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Big Brother 15 – That Plan Was Short Lived


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Heading into the veto challenge today, Elissa had a lot going for her.  Jeremy was on the block, she possibly had the numbers to get him out, and half of those competing were weak competition.  The only thing that stood in her way between an easy week and a very stressful week is Jeremy winning PoV.

Well, Jeremy won PoV.  This means Team Ignorance is all excited, Kaitlin and Jeremy are going to spend the next few days dry humping, and Aaryn will continue to annoy anyone who listens with her raspy voice.  Am I upset?  No, actually.  I think it’s good for the game to keep people like Jeremy in, especially when he has a chance to cause some major fireworks by hitting on Aaryn.  That’s fun feeds for us bloggers, not this teenage makeout session these two constantly have.



Since the feeds came back live, there have been a lot of whispers about just sending Elissa home.  I think Amanda, McCrae and crew are starting to drink the kool-aid that it’s bad to have her as a weapon every week. I think their original plan of using her as a human shield was pretty solid, especially the power she brings to the game each week, but there are far too many whispers about just voting her out.

As far as who is replacing Jeremy on the block, I have no clue.  I keep hearing mixed reports about how the MVP-Nom works with Veto.  I am going to guess that Jeremy will take himself off, and the MVP has to select another person in the DR at a later time.  Nothing else makes sense, so I’m going to go with that theory. As far as the PoV not being safe (say Nick won it and took Jeremy off), I think that’s wrong.  There is no way the MVP nomination trumps PoV or HoH.  Those are essentially the two forms of guaranteed immunity and it would be silly to suddenly put the new twist over one of those.

This week should certainly be interesting as it’s a pretty big decision to make for people.  Do they keep their human shield, or do they allow team ignorance to keep their alliance in tact for another week?  I’m going to be glued to the feeds to try and get a better feel, but right now it is just not looking good for Elissa.

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  1. Comments (29)

    You think Elisa will put Kaitlyn up in his place? Break those two up and show him that if he isn’t going to be on the block then she will? Seems logical to me I think. thoughts …

    • Comments (13)

      if she does that, elissa is surely gone. she has to play it smart when it comes to this. cause she makes the wrong move she will be gone. which to me is fine…

  2. Comments (453)

    She needs to think who the majority would vote out over her.

  3. Comments (1276)

    Probably, but I don’t think he actually gives a crap if Kaitlin gets put up or voted out. Sure, he likes making out with her, but I have a feeling he’ll get a LOT further around those bases if she’s gone and he starts hooking up with Aaryn. He and Aaryn are for sure the best matched couple in there. He likes yelling at women, she thinks that’s how men should be, they are both racist fools, who think they are WAY better looking then they actually are.
    I would rather see GM or Spencer go. She can probably get the votes to get out GM. But, it would be fun to see what happens if Kaitlin gets sent home….

  4. Comments (3)

    Everyone please go to and click on feedback, tell them your feelings about bb15! I don’t want another network to ruin my favorite show!!!!

  5. Comments (2)

    Is it Aaryn or Aryan Brotherhood, the latter seems a better fit.

  6. Comments (1276)

    Helen is a threat because she’s much smarter then most of the others, brains come in handy. Plus, she’s in pretty good shape, I’d be willing to be she could beat Kaitlin, GM, Amanda ad Jessie pretty easily in most of the comps that are focused towards female strengths.
    I think putting up Judd or Spencer would be a mistake, people dont’ know how bad Spencer is, and Judd seems likable, so the rest of the house might not want to vote them out and keep Elissa over them. But, putting GM up, will be one of the votes from that side of the house. Someone in there must realize that they have Airhead, Jerkemy, Kaitlin and maybe/maybe not Jessie and Spencer. So if the rest of the house uses their votes, McC, Amanda, Andy, Judd, maybe Jessie, Howard, maybe Nick and Candice, they totall have all of the power. They need to use it instead of sending home their own votes. It’s just bad game play to not go after the hate group.

  7. Comments (2)

    As a southern and just as much Native Ameican as Jeremy, I’m discouraged by what Aaryn (and Jeremy..does he know anything about the Cherokee culture?) (and GM, as not from the south) reflect. Vote their unemployed-racist/gender/homophobic beings out (note: most unemployed..most southerns most Native Americans Esoecially Cherokee…and anyone deserve more grace…they do not). Aaryn and GM are unemployed b/c they bring bad press to their employers. As ‘younger gen’ they should know this. If the Psychologhy Dept. where Aaryn studies knows anything about this: she is a disgrace to the field or any related. Grad. And post. Grad here. Drop her!!!!!! No acceptance to grad school, hopefully. CBS Network producer find a way…they can’t win. It’s the only game YOU as a network not supporting such views can play w/o being aligned.

  8. Comments (1276)

    Everyone should go to to the bottom of the page to Broadcast Feedback, and let your voices be heard.
    I don’t think that CBS is going to to anything to them, like kick them out, or take any power away, heck they didn’t even take the HOH away from Aaryn due to her and Jerk cheating, and then admiting they did, so any question of if it happened or not is null and void.
    But, I think CBS should address the comments and issues to the general viewing public, like my sister and her husband, who ONLY watch the CBS shows, and if I hadn’t filled them in on who Aaryn and Co really were, they would be none the wiser. They still thought that Jessie was the worst with her “girls don’t like me because I’m too pretty” crap. They didn’t know about the racist, homophobic and religious percicution that has taken place.
    It’s just not right to try to cover it up from the viewers, worse yet make Aaryn look nice, and it should really be addressed to the house. They don’t even have to say who said it, but just let the house know there have been issues, bigoted views have been openly and repeatedly voiced, that some people have already lost their jobs due to it, and maybe 1, people will have a clue who they are living with and 2, start seeing that there is a lot worse thing someone can be then Rachels sister.

    • Comments (2)

      Agree. But also in Native American Indian Cherokee tribe/ culture, Jememy would be shamed. They are a honorable people..not overly prideful. they represent honor-filled and humble people and culturally respectful people…Jeremy knows nothing of his heritage tribe. Maybe he needs to study okla. vs TX more and change his tats. Maybe he models after another one of his heritage…re-evaluate.

  9. Comments (231)

    I’m surprised Jerkemy wasn’t backdoored. Helen didn’t handle the plan well with putting up the jerk. The rumors are crazy and the live feeds keep censoring everything. I think Kaitlin should be put up to save her reputation and deprogram her.

    • Comments (231)

      The Helen and Spenser duo on BBAD was sickening and she threw Elissa under the bus. Oh my, oh my! The Howard, Spenser and Jerkemy trio must still be in play despite Howard being aware of their behavior.

  10. Comments (1)

    I have never missed an episode in all the seasons. I look forward to Big Brother every year. However, this year they missed the boat as far as casting. Also, whose grand idea was it to move After Dark from Showtime to TVGN? That was the dumbest move in television history! I always subscribe to Showtime for three months and watch After Dark every night. This year, not watching it. Some heads need to roll at CBS for this stupid decision. The people I am talking to are not even watching this year. Losing viewers and losing money. Serves them right. I don’t know if I’ll even watch the rest of the season. When they get it back right like they should, maybe I’ll watch. And, I’m sick of the models. Put some real people in the house. There are people in there who have never even watched the show! (So, they don’t know how to play the game!!! I don’t watch any of the major networks, but I have made an exception for BB. Without After Dark, you don’t get to know the players and their personalities. I’m sorely disappointed!!!

    • Comments (1)

      I feel like I wrote this except I still watch BBAD, don’t like that it starts later and don’t like that they cut out so much. Agree that they missed the boat on casting!!!! Elissa is sweet and I don’t know why the other girls hate her so much and why the guys want her out so bad. I’d vote out Kaitlin, Jeremy, Aaryn, GinaMarie ASAP!!!

  11. Comments (12)

    Howard thinks Elisa being the BBMVP is not fair and that she should go home, WHAT!!!!????!!!?? they need to start testing for drugs.
    Elisa is a great weapon to have she will help remove the trash from the house, if they vote her off America will turn on Howard and who ever else voted with him.

  12. Comments (24)

    Does anyone have knowledge that Nick is gay??? Aaryn & GM had a discussion regarding Nicks feelings for GM and Aaryn says Nick is gay because he said things to David that a straight guy wouldn’t say. I think Elissa made a huge mistake by putting up Jerkmey, but you can’t predict the POV game and you can’t predict peoples potential, hopefully she makes the right moves this week. It seems that Brachel and family or spending a lot of dollars so Elissa can be MVP every week.

    • Comments (1276)

      I don’t think there is anything except him not being too into GM. Basically what it sounds like to be, and I could have missed something, but since he doesn’t like her they are saying he’s gay, you know like girls don’t like them because they are jealous. It couldn’t possibly be that she’s a racist, loud, obnoxious, needy, acts like a drunk girl, without even drinking, and not even too pretty. Of course he must be gay… what guy wouldn’t want that???

      • Comments (231)

        Howard is a huge disappointment and made an alliance with Spenser and Jerkemy the first hour of the show. Nick isn’t gay. Aaryn and GM are vile.

      • Comments (528)

        Who cares? Aye Nick IS gay. Not all homosexuals act like some kind of cliche, you know. Maybe he isn’t gay, I haven’t heard him confirm one way or another. Either way, what difference does it make?

      • Comments (528)

        “Aye” = maybe. Thank you, autocorrect.

  13. Comments (22)

    Basically BB needs to get rid of the MVP, I didn’t think it would be an issue, but the power is too much week after week. When Elissa goes home (which I am sad about), I think Nick will start winning it. Which is annoying because I want to see people play the game and having a third person on the block kills the excitement. I think I can give this season, maybe, two more weeks and then I could be done. I am embarrassed for anyone I strongly suggested to watch it with all the horrible things said by the cast.

    • Comments (528)

      It’s not like the things they’re saying are being aired. But I agree…this seasons “twist” is idiotic. It’s whole season is a trainwreck so far.

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