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Big Brother 15 – Post Eviction Thread; HoH Updates

bb15-andy-scaredWell, that was an interesting double eviction episode. With one swift kick, the exterminators evicted both Amanda and Elissa with a lot of help from McCrae.  Yes, you read that right.. McCrae.  To be fair to McCrae, Andy is apparently going to win an Oscar for his performance during Amanda’s eviction.  He was so convincing, Elissa told Julie that she felt McCrae was the flip on Amanda.. Yes, the guy who had a fake marriage and has been doing the horizontal shuffle all summer with Amanda suddenly decided he wanted her gone.

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When McCrae won HoH, his back was still against the wall, but had a chance to work with Elissa and drop the numbers a little.  If Elissa could have won the next HoH, the final 4 would have been 2 vs 2 and odds are back to even.  McCrae decided to make the worst decision of the season and put Elissa on the block next to GinaMarie.  Elissa needed to win PoV or she was gone…. and let’s just say, she didn’t win PoV.

Now, McCrae sits in the house with 4 people against him and he can’t play in the next HoH competition.  Watching McCrae without Amanda quickly became evident how terrible of a gamer he is and probably would have been evicted in week 2 if not for that showmance.

McCrae is going to finish 5th, and there is a 50% chance a complete douchebag will win Big Brother 15 (Spencer or GM).  To make matters worse, the exterminators are going to be so insufferable to watch this week that it’s going to be hard to blog.

Anyway, the HoH competition will likely happen tonight and I will update this thread when it happens.  I’m just really in shock about the results of the episode tonight, so I’m going to watch some football until the feeds come back on.

HoH Results:

Spencer is the new HoH

Sorry for the late update.  The feeds were down so long, I ended up zonking out.

There were some punishments to the comp.  GM and McCrae are tied together and Judd has to exercise whenever a whistle goes off.   I’m not sure why McCrae got punished since he couldn’t compete, perhaps the update I read was wrong and it was Andy?  I’ll find out when I get home.

It’s time to hit the road back home, see you in a few hours

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  1. Comments (29)

    I think at 7:14pm we saw McCrae attempt to bury the hatchet with GM. This should be interesting…

    • Comments (226)

      But they are still bashing Elissa! What pieces of sh*t!

      • Comments (29)

        Man, these people are vile human beings. Of the ones left, I think I’m going to have to root for McCrae now.

      • Comments (120)

        YES and Spencer said if ELISSA wins America’s Player at the FINALE

        he is going to pull his pants down and shit on stage.

        PLEASE SOMEONE GET HIM A DIAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        He is just classless and a loser he is also packing ELISSA stuff

        and going through everything. WHAT A GUY GLAD HE’S NOT MINE!!!

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy is a TOTAL creep.

      • Comments (302)

        Everything about him is creepy. Of course Andy begins the campaign of how no one in the house will vote for him trying to convince everyone to take him to the finals. No doubt they’re all stupid enough to eat that up. In almost in other year he’d probably be right … no one would vote for him. But this season with so many distasteful options he probably stands a pretty good chance against any of them in the finals.

      • Comments (36)

        So true. And spencer keeps saying nobody will vote for him to win which is probably true. That’s why he might get taken to final 2 with any of them.
        Disgusting hateful people were down to. McCrae is not as bad but he’s makes stupid blunders. The worst one was staying in bed with Amanda all season long.

      • Comments (27)

        Spencer will probably be sniffing her undies like a perv or take a crap in her bag the Dbag.

      • Comments (226)

        Production should have been the ones to pack up her belongings. CBS FAIL!

      • Comments (832)

        The Elissa bashing isn’t too surprising given the fact they (esp GM) still bash Candice every time her name comes up. Can’t believe the HG’s wasted their summer gossiping & dropping F-bombs!

      • Comments (1076)

        My mother and her girlfriends wasted their summer in just the same manner.

      • Comments (1076)

        This comment was in reply to kneeless. I don’t know how it ended up here. Kneeless said the HG”S wasted their summer gossiping & dropping the f-bomb and I said…..

      • Comments (12)

        Because Elissa is stupid! Unless Amanda made a final two deal with her. I would have nothing to say to her. Even if it came down to Elissa, Amanda, McCrae. Who do you think the final two is going to be?????????????

      • Comments (3)

        Like she said, she knew that no one else would be willing to work with her, except Amanda and McCrae, who were desperate for votes. It’s better to have 2 allies than 0. It was actually a good strategy putting her personal feeling aside if Andy’s flip flopping ass had stayed loyal to McCranda.

    • Comments (16)

      The only person left who I wouldn’t hate to see win this year is Andy. He’s played a pretty good game. Judd is likeable but hasn’t done anything to deserve $500k. Plus, he’s been evicted already. That’s a strike in my book.

      So far, this is shaping up to be the worst season in BB history in terms of skillful play.

    • Comments (120)

      This is for today 9/6/2013 3:45PM Spencer has now told ANDY the RAT

      that he will put up GM and Mcrea for evection and he said he Don’t

      care who leaves. He has to keep he guys together. What did I say last

      night Spencer has no regard for women and GM should watch her back

      I will let all you wonderful people that have watched this year know

      what my decision is going to be but I kinda feel I’M DONE

      with this years BB. Right I have to go to work.

  2. Comments (2)

    I really hope as soon as McCrae walks in the jury house next week Amanda slaps him for how bad he played.

    • weneedabigmovebycbs
      Comments (21)

      that should be next week because of his p*ss poor play with his HOH

      • Comments (34)

        I was actually SO shocked that he put Elissa on the block. I was sure that he’d realize Andy flipped on him. Really disappointed because I’m honestly not a fan of the exterminators. Blegh – especially Spencer (who looks to be there another week).

      • Comments (293)

        Gm and McCrae are chained together and, as new HOH, Spencer plans to put her and McCrae on the block; he wants McCrae gone–but he can’t tell GM the plan because she’s chained to McCrae! Spencer tells Andy that Andy will not be put on the block; neither will he be a replacement nominee!

    • Comments (120)

      This is the worst decision MCREA could have made. Now he is in a house

      with 3 people against him and 1 RAT against him. Mcrea deserves to be

      booted off next week for this blunder. He Had the HOH and chose Elissa

      to to up with GM I telling you this guy is thinking with WRONG HEAD!

      PS: THE RAT ANDY SHOULD UP FOR AND OSCAR for this performance tonight.

      • Comments (624)

        He probably still thinks there’s hope for that all guy alliance they discussed earlier in the season.

    • Comments (378)

      Btw steve nice job hiding the fact that youre an Elissatard 😉 nobody could tell 😛

    • Comments (17)

      this comment is to the person whom updated us, why do you think that Gina Marie is such a douche bag??? She has never shit on anyone in the house the whole entire game, she successfully got out the wicked witch of the entire united states of america, and yea she is a weirdo when it comes to nick, but she can work on that issue after the game is over. I am not from anywhere close to staten island , I dont even know how to spell staten correctly, but please share with me why you think that GM is a douchebag? maybe u know something that I dont? Please dont take this as if I am being a smart elic, I just want to know. Thank you.

      • Comments (7)

        Kimberlina – I’m not sure if this is a joke or not, considering GM is one of the worst in the house in terms of rasict comments, being one of the two house guests to be fired from their jobs for these types of remarks. I literally cringe everytime she opens her mouth – because the stupid actually hurts. I apologize if you are friends/family with her because that is the only explination I can come up with to understand your comment – unless its a joke in which case, I’m also sorry.

      • Comments (3)

        GM made some of the worst/most racist/hateful comments this season… She’s hated almost as much as Aaryn was… Not to mention she couldn’t form a grammatically correct sentence if her life depended on it.

    • Comments (7)

      Julie Chen and CBS not questioning Amanda about her rants and racism throughout the season as they did Aaryn is what we should be upset about. Not whining about the final 5 and who they are. Shame on the network for not handling that correctly. And I hope the disappointment is heard through all the complaining about Elissa leaving

      • Comments (4)

        I am upset that Julie let Amanda off so easy! I was looking forward to Julie confronting her + seeing Amanda’s reaction. What a friggin let down!!!!

      • Comments (624)

        Amanda wasn’t all that bad on the racist stuff like Aaryn was. Amanda was just more of a raging bitch in general.

      • Comments (160)

        In some ways, I think she was worse than Aaryn. She actually threatened to kill people. Racists or not.

        They’re both equally racists, in my opinion. They both make inappropriate comments about other races whether it was black, Asian or latino.

      • Comments (226)

        I don’t know that those comments make them all pure to the core racists but more prejudiced, ignorant and insecure.

        As we know bullying types are insecure and exert power over others by cutting them down, or in defense of themselves.

      • Comments (1092)

        I don’t really know what a. “Pure to the core racist” is.

        Imho if you are racist, you are racist. The action is ugly enough that there isn’t a grey zone. You aren’t just a little racist, or just racist against a particular group.
        You are simply racist.

      • Comments (343)

        I agree. Amanda said many remarks similar to Aaryn, and also acted like a bullying loudmouth jerk (But CBS rewards those types — see: Dick Donato).

      • Comments (2)

        Amanda was worse than aaryn….what is the deal…she was terrible with murderouswords comming out of her mouth….I just don’t get it..I guess she didn’t have racist Asian comments that made Julie mad…..very hypocritical!

      • Comments (1)

        I think the reason why they didn’t show any of Amanda’s rants and remarks Is because she is Jewish and the creator of big brother or the network owner of BB is also Jewish.

    • Comments (12)

      If he actually had a brain, McCrae should have put up Andy and Judd. He was already questioning Andy’s loyalty all week and Judd pretty much showed his cards at various times when telling Amanda that he probably wasn’t going to vote to keep her.

      If the actual result of tonight’s POV (ie. Judd won) occurred in this hypothetical nominations pairing, Judd would’ve taken himself off and McCrae could’ve placed Spencer on the block. In this case, Judd probably would’ve voted to keep Spencer and Elissa surely would have been happy to get the rat out. GM’s vote wouldn’t matter. Andy would have been out of the door.

      McCrae is the stupidest, so-called superfan ever!

      • Comments (302)

        God Bless you TeamGetAndyOut for the switch from TeamGetAmandaOut. Your Jedi powers are my final hope to see the rat get exterminated by his own alliance. I’m amazed at how much information Judd freely shares with Andy when it would benefit him to keep it close to the vest. Ditto on McCrae being stupidest Superfan ever. On one of your previous post you said they might bring Pandora’s Box in now. That would be the only salvation of what is guaranteed to be a pathetic march to the $500K. But somehow McCrae would do something stupid like using the Diamond power of Veto it to save Andy. All hope is lost. Feeds now filled with the pitiful trash talk from the pea-brained remaining guest who couldn’t hold an interesting conversation if their life’s depended on it.

      • Comments (160)

        I would rather Spencer go. The guy is sitting way too pretty for doing absolutely nothing.

        He just goes along with the house. Yes, he agreed to be in an alliance but he doesn’t do any kind of game move. Annnnnnd he’s absolutely disgusting.

      • Comments (34)

        I completely agree – I wouldn’t be happy to see Spencer make it to the final 2 (I don’t think he’ll win anyways, but I still would love to see him finally booted out.) Don’t like him at all…

    • Comments (17)

      Spener wins HOH & is walking around like he’s “all that”! With a bunch of losers competing not much to brag about! I’m so sick of this season!

      • Comments (4411)

        Well, well, well, FINALLY DiSpencer won something. Its about time, so at least he can’t say that he floated through the ENTIRE game. So now he’s strutting around the house…all siked and stuff…now he’s making a sandwich with his dirty little hands…now we get a close up of crumbs in his nasty little beard (of which I’m sure will come in handy as left overs during the night)…now with all that adrenalin pumping through those nasty little clogged arteries, he gleefully tells the other houseguest that maybe he’ll get a picture of “Marilyn”, “Oh wait, I forgot, she might not have signed the release form, but its been 72 days so she might have by now” (secret code for Mom to run to Walmart and buy one of those frames with the pictures already in them and give it to BB production to place in basket).

        OH GAWD! I was SO hoping he’s go home or SOMEWHERE, so I wouldn’t have to listen to anymore of his stories (does anyone else notice that he either knows something about everything or has a story for everything?). He’s driven a train, he’s flown a plane, worked at a bar, designed a car (starting to sound like Dr.Seuss). He’s played hockey, baseball, basketball, football (although I suspect the only pigskin he’s ever touched is his own). Just Aaarrrggghhh! ENOUGH ALREADY!

        Since everyone I cared just a little bit about winning is now gone, the best I can hope for is that this coming week that damn house will turn into Lord Of The Flies (they’ve already got a head start, only maggots left in the house anyway). Oh well, there’s always next year. I’m not going to boycott BB or CBS and say next year I’m not watching…who would I be fooling? After the harsh snows of winter, and the delicate showers of spring have washed away the bitter taste of BB15 in my throat, I’ll be anxiously sitting here with baited breath, waiting for BB16. Such is the life of a BB Junkie. I wish you guys luck with trying to figure out who you’d give your vote to. As for me, after tonight I give up on rooting for any of these misfits. I’m just going to watch the show till the end, come here and make my comments and not worry or care about who gets money that they don’t deserve 🙂

      • Comments (3)

        So true!!

      • Comments (651)

        On another site they show a pick of Spencer the Perv in his HoH bed with beef jerky in one hand and the other hand down his pants–UGH!!!!

      • Comments (160)

        Uggghhhh crap! I should’ve read this first. But I still want him gonnnnnnneeeee.

  3. Comments (2)

    The only thing that will make this week bearable is if McCrae wins POV.

  4. Comments (29)

    The look on Andy’s face when Amanda called him out was priceless. It was “OMG, I’ve been had! I hope nobody else heard that *cryyyy*”

    • Comments (28)

      Amanda explained to Julie that she did that to BENEFIT Andy’s game.

      Seriously, love him or hate him – Andy’s got GAME. He was able to fool Elissa, McCrae and Amanda. Not an easy fete. And he is also convincing the Exterminators that his act is to benefit ALL OF THEM, when he knows it benefits him the most. And the fact that no one caught onto his obvious red faced exaggerated expressions of horror, surprise. glee etc?? Shame on them for being so stupid.
      From a purely game standpoint, Andy deserves to go to the finals.
      If viewers want to react emotionally to his tactics, then root for someone else.

      Personally he reminds me of me of my close gay friends…I kinda like his snarky wit.

      • Comments (1)

        I agree. Andy’s game play is definately not the most likable/respected. However, not everyone can pull it off. He’s backstabbed many, yet still manages to get people to trust him. While his gameplay isn’t as likable as others, from a game standpoint, he’s positioned himself well and deserves at least some credit for that.

      • Comments (4)

        I agree. Love him or hate him, Andy’s got game + it’s working for him. He may be the rat + têhe weasel aso many ppl call him but his lying, backstabbing + mental manipulation along with his acting chops works! Isn’t lying, backstabbing, manipulation what this game is all about? When did it become who’s the nicest?

      • Comments (23)

        Everyone can talk crap about Andy all they want and call him a rat, but he is at least final 4 (he is the closest to Spencer in the house, so I don’t see him sitting on the block this week, not even as a seat filler)) and that is big in BB. Yes, he ran around gathering information and getting close to most of the people in the house, then reported that information, first to McCranda, then to the exterminators, but it worked for him. It is quite possibly because the HGs this season aren’t the brightest crayons in the box and couldn’t catch on to his gameplay, but he was able to use their ignorance to his advantage. Most BB fans were routing for Elissa to win or Judd, but Andy fooled them both. First Judd….Andy was in on the DE blindside that landed Judd in the jury house, but when Judd came back, he played stupid and Judd bought it hook, line, and sinker. Then there is Elissa. He played buddy buddy with her, while telling everyone in the house how much he hates her, then she started to wise up after Helen got the boot. But it didn’t take long for Andy to play her for a fool yet again….McCrae vote out Amanda…really Elissa? Even Julie Chen found that surprising! So call him a rat all you want…sainted Elissa is sitting her ass in the jury house (or wherever they hold evictees until the take them to the jury house) while Andy is, at the very least, final 4 with a good shot at final 2 and may eventually be half a mil richer.
        So lets all praise Elissa because she is SOOOO great, even though she wasn’t great enough to “smell the rat”!!

      • Comments (15)

        This is correct. If we’re talking about the outside world and a personal relationship, Andy is just awful. But, in the BB house his lying and working people has worked for him, it’s too bad but, since when are the annoying people not allowed to win?(Evel Dick, Rachel) His strategy has gotten him to the final 5, probably final 4. Same with Spencer, laying low has gotten him to final 4. IF we want to talk undeserving and evil, let’s discuss Gina Marie. She is the one person left that I would be truly disgusted by their winning. She has proven how dirty, lowdown, uneducated and trashy she truly is. Her attacks on Candace, the horrible comments about her adoption, her constant commentary about the other girl’s genitalia. It is obvious that she has nothing intelligent to say so this is all her pea brain can come up with but in a battle of wits she comes unarmed. I feel so embarrassed for her every time she opens her trash mouth and can’t wait to see how excited she will be on finale night to see Nick and how one sided that will be. He is dreading this, I’m sure.

      • Comments (1092)


        I agree 100%.

        Andy has played a game where he has been adapting to what is going on in the house, and having a plan to go forward

        Everyone else is only thinking about what is happening today and tomorrow.

        He is miles ahead in strategy.

        If he wins, he will go down as being one of the best ever to “play” the house and win.

        Having said all that, I hope they blindside him bigtime. I want to see that whiney little rat cry a river of tea so long and so wide, it would put the Amazon to shame. I would like to see him exit and just sob like a little baby on Julie’s shoulder. . That would be the highlight of the season, perhaps second only to gm’s nomination ceremony.

    • Comments (2)

      We can only hope!!! BTW – Andy DOES NOT “Have Game” – He’s a floater and rode on the coat tails of Amanda & Helen before latching on to Spencer & the other 3. All Andy is a PATHETIC tattle-tail with absolutely NO sense of loyalty or this game!!! He can dish it out but he so cannot take it. Him crapping his pants every time he does something wrong & justifies or apologizes for it is getting REALLY old!!! Too top things off he is just as cruel as Spencer but has NO backbone!!! I for one cannot wait for him to go & I am so HAPPY he made the decision to let Amanda know what a SNAKE he’s been so she can go into the jury house smearing his name and ruining whatever “Game” he THINKS he has!!!!

  5. Comments (768)

    Beans I just wanted to thank you for persevering on blogging this season. I’m sure it was as difficult for you to blog it as it has been for us to watch it. For me, it started off good, but soon turned into a total snoozefest and at this point IDGAF who wins it. Looking forward to the start of Survivor on Sept. 17!!! Maybe see you guys next year! 🙂

    • Comments (1162)

      Well Said!

      Nice getting to know you, Rob.
      I’ve enjoyed your insight and great sense of humor.
      Hopefully we’ll “see” each other for BB16.
      Have a great year ……

    • Comments (7)

      WAH!!!!! my girl Elissa is gone WAH!!!!!!! Cry me a river. Hahahahaha

    • Comments (11)

      Yes I agree, its been the worst season ever. If Survivor is on I’m not even going to watch the end of this. Its flipping boring and stupid.

    • Comments (1)

      I love Spencer good bye Amanda excited for blood v water survivor nice blog

    • Comments (30)

      I agree with Rob. Thank you Steve for keeping us up with the antics of the HG’s. Yes, watching the season did get boring. But what wasn’t boring was this site. I found myself coming home and checking the update postings and then looking forward to reading the BB fan’s comments. So THANK YOU to those who post comments on a regular basis. You have made this BB season fun and entertaining for me!

  6. Comments (4)

    mccrae, you fool!

  7. Comments (1)

    I Couldn’t Of Said It Better Myself, So Disappointed, I Felt For Sure He Would Of Stepped His Game Up An Put Andy An GM On The Block But Nope Just Really Didn’t Enjoy This Seasons As I Have In The Past.

  8. Comments (1)

    Yep. The 5 grossest people are left. Not sure if I will even continue to watch. Worst BB SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (20)

      Well put Ray….I don’t even care to watch the rest of the show because I don’t want any of them to win. None of them deserve it. Elissa, you deserved to go after you aligned with Amanda….I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you!!!

      • Comments (103)

        I disagree, aligning with Amanda was her best move at the time. She’s not a member of the Exterminators. What choice did she have? IF she could have saved Amanda, then she’s got A 2 bigger targets ahead of her, and B two allies. BUT I guess you Amanda haters can’t really see the game move aspect of it!

      • Comments (2826)

        “Elissa, you deserved to go after you aligned with Amanda”…


  9. Comments (1162)

    BB15 has been awful from the beginning and tonight it concluded
    by becoming totally unwatchable……

    Handing winnings over to any of the remaining pigs, racists, bigots
    and perverts is total $Hit!

    *Hey Production – have enough integrity to remove the Bible from

    • Comments (7)

      Jesus Christ on the cross will you calm down?!?!! It’s a game

      • Comments (1162)

        Sorry if I upset you regarding whichever pervert, racist, bigot or pig
        is still in the game and your favorite.

      • Comments (1076)

        All the people at my church want to know which one of them you are talking about.

      • Comments (86)

        Stop watching the show and find a new hobby or interest.

        Maybe you can start a christian only version of the show; where the houseguests are required to to tell the truth, sing hymns, and discuss the bible. You can get kicked off for using words you don’t approve of or dressing incorrectly.

      • Comments (1076)

        That one sailed right over your head, didn’t it Bobby Boy?

      • Comments (86)

        no, no it did not.

      • Comments (71)

        I can’t believe the butthurt about Elissa. Boycotts? Never watching again? It’s a GAME, for Pete’s sake. Elissa will be just fine! They didn’t kill her or anything like that! If anyone in the house will be just fine after BB, she will!
        Good grief.
        You’d think she were a cult leader with the way some people are hysterical about her!

        (NO, I’m not an Elissa hater at all, I’m a drama hater!)

      • Comments (28)

        Right on!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Elissa exited the house just as aloof and detached as when she entered it. The hate for her by the other HG’s is not altogether unwarranted. Her belongings were more important than saying goodbye. Her lack of class is constantly reflected in her behavior, no matter how lofty her speech.

    • Comments (11)

      I totally agree. I don’t know how production managed to find all these nasty people.

      • Comments (1162)

        The Winner of BB15 –
        The HG who says FY and C**T the most often.

        Get out your calculators!

      • Comments (48)

        I wish I could post a pic on here I found on Twitter of Julie holding a key at finale that says NEITHER! I might kinda root for Judd….if McCrae were staying too, but I’m sure he’ll be gone next week :/

      • Comments (48)

        the rest I just don’t care about, esp Spencer with the disgusting sexual stuff he’s just said about Elissa and Andy needs to go back down the sewer to look for Splinter of the Ninja Turtles and maybe learn a lesson or 2 on being human :p

      • Comments (624)

        He kinda looks like Santa’s overgrown elf.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy may look like Santa’s overgrown elf, but
        he is just an overgrown creep.
        Nice guys don’t use the word, C**t and
        Andy’s is a pro with it.
        Since tonight’s show, Andy has said that if Elissa had won
        and was given a Special Power, he would have
        punched her in the face.
        This guy is such a slimy wuss willing to say all kinds
        of $hit whenever the person he is dissing isn’t around
        to hear him.

        Considering all of the creeps in the BBH, if there
        has to be a Winner – why not give it to the one with the
        biggest balls – GinaMarie.

      • Comments (11)

        Spencer is the new HOH!!

      • Comments (233)

        Snap out of it! You obviously are not in your right mind if you’re entertaining the idea of GM as a viable choice. Get some rest, you’ll feel better in the morning. 🙂

      • Comments (651)

        The worst thing Rat Dog did was nothing. He did nothing when racist comments were made directly and indirectly against other HGs. He did nothing when they were talking about killing and raping other HGs. He did nothing to stand up for anyone being harassed and bullied. He did nothing except show that he should not be an educator because he is spineless.

      • Comments (624)

        Middie…I agree that with the lack of anyone all that great of who’s left, I’d say GM or Judd for the win. Andy’s a backstabbing wuss. You’re right that he’s all about the big talk when the other person’s not around to confront him on his BS. I wonder if he thinks that just because he’s gay he can say the C word and threaten to slap/hit a girl because he thinks he’s an “honorary girl” himself. Not gay bashing, just wondering if that’s Andy’s way of thinking.

      • Comments (41)

        I’ve been wondering that too Papi… why does Andy think it’s alright to continually threaten physical violence against women? That and the fact he sits and laughs while all the racist, misogynistic and bullying comments are made and DOES NOTHING is the reason I don’t like him.

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah he also said something about Elissa must taste like strawberry soda. You know where….yep he’s big ol perv.

      • Comments (120)

        Spencer is just so disgusting. The things he says yep he’s a perv.

        Someone in production should tell him to stop. He is rolling the

        show into the gutter. No way does he respect women. GM LOOK OUT.

        He will be gunning for you, do not trust this perv.

        And someon please get him a DIAPER so he dosen’t SHIT on STAGE!

      • Comments (1076)

        They looked out a window.

    • Comments (42)

      we all agree that Andy is a rat but he is the best player in the game…and best player deserve to stay..Elissa was so stupid to not able to convince Mc to not put her up..she didn’t have right qualities to win BB..

      she wasted her Hoh, she allied with Amanda were in she was supposed to align with exterminators. In fact if there was no Helen she wud have been evicted long time ago cause she does know how to beg for is better to bend than to break!!!

      • Comments (1162)

        Where have you been?
        She had to align with Amanda because she has no one else.
        The Exterminators didn’t include her and were never going to do so.

      • Comments (42)

        She never made an attempt to speak to anyone..she never approaches anyone…she expects ppl to come to her for alliance….if u don’t know Amanda came to Elissa for alliance..even with that she didn’t had skills to convince Mc tat she was the true partner after Amanda is gone..

      • Comments (35)

        Do you watch the live feeds? Amanda did approach her first, but Elissa grabbed Amanda about 30 minutes later to go to the cock pit with her change of heart.

      • Comments (42)

        wats point in allying with Amanda if u don’t get Mc in the deal??? she cudnt she take Mc under confidence…throughout the week Mc was saying ‘Andy is fu**ing solid’

      • Comments (1162)

        Actually, Amanda was certain of Andy’s loyalty
        and McCrae wasn’t.

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah I think MC fell for Andy’s lie. Elissa was the only vote MC had left in the house and he sent her packing.

      • Comments (75)

        She did have him on his side. He just thought it was her that flipped not Andy. Elissa should of tried to tell him it wasn’t her. She never said anything. Well unless they didn’t show it.

      • Comments (293)

        She did not make convincing pleas during her speeches. She needed to convince McCrae she was with him and Amanda. Even if she had the wrath of the Exterminators, she would have been there another week with the opportunity to win HOH and/or POV.

      • Comments (35)

        Elissa deciding to “flip” to keep Amanda didn’t do her any damage. Regardless of who she voted to keep, it was either her or McCrae out in the DE (if she didn’t win HOH). As much as I hated it, it was a smart move. She was looking out for herself, come in 5th or 3rd. McCrae looks like the biggest dummy for nominating Elissa and essentially getting her booted. You’re next McCrae, unless you win veto. As mad as that made me at MC, I want him to win Veto to see which of the Exterminators they have to get rid of!

        Judd would now be my choice to win. I’m hoping that Andy has screwed himself so bad and has lost many of the jury votes. They need to show us the Jury House and Amanda’s reaction when Elissa tells her how she was evicted!!

        The live feeds have been back for close to an hour, and the Elissa bashing continues. (Guys only, GM has been in the Diary Room). They are disgusting and I have no desire to watch the feeds now, which sucks because I finally decided to sign up for them last Thursday. Oh well, BB15, you’ve been a huge disappointment and I can only hope next season is worth watching!

      • Comments (195)

        I think Steve’s next thread title should be Elissa Bashing Part 100. It is absolutely disgusting and unbelievable how much they trash this girl. Just goes to show the mentality in the house. They have nothing else constructive or intelligent to talk about except for trashing Elissa and I might add in a very very hurtful and personal way. Some of the things Andy has said about her is just horrific. He is not only a rat but just as much of a scumbag as the rest of them. The other night the bashing was unreal. They would trash talk Elissa for about an hour then talk about something else for 5min then back to trashing Elissa. And for gosh sakes GM I am so sick of every second word out of your mouth is the F word. Do you understand how uneducated and immature you sound? Sad bunch of human beings.

      • Comments (10)

        I agree with you. Not trying to say I’m perfect & never swear, but come on ..she uses it front of every person, place or thing. Gets old real quickly

      • Comments (8)

        I agree completely about the language. When trying to listen to BBAD, such a significant amount is bleeped I cannot get the gist of most of the conversations. I guess they think this type of language makes them oh so “cool”, but shows how little command of the English language they have.

      • Comments (11)

        (GM)She dos not know how to speak English. Now we know why she still lives at home with here parents… She says she’s never drank. I don’t believe that. I have listen to her reasons why she don’t drink, and it sounds like she is an alcoholic, and don’t want to admit it. She was most likely to get drunk and get herself kicked out of the game. There all a bunch of losers. Im going for McCrae or Judd, and its not because they played a good game either. All the losers are still there. LOL.. It sure would be nice to see the Pandora’s box bring back some of the players, and then I will watch.. 🙂

      • Comments (11)


      • Comments (624)

        Not to mention 99 percent of her audio gets dumped even on BBAD when she keeps dropping the effenheimers. Almost as annoying as the BEEP BEEP BEEP of other reality shows.

      • Comments (875)

        I believe the reason Andy is making such vile comments about Elissa is because outta everybody in the House, “she” was on to him, and he knew it! But it still isn’t reason to keep on bashing the Woman, (Elissa.) If you noticed, Andy also bashed Candice all of the time too, especially when he had nothing to offer to the conversation.

        I don’t like Andy, Judd, Spencer (ick), McCrae, or GM. Judd is the worse tho, because Elissa “could” have put him on the block when he came back into the game, but didn’t do so.

      • Comments (226)

        I can see him doing some of the bashing to earn his keep in the new gang, but Geez! That’s is all.they.did.last.night. All Elissa did was NOT like them back.

      • Comments (1)

        Why would she align herself with the exterminator? The were going to evict her either during the double eviction or the week after depending on whether she wins HOH? Allying with Amanada was a great move for her at the time, I can’t see any other option for her to make it to final 4… She, Amanada, MC had no concrete alliance with any of the remaining 4 hg. Keeping Amanda in the house also makes her become less of a target.

      • Comments (86)

        I don’t think we all agree he is a rat. Those of us that are rational human beings can agree he is the best player left in the game though.

      • Comments (624)

        I think he’s a little chicken shit floater…always hiding behind someone else making the unpopular decisions. There, I said it.

    • Comments (302)

      Well said Midwest Middie. I’m sick with myself for investing this much time on the worst season of Big Brother ever. I see they’re having a Big Brother 15 Cast Party in L.A. at $50 a head. I’m tempted to go just so I could slap each one of them upside the head and finish the night in a screaming match with Amanda … maybe it would make me feel better.

      • Comments (1162)

        You should go. There will likely be more BB Fans ticked off
        at these HGs than supporters.
        Rachel is hosting the Party, which could make it even more interesting.
        : )

      • Comments (71)

        Sorry, but that sounds kind of stalker-like.

      • Comments (71)

        Posted in the wrong place (blasted iPhone!). I was referring to, well, anyone who is thinking about going to the cast party all angry and hateful. That is just creepy. Totally sounds like a stalker, or worse (hello, Jared Loughner?).

      • Comments (86)

        Your rational comments will not be well received here.

      • Comments (2)

        I wouldn’t waste my time. Screaming at Amanda would be like screaming at a huge brick wall. =/

  10. Comments (16)

    They all need to figure out now Andy is a rat and not trust him…. Him and spencer should go on the block… Mc just made a bad move and I don’t like him but hope he wins next pov and put others in their place… Knock them off their ego alters
    Ugh … Rest if season seems so sucky…
    BB please just show us the jury house clips instead of BB house other the comps….even on after dark or live feeds!!!!!

    • weneedabigmovebycbs
      Comments (21)

      No HOH for McStupid this week, he better win POV next week

      • Comments (30)

        :poop: :poop: MCCRAE STINKY

      • Comments (41)

        Best comment I’ve read yet!

        And ain’t it true?? I was thrilled when McCrae won HoH, SURE he would put GM and Andy on the block! I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard the name “Elissa” come out of his mouth instead! This is just more proof that Amanda was by far the best player this season!

    • Comments (87)

      well the thing is McCrea did figure it out..before Amanda was evicted..he knew Andy was a liar. Why not grab Elissa for 1 second and ask her..I mean does he not think about next week? what a dumbass.. Andy was overly shocked and it was a dead give-away if you ask me.. McStupid can join his gf next week

      • Comments (293)

        Amanda told him to trust Andy. He didn’t hear or get what she said to Andy when she was leaving. He probably figured it out by now.

      • Comments (4411)

        I have a feeling DiSpencer is going to put up McScummy and GutterMouth. Doesn’t matter much though, at this point they’re all interchangeable.

    • Comments (11)

      Unfortunately, they will not figure it out. Andy is very sneaky, one of the biggest liars I’ve seen on BB.

      • Comments (16)

        So true! Andy is such good liar I wouldn’t want him in my life and feel sorry for those who have him and need to trust him
        In real life. . They
        Must be reflecting on all past things and questioning to themselves about him on past real life issues!
        It comes too easy to him, no remorse. At least Ian last year had true remorse and showed character traits more appealing

      • Comments (1288)

        You do realize this is a game and not “real life”. I certainly hope all this Andy bashing is not about his orientation. Everybody lies in BB and just the other day people were saying that Andy was not good at it, his blushing gave him away. Now all of the sudden he is the master deceiver and somehow that is wrong in BB. Craziness.

      • Comments (2)

        I think Andy deserves to win

      • Comments (16)

        I agree crazy addict, go 00Andy

      • Comments (28)

        I, too, think Andy has played a smart game. His face seems so easy to read and yet he has fooled them all…Go Andy!!
        Really – would you rather have GM or Spencer win??

      • Comments (15)

        Right now I would rather see GM or Spencer win. I am so fed up with BB this year. It is showing people if you lie, cheat and bully people you get ahead.

      • Comments (90)


      • Comments (2)

        What! Andy has not won a single competition all season. He has floated his way to this point. The only one who deserves to win now is Judd.

      • Comments (4)

        If it is just a game, why bash on Elissa after she got evicted? Did you even see the foul things they said on the live feeds?

      • Comments (302)

        There is nothing noble in being a rat … It’s the snitch I hate not the liar(and certainly not his sexual preference). He’s a great liar to this pathetic group of beanbrains that can’t read any of the signs. His pathetic fake play during the POV against Amanda was comical. His face glows red when he’s lying … he repeats everything he wants you to believe constantly .. he would be horrible in a poker game but in this house of Dipsh**s he’s Albert Einstein.

      • Comments (2)

        That’s the ONLY thing Andy has done all season. He walks in on a conversation and then snitches to whoever is in his current alliance. Any other season Andytheratsnake would have been found out by now. He’s the one who should be exterminated.

      • Comments (1162)

        Well Said!

      • Comments (1076)

        There is nothing noble in playing big brother. Every person in that house lies everyday. There is only one winner so even the exterminators are lying to each other. The high moral standards the posters have set for the HG’s is beyond absurd. It is unrealistic and totally foreign to the game.
        As far as real life, I suggest you google studies that have concluded how many times a day the average person lies. It might knock you off the high horse you all seem to be riding. According to the discovery channels studies the average person lies 2.92 times during an average 10 minute conversation, so please can the nobility crap.

      • Comments (3)

        Andy’s been playing all sides of the house the entire season, if it gets him to the end, then kudo’s. It’s a game, not a love fest.

      • Comments (302)

        As I said suzyq … the lying is not the issue with me. Ratboy Andy takes it all to the next step when he joins his merry Exterm-idiots group and calls Elissa the C-word … that he wants to punch her in the face. There is something Noble in being player who doesn’t need to degrade his competition to advance in the game. There’s something Noble in defending a woman’s honor when she is being verbally attacked. It’s inevitable that somewhere down the line in a show like Big Brother you’ll probably have to lie. It’s your choice if you want to be a scumbag doing it.

      • Comments (1076)

        So I am not the only one who thinks that something is rotten in Denmark. First he’s a floater. Then he’s a rat who tells McCranda every thing. Now that he single handedly turned the game on its ear and managed to manipulate McRidiot to get rid of Amanda and Elissa he is now a liar. I wish you all would make up your minds. And, he told Amanda in the exit interview that if he stuck with them he would be third and by getting rid of her he now has a shot at the final two. If Andy does get to the final two he will win because he is playing the best game of those left in the house. And if it’s true that Spencer has won HOH he is safe for one more week. Spencer’s favorite person in the house is Andy, that’s been obvious since the game started. I’ll bet you the last thing Spencer expected to get out of this game was a gay best friend. McCrae will be the target this week but Spencer never really trusted Judd and GM is the 4th member of the exterminators, so I don’t think Spencer cares if one of them goes instead. For all the old boy nonsense that comes out of Spencers mouth one has to be astonished at his true bromance with Andy.

      • Comments (23)

        Exactly! He is this terrible terrible person…he is a floater, a rat, a lair….yada yada yada. He has played a pretty decent game getting these fools to believe his every word…I still can’t get over Elissa saying McCrae voted out Amanda…..priceless….I wonder how all these Elissa fans feel about that one!

      • Comments (1076)

        When someone has very little interest in others they tend to be poor judges of character.

      • Comments (226)

        Perhaps Andy should be in politics, not education?

      • Comments (4411)

        “I’ll bet you the last thing Spencer expected to get out of this game was a gay best friend”…”For all the old boy nonsense that comes out of Spencers mouth one has to be astonished at his true bromance with Andy”…Are you for real?!? Maybe YOU should climb down off of that “high horse” you so bluntly accused everyone else of riding…the air must be pretty thin up there. If you paid any attention to DiSpencer in his DR, he has said MORE than once that he doesn’t give a damn about ANY of these people, he’s just there for the money (his words, not mine). Which goes to prove, no matter how much they laugh, joke, plot, whisper, they are all there for the same thing and would step on each other’s necks in New York minute if it will get them to the end (especially these leftovers they have in the house now). Each one (Andy and Spencer) have said countless times, they don’t care who they get to the end with, as long as they get the money. Don’t get it twisted sister, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that if Andy leaves that house before Spencer, Spencer will be bashing and trashing him just as fast as he has everyone else that has left the house. Bromance my….well, you know the rest.

      • Comments (86)

        No your logic is correct. Andy has played a great game. I don’t understand the floater comments either. He was in an alliance with amanda and macrea for a long time, only turning on them at the best time to still get amanda’s vote if he makes the final two.

      • Comments (426)

        It is a game. But if you can do it in a game you probably have no problem in living your life the same way. Nice people finish last.

      • Comments (1288)

        My what a big logical fallacy you have there, a composition/division one I think. All we know of the players is what we have seen in the game and trying to infer anything about their real life is impossible.

      • Comments (71)

        That is true. As annoying as Andy is in the game, he’s probably a great guy in real life. Apparently his students LOVE him (see
        I don’t want him to win, but it certainly won’t bother me if he does because it’s JUST A GAME and it won’t make the slightest difference in any of our lives who wins. (I’m rooting for Judd now.)

    • Comments (17)

      Ugh..spencer won HOH! Wow he’s final four, how’d that happen? Sadly I have BBAD on in the background (sadly meaning, it sucks & idk why I even have it on?) anyway the hg are talking about the competition they just finished & I hear Andy say “I sucked tonight” tonight??!!! Doesn’t he realize he always sucks?!! Really don’t think any of them deserves to be there…

      • Comments (2)

        Lol…well if there is a Pandora’s Box you know for sure that Spencer will open it. That might end up being beneficial. =) We can hope.

      • Comments (8)

        In response to Beth’s comment (no reply under it for some reason) regarding Andy and his students. What bothers me about Andy being an adjunct teacher (should not be called a professor, assistant or otherwise imo), is how he bragged about the way the got through some of his classes. He stopped short of saying he cheated. I can’t recall his exact words, but implied he skated by applying the least amount of effort (not plagiarizing, but something in that neighborhood – I think). Then he disparaged one of his professors. Extremely unprofessional. A couple of the HG said (I think Spencer was one and I think maybe Andy was another??) said something about wanting to slap their elementary school librarian. wow

  11. Comments (40)

    will there be another hoh this week? its not going to be like all the other weeks where we know who won and who was put up? I guess we’d have to have another one or sunday and Wednesday would be no show…

    • Comments (29)

      The HOH will probably be tonight and nominations tomorrow followed by POV on Saturday.

    • Comments (4411)

      DiSpencer is the new HOH, I haven’t checked to see if he has decided who he’ll put up yet (I’m thinking of GutterMouth and McScummy, but I’d be happier if it was GutterMouth and RatBoy…just my humble opinion). Julie said there will another DE on Wednesday….and then there were 3..

  12. Comments (8)


  13. Comments (1)

    Screw it! Im not watching now its down to them. Was team alyssa:(

  14. Comments (11)

    McCrae is so cluless. He just made the worst game move. Nasty Andy will win this game. What a rat.

  15. Comments (1)

    the weasel Andy and spencer made it through again.. Go figure. This season of bb is the worse

  16. Comments (4)

    Mccrae made the worst move! Ugh! Wtf! I have no one who i want to win now! I honestly cannot stand Andy! I may even hate him more than i hate Amanda!

    • Comments (302)

      I’m with you Debbie – Ratboy beats out Amanda in my book. Andy already leading the Elissa bashing. These sorry excuses for human beings can’t even just enjoy their victory it has to come with more filthy insults. I’m just sick … sick I wasted this much time watching the most pathetic reality show cast in history. My guess is the live feed and BBAD lose massive viewers. I know I won’t be wasting my time on them anymore.

      • Comments (195)

        I am so with you. I have a funny feeling BB’s ratings will be way down next week. Because no matter what you think of Amanda or Elissa most people were watching in hopes of drama and Amanda sure supplied that. With this bunch there with a total combined IQ of maybe 100 all they can contribute is trashing people and I for one as I am sure a lot of you will agree do not tune into a show just to watch people trash talking others. I doubt very much this group will entertain us much in the next few shows. After all is that not why we watch a show….to be entertained.

      • Comments (3)

        BB Canada rocked this last season, they made the US cast look like a bunch of amoebas.

    • Comments (2)

      I know I hate him more then amanda.&she’s a pc.of least when all over crap hit the fan.4 lost their jobs.spencer being looked at by FBI.for children comments.lock them up together again in jail.ha ha

    • Comments (4411)

      I’m not sure I hate him more than Scumanda, whenever I see either one of them on the screen, I want to throw something at the tv, but nope, my TV is worth more than they are.

  17. Comments (1)

    What!!! How stupid are these people. When will everyone catch on to Andy….I can’t believe McCrae didn’t put him up and put Elissa up. What a horrible game player he is. I heard him say under his breath in one of the rooms after he nominated Elissa that he F’ed up..Yes you did…He just lost himself the game!! Please someone catch on to Andy. He needs to go next!!!

    • Comments (293)

      He thought Elissa voted Amanda out. I think he finally realizes it was Andy.

      • Comments (1288)

        And the decision was made on the fly after a sudden surprise. Still he has doubted Andy this week and even noticed the 4 members of The Pests Co* were spending a lot of time hanging out together the past couple of days.

        *I am refusing to use “The Exterminators” until they have a proven track record. They can claim getting Amanda and Elissa out but them counting coup on Aaryan’s scalp is out of line. Despite not being the main target, Aaryan’s eviction goes on Elissa’s résumé. If McCrae wins veto this week TE will have to cut one of their own and therefore will be over.

      • Comments (3)

        That group think they are amazing yet were formed one week ago with, what, two weeks left? As much as I hate to say it Aaryn and Amanda were better players as they spent the summer in charge of that house. Rotten individuals they are, their game play was better.

      • Comments (41)

        Shouldn’t McCrae get the credit for getting Elissa out? I’m just saying he made the nominations and the Ex-club just had no choice but to vote for her or GM a card carrying member 🙂

      • Comments (4411)

        You would think so Shirley, but if he realized it was Andy, then why did he not put him up on the block? He had the perfect opportunity.

      • Comments (293)

        I don’t think he figured it out until after Elissa was gone.

  18. weneedabigmovebycbs
    Comments (21)

    McStinky can take a shower and smell good but ya can’t fix stupid McStupid

    • Comments (302)

      It’s just pitiful when so-called Super Fans play so poorly. McCrae & Judd now get what they deserve for being so stupid despite multiple warnings about Andy.

      • weneedabigmovebycbs
        Comments (21)

        Fred Sanford would call McCrae you big McDummy

      • Comments (4411)

        NoRats, the little scrap of respect I once had for Dudd is now gone. I just wish they(BB) would just donate the money to

  19. Comments (20)

    I am so mad! I can not believe what just happened, there is no one left to root for, I wanted elissa to win, andy sucks and the jury will never vote for him to win he is such an idiot

    • Comments (2)

      Yeah I agree about Andy. I thought the same thing when Ian won last year, Andy must have learned from him. I guess bb is turning into a game of rats. I was hoping Judd and Elissa would have worked together a little longer. If Andy wins this year that’s two rats in a row winning, then maybe next year’s decoration could be cheese 😉

    • Comments (5)

      Why would anyone want Elissa to win wtf she is an idiot that’s stuck on her self and a Joan rivers look a like !!!

  20. Comments (74)

    Yep. Yep. And yep….. SO disappointed! I just knew it too. I don’t know if I wanna watch it…

  21. Comments (8)

    Well at least we don’t have to scroll through tons of comments on how the game was rigged anymore & all the Amanda & Elissa fans bashing each other! As for production, I think it’s safe to say Judd just dropped a sledgehammer on them! The good news is that this year will be history when a huge floater wins the game!

    • Comments (87)

      top floater would have to be Spencer

    • Comments (293)

      It’s interesting that the two people, one most liked, the other least liked, were evicted the same night.

      • Comments (1076)

        I think that is because who we “like” has nothing to do with the game. Some of these posts are so hateful that I am uncomfortable reading them. People are spewing bile for no reason at all. I afraid to think how they treat the people in their own lives. The lack of compassion and empathy is appalling.

      • Comments (1288)

        This is the internet, who ever gets held accountable for what they say behind the screen of anonymity. You big dummy;).

      • Comments (1076)

        Duh! — btw, did you see GM’s face tonight when she was trying to master the art of origami. Then she said Nick was a “rocket brain scientist person”. I know she says some outrageous cruel stuff, but I can’t help finding her amusing. Aaryn seemed so mean, GM is just a harmless idiot.

      • Comments (1288)

        Which is why I think she will respond to Julie’s questions about the comments in a more primal manner than Aaryan did.

      • SteveBeanzIsA FacsistDouchebag
        Comments (4)

        Lmao at suzyq 😀

        How bout u reinvent yorself another persona n fuck yourself u homo 🙂

        Report all complaints to …steveBeanzBlowsFagzInRestAreasForGasMoney (at) suckit (dot) com

        😛 lol

      • Comments (86)

        Stop with all your logic you are blowing minds.

      • Comments (4411)

        Suzy, we like who we like, game-wise or other-wise. You don’t have to agree with it, it doesn’t matter, they/we might not like who you like either. If reading some of the “hateful” post are making you “uncomfortable” at the “lack of compassion and empathy”, then simply don’t read them…skip over them. Its called “FREE WILL”. 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        Isn’t that a whale?

      • Comments (1288)

        It is said on porpoise.

      • Comments (86)

        Why can you not just respect the TV characters and call them by their name if you are such a BIG big brother fan?

      • Comments (293)

        Suzyq, our opinions are read by the production team(s) and influence the ways they “prep” the house guests and decide the “unexpected.” The audience MVP votes and voting for a juror to return were very instrumental in changing the game this season. I think whom we like or dislike confirms that our participation should not include participation that affects game outcomes.
        In the sense the house guests do not know our favorites and non-favorites, you are correct, however.
        Some of the posts are uncomfortable and mean-spirited. As you know, one of mine was misconstrued and now I’ve been labeled a racist in this blog. However, I’m not concerned about the approval or disapproval of people I don’t know or care to know.

      • Comments (407)

        My feelings exactly Shirley, they can give me thumbs up or thumbs down, it doesn’t change my opinion of the hg’s in the least. I do not ever remember reading a post that made me think you are a racist, and I am on here every day. The posts that irritate me are the ones that think they are above everybody and constantly put people down. I do not consider myself better than anyone and feel I should have the right to voice my opinion without the constant replies made by a couple of people. I expect a snarky reply to this post, so go for it!!

      • Comments (86)

        Your opinion means nothing to CBS. The only opinion they take into consideration are how much advertisers are willing to buy commercial space, and that is based on viewer totals. Not the reasons why the viewers watch. This isn’t the first year the internet has declared it’s taking its ball and going home with this show.

  22. Comments (7)

    Egggggggggcellent episode. Amanda was just terrible and needed to go for things she’s done throughout the season. Elissa thinks she’s superior to everyone because she’s “a mother, and has a sugar daddy for a husband”. All in all I love it. And before people say they’re never watching and CBS will lose ratings, you need to chill. Most wont, and they won’t. Boom……#returnofthefire #teamjudd

    • Comments (28)

      The “curse of the wedding ring barter” came back to bite Elissa.
      Sweet, sweet justice.

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa was the only contestant who walked out showing no affection at all to her fellow HG’s. Horrible Amanda managed to hug and kiss every one goodbye. Elissa is a cold fish and has no feelings for others, besides lacking manners. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Comments (4411)

      The one thing you said was true…because people don’t like the outcome, they say they will no longer watch and CBS/BB will lose viewers. I don’t like who’s left in the house, but I’m not going to lie, I have NO intention to stop watching it. And whether we come back next year or not, I doubt BB or CBS will care all that much. See next year there will be a whole new crop of viewers, just like we once were. And given all the controversy from this years show, there will be people tuning in next year if only for curiosity. It might not be a popular thought but its more than likely true…just my opinion.:-)

      • Comments (71)

        It is pretty funny that people who are apparently obsessed with the show and are deeply emotionally invested in it are the same ones saying they’ll never watch it again. And by “funny” I mean “bonkers.”

        I’m not hating on Elissa at all, but you know what she would say to all this irrational hysteria? She’d say there are more important things in life, like “world hunger.” LOL

  23. Comments (1)

    I am so disappointed. I don’t even want to watch any more. Dang mccrae should have put up andy and gm. Dumb!

  24. Comments (48)

    I am almost speechless! What was McCrae thinking tonight? Andy is such a dirty rat! If Andy makes it to the f2, I may regurgitate!

    • Comments (11)

      It most likely will be Andy and GM in the final 2. GM wins things (andy/spencer/judd only win par chance) Mccrea is out next week. Andy is the snake that makes everyone trust him, hence mccrea stupid move, and they will all take him to the final 2. the question is who would the juror vote for. the one that con-ed them all or the one taht won things and got people out of the house.

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t count McCrae out until he loses the veto. Under pressure the past couple of weeks he has come through and that would throw a nice karmic monkey wrench into The Pests Co’s premature victory dance.

      • Comments (86)

        With the houseguests left he has a great chance of winning out on the comps. If he wins veto this week his number one comp challenger GM will be gone.

    • Comments (23)

      He’s in a boys’ alliance. GM will probably be gone next week unless she wins HOH.

    • Comments (1)

      Oh McCrea… Amanda would have said about his dumb ass move “it just doesn’t make any sense”! Wow McCrae did you hit your head o. That dog house or what?

    • Comments (2)

      Okay,I agree…. BUT if McCrae had put up Andy and GM, then Judd after winning the Veto would have used it on Andy, McCrae would have then put up Spencer, and GM would have been voted out… so really, even though McCrae made a game boo-boo, Andy would not have been going home anyway.

  25. Comments (111)

    If I HAD to root for someone, it’d probably be GinaMarie only because 1.) She is the last female remaining 2.) She NEEDS the money because she lost her job 3.) When they revealed the houseguests before the game, she was my initial favorite, and my favorite pick NEVER comes this close. Did anyone hear Spencer call Elissa a “shitty player”?

    • Comments (1288)

      Did you hear GM say this week that Elissa’s son looks like a “Puerto Rican dirt person”? I can respect her competition wins but her strategic moves have all been supplied by people around her and her social game sucks. Her racist remarks though make her someone I could never root for. In fact her exit interview with Julie is something I am anticipating with schadenfreude.

      After seeing what Aaryan was asked I expect many of the same questions being posed to GM. Aaryan denied, deflected and then went quiet. I do not think that will be GM’s reaction. The image of her jumping up, chest bumping Julie Chen and then being tackled by CBS security comes to my mind. Perhaps that is why the eviction next Wednesday is not a live show – the producers will railroad the game to dump GM, Diamond POV for McCrae anyone?

      • Comments (6)

        So its ok for the nastiest person in the entire house who physically threatened people to not get grilled????? That was a serious BS interview by Julie.

      • Comments (1076)

        Yeah, besides Elissas stone cold exit from the house I am amazed that Julie let Amanda slide through the interview like that. Do you think Julie took heat from the CBS legal department last week. Aaryns mom’s press release basically laid the blame for Aaryns behavior right at CBS’s doorstep. Maybe they are expecting major legal hassles from the contestants?

      • Comments (1288)

        But it was Aaryan’s father who named their black llama Martin Luther, sp how exactly was she raised Unless that llama caused some type of schism I have to wonder.

      • Comments (1076)

        I thought Martin Luther was involved in the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. They might just be Protestants.

      • Comments (1288)

        I was rushed and left out some punctuation.

        But it was Aaryan’s father who named their black llama Martin Luther, so how exactly was she raised? Unless that llama caused some type of schism I have to wonder.

        Yeppers, but considering it is a black llama it appears to be a veiled dig at Martin Luther King Jr. Right after that Spencer asked if they had a white one named James Earl Ray.

    • Comments (4411)

      Omo, so what if 1.) she’s the last female remaining. I’m a female and “I” don’t want her to win….2.) With all the hate and crap she’s been spewing for the last few months, she deserved to lose her job.

      And DiSpencer calling ANYONE a sh*tty anything, well, just consider the course. Who would know sh*tty better than him?!

    • Comments (1092)

      Reasons 1 and 2 are ridiculous.

      Who cares if she is the last woman ?

      She wouldn’t have lost her job if it wasn’t for the crap she spews out of her mouth.

  26. Comments (11)

    This is such a sad ending there is no real words. I will, out of curiosity, continue reading your threads about who wins what, but I am certainly done watching. “And with this year being the end of a lot of great shows (Dexter Futurama, breaking bad… next year true blood), BB is joining the ranks on the day of their historic 500 episode”.

  27. Comments (3)

    Does anyone else think McCrae could care less about staying in the house? After that stupid move, sure seems that way.

    Honestly, didn’t Amanda try to tell him about Andy? Hell, didn’t he (McCrae) try to tell Amanda? I don’t get it.

    Andy is so unbearable to watch, I think I won’t. Biggest douchbag of all.

  28. Comments (875)

    And not only did Elissa get evicted by these morons, but Big Fat Pervert, Spencer is packing her belongings! Kicking her suitcase, calling her a b*tch, and going all through Elissa’s personal things…ugh!!! 🙁

    • Comments (1162)

      Kicking her suitcase ……….
      Who the hell ask this pervert to pack up her things?
      Where the heck is Production?

      • Comments (624)

        The perv is probably stashing a pair of her panties for himself.

      • Comments (407)

        Big Papi, I just read on jokers that Spencer says they should run around in Elissa’s underwear and say “Look at me, I’m a” and the other hg’s laughed. It also says GM is folding and cramming Elissa’s things in her bag. I think that should be taken care of by production because I would be willing to bet that a lot of Elissa’s stuff will be damaged or stolen by these idiots that are left. They talk about what they are going to sell on ebay when they are out of the BB house, so I bet that’s where a lot of Elissa’s stuff will go.

      • Comments (610)

        just goes to show what a jerk & perv Spencer is…jokers also said Spencer said he was not sexually attracted to Elissa. So is that a requirement to be on BB? He’s so disgusting!

      • Comments (5)

        She is gross …and ya I’m sure there strolling her stuff wtf you people are as dumb as g.m.

      • Comments (4411)

        Marie, that’s because he’s in love with his blow-up doll “Marilyn”.

      • Comments (624)

        I throw the BS flag on that one! No way Spencer would turn down Elissa if she came on to him.

      • Comments (6)

        If production didn’t want them to pack her stuff they would have told them not to. C’mon people use your brain

      • Comments (3)

        I wouldn’t doubt he’s wearing ’em. He’s so gross. Ewww….

    • Comments (35)

      GM packed her suitcase. She said she wasn’t a great folder, but she did it nicely and wasn’t ugly about it, and kept talking about how nice her clothes were. Spencer did continue to make disgusting comments about Elissa and her clothes, as GM packed the suitcase in the living room.

      • Comments (1076)

        I still think Elissa reminds Spencer of every pretty girl who wouldn’t give him a second look in real life. And the fact that she placed herself on a pedestal all summer and basically ignored most of the HG’s didn’t help. And her FU exit really put the cherry on top.

      • Comments (4411)

        Suzy: I don’t blame her for not hugging them, I wouldn’t have either. Every week that would get on my nerves. Watching them after they just voted someone out, running up and hugging them and telling them how much they ‘love’ them, as they are walking out the door. Funny thing is, not an day or probably hour prior to the vote, they were trashing the nominee like a dog or vice versa. Even Jesus asked Judas “Must you betray me with a kiss?”.

      • Comments (624)

        100 percent agree. But in her defense, they all backed away from her since day one when they learned she was Rachel’s sister.

      • Comments (453)

        Do you walk around kissing and hugging people you can’t stand? Doing so is being fake, don’t blame her, they sure as heck can’t say one nice thing about her and she knows it so why lower herself to their level.

      • Comments (226)

        Elissa’s downfall was she couldn’t fake being bff’s with anyone (and she should have kept those MVP noms to herself).

        The HG thought she was being pampered by production and they were oddly focused/jealous of her not actually needing the money to pay the next bill.

        No wonder Elissa kept to herself and didn’t offer up info about her family – she was smart enough to recognize that sharing anything wasn’t safe with this lot.

    • Comments (4411)

      Mello, he probably just wanted to fondle and sniff them (possibly give a little try on?). We all know Merv the Perv, what’s to be surprised about?

  29. Comments (4)

    Well thank you very much as well. I will be signing off this show now. Can’t bear the exterminators. I know McCray is next and it will be insufferable to listen to GMs holier than thou pats on the back. It’s been real. Thanks for your work. Outta here.

  30. Comments (9)

    Praying for McCrae to win POV, since we know he’s going to be going up. If he does win, just put Spencer out of his misery (enough with the Spawn, I mean Pawn of the game).

  31. Comments (37)

    What I want to know is why Julie didn’t give Amanda a hard time over her racist remarks like she did to Aaryn?

    • Comments (9)

      It was a double eviction week and we didn’t need to hear Amanda’s excuses. Aaryn was by far the worst regarding her comments, but that means Amanda is by no means off the hook for her comments either.

      • Comments (7)

        Totally disagree with that statement. Aaryn was bad but Amanda was soooooo much worse!!! Julie Chen is an A$$ for not calling her out on her crap!

      • Comments (120)

        I AGREE but I think Julie was just pressed for time because of the DOUBLE EVICTION. Still a very poor interview!

      • Comments (7)

        BULL SH!T. Save that crap for someone else. Julie knew exactly what she was doing and had plenty of time.

      • Comments (7)

        Tara = sorry I was harsh. I’m way too upset with Julie. (very weird of me) I’m going to bed. I’m done with BB.

      • Comments (1076)

        Pleasant dreams.

      • Comments (1)

        I wonder if Julie Chen decided not to go after Amanda for her taunts and crap that she did to all the other players because I heard that Aaryn’s mom is thinking about suing Julie and BB because of the way she talked to Aaryn last week. Maybe, maybe not, but Amanda should have been gone a long time ago. Some players need to wake up and smell the coffee!!

      • Comments (4411)

        What really pissed me off about Julie almost letting her off the hook, is the night before Aryan was evicted, she and Scumanda were in the bedroom talking about how much they hate Asians, and Scumanda even specifically said “I even hate Julie”, then she said something to the effect of if she is voted out she was going to tell Julie FU in her exit interview. She and Aryan went on a rant about it for sometime that night (I’m sure someone posted it on YouTube). Julie should have called her on that if nothing else.

      • Comments (4)

        Seriously? aaryn the worst? they were all guilty. I personally can’t stand the fact that CBS & Julie did that to Aaryn. I think that should be considered outside info and I definitely think that could change Aaryn’s vote if say Andy were in final 2. She make think that for publicity reasons she should vote for “the gay guy” or she could be persuaded to vote how Candice and Helen vote to try to help her situation. I understand it must have been personal for Julie but she should have been professional and put her emotions aside for the sake of the game. I consider myself a huge BB fan and would hate for Aaryn to vote differently based on Julie’s attack.

    • Comments (293)

      I think, I hope, Julie handles these issues in the season finale, or better yet, why not have a special episode?

      • Comments (4411)

        I’m all for a special Shirley, as I don’t think they’d have enough time to cover all the atrocities. But I’m wondering, once the main culprits find out what the outside world really thinks of them, I’d be surprised if they ever wanted to step in front of a camera again. Especially the ones who actually thought that America “loves” them.

      • Comments (293)

        They may have to hire spin doctors.

      • Comments (37)

        They can “spin” all they want…..but nasty is just pure nasty, no matter how it is spun.

    • Comments (624)

      Ehh…her racist stuff wasn’t the end of the world. I think we’ve all heard worse. It was more about her being a downright mean ass bitch to the other HG that refused to give in and let her pull their puppet strings.

      • Comments (293)

        It was not only the racist comments, Julie could have addressed. True, there wasn’t enough time to cite all the bad, hurtful, hateful (whatever labels apply) things Amanda said, but Julie didn’t cite even one specifically.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree Shirley. She actually read some of the comments Aaryn made, and totally disregarded ANYTHING Amanda said. She even made the comment the other night that she hated Asians. That would have been a good one for Julie to confront her with. I almost felt like Julie was just making a joke out of the way Amanda acted.

      • Comments (3)

        I wondered why Julie didn’t read back any of Amanda’s direct quotes as she did Aaryn. Poor interview!

    • Comments (2)

      Ms. Chen could not call Amanda on any of her quotes because the live show is in prime time!

  32. Comments (11)

    This game has now become so predictable. McCrae will be evicted next week. Followed by GM (because the 3 guys will form a sub-alliance)…. And if Andy wins HOH at final 3, he’s won the game. If he doesn’t, then the final 2 are Judd and Spencer (Judd will be the winner). The nastiest group to ever make it to finals on BB.

  33. Comments (41)

    Beans to be fair, Mc didnt know about the exterminators. He didnt know it was Andy who flipped. Yes he should have once again listened to Am one last time. He could have put up Gm and Andy and we could have seen a different outcome…..could have atleast seen Andy sweat.

  34. Comments (30)

    OMG……. What a dumb a##.. Still cant believe it.

  35. Comments (2)

    When do we vote for.America’s.Favorite?
    Not watching the show anymore,
    but do want to vote for Ellissa.

    • Comments (40)

      elissa is the only one I would vote for, she wanted to be in some alliance near the end and no one would take her, except mcnastys and even elissa thought mccrae changed his vote and believed andys expression showed he was shocked,, good act dickface….. but elissa gets my America’s vote… she played hard and wasn’t a gross ass pig like the rest,, judd would get it but he talked down to her too.

      • Comments (624)

        Elissa for America’s vote!

      • Comments (407)

        She definitely gets my vote..and just think of all the extra space I’m going to have on my DVR…not more BBAD!!

      • Comments (407) more BBAD.

      • Comments (624)


      • Comments (1162)

        Elissa – Fan Favorite!!!
        Benefit – Remember Andy The Rat said he would do something
        awful to himself if Elissa wins Fan Favorite.
        : )

      • Comments (610)

        Spencer is also making nasty comments about if Elissa wins America’s Favorite. The only award he’s gonna get is the door hitting him in the butt on the way out.

      • Comments (5)

        Why should she win she has gone nothing and o my god in elissa’s voice she is so stuck on her self …you only like her because she’s rachaels ugly sister row shell be a looker in ten years…. lmao!!

      • Comments (293)

        If for no other reason but to get back at Amanda who thought she was America’s sweetheart until she acknowledged the audience booed her during her interview with Julie.

      • Comments (4)

        I still can not understand why everyone loved Elissa. is it bc she is Rachel’s sister? What is it? I had my fill with her when she was boo hooing about going to jury and talking about not staying. Anyone that would do that does not respect the show and does not deserve any money! esp for being a fan favorite.

    • Comments (4411)

      I would think that it would be at least a week before the finale, which I think is the 18th.

  36. Comments (316)

    It’s not over til the fat lady sings…,.McCrae can still win the VETO!

  37. Comments (12)

    To outlast the snooze fest that is about to go down, I would not be surprised if we finally get a Pandora’s Box this week. Julie said that the house would get a visit from a former BB winner. So, we’ll see. They’ll need a Diamond Power of Veto, a Pandora’s Box and bring back Zingbot to save the last days of this poor ass season.

  38. Comments (1)

    I am totally disgusted by tonight’s events. It is really sad that out of those remaining, NOT ONE of them deserves to win. I totally disagree that Andy played the best game. He was smart in choosing and switching alliances, perhaps, but he was a rat fink and that makes him lower than whatever…… If he wins, I am done with BB. I do hope the producers rethink their recruiting strategy. This was a painful season to watch with all of the racist and mean comments that have been made. I am older and hope that these people are not reflective of their generation. If they are, God help us!

    • Comments (17)

      No lucking they are not a reflection of their generation, they are just a bunch of crappy, nasty, mean, dumb, ignorant, hateful, hurtful, awful (& many if them dirty) racist people! I agree, not one of them deserves to win. Worst BB ever!

  39. Comments (98)

    McCrae may have made a 500k mistake. No one to root for now. Unfortunately best player left is Andy which ain’t saying much.Was disappointed w/Julie’s interview.

  40. Comments (12)

    Even if MCrae had put up Andy he still would of been safe because of his alliance . MCrae has to win every POH ,and HOH in order to win big brother , but he seems like a little boy lost , and this was his final play to avenge his “Queen” . Like most , who cares who wins .

  41. Comments (1)

    I thought I’d seen it all from these dunces and their disrespectful and senseless acts… game or no game, when these ‘non-players’ feel a need to start packing Elissa’s gear within the hour, that pretty much has done it for me. Honestly, I much prefer production doing what they should be doing to ensure good watching. Let’s face it, if they would have given someone a coup d’etat or special power, we’d probably have better watching ahead of us.

    Let the TV gods do what they should be doing… Last week, I would have never thought I’d be wanting Amanda back but here I am wishing Amanda was in the house.

  42. Comments (40)

    Damn, even Elissa thought it was mccrae that changed the vote, andy had such a shocked look on his face that she believed he did vote for spencer…. hate that it ended this way tonight….

  43. Comments (4)

    Judd isn’t a racist pig or a rat I think we have no choice but to root for him! GM will never ever win cause they won’t give 500k to a complete idiot lol. McCrae and Judd in finals is long shot but what I’m rooting for now BC I have to watch the last weeks to see who wins

  44. Comments (3)

    I agree with a lot of you. I will probably check into this blog a few more times over the next couple weeks, but I am done watching the show. I was a die hard watching all summer mostly to my dismay, hoping that some good would come about. But the fact that these disgusting people have a chance at winning is beyond me. Way to eff the game up CBS. Watch the ratings plummet over the next few weeks. This could be the end to our beloved show.

    And tip of the hat to McCrae for being a dumbass. Once Elissa makes it to Jury House and tells Amanda what happened, that divorce will be over. Sugar Momma is fine but his inability to make a decent decision on his own within thirty minutes of her being gone will make her blood boil.

    • Comments (624)

      Oh I’m sure Elissa and Amanda have PLENTY to discuss tonight in the jury house. So much for vote Spencer and we’ll have your back. Andy tried calling Elissa out for being a liar about her vote during the double eviction and MC must have took the bait and blaming Elissa for not getting the 3rd vote for Spencer. GM was a no brainer pick for MC after the reaming GM gave Amanda the last couple days. But now the rest of the season BLAH. I guess go Judd and GM. Not overly excited about either one, but GM gave some awesome entertainment this week.

  45. Comments (9)

    Why is spencer allowed to touch elissas things he needs to go others should not be allowed to touch others things didn’t you hear julie tell elissa they (production )would get her stuff what is wrong with these people she’s gone leave her stuff alone

    • Comments (316)

      no no thats not what happened at all lol. Elissa did not get to pack a bag so she started to get her stuff but there was no time so julie said to come out for interview and bag will be brought to her later.

      • Comments (624)

        I think she needed a second to get tears out of her eyes before going out to see Julie. MC totally back doored her.

  46. Comments (4)

    MccRae thinking of revenge and not stragedy Mccrae stayed under the covers to long soon you will be gone to. Zingbot we need you to enlighten Mccrae I think Judd and Ginamarie have a chance.

  47. Comments (5)

    Someone said on the live feeds today that Andy will probably win America’s Favorite!!!! BHAAHAAHAA! They obviously see this game differently from the inside than we do from the outside. SMH!!! Really Ragedy Andy!!

  48. Comments (1)

    It was Amanda’s idea for McCrae to put Elissa and Gm up if she was evicted. So, to say he is a bad player for making the same exact move someone you consider a good player would have made is ridiculous.

  49. Comments (4)

    You would think that Judd being from TN (the south to boot) would be the biggest racist/bigot/homophobic but he’s the nicest lol…makes u wonder huh

  50. Comments (2)

    How many times has McRae been HOH this season

  51. Comments (6)

    Without Amanda and Elissa, I can’t see watching the feeds. This lazy group will sleep all day, then eat like pigs, live in squalor, berate minorities and talk of how great they are. The disgusting things they say would continually make me angry and I don’t want to spend the next two weeks being angry. I believe that Spencer and Gina Marie are just bad people. I would really hate for them to be rewarded the most. Andy is the most annoying person and I have trouble watching him, especially eating. Judd had promise but in the last few days turned into a really mean man. McCrae has proven himself a real dope but he is not mean so I guess I would rather he get it over anyone else. I will tune in on the last night if curiosity gets the better of me.

  52. The Last Time Lord
    Comments (2)

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents. I don’t think this season was a complete waste. You have floaters left (minus Judd) because the HG decided to get out the strong players first. Blame production and the MVP twist. Honestly would you been happier if Amanda or Elissa won. They didn’t win anything all season. At least now all the theories of it being rigged for them 2 can go. Thanks for the Blog and reading my rambling.

  53. Comments (111)

    I say either Elissa, Candice, Helen or Jessie for America’s favorite!

  54. Comments (682)

    I thought it was a “GLORIOUS” episode.

    I have said it before: None of these people deserve to win the big bucks.

    It got to the point where I could not stand to hear Amanda speak any longer and Elissa was a poor player. If it wasn’t for Helen and the people in DR telling her what to do she may as well been staring at a wall all day.

    We have known for a long time casting blew it this year. I’d hate to see the applicants they turned away. Less than 2 weeks remain. Special eviction on Wednesday then another evicted on Thursday.

    • Comments (3)

      I’m concerned that they would cast people who are on medication for depression or anxiety. In the pressure cooker of the Big Brother House, this just seems like a recipe for disaster. I think we saw the potential for that this season.

      To not give them their medication when they need it is a law suit in the making. Both Amanda and Judd complained that they were not getting their meds when they needed them. Can you imagine if some altercation between hgs got out of hand and someone was physically harmed? Then find out that one of the hgs involved had asked for anxiety meds and didn’t get them? I can see the lawyers lining up to take that case!

  55. Comments (3)

    Well, what a stupid way to end an awful season. (I know it’s not ‘technically’ over, but it’s certainly over for me.) I officially don’t care what happens anymore. Mccrae, you should be happy Amanda was here with you, because without her, you would not have come this far. Hope you enjoy going back to delivering pizzas once this is all over, since that seems to be the only thing you will succeed at in life. Dumbass.
    The casting was horrible this year. On day one of this season when all the contestants were being introduced, I remember thinking to myself, what cesspool did these jokers get casted out of? I hate to say it, but my initial opinion was right, that this was going to be a terrible season.
    Stevebeans, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog; despite what cards you were dealt with, you made it as interesting as humanly possible. I hope you will be covering BBCan! That would be awesome!
    And for the rest of you, I enjoyed reading most of your amusing comments. You guys also made this season more bearable. See you next year!

  56. Comments (8)

    I am a true Big Brother Junkie!! I have only commented a few times but I wanted to say Thank You Sooooo very much for blogging!! You have made me very Happy this year!!! I have logged in here more than 3 times a day for MONTHS now!! Thank you again!!!

  57. Comments (2)

    andy sucks he is a turd floater and needs to be flushed…

  58. Comments (1)

    Ugh so done with this season of bb we all know production has their hands in everything but total snooze this year… I’m bored now idc who wins at this point maybe Judd? As far as I’m concerned the season is over.

  59. Comments (75)

    I know everyone thinks Andy is a Rat but I think he is playing a awesome game!! Andy is not a floater! He was loyal to Amanda and mcrea up until this week. He just befriended and acted like he was on everyone’s side. He gained everyone’s trust!! He just realized this week that going to the final 2 with Amanda and McCrea doesn’t give him the best odds for final 2. He has it made now. McCrea thinks Andy is still with him. So it doesn’t matter who wins HOH. If its McCrea he won’t put up Andy. If is a exterminators they will get rid of McCrea. If McCrea wins The veto than the next HOH he can always go back to playing with him. Everyone likes Andy and trust him more than anyone else. He is sitting pretty till the final 2. Just not sure anyone will want to take him cause he will probably win!!

    • Comments (16)

      I agree completely 00Andy has played the best game in my opinion and I want him to win the 500k

      • Comments (28)

        I think Andy has played an excellent game!
        He has fooled everyone and that’s good BB gameplay.
        Because of Elissa’s involvement in the game, viewer’s are taking it way to personally this season.

      • Comments (1076)

        Why? What’s motivating people to lose their minds this year? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen this much displaced anger.

      • Comments (1288)

        I blame the MVP twist, it threw everything off kilter and put the house into confusion.

      • Comments (1076)

        It certainly helped get Judd voted out for no good reason except paranoia.

  60. Comments (43)

    Anyone else think McCrae is happy for Amanda to be gone? I’m sure he is still “fond of her” but I think he mentioned saying now he doesn’t have to share cigarettes with her. So now maybe in the 11th hour he’ll finally start playing the dang game…!

  61. Comments (3)

    I have enjoyed reading these posts more than watching the show. Now that we are left with the riffraff…this includes Judd with his smirky exterminator smack…I’m more interested in watching what happens in the jury house. BB REALLY messed up in recruiting such arrogant and ignorant people…two characteristics that can only spell trouble when combined together. I don’t want anyone left to win. I can’t stomach any of them anymore. And to think they all believe people LOVE them! Wow…I guess I need to add “delusional” to the list of BB contestant character flaws. Ugh…. Again, thanks for all of the great posts!

    • Comments (12)

      That’s the strangest thing of ALL…that these dispicable people like Andy, Spencer and Amanda think everyone LOVES them!!! Delusional doesn’t even begin to cover it…they need to be istitutionalized with all the other dangerous wackos!

  62. Comments (8)

    Well it was one crazy season this year in the BB House wow…Unfortunately the remaining players are the worst of worst minus Amanda. I really don’t care who wins now because they all need money for counseling. Spencer you are downright just nasty and perverted,,,,GM your very immature and a racist,,,Andy your the biggest liar and biggest rat in the house,,,,Judd you should never have come back,,,all you did was sleep and for some reason your still there,,,and McRae if you weren’t so hell bent on spending your winnings on Amanda I would have liked to see you win,,,some day you will grow some balls and a spine and make decisions for yourself. On that note I would love to see what is going on in the Jury house…Who is fighting with who or are they all being adults for a change. It’s been a ride BB thanks for nothing lol

  63. Comments (3)

    Why didn’t anyone say goodbye to Elissa? I don’t understand why they all hate her. Look at all of these other players that have been racist and just bad. I think she had the most class out of all of them But it’s only a game. I just can’t stand the way the others treated and talked about her behind her back. Especially Andy the rat!!! What a stupid move by Mcrae.

    • Comments (8)

      They hate Elissa because she represents everything they are not and secretly wish they were. Classy and rich. When they leave the house they have to go back to their previous mediocre lives while she goes back to the life of a princess. Envy pure and simple.

  64. Comments (54)

    Oh my gawd!!….why is cheri oteri still there?….shes so disgusting…..I hope america and Julie doesn’t forget about her part in the racist comments. sick of listening to her talk about herself,…Nick!.2 words buddy…BUNNY BOILER!

  65. Comments (17)

    McRae knows he screwed up I read his lips and he said “I just F’d up” that was right after the PoV, in the bedroom with his head down, and im not a great lip reader but that was easy to read.

  66. Comments (3)

    What I want to happen this week is have McCrae win POV, and have Andy get evicted, hopefully he isn’t HOH. If Judd/GM/Spencer win, Spencer+ McCrae up, McCrae wins POV, takes himself down, Andy goes up, Andy leaves. then make sure McCrae does not win HOH, and then he gets out this week and Have Spencer, GinaMarie, and Judd in final three, and have final 2 be GM, and Judd. That’s how I want the season to end

  67. Comments (1)

    This article hit the nail on the head. McDumbass’s move showed Amanda carried him the entire season. Without doubt one of the most stupid moves in BB history.

  68. Comments (2)

    Elissa u so stupid

  69. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Mccrae better win pov if he doesn’t then this season of big brother is been a season of losers

  70. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    I hate how GM acts now she act like she owns big brother it should be called big losers

  71. Comments (624)

    Oh and this will be the ultimate BORING, playing it safe, doing what the “house” wants, no blood on my hands week we’ve seen all season.

  72. Comments (316)

    was that sweat on Elissas face during Julies interview?

  73. Comments (3)

    Disgusting season…Disgusting people. I say forget about giving the money to any of these sad excuses for human beings and give the money to charity…or have one of the “expect the unexpected” twists be that the 500,000 go to those of us who had to endure watching this crappy season of BB. I know…it was my choice…but I was always hopeful that I would find some small fragment of decency in the HGs. HUGELY disappointed. Elissa may not have been the best player, but I never saw her be vicious. The HGs really need to be called out for their behavior. They know they are being watched and don’t care. Double ugh…

  74. Comments (78)

    A smart person once told me that when you use a cuss word as an adjective, it shows a lack of intelligence.

    • Comments (1076)

      That is the biggest BS. Have you heard the Nixon white house tapes? Ever hear Joe Biden off the record? When I was in college I worked for attorneys who cursed all the time? We were constantly jumping up to close the sliding glass opening to the waiting room. Educated people, when alone or not in a professional setting, curse all the time. Stop spreading unsubstantiated information as truth. That is something a mother tells a child to make them behave.

  75. Comments (9)

    OMG You just said everything I said as soon as he put up Elissa…the rest of this season will suck and be a total Brigade type ending which isn’t fun….so sad that this season will end with a flop because I was hoping for it to be a great season… 🙁

  76. Comments (78)

    I was so disappointed in Julie’s interview with Amanda. She was not hard on her at all. Another thing I noted, there was no booing from the audience.

    • Comments (1)

      Yes there was booing from the audience. I heard Amanda say something to the effect of “I guess some of you don’t like me” then it quickly cut to the house again. That said, I was deeply annoyed with the interview, and disappointed with the entire season. Don’t care to watch any more of this rubbish.

  77. Comments (8)

    Again, for anyone that cares… Spencer is a good guy! i know him and his family personally ( I’m a wampus cat too lol). Spencer is a few years older than me but our dads have been bffs since they were in first grade. I am however extremely close w his cousins. That said, any and every time I’ve been around spencer he has treated me as nothing less than a lady. Something that’s really come to hit me hard this season with knowing someone somewhat personally is that just bc you watch a person for a few months on live feeds doesn’t mean you actually know who they are or how they behave in the real world.

    • Comments (407)

      Sorry to disagree with you, but “good guys” don’t use the c word on women, talk about porn involving kids (even if it was a joke) and constantly talk about sex and describing how he likes it. His comments are way too graphic and dirty. and I don’t care to know how he likes it. Too much information. He should realize the “real world” is still out there after BB and all we have to judge him by is his actions and what we have seen and heard on TV. To me all I have seen him do pick his nose and play with himself under the covers. Spencer is not what I would consider a “good guy” even though he treats you like a lady. He should have the same respect for all ladies.

    • Comments (651)

      What kind of person thinks child porn is something to joke about? Spencer’s disrespect of women is there for all to see and hear. Just because he acts like he respects you to your face doesn’t mean he’s not talking about what you would taste like behind your back. Or maybe he talks about how hearing you scream while being raped is something he likes because everyone knows that No! means I want it.

      You’re a fool.

  78. Comments (1)

    Julie Chen is a lame host. I guess she was intimidated by Amanda over the “go f*** yourself” comment.

  79. Comments (1)

    For all of you who don’t want the Exterminators to win lets make sure to vote for Elissa for favorite player. This will surely piss them off, and then we can watch Spencer shit on the finale stage like he promised. Sweet revenge if you ask me. Elissa may have had unfair advantage with being Rachel’s sister, but it worked against her more than it did for her. Just sayin.

  80. Comments (207)

    I hope Andy and Mcrae go on the block together and mcrae wins the veto otherwise the show will be back to boring again after a short 2time week interesting run.

  81. Comments (2)

    yeah I was sure when he won he would put up gm and andy.. ugh.. I cancelled my recording of it rest of the season because I could give a crap less who wins now..

  82. Comments (3)

    BB15 is officially the worst season ever. I’m not sure if it was the casting director’s or production’s fault, but there wasn’t a single person in the house worth cheering for. Near the end I actually started to like Amanda and Elissa even though they were annoying. The losers left in the house are so unbearably vile and disgusting that I have lost all interest in watching the show. McCrae and Judd will be the next to go and they deserve to be evicted for being morons. Had they gotten over themselves and admitted that they’re both useless little boys, Amanda and Elissa could have carried them to the final four. Instead they’ve created a situation in which they are the odd two out. No one can understand anything Judd says so it makes him appear shady and McCrae is so dirty and disgusting, the other three will evict him just because he stinks. We should probably all prepare for Andy to win, since the house guests this season were so blinded by his????? I don’t even know?! What the heck was his appeal? Saying gay people don’t lie is not a good enough reason to trust this guy is it? Maybe they pitied him because he cries so easily? I don’t get it, he’s just as nasty and mean as the other house guests yet he gets a free pass because he appears sensitive? Whatever, I guess I should just be grateful that he doesn’t teach my kids. Can’t wait for BB Canada. At least they offer decent HG to cheer for.

  83. Comments (7)

    Julie Chen and CBS not questioning Amanda about her rants and racism throughout the season as they did Aaryn is what we should be upset about. Not whining about the final 5 and who they are. How quickly people forget……Shame on the network for not handling that correctly. And I hope the disappointment is heard through all the complaining about Elissa leaving.

    • Comments (407)

      I want to see what happens when GM gets evicted (hopefully), and see what Julie says to her. If nothing is said to her about her racism and comments, then we know for sure Amanda is somehow “special” to CBS.

  84. Comments (61)

    YEA McCRAE WON HOH HE IS IN THE FINAL 4 =D Let’s Hope He does the right thing & puts up “Rat Boy” Andy & Spencer because even though I would like to see GM in the 2nd seat the Boys would Vote Her out in a second & I WANT “Rat Boy” GONE!!!

  85. Comments (1)

    Wow, who to root for, the best liar ratboy, the foulest gassest woman , the biggest waste of oxygen, Soencer, the winner of the person with the least number of bathes, or Judd who at least I cannot understand half of what he says, which is a good thing cause i am sure he is a foul mouth creep also

  86. Comments (610)

    I’m stunned with Elissa’s eviction. I expected her to make it thru until next week. So disappointing!

  87. Comments (65)

    Spencer has the key around his neck!!!!!!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Spencer and Andy finally have a place they can be alone…LOL…Seriously, at least he won’t have to put up with Amanda and McCrae in his bed all the time. But, I do bet that Andy makes himself at home.

  88. Comments (61)

    Lets Hope that “Rat Boy” Andy’s Bragging about what a Great Liar He was & Has Been & puts “Rat Boy” Andy on the block but I doubt it since Spencer just promised Him He would make it to Final 4 boo hoo Super dee Duper Yukky!!!

  89. Comments (1)

    I’m SO mad. Like I knew Amanda was leaving but Elissa too is just, UGH. I HATE ANDY SOO MUCH. I hate him so much. He’s so fake. The exterminators are A JOKE. Judd ain’t shit, neither is Gina or spencer. It’s so sad how the floaters make it to the end. What happened??? I really hope McCrae doesn’t work w/ them. Gina or Andy should have went home. Ugh, Elissa kept her word and I feel so bad. This is the worst BB ever. Like, everyone in the house right now are a JOKE and pathetic as hell. This is so sad. Exterminators can exterminate themselves in hell. If I see Andy bitch ass, I’m whopping his ass. This shit is ridiculous. The only person I can even think about rooting for is McCrae. A damn shame.

  90. Comments (407)

    Spencer just won HOH!!

  91. Comments (103)

    McCrea has ONE shot to stay in the game and that is to win the Veto. And he CAN do it. We can only hope. The only one left worthwhile in my mind is Judd! GM, as big a bully as Amanda, plus poor character, Spencer, BIGGEST floater in BB history, WELL, maybe Adam. 😉 And Andy, biggest rat EVER, well maybe Dan, BUT at least Dan was likable and watchable. Any is insufferable!

  92. Comments (103)

    Big Brother losers, AMERICA!!!!! Because we have to watch this cast! LOL

  93. Comments (1)

    Spencer is new hoh

  94. Comments (35)

    Spencer won HOH! Oye!

    I’m not sure what the competition was, as the feeds were down, but Andy went out first, then Judd, and finally GM.

  95. Comments (123)


    the last two were him & GM… they played the Morph Comp… 🙂

  96. Comments (1)

    spencer won HOH. Looks like he is putting up mccrae and it looks like andy volunteered to be the pawn.

  97. Comments (2)

    I will fall over laughing hysterically if spencer wins head of household. Wouldn’t that be the hoot. He then can put up Mcrae and Andy and Andy gets the boot. Leaving Judd, GinaMarie, to vote out either one I see the final three being Judd; GinaMarie and Spencer with Spencer winning it all. Another floater wins the season.

  98. Comments (2)

    Sweet has spencer winning the HOH. FInally. Told you a floater would win BB#15.

  99. Comments (12)

    So… all the people saying that Elissa and Amanda were chosen to win s’up with that?
    Let me guess… seeing their evil plan was spotted CBS came up with a new plot to throw us off?
    Not everything you read online is true.
    I am not an Andy fan. Having said that how is his game play much different from Dan’s? Both lied and betrayed others. Both were rats.
    Andy is hated and Dan is loved.
    Elissa gets slammed for giving her wedding ring while Dan, a coach at a Christian school, lies while swearing on a Bible.
    Which is worse people?
    Jeff, a world class DB who cannot even do an interview with Jordan without insulting her, who hated on gays and women (read the notes from his season as well as check out Shelly and her family having to have police protection thanks to his crap and his fans)is Mr Wonderful????
    How about Dr Will, Evil Dick and … the list goes on.
    But the gay guy plays dirty and well that’s not acceptable.
    Andy has played all sides and done it very well. He tricks everyone all the time. And not one of them figured it out.
    Given his tells when he’s lying I do not think he is like that at all in real life. It is too easy to read him. As for fooling those in the game… after 77 days of isolation they are all a bit squirrely. If you have never been in a situation like that, taken out of your normal circumstances, tossed in with strangers and living in isolation … well you have no idea how it plays with the mind.
    Think summer camp when you were a teen .. with $500,000 (200,000 after taxes in the US right?)

    • Comments (14)

      yes I was wondering what happened to all the talk about the producers influencing the game. Next thing we’ll find out Mccrea doesn’t stink.

  100. Comments (1)

    I jut want to THANK YOU for this comment and for solidifying all the thoughts I had in my head during this double eviction. Why didn’t Elissa go to McRae and tell him he voted to keep Amanda is beyond me!? She could have saved herself. McRae is an idiot and Im mortified that any of the final four exterminators could win it all! OMG Im SO frustrated!!!

  101. Comments (29)

    Andy and his “let’s throw the most offensive 9/11 party ever” comment… yeah, I hate him.

  102. Comments (1)

    Did anyone else notice, just before the nomination ceremony, that Judd whispering something to McCrae? It was when they were walking back into the house, after the HOH comp. He whispered something, and McCrae nodded. Am wondering if Judd lied to McCrae and said Elissa told him she voted for Amanda to leave, in hopes of influencing McCrae’s nominations. I also have to wonder if given more than 2 minutes, McCrae might have come up with a better plan. Either he is just that plain stupid, or Judd influenced his decision! Or then again, there’s always Andy and all his BS. *sigh* I can’t stand any of these people, and honestly no longer GAF who wins. Bring on Survivor and Amazing Race!! I do appreciate your site, though, and thank you for all your info and updates 🙂

  103. Comments (1)

    Ugh GM makes me sick. She is so delusional about Nicks its scary. Plus think she has some serious mental health problems and a learning disability, I do not understand how she graduated high school. This is the worst bb season since the crazy james season. If I have to hear her burp and fart one more time I might go crazy and make a shrine of Nicks trash too.
    Ps. Do you know how repulsed someone has to be to wear a hoodie and put a pillowbetween them in a full size bed.

  104. Comments (60)

    Trying to watch BB after dark…. But the camera is mostly fixated on Andy *yuck*
    BB house is quiet…looks like the rest of the season is going to a zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Not sure*or care* who’s going to win.
    *now the camera is fixated in the fish!
    Looks like I’m going to hit ” delete” on this one.

  105. Comments (1)

    I’m sad that Amanda left and laughed at McCrea inability to make a logical nomination, I’m still rooting for him since he’s Repping MN!!! I’m going to call that this week plays out a little something like this, MC gets nominated along with GM, Pandoras box is used, MC wins POV and Andy gets put up on the block. GM is voted off. Not holding my breath or anything.

  106. Comments (10)


  107. Comments (15)

    McCrea is so stupid. Only good thing is he will be evicted next and when he goes to the jury house he will see he got rid of the only person who would have stuck by him. So I think McCrea is out next unless the guys turn on GM. They are all fooled by Andy. I would be shocked if he gets evicted. He is such a sleazy horrid person.

  108. Comments (5)

    I think that the boys will get togeather and vote out GM

    • Comments (3)

      I’m thinking Spencer and Judd will round up McCrae and promptly get rid of GM and Andy. Then they can claim a great game as they outlasted the rest of the house as The Moving Company 2.0

  109. Comments (1288)

    I am thinking that Andy possibly threw the HoH. The HoH of 5 is the least desirable of the finishing HoH contests. Spencer does get all the amenities of HoH but he does not get to compete for the HoH of 4 which has a very important bonus. Besides being safe from eviction the HoH of 4 gets to compete for the HoH of 3 unlike all other HoH contests after the first [at least it has been that way in previous seasons].

    This makes up for the fact that with only 4 in the house 1 is HoH, 2 are on the block and the 4th is the lone vote to send someone to jury. That week all the real power lies with the Veto winner. Of the remaining HGs only Andy and McCrae have shown enough game knowledge to understand this.

    Considering Spencer won it was most likely a crap shoot contest.

  110. Comments (15)

    I wish MC would have just made a decision with Amanda who would play out the game, and used the veto to save Amanda, and just let himself get voted off. Amanda was not perfect, but at least she had game strategy. Trusting Andy til the end was a big mistake for both Amanda and MC, but I believe Amanda would have at least figured it out that Andy is a lier. Too bad!!! Poor Elissa, she did not deserve that MC!

  111. Comments (90)

    Andy needs to get an agent and a sag card asap to be in the running for his emmy. 🙂

    500th episode was the BEST!
    So happy to see Amanda and whiny Elissa voted out!!!

    Btw, Julie predicted a winner

  112. Comments (13)

    McCrae is going down in big brother history as yet another player who made a stupid move. He will be going to jury house and when he does I hope he feels like an ass for evicted Elissa and keeping Andy. I loved how Elissa didn’t hug anyone, at least she wasn’t fake and pretended like she liked any of them. The only person that deserves to win at this point is Judd (and he was a major douche last night so I’m not really rooting for him). GM better not win, her ignorant racist ass doesn’t deserve it. Not impressed with this season.

  113. Comments (34)

    What I want to know is where was Julie Chen’s outrage with Amanda for her racist remarks and bully tactics throughout the entire season. IMO, she was just as bad, if not worse than Aaryn, yet Julie made no mention of any of that to Amanda last night? WTF???

    I guess as long as you are not making comments about Asians making rice, then it is not a racist comment!! Very disappointed in the way Julie handled that! She should have had Amanda in a pool of her fake tears and made her feel just as low as she made Aaryn feel! I hope she does a much better job with Gina Marie and Spencer. Between GinaMarie making fun of Candace for beign adopted and Spencer talking about watching kiddie porn, there will be no excuse not to call them out and make them look like the true losers they really are!

  114. Comments (316)

    With everything going on I had to shuffle the deck. I have now decided to root for McCrae and Andy for the final 2. Is anyone in agreement?

  115. Comments (4)

    Lets boycott Big Brother maybe they will listen.

  116. Comments (4)

    Lets boycott Big Brother.

  117. Comments (4)


  118. Comments (71)

    Don’t care one way or the other about Elissa, she wasn’t even playing the game except on rare occasion, and when she did she was unbelievably clueless. She’s gone and nothing will change in the house as a result.

    On the other hand, Amanda. “THE LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER!!!”

    Best BB day EVER. And now I can watch the feeds without swearing at the screen! Adios, bitch!!! LOL
    She is going to be blindsided again when she sees how much BB fans detest her, she thinks “America” loves her! I have never seen anyone with such a profound, insane lack of self-awareness in my life! LMAO

    And did y’all see she thought “America” hated Judd and would vote Andy as America’s Choice? Hilarious. She is even more clueless about her surroundings than Elissa when she said she thought McCrae voted to evict Amanda (mind boggling!).

    *happy dance*

  119. Comments (1)

    Noooo! I wanted Elissa to win! It’s not that I like her but I thought if she won this season I wouldn’t have to see her again ever! At least until they dig up another one of Rachel’s relatives to drive me nuts for another season. Now there is a possibility that I will not be watching big brother next season either because Elissa might be back XD

  120. Comments (11)

    Why did casting get Spencer on this show? I really don’t understand. He’s not interesting. He’s a pain to look at, and all his comments are nasty, sexist and disturbing. I can’t believe he has a real chance of winning now. I really hope that they do a better job in selecting the HG next year.

  121. Comments (23)

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the perv wins HOH. This season is almost unbearable.

  122. Comments (9)

    I just wish they would show the reaction of the jurors when Amanda hits the front door.

    • Comments (71)

      I feel sorry for the other jurors, Amanda is going to be unbearable in the JH, even more insane than ever. If they’re lucky she will just sleep for the next two weeks!

  123. Comments (1)

    Really, I was shocked at the eviction of Elyssa…. However, Pizza Boy never was the brightest. If Amanda was not in a shomance with him, she would have won. As far as the rest of the season is concerned….I dont want to watch. I cant stand who is left in it. I liked it with the drama, after all that is the real reason we all dvr this show. I am sad to see the two gone that left last night. This show is about backstabbing, working with your enemies, and DRAMA. Now the only drama left is in Andy, and he will just have to act his way into the final two. I think from here on out I will just read this blog to see who wins. Oh and to watch the last episode to see Nick have to fend of GM (cause only she would fall in love with in a week!)

  124. SteveBeanzIsA FacsistDouchebag
    Comments (4)


  125. Comments (17)

    Funny Thought Pandoras box should be Elissa is in limbo waiting and the next HOH has to exchange their spot with the last person evicted. Putting Spence out and Elissa HOH. Only problem she’d probably screw that up lol.

  126. SteveBeanzIsA FacsistDouchebag
    Comments (4)

    Woohoo!!! GO SPENCER GO!!!

    LMAO 😀

  127. SteveBeanzIsA FacsistDouchebag
    Comments (4)

    Attention houseguests….

    DISSING Rob is not allowed 😉

    Send all complaints to …. MidwestMiddiesA_FatKunt (at) hotload (dot) com..

    That is all


  128. Comments (110)

    Watching them this week will be unbearable and I don’t think I can do it. Mc Crea made the dumbest move of the season. Gm is too dumb to realize that a girl in a 1 girl 3 guy alliance never works out for the girl. It just seems to be the season of dumb moves, immature behavior, mean, bullying and racist people and just flat out the worst season I have seen. It sucks to watch all season and get this far and now it’s like I don’t even care. I don’t like any of them.

  129. Comments (49)

    And not a single chocolate milk reference last night.

  130. Comments (45)

    Good riddance CBS – Big Brother – Survivor! I draw the line at watching a production nightmare who has given America vile, foul, and disgusting entertainment. Spencer’s is a pervert creep, Andy has a degree in communications yet degrades that at every time he opens his mouth, Judd mumbles and you can’t understand him, GM is disgusting, and McCrae is a filthy slob.

    I chose to not support this degraded network any longer.

  131. Comments (27)

    Floaters nooooooooooooo! If McCrae gets lucky and wins POV GM is gone then I hope its Andy!!!!! Who in their right mind would take Andy to final 3 if they want to win the game? Andy is the greatest floater of all time.

  132. Comments (2)

    andy sucks…he is a big floating turd that needs to be flushed…

  133. Comments (1)

    I am a Judd fan. Yes Andy is a rat but I have to admit, with what he managed to pull off, he should probably be the one walking away with the grand prize

  134. Comments (28)

    This is the worse season of BB ever, as of now it is probably more interesting to watch the jury house with all of those ladies who don’t get along. It is really hard to pick a favorite at this point. CBS get it together for next season, we have been watching since season 1. Have a great day everyone!

  135. Comments (1)

    The remaining four are the worst in all the shows I’ve watched. The floaters made it to the end. Except Judd. I hope Judd wins.

  136. Comments (1)

    With Elissa being evicted last night the season has completely gone in to the GUTTER!!!

  137. Comments (3)

    WAKE-UP PEOPLE!! Stop repeating someone else’s comments, Over and Over again!!! Who in the history of Big Broter has accomplished being trusted and liked by everybody in the house at this stage of the game like Andy has? And this, without having to give away his dead grandfather’s gold chain!!! Last time I checked, this is Big Borther game – You play it for yourself. Andy was faithful to his alliance throughout the game, while planning ahead for a switch when the time would come. Andy is playing the perfect game and this from the very start. This is not a Popularity contest. HG’s play the game for themselves not for a group!!!! HE IS NOT A RAT BUT A VERY GOOD PLAYER!!!!!

  138. Comments (651)

    How about some new rules for next season.

    1 Stop the Have Nots and go back to food comps.
    2 Then daily chores for cleaning the house and a variety of additional tasks to do daily(these are assigned chores and tasks)
    3 And no one is allowed to sleep after wake up call until they are all done. If someone tries to go back to sleep blare a horn threw the house so the others will get them out of bed.
    4 Then if the daily cleaning and other tasks aren’t done by a specific hour they lose food and booze for the day and everyone goes on slop that day.

    Let’s see how “It’s what the house wants” works with THAT!

    I didn’t get the feeds this season because I’m on the east coast and these lazy ass people don’t even get up until west coast evening so I would only get a couple of hours before I have to go to sleep because I’m up every morning to go to work. And the time I would see them moving around is when they’re waking up, brushing teeth, etc. Not going to pay good $$ for that.

  139. Comments (6)

    McScummy & DiSpencer! LOVE IT!!!! LMAO!!!

  140. Comments (8)

    I wish Judd would open his mouth when he talks

  141. Comments (4)

    So sick of hearing about ppl who are going to stop watching. STOP then. quit whining about it. Even a sucky season of BB is still good. There is no way I will ever quit watching!!! I love this show too much.

  142. Comments (7)

    Let’s see, who is left in the BB House:
    GinaMarie – who talks like a thug in a very bad gangster movie;
    Spencer – who thinks discussing child porn is appropriate conversation on national TV;
    Andy – who lies as easily as he tells the truth (of course it is hard to tell if he has ever been truthful because of all his lies…);
    McCrae – who, now without his puppetmaster Amanda, seems to be totally unsure of what game he is supposed to be playing; and,
    Judd- whose “ah-shucks, I’m just a simple country boy” spiel becomes more obnoxious every day.

    What a group. And to think, we spent an entire summer just to get to this point. What a waste.

  143. Comments (65)

    Hey, Steve. I just wanted to say thanks for the updates and your insight into the show! I love it!
    I also wanted to let you know, it is my understanding that Spencer handed out the punishments and one reward. He gave a cash prize to Andy, but didn’t know the amount. He didn’t want McC tied to Judd and them two making deals together, so he tied him to GM…I guess because they are least likely to make deals together.

  144. Comments (85)

    I think im going to barf! What a house full of loosers this year, I cant stand GM, just like snookie, i would love to punch her in the face. Spencer and andy are loosers, judd is an idiot. I quit, hopefully next year they will put a little older players back in that aren’t so concerned about showmances as they are winning the pot o gold!

  145. Comments (45)

    Comments awaiting moderation?!

    The vulgarity we have faced from these people and when they are called out on it by an appropriate and civilized comment you have the nerve to put a “this comment awaiting moderation” on it?

    This site has lost its credibility.

  146. Comments (1)

    Have followed the show and comments here all season. Interesting dynamics which left it difficult to cheer anyone on at the finish line. I think CBS does profile vetting to mix together the most dis functional people with a few ‘normal” to see what plays out when interacting for a half million bucks. What would people do to get that kind of money? Would they compromise who they were or would it simply show who they really already are in reality? This season really was bad and showed hate at it’s core. Was hard to get past all of it and enjoy the game. Racial slurs should have people yanked out or house voting after hearing such as a group. Same with bullies that cross that line. Zero tolerance with no compromise. They could have a great show playing it clean and smart. People would still tune in. Throw in a few showmances, but have them earn it with their brains. Enjoyed following all the comments from the start. Great job Steve too.

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