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Big Brother 15 – PoV Meeting Results


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Here is the moment we’ve been waiting for since we first heard that Andy won the PoV.  The time for him to strike and blindside one of his allies, either McCrae, Amanda or Helen.  He takes this prime chance to evict who he wants to and finally take a side between the two.  It’s moments like this why we watch Big Brother to begin with….

Except it didn’t happen.  To play safe, Andy did NOT use his veto today which likely means that Jessie will be the one to go home on Thursday night.   Not exactly the week I’ve been hoping for considering how slow the season has been. It makes it really hard to push live feeds when there is nothing really interesting to watch at this moment.  Don’t get me wrong, if you want to sign up to the live feeds, be my guest, but you’ll mostly only find interesting conversations and controversial moments.

Anyway, I’m going to be updating this here and there since I’m bored today. Keep checking back throughout the day

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  1. Comments (12)

    Stupid Andy!!!

    • Comments (16)

      Totally Agree David. This season is full of a bunch of cowards

      • Comments (1)

        This will forever be know as the season of the floaters… I never thought that I’d long for the likes of Evil Dick and Mike Boogie!

    • Comments (30)

      I have disappointed this year in the lack of “playing the game”. Playing it safe is the theme. It seems like all season Andy has talked about just getting to “jury”. Andy wasted an HOH and POV. I thought they were here for the $500,000. If I had to put with this group for three months you bet I would be going for the money and as soon as the show was over therapy.

      • Comments (44)

        Aaryn also wasted a HOH and a POV. I give them points for consistency this season.

      • Comments (46)

        Aryan could be holding wayyy more power at this moment
        She had 2 hoh of her own + Gms hoh

      • Comments (140)

        Worse than that, Aaryn actually had 3 HoHs.

        The partner HoH comp she played with Jer and he let her have the HoH
        The Ball Roulette HoH
        The Double Evict HoH

      • Comments (15)

        Well the first one her and Jeremy cheated so no one says that was a real win for her. I think they also mean that she earned alone.

      • Comments (302)

        Yeah Deborah – They all acted like once jury spots were secure .. the sh*t would hit the fan. Ho hum .. still bored now. I would like CBS to add one more choice for America’s have-not food vote.

      • Comments (682)

        I voted for the mackerel and mung beans 2 weeks ago hoping Aaryn would be a have not. That worked out good.

      • Comments (624)

        How about LSD and angel dust?

      • Comments (90)

        Haa, haa…..then we might get a real game going:-D

      • Comments (302)

        You’re right Big Papi – if the Houseguest were dead we’d all keep tuning in thinking it’s basically the same show we’ve already been watching. You’re suggestion is much better.

      • Comments (30)

        We don’t want to kill them….just wake them up and see some strategic moves to get to the $500,000. Playing it safe is getting old. 🙂

      • Comments (15)

        I’m so annoyed with the house guests I voted for the headcheese and habaneros as many times as I could. But if “D” were one of the choices, I would have definitely went for that one.

  2. Comments (46)

    Thanks for the updates

    This season ive followed your website more than the show itself
    I havent watch a whole episode since jeremy was voted off
    Coming here and reading your updates and reading thr comments are more exciting.

  3. Comments (1)

    What a tool! They’re all a bunch of stupid people… why bother playing the game if you’re not really even playing the game… floaters, puppets and the evil witches is what they should have called this season.. meh :/

    • Comments (682)

      He is a tool.

      He said he is going to make a “big move” and instead made a weak move.

      Last night he was telling everyone his game strategy thus far. Like leaving personal items in every room so he always has a reason to pop in and join everyone’s conversations. Why would you share that information now? That’s stuff you talk about in the jury house.

      Then again there is a few people trying to take credit for the move on Judd already. Again, stuff that should discussed in the jury house or when you are final 2 asking for a vote.

      • Comments (624)

        He’s so caught up in being a follower and everyone liking him, he doesn’t realize when he’s tipping his hand. When he enters the room on a conversation I look for a glowing red light on his forehead that lets you know he’s recording the conversation. Because all he does is run to the other half of the house and gossip away.

    • Comments (5)

      Agreed Barendina! We wait all year to watch Big Brother and this is what they give us?

      • Comments (55)

        I am so bored this year, that I deleted BBAD. I can’t continue to waste my time. I vote but nothing ever happens. Y doesn’t CBS read our opinions and do something?

  4. Comments (160)

    I didn’t expect anything more from Andy anyway so it’s not a surprise that he didn’t use the veto.

  5. Comments (85)

    They really need to put some older players on, this group of 20-somethings really is way too “high school” for me this year!

    • Comments (46)

      Helen and spencer are up there in age
      Maybe amanda and gm are 30s

      • Comments (140)

        Amanda is 28. GM is (I believe) 33. Helen is 37. Not sure about Spencer. But no one is in their 40s. There should be more age diversity in this game. And there needs to be physical diversity. The 20-30 year old skinny “hotties” have caused this to be a very immature and unbearable season.

      • Comments (135)

        That’s why I started watching Big Brother in the first place. There was a guy who actually had gray hair on the show in an early season – reminded me of someone I knew, and he had some game, from what I remember.

      • Comments (875)

        Bad behavior, and Immaturity were on display “big time” on this edition of Big Brother.

      • Comments (35)


        -It feels like CBS’s overpriced version of MTV’s Real World!

    • Comments (15)

      The first couple seasons they did have some older people and, gasp, people who were average looking!!! And you know, they had more personality and game. This season is full of boring people who sit around and pick their noses and bite their fingernails. Yawn!!! It was so much better with big personalities like Evil Dick and the entertaining personalities they used to choose. They don’t seem to mix people up like they used to. This season has really flatlined for me.

  6. Comments (1)

    I think Andy just dog his Grave

  7. Comments (118)

    Andy please come to the diary room for your life sized condom

  8. Comments (1)

    In all honesty I do not even think is an age thing, But I do think is people this year have chosen to allowed themselves to be told what to do and just wanting to be on jury!! yet they all think they have made the biggest move and they have the biggest cheerleader Helen!! I hope they read everything as soon as they get out of that house so that way they realize they are known for being the most stupid house guest of all time..the season of ignorance!!

    • Comments (302)

      I agree with you Hope – I don’t think it’s an age thing. I think it’s an intelligence thing. Big brother should give the contestants an IQ test as the basis for who goes and who doesn’t. Sure you could mix in a couple low IQ scores but make the majority High IQ players. The game play would be more intriguing and no doubt a few would be pretty full of themselves thinking they’re smarter than the room … that always makes for some good fireworks and back stabbing.

      • Comments (651)

        They need to have people who want more than to be on tv and maybe get an acting job out of it. If they have an agent of any kind–NO WAY!!

    • Comments (15)

      It’s fine to have a cheerleader but they should know better to mix it with someone who hates cheery people. There is no diversity in the house and for the most part, their personalities are pretty flat. I think the casting team must have been on vacation when the contestants were chosen. This is the worst group of all the seasons and I was a die hard fan!!

      • Comments (357)

        I think that production knew exactly what they were doing. This is a great way for Amanda to control the house and win the game.

  9. Comments (1162)

    Come on, Jessie and tell everyone in the House what you know
    about their lies and true opinions about the other HGs.

    Shake them up!!!
    It will not save you, but it will definitely make you feel soooooooo good!!!

    • Comments (1437)

      Yeah, I wanted Candice to do the same thing before she left. She wasted it just going after GM when she could have spilled the secrets. Candice wasn’t a good social game player, but she was very perceptive in figuring things out.

      • Comments (302)

        Absolutely Jannie – That’s why I don’t want Candice to be voted back into the house because she’ll blow the opportunity. Just like when she foolishly singled out Spencer for attack … she completely wasted that moment on the block to spell out the power alliance and encourage the rest to do something. Not that this sorry bunch would have acted … but maybe it would have led to more intrigue.

      • Comments (875)

        @Doug, I am with you on Candice singling Spencer out, and called him out on the carpet. Especially when he had told her, that he was going to do everything in his power to keep Howard in the house.

        But remember, Candice then told “Helen” about what Spencer said about keeping Howard, which didn’t fit what Helen wanted. Helen in turn told Candice a lie about Spencer, which resulted in the verbal attack. Candice should have really talked to Spencer one on one about what Helen told her, but that’s what you get when you don’t know how the game is played…imho.

      • Comments (651)

        Candice has had sometime to cool down and I’m hopeful she has gotten through Judd’s Xanax haze to find out info and clue him in AGAIN. If Jessie goes, you know she’ll be telling everything. I think if Candice comes back and she would be able to shake things up. Especially if they give it a twist like the returning HG gets either HoH or POV.

      • Comments (15)

        It’s a house full of non-confrontational people which makes for a really boring show. They are total followers.

      • Comments (875)

        Candice & Howard knew absolutely nothing about how Big Brother is played, or won. Both were recruited for the show, and other than watching a few seasons of BB while they were sequestered, they didn’t have a clue…I blame the Producer of the show, Allison Grodner, for her casting abilities.

        This type of casting for the show happens year after year, especially with the Black cast members.

      • Comments (1288)

        Very true. I am very glad that when they went looking for a gay cast member they found Andy. He is a fan of the show, understands strategy and has a great social game. Leaving things around the house so he has an excuse for popping into conversations is a stroke of brilliance. He also knows enough to leave those conversations before being asked and has therefore put himself in position to be the most informed player all season long.

      • Comments (71)

        That will have done him no good in the end – as a fan he should know when it’s time to take out the trash (the scumbags running the house)! So congratulations to Andy for being well-liked, but the point of the game is to win the $500k. It isn’t going to happen for him now.

      • Comments (1288)

        Absolutely. Without your vital approval and support plus burdened by your heartfelt disdain his game is surely over. He will most likely self-evict before his HoH ends.

        Now the above statement contains exactly as much reasoning as your pronouncement. Andy is not on anyone’s radar for next week. If Helen or Elissa wins HoH they will most likely go after GM/Spe or McCranda, but not Andy. If McCranda wins they will most likely go after GM/Spe or Hellisa, but not Andy. If Aaryan wins she will most likely go after GM/Spe or Hellisa, but not Andy. GMand Spencer are harder to read but they will probably bow to one of the power couples looking to keep blood off their hands and go after the other couple, but not Andy.

        Beyond that you can only judge by the strength of game so far. Andy has been on the knowing if not planning side of every eviction so far. He straddles the power couples and has his choice of direction to take. He can still F it up but just maybe we won’t, good on him he will have earned the money.

      • Comments (2)

        I agree with Beth, Andy is gone. He won’t win the 500k, gotta play big to win big.

  10. Comments (24)

    Well folks all we can hope for is that someone with some balls wins HOH and puts Amanda McCray Helen or Aaryn on the block, but truth be told, I am not hating on Aaryn like I did at first, but I wonder if Andy will tell Amanda that Helen came to him and wants her and Mccray to go up. hmmm

    • Comments (140)

      Re: Andy, he already did.

      • Comments (682)

        Yes he did but I don’t recall him telling Helen that Amanda wants to put Helen up next week.
        So if doesn’t tell Helen it looks like he’s on team McCranda.

      • Comments (1288)

        His strongest alliance appears to be to team 3AM (Aaryan/Amanda/Andy/McCrae). McCrae’s saying to Helen he is OK with cutting Amanda loose is a construct of that group to keep Helen from jumping the gun on that move.

  11. Comments (453)

    What’s funny is some think the talent scouts will be contacting them. Sorry “play it safers” the Stooges aren’t going to be revised!

    • Comments (26)

      An agent from HE’LL.

    • Comments (1288)

      Aaryan and GM love to talk about how they are going to parlay BB into further fame …. Bwahahahahah. I am rather happy they are stuck inside to the end so that fantasy will continue to grow and will be that much more of a crash when they step outside and discover the reality their ugliness has created. Schadenfreude isn’t really bad when the person experiencing misfortune really, really deserves it.

      • Comments (624)

        Haha yep! Another example….Dr Will didn’t exactly become the next Dr Drew, did he?

    • Comments (624)

      Yeah, ask Enzo how his Hollywood career skyrocketed after BB. meow meow

  12. Comments (46)

    The only pne who would shake thing up would be spencer
    Next weeks nom will be GM and Spencer
    With everyone telling GM shes just a pawn.

  13. Comments (26)

    BB pay candy money overtime gmail Spencer Aaron or Mandy says her name. It seems they have nothing or no one else to talk about. I cannot wait til these fools start turning on each other. This is the dumbest and non players in BB history.
    Helen shut up n go home
    Andy grow a pair
    Amanda give Andy back his b****
    G m prepare to go on the block
    Spencer stood creeping around, you are so gross oh yea prepare to go on the block.
    McRae run for your life. Maybe u n Nick can be placed in the witness protection program.
    Aaron maybe candy will loan you some tweezers or $ for a wax job.

    Jessie – tell everything u know. Hang in

  14. Comments (57)

    The only possible good thing that can come from this is that Helen realizes Andy is with Amanda and Mcrae and she declares war on that side of the house. Downside is that Jessie hours home, Helen tells Andy he’s the new Janelle and we get another boring week.

    • Comments (38)

      Only thing is, if Helen does realize that Andy is really with McManda, I don’t think she’ll be able to do anything about it since she sent everyone home that would support voting Amanda out. She has Spencer and Elissa. Aaryn has a spot in the final 4 and GM will vote how Aaryn votes. I think once Jessie goes home, that will be the final nail in Helen’s coffin.

  15. Comments (3)

    WORST season ever…

    WORST players ever…

  16. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    Everybody is just a bit too friendly and gullible since the first few evictions. Very dry. I would love to see that whole 3 am alliance gone but I would be shocked if one of them doesn’t win at this point.
    Be great if Helen found out about it and treated it the same way she treated that secretive Moving Company alliance!

  17. Comments (1)

    Dude just sacrificed 500k…..my money is on Helen

  18. Comments (80)

    Ok so if the HG’s are voting for “what the house wants” all season long, does that mean that “the house” gets the $500,000.00?? Might as well right? -__- So sick of this crap. This season is just so uneventful and sad to say the “biggest” (most pointless) move was getting Judd out.

    • Comments (624)

      How about the imminent eviction of Jessie? They could have used her for a while longer as well.

      • Comments (1162)

        Haven’t you heard, she’s……… D A N G E R O U S!!!!

      • Comments (71)

        “Dangerous” = has eyes on Amanda’s boy. LOL
        I wonder if Amanduh will freak out about something silly like Aaryn speaking to McCrae after Jessie is gone? Amanduh is a psycho jealous hag!

      • Comments (1162)

        Jessie let loose last night …….lol

        RUN & HIDE!!!!

  19. Comments (166)

    Most exciting thing this week is the rest of us blogging & hoping for BIG exciting changes..pandoras box, zingbot, heck make up something new to do to the HG, at this point we’re starving for something…THROW US A BONE!!!!!!!

    • Comments (1288)

      Well they do have the BB wedding of Amanda and McCrae on sched for tonight so you have that going for you. Sorry, just kidding.

      A Pandora’s Box is about due. Maybe even one this week or next that will reward & punish the house & HoH, just no telling which gets which. I would think a later Pandora’s Box (after 4 or so jury evictions) could be used to reintroduce a jury member to the game if they allow America to choose the returnee. Then again BB might make it a “play your way back in” comp between the evictees to see who gets to come back.

      • Comments (651)

        I thought Amanda wanted to postpone the wedding?

      • Comments (487)

        Maybe Andy will hide in the Diary Room and now show up for the ‘wedding’. Since he says he has someone at home that he cares about he needs to start acting like a man instead of a puppy and tell Amanda to leave him the hell alone. She’ll be so pissed everyone will wish they voted her out.

      • Comments (1288)

        No wedding after all but quite a fireworks show. C’mon Stevebeans let’s get talking about it.

      • Comments (487)

        I meant McCrae

    • Comments (90)

      @Annette…..yeah, they should have brought in Zingbot a long time ago. The producers HAVE to know that we, the viewers, need some form of entertainment to make up for this lousy season. They friggin owe us!!! And I think they should’ve presented a Pandora’s box right before Judd was evicted and then another one later in the game. I just don’t understand how the producers can just sit and watch the ratings drop, read the blogs of disgruntled and disappointed fans and not do something to placate and interest us.

  20. Comments (3)

    I think this is the worst season of BB. I am tired of people voting others out then saying “it’s not what I want but….”. Serioulsy?! grow a pair and play the game. I think back to past seasons and you had those you loved or hated but at least the majority of the house was playing the game.

  21. Comments (96)

    Of course they are going to vote Jessie out….only because she is the only one that would shake up the house! I really really hope on Thursday Judd is able to come in the house, gets automat

    • Comments (822)

      It would be great to give Jessie a week in the jury house with Judd so they can brief each other, get on the same page with each other & bring both of them back into the house. Something to spice up this boring season would be appreciated!

  22. Comments (1288)

    The timing of a move is just as important as the move itself. This season has been afflicted with people who have very little to very bad game. Those that do have an idea what is going on are cutting out the dead weight to set up a final battle royale with Helen, Andy , McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryan. Keeping people with poor game can result in one of them lucking into a HoH win and possibly placing everyone’s game in jeopardy. Lies, deceit and multiple alliances are part and parcel of BB and those five have themselves covered six ways to Sunday.

    So blaming someone for not making a big move is rather silly when no big move is needed for their game. If you are bored step away from the game, go outside and get some sun or something. Just don’t expect them to play the game you would as they do not have all the info on the inside and insight from the outside that you do.

  23. Comments (96)

    What I was saying was.. I hope Judd gets to come in the house get automatic hoh and is safe for a week. He deserves to be back in the game because of the stupid MVP twist. And I know he will go after Helen and Amanda.

    • Comments (453)

      Yea!! Judd walks through the door as Julie Chen announces that America was MVP not him!

    • Comments (9)

      Judd or Candice would come back in and start a whole new game because they are not afraid to make the moves because they have anger on their side and isn’t going to do what the house wants.

    • Comments (768)

      If Judd does come back into the game he will only be able to make a move if Amanda is gone and he can team up with McCrae. Otherwise he’ll be gone in no time again.

    • Comments (1276)

      Judd thinks that Helen and Elissa are the reason he’s gone, which is why he wouldn’t hug them when he left. Little does he know that it was mostly Amanda that wanted him gone, and honestly I think Helen did too. Elissa/McCrae/Aaryn/Andy/Spencer and even Jessie (after the horrible things he said to her) didn’t want him to go. Which makes them all even more dumb for doing as the Queen Bitch Amanda and her lacky Helen said to.
      Sheep I tell you, They are ALL SHEEP!

  24. Comments (875)

    I will miss Jessie, she was a ray of sunshine in the BB House this Season. I had held out hope that Jessie would make it to at least F3, but when you have an alliance voting block within the house…She & others did not stand a chance. 🙁

  25. Comments (166)

    If I’m not mistaking, last night when I was watching BBAD the HG where talking about the wedding being today or I guess tonight, bcuz Aaryn said she would make meanmanda’s veil!!!! DISGUSTING!! Let’s see, I wonder if he will look like he has showered??!! Once again its like they have all totally forgotten about breaking up showmances & your really going along with a so called married couple??!!!!!

  26. Comments (14)

    America has probably forgotten about her, but Elissa is still in this game! I know she’s been foating for a while, but if she convinces Helen to give McManda the boot and wins the next few comps, then she’ll become a big power player and she can potentially win this game. She’s the only person I’m rooting for at this point in the game.

    Everyone else has literally laid down on the tracks and are waiting for train McManda to run right over them.

    I don’t know what you guys may think, but she’s our best bet to ending the game on the right note. Looking up at stevebean’s cast bar, hers is the only face that gives me hope 🙂

    • Comments (90)

      There, there little Ronnie. Try not to be sad *gently patting you on the back* Hold on to that red balloon of HOPE and be strong. 🙂

      • Comments (14)

        *sniffles* I’m trying Veeee, I’m try! But it’s just so hard being a spectator!

        Take a glance at that cast bar up top. Elissa, along with McCrea and Amanda are in white boxes. They have the safest positions in the house. Jessie and Spencer and both one foot and a half out the door, Helen has waited too long to make a move and now she’ll go home at the hands of McManda, GM and Aaryn are still around for votes, and Andy… we all feel the same way about Andy.

        Elissa is THE. LAST. HOPE! I’m squeezing this red balloon of hope so tight! Let’s just hope she grows some of her sister’s balls before it’s too late!

      • Comments (90)

        Ohhhh little Ronnie….dry your tears and wipe the sniffles from your nose *please take this tissue*. Don’t give up on your dreams. Continue to clutch that red balloon of HOPE, Tinker Bell and her pixey dust are on the way! 😉

  27. Comments (1)

    Andy along with others talked a big game in the Dr but when time came to shine they tucked tail and ran…..predictable week

  28. Comments (48)

    they interviewed McCrandas families a few weeks ago….maybe now a word from the bf ( I’m sure he’s an EX by now ) about his gf of ‘only 2 months’ ( still a long time in my estimation ), stabbed him in the back…and maybe her co-workers on how much fun she’s going to have TRYING to sell anything after showing the world her bandaid covered nipples and thong with heels the night she put on a show….or ( and I agree with Elissa, ONLY because that suit was TOO small ) parading around in a too small bathing suit whipping McCrae on his bday….between that and her big mouth, she may not have been fired like her co-mean girls commrads, but she’s bound to suffer too once she leaves the house :/

    • Comments (651)

      I believe her real estate license has been placed on inactive. Which means she doesn’t have a company to “House” her license. For all intents and purposes she’s been fired. Also I think I heard on one of the feeds she was talking about shady things happening during closings. If she was and the state board hears that, she will have it revoked and will never get it back. You can’t be saying stuff like that especially in a state like FL that is just starting to come back from the housing crash.

  29. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    BBAD is killing me. Maybe tonight they will play duck, duck goose.

    • Comments (651)

      Really!! Amanda and Elissa were in the bathroom talking. I wanted to hear it and they just kept switching to the stupid games.

      • Comments (768)

        Jackie, you didn’t miss much. It was a difficult conversation to process with Amanda talking at fastforward X3 and Elissa talking in slo mo. Elissa was attempting to console Amanda and after the conversation ended Amanda went up to the HOH and trashed her to McCrae.

  30. Comments (21)

    Lol I would love for Mc to say… “maybe we shouldn’t do this” at the wedding… Throw Amanda into a frenzie, knowing she just got dumped by the dirty little pizza delivery guy in front of the whole world… Would be hysterical to watch

  31. Comments (6)

    We will see if the x employee who said they pre determine the winner before the season starts and they chose Amanda. If you look on u tube you can hear what they said. If this is true ly time will tell but I will be so disappointed. What happened to our silly hamsters.

  32. Comments (357)

    Elissa is unbelievable! How can she say that Judd is one her best friends, but vote him out at the same time?

    • Comments (1437)

      Because Elissa is a phony. She claims to have integrity, morals and the whole “God thing”, but when it comes down to it she always folds and caves to the will of the house. She’s BFF’s with Amanda, and doesn’t seem bothered by her behavior. Used to like her in the game, but she turns on her “friends”(Candice, Howie and Judd) everytime in favor of Aaryn and GM.
      Anyone who would be a fan of hers, or her obnoxious, alcoholic sister needs to get a life.
      Can’t take much more of that pouty look that’s always plastered on her face – she’s constantly posing for the BB cameras.

      • Comments (1288)

        That duckface does haunt me. Amazing to say but it appears Rachel actually got the brains in their family. Without MVP Elissa would have gone week 1 but then seeing her nominated by the vacuous Rachel army was a small payback.

    • Comments (1276)

      She’s just following along with the rest of them. I think it’s pretty clear that she can’t stand most of the house, but she also knows that her one vote to save any of the ones she didn’t want to see go wouldn’t have helped. They’ve kept a target near Elissa, and she’s always mentioned to be put on the block, the only reason they stopped going after her was because she stopped being MVP and they “believe” she is with them.
      She’s playing the game more by pretending to like them than most of the rest of the house is playing, they just follow orders. Hopefully she’ll get HOH, with some actual power and then we can start seeing her play.

  33. Comments (1)

    WOW! Now would have been the perfect time to get Amanda out of the house!

  34. Comments (68)

    Wake me up when it’s over! What a bunch of snoozers! Andy feels safe between helen/elissa and amanda/McCrae like a little sandwich! I didn’t expect him to do anything! Oh well, maybe next week?? Yeah right…..

  35. Comments (1)

    Blah is all I can say about this season. No big moves made. Everyone votes the same even if they dont want to. Big disappointing season. I barely watch except eviction night. I get all my updates from your site

  36. Comments (68)

    BBAD has become a daycare!!! Where they play “Hot Potato” and “Simon Says”! OH JOY!! Come on people, don’t you have something else to do like clean up those nasty, filthy rooms or wash that dirty wall over by Amanda & McCrae’s bed that is covered with Amanda’s tan. (It is filthy!).

  37. Comments (9)

    If BB and CBS is going to allow racism and cruel people like Aaryn and GinaMarie well they would make it interesting to have black girls on there who are racist too and then lets watch the ratings otherwise why torture one race they are guest just like them. They can even it out by not having all white HG and having 1 or 2 black HG INSTEAD make the cast equally divided so it’s fair game.

  38. Comments (126)

    This is advantage Amanda who ever goes home. Helen will now be in scramble mode if she or an ally doesn’t get HOH. She waited to long and trusted Andy too much. Amanda will come after Helen now because of her vain attempt through Andy to backdoor her, a risk too late.

    Andy is the premier Rat of BB history. Ian was a double-agent with a plan which is why he won a respected differences.

    • Comments (48)

      Raysay, I think Andy thinks he is playing Ian’s game from last year but I do not remember Ian being like that at all. He didn’t go around listening to everyone. He only caught what he needed to and used it to his advantage. Final result — won BB. Andy has just been a tattle-tale running from one to another and always back to Amanda. He does not own up to his faults and lies but I remember Ian taking his lumps like a man (he was only a boy).

      • Comments (126)

        Exactly, Ian played a brain game, Andy is just a fink, no comparison and why Andy will crash and burn soon, there is no strategy to his play just reaction and blind loyalty to Amanda, I doubt he makes the final 4 and that far only because he will go and float under the radar again. Helen is now on to this so let see what she does if she gets the chance.

  39. Comments (1)

    I can’t for the life of me finishing watching this season. I started out and really liked a few players. Now, the whining and moaning has come to an all time high, high as in too damn much. Amanda whining about how McRae should have thrown the PoV comp so she could win something. Give. Me. A. Break. Even if it was my own wife and I; sorry babe, better luck next time. Elissa, what a joke she is. And yes please tell her sister I said so, who is also a joke. How she was voted MVP in the first place is beyond my comprehension. Oh because her sister’s “fame”. Despite her getting it I firmly believe that CBS rigged that so she could win. Andy, good job on the big move and being a puppet. I know a lot of this has been said already but just had to put my piece in.

  40. Comments (19)

    jeremy was the last meaningful HOH. since then all of these puppets have made this show extremely boring. andy should have backdoored helen since no one in that house will beat her in final 2.. but at this point all we can do is wait 2-3 weeks for the inevitable clash.. amanda/mccrae vs helen/aaryn.

  41. Comments (19)

    also if they allow a houseguest to return, it shouldnt be limited to just current jury members. i would like to see nick or jeremy come back in… feel like they didnt quite get their fair shake and could make some big moves. howard or david, not so much.

    • Comments (768)

      They probably couldn’t drag Nick back into the house with GM still there!

      • Comments (19)

        well GM is totally expendable and weak and she will prob go next week. and it would be perfect because the following week you can do a pandoras box. the houseguests always talk themselves into pandoras box. risk/reward and pooof, nick re-enters the house. i really liked his gameplay its a shame he got kind of the short straw. guy was probably the most knowledgeable about previous big brothers and strategy of the houseguests this year.

      • Comments (768)


  42. Comments (20)

    On jokers update there is a link to candice reunion with her birth mom, it was quite touching, made me cry it is worth checking out,

  43. Comments (682)


    McCrae just took a shower.

  44. Comments (216)

    How about they open Pandora’s Box, and Big Brother orders everyone out of the house, announcing that the season is cancelled to be replaved by Robots engaged in combat or dogs sniffing each others’ bums or paint drying?

  45. Comments (624)

    Oh yay….BBAD opens with Aaryn and GM doing their nails.

  46. Comments (487)

    HG Dummies in order of unimportance

    Ginamarie – is now totally expendable by everyone left in the game
    Spencer – really dude why are you still there
    Helen – she deserves to go
    McCrae – he needs to go
    Andy – playing both ends against the middle will only take him so far
    Amanda – nasty, but she will done in any final three competition
    Elissa – deserves to win
    Jessie – deserves to win

    • Comments (90)

      Hey Julia….you forgot to designate Aaryn’s place on the list of UN-importance. Oh I get it….she doesn’t even qualify for a spot, so why bother?

      • Comments (487)

        Hey Vee — I did miss her. If I HAD to rank her I would put her between Andy and McCrae.

    • Comments (624)

      Good list.

    • Comments (1092)

      I like Jessie. She seems pretty sweet, and has handled the pressure well. But she does not deserve to win. If she did, she would have figured out a way to get herself off the block, or at least figured a way to not get nominated in the first place.

      I hope she can at least win Favorite Player.

      Elissa doesn’t deserve to win yet. If she was to win this weeks hoh, them a power move would change my mind. Until that happens, to date, Amanda and McCrae deserve to finish first and second.

  47. Comments (7)

    BB could take all the booze and nicotine out of the house and watch the withdrawl kick in. Then we’d get some action.

  48. Comments (35)

    GM saying that Candice must have been a crack baby, and if not then she was a test tube baby (on BBAD) is so appalling! Just when you think she can’t get any more disgusting! Why these HG’s “love” her and think she is so funny is beyond me!

    • Comments (58)

      Shannon I saw that too… I totally agree with you… Helen and Jessie still fighting and bringing the whole house into it now… Helen’s kinda freaking out because she didn’t figure on Jessie not taking any crap LOL

      • Comments (610)

        You go Jessie, stir up the pot even more (seriously) because everyone else seems to have blinders on and certainly doesn’t want to make a big move yet! At least you & Candice will be known for trying to make a big move in the game.

    • Comments (610)

      just more fodder for her to deal with when she gets out into the real world after BB. She is going to get more than her share of 15 min of “fame”…probably all in the National Enquirer.

      • Comments (35)

        That’s the only reason I’m glad GM is still in the house! Keep up your mouth and hopefully your consequences will only grow larger, including Nick’s already existing restraining order! You’d think this is a hidden camera show and that she had no idea she had signed a contract that her life and everything she says will be shown for anyone to watch! Oh to be 33 with no couth or tact!

      • Comments (453)

        Being the disgusting pig that she is and being illiterate she couldn’t read what she was signing.

  49. Comments (58)

    WHY does Aaryn draw on those horrible dark eyebrows??? Their different everytime she puts her makeup on…geesh

  50. Comments (610)

    Hey CBS/BB, how about speeding things up & doing another double eviction next week, & maybe even every week from now on? Anything to get to the end so we can end this boring & pathetic season.

  51. Comments (143)

    How about CBS bring back the shit disturbers. Bring back howard, Jeremy and Candice, hell throw in Judd too, now you have an entertaining season again. This cast BLOWS. No more cast member under 30 for next season, I am young and they are a disgrace. Old people are suppose to be racist and bigotted because that is how people were back in the day, but I don’t remember Kent from BB2 ssaying half the racist, bigotted, disgusting stuff coming out of these young peoples mouth.

    • Comments (624)

      What about Spencer saying he’s going to rub one out over Jessie? What the hell is that all about? He’s a creepy perv….

      • Comments (624)

        I meant to add that was TMI.

      • Comments (1162)

        Have you read about or did you watch Jessie’s uproar last night?

        It appears that the first of many volleys of “Did you say THAT ABOUT ME?” is
        about to take over the House.

        While many or most of the HGS will never admit to ANYTHING, Jessie
        has upped the Anxiety Level for Everyone.

        Today might be the day, Andy breaks out with hives. lol

      • Comments (1288)

        Jessie made the only move she could but just like her previous weeks attempts she jumped the gun. When you stir things up like this on Monday there is enough time for damage repair.

        It also makes sense the explosion was towards Helen and Elissa. She thought they were her closest allies and that makes them her biggest betrayers. This puts Helen and Elissa firmly in everyone’s sights for next week and one of them had best win HoH.

        If she had done this on Wednesday it could have maybe swayed her fate. But now it will be an uncomfortable Tuesday followed by a healing Wednesday and goodbye Jessie on Thursday with a 6-0 vote. Then the knives might well come out.

        Of course Pandora’s Box showing up on uncomfortable Tuesday would be fun to watch. Time for me to pull a Helen. I’m done, I’m done.
        [leaves the room]

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.
        Jessie is impatient and way too emotional to
        play the game with finesse.
        Even if she had waited until Wednesday to explode,
        I doubt she could have saved herself from eviction but
        she would have caused greater damage to individuals
        and their alliance(s).
        How great is the damage she caused?
        We’ll have to wait and see …….but probably not
        until “next week!”

      • Comments (90)

        Jessie is beyond being impatient. That girl is just downright pissed off right now. Can you blame her for the way she’s been treated?

      • Comments (58)

        I did, but did you notice MM that Helen was rather losing it last night, like control was slipping from her. Which it was 🙂

      • Comments (1162)

        Big Time!!!!!

      • Comments (624)

        Not yet, I fell asleep during BBAD last night.

      • Comments (1162)

        Same here.
        I didn’t watch it but read about it early this morning.
        The ONE night I wouldn’t have been bored watching BBAD and
        I missed it.

  52. Comments (3)

    How can we let cbs know that we are not happy with this season???

    Besides sending individual emails?

    How can we all come together and in numbers show that this season was a flop?

  53. Comments (118)

    Andy’s hiding in the kitty litter box with his hives

  54. Comments (1)

    This has been the worst big brother of history. I don’t even look forward to watching it anymore.

  55. Comments (1288)

    Oh my, Helen getting p0wned by Jessie and overheard by McCranda, oopsies.

      • Comments (3)

        Helen is a very bad player, really all she did was gather the floaters at the begining of the season, won a easy but crucial hoh, used elissa mvp to vote out all the strong players
        Since the. Shes sitting is this power chair that all the cowards put her on especially aryan
        And elissa
        Gosh ppl are so blind
        Go mccrae u the ONLY one who knows this game and deserve to win
        Im pulling for a final 2 arryan and mccrae…… The rest are all bad very bad players

      • Comments (77)

        James, if we go by who had played the game, McCrae should not be in the grouping for F2. He is only in the game because Amanda has deemed him her boyfriend so her little minions have had to protect him along with her. If it is game-play it would have to be Amanda, Helen and Aaryn (Aaryn only because she actually has won multiple HOH’s and POV which she gave to Amanda and Helen).

        I will say I would have liked to see how some of the houseguest would have played if Amanda had gone home early in the game.

        As much as I do not like Aaryn, I will have to say as far as gameplay she should win. It would break my heart but she has played as a competitor better than any of them in the house.

      • Comments (768)

        Thanks for posting that! Very interesting. Helen started out trying to placate Jessie in hopes of getting her jury vote, then when Jessie pressed her with the truth she went into scramble mode and tried the old bullshit baffles brains tactic. When that didn’t work she had to leave the conversation. Too bad Jessie waited until after the Veto ceremony to do that.

  56. Comments (4)

    I think this season of Big Brother has “jumped the shark” for me. It went from house guests saying things that really made it difficult for me to watch, to a predictable and boring game. Andy had a chance to really shake things up and give a whirl for the prize money, but he’s okay with the status quo which will not win this game. The only thing I’m interested in now is what life is like for Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda and Spencer when they leave the house. However, we probably won’t get to enjoy that drama. Oh well, maybe next summer will be better.

    • Comments (80)

      One can only hope for a better season next summer. Or maybe, producers or whoever will go on strike again, and CBS will do another impromptu season to fill space in the time slots.

  57. Comments (96)

    Jessie owned Helen in their fight last night. I love to see Helen freaking out.

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