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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results, Mean Girls In Trouble?


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It’s been an incredibly wild day in the Big Brother house from blindsides to fights to serious butt-kissing on the live feeds. I’ve recapped a lot of the madness in former posts, but the tone today has been a complete shift in alliances, and friendships.  If you want to watch the feeds, you can get them for free here, but I will certainly recap in the post below…


A big shift was the vote by Howard who voted against his alliance, this was an attempt to frame Amanda and create drama in her direction.  His plan seems to have backfired as Helen and crew are really upset that he lied to them after she felt he was one of her most trusted allies. Prior to nominations, Helen was finally able to get him to crack about his lie, but the damage may be done. There was a lot of talk about putting him on the block next to Aaryn, and for multiple reasons…

a) He is a strong player and has a chance to win veto to prevent anyone else
b) It sends a warning out to the house that anyone could go up if they cross allies
c) Should it blow up and Howard go home, that’s another strong male out of the house

That said, putting up someone you considered a friend since day 1 is always tough, especially when you’re as classy as Helen is, and when you have another intriguing offer available…

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, Kaitlin and Jeremy have been trying to distance themselves from Aaryn all day, so it didn’t come as a surprise when both were sucking  up to Helen. Kaitlin offered to go up as a pawn against Aaryn so she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty in the eviction.   I understand wanting to look like you had no say in your friends departure, but I don’t think Kaitlin remembers she is on TV.  If her goal is to remain friends with Aaryn, it’s better to be honest instead of sneaky and having her find out when she’s gone (that is just my opinion on that strategy, it’s never smart to offer yourself up as a pawn).  Maybe if Aaryn was heading to jury and Kaitlin wanted a vote, but that’s still weeks away.

Anyway, Kaitlin also had a long talk with Andy who has been feeling a little left out in the house.  He gave a few examples of how he’s been trying to fit in, but pretty much being looked at as a disposable piece when ready to evict him. It is still too early to tell how serious anyone is on these talks, but they ended up chatting about an alliance together with Helen and Jeremy included.  This gives them a wide variety of people who can do well at all types of challenges, and definitely an alliance nobody would suspect off the bat.

That can be an interesting development as the week progresses, but for now it was time for the nominations, and Helen decided to go the safe route.  She nominated:

Aaryn and Kaitlin. 

There are talks about Howard still going up as the MVP nom, and there are still talks about backdooring Jeremy if possible.  Again, this new little side alliance is probably just all fluff, but there could be a little substance to it moving forward.  Keep your eye out on that.

With the big explosion of emotion last night, alliances are shattered, and people are scrambling to rebuild anything they had.  There are a lot of duo/trio alliances in the house, but nothing as big as the former Moving Company – yet.

Kind of a sloppy post, but it’s been a long 24 hours for this blogger, so my writing is messy.  Clean it up, Beans, clean it up!

8:00pm – Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Helen are in the HoH room and the secret alliance with Jeremy/Kaitlin is brought up. Needless to say, Andy and Helen are likely humoring Jeremy/Kaitlin at this point.

I feel stupid somewhat thinking Andy could be telling the truth.  I can generally tell when he’s genuinely excited and when he’s pretending.  He was clearly pretending to Kaitlin but I didn’t spot it right away.  I’d be a fail on this game.

8:30pm – Everyone is scurrying for alliances.  It’s shocking to watch former Moving Company in pieces going around and trying to make new alliances.

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  1. Comments (13)

    did you say helen classy? she is running around telling people if you dont go my way, you are gone? that’s class? helen is so the next target. forget about elissa who wins mvp everytime cause of her sister. which is crap! give the mvp to someone else so we can get this game going. 2 weeks in and everyone is exploding? this to me is one of the worst seasons yet. im getting bored. very bored with all the showmances and stupid this alliance, that alliance, you vote against us you are next stuff. boring…yawn..i only read these posts to read the drama that is going on. and if the girls get everyone out….they will kill each other cause they cant get along. good job pick a GREAT cast (sarcasm)

    • Comments (151)

      They did pick a great cast. And what the hell is wrong with people exploding in week 1 and 2? It makes for entertaining TV! Don’t be so bitter.

    • Comments (51)

      she’s done great job wrying them up. being a super fan she know the basics of politics and power in the big brother house. Plan A, she wants to get out namely Jeremy/Spencer & Howard as one of the third nominee, knowing her biggest allies is likely to win MVP (Elissa). Provided one them win veto, if ever that didn’t happen she has Kaitlin and Aaryn in the chopping block for Plan B.

    • Comments (169)

      Then stop watching the dang show, Jackie…. I lol at posts like these. Bitter Betty’s that don’t get their way. What exactly did Jeremy and company do last week when they were in power? He BULLIED everyone into voting Elissa out, didn’t work though, did it… Haha guess its fine for them to do it, huh?

  2. Comments (1276)

    I’m so glad she put up those two. I just hope the MVP nom is GM. If they want, they can always back door Jerk, and hopefully not Howard.
    Yes, Howard was part of a stupid plan, that was clearly a bad idea. But he’s still a good guy, and I think if he is given a chance, if nothing else he can try to keep the piece in the house.
    If possible, I am honestly praying that they get Aaryn out. She’s going to worm her way into some alliances, and they need to nip that crap in the racist bud. At the same time, little miss Kaitlin has really shown her true colors, and needs to be out, or right behind her.
    GM is just as bad as Aaryn, but for some reason she’s not getting called out by BB or most people, which I really don’t get. So what, she spent a day crying her eyes out and borderline had a nervous breakdown because a guy, who just wasn’t into her, got voted out? She needs help, and for many reasons, not just the crazy crap she pulled with Nicks hat, chap stick, shorts (hopefully she doesn’t find anything else of his).
    At this point, and only due to the fact that at least Jerkemy has decided to somehow ?rise above? the pack bully tactics the hateful mean girls use, is at least trying to play the game. I’d leave him in for a week or so, sure, he’ll probably get HOH next week, but he can only have power for a week. So he’ll pick one of the group off (but don’t forget, there’s still the MVP nom, which seems to be the one that always goes home) or not, and then they can deal with him the next week.
    Good riddins mean girls, go scratch.

    • Comments (169)

      I was getting worried about all the talk of putting Howard up, keeping Aaryn because she had nobody, etc. I can rest easy, I suppose. Christina, what do you think about Jessie? Aaryn has been being super duper nice to her, obviously trying to get he back on her side, but do you think it’ll work? I don’t..because she’s with Judd now, and Jessie is better than I originally had her pegged as being. But, what do you think? I always enjoy your commentary in things 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        While I don’t love that plan he and Spencer had about their votes and putting the blame on Amanda, I guess, it’s game play, bad game play, but at least they are putting forth some kind of effort.
        Plus, while everyone is up in amrs that Howard lied, since he’s a Christian, I don’t think that goes into play. You have to check your concience at the door, I think he had a way he wanted to play, the Mco. option was there, and without realizing how bad Jerk would be, he was in. I did find the constand “I’m sorry tour” as Stevebeans put it, a little bit of overkill. But at least they are admitting it. I also found Helen’s reaction WAY overboard, or she’s too emotional, either way, it was too much, he didn’t kill her cat, he lied in BB.
        On to Jessie, I think she’s so wishy washy as long as she gets attention, she really could go either way. I think Judd is such a nice guy that she has little interest in him. He has actually stuck his neck out now to defend/protect her, even calling the mean girls “trashy” (which I almost peed my pants when he said it). I think she’s mostly using him because she knows he’s into her. I hope overtime she’ll see that while he may not be up there on the looks or body scale with a David (and his flock of seagulls hair) but he’s a very good looking kid, and why she can’t see that while a Jerk might have decent looks on his side, Judd is the whole package.
        For Jessie and Aaryn, well, I think Jessie is that girl who always wants to fit in, she wants the boys to like her, so she flirts too much, she wants the “Cool” girls to like her, so she bends over backwards to impress them. That being said, I don’t think she’s a bad person, she is just insecure and wants to be liked. Aaryn might easily be able to manipulate her and get her to back her up. I think the one that can prevent that is Amanda, so if she keeps watching out of Jessie, and trys to keep her close, Jessie might not go back to the dark side.
        Good lord, I guess I had a lot to say Keith 😉

    • Comments (18)

      This season is very interesting.
      It reminds me of a pancake. Things in the house are going to go one way, or another.
      I am sure that Jerlyn and/or Aaryn will be sent out of the house, very soon. I don’t think Howard, because in the end would you rather want to get out a racist and a bully or a Christians who is kind and loving to the house?

  3. Comments (3)

    Does anyone know who are the have nots? and why didn’t Helen choose them as Ayrin did?

    • Comments (407)

      I believe it’s McCrae, Amanda, Judd and Jessie. It was via a competition like usual, I don’t know why they allowed Aaryn to simply choose last week.

      Do people generally look at the header for the havenot situation? I wasn’t sure if people cared about that

      • Comments (3)

        I think GM must be on slop too, because on the live feeds almost ten minutes ago, Jessie apologized to her for not saving some slop for her…and GM replied that she could heat some up later?

      • Comments (274)

        I do!

      • Comments (51)

        yup i didn’t understand that. why does aaryn chose the have not last week? (no have not competition at all) but this week they need to compete.

      • Comments (151)

        If you just briefly tell us about the have not, it’s cool. It get’s boring and I stop caring midway thru the season about have not’s (so much other stuff to care about by then). I skip it when I watch, but I do care who win’s or if HOH gets to pick or whatever. I don’t think we need a play by play tho.

      • Comments (1276)

        I look at it Stevebeans, but I like knowing it all lol Partly because I want to know, and partly because I’m always crossing my fingers that the same people won’t get it EVERY week, slop would SUCK!!!

  4. Comments (12)

    First it was stated on the Blog that Howard voted Nick out – he did not do that. It was Spencer who voted to evict Nick. And I was laughing and clapping the whole time!!! And then Mc and Jess followed suit – so sweet!!!

    The houseguests who are saying racial comments should also get a warning. Yes they are playing Big Brother and that is lying, praying, promising, swearing on anything that people think they care about; but it is not for racial slurs that offends the whole country. It’s called “polite company”
    It is a wonder that fans have not boycotted the show. I am afraid that it will affect the future of the show!

    • Comments (1)

      I am glad to know I was not the only one confused when it said that HOWARD voted against his alliance when it was Spencer who voted out Nick. Can anyone explain the confusion?

      • Comments (12)

        Hi Tok, I think “stevebeans” is just confusing the names. I thought for sure Spencer was going to vote Elissa out but he surprised me and voted Nick out. And Howard did exactly what I thought he was going to do, he voted for Elissa to be evicted. I am so glad the power has shifted from the “Mean Girls” & Jeremy!

  5. Comments (53)

    First i can’t beleave jeremy told on the MC, and maccrae is just amanda’s mindless poppet now, he made* a girl with a boyfriend at home wacthing (who doesn’t act like it at all just saying*) turn on his allies when they still had the numbers*, lost alot of respect for him, and for people voting for elissa, did you see how she talked to nick last week just because she was mvp, power getting to her head, and do you really want to pay and vote for her to win the game she is really the last person who NEEDS* it, her family already got a half of mill from big brother, lets be real if she wins mvp again then this season is corrupt in her favor, they mite as well put a vet in the house its a really unfair advantage*, aaryn side needs to go, but i hope spens, howard, helen get to the final and maybe andy and candice for final five, everyone else are mindless follower execpt amanda who to smart for own good, side-note* why is helen mad at howard and spencer for keeping secrets its playing the game, isn’t she trying to work with aaryn? how is that a smart move but what howard and spencer did slimy

    • Comments (6)

      This game isn’t about who ‘needs’ to win, if it was, then they should only be casting homeless people, but that would never happen. It shouldn’t be discriminated by how much money people have, just like inside the house now, people shouldn’t be discriminated by who they are related to or what ethnicity they are.

    • Comments (140)

      If I win 500k dollars… that doesn’t mean my brother now has 500k dollars. Rachel and Elissa are two different people.

      • Comments (224)

        Tell that to all the dumb people who keep voting for her to get the MVP!

    • Comments (2)

      Spencer, really!! He is just as horrible as Aaryn with his Hitler comment!!

  6. Comments (274)

    Personally I cannot stand Jeremy. I don’t want anybody to pick him up, wipe off the crap all over him and allow him to mold into a new alliance. Please please please back door him now and worry about the pack of possums later.

    Jeremy is a rat with the bubonic plague. Where he goes venom follows:

    Bubonic plague is a zoonotic (yep that pretty much describes the house right now)disease, circulating mainly in fleas…his 1st description… on small rodents…2nd description and is one of three types of bacterial infections caused by Yersinia pestis (to me this word just screams to me “YOUR SEEING A PEST!”
    Or something to do with his penis, I can’t really

    Without treatment, the bubonic plague kills about two thirds of infected humans within 4 days. Or in big brothers case, just infects then evicts. Aryan and GangstaMafia may end up in the 2/3 once out of the safety of the house.

    Side note: Kids say the darnest things. My child who is aware of the show says to me “pump it like a shot gun” whenever he sees GangstaMafia constantly fist pumping and sounding like a male ape looking for a mate.

    The term bubonic plague is derived from the Greek word βουβών, meaning “groin.” Better watch out Kaitlyn!

  7. Comments (7)

    I hope the ARYAN NATION is gone. She is so arrogant and disgusting. Someone please give the bimbo a beating to the head!

    • Comments (7)

      That was mean and I shouldn’t have said a beating to the head, it was a figure of speech, but I just can’t stomach to watch her treat people the way she does. She should have taken Amanda’s advice and apologized to the ones she offended, maybe she would have been liked a little more. Thinking about it, I almost feel bad for her when she has to come out the house and see what America really thinks about her, but she brought it on herself.

  8. Comments (151)

    I would rather see arryn stay. It’s so fun to watch her, and I want her downfall to be horrific. It would be better if she stays in the house longer. She’s not really a threat in terms of game play. What has she done except be racist? Won HOH cuz she was paired with Jeremy (I saw the cheating on the live show, I swear they switched cups not dumped it in!)??? What if she was paired with Amanda, no way she woulda won. I say vote out kaitlynn, she is smart (just a bad attitude). Arryn is really stupid and sucky at challenges. Plus it would be so boring with her gone.

    • Comments (224)

      I would think this would make people WANT to keep her in the house as an insurance policy to go to the final 2 with. Anyone sitting next to Aaryn would be guaranteed to win, so I’d keep her around a lot longer if I were a contestant. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any talk of that on the feeds yet.

  9. Comments (60)

    Best thing that could happen is America to Vote Helen as MVP.Give her full power and put either GinaM or Jeremy. ultimate vote Aryan out all votes her to zero

  10. Comments (74)

    It’s annoying that they can’t take out both Aaryn and Jeremy at the same time. I think GM is useless but having Jeremy & Katilin together after Aaryn gone is still risky as you never know when people will head dive in the scum. Back door Jeremy and there’s a good chance Jessie crawls to A, K and GM. Getting rid of Howard is stupid he can be a good ally. “Friends” like Aaryn and Katilin self destruct when there’s nobody else to bully/blame. I actually like elissa but I don’t think she has good game. Amanda is strong but an easy target. It’s hard to tell if Helen has influence or just lucky people like her. It’s amazing how messy people are when living with strangers.

    • Comments (453)

      Elissa hasn’t been really allowed to play because of the crap she got from team ignorance, every time she came out of the have not room they were dogging her.

  11. Comments (53)

    watching after dark does this mean there is hope for howard and spence i hope

  12. Comments (453)

    Too damn bad that BB doesn’t have the equivalent of a restraining order which would be used to shut down all of the horrible ways team ignorance has put on the other house guests. Three orders and they are automatically evicted!

  13. Comments (48)

    It will be nice to see what kind of game play Elisa has now that she does not have to constantly watch her back. If Jeremy cannot be blindsided this week then Kaitlan would be a good one to go because it will break up the pair of votes later. Then focus on Jeremy again. If not Jeremy next week then Aaryn would be good one to go.
    I like the MVP award this year. If you can’t get someone on the block because they are in a strong alliance that might have HOH power backing them, you can always hope to get them through the MVP. This gives the weaker players a chance. If they are weaker players, it doesn’t mean they are not good strategist. Win through strength or win through strategy.

  14. Comments (1)

    Why is it that you keep blaming Elissa for MVP, it’s the fans who choose her, she has nothing to do with who it. I hope Aaryn gets kicked out, followed by Jeremy!

  15. Comments (53)

    i really can’t stand amanda she is dead set on getting howard out this week because she knows she can easily get in jeremy and aaryn’s heads when they are the biggest threat to everyone and the worst 2 people in the house and she doesn’t even care about elissa helen andy candice jess or judd she’s just using them all while trying to make side deals with the next side of the house she’s most likely gonna turn on helen elissa and candice once spencers out and ether make a deal with jeremy or get him booted so her poppet could be the strongest guy her over all plan because elissa helen and candice dont stand a chance with howard or spencer nor aaryn kaitie and gm without jeremy i hope the house finds her out and boots her next week and it so shameful how mccrae is just her little lap dog poppet i wouldn’t be surprised if she was just using him too she does have a boyfriend at home watching if howard goes up and doesn’t win veto he going home because she and her poppet alone with andy and her brain washed flunkies (jess and judd) and lets not forget about jeremy and gm who will vote that way to so even if elissa andd helen want aaryn gone she’ll stab them in the back if they let her get out howard and spencer then not shortly after we will hear congrats to amanda on winning big brother 15 (plus she is the least prettiest girl in the house a(MAN)duh is a fitting name sorry for the cheap shot but just saying)

  16. Comments (29)

    OK, I’ve held this in too long. That pic of Aaryn and Kaitlin was during BBAD and Kaitlin was telling Aaryn that Jeremy told her (Kaitlin) that he had a weak kindergarten crush on her. She acted like it was really something special. Is that chick stupid or what?!

  17. Comments (3)

    Regarding the prejudiced comments of the HGs – Spencer is right up there too. Why is he getting a free rid?! Next to Aryan Nation, he’s got to go. Lisa Marie is not an innocent bystander either.

  18. Comments (1)

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