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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results

bb15-mccrae-gmIt’s Friday, and you know what that means…. Nomination Day!  With only 5 people remaining in the house, this was a very key moment to see who will make the final 4, and who will head to the beautiful vacation house with only about a week to enjoy it.  It was a tight one and I had no clue who would be nominated today….

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Just kidding, I think I’m trying to fool myself into believing there is still some excitement left…..

McCrae went up with GinaMarie.  

Considering Spencer basically volunteered to be a pawn last week, it’s GM’s turn this week.  Don’t worry, for all 10 of you GM fans, she’s safe this week.  They’re going to ‘exterminate’ McCrae and then be forced to turn on each other.  That part may be slightly interesting, but from the reaction I’ve been seeing, I don’t think many people really care at this point.  Judd is the clear fan favorite at this point, then McCrae (who will be gone), then GinaMarie.  The most surprising part of my earlier poll is more people want Spencer to win than Andy.  I guess backstabbing fan favorites like Helen and Elissa will lose you favor with the fans.

I apologize for the ‘blah’ tone, but as a blogger, this is probably the worst case scenario for a final 4.  We like excitement, drama, strategy, and crazy situations… instead we’ll have a bunch of people sitting around for the next week and a half. I think Andy will probably win it all because he seems like the only person who is thinking more than a day in advance (even though his moves are questionable at best).

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  1. Comments (30)

    Andy is Spencer’s boy…. I knew he would never put him up… he may be forced to if mccrae wins pov… my guess is if he does … GM is most likely next ????

    • Comments (2)

      I hope Judd wins the POV and takes McCrae off, then spencer would have no choice but to put Andy up…. That would be so good

      • Comments (3)

        Oops TRAGIC I meant sorry just so mad these horrible ppl whom call themselves Exterminators are still in game evict Andy n Spencer ppl thy in no way deserve to win BB15. CBS plz get better players next season mor than 75 percent of HGs did not deserve to be on show. Sad to see Ellissa go at least her n Helen kept it fun

      • Comments (1)

        oh i so wish that could happen, i would loveto see that

      • Comments (1)

        As great as that would be,the chances of that are about as good as elissa winning favorite hg

      • Comments (16)

        You know, stevebeans, I could never understand how, season after season, supposed Big Brother “fans” could hate the players who backstab and lie. But I think you really hit the nail on the head…they don’t hate the “rats” until they backstab their favorite HGs!

        Yeah, I liked Helen too, but cutting her was best for Andy’s game. You can’t really hold that against him. Andy is there to win $500k, not to support the fan favorites. I’ll root for anyone who plays the game well, and at this point in time that’s just Andy. I thought McCrae was pretty good too until the DE episode on Thursday…such a terrible move. I’m not sure I even want to see him in the F2 now.

    • Comments (191)

      A final three of Andy, Spencer and Judd will be the worse final three I can remember

    • Comments (3)

      This is Teagic!!! None of these ppl deserve to be in the finals except maybe Mc. Andy is a looser capital LOSER,,,

      I amso upset and unforgiving to CBS for casting 80 percent of these mental floaters on the show, At least Ellissa and Amanda kept it interesting! Shame on U at CBS for allowing racist ppl in this game and also Andy n Spencer as well as GM whom all have made horrible remarks about other HGs and their families! Not to mention pic a nose Spencer has No Class nor morals. Andy is the most horrible being n the game! He is a liar hom is the biggest Floater of all tme in BB history. If Mc ad had the chance to win HOH instead of Spenser then we would continue to watch. I only read this blog we no longer watch show if Mc wins Veto we may tune in but these other horrible HGs and players ie floaters should not be in the finals, CBS. Shame on u all, worse season yet

      • Comments (3)

        Oops TRAGIC I meant sorry just so mad these horrible ppl whom call themselves Exterminators are still in game evict Andy n Spencer ppl thy in no way deserve to win BB15. CBS plz get better players next season mor than 75 percent of HGs did not deserve to be on show. Sad to see Ellissa go at least her n Helen kept it fun

      • Comments (32)

        I do not think they are PEOPLE. They more like ANIMALS.

        The word C**T is used daily to describe Elissa, They are

        racist, eat like dogs, pick noses, put hands down their pants

        (Spencer) and are dirty. The comment Spencer made regarding

        his “friend” Howard last night was horrible. To say he knew

        it was Howard because his face was Black and His Lips were

        Huge. What a vile person he is. And the rest Laughed. HA HA


      • Comments (12)

        So is Julie going to call him out on his comments (S)? She should. Howard has more class in one finger than most of the HG. He was always my first choice.

      • Comments (407)

        Angel who knows what Julie is going to do with the next evictees. I thought she would say something, at least one thing to Amanda after all she has said and done, but we all know that didn’t happen. I think Julie was in the wrong to call out Aaryn and let Amanda slide by. She was just as bad as Aaryn.

      • Comments (30)

        i think jessie would have actually been more entertaining to come back to the competition than judd,,, but ONLY BY DEFAULT … I AM ROOTING FOR JUDD,,, how unfortunate

    • Comments (32)

      Spencer does not respect women. GM is next. He is not gonna to take
      her to the final two.

      Spencer is still ragging on Elissa he just said now he can say cock,
      dick, balls without getting a dirty look from her. And of course Andy
      had to put his 2 cents in and spue more venon towards Elissa.
      What is it? She is Gone. Enough already. You think Spencer once
      had a crush on a girl like her and she ran for her life. Spencer
      cannot stop talking about Elissa and going through her clothing yesterday YUK YUK YUK What is it with him? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
      He said she must taste like strawberries last night YUK YUK
      He also was wondering if she is a REAL REDHEAD and there is only one
      way to tell. What a PIG this guy is. If I had him coming in the backdoor
      at night I take to the gaspipe.

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah, he is over the top perverted. He must spend a lot of his money at strip clubs.

      • Comments (1)

        if spencer’s wife or girlfriend is watching this, she should be embarrassed about how he talks about every girl in the house. he is a pervert

      • Comments (11)

        You guys Spencer also made comments about CHILD PORN and

        Smoking Dope I hope the POLICE are waiting for him when he


  2. Comments (1)

    What if McCrae wins POV? Who is likely to go up in his place? Andy?

  3. Comments (228)

    Andy’s vile constant comments about Elissa is a big turn off for me. It’s so unnecessary. He’s still spewing foul words from his mouth about her and needs to get over it. She left a long time ago and he’s still calling her names. GEEZ! and he’s a professor.

    • Comments (1162)

      Andy was an Instructor at a County College. Not a Professor…….
      Given his cursing and horrific BB behavior, he may end up working at the Chicago
      Hot Dog Stand, he mentioned. Late at night, the servers curse at the customers.
      Perfect place for Andy and Guess What? – He actually has to say this $hit to the customers
      faces and not behind their backs.

      • Comments (120)

        Midwest Middie:

        It was so nice blogging with you and all the other fans on this website this summer, but as of now I will no be watching BB
        anymore this season.

        SPENCER should win the prize of the biggest piece of TRASH.
        Last night was the last for me. He kicked Elissa belongings, went
        through all of them call her a c**t a bitch and said she must taste
        like strawberries (I think maybe he liked a pretty girl in High School or something who would not give him a second look therefore
        he is now taking this out on Elissa) The topper He said if Elissa
        wins AMERICA’S PLAYER HE WOULD PULL HIS PANTS DOWN AND SHIT ON STAGE. Julie Chen should call him on this and hand him a diaper &
        a cloth with soap to wash out his mouth.
        Yes everyone else laughed and ANDY called Elissa a c**t also
        GM said she thinks Elissa had plastic surgury because her face
        looks FUNNY and all this went on & on for all of America to see.
        This girlfriend “MARILYN” should be ashamed of him.
        After all this they all started talking about the HOH Comp.
        Spencer said the only reason he knew it was HOWARD’S face cause
        it was BLACK & HAD BIG LIPS. GM chimed in and said she was looking
        for Candace because she was the only one with a NAPPY HAIRDO.
        I guess they had to do something with putting pictures together.
        Andy said he was glad he was out first it was too hard for him &
        Judd was just laughing his ass off.
        I am white and I am Italian and I NEVER heard talk like this in my
        house. All of them are TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I do not care who wins. SHAME ON CBS AND THE PRODUCTION for letting
        this go on day after day.
        All of you blogggers are great. I will not listen to this show
        ANYMORE this SEASON. Hope to blog next summer. Have a good year!

      • Comments (1162)

        Thanks, Tara.
        Let’s plan on getting together, right here, for BB16.
        All the Best – Have A SUPER Year!

        Big Papi – Same goes for you, too.
        : )
        Stay Cool!

        *Super “Meeting” So Many Here –
        Thanks for sharing your time, insight, and humor.
        Lots of Fun! See you, all, here for BB16!
        Special “Kudos” to Steve!

        : D

      • Comments (16)

        Hey all… Don’t forget about BBCAN 2 … Hope to see many of you posting on it
        And sadly agree no interest in rest of this season other then pure curiosity on who wins.
        Wonder how many students have had to do social study assignments watching this show… Should have been great assignment for them, poor kids
        … Staying positive and looking forward to next BBCAN hen BBUS 16!!!

      • Comments (32)

        Everyone is bashing Julie Chen for her interview with
        Amanda. I agree it was POOR but she is not gonna lose
        her job are you people aware she is married to the
        President and CEO of CBS yes he left his wife for her
        7 or 8 years ago. They have a small baby boy together.

        Now maybe this guy should do something regarding the VILE
        behavior of the people in this BB house.

        I never heard such racism or berating talk about women
        in my life. The word is used daily by Spencer and Andy
        when talking about Elissa. And his comment regarding
        pulling down his pants and shitting on stage during the finale if Elissa get America’s Player is appaling.
        Spencer went through all her clothing, kicked her suitcase, called her multiple names I saw it all on web last night. ANDY also chimed in the rest were laughing
        what VILE people they are. Where are you CEO of CBS?

      • Comments (1076)

        Maybe the producers hate Elissa as much as the HG’s do?

      • Comments (18)

        Everyone should really write or call CBS in NY to complain about all the things you’ve been writing here. It’s really a terrible season and they need to realize that these losers aren’t worth watching and is a complete waste of time. This behavior would get them fired if they had any other ‘job’ at CBS (they are technically employed by CBS).

        Julie really needs to call out all these people like she did Aaryn at the end of the show. Andy’s college should drop him. I think Andy will be the most shocked that most of America couldn’t stand him… and he thinks he’s well liked.

        They all are really trashy.

      • Comments (12)

        How can these people talk like this and really not think it will effect them after the show?? Why didn’t someone stop (s)from playing boss and messing with her things? It wasn’t his place to put his nasty hands on it. When it’s all over with a few people might carry a old fashion butt woopin..I know youll know what I’m talking about. On the streets alls fair,so watch out you racist.

      • Comments (1)

        I hope she sues him and big brother

      • Comments (407)

        Rose, you said we are bashing Julie for her interview with Amanda, and yes, I think we are all aware who Julie is married to. I think I would rather bash Julie for the interview over posting that she is a husband stealer because that is basically what you are calling her.

      • Comments (11)

        That is not what was said. No one said Julie was a husband stealer. Cannot steal anyone’s
        husband if he truly loves YOU. GROW UP.

        She simply said the truth. Julie is married
        to the CEO of CBS. They are in love. They have
        a child and Julie Chen’s job is SAFE!

        And yes she should have GRILLED Amanda.

      • Comments (624)

        Take care! I haven’t watched anything in the house since the live double eviction.

      • Comments (610)

        I haven’t either, but reading thru jokers is pretty bad now. Elissa bashing by all and outright perverse and disgusting talk from Spencer. His behavior is beyond creepy.

      • Comments (56)

        MM, usually I agree with you but I was going to vote Jessie FF, but I think I’ll vote with you and pick Elissa. I am going to just because the remaining HG won’t stop talking about Elissa..and some posters, too.

      • Comments (11)

        Spencers girlfriend Marilyn should RUN FOR THE HILLS
        away from him.

      • Comments (87)

        yep- its’ been a disgusting display all season with this group.. its true, it is shocking to listen to Spencer and no warning from production- not a word.. all the “pack” mentality with all the weak minded HG… BB stopped being “good entertainment” a long time ago. BOOOO BB

      • Comments (21)

        Agree middie

      • Comments (5)

        …and CBS was well aware of who they vetted….since the ratings are the worst …it’s time for this show to END….why not start anew version with America as HOH EVERY week…like the First Big Brother when America picked Eddie…at least someone worthy would win ….not slime…Furthermore…since it’s all about ratings and profits….paying to cast our vote(s) would be a WIN-WIN!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        What bad ratings? It has been #1 or #2 for its timeslot and often the #1 show of the night.


        Ratings like that aren’t going to be having the producers make much in the way of changes. Anonymous yapping online isn’t going to do anything.

      • Comments (1288)

        Whoops, meant to give the link directly to the ratings racap:


      • Comments (169)

        Ratings are relative, dude. It doesn’t matter at all to a network if a show gets 1st or 2nd in its timeslot or the night. What matters is year-to-year declines. And fact is, BB has declined more so than usual from BB14 to BB15. People always say “well the show wins its timeslot! It’s doing good!” Ummm, no. Sows get canceled all the time that win their timeslot. Besides, this is Summer, full of reruns. BB is one of only a few programs that are original during this time of the year. It sure as hell better win its timeslot when it has no competition. If BB aired in regular season, it’d tank to the point The CW would be beating it.

        Do some research on how ratings work and how they’re interpreted before making statements as fact. Go to tv by the numbers . Com to read up on how the TV ratings industry works.

    • Comments (624)

      And to make it even worse, Andy’s trashing Elissa just to mask away all the lies and BS he’s caused in the house.

      Professor….yeah that’s what they say….probably some jip college like ITT Tech or one of the other ones that have commercials during Jerry Springer.

  4. Comments (14)

    I’m glad football season started!!!….Go Bears

  5. Comments (191)

    We can only hope that McIdiot wins the veto. If not it will be boooooooring

  6. Comments (2)

    I guess the only slightly interesting outcome at this point is if Mccrae wins POV-he puts up Judd but they vote out GM. Then Mccrae wins HOH and nominates Andy and Spencer. Would that even be interesting? I don’t know-I’m really stretching for anything at this point. Although Nicks hat still hasn’t been evicted so he could come out with the win.

    • Comments (29)

      I heard the hat is McCrae’s. Nick threw it back to him and Gina Marie thought he had tossed it to her. I don’t think McCrae would want it back now though

  7. Comments (3)

    watching andy is like being back in grade school….all he’s done is snitch on everyone and repeat everything he hears or has been told….i’ve been a fan of bb since the very first season and this is the first year i’ve been glad that it’s coming to an end…..extremely disappointing season…..

    • Comments (1)

      I agree. Andy does not deserve to win – unless this was high school Big Brother.

      This season was SO NASTY – Amanda (#1 nasty of all time), GM, Aaryn, Andy, Spencer – that either CBS realizes that we watch for the game playing, not the nastiness OR I’m done watching.

      I hope Elissa wins America’s vote. I think she deserves it for all the times Nasty Amanda was in her face and she just laughed or walked away.

  8. Comments (45)

    In my opinion theres no point watching it. No excitement.No blide sides. Just boring but…. maye next year will have a better cast

  9. Comments (8)

    Will still watch in hopes that Guttermouth wins HOH and nominaates Spandy with Ratboy going out the door. Then Dudd wins and votes out Nosepicker. As long as neither of those two wins…. I’m good.

  10. Comments (87)

    I wish they would show the jury house goings-on..especially when McMoron walks through the door

    • Comments (624)

      I would rather watch the jury house than the remaining HG.

      • Comments (226)

        They should split the feeds at this stage in the game…

      • Comments (1162)

        Julie: “Sorry HGs. Your time on Live BB has been cut by 50% or more.
        8 out of 10 BB Fans prefer seeing the Jurists over you.”

        *Sounds of Andy gasping and crying ………..

      • Comments (610)

        We can only hope…

      • Comments (7)

        Yes I totally agree there is probably so many more intersting things going on in there
        I feel as if there is nothing more to watch in the house I hate everyone that is remaining mostly
        Gm she doesn’t deserve to be there

  11. Comments (30)

    Didn’t watch last night. McCrae signed his own deat warrant with that nom. Now he’s stuck in the house with 4 people actively trying to evict him.
    Elissa’s gone, but she lasted a lot longer than someone that people was trying to evict from the very first week.

  12. Comments (316)

    GM has a light blue cap that she calls Nicks hat. Now I am hearing that is really McCraes hat but Nick borrowed it. Who does it really belong to?

  13. Comments (3)

    My America’s Favorite Vote is still going to Elissa. I don’t care what anyone else does but she will have my vote because she deserves it.

  14. Comments (3)

    I just don’t think Spencer and Andy should really win anything. That’s just my feelings. Judd, McCrae, and GM over those two. Its really very dull. Why am I still watching it? I don’t know.

  15. Comments (87)

    because we’ve come this far..we just have to play it out.. wait for Survivor and Homeland

  16. Comments (3)

    Yep and all his money goes to clothes or other shit that he does need and now he is complaining about not having money to pay bills. Who’s fault is that may I say. If he is an instructor than he lied on his application to get on the show too. Not a winner of Big Brother. lol. He is a total dumbass. I am talking about Andy. What a wimp he couldn’t get the job don’t to get rid of Amanda and McCrae so he had to get Elissa to start his dirty and and then Gina Marie and Spencer to finish it. Poor little Andy the Rat Bastard. lol

  17. Comments (2)

    To go with the testosterone theory GM should be the next to go

  18. Comments (2)

    I wonder if anything ever came of the cops searching Spencer’s home…and if they’ll be there to meet him as he exits the BB house…

    • Comments (52)

      from what I read Spencer’s hometown PD searched his computer hard drive and web history. They found no evidence to support any allegation of child porn, so, the investigation was dropped.

  19. Comments (3)

    If they do he won’t have to money to pay his bail lol.

  20. Comments (12)

    I don’t get live feeds,so this site is great. Thanks Steve and others for updates. I hope Mc does throw a wrench in the (BUGS) plan. At least they don’t get there way,and they will scramble like the BUGS they are. Did anyone see the look on A face when AM and EL said they was going to work together? They didn’t say anything about it,but he went straight to his best friend S. I can’t forget that look on his face complete shock.

  21. Comments (12)

    What S home was searched?

  22. Comments (6)

    If you’re interested in where Andy teaches, a freind sent me this link with feed back from some of his students. I was surprized by some of their comments.

    • Comments (40)

      he teaches…Andy Herren – College of DuPage Ill. says he has a masters degree and that its a community college… hope they fire him,,,,

    • Comments (40)


      I am in her class currently and this is the most amazing teacher I have ever had at collge of dupage he teachers really well and he every class he makes us laugh so much I reall recomened him.

    • Comments (8)

      Checked out the link. No pic of “Andy Herren” and posters not identified. Posts before BB were probably his and posts after he was in the BB house are probably family. lol

  23. Comments (30)

    Thanks for running this site. I hope you and your family have a great year.

  24. Comments (9)

    I just feel like vomiting everywhere at the fact that this is how this season is ending….I’d rather see Mcranda bang more than these four in the last week…

  25. Comments (34)

    I am hoping Spencer opens Pandora’s box this week and finds Elissa inside! hahahah! that will be the only thing to redeem this pathetic season!

  26. Comments (27)

    Andy only wins 94 dollars lol
    Spencer needs to keep his hands out of his pants but maybe Elissa’s undies are really tight on him lol

  27. Comments (1)

    I hope that McCrae wins pov and then hoh just to make it interesting. This is by far the worst BB ever!

  28. Comments (40)

    OH so many hours of my life I cannot get back watching this season.. thanks guys for watching it even more than I did since you saw the live feeds everyday….. I may just read your site next season and enjoy my life, I can’t believe I put so much time into this and this is the ending we get…. not even a couple of good choices for winners…. no good choices…. well thanks for this forum,, you rock,,, sorry that the shows ending did not… maybe the finale will be good whenever that may be.

  29. Comments (65)

    The only way Ratatouille has a chance of leaving is if Judd wins POV. That way he can take off either McCrae or GinaMarie and Andy will be forced OTB. Then, ima need GM and Judd and McCrae to work together for the week and punch Andy out. I wanna see a total blindside and see him ball his eyes out! Lol

  30. Comments (83)

    I am sooo sick of looking at Andys ugly rat fink face, he does not deserve to win a dime, I would rather see Judd or even Spencer win before Andy.

  31. Comments (2)

    I use to love watching BB but this season has been a real downer. I’m white and I hated hearing all the racist remarks. There is no reason to be so hateful. As for the personal attacks, CBS should limit how far a houseguest can go when attacking a fellow houseguest. The bullying was also disgusting. I’ve never seen such disgraceful behavior. I know this is just BB but can you imagine what these people are like in their everyday life! I don’t care who wins. Shame on CBS and production for allowing things to get so out of hand. I bet most viewers are disgusted with this season also. I hope nest season is better (if there is a next season).

  32. Comments (3)

    So…maybe I’m in La La Land, BUT how great would it be if they gave Spencer a Pandora’s Box! He would definitely open it up! Now…what if it flipped the entire house and everyone in the jury came back as live house guests and the trashy house guests became jury members. Hahahahahahahahaha!! Ratings would soar! No one in the house right now deserves anything but a time out in a very dark corner. Oh, I forgot….that would be a reward for Spence. I forgot he likes dark places. Going through all of Elissa’s stuff just creeps me out. Who does that? Elissa should just burn all of those items…they have been Spenserized….ugh. Andy is questioning his sexuality because obviously he is obsessed with Elissa. Will he ever let her go?? GM is just ridiculous. She has the maturity level of a 12 year old. Judd is boring. McCrae is boring. Come on Production…do something to entertain us with something other than nose-picking, nail biting, loud mouthed ignorant thugs. I never thought I would miss Amanda!

    • Comments (32)

      I agree with that. Spencer and Andy are obsessed with Elissa they
      still cannnot stop talking about her. CREEPY . what is it, she is GONE.
      Hey how about Spencer opens Pandora’s Box and Elissa pops out and comes back?

    • Comments (18)

      Agree that CBS has to do something to keep the rest of this season watchable. There HAS to be another twist.

      They should definitely do half the show now in jury house. Amanda, Elissa, Candace and Jessie all miserable and pissed off… would be much more fun to watch.

    • Comments (82)

      Yes!!! I posted a few minutes ago something similiar. The jury house should become the game. That would be EPIC!! CBS can do whatever they want, whether deemed fair or unfair by the HGs and some fans. This would be the greatest twist of all time. Might need to add a few weeks to the season or some heavy double evictions…but, talk about ratings SOARING!!!

  33. Comments (7)

    Speaking of the jury house, why aren’t we seeing any of that this year? Used to be CBS would show the evicted houseguests entering the jury house and the reactions of the ones already there. Viewers got to see some of the goings on in the jury house too. It was a fun diversion from the regular fare. The way things are going now in the BB house, I’d rather spend the hour watching the activities in the jury house!

  34. Comments (1)

    You guys are hilarious. The houseguests are bad for trashing each other but trashing them is fair game. Andy has played a brilliant game and deserves the win…..he is making huge moves and flipping the house but because he isn’t named Elissa he gets no credit for it. Andy has controlled the game and has kept bigger targets in front of him so he wouldn’t go home. Elissa has done nothing all year except put up and evict someone she should have tried to work with if she had any chance of winning his game

  35. Comments (610)

    Since the remaining HG are so vile, disgusting, and boring, let’s make up some True/False questions for BB to ask in a future HOH competition. For example:
    T/F, Spencer was investigated for making jokes about child porn
    T/F, Rachel was really in the house portraying her sister Elissa

  36. Comments (16)

    Hey all… Don’t forget about BBCAN 2 … Hope to see many of you posting on it… You all are great!

    And sadly agree no interest in rest of this season other then pure curiosity on who wins.
    Wonder how many students have had to do social study assignments watching this show… Should have been great assignment for them, poor kids
    … ok, Staying positive and looking forward to next BBCAN 2 then your BBUS 16!!!

  37. Comments (2)

    I just hope that no matter who wins, at the finale Nick tells Gina Marie he is married or better yet met a new girlfriend after leaving the house.

    • Comments (407)

      Another BB blog posted pictures a few days ago of David, Kaitlin, Nick and Liza Stinton from BBcanada in Las Vegas and they looked like they were having a very good time. I don’t believe GM was on Nick’s mind at all.

  38. Comments (78)

    Big brother sucks lemons. I’m done as well. See you all next year and let’s hope CBSgets it right this time. BB is going down. Not even looking forward to it next year as I’m so ashamed to even of watched it this far this season.

  39. Comments (9)

    Well, I am still hoping that McCrae can win PoV.

  40. Comments (226)

    I think Andy is morphing in to an Amanda style player right now, controlling everything.
    Yikes, just yikes.

  41. Comments (7)

    I honestly don’t even feel like watching anymore the next few weeks
    Are gonna be such a bore these are the four most boring people
    That I would want to watch during the end mcrae needs a miracle
    So he can stay longer he is the only one left that I would want to win and if I had to choose
    Anyone else it would be spencer I used to love andy until he turned on the two
    Ppl that supported him most in the house I really hope he doesn’t make it

  42. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Mccrae better win tomorrow GM better leave

  43. Comments (1162)

    What do you think the Winner will do with the $$$$$?
    Some Options –
    Spencer will open a Porn Shop.
    GinaMarie will open a Boxing Studio.
    McCrae will open an automated Pizza Slice Shop – *Automated so he can sleep for hours and hours.
    Judd will open a Language Lab.
    Andy will open a factory manufacturing Floating Revolving Doors.

    More suggestions, please ……..

  44. Comments (1)

    I am tired of them talking about Elissa during after dark. I feel the reason they are doing that is that they are JEALOUS. Andy said that if she ask him a question (if he makes f2, hope not)he is going to tell her to sit down. He will get a lot of votes that way.

  45. Comments (1162)

    Just now finished reading about the HGs in the kitchen – Dinner Time.

    All of them still bashing Elissa and Candice.
    Andy said that if Elissa asks him a “bitchy” question,
    he is going to tell her, “To just sit down!!!” Sure you will, you little cowardly Wuss!
    Next Andy goes after Elissa’s son ……….. WHAT A CREEP!! AND SOME WANT HIM TO WIN?????

    There isn’t a single HG in the House worthy of Winning BB15.

    • Comments (32)

      Spencer and Andy seem to be obsessed with Elissa. They cannot stop talking about her. SICK. They are not people ANIMALS best describe them all none of them deserve to win a dime.

      How about Spencer gets Pandora’s Box opens it and Elissa pops out & comes back to the game.

    • Comments (407)

      MM, the funny part is Andy is talking about the painting Elissa’s son did in third grade and said he should be reading by then! The hg’s also said the painting could not have been done by a third grader and Andy said he should be doing long division. Talk about a dummy! His comments make no sense. Kids do not spend all day constantly doing school work plus they do have art classes. My granddaughter is in the first grade and is an excellent artist..she surprises me with her art work. Also, these people have been playing with balls, jenga, play doh and other toys. They have even played Simon Says and they are questioning what this child should be doing??

      • Comments (1162)

        Well Said.

        Their non-stop dissing Elissa and her family has got to stop.
        Amanda mentioned that an Ex. Producer came and told her
        to stop her verbal abuse of Elissa & her family.
        This CBS Executive should return and scare the S**t out of these creeps
        and promise to evict them if they don’t stop.

        Seriously, I don’t think CBS/BB will be able to stop the bad press
        the network/show will get when one of these horrible people wins the money.

    • Comments (4)

      What did Andy Elissa’s son? I know the awful things GM said about her son but I didn’t know Andy said anything.

      • Comments (4)

        That was suppose to say, what did Andy say about Elissa’s son? For some reason some of the words dropped off 🙁

      • Comments (1288)

        He was wondering about his developmental level. Elissa’s son sent her a drawing rather than a note and Andy is of the opinion children should be able to write something by 8.

      • Comments (56)

        What ever about a picture from an eight year old boy…ever seen a mothers day card made at school? Your girls will be all bling and sweet prose and your boy will give a badly drawn heart and “I love you” written like an old man with the DT’s. So, kid-o’s knock off your stupid opines of Elissa’s child being anything other than a sweet, if not, predictable little boy.

      • Comments (875)

        GM, Andy, Spencer, & Judd keep insinuating that Elissa’s Son is Puerto Rican, because his skin is dark…smh, very sad indeed. HG should not talk about cast members Families…

        Production needs to call the remaining HG into the DR one, by one, and tell them to knock off the derogatory talk about your former cast members! Or you will get a penalty nomination!

      • Comments (624)

        Andy is such a piece of trash. If he had enough pride he should just take his life.

      • Comments (624)

        Wait, was that a little too harsh?

      • Comments (1162)

        Big Papi,

        You were only repeating what Wuss Andy has said himself, however
        if he heard or read about you saying it, I’m sure he would cry. lol

        He has made these statements whenever he talked about Elissa getting
        to the F2 or becoming Fan Favorite.

      • Comments (56)

        It has always amazed me that people accused Elissa of being passive/aggressive when Andy is the very definition of that! The only difference, with Andy you have to mix in self loathing. Elissa knows who she is and likes who she is and that is something Andy will never know about himself. He has exposed the sadder side of mean girls…it can be mean boys, too.

    • Comments (610)

      X 1000!

  46. Comments (1)

    It would be a great twist if there were the finale two and they had to compete with all jury to win…ha ha then the final two would be so mad cuz if like helen won shed win the money and the finale two got to the finals for no reason. Id laugh cuz i love big brother but this by far is the worse.

  47. Comments (61)

    The Show is really NOT worth watching any more with a House FULL of Disgusting, Racist, Vulgar Pigs including GM!!! “Pig Mouth” Spencer & “Rat Boy” Andy are OBSESSED with Elissa with their NEVER ending Spewing of Garbage out of their mouths it is sooo Time to STOP, End this & GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!!! If I was Marilyn I would Dump “Pig Mouth” Spencer on Site after hearing all He has said about Women, Other Races & Gays, what a Weasel!!! + “Pig Mouth” Spencer keeps saying well at least Candice could make good fried chicken every chance He gets what is up with this latest piece of Garbage He has been Spewing!!! I would be Ashamed to be seen with Him!!! I can’t wait for “Pig Mouth” Spencer to find out He is Unemployed!!! & GM too =D I Hope “Rat Boy” Andy ends up on the Unemployment Line Himself, I sure as H..L would NOT want Him Teaching My Child EVER!!! I guess the Only Hope is that McCrae or Judd Wins & that Everyone left realizes it would be BEYOND STUPID to take “Rat Boy”Andy or “Pig Mouth” Spencer to the Final 2, DO NOT DO IT!!! UGH I Love BB & I have watched EVERY Season however I have been Deeply Saddened by this Season & CBS/BB Producers behavior in Allowing wuch

    • Comments (61)

      cont. oops it should be in Allowing & Choosing such Disgusting HG”s!!! This is the 1st Season EVER that Disclaimers have been used All around on CBS & After Dark doesn’t that alone say something LOUD & CLEAR itself!!! Well here is another one of My rants Hope there are some who agree =D =D =D

    • Comments (624)

      Why are you Capitalizing random Words?

      • Comments (61)

        I put caps on words I want to emphasize, such as OBSESSED because Spencer is flat out overly OBSESSED with Elissa & I wanted what I was saying about Him to come across with a Very Strong Tone!!! I also use caps. on He, She etc,… to emphasize the person I am speaking about. That’s just My style, the way I choose to write. My comments always have & most likely always will be written in this manner, that’s Me =D I am known for My Uniqueness which I kinda think is Neat =D I really hope that answers your question Big Papi??? =D =D =D

    • Comments (87)

      blow up mannequin dolls cannot walk out the door unassisted..

  48. Comments (10)

    If everybody shut their feeds down last night maybe it would send a message to CBS how disgusted we are with this bunch. I shut down early when I heard all the disgusting things said. Couldn’t take it anymore. I do wish they would just give the money to charity.

  49. Comments (378)

    Spence is a saint!!!! those chixx are insane. I’ve watched him keep his nose clean when its obvious a few of them needa good slapn 😀 lol

  50. Comments (24)

    Thanks for blogging the only thing that will make this worth watching is if mccrea wins pov how sad

  51. Comments (624)

    BBAD doesn’t even interest me anymore. Listen to GM blab about who knows what. Andy with Elissa bashing. Spencer with his perv comments and how he like his girls “young”. Shameless….

  52. Comments (166)

    I don’t know how BB will have enough footage for the next few shows, these HG have no pulse..they just lay there..sit on the couch & beds & just stare at each other..no one wants to hear Spencers stupid freakin weird pervy stories..no one wants to hear Andys teenage girl giggling..Judd please get a spark under your ass..GM your not the bad ass you think you are, stop thinking your representin Jersey bcz your a flippin embarrassment..McCrae not much left to say!

    Its a race to see who gets the title of being the laziest HG, its a 3 way tie..Judd/Spencer/McCrae!

  53. Comments (13)

    Julie said a former winner of Bb would visit the house guests. Maybe it will bring some sense to these players….I wonder who it will be?

    • Comments (357)

      I am NOT a fan of Rachel’s, but I hope she comes in there and raise all kinds of crazy. Problem is…..GM and her trash mouth would win. I watch Amazing Race and was shocked at how easy the women got to her. But this could be different because they are messing with FAM and that trumps all1

      • Comments (1162)

        My bet – Rachel will be the one visiting the BBH.
        She is the Host of BB15’s Finale Party and CBS/BB want
        to promote the Party.
        I think it is being held in LA. and the tickets cost $50.00.
        NoRatsAllowed said he might attend. Hope he does……..and
        comes back here and tells us all about it.

    • Comments (610)

      With all the Elissa trash talking, I hope it’s Rachel and she gives ’em all what for, especially Spencer. And wouldn’t it be great if she were there for a few days?!!!

  54. Comments (1)

    You don’t understand that most of them don’t act like this is real life. They are secluded in a house away from everything. I’m not a racist at all and I respect everyone. Just the way I was raised. But I think in this environment I would say or laugh at these things. If not you have no entertainment at all and would go crazy. I liked spencer from the beginning. I’m still cheering for him to win it all. I hated Amanda and wanted her out early. She was the most naive person I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t understand why they wanted her out. It just didn’t fit with her plan? Really. They are trying to win also and evict you. How do you not see that? Elissa and Helen were annoying. I think in real life that Amanda Helen and Elissa are more like there personalities that we saw in tv then anyone else.

  55. Comments (2)

    Prefer to just look at the spoiler report than waste my time watching the real show. Agree with all of you that CBS should have ousted the racist, immature bullies at the beginning of the show. On the other hand Aaryn and GM hve lost alot in their lives in the real world and that is a good statement and punishment for them. Who knows how the real world will respond to Amanda. When all the racist stuff started I seriously thought I was the only one that considered it inappropriate and rude. Good to know others in this country are feeling the same. Yes, I hope CBS does a better job next season. But lets all face the truth it’s all about money. These type of players keep people tuning in.But when you have to place a notice at the beginning of the show that CBS is not responsible for language and personal opinions expressed that tells you right there CBS does not care – don’t want to be responsible- but money talks

  56. Comments (6)

    First, let me say thank you to the gentleman who puts so much effort into keeping up such a good BB update site – And to the folks who comment and add their insight to the house guests’ behavior. I stopped watching BB during Amanda’s lunacy, but still had a favorite in the game, so being able to come to this site kept in touch with how they were doing was great.

    I’ve been a BB fan since season 1. Considering I’m not a T.V. person and only watch three shows that’s quite a compliment. Having a background in psychology and sociology, I’ve always enjoyed watching the interactions and mental game play strategies of the house guest.

    However, this season has left me totally disappointed and disgusted. I’m no prude and I do understand some aggressive game play (I loved Evel Dick), but for me, some of the behaviors and comments of these contestants are offensive and totally unacceptable under any circumstances.

    Yes, I know it’s a game (which I have thoroughly enjoyed until this season) and maybe I’m showing my age here, but honestly, some of these folks seem like sick individuals. What woman in her right mind makes comments like this?:

    BB15 Sept. 7. 10:16 PM Cam 3/4 GM wants to rape Elissa with a dildo.
    09/06/13 10:23 PM

    Read more: http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Board=BBFlashbacks&Number=20925942#ixzz2eDEef8Ag

    Whew… Thanks for allowing me this rant and I would appreciate any input y’all may have to enlighten me as to why BB cast these particular people when so many apply.

  57. Comments (6)

    Only tiny bit of excitement that could be had is McRae winning Veto and throwing Andy up on the block. He will still panic.

  58. Comments (3)

    Thank you for this blog it was great,keep up good work for bb 16. Hope your family is well. Now I agree. With all the above bloggers. CBS should had done SOMETHING to stop all the the raunchy behavior. Stop all raceist comments.destruction of others property. Filth being spread. I think a petition to cbs and julie chen is necessary. This really makes me think more than once that another network should get my viewership. See you next year MAYBE.

    • Comments (82)

      There are tv shows all over the networks and cable channels that show violence, hate, racism, language, judgmental views and on and on….and those are scripted thought out programming. This is a reality show, where CBS cannot predict nor know ahead of time what may or may not happen in that house. If you don’t like it…don’t watch it. You don’t watch a regular TV show that offends you, do you? So grab your remote, change the channel and be happy. CBS nor Julie Chen owe you anything….its like suing McDonalds for making you fat…..come on….

  59. Comments (82)

    The house will definitely be boring this week, and the following few weeks. We have seen VERY little of the jury house. But with the evictions of villain aka best player in the game aka Amanda, and fan favorite Elissa I almost guarantee we will now see much more of the jury house. It is where all the fans favorite players are, and where all the personalities and controversy is. The best ever expect the unexpected would be the JURY HOUSE becoming the game, and the players in the game find out they are on the outside looking in. bahahaha. Won’t happen, but I can name at least what…4 people in jury that deserve to win over anyone in the house…Aaryn, Helen, Amanda and even Elissa.

  60. Comments (453)

    Well we have ten or eleven more days of the mean girl club house guests talking crap about everyone who is in the jury house and the one’s not in the room with them. Spencer is for sure a sick minded voyeur and needs to be right in line behind Amanda for mental health treatment. McCrae did not say a word about Amanda telling him she made it up when the Howard thing went down when they were discussing it last night, what a spineless bastard. My nine year old grand daughter is more mature than these losers.

  61. Comments (23)

    I still have a hard time believing that there were so many despicable people in the house in one season. I’ve been watching BB since season 1 and I’ve never found myself wishing that no one would win until now. So disappointing.

  62. Comments (30)

    Go to CBS site, make your voices be heard. Enough with this trash. This kind of trash talk from them isnt game play. Racist,sexist,and bashing kids.

  63. Comments (4)

    Did anyone hear them talking about Elissas son and his paintings and how a kid his age shouldn’t be painting? These people are terrible. What does her son have to do with them?! Elissa is ALL they talk about! I’m so sick of them! Andy especially makes my skin crawl! Him and Spencer Need to be flushed down the toilet!

  64. Comments (1)

    From day one BB came on I never missed it,this yr Im disgusted,at this point I dont care who wins,would love to know the reason why?,Julie didnt call Amanda out.oh well its WHO DAT NATION time,Go Saints,any roasted falcon anyone??

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