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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results, Mean Girls In Trouble?

July 12, 2013 | 40 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s been an incredibly wild day in the Big Brother house from blindsides to fights to serious butt-kissing on the live feeds. I’ve recapped a lot of the madness in former posts, but the tone today has been a complete shift in alliances, and friendships.  If you want to watch the feeds, you can get them for free here, but I will certainly recap in the post below…


A big shift was the vote by Howard who voted against his alliance, this was an attempt to frame Amanda and create drama in her direction.  His plan seems to have backfired as Helen and crew are really upset that he lied to them after she felt he was one of her most trusted allies. Prior to nominations, Helen was finally able to get him to crack about his lie, but the damage may be done. There was a lot of talk about putting him on the block next to Aaryn, and for multiple reasons…

a) He is a strong player and has a chance to win veto to prevent anyone else
b) It sends a warning out to the house that anyone could go up if they cross allies
c) Should it blow up and Howard go home, that’s another strong male out of the house

That said, putting up someone you considered a friend since day 1 is always tough, especially when you’re as classy as Helen is, and when you have another intriguing offer available…

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, Kaitlin and Jeremy have been trying to distance themselves from Aaryn all day, so it didn’t come as a surprise when both were sucking  up to Helen. Kaitlin offered to go up as a pawn against Aaryn so she doesn’t have to get her hands dirty in the eviction.   I understand wanting to look like you had no say in your friends departure, but I don’t think Kaitlin remembers she is on TV.  If her goal is to remain friends with Aaryn, it’s better to be honest instead of sneaky and having her find out when she’s gone (that is just my opinion on that strategy, it’s never smart to offer yourself up as a pawn).  Maybe if Aaryn was heading to jury and Kaitlin wanted a vote, but that’s still weeks away.

Anyway, Kaitlin also had a long talk with Andy who has been feeling a little left out in the house.  He gave a few examples of how he’s been trying to fit in, but pretty much being looked at as a disposable piece when ready to evict him. It is still too early to tell how serious anyone is on these talks, but they ended up chatting about an alliance together with Helen and Jeremy included.  This gives them a wide variety of people who can do well at all types of challenges, and definitely an alliance nobody would suspect off the bat.

That can be an interesting development as the week progresses, but for now it was time for the nominations, and Helen decided to go the safe route.  She nominated:

Aaryn and Kaitlin. 

There are talks about Howard still going up as the MVP nom, and there are still talks about backdooring Jeremy if possible.  Again, this new little side alliance is probably just all fluff, but there could be a little substance to it moving forward.  Keep your eye out on that.

With the big explosion of emotion last night, alliances are shattered, and people are scrambling to rebuild anything they had.  There are a lot of duo/trio alliances in the house, but nothing as big as the former Moving Company – yet.

Kind of a sloppy post, but it’s been a long 24 hours for this blogger, so my writing is messy.  Clean it up, Beans, clean it up!

8:00pm – Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Helen are in the HoH room and the secret alliance with Jeremy/Kaitlin is brought up. Needless to say, Andy and Helen are likely humoring Jeremy/Kaitlin at this point.

I feel stupid somewhat thinking Andy could be telling the truth.  I can generally tell when he’s genuinely excited and when he’s pretending.  He was clearly pretending to Kaitlin but I didn’t spot it right away.  I’d be a fail on this game.

8:30pm – Everyone is scurrying for alliances.  It’s shocking to watch former Moving Company in pieces going around and trying to make new alliances.

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