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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results


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GinaMarie has accomplished her first task as HoH, which is to nominate two people for eviction.  I will be honest, I was growing a bit concerned at the thought of GM sitting up in the HoH room trying to put the keys in the slots, but she did it.  She didn’t nominate herself, didn’t ask for Nick to return, and didn’t keep the keys of two people she’s friends with because she thinks it gives them immunity.  Heavy sarcasm obviously, but when it comes to GM, you really never know what to expect.



To her credit, GinaMarie is now sitting down with Jessie explaining how she went through the nomination process (6:00pm bbt).  The basic reason is that she is friends with a few people, and tried to make deals with others (which they didn’t agree to).  What I mean is, GinaMarie kept McCrae and Amanda safe because of the deal she made with him last night during the HoH competition.  The problem is, McCrae never accepted the deal and just fell off the barrel anyway.

GinaMarie’s main plan is to get Candice out of the house and is trying to guarantee Jessie’s safety.  The problem is, Amanda will likely be on the block as the MVP nominee, so that means it’s going to be a bloodbath until Thursday night.   I can’t even tell who Amanda will campaign against the most after the fights last night.  Things got pretty heated with Jessie, but Amanda has not been shy about her feelings toward Candice this season.

I just realized I rambled, but here are the nominees:

Jessie and Candice

(I know this post is pre-mature before MVP and PoV, but wondering  your thoughts at this point)

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  1. Comments (24)

    And folks this week is double eviction week, oooohhhh this is going to be a good one !!!! I am also at the point of indecision right now with all that has been going on, wow what a season…..

    • Comments (48)

      It appears if Amanda doesn’t calm down, she will jeopardize herself and could become part of a double eviction. Part of me does not want to see this happen at all, but the other part of me thinks her mouth could cause her to be evicted early. How sad, she knows the game so well.

      • Comments (26)

        Watch the YouTube video Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior and then tell me you don’t want the vile Amanda gone.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda’s racism, bigotry and meanness is finally getting the press attention
        CBS/BB refused to allow.

        Check out HuffingtonPost- online – entertainment – tv.

        Amanda’s family and their mutli-million $$$$ Real Estate Agency must
        be reeling about now. Sure hope so.

      • Comments (651)

        They are saying Amanda’s father had to shut down his twitter account and website. The Huffington Post piece also talks about Amanda’s ties to BB production and the questions of selective editing in her favor. CBS can’t allow Amanda to win now. Too many questions and the FEDS are really strict about game shows etc. with the past history of rigging the games. An investigation would kill the show.

      • Comments (150)

        Amanda works for Prudential Realty. It is a worldwide financial company with privately franchised offices. Do her parents own the Boca Raton office she works in? They are going to have to transfer her to the Tierra Del Fuego office on the southernmost tip of Argentina! Her parents must want to strangle her.

      • Comments (651)

        Her mother owns the office she works in. If you go to her website she’s striking a typical Amanda pose. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • Comments (140)

        Amanda’s realtor site is “temporarily suspended”

      • Comments (1162)


        The site was up just a few days ago.

      • Comments (1276)

        It makes everything she has said so much worse when it’s all together like that. And even more so when she’s talking about how racist Aaryn is, and how not be appoligetic about it just shows her (Aaryn’s) character. She’s gross.
        And you know what else? McCrae is just as bad. He has heard 90% of what she’s said, has told her how racist her comments are, and yet there is he, right by her side. Maybe he just doesn’t have the balls to show what a racist by saying it outloud. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not saying anything agaomst it is just as bad as saying it yourself.
        Plus, NO ONE in that house has made that many violent threats. She is gross. She is a horrible person to say the things she does and then judge others for saying so much less.
        To top it off, calling Jessie all of the things she did. Shame on her.

      • Comments (169)

        Amanda has McCrae’s balls in escrow, though it’s his own choice that he surrendered them to her. I think maybe Amanda latched onto McCrae simply because he was HoH week 1. Nothing more. Had David, Nick, or even Spencer won HoH that first week, she would have hopped into bed with them. But I could be wrong… she may have latched onto him because she knew he was probably easy prey, and looked like the type of guy that hadnt had a lot of attention like she has given him. I don’t believe for a second that they’ll get married outside the house, or even be a couple.

      • Comments (407)

        Not unless he can be made CEO of pizza deliveryman (to make her Mom happy.)

      • Comments (651)

        I think that McCrea is the one in charge in that showmance. He is always thinking strategy while she is always out to get anyone who doesn’t do exactly what she says. Up until now he has told her what to do while having her think it’s her idea and then hidden behind his monster. But now he’s losing control. He keeps trying to reign her in but she’s so full of herself that it’s causing problems for them as a team.
        He sees she now she has a target on her back and the more she attacks the bigger the target. The question is if/when he turns on her to save his own game.

      • Comments (1)

        So true, Katie! Amanda had the nerve to have a chat with Aaryn about people thinking she was making racist remarks. Aaryn couldn’t hold a candle to the vile venom coming from Amanda’s nasty mouth! Surely, SURELY, the other HGs will see that America knows something they don’t when Amanda goes up for MVP again this week! On the other hand – they are all pretty dull bulbs.

      • Comments (651)

        She doesn’t know the game that well. McCrea is the little bird in her ear. But now he’s having a hard time controlling the monster he created.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree Jackie, but that little bird is not only in her ear!!

      • Comments (21)

        I hope you’re right! I can’t stand Demanda! She’s pure trash and ruined her game. I used too root for her!

  2. Comments (71)

    That might be the worst picture (screenshot) ever taken of Jessie. LOL!

  3. Comments (768)

    I’ll vote once Amanda is added to the poll.

  4. Comments (71)

    “GinaMarie kept McCrae and Amanda safe because of the deal she made with him last night during the HoH competition. The problem is, McCrae never accepted the deal and just fell off the barrel anyway.”

    I don’t think she kept them safe because of that at all. She wants Candice out, and she’s way too chicken to put up her masters, whether she thinks she’s an independent player or not. Pathetic.
    Candice is a terrible choice for a nominee, she’s completely impotent in this game. That nomination was personal.

    • Comments (1437)

      What ever happened to Howard’s “speech” that he was going to give at his eviction?? If Candice does go home this week, I hope she reads them all off and tells all of the secrets before she heads out the door. Seems anyone with a mind of their own is shown the door. Instead of the Big Brother house, it should be called the “Stepford House.”

  5. Comments (651)

    Nothing surprising here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Demanda be the MVP!!

  6. Comments (1)

    Its time for Amanda to go out. Of the house she is a troublemaker

  7. Comments (26)

    These people claim to be bb fans. why is it that the HOH allows everyone else to tell them who to nominate. In a way I hope candy goes home. then all the heat will go something like this; they will be voted out
    Jessie the double eviction will be Spencer or Jessie
    Helen n Amanda will be he last two. with Helen winning.
    they all deserve to loose. the rest r to stupid to recognize they are being played.

    • Comments (1276)

      While in the house they all claim to be fans. But Aaryn was a self admited casual fal of the show before going in. Meaning, she’s seen some episodes, or she’s barely heard of it, but got in due to her agencies. But now, well she’s a huge fan, she’s wanted to go on since she was little. Even her parents in her letter said some crap about watching her live her dream. They are full of it.
      I believe Helen, McCrae, Spencer, maybe Andy and Elissa were fans before the show, and probably Elissa just due to Rachel, but still more than the others.

      • Comments (407)

        Christina, I bet her dream was to be on TV, not the BB show. Wow, she should have had another dream because this one has turned into a nightmare.

  8. Comments (682)

    Shocker!! (sarcasm)

    Now I’d like to see Amanda tortured again by being on the block but I would be entertained if Aaryn went up too, especially while GM is HOH.
    Earlier today Amanda was already planning on getting GM out next week. Amanda may be the best player, which isn’t saying too much based on the competition this season, but the girl is on a power trip.

    • Comments (651)

      Watch McCrea working Amanda. She isn’t the best player–McCrea is the mastermind and has Amanda thinking she is. She is the perfect shield. Now she’s rebelling against McCrea’s script that may change.

  9. Comments (20)

    I’m really starting to hate that this season’s house-guests are too scared to shake the house. Vote out Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, and Helen already! They should’ve been gone before Howard, in my opinion. Seriously hoping Amanda gets 3rd nom and the house realizes they need to get rid of those running the house.

  10. Comments (169)

    Polling on some sites look great for an Amanda MVP nomination.. Here, it’s 48-49% for Amanda with Aaryn a distant 2nd at 19%. On BBN, with over 10,000 votes so far, Amanda has 52% and Aaryn once again a distant 2nd at 20%. Looking good for the Queen to be up there on the chopping block once again. I imagine Candice or Jessie will leave this week regardless of if its Amanda or Aaryn as the 3rd nom, but it’ll be great to have Amanda up there again… Hopefully Julie reveal that America is the MVP this Thursday since it’ll probably be over after this week since the double eviction…that way, Amanda will know we don’t approve of her behavior. And they’ll find out that, yes, America WOULD nominate her… Heh.

    Everyone have a great weekend! We have a nice group here 🙂

    • Comments (768)

      I can hardly wait to see the look on Amanda’s face when her photo pops up on the monitor as the MVP again!! Mwahhaha

      • Comments (610)

        Yes, and can they freeze frame it and post it with other photos of her?

      • Comments (169)

        She’ll go on a rampage, probably will blame Jessie…McCrae will go around throwing around his “weight” and will throw in some of his empty threats to people like this past week. I really, truly hope that Julie reveals to all of them on Thursday that America has been MVP the last three weeks. I want Amanda to know that she isn’t our favorite like she thinks she is…but to be fair, Helen thinks she’s “the s***”, too (her words)…. I really can’t wait for both of them to find out what we really think.

  11. Comments (96)

    I wonder who GM will put up in case Candice or Jesse win veto. Also, I’m I the only feeling like this was a wasted HOH?

    • Comments (169)

      You’re not the only one, but I feared it would be. I believe GM only wanted her hair dye. She’s even letting McCranda sleep in the HoH room while she sleeps in her regular bed. I feel like it’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers in that house…. Nobody has a mind of their own, and the ones that do are quickly shipped out the door.

      • Comments (407)

        GM let McCrae and Amanda use the HOH room for their “honeymoon” night. What a joke!! They had their “honeymoon” weeks ago. I am so sick of these two jokers.

  12. Comments (13)

    when Amanda is the nominee who will she blame this week?

    • Comments (140)


    • Comments (169)

      She’ll probably blame Judd or Jessie… that way she can justify to everyone else why they should go this week. A couple days ago, she wanted Judd gone this week, and I was expecting he’d be blamed for her MVP nom, plus Andy is already planting it in everyone’s head that Judd is like able so he may get voted MVP. Since the big blow up between Amanda and Jessie, though, she very well could go. Amanda doesn’t like it when people contradict her… Jessie is showing that she isn’t controlled by the body snatchers, so now I’m afraid she might go this week. I guess we will see.

  13. Comments (83)

    I would not vote out either one of them, Amanda, Aayrn, or Helen, would be my choices, like i’ve said before keep Amanda much longer, u will be handing her the check, these ppl are not very smart none of them deserve to win, this is the worst season ever,hope they do a better job next year, or just cancel the show period.

  14. Comments (610)

    Besides posting on sites like this and other similar ones, has anyone posted comments directly on CBS’s site, or even sent them a complaint about this season’s racist and beyond mean girls HGs? I did, but haven’t received a response (don’t expect one either). However, I feel it’s important to let them know what we think about this season’s “game”. (can we even call it a game…is it just the Amanda show?

    • Comments (7)

      I sent a letter directly to CBS, drawing to their attention the you tube video of Amanda. This video has since been pulled down. In my letter I asked if it would be permissible or me to make racist remarks about Julie or homophobic remarks about Grodner. No reply which does not surprise me. CBS can post any type of disclaimer they wish but by allowing these HGs to continue making the remarks is, they are basically sanctioning the remarks.

    • Comments (651)

      The Huffington Post has an article about Amanda and how horrible she is. They talk about how people who get the feeds are revealing that the edits for the show are showing her as a totally different person than she really is and they’ve brought up how she is on the show because she is a friend of someone in production. This is going to cause problems for CBS/BB if Amanda wins. It may just be a rumor that she is a pre-picked winner but the FCC takes this kind of thing very seriously. A federal investigation into BB is NOT something they want.

      • Comments (1162)

        I wonder if Julie & her husband or some other top BB Official purchased
        a home from Amanda’s parents Realty Company?

  15. Comments (9)

    Amanda is the best!! Rooting for her or mccrae to win it all. Candice needs to go. Soooooo annoying.

    • Comments (83)

      The best what Mike, she made up a aweful lie about Howard, she is a bully, does nothing but lay around in the bed with a worthless pizza boy the only thing she is best at is running her Big Mouth.

      • Comments (9)

        Ya she might be a bit of a bully and boss people around, but so what? If everyone is letting her do it to them it’s their own fault. Personally I love her attitude, unlike aaryn gm and Kaitlin she’s not afraid to say stuff right to people’s face. Remember when she called all three of them out on after dark when they were picking on Jessie?!?? Classic

      • Comments (35)

        do you remember when she was picking on Jessie for being a whore when Amanda was the one who had a boyfriend entering the house and is now humping mccrea every night

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda is just McCrea’s pawn. Well up until now. She has no game only venom and McCrea whispering in her ear. She is beginning to meltdown and if/when gets the MVP again may go to the point of no return. Then McCrea won’t have a shield to hide behind.

  16. Comments (651)

    If Demanda is MVP and Julie tells them that America is MVP do you think this will change McCrea’s game? Would he be willing to cut his losses? We know he feeds her strategy letting her think it’s her idea but lately she’s been ignoring him. Even when he tells her she’s being racist or going too far with the bullying she ignores him. If he knows that America has turned on her would he have the balls to vote her out?
    Now that would be something to see.

    • Comments (169)

      “McCrae” and “balls” should never be used in the same sentence..because, as well are all too aware, Amanda owns them. 😉

      • Comments (768)

        lmao! Good one! 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        This is too true Keith. He’s just as bad as she is, he’s heard and called her out for the things she says, but he’s still right there with her. Maybe he sees her as a Sugar Momma (but seeing she lives in Fla, and that she’s offended pretty much all Puerto Ricans, her real estate sales might see a bit of a plumet) so he’s just taking it.
        She could probably dumb him and he’s still vote to keep her.

      • Comments (216)

        He’s a guy with low self-esteem who just isn’t used to female companionship. I’m not saying this to excuse his behavior. Just noting that I think he’s more weak than mendacious (I’m not sure which is worse, but both are bad).

        Amanda went after him because she realized she could control him.

        Her argument with Jesse is a classic case of projection.

      • Comments (1276)

        I agree with that 100% Faust. She saw him a an easy target that she can control, the exact opposite of how she saw Howard, which is why she wanted him gone so bad. He’s for sure, ummmm whipped, but still, he knows how bad she is, and he’s right there.

      • Comments (651)

        I think Pizza Boy is smarter than anyone gives him credit for. In Demanda he has an evil witch to hide behind and give him a hand job whenever he wants one. Lately, she always wants to talk about how much he loves her and he wants to talk strategy.

    • Comments (96)

      Maybe this is part of Macraes game plan. He knows that Amanda is a bigger target and he stays out of the drama in the house. I thought it was interesting that he wasn’t anywhere near the fight last night with Amanda and Jessie.

      • Comments (651)

        And he and Amanda got into a fight about the fight. He told she shouldn’t have done that and she was all about no body says bad things about my man. He kept trying to get her to see she is going to far but she got mad because he wasn’t proud of her. Trouble in Skankland?

  17. Comments (316)

    Spencer has said horrible crap about every group out there!I feel bad that this cast sucks! Lets make the best of it.

    • Comments (231)

      DITTO!!!! I just hope that the strong gamers are left to fight it out at the end. Seems to me that the America’s MVP choice is being used for personal reasons to put up HGs that people “hate.” I don’t want the end to be a bunch of floaters, who don’t know the game, boring me to no end.

      • Comments (231)

        To elaborates a bit from several chats the personal reasons not based on game: Amanda is a slut, bully n nasty, helen talks too much n thinks she is queen, Andy doesn’t drink, eat or dress right, Elissa has duck lips, looks plastic n everything is her fault, Judd has marbles in his mouth n sounds stupid, McC is dirty, nasty n lazy. Therefore, America it appears to want to vote out the gamers for personal reasons and not for game reasons. The floaters, racists n Spenser will end up being our final 4 if this keeps up.

      • Comments (231)

        Sorry that my sentences are awkward 🙂

  18. Comments (9)

    Let’s stipulate to the following: (1) America will likely vote Amanda to be the 3rd nominee and if Amanda wins POV, then Aaryn will likely replace her as the 2nd highest vote getter, and (2) even if Candice or Jessie wins the POV, GM will put Spencer up as the replacement nominee). Therefore, the ONLY way Amanda or Aaryn can be evicted is if the following scenario occurs: (1) Helen and Elisa decide to make a move on Amanda or Aaryn, i.e. Helen/Elisa joins with the un-nominated HG (either Candice, Jessie or Spencer) as a 3-person voting-block to go against the “McCrae/Andy and Amanda or Aaryn” 3-person voting-block, AND, (2) Helen and Elisa convince Judd to join their 3-person voting-block to vote out Amanda or Aaryn. Here’s why I don’t think this will ever happen: First, Helen and Elisa probably won’t make a move because (a) Helen mistakenly believes she is tighter with Andy than she actually is, i.e. Helen doesn’t know that she is 4th or even 5th (Aaryn could be 4th) in the pecking order of the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance, and (b) Helen mistakenly believes that she is tighter with Aaryn than she actually is, i.e. Aaryn prefers being 4th in the pecking order with the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance rather than making any moves against them. Second, even if Helen and Elisa miraculously decide to make a move on Amanda or Aaryn, they still have the almost impossible task of convincing Judd to vote with them to get rid of Amanda or Aaryn, i.e. (a) although Judd may be inclined to vote out Amanda because he believes he is tighter with Helen than he is with Amanda and Amanda is a threat to his game, Judd will be extremely hesitant to take the risk because he mistakenly believes that he is tighter with McCrae/Andy than he actually is and Judd will probably not want to upset his relationship with McCrae by going against Amanda, and (b) Judd will not be inclined to vote out Aaryn because he mistakenly believes that he is tighter with Aaryn than he actually is, i.e. Aaryn prefers being 4th in the pecking order with the Amanda/McCrae/Andy alliance rather than making any moves against them.

    • Comments (682)

      All it would take is for any one of them to overhear Amanda when she talks about voting THEM out next week.
      She talked about getting GM out next week. If GM heard it she would put Amanda or McCrae on the block as a replacement.
      If Helen or Judd heard her talking about them going out next week they would jump to the other side and possibly bring others with.

      If Amanda goes up as 3rd Nominee she will be talking more and hopefully her mouth will get her voted out.

    • Comments (231)

      Helen already approached Andy n Elissa to out McManda and Andy did not run back to McManda to tell them of Helen’s plan.

  19. Comments (58)

    I have a question I wanna just throw out there…. How do the Amanda would react if the MVP was McCrap…..I mean McCrae??

  20. Comments (1)

    This whole cast is a bunch of Zingbot Robots!When did BB become “I have to go with the house vote?” Sooo super irritating!Spice it up already!

  21. Comments (3)

    How can Amanda live with her self after what she had to say about Howard, really and then say it to Candice that he wanted her. She is such a bottom feeder. She wanted to call Jessie a slut, Hello Amanda, I haven’t seen her spread her legs.

  22. Comments (1)

    I can not take much more of Helen, Amanda or McCrae!!! Howard should haved stayed!

  23. Comments (41)

    Nice strategy macaroniface. I missed a bit in the past 24hrs, one of my three daughters just delivered my fifth grandchild.
    Hey beans or anyone……has anyone seen any of the house guess strategizing on why there is no have nots this week? I thought Helen or Amanda would be the first, but Amanda seems to be losing her focus With the jealousy bug with Jessie. Figured they would figure out the double eviction by now, and set the plan up.

    • Comments (1276)

      They annouced during the HOH comp that there would be no Have nots this week. And oddly, unless I missed it, none of them have brought up double evict this week. Of course, i could have easily missed it, since 1 or more camera’s seem to always be on either Helen or Amanda, I’ve been finding it hard to watch the feeds for too long at a time.

      • Comments (1162)

        I haven’t heard the words, “double eviction,” however there is still time.
        Just wait!

        Amanda doesn’t believe if America is MVP that we will vote for her.
        Just wait!

        Gina Marie told Aaryn that they’re going to have great times clubbing when
        they get out of the BB House.
        Just wait!

        These fools are narcissists. Clueless.

      • Comments (195)

        Andy and Judd were talking about it the other day but Andy figures the double eviction won’t happen until next week. Are they in for a surprise lol.

      • Comments (216)

        In the past, haven’t they just told them on the live show that it’s a double evict?

      • Comments (610)

        Julie clearly told us, the viewers, that next week is a live double eviction where they will play a full round of BB all in one night (HOH, noms, POV, eviction). I don’t think the HG have a clue that it will be a double eviction…hee hee, that would be great if they don’t have a clue. There will be some big time scrambling when they get this news.

  24. Comments (233)

    Every time they have the chance to evict Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer but don’t, I lose interest a little more. I’ve seen every season, but I’m not sure I’ll finish this one. CBS should have fired those 4 immediately. At least let them see their racist, misogynist highlight reels so they know the sh*t storm that is waiting for them outside. No amount of spin will gloss over it.

  25. Comments (1162)

    Their first night in GN’s HOH bed, Amanda told McCrae that he had a booger in his nose.
    He removed it and dropped it on the floor. PIG!!!

    Last night Amanda told McCrae that he had a booger in his noise and she removed it
    and put it on his shirt. Ewww!!!

    America’s gagging reflect is non-stop with these two!!!

  26. Comments (65)

    At this point, Candice is most likely getting the boot. Remember people, we still have the MVP nom, POV, and three days following POV to figure out who to evict. Targets always switch by the end of the week. Since Demanda is definitely the third nom, hopefully the HG’s will finally wake up this time and realize she is a huge force. If not, backdooring Tellen would be awesome (not happening though).

  27. Comments (1092)

    It is a real shame that there is a lot of gutless play going on. Yes, I realize there is a lot of money on the line, and houseguests have to be patient, but GM could have gone after Amanda and Helen, creating an alliance with herself, Aaryn, Candice, Jessie, and Spencer. They would have the votes to shift and control the power in the house.

    I hope that for the double eviction, that Spencer wins HOH. He will put Amanda and Helen up, gaining support for the power shift this season desperately needs.

  28. Comments (453)

    Good Morning all, I was just surfing around and came across Morty’s site, he said that the eviction of Howard and hoh comp was filmed live, but not for us, the audience consisted of cbs employees, people were turned away at the gates and given tickets to another live shoe, and they plan on doing the same when Aaryn is evicted, and btw she will be the mvp nom this week, This was done because of the racial y problems and they didn’t want any hassles during the eviction, etc. Supposedly it was leaked by a cbs employee.

    • Comments (651)

      If this is true then I think this will be my last season of BB. They cast the show so need to deal with the consequences of their decisions. If that means a HG is humiliated on eviction then so be it.

    • Comments (610)

      If this is true, then CBS surely knows what a monster they’ve created this season. They should have dealt with the racist etc stuff at the very beginning.

  29. Comments (453)

    *show, not shoe*

  30. Comments (651)

    According to another site GM and Aaryn were in the HoH room last night and ” Aaryn asks do you realize how if Howard & Candice go home because of us, do you realize how that’s going to look? Gina says what like black on black crime?” Seriously?

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn was watching Candice on the spy screen and said go make me some pancakes, Aunt Jemima. These two, aaryn and gm are two pathetic haters, their age is not an excuse, neither is blaming their parents. My father was like them and I spoke out at age 12 against it and he beat the crap out of me for sticking up for another race, it didn’t change my mind, skin has color but people are people and every one is equal and there is no difference as far as I am concerned.

  31. Comments (651)

    Oh and “Aaryn asks Gina to tweet Vinny for Jersey Shore because I really want to meet him when I get out.”
    Can you see THAT couple?

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