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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results

I'm nominated again?  Shocker!
I’m nominated again? Shocker!

Elissa’s first time with some power, and she didn’t waste it like recent HoH’s have.  Despite McCrae working her throughout the day to nominate GinaMarie, Elissa gave the 3AM alliance a little slap to the face by nominating…

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McCrae and Aaryn

This is McCrae’s first visit to the block, but he’s going against a seasoned pro in Aaryn.  She’s been on the block a few times before, so she may handle it better, but she does have a lot going against her.  Assuming nominations remain the same, McCrae will likely have the votes of Spencer, Andy, Amanda and even Judd.. well, maybe Judd. All he needs are 3 votes, so this may be Aaryn’s final week in the house, unless she pulls a veto out of her butt tomorrow.

I know a lot of people wanted to see Amanda on the block, but don’t worry, there is still time.  If either of them win PoV, there is a pretty large chance Amanda will replace them.. unless Elissa chickens out and puts up Spencer.

Watch the live feeds right here

Amanda and McCrae are putting on their game faces and preparing for the veto tomorrow.  This is probably one of the biggest veto competitions of the season tomorrow, so hopefully it’s a good one (like ‘what would you do?’).  Maybe McCrae will come back with a bald head… or even better, Aaryn.

I’ll still be updating the Friday Update thread, but this was worthy of it’s own post..

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  1. Comments (32)

    It is about time! About 3AM that is…

    Now if the plan all comes together Demanda ends up getting backdoored and her reign of evil is OVER!

  2. Comments (1)

    way to go ellissa

  3. Comments (110)

    In a way

  4. Comments (27)

    I really want to see McCrae win Veto and see Amanda go up and home. I’ve liked MCrae from the first epi but have soured on him the longer he’s lingered with Aman-eater. I want to see him break away and play for himself. ..and win.

    • Comments (14)

      I actually think Aaron win veto and amanda out, they have the votes to keep one, once this hoh is done it will be back to team amada. Aaron and elissa need to work together. Aaron has a rake allence just like helen had. Mccranda needs to break up.

  5. Comments (1)

    The better move would have been Amanda and McCrae together…that way they would fight for themselves on the veto instead of Amanda saving McCrae and securing both their safety. Watch her pull he first win of the season out of her a$$.

  6. Comments (1288)

    If she puts up Spencer as a replacement he will go home. Some would consider that a wasted HoH.

  7. Comments (316)

    I’m glad Aaryn is up on the block. Hopefully she will be evicted with that foul mouth of hers.

    • Comments (46)

      Elissa can’t let emotion interfere with the better brainy move. Get the anaconda out of the
      house ASAP! You can charm Mccobra. Aaryn will slither back to lay low as the water moccasin
      she is–– and try to see when she has another chance to make a big move. I agree with those who
      say that Andy the rat should be next! He will literally fall apart at the seams from nerves when
      it’s his turn.

  8. Comments (624)

    Spencer and Judd are idiots if they think they can float their way to the end. They should see the light and gun for MC or Amanda.

    • Comments (11)

      The biggest change in the game came when Elissa failed to nominate both the Macrandas. Spencer and Judd will go to the end and Spencer will win. There is too much fighting going on between everyone else except Spencer. He is conveniently flying under the radar and they are actually going to forget he is there. he has made himself invisible to all of them.

  9. Comments (33)

    i still think she should work with Arryn. Arryn promised her 3 weeks of safety and she stood by her word with Helen.GM and Judd will honor theirs too. Put up Amanda & Mcrae and drive them insane. Back door the rat if one of them gets off. Send Mcrae packing if possible because everyone puts up with her because of him. Everyone will distance themselves from her and she will be like she has the plague. She can’t win shi-,so she’ s not really a threat. She will have no game with Mcrae gone because she will be worried about him in the jury house with fine ass Jessie. she will want to self evict because she will know she will never make final 4. Keep her there for 2 weeks and drive her insane. Elissa should get a final 2 deal with Arryn because no=one would ever vote for the racist.

    • Comments (48)

      I have a feeling Elissa is actually going to backdoor amanda and just using aaryn as a pawn, maybe aaryn knows it and is going along with it, maybe she doesn’t and really IS upset, but I’ve been reading how Elissa and Helen were talking along these lines before Helen left….I hope that’s what happening. I’m just happy that this is making amanda absolutely miserable 🙂

    • Comments (2)

      Like the way you think

    • Comments (16)

      Cajun, it doesn’t matter that Amanda can’t even win when the comp is thrown to her, she has been so egotistical in claiming that she runs everything, that the other hgs will vote to evict her no matter who she is up against from now on.

    • Comments (21)

      She is not a racist. She has not done anything that you havent done sometime in your life.

  10. Comments (53)

    don’t care as long as Judd stays and fakellisa goes next but i would like to see Amanda go to see how McCrae plays and if my suspicion is right that he was using her as a lightning rod all along

    • Comments (274)

      Seriously? Elisa is the ONLY one with any BALLS!

      • Comments (220)

        Elissa would have pushed to get rid of McC, Aaryn or Amanda back when everyone was gunning for Howard. She’s been voicing her opinion against McCranda and Aaryn for weeks. Helen and the HGs all accused her of being unreasonable for speaking her mind and having an opinion against the unanimous house.

        I’m not part of the diehard Brenchel Army. I’m a BB fan in general. In hindsight, I believe Elissa would have gone against the house had she won back when Howard, Candice and Jessie were allied with her.

  11. Comments (110)

    In a way I hope Aaryn wins the Veto so she can get off the block so Ellisa
    can put up Amanda and back door her instead but if GM wins Veto I
    believe that she will save her and want Ellisa to put up Amanda for a replacement I know Judd want that devil (Amanda) out of the house. Please
    Ellisa backdoor Amanda that would be the biggest move ever.

    • Comments (2)

      I think that the whole thing is to backdoor Amanda. In order for her to stay, Amanda has to win the POV and leave the nominations alone. It will be either her or McCrae going, as the house will break them up. Amanda has to win HOH or POV every week to make it to the end, as she is going to become the house target.

    • Comments (35)

      That’s exactly what I’m wanting to happen! First time I’ll be rooting for Aaryn in a comp, but I hate Amanda more than Aaryn!

      • Comments (1)

        NOW can we put thumbs down? 😛 Just kidding, friend! i thumbed you up because i AGREE! <3

  12. Comments (1)

    I really hate Aaryn in the beginning, but now I think she’s a pretty good player. I really hope she wins veto and the replacement will be Amanda. I REALLY want to see her walk out the house next week.

  13. Comments (166)

    So Aaryn & McGross are nominated..Aaryn will be busting her ass to win POV & take herself off, so the replacement nom will of course be Meanmanda!!! I think that would be best case scenario..Don’t get me wrong I strongly cant stand Aaryns racist, stuck up Bitch attitude but getting the Biggest Racist Whore out this week would be the biggest game changing move so far this season!!

  14. Comments (1162)

    It is GAME TIME!!!

    Amanda and McCrae are supporting each other during this trying time. Yeah, right!
    Amanda telling McCrae not to worry. Hmmmm
    Imagine if she ends up being on the Block next to him ………. then they can tell each
    other ….not to worry. lol
    IF it is true love, they don’t need to win any BB Cash. Oh wait Amanda doesn’t
    have a place to post her realtor’s license. What honorable office would want her?
    No matter …….
    They can team up and deliver pizzas together. Ah, love!!!

    IMO, McCrae has to be looking at Amanda and thinking she
    is the boulder responsible for sinking his game.

    • Comments (16)

      Hey Midwest, I agree TOTALLY with your last comment. I feel McCrae has been trying to get the other hgs to evict Amanda for the last 3-4 weeks. They just are not doing what they should do. McCrae was probably lobbying Elissa to nominate Amanda rather than GM.

  15. Comments (8)

    OMG! Finally it’s a BB game! I just hope aaryn go but she would end up wining the veto because her past winnings! if mcrae wins the veto that elissa puts up amanda and see who will be bold enough to vote amanda out???? This should have been done a while back! I’m glad helen is out! I hope judd wake up and play the game and not what the house wants.

  16. Comments (2)

    Elissa just earned my respect, didn’t like her too much at first, but at least she has the guts to play the game this week. No matter who ends up,out of the house (hopefully Macrae or Amanda), it will make the rest of the house sit up and take notice.

  17. Comments (32)

    I was trying to think of just where these house guest might end up if they don’t somehow manage to win BB…

    Remember the end of the movie Animal House when they tell you how all of the character’s lives played out?

    Elissa – National spokesperson for “Get Healthy America – Through Yoga” campaign.

    Aaryn – becomes porn star known as Arian Nation.

    GM – WWE female wrestler of the year.

    Judd – newest cast member of the show Duck Dynasty.

    Amanda – advertising spokesperson for Temperpedic mattresses. Also scores contract as spokesperson for Xanax.

    McCrae – scores advertising campaign for Head and Shoulders.

    Andy – contracted by CIA as International spy.

    Of course the winner and runner up will have their life altered a bit from the afore mentioned plans.

  18. Comments (21)

    So sad that people call others name while their mouth is just as bad. . Just saying! Hope Amanda is backdoored. Elissa is playing the best scenario possible. She will be the strongest Girl competitor left w Aaryn gone….

  19. Comments (138)

    Striking down Aaryn will only make Amanda more powerful. Next week she’ll control 3 out of 7 votes rather than 2 of 7.

  20. Comments (30)

    Actually, the best course of action for Elissa would be to win the veto, have all the power and make Aaryn swear fealty to her till final four. Then she can pull her off and backdoor Amanda.
    Aaryn, as vile as she is, has at least proven she can be loyal for at least a couple of turns, and she wins comps.
    Although I prefer to see Amanda go, it may be best to oust McCrae, as Amanda would be a lame duck, and then Elissa would essentially be running the house.

  21. Comments (9)

    What’s up with the drawn on eyebrows on aaryn ? 5

  22. Comments (35)

    what if amanda wins the power of veto?????? i stop watching

  23. Comments (82)

    Hmmmm…..Elissa sure seems to be targeting Aaryn. But, it makes NO sense not to put up GM with her, as GM will pull her down if she wins POV. Its looking a little bit like she is planning to backdoor Amanda. And if she somehow is unsuccessful, McCrae is out the door. But, Aaryn is a much bigger threat in the longrun, then Amanda. She is great at comps, and honestly might be Elissas only competition in comps. The rest of them can’t seem to win a thing. Problem is, that Elissa made herself a big target to McCrae and Amanda if they both end up staying…by putting McCrae in harms way. And likewise, if Aaryn stays…she is her target as well. I am not sure of Elissas mindset, I don’t think she thought this out very clearly. Either put up both Amanda and McCrae or GM and Aaryn, and only piss off one alliance, not both. This is the beginning of the end for Elissa I think. Bad move.

    • Comments (82)

      If its Elissa supporters disliking this, how can you argue it wasn’t a bad move?? She just pitted 2 alliances against her?? If you are Elissa supporters, you should hate her nominations. She should of attacked one alliance, made a 2 week deal or something with the other, and she’d have a shot at an HOH next week. Now, sorry….but she is most likely gone next week.

      • Comments (302)

        Like you can trust any 2 week deal with the weasels that are left in this house. Amanda & McCrae already swore to Elissa they would vote out Aaryn then 5 minutes later took Aaryn aside and let her know that would never happen. She has nominated two members of the same alliance and if one goes down Amanda or Andy can go up. Elissa knows what she’s doing and the beautiful part is she is driving 3AM crazy. God Bless Elissa for finally making this game interesting.

      • Comments (38)

        The last time people said Elissa made a bad move and she was surely going home, Nick went home instead and the Moving company was uncovered. I think Elissa made the best move for her game. She has two people that want her out for reason and everyone else is going along to get along. She put one person from each of those alliances and 50% of a final four, I think that gives her the greatest control of the votes.

    • Comments (86)

      Sorry I accidently hit the report button. I think you might be wrong about this bring the end foe El. I hope she starts a trend for the rest of the h.g. nominating them. By now everyone is on to all of the mccrae and Amanda final 3*4 deals. Imo the only person who wouldn’t put them up is Andy.

      • Comments (36)

        I have hit that damn report button accidentally 3 times already. Hope reading reports on noting to report here posts doesn’t drive SteveBeans crazy !

    • Comments (16)

      Have to agree with you Kurtis. I personally think she should have put McCrae and Amanda up. That way even if Amanda won POV, McCrae could convince her to use it on him, by claiming he could save her from eviction, even though I believe he would lead the charge to evict her.

  24. Comments (528)

    If McCrae wins Veto there’s a very good chance Amanda will manage to talk that dolt into not using it knowing full well it could seal her fate, then just hope Aaryn is the target. Were I Elissa I’d be straight up telling him if he doesn’t use that Veto his ass is going home.

  25. Comments (86)

    I don’t care who goes between Amanda McCrae or Aaryn. If by some chance Amanda does win I hope she puts Andy up. Let them see how it feels. Demanda has been so vile I it would be perfect if she has to take the chair next to McCrae. If that doesn’t happen karma will be waiting when bb is over.

  26. Comments (1162)

    Amanda just told McCrae – BTW, I meant to tell you that I knew one of the guys
    throwing the balls during yesterday’s comp..
    She sure gets around………..
    Production told her to stop talking.

  27. Comments (220)

    I’ll take ANY big move at this point. Divide the players and make this competition more even-handed so all the players could make a dash for the money, and have us watch good T.V. during the final stretch of this horrible season. Any of the 3AM members will do.

    On a side note, participating here on BBJunkies has made this season far more palatable than simply watching and being frustrated.

  28. Comments (86)

    If Amanda wins pov she will look at Elissa and say “NO ONE GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!!”

  29. Comments (22)

    Hasn’t any notice that Aaron is starting to look like a mini-Amanda. The eyebrows and hair

    • Comments (18)

      Don’t ever compare someone as attractive as Aaryn to a cow!!! #TooPrettyToBeACow

      • Comments (233)

        At first your posts were annoying. Then I had to laugh a couple of times. Now I’m starting to wondering if you just need an eye exam.

      • Comments (18)

        Look just because she said some stupid things doesn’t make her unattractive it just makes her human (not a very good one, but an attractive one). So how about you stop judging people for the stupid things that they said, and have a look back to all the stupid things that you have said and/or done, so if your going to talk about someone then talk about yourself cause you are far from perfect yourself.
        P.S.: I’m not saying that I’m perfect either because I have done some incredibly stupid things in my life, but I hate it when people judge others because of their stupid decisions. So I guess what I’m saying is that everybody that leaves comments talking trash about decisions that others have made just makes you look like the bigger asshole.

      • Comments (1092)

        Aaryn is actially pretty cute. She is just ugly on the inside.

      • Comments (233)


      • Comments (233)

        I do apologize for misreading you, Jazz. It was meant completely in jest, as I thought you had to be joking.

  30. Comments (1)

    There has to be another double eviction right? With 8 people left there has to be doesn’t there?

  31. Comments (29)

    OMG! Elissa and GM are in the HOH talking about how great of a person GM is!!!! GM’s ego is blowing up!

    • Comments (1162)

      Elissa and GM appear to be bonding and having a great time
      just chit-chatting.
      Amanda and Aaryn will not be happy about this ………….

      Aaryn to Amanda – If one person comes down from the Block and Elissa doesn’t
      put GM up then we’ll know they are working together. Good Grief!!! lol

      • Comments (651)

        Last week Helen planted the seeds with GM and this week Elissa is watering them. And weeding out Aaryn. Very smart so if/when Aaryn goes home GM will be willing to work with Elissa and Judd.

    • Comments (407)

      And of course Andy had to pop his little weasel head in because he had just said he wondered what Elissa and GM were talking about. I bet it was killing him that a conversation was going on and he wasn’t there. I know people refer to Andy as a rat-dog and I can prove they are right. If you want to see what kind of dog he really is google Tuna Dog and see the great resemblance.

    • Comments (78)

      Unbelievable conversation ! I have never heard so much back slapping and it went on and on and on. Such a waste of my brain cells with nothing gained.

  32. Comments (88)

    Elissa is just building her resume. First David, then nick, now the decks are set to take out arryn or Amanda (either way huge game move) all she has to is keep winning. She also did a rare thing nd switched up game play. Going from kinda there to major floater to power player. This is the first week I thought she could win this game.

    • Comments (302)

      It is glorious to watch. Elissa laughing at Amanda as she cries and begs to stay in the game. What a transformation for Elissa from church mouse to the Terminator. She has instantly become my favorite player. Ratfinks like Andy may still gum up the works but it’s almost to the point that Elissa could care less if Rat-Andy scurries back to report to McCranda … it’s like she welcomes it. You go girl!

      • Comments (38)

        I love how she said to Andy that she knows he tells Amanda everything! She just snuck it into the conversation and it came out innocent. I think those that watch are going to be in for some entertaining game play from her.

  33. Comments (65)

    Elissa is turning GM against Aaryn and I am loving this! I hope Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, and McCrae all get evicted within the next few weeks.

  34. Comments (27)

    E gave Amanda the last at bat with 2 outs and a 3-2 count. Its Amanda’s game to lose at this point.


    …I can’t see one

  35. Comments (11)

    Best case scenario, Aaryn wins Veto and takes herself off the block and Elissa backdoors Amanda. Amanda could never campaign against McCrae (or maybe she would??) and the rest of the house would be stupid not to vote Amanda out. Elissa could get Aaryn, GM and Spencer to vote her out.

  36. Comments (42)

    can someone explain why is Elissa making more enemies (Aaryn, Andy, Spencer, Amanda, Mccrae) than friends knowing that she wont be able to fight for next HOH comp? Next week if she gets nominated – she will only have Judd and possibly GMs vote to survive!!

  37. Comments (651)

    Just a passing comment in the hallway and they separate so no ones knows they are working together

  38. Comments (29)

    Oh boy, Elissa just told Judd that if an ally wins POV then they’ll use it to take Aaryn off the block and put Amanda up against McCrae! Looks like Elissa is well into the game now!!!

  39. Comments (29)

    Now Elissa is telling Aaryn the plan in the HOH room.

  40. Comments (453)

    Ok, Judd is right back where he left off, saying negative stuff about Jessie and i t is not nice at all,he has an audience of Spencer, Andy, Aaaryn and McCrae to egg him on with Amanda passed out (?) on the bed. What a bunch of losers.

    • Comments (651)

      Judd has to pretend that he’s with them just like before.

      • Comments (407)

        Jackie, he can pretend he’s with them, but talking bad about someone like he did Jessie is uncalled for. Spencer started the conversation by telling Judd something Jessie supposedly said about him, which I didn’t believe, and the whole time his hand was under the cover doing his own thing. Both of them were sickening.

  41. Comments (651)

    So now Aaryn owes Elissa and GM will be happy and with Judd, Elissa should be safe next week. We know Rat Dog will jump ship but he’ll be gone after McMinute. Spencer will do what he has to just to stay in the game.

    Can we agree that when it comes to the title Mastermind Elissa takes it this season? Even if she doesn’t win she has made this a game!!

  42. Comments (4)

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t want Aaryn gone…yet. I want her to win the veto, and Amanda put in her place.

  43. Comments (651)

    Now let’s see what Aaryn does? Is she going to keep her mouth shut or spill the beans to McManda?

    • Comments (1162)

      She’s been offered a BB Lifeline to play the game and I think she will
      hang onto it, especially with GM’s support.
      Now let’s see how good of an actress Aaryn is when faced with
      Amanda quizzing her. She has no reason to still fear Amanda sooooooo………
      let’s hope this works.

      I love the idea of getting a level playing field of HGs ready to play to win
      without the negativity of McCrae and Amanda…..and quite possibly Andy.

    • Comments (407)

      I am not an Aaryn fan at all, but I want to see either Amanda or McCrae gone. Since Aaryn has an opportunity to get herself off the block, I believe she will work with Elissa. Not a smart move on her part if she doesn’t.

  44. Comments (682)

    Ellisa comes out of the DR with a new plan and immediately after telling Aaryn she wants to back door Amanda Aaryn gets called into the DR. Looks like production is the mastermind of the plan or just really on the ball tonight.

    • Comments (1)

      I agree with Rita. CBS is in control as Elissa would not be smart enough to come up with this plan on her own. CBS once again has a reality show that is rigged.

  45. Comments (10)

    The potential superpower alliance of Elissa and Aaryn is just incredible. That’s how the game should have been played since the beginning– taking risks and making unfathomable choices.

  46. Comments (875)

    Elissa is rehabilitating Gina Marie’s character right now on BBAD, I bet this is so GM can get to F2. GM is basically saying that she said the things that she said to Candice was to “defend” Aaryn…yep, smh!

    • Comments (302)

      Absolutely … it’s like Luke Shywalker bringing Darth Vader back to the Jedi. It just goes to show you how impressionable GM is. I completely agree with Elissa that Aaryn was a horrible influence on Gina Marie much like the Dark Lord was to Vader. GM has buried the hatchet with Candice and is moving on. May the Force be with you.

      • Comments (1288)

        Sure but she is flying off and leaving the emperor with a fully functional Death Star. Targeting Amanda is the feel good move but taking out Aaryan is the best game move. If Aaryan stays she is not going to honor any deal she made with Elissa.

      • Comments (302)

        How true DanDaMan but at this point whether she takes out Amanda or Aaryn the Death Star is still operational. Aside from maybe Judd & GM I don’t think any of them will honor a deal with Elissa. This girl needs to stay in Beast mode for the POV’s & HOH’s. But like you, I think Aaryn needs to go and that’s what I’m rooting for.

  47. Comments (35)

    According to some updates amanda having a major breakdown right now….soooo wish I could see this..dont have live feeds..I cannot believe Mcrae has kept up w her through this..she is obviously unstable…he better run for the hills when this is over…

  48. Comments (35)

    if mcrae won veto could he keep himself on block in hopes house would vote out aaryn? but after the way amanda is behaving tonight i still hope her goose is cooked..i think elise has gm, judd and if she could get spencer would still have some power

  49. Comments (1288)

    Elissa has GM because she has the HoH. Come next week GM will gravitate to where the power is. At least she has stopped talking about Nick since she is laying down with the person who nominated him, when someone points that out to GM she may implode.

    • Comments (651)

      Elissa has already spoken to GM about that and GM understands. GM has been told how to vote and has had no say in it week after week. All GM wanted was someone to talk with and have her back. Aaryn takes GM for granted and GM is jealous of the way Aaryn is always talking strategy with Demanda and doing whatever Demanda says. Elissa had GM’s back with Demanda tonight and that’s more important to GM than Elissa putting Nick on the block.

      • Comments (86)

        You are solo right. This is the first time gm feels like she is in the game. I’m glad it was el that picked her up by making her feel important. Put aside the b.s. with candice: I like gm crazzzy as#.

      • Comments (46)

        If you think that Elissa is going to ever forget what GM did to Candice you must be mad! Elissa is playing the game. Let’s face it, all of us have more hair under our arms (before we shave, mind you) than GM has brains and Elissa knows that! GM is a racist pig and Elissa wants none of that! If you like GM what does that say about you!

  50. Comments (48)

    If McCrae is evicted I can see some positives here. 1) It leaves Amanda without all of her Queen status. He constantly mentions her being his Queen so she has taken her role seriously. 2) It will break up the possibility of a powerful all male alliance. Don’t want to see a Brittany situation like in one of the past seasons. 3) I will like seeing someone that has hidden behind a female to do his dirty work and not get any blood on his hands GONE.

    On the flip side I would love seeing Amanda backdoored. She never thought this was possible because she deemed it never to happen. I also would not have minded seeing McCrae actually play the game. I don’t know if he is capable or not. Only saw him in first HOH hanging onto a bag. With his long legs it was a lot easier for him than others.

    Bottom line is I would like to see McCrae or Amanda go so that we can see how the one left in the house plays.

    This is the first week I feel like we have really had a good BB competition week. Everyone is busy trying to figure how they can keep themselves safe this week. Everyone has to play. In the past, McCrae, Amanda and Andy just made decisions and everyone else had to work to make it happen. I hope this does not put Elissa at risk next week because she has sure saved a season of BB so far.

  51. Comments (1288)

    I just realized that Helen was the first HoH winner to be evicted. In previous years I seem to recall that winning the HoH early was a huge target maker and someone would go out as retaliation.

    I think this can be explained by the MVP twist and the adding of a third nominee. I do hope they try it again without a ringer onboard to skew the vote.

  52. Comments (41)

    Stevebeans this season will officially be my last season. I have been one of the most loyalist fans but production has ruined the game. Big Brother is suppose to be about the rats in the cage being strategically manipulated by each other. I have taped all TV shows and BBADs and the live feeds, seen every minute and noted too many production controlled or started issues. This morning at 1:50 was the last, El went into DR with Ar as her target….noted after two hrs of discussion with GM and comes out with a whole elaborate scenario to backdoor Am and lays it all on the line to Ju and Ar……..Im done, you cant tell me production isnt running the house. First with Am then they tried it with Hl and Ar and now back with El….me as one of BB biggest fans is done. I mean it this time….stick a fork in my brain, im done and feel pretty stupid thiking about all the time I’ve wasted watching this….SHOW, not reality show. Julie Chen should be imbarrest to be affiliated with this travesty of a reality show.

  53. Comments (41)

    I am a long time strategist and this was one of my favorite times of year, especially discussing strategic and forcasting moves with my family, friends and coworkers. They all had given up on this season and I was the only one still watching and updating them this year…..I should have listened and quit watching on week three with all of them…….just wanted to thank you Steve for keeping up all the great post. I guess with this cast production was just as concerned and bored as we were and thats why they had to be so involved in the game this season. I have to give them the benefit and a glimmer of hope….but I am still done.

  54. Comments (36)

    This was the best bb scene I,ve seen this season. Amanda walks past GM and Elissa in the kitchen 3 times trying to catch what they are talking about. She is scowling. The last time she stops and before she can even launch her tirade, Elissa spews her sprite out of her mouth, across and unto the bar. As Amanda starts calling GM the shadiest f*** in the house, Elissa still can’t stop laughing. She only manages to get hold of herself when she sees she needs to calm GM down and only until she does. A few minutes later in the HOH room she still laughs at all the most perfect/inappropriate places as Amanda begs for her life before she kicks her and MaCrae out of there for the night.
    I,m loving some Elissa. I,ve always been a fan and suspected we,d see her shine when given the chance.

    • Comments (25)

      Helen was really hindering Elissa and was so bad for her game. Helen leaving has been the best thing for Elissa’s game. Helen was all about kissing up to and working with the McCranda’s until it was too late while Elissa pointed out that it was stupid to continually vote out people (Howard, Candice, Jessie) that were Amanda’s enemies and votes for them. Elissa is so smart and I am really glad that Helen is gone and she can play her game the way she wants to!

    • Comments (90)

      Love the new lack of fear from Elissa. This is so refreshing. 🙂

  55. Comments (357)

    Just now able to watch BBAD. Missed all of steves posts lastnite (DAMN job)! ALot of crazy things said here and I’m amazed that these people still can’t see that their words are going to sting when they get out! I have never really like Sphincter, but he reached a new low today. i say a silent BB prayer that they cut him whenever he looks like he is about to speak. My jaw dropped when he talked about his half hug with Jessie. The fact that he had no problem saying to “the world”, that he grabbed her breast is deplorable.
    Each time that I think his potty mouth is at a plateau? He says something even worse than before! Marilyn, if you are reading this? Run Girl Run! Don’t look back until you are at least 5 states apart from him! your being warned of what life will be like for you if you stay with this douche bag! BTW sphincter….your admission to this can possibly land you in hot water. Don’t be surprised if Jessie files charges against you. What you did can be considered a crime! You have made disgusting comments about child porn and now this? Don’t be surprised if your words don’t end up biting your sheriff daddy in the butt! Not cool on any level!

    • Comments (651)

      Daddy is a judge and brother’s a cop.

      • Comments (407)

        Hmmmm….then maybe brother can make the arrest and he can be tried before his daddy the judge! But I do agree with you nqb, Spencer has a vulgar mouth and is constantly making remarks that just make him the lowest of low scumbags. I think if he had really grabbed Jessie’s breast, she would have had some kind of reaction and I don’t think any of us saw that, so I think he is lying. Does he think his remarks are benefiting him in some way? Wait until he gets out and people cross the street to avoid him.

      • Comments (357)

        Thanks for the correction Jackie. Now that makes it even worse!

    • Comments (768)

      Spencer is a skeevy perv. That’s the reason Elissa can barely tolerate being around him. As soon as he has a female audience he turns the conversation to sex, or makes lewd comments and/or sticks his hand down his pants to adjust his junk.

  56. Comments (8)

    Accidentally pressed report comment. Sorry

  57. Comments (48)

    I don’t think Elissa just developed her backbone. It has been there and she has tried to voice her opinion about how the house was being run but she was constantly told by Helen the time was not right. I know people think Elissa held Helen back but it was actually the other way around.

    I do hope the fight with GM and Amanda will be aired. I would love to hear what was said.

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