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Big Brother 15 – PoV Meeting Results


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In a not so surprising move, Judd was put on the block to replace McCrae.  Apparently, that’s about all the excitement we’ll get until the feeds go dark sometime in the next few days  (they’ll block out feeds for the eviction until after Wed episode).   Before heading to the DR, Judd told his alliance that he’s not going to be campaigning against GM and doesn’t even want to talk to McCrae alone.  This is so nobody can twist words around and make it seem like he is campaigning against her… basically he’s going down without a fight.   Well done, superfan.

It’s nice to see Judd playing for friendships that he’ll have with random people across the country who will likely rarely talk to him within 5 years.  Either that or he thinks a miracle will happen and they’ll vote out a beaten up GM, and he’s trying to get her vote if he makes the F2.  I’m going to guess that’s his plan, or at least I’m going to hope it is.  It would be a real pathetic way to end the season for a guy who has waited his entire life to play the game.

I understand Judd is very bitter at production this season, and may never watch the show again going forward.   He feels some shady stuff has gone down, and based on the comments every post, he’s not alone.  I’m sure it’s productions dream to have a bunch of floaters, boring people, and hated cast members make the final 4.  Sure, some had an advantage over others (like Elissa winning MVP because of her DNA), some things have been pretty questionable (like Elissa agreeing to the Amanda deal after her DR session), and some pretty unfair (again, like Elissa allowed to use thicker blankets while a havenot).

The problem with that is, that’s reality TV these days.  If you don’t think production tries to influence the outcome of every show to keep entertaining characters in the season longer, you’re kidding yourself.  It seems every show I watch these days ends up having some ‘villain’ who everyone hates, or ‘fan favorite’ everyone likes, yet the cast keep both of them around as long as possible.  It’s the only way I can explain how returning members either win, or come pretty damn close to winning whether on Survivor or Big Brother (Survivor is notorious for that, which is why the show has tanked pretty bad the past seasons).

I may use this as an update thread for anything that happens today, but expect a lot of sitting around doing nothing in the house.


– Spencer is trying to reassure GinaMarie that they’re together.  GM is bashing Judd how he just gives up so easy and often.  So if Judd isn’t campaigning against GM, she’s working against him

– GM called to DR shortly after Judd enters the HoH room.  Spencer is now reassuring Judd he’s safe if it’s a tie vote this week

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  1. Comments (378)

    GO SPENCE 😉 lol

    • Comments (14)

      Will we be able to watch BBAD tonite? When will they do the eviction for Wednesdays show?

      • Comments (17)

        Tonight, probably. Tomorrow, though, it might be a taped show from earlier in the day. At least that’s how they did it last year.

      • Comments (14)


      • Comments (228)

        does anyone understand what Judd says when he talks. He doesn’t open his mouth when he talks. It sounds like mumbling on top of mumbling. Guess it’s the xanax he takes that inhibits him.

    • Comments (228)

      This is what Spencer said in the camera today: “Spencer “Hey Brenchel’s Army, why don’t you go have a mass suicide? F–k them”.

      I hope his home state welcomes him the way he deserves. Apparently, sometime ago Spencer claims to have lost half his family in a backhoe accident. Would he like it if Elissa fans made a back handed comment about that. What goes around comes around and hope he is prepared for the reality of the ‘real world’

      • Comments (32)

        SPENCER is so crude in so many ways. He is such a LOSER.
        His family should hide their heads in shame. And this Marilyn
        Move before he comes home!!!!

      • Comments (207)

        Born2shop he really said that? These people will pay somehow in their life for their cruel evil remarks!

      • Comments (74)

        Also Andy has graciously asked the Brenchel Army to please not give him your votes for America’s Favorite. Whew…. Off the hook! I was really worried about that.

      • Comments (228)

        Yes, those were his exact words, it’s on ‘jokersupdate word for word’.

  2. Comments (378)

    *calling on da megaphone. ….ok boys, open the shoot and stand back, these cowz are pissed off!! 😀 lmao

    • Comments (32)

      Yikes, stevebeans…three knocks on Elissa in one thread?? The Brenchel Army will have your head on a stick and you will be shut down 🙂
      Yeah, CBS should cancel BB altogether because Andy hated Elissa and Elissa didn’t win.
      And, by God, if Elissa doesn’t get America’s player we should all write to the FCC and have CBS destroyed!!

      • Comments (53)


      • Comments (32)

        Yeah, and then we can go over to Rachel’s “supercool” CBS sponsored afterparty and watch Brenden and Elissa’s husband beat up all of the people that were mean to her……because, dammit, we HATE mean people!!

      • Comments (233)

        You sound like Andy…. obsessed with Elissa.

      • Comments (32)


        These two cannot stop talking and bashing Elissa even

        her childred and husband. They are OBSESSED.

      • Comments (1076)

        They are obsessed because they never met such a piece of shit disguised as a human being before. You weren’t stuck in a house with her for 77 days. Easy for your pious mouth to spew platitudes to this snob.

      • Comments (1)

        You know suzyq, I’ve been reading your comments (along with a few other frequent posters’ comments) all season and have yet to respond…but I guess I’m feeling extra annoyed tonight. You sure do claim to know a lot about Elissa and how snobby she is, and you always seem to have a smart alec remark to cut her down and her supporters. Could it be possible that she’s not the abhorrent person you keep saying she is? Could it be possible that even though she’s a pretty girl that has had plastic surgery (so she should be outgoing and friends with everyone, right?) that she’s actually an introvert and not a chatty kathy? No, let’s stick to the stereotype. I don’t know if you read Andy’s HOH blog, but he actually said regarding Elissa, and I quote:
        “One of the most odd people I’ve ever met, in the best way possible. I could write a dissertation about Elissa, but I’ll keep it short and sweet: I’m OBSESSED with her.”
        So obviously he is obsessed – even he admitted it, but not because she’s a piece of s#@& person. He seemed to love her, but turned on her when she figured him out. Elissa was the ONLY one left that saw what Andy was doing, and he couldn’t stand it. But anyway, I know all I need to know about how you classify and value people by the fact that of all of the people in that house…of all of the HORRENDOUS things that have been said…you pick Elissa to run down and call names. Wow. The sad thing is many of the people who agree with me are making fewer trips to read updates (because there is nothing else to be excited about and nobody else to cheer for), so I’ll probably get thumbs down from people like Me and Jannie. Yes, I wanted Elissa to win, because I saw something of value in her. She actually had respect for people, even if her personality was a little awkward at times. Geez, give her a break.

      • Comments (343)

        She also was one of the smartest. If she didn’t listen to Helen so much out of loyalty, she was usually spot on. She had better moves she wanted to make than Helen, but was loyal to a fault to her.

      • Comments (34)

        everyone’s twisted sense of loyalty has resulted with them being escorted to the Jury House! Helen, Elissa, Amanda….and soon, Judd! They all put their trust in Andy??? Really??? And now, he is most likely going to walk away with $50,000. I know its just a game and lying is part of it. But Andy took it to an entirely different and malicious level! Dr. Will, Evil Dick and even Dan had it down to an art and they never intentionally hurt people or tore down their families in the process. I hope Andy has just as many consequences for his bad behavior this year as Aaryn, GM, Spencer and Amanda do. I hope this follows him the rest of his life!

      • Comments (12)

        Amen Kelly

      • Comments (228)

        Specer wins for the biggest piece of poo!

      • Comments (32)

        Because it is beyond her comprehension that more than one person could disagree w/her opinions.
        I also had a stalker here that couldn’t imagine that I didn’t agree w/her. I either had to be “off my meds” or needed to “get a grip” because I dared to diss the poor man’s Paris Hilton.
        Then I was told to “Google it!!” to find all of the wonderful stories on the princess and the facts as she saw them – I don’t have time for that crap. 😀

      • Comments (74)

        Paris Hilton????? Come ON….

      • Comments (74)

        No. I said YOU commented on how someone’s been married so many times that rings meant nothing to them. It was YOU trashing someone else. Liar.

      • Comments (74)

        And the truth is when I said ‘mean people’ you did come to mind. Now stop stalking.

      • Comments (32)

        Oh Bree – it’s in print right here on this blog. Stop lying Missy McLiarpants.
        You said(after I had said something about the Princess Elissa)
        “you must really be horrible to your husband and kids.”
        And yet GM should be punched in the face for talking about Elissa’s family.
        Hypocrite, hypocrite, hypocrite.

      • Comments (74)


      • Comments (74)

        Right. I said you’d better be nice to your husband. I didn’t say one word about your family or kids. And I stand by what I said about you.

  3. Comments (1162)

    Thanks for the update. “SHOCKING!!!”

  4. Comments (316)

    why are they going to keep GM over Spencer??

    • Comments (316)

      OOPS Why are they going to keep GM over JUDD??

      • Comments (45)

        I think it is because Judd was evicted once already.

      • Comments (74)

        Because she’s broken and Spencer and Andy know that both GM and Judd can beat them at comps. And, they can’t get McCrae out… despite trying to con him into using his Veto on GM. Boy, Andy thinks he’s really something!! A word to Andy: “You are in no way adorable!”

      • Comments (53)

        kinda have a point but that mean its the smart play for them it sucks tho i like judd

      • Comments (74)

        Also, on a personal level, they don’t think her racist comments are as bad as Aaryn and Amanda’s because she says them ‘cute and childlike’ and ‘doesn’t know what she’s saying’. But, mostly because she’s broken.

      • Comments (53)

        lol she thinks she sweet out of all of them i really think she dose not know any better

      • Comments (651)

        She is a 33 year old woman who works with (or did work with children) and you think she doesn’t know that calling a child Puerto Rican dirt is wrong?

      • Comments (74)

        Me??? Nooooooooooo!!!! Spencer and Andy don’t think it’s wrong! I think she should lose her job and hide her face! To dj: I never did say anything about Elissa’s soul. I don’t know her. I think she is very pretty though. Personally, if she wasn’t on this season, I might not like her at all. I didn’t like Rachel either. But, I think Elissa is a better person than a LOT of the other HGs. To the people who call Elissa a ‘fame whore’… They all are. I just think that Elissa deserved to be there as much as anyone, and I hate how the house keeps bashing her as badly as they are, and it actually sickens me that Andy thinks he can talk America into not giving her their vote. Who does he think he is??…. Amanda?? I do hate mean people, Jannie. And GM deserves a punch to the face for talking crap about a child…. more than once!! I liked Nick. He played the game like a ‘normal’ person. And I liked Candice and Jessie. I thought Howard was just weird. But, BB needs to re-think some of their rules, because the final four is really …. Yuck.

      • Comments (74)

        Oh. And I certainly don’t hold it against Elissa that you guys (America) kept voting her MVP. How is that her fault? Yes, Rachel’s her sister. Yes, BB should have had an unknown house for that. But, it’s not Elissa’s fault. I’m much more appalled that they had a HG that previously worked for CBS. That’s BAD….

      • Comments (48)

        I agree with you Bree. I thought Andy was supposed to be a rather smart individual but he is so limited on anything to talk about. All he can talk about is Elissa and how much he hated her Out of all of them I think she was nicer than any of them. Now that she is gone it will definately be boring. I can’t choose a single one that is left that I would like to get the $$$$. Maybe Judd but it looks like he will be leaving this week and I am not all that excited about him being my selection.

        If production is responsible for the way the house runs, they need to regroup and try again.

        I am wondering if Spencer is getting a PD. He was called to HOH bedroom and the house is on lockdown. Maybe something exciting will happen and Judd can be saved. Maybe we will get a little excitement then. I am ready to see Andy gone.

      • Comments (16)

        And I suppose Elissa never said one bad thing about other people or the other hg???? Um I do believe she DID so she is just as bad as the rest of them

      • Comments (32)

        Bree – if you hate mean people so much, then why did you make a crack about MY husband and family last week?? The truth hurts, right?
        GM deserves a punch in the face for dissing someone’s family, right?

      • Comments (207)

        GM knows exactly what she is saying! And Aaryn and GM starting the racist comments! Plus she sit back at Aaryns racist comments and laughed her head off. So Aaryn ,GM and Amanda are equally disgusting. But the way the rest of them have talked has been so repulsive that its hard to say anything nice about them. Maybe McCrae! Unless i have missed something.

      • Comments (32)

        Just other night she said Candice had a NAPPY Hairdo and then Spencer called Candice a MALATO
        and GM called her a HALF BREED.
        GM is just as bad as the rest of them.
        The final 5 Scumbags.

      • Comments (293)

        The can get McCrae out if they win the competitions at the right time.

      • Comments (10)

        They could just back door him. Well…assuming he wouldn’t win POV. But would he fight as hard if his life isn’t on the line???

      • Comments (293)

        Yes, McCrae would fight as hard. GM is angry with Judd because she thinks he didn’t try hard enough. He didn’t. Andy is playing a mental game, McCrae is playing a physical game, Spencer and Judd are “trusting” people, and Gina Marie is hoping.

      • Comments (1076)

        What? Don’t the two of you want to burn the HG’s alive or beat them to death or wish them horrible lives? What kind of fans are you?

      • Comments (32)

        suzyq – omg I about wet myself with that zinger.
        But wait…does that mean YOU would be wet too?? Sorry about that! Bwhahahaa!!

      • Comments (162)

        Cause they think she will be easier to beat all banged up. And Spencer should of put up Andy.. that may come back to bite him in the butt. cause Andy is a rat..

      • Comments (651)

        The fact that the Perv didn’t put up the Rat Dog let’s everyone know there is a deal and it puts a bigger target on Rat Dog’s back. That’s if these stupid people are using the 4-5 brain cells they have left.

        Hopefully, Thursday he’ll be kicked to the curb and then he can face his biggest nightmare–a jury house full of women who he “f**ked over” and the only other guy will be Judd who will just sit back and laugh as Demanda goes after him and his only hope will be his “best friend” Helen.

      • Comments (651)

        Wow! 39 thumbs down. So I guess there are some serious Rat Dog fans here.

      • Comments (207)

        Spencer is crazy for not putting up Andy. I know GM got hurt but she could be making people think that its worse than it really is. Who knows?????? I want her gone as bad as i wanted Aaryn and Amanda gone.

      • Comments (32)

        Spencer brains are all twisted up cause he is to busy

        thinking about Elissa he cannot stop talking about her.

        Actually he is a very twisted person he also thinks

        about Child Porn. Picks his nose constantly and is

        always feeling his balls. Spencer is MORE than CRAZY!

      • Comments (1076)

        CRAZY in love with his AndyPanda.

      • Comments (1288)

        People like you have brought up child porn way more than Spencer did.

      • Comments (45)

        Because they think Judd would win more jury votes and be more competition for them at the end. Judd would wind hands down.

  5. Comments (74)

    I just started reading the feeds a couple of weeks ago, and this is my favourite site. Thank you! I’m just happy that we are pretty much guaranteed that we will never have a repeat of this season again. I say, ‘Yay!’ I’m so over these HGs, but I can’t wait for next year!! HGs will be much more aware of their big yappers and might have a little more respect for others in the house. Here’s hoping….

    • Comments (18)

      I can’t wait for next season either. BB was one of my guilty pleasures and was totally ruined by all the things everyone has complained about (bad casting, racism, bullying, disgusting boring slobs, obvious production interventions, etc)

      And this is my favorite blog too.. (I also like the bitchy one)

      And if anyone reads these at CBS PLEASE get a more clever, age diverse, and more interesting group next season. GM being the oldest at 33 (yet having the mind and attitude of a teenager) just doesn’t cut it. I always liked in past when they had a few older folks to balance out the immaturity.

      And I really like the idea of America having a vote of who goes.. maybe once in awhile they spring it on the HG’s and it freaks them all out, etc! (And then they realize how delusional they are in what’s going on and dispel their notion of how likable they think they are.) lol

  6. Comments (226)

    The show and fans seem to really like Judd so I bet he gets invited back to play again or to go on AR (if he hasn’t published a BB tell-all exposé by then).

  7. Comments (65)

    I’m assuming Judd will leave this week. The only way Andy leaves next week is if McCrae wins HoH and GM wins Veto or vice versa. They both have Spencer a F2 deal and seem sure of it. So basically, Spence is playing for second. I’m not entirely sure if Spencer will save GM over Andy or McCrae over Andy if they are nominated next week post veto.

    Ugh I’m just so confused with who is lying and who is telling the truth with these deals.

    • Comments (453)

      There are two evictions this week, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. So there is a chance that Andy can hopefully go on Thursday.

      • Comments (651)

        The first will be tomorrow. They need a day for edits and putting the Weds show together. And they’ll black out the live feeds so we won’t know until Weds show. Thursday will be the live eviction.

  8. Comments (293)

    Production over-manipulated the show until it dwindled down to the current catastrophe. Once instituted, the MVP vote should have remained. America should never have voted for a nominee, a juror should never have returned to the house, and the MVP should not have been able to reveal him- or herself without a penalty of some kind. House guests should have had stiffer penalties for excessively obscene language and behavior.

    Production could have done more to stimulate the house guests to be responsible, such as specific house chores, in rotation, more contests, less time between evictions, and more time in the jury house.

    • Comments (610)

      And not such a long season. Maybe with a better cast, but with this one, it’s like the ‘song that never ends’… argh!

    • Comments (48)

      Casting and Production need to be voted out before there is a next BB season! They are as disgusting as some of the HGs for sitting on their thumbs and doing nothing. And they think this is helping their ratings? What planet are you from???

    • Comments (74)

      They always return a player, who is normally voted right back out. Nobody gets mad. Although, Judd didn’t deserve to go the first time around at all. I’m hoping they are more selective next year, and maybe choose people who aren’t ‘fame whores’, have never been on television before, aren’t on pills, and simply LOVE (random caps) the game of BB!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Your my knight in shining armor Shirley. you are my Xanax. I always feel better after reading your posts.

    • Comments (90)

      AMEN TO ALL THAT STUFF YOU SAID, especially the part about MVP not being able to reveal themselves. I loved the season when Regan was the saboteur. He was so good at it and funny. America got to vote for him so it was cool for us viewers to be in on the ‘joke’ and watch the HGs reactions and responses.

  9. Comments (651)

    Here’s my question. If Rat Dog is so afraid of going to a jury house full of women he “f**ked over”, who does he think is going to vote for him in the finals?

    • Comments (1162)

      Well, Snitch Rat Andy will have Judd’s vote …………
      Oh, wait! No he won’t because in the JH Judd will learn the truth about the
      Self-serving, Sniveling, Wuss Rat. LOL

      And The Rat Stands Alone ………….

      • Comments (32)

        Midwest Middie

        Last after his daily bashing of Elissa ANDY Said he heard Tom

        Cruise was gay and that was why his wife left him. Spencer Agreed!

        I do not care if this is true or not but is there anyone above

        the slander remarks of this cast? WHERE IS PRODUCTION?

        Should they not impose a penalty on these characters?

      • Comments (1076)

        Tom Cruise wouldn’t fuck Andy with Spencer’s dick…..LOL…..

      • Comments (32)

        HA HA HA Funny I like that!

      • Comments (12)

        Love your comment.

  10. Comments (191)

    This is the first time I didn’t root for someone to win. This cast is not likeable at all.

    I wish the could all be voted out so there isn’t any winner.

    • Comments (1162)

      They’re all Creeps!

      • Comments (651)

        MM that’s an insult to creeps. Let’s just hope BB/CBS take our advice next year and make the changes necessary to keep the slug out of the house.

      • Comments (651)

        Wow! Another 39 thumbs down. Seriously people?

      • Comments (1076)

        Because you are a hater.

      • Comments (32)

        A hater disguised as someone who professes to hate haters!! The very best kind! 😀

      • Comments (74)

        Elissa’s husband loves her fab a$$ets!!! Maybe he’s using her!!! Geez, you guys!!! Your husband, on the other hand Jannie, told me you were a jealous, evil ditch pig !!! Aaaaawwwww…. is that true???? Might as well go ahead and pawn that cheap piece if tin you call a ring, My New Friend!!!! Mmmmmmmmmwhaaaaaaahhh!!! And many, many kisses to your husband!! Nevermind. He’ll get those!!! You snail. (See… We can all be like you and the final five.)

      • Comments (74)

        Oh. And your husband also called you a 50lb vagina troll!!! Whatever that means……

      • Comments (74)

        Ow! Ow! The truth!!! It hurts!!! Ow, Jannie……… PLEASE stop hurting me!!!! (I’ll meet you at the flag pole, after school, TOMORROW.)

      • Comments (74)

        Damn. Tried to talk crap about your family, but I’ve only met your lying a$$. Guess I ain’t no GinaMarie. But, now I’m as mean as you, and you’re ‘almost’ not a liar anymore. Unfortunately, I have more bad things to say about you than your poor family!! I still hope that you are much nicer to them than you are strangers… and don’t lie so much around them. It’s been fun!! Witch.

      • Comments (32)

        Ouch…someone needs help for an overnight drinking binge and rage issues.
        Seriously, instead of bashing your family, I hope you have a good one that can get you some help.
        I know I would be embarrassed if I went on a 3:00 AM bender – try and stay off of the computer when you are drinking, ok??
        Good Luck.

    • Comments (10)

      Me too! I can’t pick a winner because I don’t think any of them deserve it!! Never had a season this bad before

    • Comments (207)

      You are right Bobby Joe these people are really not worth our time. But we are curious human beings who hope to see these people get some sort of punishment. We want to see if the least of the worst wins. But facing America and the other evicted HGs is going to be the best! So BIG BROTHER! DON’T LET US DOWN!

    • Comments (32)

      I wish that was possible. They are all bad um I was going to say
      human beings but I do not consider them humans, um people no they
      are really not people. ANIMALS Yes that is the word for this bunch.
      They must have been raised by a pack of wolves.

  11. Comments (166)

    Wow Judd, not only did you get to be on a reality t.v show once, but you got to do it twice & to sit there & play with absolutely NO SPARK!! Such stale game play!! He will surely have major regrets!

  12. Comments (98)

    Can’t wait until this season is over. If BB16 is anything like this one won’t be watching. Can’t believe Judd is going down w/o a fight.

  13. Comments (651)

    Can anyone tell me when the casting calls start going out for the next BB season. I thought they went out before now but I haven’t heard about any. I have heard the AG will be leaving BB by “mutual” agreement so maybe there will be a shake up and they are waiting until they get a new production team together.

    Let’s hope they start the mental health tests and drug screenings early for next season.

    • Comments (3)

      What is the AG?

      • Comments (1288)

        Allison Grodner, the producer

      • Comments (48)

        I personally think AG should go. The job she has done this year is terrible. She is the producer so let’s face it. It is totally her fault that this season sucked. I feel like a good producer would have been able to make some quick changes when they realized how terrible this season was. Surely she is not getting a promotion into another job. If so, I am starting to feel sorry for the future of CBS.

      • Comments (45)

        She should be fired immediately and the remaining cast disqualified for vulgarity. America’s choice should win the $500,000 and the rest to the victims of racism (Candice, Helen, and Howard). The rest publicly called out for their racism, vulgarity, alcohol and drug dependencies.

      • Comments (207)

        Good idea VoteAmandaOut! If Anyone of them racist vulgar mouths win the money,they should have to pay the people they did this to.

      • Comments (453)

        LOL, Andy would be crying so hard he would pee his pants, and Spencer will crap himself, just like he promised to do.

      • Comments (32)

        Could you even imagine having to look at Spencers ass YUK.While he takes a crap.YUK.

        I could and would love to see rat Andy cry that
        I would like to see.

      • Comments (378)

        So U crusty clamz hate production interfering with the game unless it interferes ina way U approve ….. 😉 close yor legs it reekz! Lmao

      • Comments (651)

        Shirley that’s for this season but we haven’t heard anything about next season yet.

      • Comments (226)

        I think it is typically in the spring.

      • Comments (1076)

        If you follow this blog from the beginning you can literally see the decent people flee from the storm troupers of hate that have taken over the posts. Once again the inmates have taken over the asylum.

      • Comments (32)

        Everything was peachy until Elissa got evicted and the Brenchel Army went nuts. They blame everyone but Elissa herself. And it was her fault for not knowing how to be a social/nice person and constantly looking her nose down at other players.
        I don’t want Steve’s blog overtaken by these people- that would be a shame. Not true fans of how to play BB – just fans of Elissa…

      • Comments (1288)

        It is amazing how she could be so limber with such a large stick up her ass.

  14. Comments (45)

    I wish I could get on Big Brother but I’m too old at 51. They mostly only cast people in their 20’s oh well.

  15. Comments (85)

    First I want to say thank you Steve for an excellent blog and for saving time in my life over this silly fascination i have with BB. I would love to get the feeds but i have no time or patience to watch them all the time. And besides you are a cheaper date! I do have to say also that I love your insight and commentary. I am not only a fan of BB but also of you! Thank you again for making this boring season of BB at least somewhat fun!

  16. Comments (111)

    You have to be 21 to get on Big Brother right? I’m only 15 so I have some waiting to do…

  17. Comments (624)

    I would say if it’s Spencer and Andy for final 2, Spencer will win by default. Too many in the jury got burned by Andy and now it will be payback time. Wow, what a BORING season ender that will be. Other than seeing the evicted HG again, why even watch?

    • Comments (378)

      …duh…so we can see a bunch of sore losers become unhinged and start throwing chairs like the ol Geraldo Rivera shows 😉 lol

      • Comments (87)

        that’s Andy when Elissa wins America vote- he will def start to cry

      • Comments (624)

        Give Andy the sore loser / backstabber award.

      • Comments (1162)

        Yes, that will be the Sniveling Creepy Rat’s finest moment on
        national television.

        *There must be at least one redeeming trait for Andy, The “C**t Calling
        Communication’s “Teacher” …….. Nope! Not A Single One!!!!

      • Comments (207)

        Your right carrie! Even if i didn’t like Ellissa i would vote for her just to get some excitement this season. But Andy isn’t the only one who will be pisssd if Elissa wins Americas vote.

      • Comments (453)

        He said if Elissa wins it, h will kill himself and Spencer will poop on the stage

      • Comments (23)

        Promises, promises…(not about the poop part – what a pig)!

      • Comments (6)

        I’m voting for Elissa!!! Can’t wait to see Andy cry like a lil baby!!!

      • Comments (6)

        There goes GM stuffing her face again!!! She is gonna be a cow when she leaves there!!! Can’t wait to hear her chewing it’s so disgusting, god damn woman can’t chew with her mouth closed!!!

  18. Comments (1288)

    Spencer locked in HoH for an extended time, seems awfully late in season for a Pandora’s Box.

  19. Comments (87)

    SB, I disagree- at least as far as I am concerned- about Elissa and her “DNA” for America’s vote.. I was never a fan of Rachel, but I do respect Elissa for standing her own ground and not wavering from the pressure of the other HG to join in and act and talk like such total idiots. I think she played her own “game” on her own terms separate from her sister- for the most part (MVP)

    • Comments (378)

      Lmao at carrie’s empty head 😀

      • Comments (2)

        you know “Me” so well!!

      • Comments (90)

        ME, I think I’m starting to like your crazy ass! Some of the stuff you say is friggin’ hilarious. And it seems like you have this need to TRY to be snarky and push everyone’s buttons. I totally get some of the stuff you post even though I don’t agree with it all. But I can tell you aren’t an uneducated or stupid person. You will probably diss and insult me too, but I don’t give a crap. After living in NYC and bartending at a club in Brooklyn several years, there isn’t too much that gets to me via personal insults. Anyway, you need to chill with the personal insults to the other bloggers. See you next season. *kiss, kiss*

    • Comments (16)

      No she just ran to the dr and cried lied a lil 2 year old all the time

      • Comments (74)

        Right. Just Elissa did that.

      • Comments (32)

        Pretty much.

      • Comments (74)

        I know your husband. He doesn’t seem to think his ring is all that important…. I love you Jannie, but I’m not too sure he does. You wanna punch someone in the face now??? Thing with me is I don’t talk smack. I’ll just bootfuck ya!!!! Mmmmmwhaaaah!!

    • Comments (233)

      Well said, except IMO Elissa’s DNA mostly was why those early MVP votes went to her, (also maybe even because of a concerted PR effort). I’m so jaded this summer, I would believe anything. I did vote for her for MVP, but it was because her bio said she wanted a girls-alliance which is a great idea but never works with the jealousies the women usually have.

      • Comments (207)

        Vic , I never liked Rachel, but i liked Ellissa. She sure didn’t deserve what they said about her. She acted like a lady. I did at times want her to say more to that nut Amanda.

    • Comments (207)

      I agree with you carrie!

  20. Comments (15)

    Spencer is Crap!! Go McCrae!!!

  21. Comments (3)

    Probably the most underwhelming season (final players) ever. No matter what, a floater is crowned as the winner, and the runner-up? Another floater. CBS… Get your shit and cast more likable and charismatic House Guests to entertain us and those who are involved in payments of live feeds. Don’t CBS owe us that much?

    • Comments (207)

      Well you can never know a stranger well. But BB could have thrown them racist, disgusting talking pigs out of the house and replaced them.

      • Comments (651)

        They need to go back to the show the was it was in the early years. HGs had jobs to do. Had to keep the house clean. Couldn’t lay in bed all day. Couldn’t verbally threaten or talk about hitting, slitting throats, raping or killing another HG.

        They used to have penalties and some HGs were removed. AG will be known for casting drug dealers, drug addicts, racists, etc etc etc.

        BB go back to basics and for heaven sake crack open the wallet and pay for extensive mental health evaluations. Also, no HGs on controlled substances and no booze–again going back to your roots.

  22. Comments (12)

    Me seems a little ill, angry & not nice. Andy is the bottom of a bottomless pit.

  23. Comments (16)

    I have said this before and I will say it again. I can pretty much guarantee you that NONE of the hg acted like themselves in front of casting. So I do not see how it is productions fault for casting people who act like that. The only thing that production is wrong for is airing it.

    • Comments (651)

      Just like the military, government and many other companies, there are extensive mental health tests. They are not perfect but they can tell you a lot about what a person is trying to hide.

      And production was wrong for not stepping in immediately and giving penalties for the behavior. In the early years, anyone sitting around laughing about how they would like to slit another HG’s throat so they couldn’t scream while being ganged raped would have been removed. And Spencer’s remark about not minding the screaming because when a woman says No she means Yes would have gotten him booted as well.

      People behave as you allow them to behave. This season’s hot mess is the soul responsibility of BB/CBS.

      • Comments (207)

        Jackie i agree!!! But we can spread the word ourselves and let them know we don’t agree with their disgusting crap!

    • Comments (124)

      Angel…that could only be true if there were just 1 or 2 or even just a few disgusting HGs, but no there were just too many. I think that it was intentional but it back-fired on them. How many of the HGs are on some serious meds? I’d be really surprised if BB doesn’t know the answer to that and I’m pretty sure they cast with much more that a cursory interview. Plus what stops them from coming over the intercom and saying “(insert HG name) stop using racial slurs… Consider this a warning!” They tell them to stop singing, stop whistling, etc.

    • Comments (74)

      I think some were themselves with production. And I wish others would’ve shown us their ‘fake’ selves that production saw. CBS would’ve known a bit about Amanda, you’d think…

  24. Comments (10)


  25. Comments (49)

    Yes BEANS…we had a great time this season with you, not neccessarily the BB house.

    Just a quick thought…if it comes down to Sp/An/Mc…who would Mc pick? Who could he win against? He may think Spenser instead of Andy. Remember he doesn’t think everyone in the jury house has his number.

    It would be funny if Mc picks An only becasue he thinks he has been more loyal from the start than Sp. Then of course no one votes for An because they have all figured out he’s a rat playing everyone.

  26. Comments (27)

    Wow reading the HOH blogs there are a ton of people letting these players know how much they hate them and do not agree with the stuff they are saying about the other players. I do agree 100% that playing this game they should know better than to say the things they are about the players, players family members, racist remarks and so on.
    One of my favorite players from the past Dr. Will lied all the time but to me not in a mean spirted way towards the players talking trash.
    No matter what I hope theres a next season with alot better players as I love the show over all.

    • Comments (74)

      Mmmm… Ya. Dr. Will. He’s my all-time favourite too. He’s not even tweeting about the show. Boogie is though.

      • Comments (32)

        Come on no one can compare Dr. Will with the likes of Spencer.

        This creep needs medical help. He needs he dirty head examined.

        Racist,woman hating,slob. And the constant touching of his balls

        well, I guess that is why is he always bashing Elissa he is

        of her. That’s what I think anyway or else why is he all consumed

        of bashing her, her children and her husband I’m no doctor but

        this guy needs help. CREEP!

  27. Comments (27)

    If I was big brother I would have players sign contracts agreeing that they can not say or act in certain ways like this cast has or they will be removed ASAP or be put on the block!!!

    • Comments (166)

      I agree with you Dan, there should be some rules other than “Your Not Allowed To Talk About Production”..really? what are they soo afraid we will find out…

  28. Comments (12)

    Andy deserves to writhe in a bottomless pit of Spencer’s puke.

  29. Comments (651)

    Can you believe it? McStinky is taking a shower AGAIN! That’s 3 showers in 3 days…are we in a parallel universe?

  30. Comments (207)

    Dan when Dr. Will.was on BB i hated him. But witnessing what i have on this season makes me love him. He is a angel compared to these HGs. Looking back now he was funny and was a great strategic player.

  31. Comments (30)

    I’m kind of hoping that when Obama addresses the nation tomorrow…..that it will be to announce that instead of targeting Syria, he’s redirecting the cruise missiles to the Big Brother ‘house’.

  32. Comments (610)

    I wonder how many HG votes on finale night will be prefaced with something along the lines of “I’m voting for the lesser of two evils” (or two floaters).

  33. Comments (9)

    they know they can win against “girlboy”… anyone… including spencer can win against this abomination of hell.

  34. Comments (61)

    I have NEVER Turned-Off BB EVER till this year!!! The Racist, Disgusting, Pornographic Remarks, The Bullying, The Nepotism by CBS is ALL Soooo Appalling I just changed the Channel. How Pathetic this BB15 has turned out to be =[ CBS Should Not take ANY Polls on who America wants to Win BB15 because They WILL NOT be able to handle Ours Responses, for sure!!! =[

  35. Comments (65)

    It’s productions fault for letting the remaining HG’s get so out of hand. I’m not defending their behavior, but they should be called to the DR and at least warned for the vile things they say. Because they haven’t, ratings have plummeted, fans have stopped watching, and there’s even speculation on there not being a Season 16, which would kill me. I’m only sixteen, and more than anything I’d l

  36. Comments (9)

    In all truth I could care less if production seats them I mean clearly they are doing it to keep it entertaining rather than have this happen this is absolutely one of the most boring endings to big brother I have seen so far and I’d have rather watched the “rigged for Amanda or Elissa outcome” than this crap so bring it on production sway them all you want just give us something better than this PLEASE!

  37. Comments (6)

    Come on GM you don’t even know where freakin San Francisco is!!! You are pathetic!!!! God and Andy I am getting tired of listening to how great he thinks he is!!! I’m seriously thinking of never watching BB again cause I can’t stand how this season has turned out, they have allowed all the racists remarks, bashing of house guests like they have done and lets not for get GM going after poor Elissa’s kid like she did. Can you imagine if Elissa’s kid was watching that episode!!!! They all DISGUST me!!!

  38. Comments (87)

    I was checking out bbad late last was so funny
    The four guys were just treating McCrea like a pet, advising him all about relationships..Spencer actually said he would like to be a role model for McRea (while he was scratching his balls) and have him come out and stay to see how a normal relationship works (he and this Marilyn).
    McCrea came out and said that he told his old gf that if had a “showmance” it would just be acting…
    It was relationship 101 guy funny

  39. Comments (61)

    Should Jannie & Bree try out for BB16??? LOL 😀 LOL 😀 LOL 😀

  40. Comments (14)

    Talking about obsession. I can never imagine guys can be so obsessed with a woman who they only met for two months so incessantly even after that woman has already left; unless 1. out of hatred – they have been abused by such a woman figure in the past; 2. sour grape mentality – have already married with a rich man. Yes, I know, Andy is gay, but he is a she! I am talking about a man.

  41. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    This week is like a double eviction wensday someone is voted out then Thursday someone is voted out

  42. Comments (343)

    I disagree about Judd giving up. The writing is on the wall — who’s mind could he possibly change? Nobody. There’s a difference between giving up and being doomed. Judd is smart enough to know he’s doomed. Why beg? For what result? Fruitless. He sealed his fate when he evicted (and didn’t use the veto on) Elissa. Wrong move….the same wrong move McCrae made.

    • Comments (34)

      he seemed rather cocky about his decision to not use the Veto on Elissa too. Seems to me this is a classic case of Karma! Why in the world you would be given a second chance to come back and play the game, only to align yourself with the biggest peices of trash in the house (Spencer and GM) and a know liar (Andy) is completely beyond me! Judd may not have deserved the last eviction, but he has earned every bit of this one!

  43. Comments (34)

    I no longer really care about this season! I come here to find out what is going on…..I won’t give CBS the ratings anymore. What I am waiting for is EVERYTHING that is going to go down after next week….when this show ends! I can’t wait for GM and Aaryn to find out they have no jobs to go back to! I can’t wait for Spencer to find out his house was raided over his ridiculous child porn comments…and to find out his job was the one who reported him. I cant wait for his union to find a way to toss him amongst America’s unemployed and give that job to someone way more deserving! I can’t wait for all of these losers to try and go back to their lives only to find out what sick and depraved people America thinks they are…..or better yet, find a real lack of support from people they thought were their friends and family! There are just some things even your family and friends can’t and won’t see you through!

    If any of the remaining houseguest had hopes of being anything more to America than they are right now, I cant wait to see those dreams dash instantly. I really would like to see CBS host a reunion show so Candace and Howard could properly confront everyone that made those racist comments and call them out on it. They would have nothing to lose at this point, and this is the only way I feel like wither of them could be vendicated. I would love to see everyone call Andy out for his bad behavior, Judd for being so simple, Amanda for being such a vile human being and McCrae for riding Amanda’s coat tails all season up until he couldnt anymore. I am sure that will never happen though. CBS is probably just as ready to be done with these pathetic losers as we are!

    • Comments (610)

      Well said Kelly1

    • Comments (14)

      I’d say I agree everything you said other than that about McCrae. I didn’t watched the first part about the McCrae “fire” GM mentioned. I only saw the McCrae logo, “chunks of hair” and “head-down” all this long, not even a face until Amanda left. McCrae appeared like a normal, much smarter, handsomer, yes, handsomer guy. This reality show, also shows the Americans, the woman who cries, and cries abuse can actually be the one who bully.

  44. Comments (12)

    amen to kelly last commeent

  45. Comments (3)

    Shady stuff like Judd coming back into the game after being evicted and sitting safely in the jury house for 2 weeks. Yeah, shady stuff like that.

  46. Comments (3)

    Has there ever been a dumber BB player than Judd? Don’t think so. His
    “reverse psychology” explanation was idiotic. This is one terrible season.
    I give up.

  47. Comments (2)

    Elissa for America’s Fave!

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