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Big Brother 15 – Monday Updates


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Rise and shine, Big Brother fans, it’s Monday!  Well, I know most of you are awake by now, but let’s pretend you’re in the Big Brother house and you sleep until 11:30 every morning.

It’s PoV ceremony day, and possibly a Pandora’s Box (no guarantee).  The biggest question of the day is whether Andy or GM will go up, and also how many times Andy has a meltdown before bed.  The poor guy, he’s definitely not handling potentially being on the block very well, and for good reason. As it stands, Amanda and McCrae are leaning towards voting out anyone who sits next to Aaryn, and all it will take is one more vote to secure that players spot in the jury.

Hope is not completely lost as an unusual alliance was formed last night (forgot to mention in my previous thread) called “The Exterminators” … yes, about as bad as Moving Company, but I think they’re running out of alliance name ideas.  Anyway, this alliance consists of GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd.  If that alliance actually stays together, there is a very good chance they’ll have Elissa as the 5th member to get out Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn.  Don’t get your hopes up yet, we’ve seen alliances come and go, but if this one remains, they have the numbers to basically do whatever they want for the next 2 weeks.

I have a quick open house at my daughters new school, so I will be out for a little bit.  It shouldn’t take long, and I’ll be home well before the meeting is over.  Until then..


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8:45am – The house has been woken up and people are getting the sleepy’s out of their eyes.  Expect veto meeting within 2 hours

10:30am – I’m back from the meeting, feeds are on trivia, will find out who is the replacement nom shortly!

10:50am – Feeds are back… Andy is the replacement nominee

Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Andy are in the HN room chatting about a one week deal to keep everyone safe.   They are telling Andy he is fine, but I’m not so sure right now

11:00am – McCrae and Amanda leave the room and Judd/Andy celebrate the deal.  They feel their alliance ‘the exterminators’ is now in a good spot heading into next week with safety from McCranda if they win.

11:04am – Amanda walks up to Elissa while she’s cutting apples and just stares at her for awhile until she asks ‘How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that?’

11:22am – The house makes their way outside and talk about bullying, etc.  Judd said he thinks bullying is overblown and it takes away from the kids who are actually bullied and tortured.  Amanda said she’s bullying Elissa but Elissa deserves it.  As she said it, Elissa walks out and Amanda yells to her about putting Andy up and making an enemy out of a friend (Andy)

11:34am – Judd and Spencer go into the storage room where Judd lets him know that McCranda planned on keeping Andy all along.  Spencer is relieved because their alliance will be in tact

11:40am – Amanda is in the bedroom with Aaryn breaking the news to her.  At this point, Andy is staying, she is going and she is not too happy about it.

12:30pm – Amanda is asking why she is alone in the bullying of Elissa.  Everyone said that they were going to give her crap, but Amanda is the only one doing it so she’s upset she’s going to look like the bad guy while everyone else is clean.

12:45pm – McCrae, Aaryn and Judd are outside talking casually, nobody else on feeds.  A few napping.  I’m going to take a short break during the down time!

3:00pm – I’m back!  McCrae, Andy and GM are outside. Aaryn is inside cleaning up a bit, though not sure why.  If I were on my way out, I’d leave the house a huge mess!

3:45pm – Elissa is in the bathroom talking to GM about Amanda.  She feels Amanda went beyond ‘game’

4:00pm – Aaryn comes into the HoH room to have an ‘all personal feelings aside’ talk to Elissa.  She said Andy is working with Amanda and McCrae (duh), and she’ll basically be her puppet if she stays (same tactic that kept her in when Jeremy/Kaitlin left).  Elissa wants no part in it and replies with ‘I feel sorry for you’, Aaryn replied ‘for what?’, and Elissa said ‘for who you are’. Ouch.  Apparently going beyond game only applies against Elissa, but she can say bitchy things.

Anyway, I doubt it will work, Elissa does not give a crap about the game.  She wants Aaryn out and that’s what she’s trying to get.

4:14pm – Aaryn leaves the room after being completely embarrassed by Elissa.  This was one of the most uncomfortable alliance pleas that I have seen all season.


4:50pm – Elissa outside trying to break bread with McCrae.  She doesn’t want to be enemies with him over Amanda, but he’s pissed at her over reasons more than that (or so he says).

5:25pm – This conversation has been painful to listen to.  McCrae is trying to get a point across that Elissa has an extremely condescending tone when she speaks to people, but he’s failing horribly. He has said ‘I don’t know’ about 64 times in the past 30 minutes.  Elissa has said and done a lot of pretty dumb things this season (like most cast members), but I give her credit for being a master deflector.

Every time McCrae brings something up, she deflects and talks about how she has a family.  Elissa is completely dominating this conversation, though McCrae had good intentions.

6:30pm – Aaryn is trying to stay, but it’s not happening as of right now.  She is working Amanda, but she told Aaryn that McCrae is loyal to Andy and she’s just going to go with the majority.  If I were Aaryn, I’d flip out over that statement, but maybe that’s why I’m not in the house.  Amanda has power to easily influence another vote for Aaryn, but she doesn’t want to.

I don’t really care who stays or goes, but Amanda is blatantly lying to Aaryn and Aaryn isn’t calling her out on that.  This house is spineless.

6:45pm – Taking a break from the feeds to watch Breaking Bad from last night. Will be back later!

8:15pm – So Breaking Bad was great of course.  Feeds seem to be a bit slow which will allow me to take a break for the night.

I’m looking for a moderator – I put this at the end of the post because if you read this, you’re someone I’m looking for.  I am looking for someone who is a frequent visitor to the site to help moderate comments on the blog.  You must be active on the blog, and someone who generally stays out of drama.  If you’re interested in helping, please email me at stevebeans (at) bigbrotherjunkies (dot) com.  Tell me how often you visit the site and why you’d be a good moderator.

I don’t want someone with a power trip, just someone to approve comments or check comments that have been flagged.  In addition, if you see a comment with a ton of swears, hide it so I can double check.

Thanks!   And thanks for reading tonight, going to make it an early one.


PS – Thank you so much for your support this season!  This has been a record year for readers and I hope you are all back next year (assuming there is a next year).  I also want to thank each person who has donated to the site.   It was incredible to see people help me when my car suddenly crapped out.  I love the feedback and love keeping you guys updated.   This sounds like a last post message – it’s not – so I’ll stop.

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  1. Comments (30)

    I’m up first? Well, let’s just say this is the smartest thing that the four of them have done thus far. Although they should be weary of trusting Andy and they know it as he is a known rat. That being said this should work out well for the 4 of them and Elissa if it rings true.

    • Comments (302)

      The Ratboy will quickly float back if McCrae & Amanda win HOH this week. I’m just amazed so many people trust him. He even agrees to go along with plans but wants to let the other parties know he’s still their friends and not responsible for it. I’m amazed no one ever calls him out on that. Last night he’s crying and bitching to GM, Judd & Spencer about how unfair it is to put him up and they all agree! Hey you idiots … if Andy doesn’t go up … one of you will. Hello Self proclaimed Superfans time to take Big Brother 101 again.

      • Comments (26)

        Huh! Are they serious ? Someone is going home. I hope the rat Andy realizes
        He is being useful to get all the food n bring it back to the
        Sling dogsmaccrs e n man duh. You will never and nor do you deserve to win Andy the rat.
        You n Spencer deserve to go next week. I hope E wins pov next week.
        Please get rid of the floaters at lest the others do more than dig and pick their nose.
        Watch out G M. U n Elisa will be on the block or Judd

      • Comments (453)

        He has not even left them, just doing his deceiving that he has.

      • Comments (768)

        Helen is gone so he can’t do the back and forth and Elissa was on to him early, so his value to anyone had diminished.

    • Comments (357)

      With or without this new alliance. I’m shocked to realize that GM of all people has become the potential to the swing vote!

    • Comments (1076)

      This is bad for Elissa. The guys hate Elissa.

    • Comments (33)

      Well it really doesn’t matter because it has her laying in bed crying, Reality sinking in Amanda? SO Arryn trying to get off the block has definately ruined the rest of Amanda’s week. Now she wants to keep Arryn but, the way the votes fall, it will look like everyone else saved her so she will not be loyal to Amanda because she will think the votes to put her out came from them. So Andy could go home and Mcranda could go up on the block by Arryn.If Judd votes with Elissa it will look like Mcrae tried to vote her out.A vote of 3-2 would sink Mcranda no matter who voted what,That could be a WIN WIN

  2. Comments (4)

    I Just Wanna Say Ty So Much For Ur Site And All U Do..As A Die Hard Bb Fan I Love Ur Updates I Go The 48 Hour Free Feed Trial But It Was Mostly Fish When Things Got Good Lol It Ends This Afternoon So Keep Up The Good Work I’m Sure I’m Not.the Only 1 WhoDepends On Ur Updates…

    • Comments (4)

      Ummm Ur A Smart Ass And I Do Use Full Words For The Most Part Yes I See A Couple Typos I Made Oops My Bad I Apologize I Mean I’m Only Human So U Do Forgive Me Right? I’m So Devastated Right Now That I Upset U So Much Not Using Full Words How Dare I?…. Omg Get A Life ..Let Me Guess Ur An Elissa Fan Huh? Lol haha

      • Comments (158)

        You realize you don’t have to capitalize every word right?

      • Comments (39)

        Is there a certain setting that automatically capitalizes every word, or does one have to go through the effort of pressing shift every time? I always wondered.

      • Comments (158)

        Might be a plugin you could install on your computer. Otherwise she’s going through an awful lot of effort to be annoying.

      • Comments (4)

        Yes I Know That I Don’t But For Some Reason My Phone Automatically Does It I’ve Tried To Figure Out How To Make It Stop Doin That BC It’s Annoying…. Sorry To inconvenience Anyone Omg The Attitudes And Pickyness (Yes It’s Spelled Wrong) Of Some Of The People On This Site Is pathetic

      • Comments (233)

        Melissa, in case you didn’t know, that’s called Title Case (like, Upper Case, Lower Case, etc.) You might trying searching your phone online help or call them. It’s probably some goofy check box you need to unclick that’s buried 6 menus down or something.

      • Comments (233)

        I’m not an Elissa lover, but I’m rooting for her right now. Our beloved Junkies site has been infiltrated by hateful people who are assuming names, etc. So don’t believe everything you read.

      • Comments (23)

        You might change that, starting with yourself.

      • Comments (293)

        Melissa, you have to change the setting on your phone. For mine, I have to press and hold the # key. Check your phone manual. The capitals don’t bother me; I make plenty of typos. No one has to read a post they don’t like or understand. Besides, this isn’t a classroom.

      • Comments (624)

        If you say you know a word is being spelled wrong, why spell it wrong then?

      • Comments (624)

        Wy The Captlizatn Of Evry Wrd? Gt A Nw Kybrd!

      • Comments (1092)

        Give it a rest

      • Comments (1076)

        I am not an Elissa fan but your posts are hard to read.

      • Comments (528)

        Isn’t a lot of effort capitalizing every word like that? You’re typing a paragraph, not a book title.

    • Comments (1092)

      Jackie, kacker, sarah: you are all just so cool for coming down on Melissa for such a trivial thing.

      My goodness, the three of you are heros to all of us. Thank god you exist in order to bitch about someone’s abbreviated dictation.

      Yikes ! If I thought it were possible, I would think that Jackie was Amanda, kacker was pizza boy, and sarah was GM.

      • Comments (86)

        You said what I was thinking/signed The good Jackie

      • Comments (1076)

        Her posts are hard to read but coming off harse is not a welcoming tactic I would employ. You can get more with honey then with vinegar.

      • Comments (6)

        YEAH. You get more flies with honey than vinegar, but you get even more with S**t!

      • Comments (233)

        How can we tell? Can you PROVE you’re the good Jackie? Is this the most ridiculous thing? LOL

      • Comments (30)

        Since we are labeling, are you Helen or Andy?

      • Comments (39)

        Haha my post wasn’t mean I was actually curious if it was just a phone setting or just a time consuming way to type…some people take these messaging boards much too seriously…

      • Comments (4)

        Ty For Defending Me… I Can’t Believe The Attitude About Something So Small… I Noticed They All Want To complain But Don’t Wanna Offer Up Ideas How To Fix It… But Ty Again

      • Comments (1092)


  3. Comments (80)

    Oh please oh please let there be a Pandora’s Box!

    • Greetings from Spain
      Comments (5)

      I’ve no idea what Pandora’s Box is right now. Can you explain? Thanks!

      • Comments (1092)

        Pd is a box secretly given to hoh.

        They have a choice of opwning it or not. Sometimes the contents contains mpney, some kind of powerful twist that they control. But, it could also be something bad, like alop for the whole house for the week, or no booze, or somebody coming back into the game.

      • Comments (302)

        Sorry dmc I must have been typing while you already explained it. Didn’t mean to step on your toes.

      • Comments (1092)

        Cheers !

        It would be sweet if pd was to void Amanda’s pov this week, as somebody already suggested. Boy that would be great !

      • Comments (302)

        Pandora’s Box is a mystery door in the HOH room that was introduced in season 11 and has been part of the game ever since. From the commotion last night it looks like it will likely show up this week. The HOH has to decide whether to open Pandora’s Box or leave it shut. Once opened the HOH may be rewarded or penalized while the rest of the house usually gets the opposite treatment.
        It’s given the HOH a Diamond POV to use anytime, cash, rewards or locked them in the room while the house was showered with presents or sometimes the houseguest get tortured by former players .. anything can happen.

      • Greetings from Spain
        Comments (5)

        Thanks to you both! It’s been great help.

        This is getting really interesting. Hope it helps to change the power dynamics in the house!

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa is HOH so Pandora’s Box will be something good.

    • Comments (33)

      i hope it gives Elissa POV next week and that will drive MCanda insane. well right now it looks like there is a 66% chance that Mcanda will go on the bloch next week then Elissa can tell her I’ll wave to you on your way out the door BITCH. I just want Amanda to get to the jury house with Jessie,Candace& helen. her life will be hell, maybe Helen will be her friend.This will be a long week for Mcranda if GM wins because of Mcranda screwing Arryn. I’m glad Arryn told Amanda that Spencer, Judd & GM will be Coming after them next week(Elissa can’t play in HOH but she can vote)Now Mcrae will be pissed at her for being an asshole & putting a target on their backs.We’ll we will see how she feels this week knowing there is a 50% chance they will go up.

    • Comments (33)

      well if ther is not just cross your fingers GM wins because she will send Amanda packing. Andy better stay stuck up Amanda’s butt because Amanda is wavering. Arryn is telling Judd everything so he would nprobably put up Mcranda also. Amanda was laying in bed crying because Mcrae got onto her for her antics wiyh Elissa is turning the house against them. She is coming to the realization she won’t make it to the end. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW (Don’t worry you will have a ball at the Jury House when you re-unite with Candace & Jessie)

  4. Comments (162)

    oh how I wish Pandora’s Box would be a big reward for Elissa that she would get HOH again next week. Or possibly letting her take Amanda’s POV away from her this week………..THAT would be great Pandora’s box.

  5. Comments (316)

    Aaryn: send her packing she is vile and she can win comps.
    Amanda: she is foul but yet has been behind most evictions in the house without having to win comps.
    Andy: he tattles a lot but has not really said racist things. this got him far.
    Elissa: she has not done much for most of the game but dodge bullets. When she needed to win comps she did and kicked ass!
    GM: Also a foul mouth no one notices her most of the time.
    McCrae: He has gotten pretty far from simply resting in bed.
    Spencer: Sick Man. I hope the door doesn’t hit him in the ass!
    Judd: I don’t think people who get evicted should be able to return.


    • Comments (30)

      I think you were a little hard on Judd. If anything out of the four he was the one who deserved to return the most, as they screwed him over for something he never did. Plus, HGs coming back isn’t nothing new, and should be an expected part of the game.

    • Comments (3)

      Elissa has been a part of the first couple of evictions as she was the MVP and put both David and Nick up on the block so I think she has done quite a bit compared to the other house guests.

  6. Comments (610)

    Can we give Amanda an 8×10 glossy of this particular picture? Hiding behind the trash can…

    • Comments (293)

      There probably “meds” hidden back there!

    • Comments (1162)

      If she attempts to reactivate her Real Estate License, this may be
      the only photo of her any agency would be willing to list on their website.

      Amanda’s 15 Minutes of Fame proves how it very often works against an
      individual vs enriching their life. However, A,amda has made it be what it
      is all on her own.
      Call it Karma – Justice and/or Consequences……. whatever…… Amanda will
      not be able to hide from her BB15 behavior once the game is over.

    • Comments (3)

      OMG Amanda at the beginning of BB15 was a very confident and powerful woman. NOW when I look at her eyes when she is in the diary room I feel sorry for her as she clearly needs help.

  7. Comments (111)

    11:30 is really early for me to wake up LOL

  8. Comments (487)

    FYI — Got a message from my nephew who is in the same union with Spencer. The only way this creep doesn’t get his job back is he gets arrested.

    • Comments (25)

      Thanks for that information 🙂

    • Comments (40)

      so he isn’t fired?

    • Comments (4)

      Are the rumors really true about Spencer?

    • Comments (651)

      He may still get to work at Union Pacific but you know their PR people will release a story that they are being forced to keep him by the union. This will not make the union look good at all. Perhaps because he was on a leave of absence they can do something. Or Union Pacific can put him to work in a 8 x 10 windowless room with no one to talk with and a camera on him. I know there are workplace rules about having your hand down your pants…

      • Comments (60)

        Yay Jackie…..someone finally made a crack about Spencer constantly having his handsndown his pants!! ( or up his nose ) has he forgotten he is on tv or just.doesnt care??

    • Comments (1076)

      That is why unions are great and employees need protection from being fired because someone doesn’t like them.

      • Comments (1092)

        Unions are way too powerful, and in general, protect some people who take advantage of the unionized workplace.

        Spencer, even though he was only joking, has made a bad image for himself. He is also now going to give negative publicity for the company he works for. I wouldn’t want him working for me at this point.

        Take Aaryn for example. Her agent has dropped her, and the magazine she models for has canned her for her ugly racist remarks. I applaud the agent and the magazine for letting her go and taking the high road in distancing themselves from her terrible image. Imagine now if she was unionized, and the magazine was forced to keep her. That would be sickening.

    • Comments (1162)

      True, however he can be given a job in the Train Yard vs
      working with the public.
      My Bet – Spencer is headed to the Train Yard.

  9. Comments (74)

    The one time I’m entertained by everybody in the house is when they are taking pics in the photo booth! Except Spencer he has rapy eyes.

    When I was 14 me and my friends stayed in photo booths awwwww the 90’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It would sweet if the new alliance takes out Aaryn and sort of rallies around Elissa which will probably be the opposite since that’s what I want. Andy looks like he’s vindictive I don’t believe his best friend to everyone tactic. Something real shady about that Ginger!!!! ~whispers~ gingers have no souls……. Hahaha

    • Comments (1076)

      “rapy eyes” – once again thank god there are unions to protect employees from witch hunts. Er boss, we need to fire Spencer because he has rapy eyes. I mean really…

  10. Comments (74)

    It’s difficult not to like Judd lol

    • Comments (316)

      I really want to like Judd but I cannot understand him.

      • Comments (74)


      • Comments (378)

        Hey Anti_male ….er …Anti_Aaryn 😛 how fat are you? Lmao 😀

      • Comments (33)

        elissa is so much finer than all those women. They are just jealous. She should have told Amanda that I guess
        you are complimenting my parents for having such good looking kids that you thought a plastic surgen would have had to have done it.I know a doctor that might be able to put some implants in that flat flabby ass,maybe some lypo for your thighs and maybe a tummy tuck. he’s a doctor not a magician but’ he will try and do something with that boyish figure of yours. Did you used to be a man before you got that boob job? (oh, he can only tuck so much tummy)

      • Comments (71)

        Amanda has a hell of a lot of nerve accusing Elissa of having plastic surgery when she’s quite obviously had a little herself. Seems like she might have had a nose job too based on what I’ve seen on her YouTube channel! She projects her own insecurities so much she sounds like a twelve-year-old!

      • Comments (71)

        Grow up. FFS

      • Comments (624)

        I know, right? Especially on BBAD when they’re whispering. I can’t turn up the volume for fear they will suddenly switch to another room where GM is shouting in that annoying voice of hers. I might have to shove ice picks in my ears to make the torture go away!

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey Big Papi! I missed you on the last update. You are great to have around.

      • Comments (30)

        he is not smart at all, all those early theories about him being intelligent and pretending to be from a small town. Those were so wrong, he really isn’t acting. He is dumb as a rock, but sometimes dumb rocks roll into the spotlight to win!

      • Comments (78)

        I thought it was me since I’m older. He mumbles, tries to talk without moving his mouth.

  11. big brother#1 fan
    Comments (1)

    ok so amanda won pov?????

    • Comments (624)

      Yep. And currently, the rule is the POV holder cannot be the replacement nominee. That’s why you see all the Pandora’s Box comments. We need a twist or this house continues to run on auto pilot with Amanda doing all the course corrections.

  12. Comments (624)

    I swear if there’s no Pandora’s Box that can put a twist on the POV, I’m done with this season. I can’t stand even the sight of those two stinking up the bed and their lazy slob behavior. If it’s Andy or Aaryn and not one of McCranda, then this season will become the most BORING ever.

    • Comments (768)

      **chuckling** One time the camera was focussed on their bed but there was no one there. Then I saw a slight movement and realized they were laying still, wrapped around each other just kind of melting/blending in with all the clutter around them. I’m waiting for the day when someone walks into the room to have a private conversation and all the time McCrae and Amanda are laying there and go unnoticed!

      • Comments (166)

        Ironic how they blend in with dirty laundry & trash…LOL

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey Annette, be nice tonight…OK?

      • Comments (624)

        They should make a rule for them to be engaged in substantial activity during BBAD hours (at a minimum). And that does not include the horizontal bop or mumbling to each other while just sleeping away. They should be awake, sitting up, and engaged in conversation. If they want to be lazy, jeez…at least go lounge in the pool or hot tub.

      • Comments (60)

        I totally agree about rules about for activity during BBAD that is one of the things that made BB Canada’s first season so great……not only did they have tasks for rewards for the house which got pretty hilarious there were all sorts of theme party rewards where everyone got to cut loose for a few hours and lucky for us it was quite often during BBAD.

        More tasks for rewards and some social interacting that is fun and not all game talk and best of all they have to get out of bed for it…….this season of BB U.S. sure could use some plain old fun to break the tension especially this far into the game!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Don’t go Big Papi. I think Amanda is digging her own grave anyway. She should be gone 2 weeks from Thursday. Aaryn, Elissa then Amanda.

      • Comments (33)

        I think her grave is dug and they’re waiting on the bodies.I think Amanda and Mcrae go up on the block this week. Don’t worry Amanda,
        Arryn,Candace & Jessie will be waiting for you at the jury house.
        Lets see how much of a bully you are then ASSHOLE.

    • Comments (71)

      I’ve gotten to where I have to switch to another camera on the feeds when Amanda is on because I just cannot stand the sound of her nasty hateful voice anymore. Every time I hear her or see her obscenities fly out of my mouth and I don’t want to be like that (even though she deserves it!).

  13. Comments (624)

    I do find it hilarious that they think that the viewers detest Elissa but just love Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae. They are in for a surprise when the season’s over.

    • Comments (74)

      I know LOL

      You can tell by my name that Aaryn is my fav. Rolls eyes. In Amanda’s head she thinks because Rachel was hated that Elissa will be hated and her bullying her will get her cheers and Americas fav like she’s doing us a favor. Amanda can be calculated just on the wrong stuff lol

      • Comments (10)

        i agree! i feel that she thinks that if she bullies elissa, america will love her for it. i laughed when she was like, oh america can’t be MVP because why would they put me up? SERIOUSLY?! i think this is helping elissa be america’s favorite because she is being put through this for no reason. just because she is rachel’s sister, doesn’t mean america hates her for it. america is hating amanda because of the treatment she gives the house members. i am really hoping that there is some kind of twist that CBS throws at them that will either overpower the veto or give elissa more power to get amanda the hell out of the house.

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn, Mccrae and Amanda are going to be real disappointed when they get out and realize that their parents have been lieing to them all their lives, that they aren’t the greatest to walk the earth and everyone owes them.

    • Comments (166)

      They are in for a major shock..it will be life changing no doubt!!

      • Comments (40)

        Annette, They are so twisted that I just don’t think they will even change. (I am being nice by saying “twisted”) Remember how Aaryn said she heard the audience booing her during her vote a few weeks ago and in the HOH room mentioned it and then flipped off America. They don’t care. They wont’ care when they are out, and change.
        On a different note, I have to say that I am so disgusted with this year of BB that it will probably be my last year watching. I understand the game and have watched for years, but this season has reached an all time low. It has become beyond disgusting to me. This isn’t BB and why I watch. I don’t care for it. I have stopped watching “After Dark”, and am only checking here occasionally now for updates. Friday night’s “After dark wanted me to vomit. I do hope Elissa wins, and can endure what ever time she has left in the house.

      • Comments (40)

        I meant that Friday’s “After Dark” made me want to vomit. Sorry also, I accidently hit the report comment button. Ha! Ha!

      • Comments (166)

        RC, I totally agree with you..I think that is the same way most of us feel..We have all been BB fans & we all love good villains & who’s good at the game & who’s not…but like you stated these HG just have such a total screw you attitude to everyone & totally no morals on national 24 live t.v..its crazy!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        I totally agree with you. Does Amanda think her mother approves of her sexual exploits for all the world to see. Yes, I believe in sexual liberation but there is also a thing called discretion. My mom and dad would never speak to me again.

      • Comments (233)

        I think you were right, first time. BBAD DID want you to vomit. It’s the only explanation for why we are seeing so much garbage on there. Lol

      • Comments (1076)

        They will all move to Hollywood, become friends with the Kardashians, and be famous just for being famous. Remember we have celebrities today who are famous for having a sex tape. It’s been many years since Ingrid Bergman was criticized for falling in love and abandoning her husband and child. Today they all have babies out of wedlock and think nothing of it. We live in a very crude age and these pigs fit right in.

    • Comments (293)

      I can hardly wait for Amanda to learn America put her on the block twice!

      • Comments (610)

        Yes, and we need to see the video of her reaction! It’s bound to be priceless.

      • Comments (86)

        I still want Donald Trump there on the final to tell them they are fired!!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Donald Trump is just as horrific as they are. He has said some terribly racist things and he picks twitter fights only with women. He is the exemplar of the times we live in.

      • Comments (86)

        It would be so damn funny!!!”you’re fired!

      • Comments (71)

        I honestly think she will just do like Aaryn and give the viewers a big F You, and of course say it’s only because we’re “stupid.” LOL
        But that’s okay, she has to live with herself. 😉 Hopefully McCrae unloads that heifer as soon as he can escape!

  14. Comments (74)

    GM said it best “it’s a game but we are still people”. I think people use that advantage to hurt people with no real life consequence. What I mean is that many people think because its a reality TV game that their actions can be justified by saying ” It’s just a game I’m not like that outside the house.”

    What pisses me off about Aaryn is that she felt no remorse was never apologetic for what she did in the house. She made pathetic excuses and eve tried blaming others. That shows she’s aware of her actions but doesn’t want to take responsibility.

    I’m just saying this because I think Elissa being upset by Aaryn and Amanda’s actions is understandable. People were so hoping Elissa would’ve been like Rachel that it would have been easy to take her out on that alone. But Elissa is nothing like her sister. And they are grasping at straws. Amanda has this pretentious attitude that she can spit on you and kick you when you are down but the moment you react to it or its done to her it’s like a law was broken. She feels no one can touch her that its WRONG to even consider putting her on the block.

    Does BB brainwash houseguests and tell them they are the chosen ones they are def going to win this game? Or do they purposely choose people with such a distorted look on life that ego rules over them and it would be funny to watch them cop? These are adults and its scary they exist but also a reality check.

    I think BB should have a celebrity season or let us choose the houseguest. Looks are deceiving because I thought I’d root for Aaryn day one LOL. They should let us vote for who we want. Not sure how to set it up but I think that could be fun. Even amount of girls and guys. And through in a person from England to mess with their heads lol

    • Comments (487)

      I believe that their views are distorted by being allowed to make excuses for bad behavior by their parents. It’s like these young women have not matured past age 2 when temper tantrums were expected from a child. For them it has become Aaryn, Amanda and GM’s way of communicating with people. None of them can take their own medicine. Amanda cries, Aaryn sulks and GM wants to fight. As a mother of two 30 year olds, I did not allow that behavior when they were children and expect more from them as adults. I don’t think either of them were given boundaries and expectations which is why it is so easy for them to lie about people (Howard), call people names (Howard and Candice) and display some the most disgusting habits I have ever seen. It’s like they think that what is seen on the live feeds and not edited for TV is suppose to be okay with those of us who are following. What a rude awakening Aaryn, GM and Amanda will have when they find out we were not amused.

      • Comments (26)

        I COMPLETELY AGREE with all your comments, but would also like to mention how proud I am of ELISSA, who was the only person in the house who represented the type of person striving to be what I consider a “good” human being.

      • Comments (10)

        and i agree with you millie! i’ve liked elissa from day one and still do. i’ve said many times, what has she really done in the house that people in there would call her the devil? the only thing i can remember is lying about who her sister is and a few other lies here and there.. but that’s it! oh and when amanda dressed up for mccrae and elissa was just making comments, but maybe that was just elissa retaliating for all of the mean stuff amanda has done/said. elissa for the past couple of weeks has done nothing but sat back & let helen make the decisions. she won comps when she needed too and has shown that she can be a tough competitor when need to be. i’m very proud of her for being as tough as she has been.

      • Comments (2)

        This is my first time on this site and i am pkeased to find so many like minded bb addicts, I mean watchers. When the season began I wanted to hate Elissa just because of who she is. Over the course of the summer i have come to respect her a great deal. I live the show, but if Amanda and her vile mouth and bad actions doesnt go soon I will give it up and seriously doubt i will watch anymore seasons. I am disgusted by what the producers let house guests get away with and not face consequences.

      • Comments (60)

        Millie when you say that Elissa was the only person in the house that was striving to be a good person did that include when she was telling everyone they were scum and beneath her? Or that she was BB Royalty?

        I think she has said some things that most ” good people ” think twice about and hold their tongues…..no one in that house right now is perfect but they dont need to be told they are scum…..just one persons opinion though!

      • Comments (651)

        Do you know what I think is the sad part of all this? GM has “issues” but there were 3 people in the house who could have truly helped GM.

        If Rat Dog wasn’t so busy scurrying around to get his head patted by Demanada he could have been Andy the Communications Professor and helped GM learn to communicate her thoughts. You can see when she can’t find the words she gets upset and starts to swear and it just gets worse and worse.

        Candice is a Pediatric Speech Therapist and she could have helped GM with learning proper pronunciation and the way calm yourself when frustrated that you can’t find the words.

        Elissa is now helping GM see that she doesn’t have to be a gutter rat and is giving her emotional support.

        If Rat Dog would have been a decent human being, he could have formed an alliance of 4 and been part of something special. But now because GM was sucked into the Mean Girls she will leave the house unemployed and with very little future prospects.

        What a waste.

      • Comments (1076)

        I too feel that GM just needs nurturing. She has a conscience so she is easier to teach right from wrong. The others are mean and selfish.

      • Comments (26)

        But none of these houseguests are there to raise or train GM–they’re there to play the game.

      • Comments (1076)

        We were three boys growing up in a house with a mom and dad. We were the children and they were the parents It was as simple as that. No was no. And believe me, we were plenty spoiled. We lived in a beautiful house and we had our own rooms and plenty of freedom. But we also had to maintain excellent grades, do chores around the house and at all times be respectful to our mother. If we were good we had all the freedom we wanted. If we made mistakes we took responsibility for them. We were only punished if we lied or tattled on each other. We were raised to think how our parents would be effected if we stepped out of line. We never wanted them to be disappointed with us. What is wrong with these people?

    • elissa all the way
      Comments (6)

      I must say it is like you have read my mind and expressed it so beautifully. It is a game but in no way should there be personal and vile attacks. Last year in BB14 Dan was the most scheming competitor. He had many fans and he also had people who did not appreciate his game play. The difference was his words didn’t isolate and marginalize a faction of players and audience members because of something that cannot be changed like skin color. This is Amanda’s and Aaryn’s doing. The worse part is like you said a lack of remorse. I appreciate strategy: vile comments and bullying is not strategy

      • Comments (30)

        “I appreciate strategy: vile comments and bullying is not strategy”

        You’re absolutely right. It’s not strategy – it’s mean and spiteful. I don’t buy Judd’s argument that her bullying is overblown. Girls and women bully in different ways than boys and men do. There are books about it – Queen Bees and Wannabes or Odd Girl Out. While it may not be physical in the same way that boys bully, mental abuse can be just as damaging and harder to spot.

        Girls are socialized to work together and collaborate. When someone is tossed out of the group and the stories they shared while bonding are used against them, that’s hurtful. Amanda (and, to be fair, Elissa to a degree) is using personal stuff that was shared in while bonding to ostracize one person.

        Now, she’s escalated the bullying to straight-up harassment to the point that Elissa feels unsafe leaving the HOH room. That’s not okay. If it were outside of the house, Elissa could just leave and go elsewhere, but they’re stuck in the BB house. There’s even more pressure and the harassment probably feels more extreme. What’s going to happen if Elissa doesn’t get HOH again and can’t lock the door to get away from Amanda’s harassment?

      • Comments (25)

        I too wonder what will happen next week. Elissa can’t get HOH and Amanda has already threatened to follow her everywhere and climb in bed with her and not leave her alone for one minute until she (E) leaves. Next week Elissa won’t be able to go to HOH to get away from her.

      • Comments (30)

        Ah, you’re right. It should have read “when Elissa can’t get HOH.” Maybe someone will be sympathetic and let her hang out in their HOH room, but I wouldn’t bet on it. She’ll probably try to spend as much time in the DR.

      • Comments (1076)

        If Elissa was a warmer or more ingratiating person the others might have stuck up for her against Amanda. As it stands Amanda is expressing what they all feel but are to civilized to express the way Amanda does.

      • Comments (4)

        No, i think the others are just scared of Amanda

      • Comments (1076)

        No – the guys hate elissa.

      • Comments (651)

        I think BB is waiting to get Aaryn out knowing that Demanda has been warned with a penalty nomination if they harass another HG and she won’t be able to stop herself. If she does she goes up on the block no matter what. This way BB gets Aaryn the racist out and next Demanda and then BB can get off the hot seat they have put themselves on…

      • Comments (5)

        Wasn’t it Frank who used similar bulling tactics last year on, I think, Ian? I can’t remember well, but I’m thinking it wasn’t well received by America.

  15. Comments (651)

    Hey Steve don’t stop with the Google+. That’s the only social media site I use.

  16. Arryns Biggest Fan
    Comments (1)

    Arryn is the reason for any CBS ratings this season. Her supposed drama is what started it all. Aaryn is by far the most entertaining as you never know what is going to fall out of her mouth. That’s AWESOME to watch.

    After than – Amanda is the next best to watch. She is such a predictable control freak that she would be easy to evict but everyone is scared of here.

    If..I was the HOH…. ELISSA… you should have nominated Amanda and Mcrae.

    99 percent of this show is influenced by the questions in the diary room. Does CBS think we are that stupid to realize their questions are leading and manipulating the house guests.

    AARYN – if you are kicked out the show will be boring and dull. If you need a job when your out, give me a call.

    • Comments (2)

      Aaryn is boring regardless of what oozes out of her mouth. All she does is whine “I’m bored I’m bored” as they say bored people are boring. The ratings were not brought on by being entertained, but being appalled that this behavior was being condoned. In reality it was a serious issue being proven that racism still exists and hate is still race and gay motivated.

      In the end she is not someone to root for because that is allowing hatred against people different from yourself and lacking humanity. You are a sad individual. I pity you. 🙁

    • Comments (40)

      Aaryn’s said on the show that her life long goal is to be a Playboy bunny, so unless that is the kind of job you are offering, I wouldn’t bother. And after all that has gone down on the show, that might be her only option. To sell her own self out. Since we are encouraged to write comments that out grandmother could read, I will stop there.

    • Comments (651)

      Before you hire her you may want to consult an employment attorney because she is a lawsuit waiting to happen. You would hire her knowing what she say to others so if she says something racist to another employee even once expect them to file suit because you knew and hired her anyway.

    • Comments (3)

      its not because of aaryn’s lovely personlity CBS rating are up. She was horrible with her racist remarks and how she treated the other hg. she has mellowed out. probably because production warned her. she is trying to do damage control. elissa was smart to send her on her way. she cant be trusted, she wants elissa out, and she is good at the competitions. elissa has more class.

  17. Comments (166)

    These HG haven’t even experienced what hell is going to be like..wait until the day(i hope VERY soon), when Whoremanda is on the block & reality sets in & she knows she out the door & they will have to live with her for a whole week!!! Can you even imagine..you think shes vile & disgusting now, wait until next week!!!

    Cant wait to see that!!!

    • Comments (651)

      I think she will go into full Demental mode and they will have to pull her from the game. She gets her adderall but her xanax refills ran out and she would have to see a doctor in person to get a new script–against the rules. So her downer drug is no more only her speed pill…don’t think she can last long.

    • Comments (1076)

      Now now Annette, you were doing so well. No name calling please. It is an offense to us all.

      • Comments (71)

        I really don’t think you speak for everyone, so please don’t use such passive aggressive tactics and fallacies to marginalize others. If you ask me and only me (I don’t speak for “everyone”), that comment was far more offensive than Annette’s. Thanks SQ. 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        eat me.

      • Comments (1076)

        I meant to say all of us who are educated and civilized. Feel better Beth, I left you out this time. And, btw, eat me.

      • Comments (60)

        Regarding the person who was calling Amanda ” Whoremanda” etc and referring to dementia…..I agree with person who said it was out of hand and do not think that telling someone to try to not be so personal in their posts is being passive aggressive in anyway ……just my two cents .

  18. Comments (302)

    Andy is on the block and still acting like a spoiled little ratfink. But it looks like Pandora’s box is about to be sprung on the crew. Judging from patterns from the past the HOH is due for a good prize and that might be a special power to save Elissa … wouldn’t it be grand if Rachel was sprung on the rest of the house to torture them for 24 hours.

  19. Comments (1)

    Sooo Pandora’s Box could mean Amanda could be nominated? Then Yes, Please, Please, Please pandora come a runnin.
    After what she did last night Amanda should be penalty nominated.
    If not I hope Judd or a “Reformed” GM get HOH and get Amanda out.
    IF so and Pandora saves Amanda like the conspiracy says…I’m done!

  20. Comments (2)

    I love big brother I have watched every season, this has been the worst so far… Amanda is vile, unfortunately most of the people left are horrible I hope Judd & Elisa stay together& make it 2 the end…

  21. Comments (74)

    I’m confused are they voting to keep Andy? The conversations are confusing me!?! Is GM wanting to vote Aaryn out for real? And Amanda harassing Elissa only makes her look stupid. Elissa is beautiful 🙂

    So now what’s up? Is everybody on Mcman-das side? Help help me understand lol

    • Comments (5)

      GM swore up and down she’d vote Andy out but has told Aaryn the exact opposite. Not really sure who is going home at this point.

    • Comments (302)

      Sadly Judd has already made an agreement with McCranda that neither will put the other up this week. I hope that’s something he wouldn’t honor but that just sucks. It looks like Andy will probably be a unanimous choice to stay. He’s out in the BY bad mouthing Elissa along with the rest … only Judd/Spencer not joining in. Elissa comes out to do yoga and that skank Amanda starts hassling her again as McCrud joins in. Kudos to Elissa for keeping a calm demeanor during all this. Wouldn’t it be nice to see one gentleman step up and say he’s heard enough?

      • Comments (25)

        I agree. Bullies can only continue to bully when they are enabled by others around them. If the other HG’s stood up to Amanda and told her enough already she would have to back off. By sitting by and watching and saying nothing (or worse laughing at her) they are just as guilty as she is, imo.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree with you Alisha. In this situation though, I think even the guys are too afraid of Amanda & that’s why they don’t speak up. I assume they feel they shouldn’t enter a “cat fight”.

      • Comments (400)

        Apparently right after Judd told Andy he’d lied to Am/Mc

    • Comments (293)

      Andy is on the block with Aaryn.

      • Comments (74)

        No sh*t i know he is on the block lol I was wondering if he was staying or not based on the array of conversations

      • Comments (293)

        I think he probably stays because of the new alliance. Although making an alliance with him is a big mistake.

    • Comments (1076)

      I still don’t understand why everyone is so confused. Andy is not going anywhere this week. Judd was stroking Elissa because usually when someone is brought back into the house they leave the following week. His faux friendship with Elissa has prevented this. Andy is high strung so he panicked because no one wants to go up. Judd kept saying blank slate but he still blamed Helissa for his departure. Spencer, Andy, Judd, and McCrae have a mutual admiration for each other that has developed over the weeks. Judd forgives McCrae because McCrae was truly remorseful and men are quicker to let bygones be bygones with their friends. They hate Aaryn and Elissa! The jocks and “popular” boys are gone, so Elissa and Aaryn can’t bat their eyelashes and get these guys to do what they want. GM is fun and one of the guys. Amanda too used to fit in, but her latest histrionics have move GM into 5th place. Plain and simple. Try watching the feeds with the sound off and just observe the physical interactions and dynamics of the group. Watch who gravitates to who. Actions will always speak louder than words. Every week they are scrambling to stay off the block. They will say anything to achieve this goal. But is harder to disguise body language and true affection.

  22. Comments (400)

    I love this blog and just made a donation. Have you?

    • Comments (400)

      Why would you give me a thumbs down? Unless of course you haven’t donated and continue to take, take, take.

      • Comments (1076)

        Who elected you treasurer? It is neither my place or yours to put people on the spot like that. You have a lot of nerve to make these judgments when stevebeans did not designate you as his spokes person. Crawl back into your cave you presumptuous Neanderthal. It is rude to make people feel uncomfortable. JERK!

  23. Comments (2)

    This is the worst big Brother in History. There was Racist remarks made.People that cant play for their self.I wonder where they got some of them,Everyone of them are slobs!! And Amanda and Mcrea all they do is lay in bed and let all their little puppets ( Andy and Aryan) do her dirty work for them,I have never seen so many Stupid people in all my life!!! And Spencer needs to keep his hands out of his pants(nasty) And Andy needs to stop picking his nose!!!!!!Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Comments (1)

    I honestly don’t know why I’m watching this season any more. I usually look forward to watching each summer but this time these people just make me sick and annoyed. Amanda is so vile and such a big baby. I don’t understand how people can act one way and then get all upset and offended when someone does the same thing back. Amanda wines when things don’t go her way and she can’t understand why she would be the target? Is she just blind? And then on the show last nigth, Aaryn was crying because she was nominated asking why me? When she repeated targeted Elissa, who can blame her for putting Aaryn up? (Though I’m still of the mind that it should have been Amanda and McCrea). I’m just so annoyed by how these people are acting. And I don’t even know who I’m rooting for any more; though at this point it’s probably Eliss and Judd.

  25. Comments (25)

    Is “Marilyn” a real person? Has anyone found anything to prove or disprove her existence? I am curious.

  26. Comments (2)

    I think everyone is wanting Amanda & mcnasty out aexcept maybe Aaron & Andy. But both of them are so stupid & Andy will go with the majority I can’t wait til all 4 of those lowlifes leave

  27. Comments (28)

    I’m just shocked at the things coming out of demanda’s mouth. She is completely disgusting..this is not game play at all. She’s an embarrassment to her family and friends. What a low life to say the things she does.. Most of these people lack CLASS!!!!!!!

  28. Comments (5)

    I’m confused…. I see 3 nominees so there was a pandora box and it was used,therefore Amanda is the 3rd nominee?
    Can somebody let me know? I do not want tp get excited in advance…

  29. Comments (5)

    NVM my comment, I spoke too soon, I guess you were just updating the nominees….

  30. Comments (651)

    Just emailed CBS that they better do something about DeMental NOW! Everyone should go to their site and send a complaint email. Since DeMental was already warned she should either be put on the block–HoH choice of who to take down or she should just be booted from the show.

    I let them know the longer they let this bullying go on the more people believe AG rigged the game.

  31. Comments (7)

    No matter the outcome this week, I am one very happy girl. Either Andy (the rat) goes home or Aaryn (the racist evil bitch) goes home.

    Here’s to rooting for an awesome Pandora’s Box that will give Elissa an awesome power that will make Amanda suffer!!!

    • Comments (1076)

      I’m rooting for Pandora to come out of Elissa’s box.

    • Comments (1076)

      Andy is not a rat. He is loyal to his friends. He never ratted on Spencer, or McManda and he only turned on Judd (remember, so did McCrae and Spencer)when Amanda convinced him Judd was MVP. If I went to war I would hire Andy for espionage work in a flash. He had a huge hand in getting rid of Helen and thereby knocking Miss Elissa for a loop. You might not like Andy because you don’t like Mcmanda, but on an objective basis Andy has done his job to perfection, and he will be there after Amanda and Miss Elissa and Aaryn are in the jury house. Andy and GM will battle it out for 4th place. I still don’t understand what Amanda is doing this week. After she won the POV she should have just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the week. Why isn’t she saving her energy for Thursday’s HOH competition? Her ridiculous antics are not good gameplay. If she is the next one out instead of Elissa it is her own fault, but I am sure she will blame someone else.

  32. Comments (293)

    If someone posted this, I’m sorry I missed it and apologize for the repetition: Andy, Judd, Spencer and Gina Marie are a new alliance called the Exterminators.

  33. Comments (9)

    Here is what we know.
    BB15 production favors Elissa.
    There WILL be a Pandora’s Box and it will FAVOR Elissa.

    Just a matter of a couple of days and you will know I am right.

    They never should have allowed any “America Votes” that had such a huge impact on the game knowing Rachel’s Army will have enough votes to sway anything they decide to gang up on. ( Elissa 2x MVP and Amanda 2x voted up on the block)

    It’s to the point now it’s not so much who I’d like to see win… it’s more like all the folks I DON’T want to see win.

    • Comments (293)

      America’s voted to make Elissa MVP. She chose the nominees. Fortunately, she made good choices. Elissa did not put Amanda on the block, America did. CBS stopped America’s votes because they wanted to keep Amanda and Aaryn. Likely, they think people are watching because of those two. In a way, they are correct–people are watching because they do not want to miss seeing them voted off!

      • Comments (9)

        Rachel’s Army told folks to vote for Elissa as MVP… she won 2x

        Rachel’s Army told folks to vote to put Amanda on the block. They did 2x

        also: did you know Elissa got to phone her husband? Did you know Elissa had a down comforter in the have not room?

        I’d love the see the ALL voted off and the money go to charity. This is the worst group in the 15 years the show has been on.
        The only way it could be worse is if they brought Rachel back.

      • Comments (293)

        Wazzup, I don’t know who Rachel’s Army is, but it must be pretty large and powerful to (1) sway all viewers to vote its way and (2) get messages to Elissa about who to nominate. Are you saying Elissa’s call to her husband was a way of getting information about how to play the game? Nearly every house guest has broken have-not room rules.

      • Comments (166)

        And obviously if she phoned Rachel dont you think she would have given better advice..hello she did win..please inform us on how you would know that, did Allison Grodner tell you that?!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Alison talks to me, remember?

      • Comments (610)

        I voted for Elissa for MVP and later for Amanda to go up on the block. I am not part of “Rachel’s Army” and am not on Twitter, nor do I follow any of them online, etc. Thus, there are some of us who actually voted what we wanted, not what someone else told us to do.

      • Comments (9)

        but… don’t get me wrong… Amanda’s strategy to get Elissa to go coocoo (more coo coo than she already is) is a bad strategy… by “bad” I mean that it is pretty low and she shouldn’t be doing it…. I mean… the fact she told everyone about Elissa’s STD prescription she has been taking… that is pretty low….

      • Comments (14)

        Wait… What STD medication? I wish I had the feeds!!!

      • Comments (55)

        What STD? I thought Amanda was being treated for a vaginal infection. I didn’t hear anything about Elissa.

      • Comments (1076)

        If she is married and faithful to her husband how did she get an STD? Is her husband cheating on her? These are awful things to say without 100% truth. My goodness, these people are nuts for opening up their lives to such scrutiny. It reminds me of the old joke. A woman goes to the butcher shop to buy a chicken. The butcher shows her a big beautiful roaster but the woman is not satisfied. She grabs the bird off the counter and starts smelling it. Then she spreads the chickens legs apart and takes a deep breath. She gives the chicken back to the butcher and says she doesn’t want it. The butcher looks the lady in the face and says “Hey lady, could you pass that test?”

      • Comments (1076)

        If you don’t think the chicken joke is funny then I am glad I don’t know you. That is Henny Youngman at his best. I dare you to repeat that joke to someone and see if they don’t laugh. That joke is a classic.

      • Comments (1288)

        I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk.

      • Comments (293)

        Henny Youngman? How old are you–lol?

      • Comments (25)

        Amanda has been known to spread nasty lies and rumors and has no problem slandering someone (remember Howard) to benefit herself. She is also saying that Elissa married a 78 year old man. Obviously that is not true. Elissa has been a very close lipped person in the house, the other hg’s were even complaining that they don’t know much about her, so I highly doubt that IF she did have an STD (and I don’t believe that she does for a second) that she would tell Amanda about it. Think about the source of the comment. Amanda is out to hurt Elissa any way she can.

      • Comments (610)

        Well said Alisha!

      • Comments (1162)


        When did you read or hear that nonsense?

        If Amanda said it then consider it to be lie.
        The only yeasty one on BB15 is Amanda.

  34. Comments (11)

    OMFG I can’t staaaaaaand Amanda! When she made that comment to Elissa about her face, Elissa should have said, “How many donuts did it take to make your thighs look like that?”

    So it looks like Aaryn’s leaving this week… I *hate* that sneaky little rat Andy, but he doesn’t win as much as Aaryn does and Aaryn winning HOH is pretty much the same as McCrae/Amanda winning HOH… Elissa has a better chance if Aaryn is out of the house. Best case scenario is if someone like Spencer or Judd wins HOH next week and puts up Amanda and McCrae.

    • Comments (293)

      An Exterminator member will put up McCrae and Amanda and Elissa will be a replacement. If Amanda or McCrae wins HOH, Elissa is outta there for sure.

      • Comments (768)

        I don’t think so. If Amanda is still on the block I can see the guys voting to evict her. I think everyone has had it with her big mouth, including McCrae.

      • Comments (9)

        I agree….
        Here is what I think Amanda is thinking…. she knows she can’t win a jury vote…. so…
        she’s trying to get elissa to crack and quit the show….
        and/or Amanda is trying to get CBS to kick her off the show so she can sue them…. she’ll claim the harrassing was her strategy… and I’m sure the waivers they signed to be on the show mentioned physical abuse and not verbal abuse as a no-no.

      • Comments (1076)

        It was Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with the candlestick…LMAO,,,

      • Comments (357)

        U may have a point wazzup! Amanda has been studying the rule book alot this week.

      • Comments (293)

        They don’t want to keep Elissa around as a final two because they think the jury will favor her.

      • Comments (1076)

        Yes, but they need Amandas vote to get rid of Elissa. Amanda will follow Elissa out the door the following week.

      • Comments (293)

        I think Amanda will be the next HOH. The “odds” are in her favor: Exterminators & Elissa vs. McCrae & Amanda–ha ha ha. . .

    • Comments (302)

      I agree with everything you said Jen. I suppose I’m hooked on this crappy season because I sooooo want to see Amanda, Aaryn & Ratboy get booted. It’s sickening watching Andy now join Amanda in hassling Elissa as he blows a noisemaker at Elissa as Amanda continues to harass her. I have never wanted to kick someone’s ass more than that sorry bunch. I have never been compelled to write anyone I’ve ever seen on TV for any reason. But I really want this sorry bunch to know how foolish they’ve looked. I pray none of them profit from their appearance on the show … but no doubt CBS will want McCranda for The Amazing Race and they’ll probably come up with a Good vs Evil Big Brother so they can bring back Aaryn. CBS could care less about their behavior if it equals ratings.

      • Comments (822)

        No Rats Allowed, you said CBS could care less about behavior if it equals ratings. Did you forget that “CBS Cares!” I agree with you 100%!

      • Comments (453)

        There is a website on Jokers updates that has a petition to sign for CBS to remove Amanda because of her vile behavior.

      • Comments (610)

        Is it new? There was one several weeks ago when Aaryn, GM, & company were harrassing Candice & being so racist, but I don’t think anything came of it.

  35. Comments (118)

    Go Amanda go! Keep it up and get tossed!

  36. Comments (3)

    I don’t understand why the staff of CBS and Big Brother accept how Amanda talks to Elissa. As far as I’m concern i call this bullying. Something should be done, it should’t be accepted. 🙁

    • Comments (9)

      probably because they are adults…. adults should take care of themselves…. and bullying is Amanda’s strategy….. a pretty immature and low strategy but it’s one none-the-less.

      You shouldn’t be in the BB house if you are thin skinned. It’s get’s dirty in there and the better you handle it the farther you’ll go.

    • Comments (5)

      They did do something about it – they banned her from the HoH room and told her if she continues she’ll be a replacement nom as punishment. That’s more than they’ve done all season for poor widdle Elissa – I didn’t see anyone coming to Candice’s rescue when she was being tortured week after week with racist slurs.

    • Comments (822)

      Last week Andy was so “threatened” when Ellisa said she’d put him on the block, yet what he & Amanda (esp Amanda) are doing shouldn’t be taken as a threat? Why oh why is it OK for Amanda to keep dishing it out but if anyone does something she doesn’t like it’s criminal!

    • Comments (1076)

      Amanda is throwing a good chance to win 500 thou. She is insane.

  37. Comments (83)

    GM swore last week she was gonna vote to keep Helen too, she is a lier just like the rest of them, Andy needs to go, I can not believe they would allow Amanda to treat Ellisa like that, Amanda needs a reality check, nasty ass whore bitch. If she wins I think the show is fixed.

  38. Comments (1)

    I hope that Pandora’s box contains a reset button that allows Elissa to redo nominations and play veto over so that way she can put Amanda and McCrae on the block and Amanda finally leaves the game. I have a feeling though I am getting my hopes up.

  39. Comments (34)

    Omgosh just found mcnasty “mccrae tuglord Olson”on fb he is not a pizza boy?!?!? Works at Woodbridge production flush studio and he’s nastier than what we thought ughhhhhh

  40. Comments (28)

    What is the Woodbridge production flush studio??

    • Comments (34)

      I don’t know. It could be a fake occupation that he uses, he’s just creepy…

    • Comments (487)

      It looks like a company that puts their comics on T-shirts. I knew that pizza delivery job was BS from the beginning. That’s why Amanda jumped on that, he really owns a business. I bet it gets a shout out on finale night during his big reveal.

      • Comments (1076)

        It looks like some underground emo crap. His income from this should be minimal. He doesn’t even own the site. He is just a contributor. No wonder he has to deliver pizza to make a living. So he’s a comic nerd. We could have guessed that. Amanda is most probably the first time his whistle ever got wet…LOL..

      • Comments (34)

        Almost choked on my…wait for it… pizza after reading your comment suzyq… pretty funny stuff 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        I am glad you think so. The group that spews foul language and disgusting names while claiming how much they hate the HG’s spewing foul language and disgusting names doesn’t think so. Hysterical. Even in public school the separated me from the dumb kids. We were a small class of kids called the IGC and the rest of the school wanted to kill us.

      • Comments (1076)

        IGC (Intellectually Gifted Children). We were so far ahead in our studies that every Friday we went on a trip (museum, zoo, theater, etc.) and every Friday the other kids would hang out the windows cursing our bus as it pulled away from the school. I get the same reaction 45 years later. The dumb kids are always mad and frustrated. Some things never change.

  41. Comments (118)

    Does Andy own other shirts besides the cat and rib ones??

  42. Comments (30)

    Aaryn just told Judd that she doesn’t think she did anything to piss off anyone outside of the house. I almost feel sorry for her, she’s rather delusional.

  43. Comments (1)

    Amanda is a waste of space … I cannot believe how mean and nasty these people are … get them off my TV.

  44. Comments (65)

    This has gotten to the point where my blood boils every time Amanda and McCrae’s face pop up on the screen. I’m annoyed by Andy and Aaryn as well. But Amanda is just vile vile vile. Aaryn is very ignorant, but Amanda is 10 times of that. And the fact that she’s torturing Elissa just because she doesn’t agree with everything she says? Can’t wait for her not only to be evicted but realize what people really think of her.

    • Comments (9)

      it’s a GAME.

      It’s a strategy.

      Only timne will tell if it works.

      The fact it’s getting to YOU so much is proof it has an affect on people…. if Elissa handles it well then it will backfire on Amanda…. if Elissa cracks then Amanda’s strategy worked.

      but… remember…. game, game, game…. just a game…. just a strategy to be a bully to try to bring down a person that may be weak and crack… but, remember… game, game… it’s just a strategy in a game.

      Think of it like this… when you play MarioKart is it nice to shoot turtle shells at the person in front of you? NO…. but you do it to get them off the track so you can take the lead…. Does that make you a big bully and terrible person?
      Just think of it as Amanda shooting turtle shells at Elissa!

      • Comments (25)

        It is not game to say you want to kill someone. It is not game to bring their family into it. It is not game to talk about raping someone. This is serious. This is disgusting. Never in the history of BB have I seen this and I have been with it from day 1. Dick was mild compared to this.

      • Comments (822)

        Mario & shooting turtle shells is a whole different kind of game. Last I checked, Mario isn’t human with feelings. Agreed, it’s a game but when it gets so overly personal, that takes it to a higher degree of wrong!

    • Comments (624)

      Can’t agree more. The most HATEABLE cast remains the majority, and not the good kind where you want to tune in kind of hate. When I’m watching recorded BBAD and I see them, I hit the fast forward.

      Why Elissa didn’t just go straight for the jugular and put up McCrea and Amanda stright up is beyond me. Now I hope for a twist.

      • Comments (768)

        I was just reading on Jokers that the reason she put up McCrae was to neutralize both him and Amanda. Her target was always Aaryn. If McCrae won it he would use it on himself and she would have put up Amanda and take away her vote and if Amanda won it she would used it on McCrae and not Aaryn. Makes sense since her target was Aaryn. I thought she was just saying it was Aaryn to deflect from her real target…Amanda.

        When McCrae went back to Amanda to tell her of the conversation with Elissa Amanda forbid him from talking to her again!! lol How would you like to be married to that??!!

      • Comments (14)

        yup…it’s true aryan Aaryn has always been her(Elissa’s) target…it so hard to remember with all the flip-flopping from the hg’s…but of the remaining, aryan Aaryn has been the best at comps…definite threat at this stage and then BLAMO Skankmanda wins the veto…ugh ugh ugh ugh that win hit right in the gut…

      • Comments (1162)

        True – Amanda was upset McCrae had talked to Elissa and really
        upset that he apologized to her.
        What he didn’t tell Amanda was that Elissa first apologized to him.
        McCrae really does live up to his nickname, McNoBalls.
        And to think he’s somewhat concerned about being viewed
        by the public as a pussy. Ha!
        Just wait ……….

      • Comments (60)

        She didnt go for the jugular cause she got sidetracked talking to her hubby on the phone and snuggling in the Have Not Room under the down comforter no one else was allowed to have : )

  45. Comments (610)

    From Jokers: Aaryn “I don’t think I did anything wrong to piss anyone off outside the house”. Aaryn, you & the other racist/bullies etal will soon find out!

    • Comments (624)

      I would love it if her exit interview with Julie included watching some of her nastiest clips in the house. Especially the Asian comments with Julie sitting right there.

      • Comments (25)

        I hope when she leaves they have an actual audience that will express how they really feel about her rather than employees of CBS as they have done in the past. If they have regular BB fans I have a feeling that Aaryn will not get much of a welcome when she walks out the door.

      • Comments (30)

        That would be all parts of awesome.

  46. Comments (118)

    Because of Amanda I can’t watch BBAD anymore and McRae ewwwwwww

  47. Comments (25)

    I am disgusted with Amanda. I don’t remember Dick saying he was going to kill people. Either she needs to be pulled or Elissa gets PB and gets a special power to knock the bitch down a few more pegs. Tired of her and MC is just as horrible. Elissa is playing a game and everyone complains of her playing personally? Biggest hypocrites I have ever seen. How dare she make a move and get rid of someone that has won 4 hohs and a veto. Good lord. If anyone else had done this they would have been congratulating them and sticking their noses up that persons ass. Amanda is sick. How is saying I am going to kill her not a threat? She needs to be expelled. This is not just some bad comments this is wishing someone harm on their life. I cannot stand ANYONE besides Elissa in this game.

  48. Comments (25)

    I honestly hope Elissa gets PB gets a power and the house gets Rachel. I want to see Rachel go at it with Amanda! That is entertainment!

    • Comments (25)

      I worry that if she gets PB it might be bad and help Aaryn to stay. Aaryn staying = more controversy = more viewers. Elissa has endured so much this week for Aaryn not to go home. That is my fear.

      • Comments (25)

        After the treatment she has received from Amanda believe me it would be in her favor and Amanda would have something bad happen. They worry about ratings THIS is their chance. Give something good to Elissa and send in Rachel. Lets see some real shit go down.

      • Comments (453)

        Bring in Rachel and Evel Dick to tag team Amanda, mcCrae and anyone else who laughs at the horrid treatment.

      • Comments (1)

        Some of the comments about having Rachel and Evil Dick to tag team Amanda and McCrae. Shows that you believe in bully, too. Two wrongs does not make a right, from a 7th grade point a view. My mother tells me that Amanda will get wants she deserves. I asked her to let me type this, to ask you not to be like Amanda and wish for someone to be bullied. They are teaching us to tell an adult, and CBS is the adult. Tell them to wake up and make her leave the show for BULLING.

      • Comments (453)

        CBS refuses to do anything. These people are supposedly adults ,not children. With all the x-rated language and behavior why is a child watching this show? Adults handle things differently than children do when they don’t get along. It is their choice, (the people on this show), that no child should be watching, or reading comments about x-rated behavior there is parental controls to keep kids from this type of behavior that CBS prefers for it’s ratings.

      • Comments (1076)

        When I was a kid my parents had their entertainment and I had mine. My pop didn’t watch the Mickey Mouse Club and I didn’t listen to Belle Barth or Redd Foxx. My mom didn’t read Encyclopedia Brown and I didn’t read Tropic of Capricorn. The lines were much clearer then they are today. You can’t imagine how many times I visit friends and say to myself, “what the hell are these kids doing up?”. The whole world has gone nuts.

      • Comments (1288)

        Very well said Travis. But these are adults who agreed to compete for a very large prize. That is very different from everyday life. If you are not physically able you shouldn’t try to compete in Survivor and if you are not mentally able you shouldn’t try Big Brother.

    • Comments (3)

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  49. Comments (6)

    I’m not a prude but I may be a female chauvinist – I liked Evel Dick, but to me, Amanda is a disgusting excuse for a woman, even if she is “just playing a game”. IMO her behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. I agree that you can not be thin-skinned in this game, but there should be a limit on the trash this woman is allowed to dish out – Hot sauce on a feminine pad? Condoms? Please – How old is she? Does BB do any type of mental assessment on the contestants? I sincerely believe this ‘woman’ needs serious physiological help!

  50. Comments (28)

    How fun would it be if rachel did come in the house to torture amanda? That would be awesome. She does need to be brought down a peg or two. Just maybe get a taste of her own medicine. Hey u think maybe she might hide behide the trash can again.. along with McSmelly..

    • Comments (487)

      How about Rachel and Brenden or Rachel and Jeff. Can you imagine Jeff getting into McCrae’s face or better yet Andy’s face. Priceless.

    • Comments (610)

      Chain Rachel to Amanda for 24 hours! That could be some entertainment!

    • Comments (293)

      Rachel can’t come back because she would not be able to keep quiet about what’s been going on. Unless BB has been keeping her on a deserted island with no communication with the outside world, Rachel should not come to the BB house. Besides, why would she want to stoop to Amanda’s level, use Amanda’s tactics? The best weapon against Amanda is the one Elissa is using–ignore her. Like Rumpelstiltskin, Amanda will stomp herself into the ground, or whatever happened to the that troll.

  51. Comments (2)

    Would be great if Amanda could convince Gm and McC to vote our Andy… then everyone could be Blindsided:)

  52. Comments (2)

    … vote out Andy

  53. Comments (25)

    As far as Aaryn, I do not condone her racist comments however she is 22 naïve and unaware. She will be in for a rude awakening. A lot of people in their young 20s feel entitled. They feel they can say and do whatever they want and there be no consequences. By the time you are Amanda’s age you should just know better. No excuse. I am sickened by her. I am wishing and hoping BB sees that something has to be done at this point.

  54. Comments (49)

    I honestly want Evil Dick to go in the house and tell everyone what he thinks of this season.

  55. Comments (2)

    I don’t like Elissa’s being snobby but Amanda being a bully is worse.I hope Ellisa does get PB and she gets the reward of being able to put Amanda on the block and the HG bud luck is to bring Rachel in the house to torture Amanda, Maybe she could make Amanda self evict hahaha.

  56. Comments (2)

    test test

  57. Comments (57)

    I knew Judd would turn out to be the worst possible houseguest to return. He’s been back a few days and has already floated several laps around the house. I hope he and moron #2 (Andy) make it to the finals now. I would love to hear them explain how they deserve to win without having done absolutely anything.

    • Comments (293)

      He is a disappointment. I gave him more credit than he deserves. In his defense, because he was voted off in a double elimination, he didn’t get to hear any comments from the house guests after his eviction and Helen wasn’t able to tell him much because she was focused on helping Elissa.

    • Comments (1076)

      Judd just takes Xanax and mumbles but Andy is such a good espionage agent that if he was working on the enigma code WWII would have been over in 1943 instead of 1945.

  58. Comments (3)

    Elissa opens Pandora’s box. She is rewarded with a secret POV she can use to remove herself from the block. The others? They get Rachael for 24 long hours. Now that’s entertainment! Just Wishing (dont get excited)

  59. Comments (83)

    CBS wil not do a damn thing to Whoremanda for her bad behavier, I was on cbs site and the ratings are really high for BB, they probaly call her to the diary room and tell her to be a total bitch to keep there ratings up, if I were Elissa and I got evicted next week, I would punch that nasty bitch right in her big fifthy mouth

    • Comments (487)

      If Elissa gets evicted next week. She should hug GM, Judd and Spencer and slap her hand on her A$$ and tell the rest of them to kiss it. Let me stop that’s what I would do. Sorry I was projecting. LOL

      Elissa should just walk out and not say a word to any one to GM (if she gives her a vote to stay). None of that phony hugging and kissing crap.

    • Comments (293)

      Ratings are up because people want to see how CBS is going to pull itself out of this mess. As I said earlier, now I only watch on eviction day to see the votes, eviction, eviction interview, and farewell messages from the house guests. CBS doesn’t care why or how it’s getting the ratings as long as it’s getting them. Besides, what else is on network TV at the same time as Big Brother that is competitive enough?

    • Comments (453)

      Watching Amanda do this to Elissa and the others just sit because they are either too afraid or laugh angers me to no end. Elissa should just look the crazy bitch in the eye and ask if she has ever thought what her baby would have looked like, or would be if allowed to grow up, you know, the one you were pregnant with during the BB process? I know it is cruel but so is what the whacko bitch is doing to Elissa.

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda feeds on that. She can’t stand being ignored so Elissa is just making her crazier and crazier. I doubt she’ll be able to control herself and will get a nom penalty. YES!!!!

      • Comments (610)

        we can only hope… I think Amanda is getting worse and worse, so she just may completely crack & then get expelled.

      • Comments (768)

        I think you’re right marie2. I went back and watched the first show again and Amanda doesn’t look anything like she did when she first went into the house. It looks like she’s slowly becoming unravelled with each and every passing day. She doesn’t even get dressed anymore, she just wears her whitish (I think they were white) and green hoodie all week.

      • Comments (1076)

        If Elissa lowers herself to Amandas level then Amanda wins. Once Elissa does that the game is over and she gets to hate herself as much as Amanda will when this is all over. I know you are upset Peggi, but really.

      • Comments (60)

        I just really think it is unfair and wrong to bring Amandas ALLEGED pregnancy into this in any way…..its an incredibly personal and hurtful thing to say to anyone and we have zero way of knowing if it was a fact or not.

        Sorry but i just think its a no go zone and has zero to do with the game…just one person’s opinion though.

    • Comments (1076)

      Can I please have the name of your finishing school. You exude charm and a regal bearing. You should call yourself Countess Veronica.

  60. Comments (2)

    And to think I used to be a fan of Amanda at the beginning of this season and even threw in a couple of votes for her to be MVP! My how things have changed …

  61. Comments (822)

    What is the best way to contact CBS? If it via email, what is that email addy? I’m sure my contacting them regarding my overall disdain with this season of BB will mean nothing to them, but I might feel better!

  62. Comments (10)

    Why wasn’t there this much outrage when Evil Dick was being a jerk?
    It’s just Amanda’s strategy to get under Elissa’s skin.

    chill out folks….. it’s just a game….. you may not agree with Amanda’s technique but you don’t have to. Let her lose the game her way.

    I challenge any of you to be on BB16. Go in and be sweet and kind to everyone and see how that works out for you.

    again…. it’s a game people…. let it go.

    • Comments (651)

      Yes it’s a game and families should be off limits. Especially children. Racist remarks should get you a penalty. This is not Lord of the Flies.

      • Comments (1076)

        But that’s exactly what it is. It is a psychological experiment. I certainly couldn’t even predict my own behavior under such circumstances.

  63. Comments (166)

    Can anyone please give those of us who dont have live feeds all day a little insight into what Whoremanda/McGrungy are doing to Elissa.

    • Comments (10)

      i don’t know if anyone has twitter but follow Big Brother Leaks.. they tell you a lot of what is said and done in the house.

    • Comments (42)

      So here is some insight..Amanda going on another rant about wanting to punch Elissa in the face and that she’s tired of Elissa torturing her and the house….Amanda says if she sees anyone talking to Elissa, that person and Elissa will be her target. Then Andy: “There’s no way she (Elissa) can be everyones favorite. She just can’t! McCrae says, I agree.

      • Comments (166)

        Thanks Uchiha, I figured they had to be saying or shouting things to her..heard Whoremanda was following her around like the crazy person she is!!

      • Comments (1076)

        The name Annette is of Hebrew origin. It means favor, grace, gracious. Why don’t you respect your parents choice to name you Annette and live up to their expectations of you. You are being as far from gracious as is humanly possible. They would have made a better choice if they called you mud.

      • Comments (1076)

        I gave myself a thumbs up. I even had to do research for that comment. At the very least I showed some effort. And, Annette is mean and foul mouthed.

      • Comments (1288)

        So not verifying your JCSS lyric was an example of laziness on your part? [Thumbs Up 2}

    • Comments (25)

      You can look at Jokers updates too :)and Big Brother updates on twitter

    • Comments (768)

      You can read it here Annette….


  64. Comments (1)

    Hi from Canada! Just wanted to say ow much I love this site, I can not wait to know everything before it airs….

    I want Amanda I don’t know how much longer I can listen to her voice….

  65. Comments (10)

    isn’t it ironic?

    What you ask.

    Isn’t it ironic the number of people calling Amanda names that say she is a bully for being mean to Elissa.

    pot………. kettle.

    • Comments (158)

      Since you are apparently new I’ll fill you in. The Brainwashed Masses that comprise the Brenchel Army do not tolerate any criticism of Rachel or Elissa. You’re about to be severely downvoted.

      If you want to make things better just repeat “Rachel is God. Elissa is Jesus” until you are no longer capable of independent thought.

    • Comments (293)

      Evil, I’m not calling anyone names, but I will say that, so far, no one has called Amanda any name that doesn’t fit. She isn’t (hasn’t) been a bully to only Elissa either. Comments show that her vendetta against Elissa is nonstop lately.

      • Comments (60)

        Shirley…some of Amandas ranting has been for a reason for instance half of her horn blowing and yelling was prearranged by herself and Andy so he could then go and offer Elissa a shoulder to cry on and indear himself to her in hopes of keeping him in the house.Again not condoning any bad stuff just saying there was a strategy involved and she did apologize.

    • Comments (1076)

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Some of the commentators are posting with such venom and hatred that it only makes me wonder what kind of people they would be under BB conditions. If they are so quick to become animals without even having a horse in the race, I can just imagine how they would behave if they had a stake in the proceedings. Uneducated trash is all I can say.

  66. Comments (65)

    I might get a lot of dislikes but I think GM is playing one of the best games right now. She’s also becoming a great liar! I hope her/Elissa/Judd are the Final 3 tbh

  67. Comments (1)

    i think amanda should get a penalty nom for bullying. haha

  68. Comments (58)

    Hey everybody!!! Hope all is fine but need a favor, I missed the last couple of days and for once missed something lol.. Was shocked to see Amanda won something.. A VETO… WOW.. But why is she bullying Elissa?? Has everyone flipped on Elissa again?? Help catch me up please???

    • Comments (293)

      Saphire, besides blowing the horn in Elissa’s face and rummaging through Elissa’s belongings (She put some of Elissa’s things in the toilet), when Elissa went into her HOH room, Amanda wanted Elissa to come out and said, “This will never stop, Elissa! This is what you have done to yourself! . . . That’s what you get for being a bitch to every person in this house, including production. . . Now I am torturing you on behalf of all of the house guests and America.”
      Some other Amanda comments are as follows:
      • “She is a f-cking c-nt! I want to smack the smile off of her face!”

      • “Why don’t you look like your pics? How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that? Your face is a joke.”

      • “I’m pissed off that I look like the bully when this bitch ass, Joker faced, motherf-cker walks around like she’s Queen Sheba.”

      Amanda also plastered Elissa’s memory wall picture with condoms.

  69. Comments (42)

    Elissas’ response to Aaryn was epic…Thank you Aaryn for your conversation. Why don’t you just walk out my door…LOL

  70. Comments (6)

    I’m so over Elissa and her I’m better than you attitude. She’s all about talking about how horrible she’s being treated then turns around and does the same thing. A of these people have made nasty comments to each other. I’m personally hoping everyone wakes up to the fact that Andy is a rat and is playing everyone in the house. At least Amanda is up front with her gameplay. She’s been playing the game from day one and you have to give her credit for that. She is always talking strategy and working on her next move. That’s how you win this game. I do not agree with all of the bullying and racist remarks that have been made but at least she’s not floating by like the rest of them. Elissa is just as bad but tries to cover her hatefulness. She’s no better in my opinion.

    • Comments (10)

      be careful with talk like that here in the Elissa Fan Club Chat Room.

    • Comments (158)

      Since you are apparently new I’ll fill you in. The Brainwashed Masses that comprise the Brenchel Army do not tolerate any criticism of Rachel or Elissa. You’re about to be severely downvoted.

      If you want to make things better just repeat “Rachel is God. Elissa is Jesus” until you are no longer capable of independent thought.

    • Comments (1076)

      Uh oh, grab your children and run for the hills. I hear the villagers approaching as we speak.

  71. Comments (651)

    ‘I feel sorry for you’, Aaryn replied ‘for what?’, and Elissa said ‘for who you are’. Ouch. Apparently going beyond game only applies against Elissa, but she can say bitchy things.”

    You seriously compare Elissa saying this to Demanda bringing in Elissa’s husband and step-son? Was Elissa bitchy YES in a wonderful non-Mean Girl way and certainly not beyond game.

    And it ended the convo immediately and Aaryn won’t be back. She didn’t call her ugly or attack her for her racists views or talk about how her family didn’t write her letters or send her pictures. She just put an end to it permanently. Elissa understands Mean Girl but obviously chooses not to be one. That doesn’t mean she can’t use it against them.

    Also, I think Elissa hates the way Aaryn treats/uses GM. She has seen GM is vulnerable and when she gives her loyalty she keeps it. Aaryn exploded this in true Mean Girl fashion.

    • Comments (228)

      Elissa shut her down and dismissed her..LOL!!! Well done

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa needs to find out her shit smells like every one else. For a woman her age she is extremely self centered and unable to express sincere sympathy or empathy. That explains the inappropriate reactions to what is going on around her. I hate to admit it but Amandawas right, she does fall somewhere on the autism scale. Amanda is nuts and Elissa lives in Elissaville. They deserve each other.

  72. Comments (487)

    I saw the Aaryn begging session with Elissa. Interesting how everyone is jumping all over Elissa for ‘getting personal’ with Aaryn. I say payback is a Bytch! Aaryn ‘game’ play for most of the season has been personal. How many times has she said she hated this one, hated that one. So Aaryn now goes to Elissa for whom she had no sympathy when Elissa came to talk with her, now wanting sympathy. I’m glad Elissa told Aaryn how she felt to her face. No Andy or Amanda carrying any stories, putting their spin on it. Straight, no chaser.

  73. Comments (27)

    Come on Big Brother think outside the box and send out a big shocker for everyone. This is getting old watching the McCranda show they both need to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  74. Comments (1)

    I find it humorous that people are commenting about certain HG’s being racist and bullies but using the same language as racist and bullies themselves.

  75. Comments (6)

    I don’t know what version of BB most of you have been watching, but I do know the one I’m watching clearly shows how condescending, immature, egotistic and stupid Ellisa is. Couldn’t stand her from day 1 and definitely cant stand her now.

    Out of all the people left hopefully Spencer will win. I guess many of you have forgotten how he has played the game. Starting with the moving company and outing them which led to there eviction. Being on the block for 6 times and manged to stay in the house each time. Securing alliances between all 3 groups to keep himself safe. He by far has played the best game.

    OK so now all you Ellisa lovers can bash my post and all you Spencer haters can jump in to…..LOL Be gentle though you might hurt my feelings and then I would have to go hide behind a trashcan for hours https://bigbrotherjunkies.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  76. Comments (302)

    If that freaking Rat Bastard Weasel Andy makes it to the finals I am absolutely going to puke. That sniveling little worm bashing Elissa for stupid game play because she had the nerve to put Andy up. Sadly no matter how much she clues in Judd that Andy is not to be trusted Judd isn’t buying it. Can’t any of these idiots just see Andy’s track record. Are all of them blind to the fact that every time something juicy is said in a conversation … Andy waits about two beats … and then hotfoots it to Amanda to report(as if he’ll forget the information if he waits 10 minutes). That little Beeootch coward flips off Elissa behind her back to the amusement of pea-brains like Spencer. If it all works I have to give that son of slime credit for duping this band of dimwits.

  77. Comments (768)


    “Amanda tells McCrae she is a mum (Elissa) which only means that her vagina is looser than everyone else.”

    Ummmmm, Amanda, have you seen the muscles on Elissa?? Did you see Elissa fall off the wall and haul herself back up?? I have a feeling if Amanda went to a nude beach on a windy day, all you would hear are tuba sounds! Sorry, I just had to say that after reading that line. 🙂

  78. Comments (339)

    It’s hard to understand why the writer feels bad for Elissa’s comment to Aaryn, and compares it to Amanda’s obnoxious comments. Aaryn has been a bad person (unless your “for” racist bigotry), especially when she thought she had power in the house (the beginning of the game). Instead of being like dummy Helen who would basically say what a good person Aaryn was towards the end of Helen’s stay, she calls Aaryn out on it. And this is bad/wrong/bullying how?

  79. Comments (339)

    Elissa at least is making smart moves, unlike Helen. Had Helen “attacked” the Amanda/McCrae alliance earlier and not been so duped by Andy — this would be a totally different game. Elissa, faults and all, is going after the right people, and wanted to all along (but she kept being loyal to Queen Helen’s wishes).

  80. Comments (79)

    Another personal vendetta, another wasted HoH. These people are the dumbest morons ever. Either that or it’s fixed for Amanda to win. I’ll say it again: worst season EVER.

  81. Comments (1)

    I am really struggling watching this BB this season. It is plagued with racism and bigotry. Not only are Aryn and Amanda guilty of making racist comments, but, GM has also made some very inappropriate comments such as welfare is ni***r insurance. Also, when Candice and GM were having words, GM got in her face and yelled, ”You want the black to come out?” Elissa all the WAY !!

  82. Comments (1162)

    Aaryn and Elissa are upstairs playing Chess.
    GM is with them. Chit- chatting.
    Up the stairs comes …….ANDY!!!

    He just stands there. Aaryn, Elissa & GM ask if he wants to join them.
    He says no and will only be there for a few minutes. Just stands
    there watching them. lol

    He heads on downstairs.
    Can you imagine Amanda’s reaction when she learns that
    GM, E and A are together? Andy will no doubt be freaking out.
    Should be fun –
    Will Amanda head upstairs and make another bitchy scene?

  83. Comments (43)

    It seems so many of them want to vote Andy out, but feel they have to do what Elissa wants. Why? Are they playing for her to win? This whole house vote is ridiculous! Boring!!

  84. Comments (1288)

    Around midnight Elissa said she’s never laughed at Amanda in her face — to Amanda.

    Seriously? This is everyone’s hero? Doesn’t she realize Amanda was there?

  85. Comments (1162)

    It looks like complaints about Amanda’s horrific behavior
    struck a CBS – AG Nerve.

    PROOF – Amanda’s “sincere” apology to Elissa last night.

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