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Big Brother 15 – Is There Even A Point To Playing Now?


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This has certainly been a weird season for Big Brother, especially when you consider the people with the most power win the fewest, and the person with the most wins has been a floater the past month.

We are down to 9 people, 6 girls and 3 boys, just the way Helen envisioned when she heard the guys had a little alliance called the Moving Company that has been the topic of conversation to this very day. Yes, believe it or not, the guys actually tried to make a move in this game, a long, long time ago.

This is how I see it for the guys….

Spencer is done.  He’s checking out and will vote whatever the house wants until they don’t want him any more. After some early fight, he’s finally settling into the role he was originally compared with, BB13’s Adam.

McCrae is attached to Amanda whether he wants to or not at this point.  That could be good or bad depending on how far Amanda goes, but seeing as she’s a loose cannon, she’ll be the first person Helen goes after when she’s feeling confident about it.  If McCrae does sneak into the final 2 and wins, it’s because Amanda worked the jury for him.

Andy is in a tough situation.  He’s kind of the next Judd.  A guy who is kind of looked at as a floater, but also had his hand in a few alliances at the same time.  He has a chance to go far, but he really has no resume if he does make the finals.  His best bet is to sit next to someone who is truly despised and he’ll win over a bitty jury.

There are only two real people worth talking about at this point, and even Judd recognized it while talking to Julie.  It’s Amanda and Helen.  Polar opposites of personality, yet both share quite a bit of power in manipulating the house exactly the way they want.  The only reason they haven’t had to face off yet is because they shared similar goals.  This should be the most interesting battle heading down the second half simply because they could end up hitting each other so hard, that both are left without any real numbers, and next thing we know, Aaryn and GinaMarie are sitting in the finals.

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Here is today’s poll….

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  1. Comments (1162)

    After seeing the BB Junkies “House Votes,” I choose Elissa!!!!
    : D

    • Comments (19)

      I don’t know about Elissa, what has she done to advance her game? There is a difference in who we want to see win and who played the game the best.

      • Comments (1162)

        You missed my sarcasm.
        : )

      • Comments (231)

        I didn’t miss it. Helen n Elissa tried hard to get Judd and Andy to flip but couldn’t do it. A brief 5 min conversation in the hallway between Helen n Elissa confirmed their defeat when Helen told E we don’t have the votes (for Amanda). So, we will see what happens now and how E and H regroup.

      • Comments (231)

        *second* for min

      • Comments (30)

        I do like Elissa. She seems to have stayed out of the fray and ugly comments. Playing the game doesn’t just mean winning competitions it’s just trying to get to the end and the $500,000.
        Aayrn, Amanda and GM need to go. Cute until they open their mouth.
        Several HG’s are going to have to some major damage control after the game is over.
        I think the BB15 wedding is coming up and then BB15 divorce soon after.

      • Comments (233)

        Agree! So many hate her because of her mannerisms, or voice, or sister, but she is playing very strategically. Keep your head down, mouth shut, and stay in the game until Helen goes, then fight like crazy. I’m hoping for Elissa, Jessie and Andy for F3.

      • Comments (19)

        They won’t make it to the alter. I can’t remember where but somewhere I read that Amanda’s Prudential website was taken down. Maybe she’ll be booted just like Aaryn was from her job because of all the shitty things they said.

      • Comments (30)

        The site was still up yesterday. I wouldn’t buy or list a home with her now.
        The picture on the site is the same as her BB picture.

      • Comments (1162)

        I, also, like Elissa, but I wish she would stop doing
        everything Helen says, especially when Helen
        plans on dropping Elissa when it suits her.

      • Comments (15)

        Every year it’s the same dilemma, the “nice guy” we root for vs. the aggressor that actually worked the house all the way to the final 3. But this year, with this group of detestable, ignorant children, it’s looking like the choice of the lesser of two evils. It’s really too bad the jury doesn’t get to see from our perspective but I guess that would tip the playing field too much. I hope when they get out and see that Judd was never the MVP they feel like the assholes they are!

    • Comments (77)

      I think it will not be long before Elissa does not except the excuses from Helen “it’s not the right time”. Elissa has wanted for some time to make a big move and Helen shoots it down. Now that the numbers are going down, I would like to see Elissa start playing. I think she was so frightened in the beginning she just stepped back and stopped trying to play. I think now is the time for her to start trying again. Her hardest task will be getting Helen on board. I would love to see her win HOH. I think she would put up Amanda and McCrae with the excuse of breaking up the “power couple” and see what shakes out. The worse that could happen is she gets sent to the Jury.

  2. Comments (19)

    I would love to see McCrae and Amanda on the block, since its back to just two nominees now. One way for McCrae to get rid of Amanda and not get his hands dirty, that is if everyone would vote out Amanda. I know that’s not going to happen this week with Andy as HoH, he could make a big move and start playing this game.

    • Comments (651)

      I don’t know who Andy’s more loyal to–Demanda or McCrea. We know he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty but McCrea is seeing more and more that Demanda is putting a target on him and now that Judd is gone he’s losing his backup. The smartest thing McCrea could do is have Andy backdoor Amanda and get her out of the house. Since the jury will be pissed at Amanda’s betrayal and Amanda just being Amanda, they won’t be moved by her Poor Me! McCrea betrayed me crap…they’ll just laugh in her face and say Good for McCrea and welcome to Candyland!!

      • Comments (1162)

        IF McCrae tried to recruit Andy to backdoor Amanda, I think Andy would go
        running to Amanda and tell her.

      • Comments (19)

        Love it!! Here is another “what if” Andy puts up McCrae and Jessie, then whoever wins POV takes McCrae off and puts Amanda in his place? Who does the house hate more I guess would be the next question. I really don’t see it happening, but I agree Jackie, the suggestion would have to come from McCrae.

    • Comments (1162)

      Last night Jessie talked with Helen about getting Amanda and McCrae out, now!!
      Helen said she might be right but Helen needed to talk with Andy today and
      figure it out.

      My Bet – Andy will stay with Amanda and McCrea and blindside Helen.

      • Comments (77)

        His real power play would be to get rid of Amanda or McCrae but I agree with you. He will run the Amanda and tell all.

  3. Comments (768)

    You need to add one more option… who really gives a f%&k?

    • Comments (1162)


      IF given the opportunity to vote for the BB15 Winner, which included choices
      from the Jury House, I would likely vote for Candice and/or Judd.
      There would be great pleasure taking away the Winner’s Title from those
      left inside of the House.

    • Comments (1)

      then why are you on here?

      • Comments (768)

        You’re right Rat. Why am I on here? I guess because I was hoping someone would get up some courage and flip the house to make the show entertaining again. I just can’t see that happening now and the conclusion become so predictable. It’s not entertaining the way other seasons have been…. or even the way BB Canada was with an interesting cast, interesting competitions, interesting tasks, and an interesting Marsha the Moose. I used to watch every minute of BBAD. Now I find I’m watching 90% of it on fast forward because nothing is going on. Sorry to sound so negative, but it’s difficult to be positive about the show this year.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (768)

        Oh yeah, I’m also still here because I find this website to be more entertaining than the show, as I’m sure many others do too. Steve Beans does a good job at providing a venue for people to voice their opinions whether they are enjoying the show or not.

  4. Comments (682)

    Isn’t Elissa a have not too? Her picture on the top of the page doesn’t show it.

    • Comments (407)

      Rita, Elissa is a have-not this week. Andy didn’t even have to dirty his hands on that…they were VOLUNTEERS! Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GM. I think they probably thought by volunteering, it would put them on his good side and would not be put on the block. Take notice Amanda and McCrae did not volunteer!!

  5. Comments (231)

    I don’t know how Helen and Elissa will pull it off but it should be interesting. Sadly, they need Spenser and Aaryan to vote out Amanda. Also, there was talk of back dooring the offensive Gm. Andy should PLEASE take note of what happened to Judd.

  6. Comments (45)

    I have this theory for the MVP twist that America will vote Judd back into the game and Judd would win the coup d’etat. That be a great twist, everyone in the house thinks Judd is gunning for elissa and Helen but hes actually going to gun for amanda and either andy or helen.

  7. Comments (45)

    If only judd made an alliance howard, spencer, jesse and kaitlin. Amanda could have been gone

  8. Comments (80)

    I found it very difficult to decide who I want to win this season. I always base my decision off of who has actually played the game. That leaves Amanda, Helen, (does McCrae count?), and that’s it I guess; I don’t consider being a floater as playing IMO. And I for one would NOT want Amanda to win due to how she has played the game in such a distasteful manner as of lately. Aaryn became a puppet after her Mean Girls group was quickly deteriorating and the main target, not to mention that if she did win, I think CBS would be in a lot of trouble with BB15 fans and just America in general. Also, I’m not sure why Elissa is voted so highly right now as she hasn’t done ANYTHING since Aaryn stopped picking on her and people deemed her no longer a threat.

    • Comments (158)

      Elissa is Rachel’s sister. That is the ONLY thing she can put on her resume because other than being born, that’s the only thing she’s done.

      • Comments (5)

        I voted for Elissa just to see the results. My guess is l was not the only one. Also she is just the least offensive of everyone left in the house. Maybe it will fade to Brenchel and they will tell us this season was just Rachel’s nightmare.

    • Comments (224)

      I know it’s like against the law now to say anything good about Aaryn, but the fact that she was able to make deals with Helen and Amanda after all the awful things she’s said to them, says something about her game play ability. Also, I think she’s purposely saying “I have to do this because this is what they want and they’ll kick me out” in case she makes it to the final 2 and they might not blame her for evicting them. She may be a bitch, but I don’t think she’s a terribly player.

    • Comments (77)

      If you think Amanda should win with her gameplay, why not Elissa? Amanda just sits on her but and dictates what everyone should do. Elissa sits back quietly observing, dropping hints that a move needs to be made. I feel if she could win HOH, she would make that big move too. Bottom line is if Amanda deserves the win, so would Elissa and several of the others.

      • Comments (80)

        I think they all still have a chance to turn things around and make an impact in America and the Jury but sadly the likelinesa of that happening seems slim to none (to me at least). But we will see with time I suppose.

        Elissa and Jessie though are the only ones IMO who would shake things up and rock the house.

  9. Comments (17)

    The only reason I vote for Jessie is she is the ONLY one talking about making a big power move to get Amanda or Helen out. However, I don’t think she is good enough to get it done. If Amanda, GM, or Aaryn wins, CBS will have a huge issue on their hands!

  10. Comments (135)

    The title of this thread mirrors my thoughts about stopping watching BB15. Stevebeans has called it so far, and Amanda & Helen probably will be the final 2. I am tired of seeing people get picked off the way they have been, this season. GM’s comments to Candice during her speech before the live vote and as she was walking out the door are reprehensible. I wouldn’t say that to my worst enemy, but that’s probably why I would never be cast for the show. LOL (For the record, I don’t want to be! I’m just saying.) On another note, remember that Helen is a political consultant, which I think has served her well in the house. At least Helen made her moves without being a bully.

  11. Comments (4)

    I honestly hope they just get Jessie out this week. It stops that never ending train. I see it going like this the next couple of weeks

    Then top 3 is McCrae, Amanda, and Helen
    I guarantee this is what is going to happen unless the house guests grow a pair and throw Amanda out the door. Ideally, Elissa (The underdog at the beginning) and Candace (probably the sassiest competitor ever) will make the final two, in my opinion. But that can only happen if Candace comes back.

    • Comments (624)

      “Expect the unexpected!” Translation: any type of hail mary that CBS can throw to try to salvage this boring season.

    • Comments (286)

      With Andy as HOH there will be no great shakeup in the house.Only if say Jess or Spencer win HOH I think they will do a shake up only because they are not in an alliance with anyone.For now unless Helen FINALLY deems NOW is the time to get Amanda the Final 3 will most likely be Amanda ,McCrae,and Helen the rest are lambs for the slaughter.

    • Comments (80)

      I understand where you are coming from, but one can only hope for some kind of big, game changing move to happen… *dreaming* lol

    • Comments (37)

      “the sassiest competitor EVER” ? what the hell are you smoking and can we all have some? She was not even a competitor and did nothing but hide in her room most of the time playing the poor me card. I can not believe people out there think she was a strong player. she was not even a strong person. You get treated how you allow yourself to be treated and should have demanded and commanded respect

  12. Comments (79)

    The only way this season could have been saved was if Jessie had won HoH. Worst season ever.

    If next season resembles this one on the first day in the most minor way I won’t be watching BB ever again. Congrats CBS.

    • Comments (768)

      I have to agree with you Joe. If I tune in next year and see a bunch of immature 20 year olds and 30 year olds (who think they’re 20 year olds) again, I’ll have a hard time watching. CBS has to realize that many of us have watched the show from the beginning and can no longer relate age wise to some of their choices. If I want to watch a bunch of kids alone in a house, I’ll watch Home Alone.

      • Comments (34)

        I absolutely agree… I’m in my 30’s and watching these kids scares me. Is this what our society has become? Overindulged drunks who only care about a party and being popular? I went to columbine high school and I learned at a young age how dangerous cliches are (which runs high in the area) and to stand up and me yourself. I lost a lot of friends but I stayed true to myself! It just makes me sad

      • Comments (135)

        I’m so sorry for you and your losses, wildchild! You are so right. I hope you have a great life!

      • Comments (34)

        🙂 hugs

      • Comments (624)

        Oh yes, society is dumbing down more and more each year.

      • Comments (17)

        The thing that America was never told about Columbine, is that 9 out of the 10 students that go to that school are just like Aaryn!! I went to a school nearby Columbine. There’s a mall by it, Southwest Plaza, that my buddies and I would hang out aland we used to say “could you imagine having to be locked up with all these

      • Comments (34)

        I believe you should never go by what others tell you…a lot of people go to sw plaza but if you base racism on a mall, well that’s just sad…

      • Comments (17)

        The thing that America was never told about Columbine, is that 9 out of the 10 students that go to that school are just like Aaryn!! I went to a school nearby Columbine. I was amazed at how the news channels presented Columbine as this little piece of Heaven on Earth prior to April 20. Oh sure it was Heaven… As long as you were a son or daughter of a somewhat well-off Caucasian family. Otherwise you got the “Candice treatment” all day, everyday. Well, unless you were good at football of course.

      • Comments (34)

        I rarely do this but cballs I’m calling you out. We didn’t hang out at swplaza mall a new mall was built with updated stores. I suspect you are older and if you did hang there it would of been in the 80’s not to mention more kids hung out at a different location and I’ll give you a hint so you can Google it, it wasn’t a mall. Please don’t tarnish people without knowing the facts. You are not a rebel so you don’t know what it was like in class, you are not a nice person and I’m sad you are some how involved in my life at the moment. You don’t even know my race, sex and/or religion so stop putting non truths into something you don’t know. Racism exist everywhere. Sorry to everybody else because this is off topic and I will not reply anymore to this troll. Sickening to say the least.

      • Comments (17)

        You have done gone off the deep end!!! What are you talking about?!? Southwest Plaza mall is still there TODAY within eyes view of Columbine!!! There is no new mall down there. Plus I graduated in 1999, the same year as the shooting.
        You can try to act like I’m crazy for saying this so your school and area can keep the blinders on about that event, but everyone reading this from Colorado knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      • Comments (34)

        Yes its there but nobody goes there everybody in Colorado knows that… hmmm what mall do we go to in Colorado near columbine bet you don’t know and we hang out in other areas than malls

      • Comments (528)

        Wildchild are you seriously trying to make it like Cballz is, for some reason, lying about where they live and who they are because they’re trying to make a point you don’t like?? That’s even creepier than people who call “troll” when they disagree with someone.

        Try debating like an adult instead of trying to (weirdly) discredit the messenger. If you don’t have a valid point then just stop posting about it. Don’t go out of your way to try and smear a user when you have absolutely no evidence and your points are shaky at best. You look foolish.

      • Comments (16)

        Or MTV!!

  13. Comments (651)

    Doesn’t anyone else think maybe this Judd eviction has affected McCrea? In the DR we hear him talking about maybe it’s time for Amanda to go. He’s been keeping that to himself on the live feeds. She’s not listening to him and is placing a target on him. And now she got rid of his wing-man. Even he’s afraid to go up against her. Who better to go to Andy and say “backdoor her and you’re with me. Don’t and you’re with her but she won’t believe it if you tell her I said to do it and we’ll both come after you.”
    McCrea has been thinking game this whole time and this could be the time to make the move.

    • Comments (1162)

      IMO – McCrae and Helen, teamed together, would need to approach Andy to backdoor Amanda
      before it would work.
      The rest of the House would then do it.

      • Comments (624)

        But then who would Andy have left to go run and tattletale on? lol

      • Comments (651)

        Helen wants to break up the couple. Andy could just tell her that if he leaves Amanda she’ll come after Helen so she has to be the one to go. Helen will buy that and be thinking she has control over Andy.

    • Comments (158)

      McCrae was crying on the live feeds on BBAD after the eviction. I think Amanda was trying to convince him the move to evict Judd was a good one but it didn’t seem to working.

      I know McCrae has been thinking game the whole time, and I know he’s smart (smarter than Amanda for sure), but he just isn’t good at confrontation and so he just goes along with her.

      But lately you’ve been seeing him openly defying her and I’m not sure your idea isn’t very possible.

      • Comments (49)

        You guys all missed it, McCrae and Andy worked up the backdoor for Judd over 24hrs ago. Judd was making more fake alliances that these 2 didn’t believe were fake any more because of his clowning around sketchy ways the past several days.

      • Comments (624)

        I picture the scene from The Godfather when Johnny Fontaine was crying in front of Vito. Smacks him across the face and tells him to “ACT LIKE A MAN!”

    • Comments (1162)

      IF Julie had told the HGs about America being MVP, McCrae would have
      dumped Amanda before the sun came up today.
      : )

      • Comments (610)

        I was bummed that Julie didn’t tell the HG that America has been MVP. Since MVP ended it would have been entertaining to watch the HG faces when they got that bit of news. (Amanda probably would have gone over the edge).

    • Comments (6)

      You are so right. I was watching BB After Dark last night and McCrea had tears in his eyes. Amanda was sitting there trying to console him. I could tell he was deeply impacted by what they had all done to Judd. She just kept stroking his hair, kissing and telling him that Judd was basically no good and that he had to go because he was lying about being MVP. I felt bad for McCrea. So far he is the only one thus far who has actually showed some sort of sincere remorse for a regrettable decision that he made, which makes me wonder when did they all decide to backdoor Judd? Everything went down so fast between HOH win and POV I couldnt piece it together. With the exception of Amanda and Helen, noone really seemed comfortable with the idea. Amanda then said that after Jessie, they are going after Helen. So all that “baby kissing” (political term) that she did will be to no avail because soon and very soon she will know what it’s like to have people turn on her.Particularly Andy. Then maybe she will see how Candice felt when she turned on her. Remember…she didnt like it when Howard and Spencer lied about the moving company. How will she take it when she finds out that the carrier pigeon Andy has been spilling all the beans to his real alliance. We shall see!

  14. Comments (2)

    I often wonder what happens to people when they get inside the BB house. Why would Aaryn listen to Helen and take Jessie off the block and back door Judd “for the good of the house”? For the good of Helen and Elissa is more like it. But somehow people turn into sheep and forget why they are there, they (except for maybe 1 or 2) forget that there is a $500k prize at the end. Aaryn like her or not has been a beast in competitions and really does not need to listen to Helen, GM or anyone else. She could stand on her own 2 feet, much like Rachel Reilly did when she was in the house. But… with this group, we will be looking at Andy, Jessie, Helen and Elissa until I get sick of it and just quit watching. I have never seen a group of sheep that ALL unanimously vote people out because they prefer safety over playing their own games. It’s PATHETIC, and whoever cast this group needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. I can’t wait for Judd to come back from jury (ala BBCanada this year)

    • Comments (407)

      Bob, Les Moonves as we all know by now, is CBS-CEO and is also Julie Chen’s husband, has stated that he personally has final say over the contestants. CBS has to be profiting from the racism or they would not be putting up with it.

  15. Comments (302)

    As much as I’ve grown to dislike Helen with her fake gleeful dancing and joyous screaming for whoever wins HOH(as if it was her wish all along)the woman has worked harder than anyone in this house to put herself in position to win. I’m sure Amanda & McCrae will recognize that they need get her out soon and vice versa. But Helen has been the master at working all the angles. Somehow she orchestrates Judd’s departure and makes Aaryn look like the bad guy & Amanda/McCrae/Andy the backstabbers. With each ouster she seems to convince the booted player that she worked tirelessly trying to turn the house to keep them. While Amanda & Aaryn have secured their spots as the Evil Queens Helen may just find herself the last person standing with these two and you know how that vote will go in the jury. Even in the many hateful conversations we’ve heard in this house .. Helen may on occasion be a participant but usually just strokes the offending party to make it seem like their viewpoint is spot on. I suppose my dislike for Helen is born from my dislike of Lobbyist in Congress .. sure they’re slimy but they accomplish their objective.

    • Comments (49)

      Your crazy….Amanda and McCrae has been pulling all of Helen’s strings, her, Andy and Aaryn have all been their puppets. They run to them for everything. Amanda and McCrae have been controling this game from the start. The only thing they couldn’t control was the MVP, now that it is gone, they can clean house with the weeks left. Ellissa and Jesse have been the only ones not controlled 100%, but as you have seen for the last several votes, they’re votes have been.

      • Comments (302)

        Oh BB15MIA must you call me crazy? How about delusional. Yes the way it’s played out it does seem like Amanda has won the last 6 HOH contest but in turn has made many more enemies than Helen. What has Amanda done – belittled, bullied and spent hours upon hours laying in bed/Hammock/Sofa/Chair with McCrae while Helen is working the house. She then runs around like an idiot accusing everyone of being the MVP. Then to further annoy the house she throws a crying fit when she didn’t win HOH. Sure there have been plenty of puppets in the house but Helen isn’t one of them. Her fatal mistake will probably be trusting Andy but don’t tell me this girl hasn’t worked hard for position. She has gone along with McManda because it’s kept her in the game with the little blood on her hands. I’d argue McCrae has played much smarter than Amanda. Like I said … I’m no fan of Helen’s … but to compare her game to the other “puppets” is CRAZY.

      • Comments (407)

        Doug it only “seems” like Amanda has won the last 6 HOH’s is because she is constantly in the HOH bed!

      • Comments (49)

        I never said I liked what Amanda does or says, not at all. but everyone has to admit that she has gotten everyone of them to turn out the way her and McCrae play them out in their convos. OMG…Amanda and McCrae have all of them running around the house and doing their work. All they have to do is sit back and watch all of them interact and everyone has been in an alliance with them to date. They just don’t know the pecking order. Yes, I think McCrae is behind a lot of it and its not just Amanda. Amanda just keep quite and blows it by ruffling feathers, but everyone has said at one time or another that they don’t want to ruffle her feathers, so they do what Mc/Amda wants.

      • Comments (302)

        Hey I’m down with what you’re saying BB15MIA .. I agree with most of it except Helen being a puppet. She might not be reading the house correctly right now … but she’s at least playing the game.

      • Comments (41)

        Amanda didn’t have a “crying fit.” She did cry, yes. But it was only out of frustration at losing yet another challenge, and losing it only by a little. It’s not that she doesn’t try to win (like Howard, throwing competitions). It just hasn’t happened for her yet, and it got to her. I can certainly understand that. Anyway, it was not a “fit” of any kind. She cried. So what.

      • Comments (302)

        Okay Lynelle – Maybe I went overboard with fit. But there was sobbing .. boo hooing .. gasp of “why can’t I win anything” … fellow players rushing to comfort her. But I stand corrected for over dramatizing.

      • Comments (1162)

        You hit it right the first time.
        : )

      • Comments (651)

        Poor Amanda! So instead of it being about Andy winning HoH it was all about Poor Amanda.

      • Comments (1162)

        I recall Amanda at two different times asking others playing
        in a comp to drop out early so she would have a better chance
        of winning. IMO, that is not the behavior of someone capable
        of winning at anything without help from others.

        She had a Self-Pity Fit after Andy won. She was, also, upset
        with McCrae for not handing the win to her.
        IF only he had dropped out for the love of Amanda…….ugh!!!

  16. Comments (233)

    After crapping on Jessie, Judd found out what Instant Karma feels like. All that’s left are Spineless vs. Wicked. Strategy: Take a pocket full of poop to the finals and hope it stinks more than you do. Fan justice will only be served by the racists, etc . having their words and comments follow them for a very long time.

    • Comments (407)

      LOL and I really did! I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      • Comments (35)

        I second that!

        After listening to Judd joke about Jessie’s stained underwear, talk frequently about how much he “hates her”, and act so unbelievably cruel towards her, I realized the attention of Aryan had completely pulled him to ‘the dark side’.

        In the beginning he was certainly worthy of the parade his town held for him, but definitely not in the last few days/ weeks.

    • Comments (302)

      Very funny Vic … the poop stink perfectly describes this final journey to the $500,000.

  17. Comments (2)

    I wish Julie told them that America was MVP so they woudl feel stupid, and I really really hope that they don’t bring anyone from the Jury back, this game is dragging on enough as it is I would even prefer a triple eviction night *rolls eyes*

  18. Comments (487)

    Candice told Judd that he would be Backdoor’d, but he didn’t listen. Jessie is the only HG would realized that Candice was right. Too bad everyone else is so afraid a Amanda, she would have been gone a week ago, before jury.

    • Comments (49)

      Candice didn’t figure anything out, she was part of the back door and spilled the beans on purpose. Don’t give her any credit, she just flipped what everyone else told her, and then tried to play the innocense card.

      • Comments (487)

        You and I will have to disagree. She went to Helen and warned her about Amanda, but Helen went running to Aaryn and GM who alerted Amanda. Helen turned the HG against Candice because Candice figured out her game as well. Candice warned Helen and Judd. Helen will be the next one in jury house because she didn’t have the guts to get rid of Amanda when she had the numbers. Andy will probably put Jessie and Spenser on the block. If Jessie or Spenser wins the POV and uses it to save self, Helen will be sitting on that couch next Thursday. And it will serve her right. She should have stayed with her original alliance instead of dumping Candice for that rat Andy.

      • Comments (407)

        You are so right Julia. Helen is going to look back and say…”Oh my! I could have, should have and wish I had gotten rid of Amanda when I could have.”

      • Comments (651)

        ok ok but next week ok

      • Comments (49)

        Are you watching the live feeds, you must be just watching the BBAD and show. Helen has ran every decision by either Amanda or McCrae. Why do you think the laugh every time Andy comes to tell them about Helen, one or both of them have already heard it from Helen.

        Even Aaryns HOH deal was with Helen and Amanda not Helen and Elissa. Elissa has just been a carry on for Helen.

        Candice didn’t get anything until Jesse brought it to her. Candice turned the HGs against herself by doing the pitty party and sleeping 80% of everyday, which you don’t see unless you have the live feeds.

  19. Comments (118)

    Lets hope that the second half gets better now that the HG number is shrinking and they get closer to the prize. Big moves have to be coming as the power players run out of weaker ones and the alliance foundation cracks widen.

  20. Comments (126)

    I agreed with the analysis, it is shaping up to be the battle between Smartie-Smooth Helen and Arrogant but Sly Amanda. The next chess move is pivotal with Andy’s selections, and the POV results; I think Amanda wins this one since McCrae plays a lot of sway with Andy as well.

    Helen may find herself in a scramble if Amanda strikes first and she or an ally will need the next HOH win to not find herself behind the 8 ball. It’s going to get interesting. Amanda’s weakness is her emotional outbursts she really can’t handle the stress and bully’s to releases it, but people are getting tired of it, and she may just blow it as McCrae has been trying to warn her.

    The dark horse is Ellissa after the dust clears maybe even McCrae less Amanda.

  21. Comments (96)

    I agree Andy needs to make a bold move, but its Andy we are talking about and he’s probably going to put up the two players that have no alliance: Jessie and Spencer, which I think is ridiculous. If anything, he should cut deals with those two to get Amanda out. Jessie and Spencer really don’t have anyone at this point.

  22. Comments (3)

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Candice come back! I don’t care who wins now, they need to put a reset button on this whole season!

  23. Comments (651)

    If McCrea doesn’t use this chance to get Demanda out then he doesn’t deserve the money. It’s time for him to make his move.

    He’s got Andy in the perfect place because Amanda will believe McCrea over Andy if Andy tries to rat him out. Which means McCrea could unleash Full Blown Amanda on Andy next week and no one would blame him. Wow he could even convince her that Andy was the MVP and when McCrea confronted him about it that’s when Andy admitted it and then made up this story to protect himself. Just keep it at the last minute to backdoor Amanda so there’s no time for lap dog to convince her it was McCrea all along.

    If Andy did it, Helen would jump on, Spencer as well, Elissa and Jessie. Damn McCrea could even vote for whoever Amanda was up against and she would go into the jury thinking it was all Andy.

  24. Comments (44)

    From reading most of the comments on this site, I think most people are still watching this season because they are fans of the show. If this was the first season of big brother, i doubt most people would be watching the next. Apart from Nick’s eviction, every other eviction has been predictable. The drama’s are not even game related for the most part- all personal hatred or dislike.. no one ever thinking- pay back for nominating me or something. So many floaters, as long as i’m not the target this week mentality- like it’s so easy to forget some people are in the house, at one point i didnt know jessie was playing, or Andy, and now Elissa, even GM. The MVP twist didn’t help either. I’m sure the jury will also vote with the house, cause no one has any balls– like someone said: vote with defiance– “ohh i didn’t even want to put him/her up”, “i didnt want o vote this person out”, THEN DON’T.
    Sorry i’m just ranting–no ones wins this year, use the $500,000 to make BB 16 a better show, lol.

    • Comments (624)

      Let’s face it. BB is low-budget summer filler for the network. They seem to get stingier each season too. But CBS still gets plenty of bang for the buck with “only” a 500k grand prize. You can win more on a single night prime time game show by comparison. Don’t know where I’m going with this…increasing the prize won’t help but screening for the right guests and production doing a better job at steering the show the right way as the season plays on would be a good start.

  25. Comments (2)

    How can people like Elissa, her voice is annoying, she has no intelligence, is poor at challenges, and struggles to put sentences together when she speaks. What is wrong with people to want her to win?

  26. Comments (37)

    I love BBC and that is not Big Brother Canada that is Big Black C*ck! If Howie wants to F*ck the shit out of someone I would sign up in a heartbeat. Amanda and Candice both commented on the size of his BBC

  27. Comments (610)

    I’m wondering if the title of this particular blog entry should be “should we bother to continue watching”? (no offense Stevebeans). I ask myself that question after such pathetic game play most of the season. Yet I still watch because I’m so hopeful “someone” will finally play the game! Jessie started, albeit a little late, but everyone else is just a blind sheep or stepford player, going around doing the “house” bidding.

    • Comments (624)

      One of them needs to tell Amanda to STFU. Any of them have the guts? Stepford players is dead on. The America MVP votes got pissed away when they kept her in. Now they may be stuck with her.

  28. Comments (453)

    If they don’t start really playing the game the 500k should be given to charity, like Cancer research or St. Judes and the spineless wonders shown the front door to the BB house.

    • Comments (610)

      i agree. I certainly do not want any prize money awarded to anyone who has been making racist, bullying comments/behavior. (GM, Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer). That’s wrong on so many levels.

    • Comments (407)

      Peggi I agree with you that the money should be given to charity and I love both of your choices, especially since I am a cancer survivor, but I have a better choice in case Amanda, Aaryn or GM wins BB….give it to Crossroads Antiracism Organization and Training or Center For The Healing Of Racism! Sounds like a good idea to me.

    • Comments (651)

      How about the Anti-Defamation League?

  29. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    BB should take it’s cue from Survivor just this once – when they have one tribe that dominated the season and it’s just them basically left – next thing you know, a couple episodes later, the whole thing is done! Ripped off like a band aid and everyone is put out of their misery!
    I will watch the rest of the season as I always do, but with a bunch of ornery ladies and a few spineless guys left, I’m pretty sure I won’t enjoy it.

  30. Comments (9)

    It is clear that: (1) Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Aaryn have a solid final four deal and Spencer will do whatever they tell him to avoid eviction; (2) the target for eviction this week is Jessie: Andy will nominate Jessie/Spencer, with GM as replacement if one of them wins POV; and (3) Amanda/McCrae are already plotting to target Helen for eviction after they get Jessie out.
    Based on the above, I can’t think of any realistic scenario where Helen/Elisa/Jessie can flip the house, especially since Helen is clueless that Amanda/McCrae are coming for her head after the house evicts Jessie. It appears that the only way Helen/Elisa/Jessie can stay in this game is if they each run the table and win HOH and/or POV comps.
    If you disagree, please describe to me a realistic scenario where Helen/Elisa/Jessie can flip the house. Thanks.

    • just another fan
      Comments (48)

      I can’t believe I agree with someone named macaroniface…

    • Comments (302)

      There’s one sure way to flip the house. Win the HOH contest.

      • Comments (40)

        They have, and even when they do win HOH, they don’t do anything. They don’t flip the house, nobody wants “blood on their hands”. Say what!?! That’s the game!

    • Comments (768)

      Until Helen clues in that Andy is a double agent, she’s never going to flip the house because he’s going to run to Amanda and McCrae with every plan she comes up with and they will have the minions to defeat it.

    • Comments (60)

      I think all we can hope for is the new twist WILL turn the house on its head and is in the works…does anybody know why HG keeps referring to Judds eviction being ” so heartbreaking and stupid?” they are the ones that did it seems like a weird thing to keep saying?

      ……maybe I am hoping for too much but bb did manage to pull off the unexpected last night if they can do it a few more times and soon maybe there will be some game play?

  31. Comments (118)

    They must know Andy is a double agent fly on the wall, becoming more and more obvious and annoying

  32. Comments (19)

    Does Andy remind any of you of Ian?

    • Comments (80)

      Not even close. IMO Ian played the game so smart and wasn’t close to being considered a floated. Andy does what people tell him to do because he doesn’t have a brain of his own apparently.

      • Comments (19)

        Ian was a floater who never got caught. Andy I think was trying to play like Ian and failed miserably. Boogie didn’t think Ian was very smart either, but in the end he admitted that Ian played perfectly.

    • Comments (528)

      Ian was NOT a floater or a rat. He was 100% loyal to Dan until the moment in the final two when Dan was outed that he planned to evict Ian at the first opportunity. Ian deserved the win because, as much as Dan “played the game” via backstabbing and lying to get where he was, he apparently forgot a FUNDAMENTAL part of the game and that was the jury. Part of playing a SMART game is to NOT PISS OFF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE JUDGING YOU. Dan managed or burn every last one of them and that’s why he didn’t win. I’m sick of people saying he deserved the win – he didn’t. He failed to play a decent endgame while Ian, who WAS loyal also wasn’t a lying a-hole and he won for it.

      Andy isn’t playing any kind of game…he’s slinking from one powerhouse to another, ratting people out the moment they tell him something in confidence and if he does make it to the end (which he won’t) it will hurt his game big time.

  33. Comments (111)

    I think the best move would be to get McCrae out first, then Amanda. Obviously Amanda can’t win anything, while McCrae is better at them. If McCrae left, Amanda would LOSE IT and go crazy. This making her a huge target and going out the following week. McCrae also contains (or at least tries lol) Amanda’s sanity. I feel if Amanda went first then McCrae would be very determined to gun after the HOH of the week Amanda leaves and get out someone we like.

    • Comments (19)

      Omokisei, never thought of that. Amanda would lose it and go crazy for sure. I wonder if BB has a padded room to put her in if she goes nuts. I would not want to spend the next entire week with her if McCrae went home.

    • Comments (651)

      That’s why McCrea needs to have Andy backdoor Amanda. His hands would still be clean and Amanda would be going psycho in the jury house.

  34. Comments (343)

    LoL…6 girls and 3 boys. Aren’t the men and women by now?! I guess it is fitting — they all act like kids, including mommy Helen. BB15 Summer of the Stupid. Why even watch Sunday…without America having the balls to put up Amanda, it is dull. The HGs, anyway, are to scared/dumb to vote out Amanda anyway, and even stupidly blame Judd for being MVP. BB15 Summer of the Stupid.

  35. Comments (4)

    I was a little ticked off after last night. Not that I’ve been a big fan of Judd’s but it was the CBS implanted paranoia of the MVP that removed him from the game and I see that as unfair. I did suggest this to CBS as well, to get a little bit of retribution for it they should announce to the house guests that America was the MVP for the last few weeks. Amanda’s reaction alone would be great but so would seeing the reaction from all those that conspired against Judd. Judd is only as shady as Andy, but Andy seems protected by Amanda, and Amanda seems protected regardless of how she plays the game.

    • Comments (528)

      I agree. The MVP completely screwed him over and if I were him and found out I’d have some serious complaints to make to production. CBS is clearly okay with cheating, they’ve always made that abundantly clear.

    • Comments (25)

      CBS really successfully perpetuated a fraud with the HGs, since they announced that America would choose the HG MVP each week who would then choose the third one for the block. When CBS changed the rules to America choosing the third one for the block, CBS did not tell the GH that the rules had changed. So CBS knew someone in the house would take the fall for it. And I wonder what path production leads the HG down in diary.

  36. Comments (40)

    I agree with everything you said Steve and it is nice to finally see Aaryn be a have not. And I found it so crazy last night when Spencer was entering the bedroom where Mcmanda was and Amanda told him that he should go to another room to sleep, and he had a stunned look on his face and then said, is this a new part of your strategy.?. She says well, I just thought you would like to be in a room where you can get some sleep. She is just so abrasive and in your face with things. He then went over to the bed and laid down and made it clear he was sleeping there. But I know he is on limited time like the others. I’m not for Him staying there, as I said I am amazed at Amanda’s brazen comments.

  37. Comments (1162)

    TOO FUNNY!!!

    McCrae telling Andy how disrespectful Jeremy was to the other HGs and how he would
    NEVER be with someone like that.

    Aaryn saying that Candice was so rude in her Exit Speech, no one will ever
    hire her for a job.

    • Comments (651)

      I’ve been looking at other sites and people are actually talking about how Aaryn is young and sheltered and just doesn’t know any better…
      Spoiler Alert: Rant Coming
      Aaryn is 22 years old. She’s old enough to be in law school or medical school. She old enough to be the para-legal working on your defense or a Nurse Practitioner prescribing you medication. But she’s not old enough to know what she’s saying is WRONG!!
      Oh she’s been sheltered…What? Has she been living in a cave without cable or WiFi?
      We know she has been told about her comments and she’s held back in front of the others but get her and GM alone and off she goes. So she is well aware of what she’s saying. And it’s not just about race. She said Candice was adopted and that’s why she wasn’t raised right. Who even thinks that?!?!?

      • Comments (453)

        sorry, bigot does as bigot is raised!

      • Comments (453)

        oh sorry forgot to add, Aaryn is so sheltered she talked how she and her father drive around in the truck drinking beer, (see previous comment)

    • Comments (682)

      Don’t forget GM laughing about her comment to Candice about her mother and saying Candice is so “low class”.

  38. Comments (651)

    I better now…I think

  39. Comments (1)

    Andy is nothing more than the house weasel. Too bad he actually won this week-I wanted him gone

  40. Comments (2)

    Hate Andy, I liked him in the beginning. He’s a rat. Don’t care for Helen, she used Candice idea for getting rid of the men and then turned on her. Hate hate Amanda, she is such an a$$. Wanted Judd or McCrae to win but now I think Elissa or Jessie should win. Wish McCrae would get rid of Amanda.

  41. Comments (143)

    At this point, it seems like spencer may actually have the best game overall, he had andy and mccrae and everyone begging aaryan to keep spencer. My favourite players left in the house are elissa and…??, I really don’t know the rest of them are pretty disgusting people. May plan was to go for Judd if Candice and Howard went out, so I really don’t know, they are just evicting any house guest who is not a filthbag.

    You also have to remember Spencer was in the MC and got Nick out and flipped the house into its current situation. If he makes it to the end he beats everyone. even amanda, his move was bigger. although amanda did often pick the mvp noms to go up, spencer at several points in the hole game ran the ENTIRE house.

  42. Comments (41)

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how Elissa is this group’s favorite to win! I’d put her at the bottom of that list. I don’t see that she’s done anything but hang onto Helen’s coattails. And her speech is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    I think McRae, Amanda, and Helen are definitely the best PLAYERS of the game. I’m not saying I want to be friends with any of them, however. 😉

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