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Big Brother 15 – How Do People Feel About Elissa/Amanda?

September 5, 2013 | 191 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Late night update – A fight has broken out in the Big Brother house between Amanda and GinaMarie!   Turn on the feeds!

Start watching around 9:20pm or so.  A LOT of low blows between the two.  Yeast infections, tramp stamps, etc.  This is ugly

9:30pm – Amanda heads to take McCrae’s hat back (which GM calls Nick’s) and mess with the Nick shrine but can’t find it in the HoH room.  She heads out of the room and starts yelling back at GM.


9:40pm – After a pretty intense standoff, Amanda heads to bed crying while GinaMarie makes fun of her some more.

9:45pm – GinaMarie gives the thumbs up to the camera after the fight.  Spencer and Judd go talk to McCrae and apologize for laughing.  I think people would like the GM vs Amanda thing if GM wasn’t a major douchebag herself.  Spencer thinks America is rooting for him and GM, but America hates them as well as Amanda.  Judd and Elissa are probably the only players in the house who’d get favorable poll results at this point.

9:48pm – Now it’s McCrae’s turn to hear Amanda’s wrath.  She’s giving him a huge lecture for not defending her or saying anything.  If anything, he should have tried to stop them from arguing.

9:51pm – Amanda came out to lecture Andy and Spencer for laughing throughout the argument.  GM and Amanda then start back up, yelling at each other while apologizing.  GM said she apologizes because she knows it’s rough this week.

10:00pm – Things have calmed down, that was pretty intense though.  Perhaps Hurricane Amanda is finally making landfall?  Anyway, I’m off to bed, just had to do this quick update, now for my previous post…


For those wondering why their comments took forever to get approved, I was on the road most of the day and finally got back into my hotel room. Luckily I have some wi-fi here and a TV that is smaller than my computer monitor, but at least I’ll be able to watch the live show tomorrow night.  Speaking of the trip… seriously RT 95, ease up on the tolls.  Between tolls and gas money, I’m going to have to resort to begging for donations again.  I kid, you guys have already given way more than I expected 🙂

Also, thank you for the kind words from my last post. I am crossing my fingers as well…  I don’t like getting into detail, but I will say when something is wrong with the person who raised you and has always been there for you, it makes everything else seem less important.

That said, there is still a season going on, and I’m going to chug my way through it as best I know how… by rambling about random stuff…

Tonight’s topic… how do people feel about this Elissa/Amanda thing?  If you’re a fan of either player, this has to be one of the weirdest things you’ve seen on the show, am I right?  Just a week ago, Amanda was taunting Elissa so hard that she was locked up in the HoH room and Amanda was given a warning.   Now when I pop on the feeds, the two of them are sitting around plotting evil jokes they can play on GinaMarie (hiding Nick’s stuff, etc).

This is like bizarro world type of stuff here.  What’s next, is Aaryn going to become bff’s with Candice in the jury house?  Whether production had their hand in this new alliance or not, it’s really strange to watch those two getting along. I just don’t know how I feel about it.

While very few at this point are rooting for Amanda to win, I wonder if more or less are rooting for either Spencer or GM to win.  Andy’s decision tomorrow almost feels like a pick your poison for the viewer.   Spencer has mentioned numerous times how he thinks the fans are loving this, but I don’t see it.  They may like Amanda leaving, but are people really happy with that potential final 4 situation?

What do you think?  Who would you rather Andy side with to form a final 4?

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