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Big Brother 15 – The Meltdown Begins

July 12, 2013 | 132 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



Like expected, it’s been quite an entertaining night on the live feeds (get them here – 2 days free) since the live eviction.  GinaMarie is not taking the eviction too well, and she’s been bawling uncontrollably at times, in shock others, and (as the picture above shows) angry at other times.


Team Ignorance has tried to support her, but it’s hard for someone like Aaryn to offer a comforting shoulder considering she’s as warm and inviting as a blizzard on Antarctica.  Jeremy has been off shmoozing with the winners, and Kaitlin seems to have already checked out (to be fair, I’m not sure she ever really ‘checked in’ other than to get a showmance going).

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On the winners side, Candice is vouching for Howard as a man of god saying the other vote had to have been Jessie.  This leaves Jessie in a lousy situation after being embarrassed during the live show by Julie, she then becomes an outsider to both sides.  I went from making fun of Jessie and her ego to feeling really bad for her and thinking she seems like a sweet person.. I must be soft.

Don’t worry too much about Jessie, however.  Amanda is still in the house and she is smart enough to see past the vote split between Howard/Spencer.  She sat in the cockpit room with McCrae, Judd and Andy and they mentioned how slimy those two players have been, and how that group needs to protect Jessie this week because they’re going to be after her hard. That group believes Jessie voted with them (she did), and knows it was likely Howard who voted the other way.

One noticeable thing from this night is the house is starting to split into 3 smaller groups.  Here are the current groups now..

Team Ignorance – Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, GinaMarie
Team Boy/Girl Next Door – Judd, Amanda, Jessie, Andy, McCrae
Team Girl Power– Candice, Helen, Elissa

Free Agents – Spencer, Howard


I will be doing some live blogging for those who don’t have the feeds.  If you do, turn them on, seriously.

10:09pm – Jessie is sitting in the bedroom with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy.  Kaitlin and Aaryn are giving her crap about the vote, and talking down to her in a mocking tone because she flipped sides.  I give Jessie credit for standing up to those girls, she has some guts.

Judd walks in and Kaitlin gives him a ‘Judd, get the f**k out of here right now’.  Very intense right now

Judd escorts Jessie out the door, and Aaryn promptly starts making fun of her using Judd as a ‘last call’ situation.

10:15pm – Amanda is calming Jessie down in the bathroom when Jeremy comes in and says what they did was uncalled for.  Amanda scolds him that he should have jumped in, but he didn’t want to get in the middle of a girl fight, he’d look like a bully.

In comes Judd getting worked up about the situation, calling Aaryn and Kaitlin animals for the way they acted.  I love Judd, he seems like such a nice guy.  Andy then offers his bed to Jessie and he’ll sleep in the havenot room for the night.


10:28pm – Jessie had to get some stuff from the room that Team Ignorance has decided to take over, so Amanda went with her. Naturally, the mean girls didn’t say anything in front of Amanda, but the second they leave, Kaitlin starts making fun of how Jessie had to bring in a body guard.  They don’t really see how awful they’re acting to people in the house.


10:39pm – Aaryn decides to flip a mattress over.  This is moments after they decide it’s like high school all over again, but they’re on the ‘losers’ side.  Yes, yes you are.

10:41pm – HoH reveal time!


10:48pm – Bitch time is back.  Jessie takes her bed back, and Kaitlin decides she’s going to lay on the bed as well to pick a fight.

Kaitlin spends the time calling Jessie and Candice children when she’s also acting just as immature.  This is a crazy night

10:53pm – Candice is pissed about someone flipping her bed, so Kaitlin and Aaryn start mocking her.  Pretty sure I hear Kaitlin in the back saying ‘the blackness is coming out now’ while Aaryn rolls her head and snaps her fingers.  Wow, bitchy… amazing.

GinaMarie then fires up and gets in the face of Candice before Howard steps between them and carries Candice out of the room screaming back at the girls

11:09pm – Amanda enters the room with Team Ignorance and starts yelling about various things.  She tells the Mean Girls that they all talk shit about each other. Aaryn talks about Kaitlin, Kaitlin talks about Aaryn, etc.

Amanda also tells Aaryn about the racist remarks and how she’s being portrayed.  Apparently the DR has been asking everyone in the house about her remarks, but this is all a shock to Aaryn… because she’s in denial.

Seriously, the whole time Amanda is in the room is must watch.  She absolutely destroys Aaryn and Kaitlin.  Get the feeds.

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