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Big Brother 15 – Have Nots, Nominations and More

McCrae gives the pouting Amanda a kiss
McCrae gives the pouting Amanda a kiss

Big Brother is taking their time with the nominations today, as they were in a huge rush to torture more houseguests with the havenot competition.  To be fair, this week the havenots get to eat Ramen and raisins which is pretty much the diet of college kids anyway (or bloggers like me).  Amanda seems a bit more worked up that she won’t be able to sleep with McCrae this week than she is about the food.

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The havenots for the week are:



The nominations are not done yet, but I will be updating this thread as updates come in, so check back.  You can follow along by watching the live feeds, get a free trial right here.

Update: I have had a few requests for the Amanda, Jessie bathroom boob grab.  Flashback to 10:40am to watch it…

I think Jessie enjoyed that a bit too much

3:15pm – The house is back on indoor lockdown as the cast breaks down the set so they can do the nomination ceremony.  Amanda is poutning about being a havenot, while Howard is in the HoH room trying to plead his case to Aaryn.

Howard is working Aaryn to make the big move and put Amanda up, but Aaryn simply told him that she cut a deal (let Helen/Amanda choose nominees), going to stick to that deal, and is a wimp for doing it.  Amanda came knocking at the HoH door and Howard stopped the conversation, now Aaryn is re-telling the convo to Amanda.

– Andy jumps in and says there can be an amazing jury even if it’s 9 people.  Sorry Andy, but people are generally not thrilled about going to jury, so I have a tough time believing everyone will be thrilled to be there.

– Aaryn is actually trying to fight for Howard and says that Candice and Elissa are most likely to put her up moving forward.  Howard wouldn’t, and she’s right. Howard wants Amanda out, and Elissa is 100% guaranteed to put up Aaryn.  Amanda said it’s smarter to go with the majority of the house, but that’s smarter if she wants to settle for jury

5:20pm – Aaryn is up in the HoH room telling Spencer the situation this week.  He’ll likely be on the block with Howard even though she knows full well that the two of them and Aaryn/GM are the 4 major outsiders in the house.   This frustrates me, if you KNOW you’re on the outs, why not make a huge move?

7:00pm – Feeds are back up from the nomination ceremony, and like expected, here are your nominees…


So what this means?  Amanda is taking a stranglehold on the game as once Howard or Spencer get out, she has almost nobody in the house who is willing to gun for her.


If you were in Aaryn’s position, would you take the safe route and side with Amanda, or would you make a bold move and side with Howard?

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  1. Comments (35)

    I hope Aaryn sticks with Amanda. Howard is starting to creep me out. Like last night when everyone was in one room, having a good time, he was out wandering around talking to himself. Isn’t the next step an ax in the door followed by “Here’s Howard!”, lol.

    • Comments (160)

      Why isn’t he allowed to have some alone time? I talk to myself all time when I’m alone. Sometimes thoughts are better said out loud than to keep them in your head.

      • Comments (1076)

        I used to think my nephew was so smart because he was always so quiet and pensive, you know, the strong silent type. Guess what, turns out he was so quiet because he didn’t have a thought in his head. Total idiot. Well, Howard is the exact replica of my nephew, only my nephew can speak in complete English sentences. Get as mad as you want but after listening to Spence, Howard, Gina Marie and Judd I feel the house needs an idiot to English interpreter.

      • Comments (768)

        Ian did it all the time last year while rocking in the hammock.

    • Comments (1437)

      You would act that way too if a racist/bigot(Aaryn) held your fate in the game. He is probably kicking himself for talking Candice into getting rid of Kaitlin.

    • Comments (48)

      Maybe he was talking privately to his Heavenly Father. Jus’ sayin’.

  2. Comments (160)

    For Aaryn’s gameplay, I think she should put Elissa up. I hardly think that as long as Howard or a bigger threat is in the house, she is anyone’s target but Elissa’s unless Helen avenges her. Highly doubt it because Helen is pretty level headed and doesn’t seem the type.

    For the house’s gameplay, the best is to get rid of Amanda. She controls the house because everyone reports to her.

    For Amanada’s gameplay, Howard should be voted out. Not because I think he’s an uniquely strong competitor but because she targeted him first and he knows.

  3. Comments (17)

    Please take out Amanda…her ego is wayyy to bloated …

  4. Comments (528)

    Obviously the people who took the poll are saying what they WANT and not what they would DO because if everyone had that much balls BB would be a far more interesting show. And it isn’t. People are cautious ay heart, even the cheering squad fans that think they could do so much better despite the fact that, in the same situation, there’s no way they would, lol.

    • Comments (10)

      I agree Sadie…also, Steve, this reminded me of university, when a professor would outline His Theory, then ask us students to write a paper and argue Our theory. We star pupils would argue the prof’s theory, ensuring a good mark) cuz w areed w Prof (even if we really didn’t!. Prof Steve outlined what He would do then asked us ‘students’ to vote for what We would do. The student in me almost voted Steve’s theory…then I realized I wouldn’t have the balls to do what steve would do! I think I failed this test! Thanks for taking me back to those good ole school days!

    • Comments (140)

      I agree with you, absolutely. These people who are bold behind their computer screens don’t seem to realize that…. If you’re in the house, and HoH… if you try to make a bold move (aka nominate boldly) there is no guarantee EITHER bold nomination will go home. This was true in previous years (as a POV winner could remove a nom and then the replacement ends up going home), but is doubly true this season with MVP.

      So let’s say Aaryn “grows some balls” and nominates Amanda and McCrea as some are suggesting, we still don’t know who the MVP Nom is yet, and we don’t know the outcome of POV so basically, she could be painting an even bigger target on her head by nominating the power house McCranda, just for the possiblity that she can’t even get the numbers to take either of them out, assuming her noms would even stay the same. So why risk it? Yes she knows she’s being carried along for the moment because they have a use for her, but you might as well ride it as far as you can because you never know when a shift may actually take place and if you’re there to fight through it then great game. Otherwise… don’t nail your own coffin.

  5. Comments (9)

    Aaryn needs to play her game and not Amanda’s and McCrae’s! That’s all Howard is asking her to do! Play smarter, not harder! Wait I’m talking about Aaryn here…

    And that still of Amanda and McCrae kissing looks like two women. I was like wow, girls hooking up now… okay BB15!

    • Comments (10)

      From Aaryns point of view….she goes with Howard, Spencer and Candice who she knows hates her….or she goes with Helen, Amanda, MC, Andy, Judd, Jessie, GM – who she believes either like her or will reward her loyalty and have the numbers to keep her safe. Whether ANY of them in either group will protect her, she can’t be certain, but the numbers look better in the latter group so she isn’t going to risk going w Howie’s group of 3. Elissa isn’t a consideration cuz she flits between Helen and Canadace and hates Aaryn. Also, neither howie or spencer cared to offer her protection prior to her winning HOH when those in Helen’s group ave been talking to her for a week now. So, I’d say Aaryn IS playing her own game, going with the group that she thinks is best for her to align with.

      • Comments (216)

        “From Aaryn’s point of view” should be a new twitter meme:

        –the couuntry would be better off if Strom Thurmand had won in ’48.
        –the Civil War was a big goverment overreach.
        –Prissy was an accurate historical depiction.
        –Candice and Howard together have 6/5 of a vote.

      • Comments (160)

        I don’t think Aaryn possess intellectual capacity to execute such “witty” sarcastic tweets lol.

      • Comments (160)

        Nvm I totally overlooked the “meme” part lol.

      • Comments (160)

        Now that you put it that way, it does seem that Aaryn will nominate Spencer and Howard or Howard and Candice. Whether Amanda is MVP choice this week won’t matter if all of those three are up. Amanda has the votes to stay. In reality there’s only two (Spencer and Candice) people who would vote her out if it came down to her and Howard.

    • Comments (9)

      I agree totally Aaryn is making a big mistake by playing ball with Helen, she cares for no one but herself at the end of the day. Howard on the other hand is going home because he has no campaign skills to save himself like Spencer does.Aaryn is so afraid of being put up it’s clouding her game she is very competetive and can win POV OR HOH again if she grow balls and stop crying

  6. Comments (1076)

    If Aaryn goes against her word she’s out next week. Why can’t Howie or Spence win something for a change and do their own dirty work. Just like Elisa told Amanda when Amanda was pushing so hard for Elissa to put up Howard (she told Amanda to do her own dirty work). Aaryn was stupid enough to make this deal and now she has to keep it. Blatantly lying to Helen would be Aaryns’ ticket out the door. Howard lied to Helen and she just can’t let it go. Aaryn doesn’t need anymore enemies…..

  7. Comments (682)

    4:21 pm Aaryn says she has to change her pants because “they make me feel like a dike”. Then says sorry to Andy yet repeats herself a minute later saying “bull dike”. SMH
    I was hoping for a big move from the Racist/Bigot in power then watch her go out next week but I guess I’ll be watching her be a puppet to Amanda before getting booted out will have to do for now.

    • Comments (1076)

      How smart can she be if a pair of pants can change her sexual preference? She didn’t say they make her “look” like a dike, she said they make her “feel” like a dike. Maybe if she did feel like a dike once in a while she would be a more compassionate person. Every one is so happy that she lost her job. I am sure there is a spot waiting for the poor persecuted Aaryn at Roger Ailes Fox News. How high can the bar be if Hasselbeck was able to get a job there. If that fails she can get a job tomorrow at the RNC with Reice Priebus.

  8. Comments (68)


  9. Comments (231)

    Aaryan doesn’t stand a chance either way bc she is mcC n Amanda’s target next week anyway according to mcC. That is if he still has a set. Helen is weaving a very tangled web as I wrote earlier and I’m not sure she will get away with it. Her new rumor, using Jess to spread, is that mcC n Amanda need to go but I didn’t hear who was supposed to have said it. Things are going too smooth for Mcmanda —– just saying !!!!

  10. Comments (14)

    If that house does not hurry up and separate Amanda and McCrae they may as well go ahead and make the check out to one of them.

  11. Comments (35)

    When will the 3rd nom picked by America be revealed?

  12. Comments (96)

    Hopefully, Amanda is MVP nominee. If, that’s the case, I think Howard and Spencer still have a fighting chance. I am sure they can convince Candice, Gm, Jessie, Elissa, and maybe Judd to vote for Amanda if they play their cards right. Example- telling everyone that she has mccare and how she has been deciding who gets voted out, etc

  13. Comments (195)

    Oh Judd, Judd, Judd…..how could you let Aaryn wear your special shirt!!!!
    Howie and Spence on the block…hopefully Amanda 3rd nom to make it interesting. Couldn’t care less if it is Amanda or Spence going home as long as it is one of them. Amanda now up in the HOH room bashing Candice like crazy. She is unreal!

  14. Comments (316)

    I want GM to be the 3rd nomination.

  15. Comments (23)

    To be fair,it’s a not good option 4 Aaryn

  16. Comments (65)

    I hope Amanda is the third nominee. I believe she’s gonna create all this drama and have a meltdown! When POV comes around, I hope they save Howard. It doesn’t matter who the replacement is, as long as Howard can convince enough people to get rid of Amanda!

    However, I feel like Amanda isn’t gonna be the nominee no matter how many votes she gets, since she is friends with Grodner and apparently is set up to win. Production always has to interfere in the game and it annoys the heck out of me. Let the people play their game.

    • Comments (1076)

      What’s with all the love for Howard. So far his game stinks. He is a mumbler and a fumbler. He has no social game and certainly has no strategy skills. He’s lucky to still be there. I don’t get it. He even hooked up with the most disliked person in the house, Spencer. Every move he makes is dumber than the one before. He spent this afternoon begging for his life (which Amanda strategically put an end to). WHAT A LOSER. And I don’t care what color he is. If he was orange he would still be a terrible player.

      • Comments (65)

        I agree. Howard isn’t playing a good game, but he isn’t a target. I find him to be a good guy with a lot of morals/values, that’s probably why I want him to stay. Hopefully being on the block will give him a wake up call to start really playing.

      • Comments (1076)

        Just because someone reads the bible and prays all the time doesn’t make them good or kind. Just like when ballplayers start crossing themselves. I find it disrespectful to use god in such a way. Why would God care who wins BB. If Howard gets voted out does it mean that god wasn’t on his side? Ridiculous, turning god into your own little wish machine. Pitiful. Just like in the political arena, let’s leave god out of this. Feeling up Candices’ ass and making alliances with everyone and lying about it all week for all the world to see is not moral or ethical. At least Mcranda doesn’t talk all this religious crap and then feel each other up all day. To quote Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, “I don’t care for religious people, they are always so narrow minded”…that’s all folks, (porky pig)…

      • Comments (160)

        Not to go off tangent but being religious is not synonymous to being narrow minded. I’ve known atheist who are as evangelistic as religious people about the non-existence of god/God.

        I agree that if Howard wants to stay in the game, he needs to step up and play. I think he is trying. Anyway, whatever “sins” he commits in the house is certainly between him and his god/God.

  17. Comments (17)

    Having Howard and Spencer up may be the perfect opportunity for America to do the backdooring… Being a Canadian…I don’t get to vote…but I have faith that you guys south of us did the right thing and voted for AMANDA to GET OUT!!!!!

  18. Comments (1)

    I know there are 9 jurors but at what weeks eviction does jury members start. Is it this coming thurs eviction?

  19. Comments (74)

    When I saw the pic of Amanda and Mccrae I was SHOCKED as I thought Mccrae was one of the girls going topless in the house. I need sleep LOL

    Elissa needs to stop obsessing over Aaryn. Her and Rachel are like sharks they swim around their prey and latch on and don’t let go. I hate grudge holders. Yes Aaryn will be forever disgusting in my eyes but it’s time to play the game. Elissa has her eye on Aaryn for too long she’s not seeing the BIG PICTURE.

    Sometimes I like Amanda because sometimes she makes me laugh but other times I think I would want to put a sedative in her drink. She’s too domineering and in a game like this that can get on people’s nerves. And the mouth smacking is f’n annoying! I think she’s obsessing over Howard but in a different way that makes her game seem a little more on track. Where Elissa is more dramatic.

    I think I like Elissa because she reminds me of a dumb puppy. They are useless but sometimes they do something smart and they become the CUTEST DUMB PUPPY. I think her game play is probably awesome in her head and it comes out all jumbled. And I’m kind of bias because I love yoga LOL I would be awful in BB lol

    Helens “love everybody” attitude will get her evicted. People will think she’ll have no enemies and get the favor of the jury. I think she should cool it with that.

    My eyes always cross when Candice looks directly into the camera.

    I keep seeing Judd winning for some reason.

  20. Comments (74)

    Creepy Spencer in the background of the boob grab shot.

    Creepy Spencer being creepy.

  21. Comments (216)

    Beans, I’ve been thinking this through, and if you want to take the position that Aaryn should have nominated Amanda and McRae, then you need to find her four votes for Amanda assuming the MVP puts GM on the block. I see Howard, Candice, and Spencer. I’m not seeing Jesse or Judd giving the critical fourth vote to Amanda. Maybe she could pull that off (maybe she still can after the veto meeting), but it makes no sense for someone to make a bold move they cannot make stick, and the MVP twist really makes that hard.

    BTW, any chance CBS will do a double elim this week to try and hasten Aaryn’s exit (although I don’t think she’ll be anyone’s target next week–*sigh*)?

    • Comments (1076)

      exactly, it is not a bold move it’s a spit in the sky and it lands in your eye situation. What is the point of shaking up the house if you throw snake eyes?

  22. Comments (83)

    I hope america puts up Amanda, I cant believ e everybody is letting Amanda run the show, if she does get put up, she needs to go.

  23. Comments (1)

    Dislike aaryn, elisa a favorite until she unravelled, time to get rid of amanda…who does she think she is? Squelch that now.

  24. Comments (43)

    When do they announce MVP nominee!?

  25. Comments (126)

    You have to give to Amanda, she is a ‘Player’ including playing Pizza Boy aka (whoever is HOH-Butt -Smoocher with extra toppings) who’s hobbies are comics and video games :), please, Amanda will convince P.B. to a romp at Vegas on that 5k win then dumparooo time.

    Yes I am not happy about Howard and Spencer being put up, where is the courage in this house, where is Evil Dick, who knew how to shake things up.

  26. Comments (143)

    This is the immensely frustrating part of BB. It is like watching the newbies vs veterans all over again. You have someone with more power not understanding their power and being so weak minded. They do not understand that by going with the stronger side they ensure they will lose. Aaryn has zero chance winning running with mccrae and aMANada. Why do BB players make such stupid moves, I can only assume production has a hand in this.

    • Comments (1076)

      she has less of a chance going against them. The votes are not there for her. Doesn’t anyone take math in school anymore? If she’s not in the house she will have no chance at all to win. Take it week by week fellas.

      • Comments (6)

        They could easily get the votes to get Amanda out. Just the other day Helen and someone else said that they have to solve the “Amanda problem” soon. Judd is a sweetheart but he was obviously annoyed with how Amanda treated him during his HOH. At this point only mccrae and Andy would be with her. The votes are there if she’s Americas choice. Once she’s on the block she will lose that control, and these players are getting smarter. If Amanda goes up, it won’t take them long to figure out that Amanda is the biggest threat in the house. So I’m not sure why people are saying they don’t have the votes. My prediction is IF amanda goes on block as america vote Helen Judd elissa Jessie Candice GM would have numbers voting her out. Mccrae is Amanda’s only real ally here. It’s obvious that in a couple weeks they are not all going to vote together. The votes are def there if America puts her up. Amanda isn’t gonna control everyone’s votes forever. That’s going to end sooner or later. Amanda needs to get together a serious alliance with Helen or someone else cuz right now it seems like it’s about to end bad for Amanda. If spencer and Howard survive and win HOH then they are coming after her and it is obvious that everyone except mccrae would turn on her in a second.

      • Comments (7)

        I’m with you 100%. If Amanda gets MVP hopefully someone in the house will actually think proactively. This is a BIG hint that Amanda is running the house & America is saying Wake Up. The only person on your list I’m worried about is Jessie. I can see her switching to the other side only if the numbers are strong. In order to make BB remotely interesting Amanda needs to be challenged. I’m worried, however, because GM was put up 2nd last week. GM? I thought it would be Amanda for sure so who knows how America is voting. If Amanda stays it will be so boring for so long. BB needs to kick it up. Who wants to watch make out sessions all day? They make me squirm just watching them. Last night Amanda kissing McC’s neck while he looks like he’s bored, dreaming of pizzas. ewwww

      • Comments (143)

        In BB you have to take out your enemies at the first chance, you put people on the block and people act different. IE. Nick went on the block and the moving company fell apart. You put Amanda and Mccrae up there or Amanda and Helen and they’d all fall apart and forget Aaryan even put them up there. When you are by yourself by Aaryn it is utterly retarded to think smart players like Amanda or Helen are going to stick to their word.

      • Comments (768)

        You’re exactly right! The piranha won’t care who tossed the meat in the water, they’re just going to get a taste while they have the opportunity. If Aaryn thinks for once second that putting Howard and Spencer up is going to curry any favour with Amanda and Helen, then she is sadly mistaken.

  27. Comments (1076)

    Now that Howards on the block do u think he’ll use that “plan up his sleeve”..LOL..H I L A R I O U S…

  28. Comments (123)

    The Have-Nots food for the week is..Ramen Noodles & Raisins…. 🙂

  29. Comments (682)

    I wonder how Amanda will react if America puts her up as 3rd nominee. She freaked out at the mention of someone putting her up.

    • Comments (1076)

      I spent the evening surfing the net and boy was it an eye opener. I cannot begin to tell u the foul disgusting things that Amanda has been saying. She is worse than Aaryn as far as I am concerned. Aaryn is a kid who never left Texas but Amanda is a Jewish woman who lived in NY and now lives in Boca Raton. Jewish people were slaves, suffered through the diaspora, pogroms, rampant anti-Semitism, inquisitions, and the holocaust. How dare a racist or homophobic word come out of her mouth. Her family was lucky enough to migrate to the United States where Jewish people have actually assimilated into the mainstream, a historical first. She is only a few generations away from ancestors in eastern Europe who lived in makeshift clapboard houses with tin roofs and dirt floors. At the beginning of the 20th century her people were cast out of Russia/Belarus/Ukraine and ended up in Poland and Western Europe, the lucky ones ending up in America. In a few short years the Jews who couldn’t get out of Europe ended up in concentration camps with homosexuals, gypsies and Nazi resisters. 6mil Jews perished at these camps. Did Amandas’ parents forget to teach her any of this? How can anyone with this background ever treat others the way Jews had been treated. Shame on Amanda. I wish I could have my mvp votes back so I could give them all to her. I,as a Jewish person, am deeply offended by her callous stupidity.

      • Comments (6)

        I really want to hear Andy’s opinion when he finally comes out the house. It’s absolutely crazy that these people don’t know that F!G is just as bad as the N word. But they say it to Andy like its nothing and u know it has to hurt him deeply. These houseguests are crazy. It’s 2013 and u don’t know not to say those words on national television?

  30. Comments (1)

    Does anyone know why the flashback system is not working for 7-25? I wanted to see Aaryn get the HOH room.

  31. Comments (1)

    Total unrelated BB side comment.
    Anyone who watched BB Canada will agree, I was really hoping for Marsha the Moose to make an appearance in the house.
    During the premier I noticed a white deer head in own of the bedrooms, so my fingers are still crossed!

  32. Comments (6)

    I’m hoping brenchal army realizes that Amanda is a big threat and votes her in. Last week the hate was all on aaryn and people prob didn’t think about the fact that aaryn would be nominated. So up front America knows aaryn can’t be nominated so maybe America will vote to make game interesting. Because even if Ellissa or GM go up then they prob won’t go home. I don’t think Howard is a strong player but he’s the target, and it’s all about Amanda’s target in this game. The other players are weak. I agree aaryn had no choice on nominations. There is no point of going against the housed unless she is going to backdoor someone. Like it would be perfect move to backdoor Amanda. But if she nominated Amanda and someone saved her with POV then it would be a disaster.

  33. Comments (1)

    Just a question of general consensus, does anyone else in America want Amanda or McCrae to win BB15 other than me?! I love them as a team cause they are great at playing the game, and funny to watch…isn’t that what BB is about anyway? I may be off base here, but I think that they deserve to win if they can get the floaters and game players to do what they want.

  34. Comments (2)

    Please please vote out Amanda……

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