindles, wouldn’t it be fun if we could tweet directly to the House and have them (tweets) displayed on the big screen for the HG? Obviously nothing about game or strategy, but something so they can hear back from their “public”.

  49. Comments (2)

    If CBS and BB wanted to have a good TV show, they should have tied the HG’s stripend to that week’s ratings. The ratings for the final five would be so low, not only will they not get paid, but they would have to return their money to CBS.

  50. Comments (11)

    Well the feed just came on I watched enough 3 minutes. Tonight is
    time to slam Candice, Spencer just called her a “Malato” and GM called
    her a “Half Breed”. Heard and seen enough turned the channel. These
    maggots are the bottom of the barrell. Racist, filthy mouth slobs.
    CBS show some Backbone and put a punishment on these houseguests oops!
    They are DOGS. Not people!

  51. Comments (1)

    I love people who are saying the “floaters” sent home the “strong” players. If these so called floaters sent home the strong players, wouldn’t that make them the strong players. Saying the floaters sent home the strong players makes no sense.

  52. Comments (1)

    I do not see the big deal about Judd. It’s not that great since he returned, certainly not nice.
    The guys will vote for the group of guys, as they have aligned all season. GM is kidding herself–plus she’s injured herself. She aligned with the wrong party. Can’t wait till these people see what the public thinks of them. Macrea is not hot–he does not bathe and he looks like it. Spencer is completely gross (in his behavior). Andy is slimy. Judd … . Well this is not a great party to go to.

  53. Comments (4)

    CBS, I would love to see a documentary a few months from now on how the BB experience changed the lives of the houseguests. I am sure all BB viewers would like to see that some of these people suffered condemnation for being so disgusting. We need to know that these people are not indicative of society in general but are just a few bad apples whose actions are deemed unacceptable by most.

  54. Comments (875)

    I wish Rachel Reilly would make a surprise visit to the BB 15 House, and kick Andy, Spencer, Judd, & McCrae in their family jewels for talking crap about her Sister! Then I wish Rachel would pull out GM’s fake attached hair, then tell all of them that America “hates” them all, and doesn’t want any of them to win the half a Million Dollars!…LOL

  55. Comments (1076)

    @stevebeans, What is it about your blog that attracts the most hateful, illiterate posters of any BB blog? There is such intelligent commentary on buddytv.com and zap2it.com amongst others. It is jarring when I return here to read these horrible posts. The mob like mentality and cliquish behavior here is cruel and debilitating. I know that it is of no consequence to you or the posters here if I read your blog or not, but the vitriol here is quite disturbing. You complain about the behavior of the HG’s yet allow the foulest people to vent their hate. Shame on you.

    • Comments (407)

      If you are so “disturbed” by our comments, then maybe it would be better if you stayed on the “intelligent” buddytv.com or zap2it.com sites. You have constantly posted snide remarks and put down nearly every person that has a comment on this site, so we feel it would be a great honor if you stayed on the more “intelligent” blogs since you seem to feel more at home there. I think most of us would say thank you to Steve for letting us vent our frustrations with this show simply because we do not like the language or actions of the people left. I do however have a question for you SUZYQ. On Aug. 26th at 6:11pm you posted, “WE were three boys growing up in a house with a Mom and Dad…” blah, blah, blah. So, why the name SUZYQ?? Also, you posted you had a practice for many years in NY and retired to Fla. Coincidence?? Maybe you are actually part of Amanda’s family or they were former patients of yours. Makes you wonder if there is some connection since they were from NY and also now live in Fla. Also, you seem to get some kind of thrill putting down the punctuality and spelling on the posts here, and you know what..you have made a few yourself. For example, yesterday you spelled Spencer SPENSER, and you also mentioned your good friend Olivia d/Haviland and the name should be Olivia de Havilland. Maybe you aren’t as perfect as you think you are. Now go for it Suzyq because I know you are going to have a great answer for me.

  56. Comments (1)

    I enjoy reading Steve’s updates as well as the variety of comments by other posters. After the double eviction on Thursday many people on Twitter said they would stop watching the live feeds and the CBS broadcasts. The tweets also gave me the impression that message boards like this (awesome) one would be their only source of info about BB15. I’d that the case with any of the people posting here?

  57. Comments (624)

    If GM goes this week, now it’s an official sausage fest. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more boring….

  58. Comments (41)

    I know the fast foward is this week,but who thinks a final four make over twist would be a good idea right now.

    Also I know the reset button was mentioned a few wks ago, maybe they could use it.

    With only five shows left, I hope they at least fill them up as much as possible.

  59. Comments (2)

    I just want to see their reactions when all their antics come home to roost.. watch them scramble to explain why they did what they did..

  60. Comments (624)

    I think they need to revise the house rules for next season. One idea is making it mandatory for the HG to be awake and ACTIVE during BBAD hours. I’m not saying working out (some could use it), but rather awake, SITTING UP, and talking. Sleeping and playing solitaire doesn’t cut it.

  61. Comments (22)

    What if Judd is correct about the game being rigged? Many have been saying that all season, since Amanda is friends with one of the Producers. Soooo, since Amanda is out what if she and Mcnasty did have an agreement to split the money and that is why production is finding ways to let him win the Povs and such? That way Groedner’s buddy Amanda still gets a huge chunk of change. I just don’t trust anything this season starting with the horrible choice of HG’s, and everything that has gone on since.

    • Comments (207)

      Kathy i think they should not let people play who have any kind of relationship with people that work on the show. If you are a family member are friends then you cant play.

  62. Comments (85)

    Go home GM, back to the dump called staten island!!

  63. Comments (6)

    Personally, I wish each house guest would be forced to sit and watch clips of their behavior and vile comments before the party – Not with other house guests so they can feed off each other’s reaction, but with members of their family. Explain how THAT was “game play” to your parents, boyfriends, siblings, etc.!

    My guess is there will be no Las Vegas blow out because… I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for the security of these people. There are a lot of people outside the house that are just as warped as the house guests, and in my opinion, there is going to be some major fall out for some the group.

    Normally only BB fans are involved, but this season some of these people made public headlines and not good ones. And can you imagine them meeting the other contestants’ families after them seeing this behavior and hearing what was said about their loved ones? I seriously doubt they will take it in stride as “game play”.

  64. Comments (65)

    It’s funny how GM is manlier than any of the remaining guys. I can’t stand the things that come out of her mouth, but that girl is a trooper. If I cut my knee deep like her, I would’ve cried like a little baby lol

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