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Big Brother 15 – Monday Updates

August 26, 2013 | 369 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Rise and shine, Big Brother fans, it’s Monday!  Well, I know most of you are awake by now, but let’s pretend you’re in the Big Brother house and you sleep until 11:30 every morning.

It’s PoV ceremony day, and possibly a Pandora’s Box (no guarantee).  The biggest question of the day is whether Andy or GM will go up, and also how many times Andy has a meltdown before bed.  The poor guy, he’s definitely not handling potentially being on the block very well, and for good reason. As it stands, Amanda and McCrae are leaning towards voting out anyone who sits next to Aaryn, and all it will take is one more vote to secure that players spot in the jury.

Hope is not completely lost as an unusual alliance was formed last night (forgot to mention in my previous thread) called “The Exterminators” … yes, about as bad as Moving Company, but I think they’re running out of alliance name ideas.  Anyway, this alliance consists of GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd.  If that alliance actually stays together, there is a very good chance they’ll have Elissa as the 5th member to get out Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn.  Don’t get your hopes up yet, we’ve seen alliances come and go, but if this one remains, they have the numbers to basically do whatever they want for the next 2 weeks.

I have a quick open house at my daughters new school, so I will be out for a little bit.  It shouldn’t take long, and I’ll be home well before the meeting is over.  Until then..


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8:45am – The house has been woken up and people are getting the sleepy’s out of their eyes.  Expect veto meeting within 2 hours

10:30am – I’m back from the meeting, feeds are on trivia, will find out who is the replacement nom shortly!

10:50am – Feeds are back… Andy is the replacement nominee

Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Andy are in the HN room chatting about a one week deal to keep everyone safe.   They are telling Andy he is fine, but I’m not so sure right now

11:00am – McCrae and Amanda leave the room and Judd/Andy celebrate the deal.  They feel their alliance ‘the exterminators’ is now in a good spot heading into next week with safety from McCranda if they win.

11:04am – Amanda walks up to Elissa while she’s cutting apples and just stares at her for awhile until she asks ‘How many doctors did it take to make your face look like that?’

11:22am – The house makes their way outside and talk about bullying, etc.  Judd said he thinks bullying is overblown and it takes away from the kids who are actually bullied and tortured.  Amanda said she’s bullying Elissa but Elissa deserves it.  As she said it, Elissa walks out and Amanda yells to her about putting Andy up and making an enemy out of a friend (Andy)

11:34am – Judd and Spencer go into the storage room where Judd lets him know that McCranda planned on keeping Andy all along.  Spencer is relieved because their alliance will be in tact

11:40am – Amanda is in the bedroom with Aaryn breaking the news to her.  At this point, Andy is staying, she is going and she is not too happy about it.

12:30pm – Amanda is asking why she is alone in the bullying of Elissa.  Everyone said that they were going to give her crap, but Amanda is the only one doing it so she’s upset she’s going to look like the bad guy while everyone else is clean.

12:45pm – McCrae, Aaryn and Judd are outside talking casually, nobody else on feeds.  A few napping.  I’m going to take a short break during the down time!

3:00pm – I’m back!  McCrae, Andy and GM are outside. Aaryn is inside cleaning up a bit, though not sure why.  If I were on my way out, I’d leave the house a huge mess!

3:45pm – Elissa is in the bathroom talking to GM about Amanda.  She feels Amanda went beyond ‘game’

4:00pm – Aaryn comes into the HoH room to have an ‘all personal feelings aside’ talk to Elissa.  She said Andy is working with Amanda and McCrae (duh), and she’ll basically be her puppet if she stays (same tactic that kept her in when Jeremy/Kaitlin left).  Elissa wants no part in it and replies with ‘I feel sorry for you’, Aaryn replied ‘for what?’, and Elissa said ‘for who you are’. Ouch.  Apparently going beyond game only applies against Elissa, but she can say bitchy things.

Anyway, I doubt it will work, Elissa does not give a crap about the game.  She wants Aaryn out and that’s what she’s trying to get.

4:14pm – Aaryn leaves the room after being completely embarrassed by Elissa.  This was one of the most uncomfortable alliance pleas that I have seen all season.


4:50pm – Elissa outside trying to break bread with McCrae.  She doesn’t want to be enemies with him over Amanda, but he’s pissed at her over reasons more than that (or so he says).

5:25pm – This conversation has been painful to listen to.  McCrae is trying to get a point across that Elissa has an extremely condescending tone when she speaks to people, but he’s failing horribly. He has said ‘I don’t know’ about 64 times in the past 30 minutes.  Elissa has said and done a lot of pretty dumb things this season (like most cast members), but I give her credit for being a master deflector.

Every time McCrae brings something up, she deflects and talks about how she has a family.  Elissa is completely dominating this conversation, though McCrae had good intentions.

6:30pm – Aaryn is trying to stay, but it’s not happening as of right now.  She is working Amanda, but she told Aaryn that McCrae is loyal to Andy and she’s just going to go with the majority.  If I were Aaryn, I’d flip out over that statement, but maybe that’s why I’m not in the house.  Amanda has power to easily influence another vote for Aaryn, but she doesn’t want to.

I don’t really care who stays or goes, but Amanda is blatantly lying to Aaryn and Aaryn isn’t calling her out on that.  This house is spineless.

6:45pm – Taking a break from the feeds to watch Breaking Bad from last night. Will be back later!

8:15pm – So Breaking Bad was great of course.  Feeds seem to be a bit slow which will allow me to take a break for the night.

I’m looking for a moderator – I put this at the end of the post because if you read this, you’re someone I’m looking for.  I am looking for someone who is a frequent visitor to the site to help moderate comments on the blog.  You must be active on the blog, and someone who generally stays out of drama.  If you’re interested in helping, please email me at (at) bigbrotherjunkies (dot) com.  Tell me how often you visit the site and why you’d be a good moderator.

I don’t want someone with a power trip, just someone to approve comments or check comments that have been flagged.  In addition, if you see a comment with a ton of swears, hide it so I can double check.

Thanks!   And thanks for reading tonight, going to make it an early one.


PS – Thank you so much for your support this season!  This has been a record year for readers and I hope you are all back next year (assuming there is a next year).  I also want to thank each person who has donated to the site.   It was incredible to see people help me when my car suddenly crapped out.  I love the feedback and love keeping you guys updated.   This sounds like a last post message – it’s not – so I’ll stop.

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