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Big Brother 15 – Nomination Results, Live Chat


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Just about 24 hours after we found out that America will be the next MVP and choose the 3rd nominee, Judd managed to make it nearly irrelevant as Aaryn was almost guaranteed to be that pick.  Before we say “oh, well Judd didn’t know about it”, one of the reasons he put Aaryn on the block was because he was certain Elissa would (if she won MVP), and wanted control of her situation should he win the veto.


With Kaitlin also on the block, my best guess for 3rd nominee would be either GinaMarie or Elissa.  Why Elissa?  Because a lot of people voted for her thinking they were still voting for MVP.  It would be kind of funny to see her on the block and everyone realize there is a new MVP (I like twists and confusion – nothing against Elissa).

Judd has hinted that Kaitlin should be the one to go, and he’s right.  She’s been fairly strong in competitions so far, while Aaryn has been pretty weak.  Kaitlin won PoV and nearly won HoH twice. Aaryn won HoH in a team effort with Jeremy, so I am not sure that even counts.  In addition, everyone hates Aaryn, so she’s the perfect person to take deep into the game.  Years of watching reality shows like this, it’s almost stupid for anyone to want Aaryn out of the house.  I’d take her to the final 2 if I could… not because she’s a nice person or I think she deserves any bit of money, but because there is no chance the house gives her $500k – no chance.

Anyway, I updated the havenot list up top, and I will be updating the thread throughout the night, so stay tuned!

8:00pm – Houseguests just relaxing right now.  Some making dinner, Amanda and McCrae in bed of course, and a lot of people going stir crazy because they’re stuck inside.

9:30pm – Paranoia is running wild in the house.  Judd has been very evasive regarding his plans, Amanda is getting close to figuring out the MVP twist, and others are scurrying for alliances.

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  1. Comments (1162)

    Getting Kaitlin out would be a Fantastic Move on Judd’s part ………..
    Fingers are crossed ……

    • Comments (51)

      when will the mvp nominee comes out? will bb tell the housemate that the audience voted for the 3rd nominee? i hope not though, it will confusion and drama who nominate him/her. elissa would likely to get blame.

      • Comments (2)

        they should tell the houseguests about America voting..because then it will take the target off of Elissa..if they don’t tell them..they will think Elissa secretly has it and put the person up..

      • Comments (191)

        The house not knowing America is voting is the best part of this twist. Paranoia will destroy ya

      • Comments (768)

        I don’t think so. She hasn’t been able to keep it a secret so far, so if she says she didn’t receive it, I’m sure they’ll believe her.

  2. Comments (20)

    I was one of those idiots that voted for Elissa thinking it was still MVP. LOL.

  3. Comments (4)

    I want Kaitlin gone 1st!!I really think Elissa is getting a bad wrap cuz she gets mvp. Then they need to get rid of gm, dont like her either.

  4. Comments (3)

    That would be hilarious if she (elissa) was up. I initially thought Judd was just going to be a wallflower but he proved me wrong. But I have feeling Howard will be the MVP nominee. Who knows?

  5. Comments (2)

    Exactly what I’ve been saying about Aaryn!

  6. Comments (10)

    If people watched yesterday it was clearly stated that america was going to vote for the third nominee so i am surprised people voted for Elissa thinking it was for MVP

  7. Comments (9)

    After watching bbad- I REALLY WANT AMANDA OUT! I’m really getting annoyed by her…

    • Comments (126)

      I agree someone needs to break up the Amanda/McCrae power now, nice-guy Judd either has no BB strategy game or no bravery, was easily directed by the other HG’s, missed opportunity here, should of put both up.

    • Comments (2)

      Me too she needs to go

    • Comments (216)

      I just hope Judd doesn’t touch his UT blanket. Ew.

    • Comments (651)

      I agree Amanda has to go. I’m wondering if Judd may want to backdoor Amanda. Judd acts confused but while watching after dark I’m not so sure. He went into the HoH room and of course Amanda and McCrea were in the bed. He told them he was tired and needed sleep but they didn’t move. Then Amanda started in with telling him what to do.
      Time to break up that showmance and end Amanda’s power trip.

  8. Comments (123)

    the Have Not Food is Macaroni and Mangos—Yummy… 🙂

    i voted for Amanda…not to get her out but to just get her Scared and shut her mouth up… 🙂

  9. Comments (453)

    If Judd wins pov and takes Aaryn off he will pi** off most of the house. He would need to put up GM in her place and then they vote off Kaitlin, wonder how Jerk would like her not “bringing home the check to daddy”. Been wondering when some of these people are going to quit mooching off a summer break and start playing for real instead of just floating along for the ride.

  10. Comments (231)

    I voted for Aaryan and now Judd has put her on the block which I feel has defeated the whole purpose of America being MVP. Unless, BB has a twist to allow our choice to be the MVP pick and Judd picks another nomination.

    • Comments (2)

      I hope you’re right!! & That America’s pick still gets to be Aaryn & Judd has to pick another nominee!! That would be great!

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m sure it will be who had the second highest number of votes. I don’t think they will just cancel out the HOH power to pic noms. That would defeat the purpose of the HOH.

  11. Comments (96)

    Even though I would love to see Aaryn leave, Kaitlin is the bigger threat out of the 3. She is the only won who has come really close to winning competions. I’m glad Judd is seeing this. I’m starting to like him!!

  12. Comments (2)

    Feel sorry for Judd he is a guest in his own job room…go away Amanda and McCrae

    • Comments (14)

      I was thinking the same thing! Last night on BBAD Amanda and McCrae was laying in the bed and poor Judd was sitting in a chair. Good gracious.

  13. Comments (12)

    I wonder if America picks Aaryn or Kaitlyn if maybe there will only be 2 on the block???

  14. Comments (41)

    Would love to see Kaitlin go, followed immediately by Aaryn. The longer they’re there, the more money they make, and I hate to see either of them receive more CBS money than they’ve already gotten. I want to see the best PLAYERS make it to the end, and one of those has got to be Amanda. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she has a heart. Just remember how she ran after GM after Aaryn instigated a “prank” be played on her (GM). The prank was to take items from the “shrine” GM had made in Nick’s “memory.” The items included his mug, a box of his favorite cereal, and his hat. When GM discovered the items were missing from the “shrine,” she started crying and carrying on and was obviously very upset. Amanda ran after her, hugged her, gave her a kiss on top of her head, and explained it was a prank that went bad, they were all a part of it, and it wasn’t meant to hurt her. Amanda said to the others involved, “I don’t want to make anyone feel bad.” She’s a cool gal, and she’s definitely smart and is playing a great game. Why would you want to send her home? Those are the ones I like to see go all the way!

    • Comments (9)

      Amanda also said on BBAD that if GM took the coke that she would physically punch her. She seems to have so much pent up anger. Slop- really? She drowned it in chocolate milk. It’s not that bad. She’s overreacting. Calling people skinny bitches too? Really? Where’s your class? I hope Elissa wins- she’s the only sane and genuine person in the house so far…
      The edited versions- Amanda seems fine but when you watch her in BBAD she’s mean, annoying, and controlling. She wants to appear “nice” on camera but she’s too aggressive and mean.

      • Comments (71)

        sorry Julia – you may be right but I don’t see it that way. I think Amanda is REAL! (except for her boobs). What you see is what you get. Elissa on the other hand – well I don’t know. She seems genuinely nice and well refined but I just don’t get her. 99.9% of the time I don’t understand what she’s trying to say and when she talks – to me anyways it seems she’s in la la land, her words are badly scripted. Elissa is a nice girl but when I look at her I see plastic. I also think Elissa has an unfair advantage with a pre-game fan base. Elissa’s sister, Rachel, played a great game and actually Amanda reminds me more of Rachel than Elissa does – except that Amanda is nicer. I’m for Amanda and McCrea all the way! It’s a game and whoever wins – I’ll be happy for them.

      • Comments (651)

        The real Amanda is beginning to come out. She’s been able to keep it hidden but when she got snarky and stormed out after she wouldn’t agree to put up Howard. It’s coming out more and more now. She’s gotten comfortable in her power position and is hiding her true self less and less.

      • Comments (41)

        I watch BBAD each and every night, and I don’t see any difference in the way Amanda acts. In fact, it was on BBAD that the “prank” on GM was played (and instigated by Aaryn), and where Amanda went after GM and hugged her and said they never meant to hurt her, that it was just a joke that turned bad. Aaryn, on the other hand, told Amanda NOT to go after GM. Aaryn didn’t care how upsetting the “prank” was to GM.

        Bottom line is that Amanda is REAL. She tells it like it is. “Skinny bitches”?? haha! Who hasn’t said that??? I certainly have used that line a few times! And I might have even said it about good friends! There are far worse “names”! Heck, I’d LIKE it if someone called me a “skinny” anything! bitch, ho, doesn’t matter. Just call me “skinny”! 😉

  15. Comments (453)

    BB should have had us wait to vote until after the HOH made their nominations, then our votes wouldn’t be a waste, ie voting for Aaryn or Kaitlin.

    • Comments (1276)

      I just hope tons of people voted for GM. I think too many people have been giving GM a pass, she’s just as bad as Aaryn, and much worse than Kaitlin. Plus, she has issues, crying for hours/days on end over a boy that never even kissed her. While Kaitlin is at least still trying to play after Jerk was voted out, and they actually had something. Aaryn and GM should be the top two, and honestly IMO Spencer should be right behind the 2 of them.

    • Comments (195)

      Peggi I was just going to write the same thing you did but read your post first. Seems that if people thought this was a way CBS was going to get Aaryn out they would of had us vote as you said after the nominations. Really wanted Judd to put GM and Kaitlin. Agree with you too Christina. Do not understand how everyone is saying they like GM. Guess the houseguests have a short memory on how she acted the first couple of weeks towards them….and as recently as yelling in Candices face! Praying that Aaryn does not win veto and these houseguests get her the heck out of there. Although I agree Kaitlin is a bigger threat I just can not stand listening to Aaryn and seeing her sour puss face!!

    • Comments (233)

      Split my votes between Aaryn & GM. Even though the A votes won’t count, it felt really, really good to say Go Away! So, thanks to CBS for that, I guess.

  16. Comments (143)

    Amanda needs to go, she is becoming WAY too powerful, she is smart, figures things out, is in good with almost everybody. How no one else sees this is beyond me, she is playing all sides off one another and her and McRrae either win or almost win every competition. The veto jeremy won, amanda hit the button 3 times before jeremy and just had the toys touching the floor by a hair. McCrae almost won yesterday.

    • Comments (14)

      Maybe everyone else thinks Amanda should stay because she is playing a good game.

      • Comments (71)

        Carol – that’s what I think! Amanda is good at figuring the game out (and hopefully she is right on with her thinking that McCrea is other than who he says he is – that would be fun!). Amanda is REAL. No plastic (except the boobs). When she talks – I understand what she says – I’m for Amanda all the way. Go Amanda!

      • Comments (22)

        i’m with carol and kate. amanda reminds me of my friends. smart, witty, beautiful. if her tongue is a little sharp there’s still kindness and goodness underneath. you don’t have to ACT sweet to BE sweet.

        and ladies, ‘skinny bitch’ is a compliment. it’s just how girls talk admiringly to and about each other.

      • Comments (9)

        It did not sound like a compliment in this situation!

  17. Comments (9)

    The biggest threat in the house to win BB15 is Kaitlin. She’s athletic and smart. Amanda cannot win challenges as she is not athletic or focused during competitions- she’s only good at controlling people which is what she has done so far.
    There is no one left other than Kaitlin who is athletic expect for maybe Howard but he has not proven himself yet. The ones who have won HoH comps have won by luck only from that alliance(closest number etc). At least Jeremy won fair and square.
    This season is interesting but all the physically strong people are leaving and the winners from the comps are just random now… Nothing involving true skills..

    • Comments (14)

      I didn’t start watching until the night of the Milk-throwing competition. Howard said he threw the competition on purpose. If he sticks around, I have a feeling he will be a real threat in the physical challenges.

    • Comments (41)

      Jeremy won fair and square? You aren’t referring to the HOH comp where he cheated by switching cups rather than pouring them like the rules said? So the only comp the “champion” won was 1 veto comp then…

  18. Comments (41)

    Darn it, I voted for Elissa a few times by accident cuz my computer was acting hinkey and my screen was shifting and Aaryn was who I intended to vote for. So now that Judd put Aaryn up my only counting votes go towards Elissa – augh!!!! I hope people voted GM I think it’s time a female left for sure.
    Did anyone catch Jeremy’s interviews with Jeff Schroeder? I actually found myself feeling sorry for the kid – is it possible he’s changed at all or is it just an act?

  19. Comments (316)

    Jeremy won’t ever understand what a real jerk he is!

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