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Big Brother 15 – How Do People Feel About Elissa/Amanda?


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Late night update – A fight has broken out in the Big Brother house between Amanda and GinaMarie!   Turn on the feeds!

Start watching around 9:20pm or so.  A LOT of low blows between the two.  Yeast infections, tramp stamps, etc.  This is ugly

9:30pm – Amanda heads to take McCrae’s hat back (which GM calls Nick’s) and mess with the Nick shrine but can’t find it in the HoH room.  She heads out of the room and starts yelling back at GM.


9:40pm – After a pretty intense standoff, Amanda heads to bed crying while GinaMarie makes fun of her some more.

9:45pm – GinaMarie gives the thumbs up to the camera after the fight.  Spencer and Judd go talk to McCrae and apologize for laughing.  I think people would like the GM vs Amanda thing if GM wasn’t a major douchebag herself.  Spencer thinks America is rooting for him and GM, but America hates them as well as Amanda.  Judd and Elissa are probably the only players in the house who’d get favorable poll results at this point.

9:48pm – Now it’s McCrae’s turn to hear Amanda’s wrath.  She’s giving him a huge lecture for not defending her or saying anything.  If anything, he should have tried to stop them from arguing.

9:51pm – Amanda came out to lecture Andy and Spencer for laughing throughout the argument.  GM and Amanda then start back up, yelling at each other while apologizing.  GM said she apologizes because she knows it’s rough this week.

10:00pm – Things have calmed down, that was pretty intense though.  Perhaps Hurricane Amanda is finally making landfall?  Anyway, I’m off to bed, just had to do this quick update, now for my previous post…


For those wondering why their comments took forever to get approved, I was on the road most of the day and finally got back into my hotel room. Luckily I have some wi-fi here and a TV that is smaller than my computer monitor, but at least I’ll be able to watch the live show tomorrow night.  Speaking of the trip… seriously RT 95, ease up on the tolls.  Between tolls and gas money, I’m going to have to resort to begging for donations again.  I kid, you guys have already given way more than I expected 🙂

Also, thank you for the kind words from my last post. I am crossing my fingers as well…  I don’t like getting into detail, but I will say when something is wrong with the person who raised you and has always been there for you, it makes everything else seem less important.

That said, there is still a season going on, and I’m going to chug my way through it as best I know how… by rambling about random stuff…

Tonight’s topic… how do people feel about this Elissa/Amanda thing?  If you’re a fan of either player, this has to be one of the weirdest things you’ve seen on the show, am I right?  Just a week ago, Amanda was taunting Elissa so hard that she was locked up in the HoH room and Amanda was given a warning.   Now when I pop on the feeds, the two of them are sitting around plotting evil jokes they can play on GinaMarie (hiding Nick’s stuff, etc).

This is like bizarro world type of stuff here.  What’s next, is Aaryn going to become bff’s with Candice in the jury house?  Whether production had their hand in this new alliance or not, it’s really strange to watch those two getting along. I just don’t know how I feel about it.

While very few at this point are rooting for Amanda to win, I wonder if more or less are rooting for either Spencer or GM to win.  Andy’s decision tomorrow almost feels like a pick your poison for the viewer.   Spencer has mentioned numerous times how he thinks the fans are loving this, but I don’t see it.  They may like Amanda leaving, but are people really happy with that potential final 4 situation?

What do you think?  Who would you rather Andy side with to form a final 4?

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    • Comments (378)

      Woohoo GO SPENCE! 😀

    • Comments (357)

      Congrats Tom….now on to the game! BBAD was bananas! All I can say is….I can’t …LOL….I can’t believe how “RAW” GM was on Amanda. You picked the wrong one to mess with Amanda! Amandas low blows didn’t even phase GM. What a shame she said/says racist comments. If she went the other route and stood up against that? She would be a fan fav right now! I wonder how hard it was for the boys to keep a straight face during that? Comical!!!

      • Comments (357)

        GM….ONE, Amanda….ZERO!

      • Comments (4411)

        Nqb, I was sitting here screaming with laughter during that fight. And if you looked closely, the only one keeping a straight face was McScummy. He looked like he was ready to cry. He was scared to say squat. RatBoy was smirking, Dudd was laughing into his hat. It was priceless! I can’t stand either of those “women”, but I had to give it to GutterMouth, she held her own QUITE well. Enough to send Scumanda scurrying to her room in tears..I LOVED IT! I was kinda pissed when Dudd got between them. I wanted to see how far it would go.

      • Comments (124)

        Perhaps Amanda thought she could push GMs buttons and GM would lose it and hit her, getting ejected from the game. Amanda would have loved taking her out that way before she goes.

      • Comments (624)

        Even though GM has said some messed up things during the game, it was nice to see someone successfully ripping a new one on Amanda for a change.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree with all of you! I’m sorry, GM is not my favorite, but that sh*t was funny! Best BBAD to date!!!!!

      • Comments (226)

        Who started it?

      • Comments (624)

        Without even knowing for sure the answer, I bet it’s safe to say Amanda came into the room with the usual chip on her shoulder.

      • Comments (28)

        The GM/Amanda fight was brutal – almost embarrassing to watch. I think GM is ignorant and crude, but maybe is a good person who just wasn’t taught how to conduct herself properly in life. Amanda, on the other hand is a mess of mental illness, control issues, and a just plain old bitchy personality.
        BB needs to screen their contestants better – they should never have been in the house.
        And they way Amanda treated McCrae after was soooo weird. She would berate him, and then when he finally started to chastise her she cracked an odd smile and tried to cuddle up to him…it was creepy.

    • Comments (3)

      This year production made a really big mistake. No two people go from hating each other to besties unless they’ve been acting all summer, which is what I believe most have been doing. Elissa had a good chance of continuing for a longer period — she would no way throw that away on purpose. I am crushed. This is something I always suspected but until now could not be sure. There is nothing real about this show; a handful of contestants agree to be led around on a leash by production who is telling them how to act and when. Open your eyes folks. How disappointing.

      • Comments (28)

        Yeah, it is pretty sad. I have been watching for years and never suspected all of this “fixing” until this year.
        Love the show, but will never enjoy it like I used to…

  1. Comments (41)

    Someone else posted it but I’d love to see Judd and Elissa vote for Amanda, Spencer the disgusting slob is gone, Andy is exposed then Judd win HOH, put up Mcranda and Amanda goes in 30 mins with no time to torture houseguests or us!! Leaving us McCrae, Elissa, Judd, GM and hopefully Andy goes next!!

    • Comments (12)

      I said the same about the house should have evicted Amanda during the first DE and for the same reason. She has been nothing more than a crazy, slanderous bat. As for strategy, Elissa’s move could be seen as really smart or really dumb. Because she is so hard to read, I can’t come to a definitive answer.

      It is my hope that she figured out the alliance with GM and Judd wasn’t going to work mostly due to Judd trusting Andy the Rat when she and Helen constantly told him (i.e. Judd) that he (i.e. Andy) could not be trusted. Because Elissa knows that Andy is such a darn rat by playing both sides of the house, she should be thinking about the alternative results. In other words, it is not guaranteed that Amanda will stay or that McCrae will win the next HOH. However, she is probably leaning more towards Andy staying committed to Amanda and Amanda. So, Elissa is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. This all makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t really like anyone at this point.

      I hope BB does a better casting job next year. If we have to go through another mess like BB15, I will not be enthused. BB15 has been an example of the absolute worst of people. Prior seasons have had some level of inappropriateness, but not like this. It goes on DAILY.

      I’d rather see a BB16 All-Stars or Good vs. Evil season.

      • Comments (13)

        The first season with Evil Dick and Danielle was the worst. They were so horrendous and they kept winning. At least BB15 has given me the satisfaction of seeing the a-holes leave the house. I love watching these cocky pricks get humbled! #Jeremy #Aaryn #Kaitlyn

      • Comments (30)

        Correct. Seeing them leave as well as humbled was satisfying. I don’t know if it’s possible for Amanda to be humble though or Gina Marie.

    • Comments (19)

      To have a favorite is one thing, to have dislikes is another, but to call someone a disgusting slob when you don’t even know then is another thing. That goes to show your intelligence, not a person I would call a friend

  2. Comments (1)

    My cousin is McCrae. I’m not biased based on that. But I think I’d like to see McCrae, Elissa and Judd as the final three. I think Amanda has tainted McCrae’s game and he will be better off without her. Our family is hoping she goes. In my personal opinion, Amanda is NOT his type and he’s just had a summer fling.

  3. Comments (8)

    I am looking forward to
    Amenda staying in the game.

    • Comments (207)

      I cant make my mind up deborah! I think Amanda may be good for Elissas game but i really don’t like Amanda! I look at the tv when they show her i cant stand it. So i am just gonna wait and see what happens.

      • Comments (74)

        I would like to think that, but Amanda has already talked of back-stabbing her right away. I simply want Amanda out. I just do not like her at all. I’m rooting for Elissa to give the others a run for their money, but as long as it’s not Amanda, I don’t think I care who wins at this point. Although, I may never watch BB again if it ends up being Spencer. Please… just not Spencer!!! Or GM after her kiddo comments…. that was ugly!!

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao it mist be so hard on you walking thru life being so fragile and sensitive. ..u victims make me laff 😀 jus sayn

  4. Comments (1288)

    GM as the surviving competition beast should be looked at as the biggest threat going forward, Andy sticking with 2AM and Elissa would have the best chance of exorcising the house of her malevolent presence. Even if she won veto to stay she would be more after McCranda and Elissa than Andy. Thursday should see Spencer gone and GM/Judd up in the second eviction. Andy has admitted he knows this, let’s hope his brain overrides his emotions.

    BB players should never name their alliance until they have at least notched one target. The Exterminators have gotten very far ahead of themselves with their chest beating and other mutual group mental masturbation celebrating their greatness. Look how that turned out for The Moving Company.

  5. Comments (9)

    Well imo Elissa would be smart to take Amanda to the final two, I don’t think she’d even get one vote to win even though she’d get second place…I wouldn’t mind seeing Judd win the whole thing myself or Mccrae…heck GM has won 2 HOH’s so I’d rather her win before I’d like seeing either spencer or andy go to the end….

  6. Comments (1)

    Elissa is HOT while Amanda is NOT!! Go Elissa!!

    • Comments (378)

      Lmao Elissa looks like a post-op transvestite 😛 jus sayn

      • Comments (378)

        …come to think of it…so does her sis 😀 butterrrrrrrr lol

      • Comments (624)

        Her sister I didn’t care much for, but Elissa is hot with an athletic body.

      • Comments (28)

        Website w/Elissa post plastic surgery… post
        I thought she was at least 35 – turns out she’s only 27. yikes…
        Trying a little too hard to look like her sister – she actually was cute before all of the the plastic and botox.
        What a shame.

      • Comments (624)

        Well, either way, she’s one of the few that looks good before and after. As far as the face goes, maybe some lip injections but I can’t tell if she has had botox or not. Hopefully not….people age so weirdly after they get their face shot up with that stuff.

      • Comments (28)

        I just find it sad that anyone that young w/o an obvious cosmetic flaw would find it necessary to waste money on a ton of plastic and botox. I think she was cute before and now the plastic looks pretty obvious. Are her lips frozen into that weird pout?? Not a very good doctor.

      • Comments (55)

        I think they are who they are because of their Mom. Did anyone watch Rachael’s wedding on tv?
        Her Mom was right out there like it was all about her.

    • Comments (36)

      Who cares if she’s hot or not?????? Can she play the game? That’s the question and the answer is, not very well. She’s there by luck and the popularity of her sibling. Hot. Tsk.

      • Comments (233)

        Papi is a good person but just has to discuss a girl’s hot-ness or not-ness every now and then. lol

      • Comments (624)

        Well I am a dirty old man…lol

      • Comments (28)

        I tried for so long not to believe all of the conspiracies about CBS fixing the outcome of the show – sadly I now believe them.
        Strange that both Amanda and Elissa just happened to pull out their first VETO victories when their lives were on the line. But when Elissa teamed up with Amanda after a DR session, I knew the fix was in. She was anti-Amanda going into the DR, and even laughed about Amanda’s proposition with the other HG’s. Within MINUTES of coming out she had changed her mind an was promising undying loyalty to Amanda, her arch enemy. WTF was that??
        Also, CBS provided the Brenchel Army with links to BB blog sites(including this one probably) so they could put the links out there and give the marching orders to their “fans.” At the start of the season the word was out to support and defend Elissa in public media. Pretty sure none of the other houseguests had that advantage going into the game.

      • Comments (1162)

        “Also, CBS provided the Brenchel Army with links to BB blog sites, (including
        this one probably) …………………..”

        While I agree with you regarding the appearance of Production influencing/fostering
        the agreement between Amanda and Elissa, your comment about CBS is
        just too funny.
        ANYONE can Google and find Big Brother Blog Links – which is how I found
        Steve’s blog.

        There may be Rachel Fans but I doubt there are enough to
        make an Army. lol
        However, if there is a Brenchel “Army,” I’m not a member and never have been.
        When BB15 began I was not happy Elissa was a HG. Have I changed my
        opinion? Yes. Given the selection of HGs, I think she is one of the most
        likable there and I appreciate her steadfastness regarding morals.

        I’ve never liked BB when the show mixes up the HGs with newbies and
        previous HGs, or having someone like Elissa, in the same Game.
        IMO, the show should be former HGs only or only Newbies.

        As someone posted the other day, the FCC classifies BB as Entertainment,
        which allows Production to influence the HGs and the Game.
        It doesn’t allow them to fix comps & results.
        Anyway, IMO, the FCC classification for BB should be the disclaimer
        CBS/BB shows before each episode.

      • Comments (28)

        What exactly is your deal with me?? I get that we don’t agree on the game, but what’s up w/the insults?? According to you I am “jealous of Elissa,” my “moral compass is in disrepair,” I “need help,” I should “get a grip(that was your ‘excellent suggestion’), and you repeated tat I should “take my meds.” Then yesterday you accused me of “still grumbling” and yet here you are today, laughing and belittling my comments. I am just reporting what I am reading on other social media. I am not enthralling you with my personal life, belittling others on this site, or attacking you. I am stating my opinions, same as you.
        I get that you love Elissa – I don’t. Can’t we have differing opinions here without it getting personal?
        And you did say that CBS can “influence the Game.” To me that means they can fix the comps.

      • Comments (1162)

        WTH is wrong with you?

        I agreed with one of your points but found your reasoning
        that CBS would provide the “Brenchel Armyt” with a list of
        BB Blgos to be ridiculous because it is RIDICULOUS!

        Anyone can look online for links to the numerous BB Blogs.

        Regarding the FCC ruling – Look it up and read it. Google!!

        I may or may not respond to your comments.
        Nothing I wrote is personal. Get A Grip!

      • Comments (86)

        every reality show is classified as entertainment. This is nothing new.

      • Comments (86)

        She has nothing else to do with her life.

      • Comments (30)

        If you really think it is fixed, then stop watching. Simple

  7. Comments (124)

    First I’d like to wish you the best outcome for whatever you and your family are going through. We appreciate all you do on this site.
    As regards to the game … Amanda used to be my pick, then she lost her mind and my support with it, but I have to admit she has been the one really playing the game. I’d rally around Judd but he’s done nothing much so far. This may be the first time I really don’t care who wins.

  8. Comments (29)

    The way Andy, Spencer and Judd were smack talking about Elissa last night around 1am, it seemed pretty convincing that he REALLY hates Elissa. I don’t see him working with her ever again.

    • Comments (49)

      Really? Three days ago did you ever think Amanda would be working with Elissa? This is Big Brother…of course, if needed, any of them will work with Elissa.

    • Comments (624)

      Andy’s so wishy washy, he’d flip in a millisecond.

      • Comments (226)

        But he hasn’t yet…. Which I find interesting. I think Amanda is on to the exterminators but seems to need McCrae to agree with her about it.

      • Comments (624)

        He’s probably still dizzy from the recent POV competition he so predictabally (sp?) tanked. Like he always does…heaven forbid he ever makes his own decisions in the house.

  9. Comments (41)

    Steve…..I have to admit that I have been proud to be a BB fan, watching every season, hooked on all the feeds, all the blogs,recording all the shows and totally in love with all the strategy. I had stayed pretty much a non emotional fan until this season. I have loved and hated the entire season……not able to actually root for just one HG. I have complained more about production this year more than ever, but I also feel more emotionally and stratically drained. This evening I took a few hours off and spent it with one of my five grandbabies at the movies……just came home and watched tonights production. Tonight I have to give kudos to production…..they sucked me in and I have never cried this much during any of my seasons, shows or any even movie as I did tonight. Show went off and I was stilling crying…..what did BB do to me this season…..did I really get attached to the players with the same love/hate relationship…? Truthfully I know more about these players than any other season, is that it…?

    • Comments (41)

      Sorry meant strategically…

      Also I would kinda like Andy to stay with his origninal alliance Am n MC, at least he could say he did it all for alliance. But I also was hoping Judd would stay true to his original alliance as well, just to prove he wasnt flipping before the evict. I think Am n MC really did fall for each other even though neither wanted a showmance from the start. I still really hate for floaters or family members to win a show like this and would rather someone that was a player from day one win instead……just the BB fan in me.

    • Comments (286)

      Cheer up just remember the sight of Spencer Twerking at the beginning of the Veto comp.LOL

  10. Comments (2)

    Who is Judd so mad at? He is fipping the cameras off. Is it because he thinks production told Elissa to join with Amanda? I don’t get the feeds so I am a little lost with just BB After Dark.

    • Comments (226)

      Been wondering that too-he’s also been quite a potty mouth today when he’s typically being more civilized. Gotta be production, huh? Superfan found out how the game really worlds maybe?

    • Comments (302)

      Yes Julie that does appear to be the case with Judd. He just keeps muttering how weak minded Elissa is because he’s convinced she changed her mind towards Amanda after coming out of the Diary Room. Then today Judd came out of the DR all pissed off. So he obviously thinks he’s sending a bold message to Production with his flipping off the cameras.

    • Comments (29)

      When I was watching the live feed last night, people were saying he let slip he’s mad at production because he thinks they are coaching Elissa. Also, today at like 7est he implied it while laying in GMs bed.

      • Comments (124)

        Try as I might, I can not understand anything that boy says. I turn the volume up really high when I see he’s on hoping to catch a phrase or two, but I haven’t been able to figure out what he says at all. Maybe that’s his strategy…can’t blame anything on him because you don’t know what he’s saying.

      • Comments (29)

        I wish they had subtitles for Judd!

    • Comments (18)

      Poor Judd. Can you imagine being a huge fan of BB, applying and actually getting into the house and then realizing that this “game” is really not a game but an entertainment show and that production has so much influence on the outcome??

      If I were Judd I’d be PISSED too. It’s like seeing the wizard behind the curtain.

      And if it was me I’d feel I just wasted my whole summer stuck in a house with a bunch of nuts for nothing (if the show is all rigged)

      • Comments (7)

        Or wasted my whole summer watching this crap. This is not what BB is…. production should say NOTHING to these people except safety-related info and general directions on keeping the house clean and safe. They’re in there to play THEIR game, not production’s game.

      • Comments (226)

        Totally get that Greg-but Bug Brother as it was in 1984 can be defined as (per wiki) “any omnipresent figurehead representing oppressive control.” if we look at it that way, why can’t BB/the producers influence the game?

        I’d rather see it all play out naturally, too with no one throwing comps and everyone trying to win everything but this is a tv program, nothing more.

      • Comments (55)

        The show being rigged is how he got back on it.

      • Comments (86)

        Have you never watched a season of the show? Production has always influenced the outcome with the Diary Room or which comp is which week.

    • Comments (1)

      I think he’s out of cigarettes…..

  11. Comments (768)

    What ever happened to the Elissa, GM, and Judd alliance? Did it just kind of quietly dissolve?

    • Comments (302)

      Every time Elissa told Judd that Andy was not to be trusted he disagreed with her. Then Judd started acting weird around Elissa and I think that was the springboard for the “Exterminators”. I hate Andy but one thing he does that’s smart … stays up late with everyone. McCranda are in bed 70% of the time and Elissa stays to herself way too much. That’s just an invitation for the rest of them to bond without you.

      • Comments (1076)

        Bingo my friend. You hit the little birdie and you win a little prize!

      • Comments (74)

        True. But, I wouldn’t want to hang out with em either. You get more than two of em in a group, and they all seem to turn into trolls… I don’t like ‘fake’, but I don’t like ‘mean’ either. I miss Jordan…

    • Comments (1276)

      I liked that alliance, but I think GM made the old stupid girl move and decided that she had a better shot at winning with boys (ei. Brittany H, bad move). She Should have stayed with Judd and Elissa.

      • Comments (6)

        I can’t understand why everyone hates Elissa so much. Of all the people in the house I think she has been the least mean to everyone. Maybe she comes off a little stuck up but I don’t get why last night on after dark they were just going to town bashing her and talking about her child. I have watched every season of this show and have to say that the people they chose this year are absolutely the cruelest and immoral group ever. I especially don’t want to see Andy win. He is the ultimate floater with absolutely no loyalty to anyone. He lies, stabs his friends in the back, and still everyone seems to trust him. He always manages to come out looking innocent and everyone lets him get away with this by covering for him.

    • Comments (87)

      Something keeps telling me that Judd and Elissa are still working together..he says a lot about her in the company of the others, but when they are together he is very nice to her and seems genuinely concerned for her…if they still are, they are doing it the right way- completely under the radar.
      And yea..Judd definitely seems to be pissed at BB Production peeps.. he told Elissa to be careful when she drinks because he thinks she says things that may get her in trouble

      • Comments (4411)

        Carrie, I believe you are right about them secretly working together. Early this morning, he pulled Elissa into the hallway and asked her if she was alright and did he do a good job. She said yes, she was just a little scared because no one had ever talked to her that way before (he told her to stfu). He said he had to make it convincing. Then they both left the area. Soooo, maybe ole Dudd and Elissa aren’t turning to the dark side after all.

  12. Comments (226)

    I have to admit, I’m kinda hoping Elissa’s flip works and Spencer is evicted tomorrow and the most important thing: Andy exposed. While Andy’s game play has been good, the barrage of c-word calling and Elissa and Amanda bashing has cancelled out any desire for me to see him go any further.

    I don’t see it happening by any means unless Andy or Judd flip but I think it would lead to a much more exciting next two weeks!

  13. Comments (302)

    Answering the poll question … who would I like in the final four with Andy? Answer: I DON’T WANT ANDY IN FINAL FOUR!!! Watching tonight’s show really convinced me that I don’t like anyone in the house. But my dislike for Andy runs deep.
    Maybe it’s because Rat finks, stoolies, snitches don’t conjure much of the ideal of heroism or courage. Certainly not Andy who boldly bad mouths Gina Marie, Amanda & Elissa when they’re not in the room but kisses their ass when they’re in his presence. At least Judd challenges some of the cruelty spoken by the Exterminators(although he joins in too)but Andy even quietly sits when gay bashing is going on. I realize this is a game … but speaking up for your morals isn’t likely to cost you votes in the end. That’s why I don’t think much of Andy’s character and I can’t stand the thought of him winning this season.

  14. Comments (1)

    I think they should kick all of them off and split the money between the first 4 that left. All the remaining players are disgusting

  15. Comments (23)

    I don’t believe Andy is playing both sides of the house out of pure “strategy.” I think he’s wishy-washy and afraid of conflict and that’s why he’s ended up in this precarious position. I hope it bites him in the ass in the end and he’s not rewarded for being a sneaky rat. Sometimes the sneaky-rat thing is considered good “game play,” but in Andy’s case, I don’t think he’s planning his moves with forethought; I think he’s constantly running trying to cover his ass and make excuses for his behavior. He acts babyish and so I think the other houseguests end up going easy on him.

    I hope Andy goes to jury tomorrow and Julie nails him with great questions in his interview!

    • Comments (302)

      I agree bbairlines. Andy acts like he’s made big moves but all he’s done is be a follower. Hid in the shadow of Helen & McCranda for most of the game, now that the odd’s have changed he jumps ship when others suggest “The Exterminators”. His act has gotten real old.

    • Comments (7)


    • Comments (1)

      For sure! Andy may be one of the biggest backstabbers in BB history but he’s going to be SHOCKED when he finds out! He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s just running week to week.

    • Comments (36)

      I think Andy would never have abandoned his original alliance if he hadn’t been so freaked out by Zingbot. He started angsting immediately about how America might be viewing him. Denying he was just a floater. That is true but not for the reason he thinks. Wonder how he’ll take it when he realizes we see him as one of the biggest rats to ever play the game.

  16. Comments (1276)

    I wish the Exterminators were actually Spencer, Judd, GM and Elissa, not Andy. I don’t even want to see GM in the final 2 (I may like her more now than I did, but I won’t forget the things she said earlier in the game, she’s as bad if not worse than Aaryn, and not that far behind Amanda) I just don’t want to see Amanda there more.
    My dream scenario would be Judd and Elissa in the finals. Or if Amanda lets McRae borrow his balls and spine for the rest of the game, and he starts acting like a player and not a stuffed animal that lays in bed while others are idk, doing anything but laying around, I’d like to see him and Judd there. Just as long as Amanda is gone, I think we’ll almost all start rooting for McRae again, but like GM said to Spencer that night “Amanda will ruin him”, she needs to go before I can give him any props.

    • Comments (7)

      Gm is much worse. she made fun of Candice for being adopted. said her real mother didn’t want her. Put all the fried rice comments aside, that is REAL!!

      • Comments (624)

        I didn’t think the fried rice thing was all that horribly offensive (folks need thicker skin), but the adopted cracks at Candice were some disgustingly cheap shots.

      • Comments (7)

        Yes it was a really awful thing GM said about Candice real mom not wanting her. Any child who has been given up for adoption at one time or another feels like they must have not been want by their mom. But then to have someone slap you in the face with such hard words. My heart really hurt for her, I could feel the pain myself that those would could produce. Just terrible.

  17. Comments (1162)

    Best regards to you and your family.

    You asked how we feel about the Amanda/Elissa thing ……. I was floored when it began,
    however after thinking about it, Elissa had no other possible alliances left to choose from
    so I’m on board and hope it works.
    It definitely would have worked if Rat Andy hadn’t been included, but since he knows
    and has told the Exterminator Crew, things aren’t looking very good.

    IF Judd wasn’t in such a foul mood and was truly thinking about his own survival
    in the Game, he might have given consideration to joining Elissa and McCranda,
    in a SECRET ALLIANCE. That is assuming Judd could contain himself and not run,
    willy-nilly, to Andy or Spencer and ask them their opinions. lol
    Andy and Spencer will never voluntarily take Judd to the Finale because Judd
    would likely beat them. Why can’t Judd see that?

    BTW – Judd’s nastiness has accelerated to where he might be losing BB Fans
    instead of winning them.
    Can’t figure him out –
    He says he is a BB Super Fan and yet he is muddling through the Game and practically
    needs hand-holding just to get through the day.
    Hopefully he will get himself together before it is too late.

    My Choice for F2 – at this time – Judd & Elissa, with Judd winning the Game.

  18. Comments (13)

    I sincerely hope that Amanda goes to jury tomorrow. While I dispise some of the things that Spencer has said he deserves to stay over her. If she does stay, I more than likely wont continue to watch the season. At this point i’m rooting for either Elissa or Judd to win. Hope she goes!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      BB15 has been an exhausting and disappointing run of BB, however
      you can’t leave now. Don’t Go!!
      We’re so close to the end and, if Amanda stays in the BBH,
      Judd and Elissa Fans need you here cheering them on during the final days.

  19. Comments (1076)

    @stevebeans – I was hoping that you were absent because you were enjoying the Jewish new year. Sorry to hear one of your parents are not well. I wish them and you the very best.
    Now, how do I feel about Elissa/Amanda? Not much. This is not the conditions that we should judge people under.

  20. Comments (1)

    Everyone is mean and nasty…I like Amanda bc she’s an open book bitchyor not.. at least she’s hiney…lol

  21. Comments (29)

    Oh mannnnn, trouble in Mccranda paradise!!!!

  22. Comments (1)

    I have to vent! I can’t stand to watch Amanda’s smart mouth anymore. I can’t stand how she talks, I can’t stand how her mouth moves, I can’t stand her loud mouth. She is a “special” kind of crazy. If McRae truly loves her he deserves her, no one else will touch her with 5 ft pole after this show. I had to turn off after dark because I can not stand Amanda! I would have been kicked off for punching her in the face!

  23. Comments (2)

    It really feels unnatural to see Amanda and Elissa working together. For Elissa, it’s mostly because I still get the feeling she doesn’t want to be here, despite the fact that she’s been a lot more present in the last few weeks.I don’t really understand her motivation at all. Elissa has made it pretty clear over the season that she doesn’t like these people or enjoy being here, so why would she want to stay? It comes off as fake to me because of that.Amanda’s desperation seems more genuine, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s become a bit predictable. I don’t see many surprises left if she stays in power, and for that reason, I’d like her to go.

  24. Comments (2)

    It really feels unnatural to see Amanda and Elissa working together. For Elissa, it’s mostly because I still get the feeling she doesn’t want to be here, despite the fact that she’s been a lot more present in the last few weeks.

    I don’t really understand her motivation at all. Elissa has made it pretty clear over the season that she doesn’t like these people or enjoy being here, so why would she want to stay? It comes off as fake to me because of that.

    Amanda’s desperation seems more genuine, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s become a bit predictable. I don’t see many surprises left if she stays in power, and for that reason, I’d like her to go.

    • Comments (8)

      She stays for the $$$$$$$$$$$

      • Comments (28)

        I think it’s more about proving something to her sister. Can’t stand that Rachel has more fame.

      • Comments (28)

        Elissa had said many times on the show at she doesn’t care about/isn’t interested in the money.

      • Comments (1162)

        Yes, she has said that but, being this close to the end of the game,
        I’m sure winning $500,000 has become her main focus.
        She’s mentioned wanting to open a Yoga Studio and this
        exposure on BB will likely help her. BB $$$$ would, too.

        BTW – Amanda has, also, said she wasn’t on BB for the money.

        Fame and/or Fortune or Both –
        probably applies to every HGs ever on BB.
        However, by the time the Finale is within reach – Fortune
        takes over everyone of them.

      • Comments (28)

        I think I have a stalker.
        How do you know so much about her and be so “sure” what she is thinking??
        And what does Amanda have to do with it??
        Just can’t state an opinion around here about “her majesty”, Elissa w/o getting being told I am wrong…oh well, I try.

      • Comments (1162)

        Get A Grip!
        I disagree with you. Big Deal!
        Lots of Posters here do not agree with me or
        with you regarding our comments.

        “What does Amanda have to do with it?”
        I simply pointed out something you may not
        have known – that Amanda has said the same
        thing as Elissa regarding the money.

  25. Comments (103)

    I hope Spenser goes home and here is why. GM made a very dumb move putting him up. He was a solid vote as part of her alliance. Elissa was the wild card and not in an alliance, she should have been put up. Now with Elissa teamed up with Macranda they just need one more vote to keep Amanda. GM fracked up!

  26. Comments (1)

    The fight with GM and Amanda was so disgusting, I am NOT an Amanda fan at the least bit at all but I felt for her during the fight. I thought McNasty needed to stand up and say that is enough. Then Ratandy sitting there laughing at it, too much!!!!! What asswipes!!!!!!! I am disgusted with this crew!!!!! I want RatAndy out next then GM, grossssss behavior cannot be rewarded!!!!

  27. Comments (16)

    Okay I am going to brace myself for the thumbs down and possible negative comments but here we go. Personal attacks aside both Andy and Amanda have played the game, maybe not a good game in Amanda’s case, as she certainly hasn’t done herself much good in the way of earning votes from the jury, but she did dominate the house for the majority of the season. She went off track when she got out most of the people she wanted gone and began turning on the people she had previously been alligned with, a move she made a little too soon in my opinion. Then there is 00Andy, yes he has played both sides but he’s done it in a smart way in order to further his game while creating the least amount of enimies as possible. He stayed in almost everyones good graces while being true to McCranda until they lost power. The other side of the house, minus Elissa, was more than happy to welcome him into their ranks yet has still remained on good terms with McCranda. This is evident in the fact that he has not had the wrath of Amanda brought down on him. If the jury takes a step back and views it as a game instead of on a personal level I think that Andy could take the win.

    • Comments (4411)

      Well actually, Andy did feel the “Wrath of Khan” tonite/morning. On BBAD (Thurs. about 12:30am EST), a fight broke out between GutterMouth and Scumanda (and it was a DOOZY I might add). After the fight, Scumanda came down on first McScuzzy for not backing her up, then Andy for laughing. Of course she felt that GutterMouth was attacking her cruely and no one was “helping” her (Scumanda). RatBoy looked like he was about to cry. He really wasn’t sure what to say to her. She then turned her wrath back on McScuzzy, stating that he didn’t even try to defend her to the guys and they were all (him included), in the next room laughing at her. Damn fight got so good (or bad) that they had to cut to a commercial because Scumanda and Guttermouth were in each others faces, chest to chest and Dudd had to get in between them to break them up (funny, Mcscuzzy NEVER moved out of his chair to back them up).

      AND to make matters worse (well, not for me), when the McScuzzies were back in their room, after the fight, when she was ripping him a new one about if he loved her, he would have taken up for her, he told her then why didn’t she shut up. He was clearly pissed with her and for the first time, it came through loud and clear. They argued for a while until someone came into the room.

      I’ve got to give it to GutterMouth, she might be short but she’s scrappy as hell. She gives a good as she gets (a few times tonight, she gave better….still don’t like her worth a damn though). Scumanda tried to be clever and use Elissa’s tactics and kept hurling insults at GutterMouth, while smiling at her. GutterMouth wasn’t having it. She countered with calling Scumanda a “Who’er” with a tramp stamp that looked like she had rubbed it against a wall. Told her (Scumanda) that she whines all the time “boo hoo hoo, I drive an Audi but I don’t have $300 to have my tattoo removed.” Told her she was only using McScuzzy because if he wins, she will try to take his money. Of course Scumanda didn’t appreciate that one bit so she countered that GutterMouth had a bulimic disorder so bad that she had to see the show’s psychiatrist 7 times. GutterMouth said it was only once as did all the houseguest and that at least she’s not on 7 medications that make her crazy. She said Scumanda had so many personalities, she didn’t know which one she was talking to now. Scumanda said, at least she wasn’t delusional about a guy (Nick) that came into the house and not only didn’t want anything to do with her, but wanted her to go home. Now you just KNOW that was going to cause an explosion. GutterMouth told her “no, you just came into the house and slept with the first guy that would have you”, and told her about her coming into the house after just being pregnant by who knows. Scumanda says “well, at least I’ve had a boyfriend for the past 2 months. GutterMouth says “he’s the only one who would have you, you’re nasty and you’re ugly”. Scumanda asked GutterMouth “how are your clit rings”? GutterMouth asked Scumanda “how is your yeast infection”? All the while, Dudd sitting there with a smirk on his face and sometimes covering his face so you can’t see him laughing; RatBoy trying to keep Scumanda from seeing him smile; and McScummy looking like he wanted to cry; Elissa was taking a nap.

      Anywhooo….it went on for a while until they cut to commercial. When they came back, the McScummies were in the bedroom with Scumanda crying and saying that GutterMouth was disgusting (there goes that word again, I swear they all use it in vain) for calling her ugly and saying all those mean things to her…..Can anyone tell how much I enjoyed this?

      • Comments (357)

        well said N2Wishun! (0-:

      • Comments (624)

        WOW! Good play-by-play, thanks for posting. I definitely give that round to GM. Both can have a nasty side to them, but I prefer GM waaaaaay more than Amanda. (lesser of 2 evils)

      • Comments (55)

        I liked GM over Amanda before I read how GM spoke about Elissa’s eight year old son. You can google it GinaMarie Zimmerman talks about Elissa’s son. Disgusting person.

      • Comments (55)

        my replies aren’t going under the post they are referring to.

      • Comments (2)

        OMG! Thank you for the recap.. I’m in tears. This was hilarious and I missed it!

    • Comments (401)

      Tamara, I agree.

  28. Comments (32)

    Is it me or is Elissa stuffing her face with food every time I watch the BB after dark. She seems to have fallen prey to the numerous people who go into the house looking good and coming out weighing at least 10-20 pounds more. Her favorite late night snack seems to be tortilla chips with some sort of dip. I thought she was the healthy one.

  29. Comments (7)

    I like the high impact players so right now I want GM and Andy to go up next. I would also like Spencer to go home tonight instead of Andy. Let 7 times on the block be his big thing…and end it there. GM is crude, Andy is a nasty rat. Let it come down to Judd, McCray, Amanda, and Elissa to final 4. I think that would result in the best results for the network. I hope production reads this and makes it happen!!!!!!

  30. Comments (8)

    Elissa does not see herself as better than the others, just more mature. Although the prissyness annoys me, she isn’t lazy and she wins when she has to. Aligning with Amanda and McCrae is her only hope of Final 4 ans she knows it… Smart girl!! Spencer is a horrible game player. Andy is a rat, but he is not in the jury house so I guess it is working huh? GM is not smart… If she were she would know Nick never liked her and 2nd she would have put up Elissa as McCraes replacement. Judd has not played a lot of game, but he is the most real and likable player… Being nice and not pissing everyone off is a strategy. McCranda is gross ( Elissa line ) but McCrae hasn’t done crap game wise. Amanda… Bi polar but has got her way 90% of the season..,., that is good game pay. ( Hurts to say that!!!)
    Amanda out…. Elissa HOH… Andy out…. McCrae HOH…. GM out.., Elissa HOH …. Spencer out Judd mcCrae and Elissa final 3, Judd and Elissa final 2. Judd wins… America’s player is Howard $50Kk…. Watch and see!!!!

  31. Comments (6)

    I totally predicted how Amanda was going to reacct post fight….she will blame McCrae for not sticking up for her and she will play the victim who was attacked. She was tic for tac with GM on the insults, so I have no pity for her.

    • Comments (26)

      Loved the argument between manduh and GM. It was so funny. I knew she would be mad at mccrae but really did she expect him to stop biting his nails and saying yup in his head to defend her. Priceless that she is saying someone is being mean. REALLY. Manduh is a bully.
      Did you see the cut or sore on manduhs hand and she was handling the food.
      I must say this is the NATIEST houseguest EVER.
      Get rid of the RAT and the redhead CAT that really likes the RAT.
      Come out of the closest SPENCER

    • Comments (4411)

      BigCat: Even though I can’t stand either one of them, I have to give it to GutterMouth on this one. Even though Scumanda was smiling while she was insulting her, GutterMouth clearly got to her (i.e., after the fight, Scumanda scampered to her room and started crying and blaming just about everyone in the house for GutterMouth being mean to her, while GutterMouth was int the other room still making fun of her). What tickled me was when Scumanda accused GutterMouth of making up lies about her, GutterMouth countered with “Wha! I’m telling the truth. I’m not making up lies, I’m just repeating everything that YOU already told everyone in the house”. Was kinda hard to come back after that one.

    • Comments (624)

      When it comes to Amanda, it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

  32. Comments (610)

    How about we nominate the FISH as America’s Favorite Player? We see just as much of them as we do the HG, right?! (sarcasm) Don’t they (the fish) look like they’re trying to escape from all the drama, especially after Amanda & GM’s fight tonight?!

  33. Comments (1)

    Just watched the blowout between Amanda and GM. I know these shows are supposed to be ridiculous. Sometimes I’m just beyond appalled. It makes me sad for humankind. The way these people behave under these stressful circumstances is horrendous. I wouldn’t ever want to be in the presence of any of these people IRL. They’re so vile! So spineless. So despicable. Sadly not one of them is beyond reproach. It’s sickening. Someone please tell me they’re all actors.


  34. Comments (1)

    Sorry to hear about your family; I hope everything gets better soon. As for the finals, anything with Amanda not in it is a good thing. On a side note, I would love to be a fly on the wall when Amanda goes home and sees all the videos of Kaitlin and Jeremy on YouTube and NONE of her and McStinky when she thinks they have had the romance of the century! Karma is a b****!!!

  35. Comments (453)

    Stevebeans, hope all is going to be okay with your parents, and it is great that you are able to be there for them when they need you.
    Andy has done a horrible job trying to play Ian’s game, and doesn’t deserve to be in final four, neither do Spencer, GM, Amanda. Judd is going through nicotine withdrawal and is wrong targeting Elissa who is the only one that would really have his back as the others user you like a napkin and toss you aside when no longer needed.

  36. Comments (453)

    Use not user, sorry

  37. Comments (36)

    Amanda stays after Thursday’s nominations and I may just stop watching. I cannot stand watching another moment of her bitchy, whining, self centred, immature, nasty, bullying, ridiculous moaning one second longer.

  38. Comments (1)

    I have a little rant after watching BBAD. Amanda and Elissa were talking about women who say they are not “girly girls”. They accused them of being mean girls or drama queens (like they aren’t???). I happen to be a “Tom-boy” a term they used also. I was mad when hearing them talk bad about women like me. Hey, ‘ladies’, maybe I like to sit in the room with the guys because I want to talk about the football game that’s on TV, rather than what color of name polish to use next or gossip about whoever didn’t come to the party. Is that possible? Maybe I prefer the company of men because I don’t like bri g judged for my Old Navy jeans when you all are wearing ridiculously priced Buckle Jeans. Maybe it’s because my parents taught me that being kind to others is more important Than being critical. Maybe it’s because I would rather go fishing, hunting, play a pickup game of basketball or take a walk in the woods (not on a path), over going to the mall to spend a rediculous amount of money on a top. And no, I’m not a lesbian. I’m happily married to a wonderful man and we have two boys. He loves that I can talk to him about real stuff like politics our faith our careers ect, rather one about how my botched lip injections work or what size I want my Boobs when I get my “new ones”.
    And no, I am not avoiding your kind because I want to seek the sexual attention of guys. I am avoiding you because I have been burned by enough “girly-girls” who are passive-aggressive and get mad about things, get bitchy with me and then don’t say why so I can apologize and make it right. You are the mean girls. The plastic girls. The ones who will bash another because their butt is a little bigger than yours or they aren’t wearing the right brand. The ones who will degrade others to make yourself feel better, at the same time making you look way worse than all that plastic surgery on your fake face. That’s why I don’t have time for the likes of you “ladies”. Because you are no more ladies than I am when I’m teaching my boys what leaves NOT to use in the woods when they go to the bathroom out there on their Boy Scout trips. In fact, I would challenge that you are less of a lady than me. You are Definately less of a woman than I am. End rant.

  39. Comments (10)

    I wish you would have put a NONE box.I don’t want to see Andy in the final 4. With the exception of Judd or maybe Gina Marie I don’t any of the exterminators to win. I was rooting for Judd but I’m beginning to think he is clueless. Even after he warned by both Helen & Elissa he still wants to go w/Andy. I was hoping Judd & Elissa had a secret alliance but the way he is acting it doesn’t look like it. I wonder if Elissa is doing this to expose Andy to both Mcrae & Judd. However, after Macrae said if it all goes south, blame Elissa. I am wondering if Mccrae is planning to evict Amanda & the blame will go to Elissa. If Amanda gets only 1 vote, everyone (except possibly Mccrae) will think it was Elissa that didnt keep Amanada.

    • Comments (4411)

      I HATE to think this, but do you think that maybe Dudd is siding with RatBoy because by now everyone is starting to see that he’s a 2 faced rat and that maybe, just maybe, Dudd think’s he could beat him in the end because of it?….Just wondering…

    • Comments (2)

      McCrae doesn’t have the courage! And what would it benefit?

  40. Comments (302)

    I think the crazy fight between Amanda & Gina Marie pretty much sealed the fate of Amanda. It’s pretty obvious now that Andy is bonding with his boys and when they blame Elissa tomorrow for the tie vote that sends Amanda home … my guess is that McCrae is stupid enough to buy it because even as Elissa and now Amanda have questioned Andy’s loyalty but McCrae doesn’t believe it. Meanwhile the rest of the idiot Exterminators keep making it easier for Andy to win it all. Judd probably had Elissa’s vote but of course he has to try to impress Ratboy by telling Elissa to STFU … Yeah Judd .. you impressed Ratboy and he wants to thank you for shoving another vote his way. Watching the POV competition – OMG could it be any more obvious that Andy was throwing the competition to Amanda – he slowly spins around, his bowling balls don’t even get a 1/4 down before going into the gutter and then his horrible fake dizzy walk. Of course no Exterminator smart enough to question him. He’s a terrible actor & a terrible liar playing against stupid people.

    • Comments (4411)

      NoRats, you hit the nail on the head again, as usual 🙂

      • Comments (302)

        Thanks N2Wishum – I’m probably just blinded by my loathing of the Ratboy. But someone immediately hitting the thumbs down must be a fan of that two-faced piece of human waste.

      • Comments (302)

        And I forgot to say in my post above about the POV competition – not only do the Exterminators not question Andy throwing his round of the Comp to Amanda … Amanda & McCrae just let it go that Andy picked Amanda to compete. How can all these people be so stupid. Why weren’t they grilling Andy after the competition about picking Amanda. I think anyone reading this post right now could step into that house and outwit this bunch of nitwits.

      • Comments (1162)

        At one point McCrae said he wasn’t sure about Andy, but Amanda
        disagreed. Andy giving her his Body Shirt sealed her belief.
        Good Grief!
        A $20.00 shirt vs $500,000 – (Such A Deal!)
        For the most part, the McCranda Team still believe in Andy’s
        loyalty to them.

        My fingers are crossed that Andy’s disloyalty becomes
        today’s BBH topic of Conversation ……….. “Run, Andy! Run!!!”
        That conversation could bring other HGs to conclude that
        they, too, shouldn’t trust Andy.

        “RUN and HIDE, Andy!!!”
        Too late – The House Wants To Evict You, ASAP.
        : )

      • Comments (4411)

        UPDATE! Around 3 something this morning (BBT), after everyone had gone to bed, the McScummies bedding down in the HOH room (GutterMouth changed her mind and gave it to them anyway because she says she doesn’t go back on her word), McScuzzy couldn’t sleep because he doesn’t (WAIT FOR IT….) TRUST RATBOY in tomorrows elimination! Amanda tetters back and forth, one minute he’s solid, next minute she’s not sure….but McScummy keeps saying something is not right, he just doesn’t have a good feeling about him. PRAISE THE LAWD AND PASS THE POTATOES!

  41. Comments (57)

    Just goes to show, when you confront the bully, the bully goes to bed crying. Sorry Amanda. The one tactic that worked for is no longer valid.

  42. Comments (46)

    Please ppl stop changing your mind

    This season was the worse ever, it dont matter whos final 4 anymore
    As long as its not AMANDA……. She doesnt deserve anything, worse human being i ever seen

  43. Comments (110)

    I wish you the best with whatever you are going through. I love your blog.

    I am torn. I agree the developments the last few days are very interesting. I have wanted Amanda out for so long and I could not stand her, but that being said I really can’t stand GM, Andy or Spencer either. So I don’t know what to root for now. It is hard to believe these people are so clueless and think America loves them and their choices.

  44. Comments (651)

    Settled in for another boring BBAD and BOOM! GM calls Demanda a whore! I have no respect for GM but at least someone finally said it to her face. Called her out on climbing into bed with the first HoH, sleeping with so many men, having sex all over the house, etc etc etc. If Demanda thinks that was bad just wait until she gets out and sees what the rest of the world thinks of her.

    And let’s give Judd kudos for sort of stepping in between them. It was just an arm but the other guys just sat there and laughed. Cowards.

    • Comments (1162)

      I agree with you about Judd.
      Steve, there is a photo online showing Judd with his arm between Amanda’s
      and GM’s boobs, just barely able to keep them from colliding. Too funny!
      He may have saved them, both, from Chest Bump Evictions.

      Curious about Judd telling Elissa that his crude comment to her was
      just for show. Huh?
      Are they still in an Alliance?
      She was upset with him, however if they’re allies, his reasoning
      about catching her off-guard to get a pissed-off response makes sense.
      So was Judd’s apology to Elissa = Sincere or Bogus?
      Are there hidden alliances inside of the House?
      Do the members communicate by using sign language because
      the Live Feeds and online reports have missed spotting them.
      Only Production knows (smirk) …………………but hopefully the viewers
      will have a clear understanding of which HGs are together after
      watching tonight’s show.

      • Comments (87)

        I think so, as I posted earlier… something tells me Judd and Elissa may still be working together somehow…

      • Comments (1162)

        I read your post and agree with you.
        If they’re still in an Alliance, “Kudos” to them for
        keeping it a Secret.
        Are they passing messages to each other via Production?
        How have they been communicating with each other?
        Perhaps we’ll find out tonight.
        : )

      • Comments (610)

        And if they truly are in a secret alliance, for once this season, Andy doesn’t know about it AND Judd & Elissa aren’t telling anyone…now that’s what the game is all about!

      • Comments (233)

        I keep hoping J&E are still in a secret alliance and that’s why we keep hearing Judd talking bad about her and swearing allegiance to the Ex-team. I don’t get the live feeds, so I may be missing a lot about that. They are sure keeping it quiet on the 3 weekly CBS broadcasts if there is a secret alliance. HOPING!!

      • Comments (226)

        Hmm, could be, didn’t they agree to not talk to each other on purpose to not expose the alliance?

      • Comments (233)

        Yes, they did agree to keep it quiet, and it was pretty cool. If they are in a secret alliance, it’s the best kept ‘secret’ alliance I can remember seeing! Also, just wanted to add, off subject, that it isn’t out of the realm of belief that PR firms are hiring people to infiltrate our site. Sweet gig, huh? gak!!

  45. Comments (24)

    I think for sure, the one and only reason Elissa would align with Amanda for any reason whatsoever is because in a final two position, I do not think anyone but McCray would vote for Amanda to win, and he may even have to think about that. lol And it is so not cool to learn of the DR thing, even if it is a bore, they should have there own way of thinking, makes the show kind of a downer, but will I still watch, yes…….

    • Comments (453)

      Don’t think the DR should have an influence, however, with this cast of non-thinkers it may be the only way to prod them past their thoughts of “has anyone requested booze”, need a cigarette, and trying to top one another for racist remarks.

  46. Comments (11)

    Andy is a RAT BASTARD! Who needs to go.He will win if they do not get him out of the house.

  47. Comments (1)

    I believe the vote tonight all lies on Andy’s shoulders. I hope he shows some guts and takes Amanda out. There is something seriously wrong with that girl and she needs to go now and get some help. If GM and Spencer hadn’t been so racist with their earlier comments I might be able to root for them but I believe the ultimate victors should be Elissa and Judd. I am sick to death of listening to Amanda cry, bitch and feel sorry for herself. McRae has been nothing more than a pawn in her little game and has absolutely no back bone. I’m done with him and if Andy doesn’t do the right thing tonight, I’m done with him too!

  48. Comments (110)

    I have the TV GUIDE CHANNEL so I can watch BBAD they are showing right now
    previews of Survivor Blood vs Water it is going to be great this year past
    winners vs family members can’t wait.

  49. Comments (10)

    I had never watched BB before about the 3rd week in July. My cousins got me watching it and now my husband and I are hooked. I still didn’t caught up on all the episodes that I missed, and hadn’t realized that GM was so nasty until reading about her in the blogosphere. With that said, I think a good final 4 would be McCrae, Judd, Elissa and GM. Andy needs to go. He’s annoying and just…ugh. Spencer is a sad contestant…he can’t win.

    Also, is it just me or does it seem like that whole POV comp was stacked? I sure hope not, but Amanda goes out and kills Elissa. Fine. Andy throws it. Loser. At this point, you SEE the strategy Amanda is using to win. GM goes up and there is really fiddling with trying to get her fingers in the holes of the ball like she’s really bowling? Hmmm. And then Spencer does the same and ends up resorting to just randomly flinging the balls up the lane? It smelled really fishy. Really, really fishy.

    So now, in a case where one of them should have for sure gone home…it’s possible that neither one goes home tonight. Off to research what happens in the event of a tie…

    • Comments (233)

      You are beginning to watch BB during the worst season ever. I’ve watched every season, and I’m just barely interested this year. Our fan forum here is much more interesting than what’s happening in the House. lol You have chosen the best players for the end, IMO! Don’t let all the conspiracy crap throw you. Production has always had input into the DR sessions, and as someone said above, most of this season’s players are sooo ignorant about how to play BB, they need more help. Amanda and Elissa could very well be there just for ‘entertainment’ purposes, so they may be getting more DR direction than others.

      • Comments (10)

        I would LOVE to think that Amanda is mostly scripted but then…holy smokes she should get an acting gig the minute she leaves the house! LOL!

    • Comments (233)

      HoH breaks eviction tie-votes. Unless GM is really playing a secret alliance with Judd & Elissa…she will vote to evict Amanda. GM is a difficult one to support. She can be very personable and sweet, and she went after McC/A which we loved; however, she then can turn on a dime and be vile and disgusting. I just can’t get past her hatefulness. (I know, I know, I suck for preferring basic human decency and intelligence over hate speech and bullying.)

      • Comments (10)

        Ahhh. Good to know.

        When I told my husband about GMs nastiness towards other houseguests he also quickly got over his support of her. That’s why I couldn’t feel sorry for Aaryn when she tried to soften her touch late in the game. Nope. I heard all of the horrific, hateful remarks you made towards the minority houseguests. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  50. Comments (2)

    Which side should Andy flip to. Who cares? This season ending will go down as one of the most boring after tonight.

  51. Comments (624)

    Andy should make an alliance with the fish.

    I am glad to see that someone finally beat Amanda at her own game of bullying and hurling insults. GM better watch it though before Mayor Bloomberg gets pissed off and revokes her NYC privileges and has her deported back to Jersey where she belongs.

  52. Comments (19)

    If I were Elissa I would say at the eviction as Amanda walks in that I saved her a seat and point to the eviction chair

  53. Comments (143)

    I think Amanda is the most vile player around if she doesn’t go this week she has a good chance of winning the game. She has been on a win streak or real close to winning every time. Frankly I’d rather see anyone win over her. As for Elissa who is my favourite left followed by judd. Amanda cannot be trusted she had been trying to get them both out for some time now. As long as Amanda is around andy will have a good chance to win he game by playing both sides. her and mccrae need to go in the de, and hopefully people figure out andy is a rat and send him next week then judd and elissa take out gm and spencer and we can get a judd elissa finale.

  54. Comments (6)

    I can’t understand why everyone hates Elissa so much. Of all the people in the house I think she has been the least mean to everyone. Maybe she comes off a little stuck up but I don’t get why last night on after dark they were just going to town bashing her and talking about her child. I have watched every season of this show and have to say that the people they chose this year are absolutely the cruelest and immoral group ever. I especially don’t want to see Andy win. He is the ultimate floater with absolutely no loyalty to anyone. He lies, stabs his friends in the back, and still everyone seems to trust him. He always manages to come out looking innocent and everyone lets him get away with this by covering for him.

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