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Big Brother 15 – PoV Results


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I am not even sure I want to have comments on for this post but I’ll leave them on.  Feeds went down while the house was still sleeping, and apparently our favorite robot with the incredibly annoying voice paid a visit.  No, not Elissa… but Zingbot!  I’m sure we’ll be hearing the re-tells of what he said, and I’ll post them on the Saturday Update thread, but this is for the veto…

Amanda won the PoV this week, and there is a 100% chance she’ll be using it to save McCrae.  If you’re wondering, the veto holder cannot go up as a replacement nom, so the absolute worst person (in Elissa’s eyes) to win it, won it.

Before this post fills with conspiracy theories, let’s watch the footage of the competition before we decide production had a hand in her winning.  However, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they didn’t.

So with that, rant away…..

Update: Sorry for taking so long to moderate the comments.  As soon as I posted this, I had to run to the store which took a lot longer than I expected.  Comments are up

PS – Someone asked in a comment about the PoV rule….

BBWiki – The Golden Power of Veto was introduced in the end of Big Brother 3. It was the final Veto used of the season. It has been used ever since then in all of the succeeding seasons. The Golden Power of Veto allowed the winner to veto a nomination from Nomination Block if they so desired, including themselves. The HOH would select the replacement nominee if the Veto was used. If a person not on the block wins the POV, they can then take a nominee down and be safe at the same time. Or they can choose to leave the nominations the same.

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  1. Comments (41)

    When she most needed to win, she DID! Good goin’, Amanda!!

    • Comments (1)

      I don’t know why but I find myself rooting for Amanda when the rest of the world seems to hate her … its a game and she is good

    • Comments (103)

      I’m with you on that. She is playing the best social game and should stay in it!

      • Comments (1162)

        Since when is hoping someone is raped, threatening to slit someone’s
        throat and hoping someone goes blind, etc. considered to be a “best
        social game?”

      • Comments (191)

        This is a TV show, they want people like Amanda and Aaryn because it makes them money.

        We all run into people every day like Amanda and Aaryn but they aren’t being recorded (and maybe not as stupid)so we don’t know it.

        I don’t have to agree with the kind of person they are to enjoy watching them on a TV show. When the show is over they will go back to their lives and they will fade in our memory.

        All of you are still watching aren’t you?

    • Comments (25)

      I agree. As much as it is clear to everyone in the house that production is trying to help Elissa, I don’t see how anyone could buy that they would be dumb enough to put a friend of a producer in the game.

    • Comments (228)

      Yeah, Amanda, Alison Grodner helped you win

      • Comments (228)

        what I dislike about Amanda is, she is a pig for a female. She has no shame and cares about no one but herself. What she says verbally about people shows what a low-life she is. She has no class and behaves like a dog in heat. Hope her boyfriend and his family see what a pig she is. Her parents probably want to dig a whole and jump in it.

      • Comments (624)

        A whole what? A whole hole?

      • Comments (71)

        To me your comment sounds hypocritical. When I read your comment, I read the words you wrote to be just as bad or worse than what the BB houseguests are CONSTANTLY being accused of!!!! Your words spew hatred more than what “loving people” (not) proclaim is being said in BB house. It’s a reality game show…… These people are on TV 24/7. According to your comment here, you’ve probably said way worse words than what was said on the entirety of the show this season.. Your words prove it. Just saying. Your comment is kind of hypocritical isn’t it? Your words are pretty bad.

        BornToShop: what I dislike about Amanda is, she is a pig for a female. She has no shame and cares about no one but herself. What she says verbally about people shows what a low-life she is. She has no class and behaves like a dog in heat. Hope her boyfriend and his family see what a pig she is. Her parents probably want to dig a whole and jump in it.

      • Comments (1)

        Amanda makes all women look bad, she is especially the “stereotypical JAP” and makes people who are anti-semitic feel that their views are valid. OMG terrible.

    • Comments (46)

      Lynelle, when you root for Amanda you root for what’s wrong and––for all of the ills of the world. You make those of us who believe in God, wonder why do we try to stay on the path. If you don’t believe in God, you smirk–– and say to the rest of us–– life is a one trick pony––soon or later––evil will always win and rise like cream to the top of milk every day of your life because there is no God! If you believe in karma, Amanda losing her job at her real estate firm is no payback because mortgage rates just went up–– and housing is down 12%: so she will still get paid and walk out with cash money anyway. We want Amanda to do down just like all kids cheered when the Evil Witch in the Wizard of Oz melted. Where is your heart? Where is your soul?

      • Comments (2)

        I am beginning to wonder about this game! Amanda doesn’t win a thing all summer AND NOW SHE WINS?!? Is this show setup for Amanda to win?? Someone on Twitter said they use to work in BB Production and she stated”Believe Me! Amanda is setup to win.” Also where is the article saying she was fired?!? I live where Amanda does & we haven’t read/heard a thing about her losing her job.I’m beginning to think this is a ratings war.Smells fishy to us!

      • Comments (1)

        Why would Amanda lose her job? She has not said or done anything even remotely as offensive as Aaryn & GM. All these people hating on her and she is a MASTERMIND… I think ya’ll are JEALOUS! lol

      • Comments (1)

        Don’t think Amanda has said anything “remotely offensive?” Take a look at this
        And then re-tract your comment –

      • Comments (357)

        SMH….you had my attention with this reply, but then I got lost after I read your later posts.


    • Comments (1076)

      Attn Lynelle: I just got finished with my usual Saturday night Skyping with God and she said please don’t listen to Lez because Lez was one of her very few mistakes and no one is perfect. And, don’t worry, you will not be seeing Lez in heaven because when some one is a very bad example of God’s work on earth they have to come back to earth again after death and are usually assigned to be Los Angeles bus drivers or congressmen/woman….all the best…

      • Comments (46)

        @suzyq–-so you’re skyping with God? You need to get on meds, darling! I stand by what I say––Amanda is a despicable human being and whether you believe in God, no God or karma, all sane people would agree, we don’t need more people like Amanda in this world . And by the way, I’m a creative director. But if I were a LA bus driver, or congresswoman I certainly would treat people with more dignity and honesty than that skank Amanda. I’ll see you in heaven, sweetie!

      • Comments (7)

        You would treat people with more dignity than that ‘skank’……really?!?! Because calling people names is dignified. Telling people they need to take medication, implying they have mental health issues (much like Elissa did to Jessie) is dignified? We must have very different definitions of the word. As a Christian myself, I don’t feel it s anyone’s place to judge the rest of the people on ths planet, that is reserved for God. Of course, being the sinner that I am, falter on this, but it doesn’t mean I don’t try.
        Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone Amanda’s behavior. But I think that everyone should be treated fairly, regardless of their actions. How is calling people names, talking trash about them, and giving them ridiculous names any different than the things Amanda says? It is still unnecessary and cruel. Of course, the things Amanda says are more harsh, but that doesn’t make it right. Stealing a candy bar isn’t as bad as killing someone, but a sin is a sin!

    • Comments (2)

      I agree! Good job Amanda….. Everyone that hates her for running the house should hate the ones that allow it!! Or they are obviously beginners in the BB game and shouldn’t be watching it! I want to watch the players there to play, not Elissa doing yoga and hearing her annoying voice and looking at her Botox lips! If Elissa is ready to play now, then bring it…. I just hope she delivers because she obviously has a following for reasons I’ve yet to see!

  2. Comments (16)

    All I can say is NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Lol

    • Comments (27)

      If she was smart, she would pull Aaryn down because Andy will be the replacement either way. They then vote to save McCrae because now that Andy has been exposed as a blabber mouth rat, he’s not worth as much as Aaryn who is much better at comps and they need that asset more now that Judd is back.

  3. Comments (651)

    Geezzzzzzzzzzzz…I run to the store and THIS happens!!

  4. Comments (3)

    Uh oh!!

  5. Comments (162)

    Since Amanda won and she use it on McCrae can she be nominated ????

  6. Comments (110)

    I can’t believe she won it I was hoping she would be backdoor now will have to see Mcrea and her for another week I believe Ellissa needs to put up Andy
    for replacement sent he his working with them I hope they have enough votes
    to get him out of the house but I will bet that production will tell her to
    put up Spencer or GM.

    • Comments (228)

      The game is rigged for Amanda to win. I didn’t want to believe it but unfortunately, I do now. Amanda cannot win anything and all of a sudden she wins. She is good friends with Alison Grodner the operator behind BB. Plus she knew one of the workers during the ball competition. Production yelled at her to shut up. To many instants that unfolded convinces me that she was chosen to win. This was written on FB before BB started by a employee who was involved picking houseguests for BB 15. She is supposed to expose more info prior to the last showing. This should be interesting..Production in the DR probably gave Amanda full disclosure of this latest competition so she would win.

      • Comments (3)

        I totally agree that BIG BROTHER IS RIGGED! It doesn’t take an idiot to figure this one out. So now Amanda, nor her lover will be in danger putting her into the finale.if sleazy Amanda really likes Pizza dough boy he is about to be dumped for a grand supreme slice!l I wonder how much each of these poor actors are getting paid to do Amanda’s dirty work. I hope I never see you on the street Amanda.i hope it was worth it to you baby!

    • Comments (17)

      Amanda CAN still be Backfired!!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Aaryn is going home by a vote of 4-1. Spencer, Judd, McCrae, Amanda to keep Andy. GM to keep Aaryn. Next week it will be Elissa’s ass out the door if she doesn’t win POV. And this is all Helen’s fault for targeting all the people who would have been able to target Mcranda.

  7. Comments (75)

    I hope she puts Andy up! Gets out him or Aaryon. I can’t believe Amanda won!!! Elissa better get someone on her side!!! They will be going after her next week!!

    • Comments (407)

      Amanda’s already working on everyone with a fake alliance and I don’t know what else. She’s telling Aaryn she has to get GM back on her side. Of course, she’s going to use this new “power” to bully and make threats to get her way.

      • Comments (1288)

        Which is called playing the game. McCranda, love them or hate them, have always made contingency plans. They seek to place themselves in the best situation whenever they can.

        Conversely Elissa placed all her eggs in one basket then got her knickers snatched down. Now she is scrambling to match wits with The Red Queen. Good luck with that.

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa can’t get past a quirk in her personality that can’t allow her to be friendly to more than one person at a time. Also, her disdain for Andy for throwing the POV and not getting Helen off the block is ridiculous. Elissa won POV and took herself off the block, not Helen. Why should Andy screw his own game and take Helen off the block? The object of the game is to win, not make friends or emulate a basset hound.

  8. Comments (378)

    Like I said….yoire all stupid! Its like the players in the house AND you fans have no brainz!!! Well lets hope they knock out Andy but doubt it lmao at all of you 😛

    • Comments (17)

      fans are stupid?! Well… at least I’m sure all BB fans can spell you’re and not yoire!

    • Comments (357)

      No need to be rude (Me)! Express your frustrations and/or excitement in a constructive manner. This is the wrong forum for your immature comments. Find another bloggers site for that!

      • Comments (378)

        I dont mean to be a di** people but seriously Have u watched the show before ???? Just like the morons in the house, your comments prove youre all stupid…er…you call it being nice lmao r3tardz!

      • Comments (17)

        YES, I’ve Watched the Show B4!!!!

      • Comments (17)

        This Was also meant 2 go under for a reply 2 Me

      • Comments (1076)

        The commentators are not stupid. They are playing a game overshadowed by emotions. AND, they are playing a game OUTSIDE the BB housed. Amanda and McCraes ability to form an alliance outside of just the two of them, and the natural ability of men to gravitate to each other for a common goal that women (who for ages were raised differently and are not as “group sport goal oriented”)do not possess, always colors the outcome of these kinds of competitions. If Elissa, or AAryn, or Helen, or Candice had worked together from the start, or had the ability that Amanda has of being “one of the boys” we would be watching a very diferent game right now.

      • Comments (768)

        So true.

      • Comments (357)

        My comment was meant for the person (Me) posted below this post. Thank you Steve for deleting the post that lead to this comment. I find this to be one of a few blogs where mature conversation out ways ignorant comments. It’s a refreshing change that most of us can agree to disagree without the name calling. Thanks again Steve for giving us an environment to constructively share our views!

      • Comments (357)

        Sorry, this comment was meant to be a reply for my earlier post. So instead of below….he/she is above this comment.

      • Comments (1076)

        I did not get to see the post that steve deleted. I am guessing I am more fortunate for missing it.

  9. Comments (3)

    Noooooooooooo! Really…Amanda had to win it? Damn it. So then the best thing that can happened now is to send Aaryn home.

    • Comments (357)

      IDK…I think Aaryn will work with Elissa because she is tired of Amanda and her puppet. I would much rather see Andy go home. That way the duo no longer has an advantage of knowing what others are thinking. Then we will get a glimpse of how they really know how to play the game!

      • Comments (407)

        Sorry nqb, but she’s already gone back to Amanda. If Andy is put on the block, it’s a toss-up which one you want to see go. Aaryn cannot be trusted and Andy is a pigeon carrier.

      • Comments (357)

        Thanks for the heads up jojo. I don’t subscribe to live feeds, so I rely heavily on what I can from this and a few other sites. That’s too bad!

      • Comments (407)

        nqb, that information came from one of the other sites. I love this site, but periodically check jokers.

      • Comments (357)

        Thanks jojo…will do!

      • Comments (1076)

        Once again Elissa’s bad game strategy at work. Amanda got two for one while cultivating Aaryn. Elissa cultivated GM and got only GM. Elissa is the next one out the door after Aaryn and see how fast GM becomes Amandas new BFF.

      • Comments (3)

        Amanda wins this season because the whole damn show is rigged. Don’t you know that? Run your mind back too all old episodes, I know it will be painful, but really think about everything that has gone on ? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist!

      • Comments (2)

        I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

      • Comments (1)

        I find it interesting that every time Amanda has lost a competition, she yelled “I don’t win anything!” with a big smirk on her face. Ugh! I actually find that rather interesting. What did she know that we don’t know…or do we?

      • Comments (1076)

        Not going to happen. If GM was on the block then Andy would might possibly go home. The men left in the house (Amanda included) think Aaryn is a pouty girly girl who wins too many competitions and is a threat.

  10. Comments (35)

    this is why you always put the showmance up together and not just one of them.

  11. Comments (6)

    I realize no one likes Amanda for many reasons. However, she’s playing the game. I personally don’t blame her because she’s controlling everyone in the house. They’re to blame for allowing it to happen for so long. This is her first win and it was an important one. I’m really not a fan of anyone this season. Helen was just as sneaky only tried to hide it with the sweet mommy act. Elissa is finally starting to play but is just as annoying and selfish as her sister was. Any is a snake and wants to make big moves but is too scared to do it himself. I’m kinda rooting for Amanda just for interesting tv because this season so far has been a snoozefest!! Really stumped on who to root for…maybe Judd but I have issues with him too.

    • Comments (110)

      Check the ratings everybody the show is dropping fast they was in the top
      three in the ratings last summer now they have drop to 9 and 10 in the
      ratings I get the TV guide it show the ratings.

      • Comments (228)

        That’s because they are convinced the show is rigged for Amanda

      • Comments (226)

        That’s why is hard to root for Amanda — we will probably never know the truth if she does win.

      • Comments (228)

        Good!..Aaryn, can’t wait until you see what awaits you when you come out. You think you are so smug and better than anyone else. Well, you will be really fx%&k when you get out.

    • Comments (3)

      Go shopping! The show is rigged and not worth watching! SLEEZE BALL AMANDA WINS IT

  12. Comments (8)

    Oh please, it’s obvious that the producers have everything to do with this outcome. aMANda never wins and thing and then when she needs to win something to keep her safe she wins…Oh heck not sure why I watch this show knowing how fixed it is. I really don’t want the likes of her, Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Andy winning it this season. Oh and let’s throw Mcready in there with that group.

  13. Comments (27)

    I’ll be glad when Survivor starts next month. BB started off with such potential but has gotten so predictable. What happened to “expect the unexpected”? All that’s left to do now is root for Jud!

    • Comments (41)

      Did you expect Amanda to win PoV? Probably not. 😉

      • Comments (378)

        Oh thats how you play???? …:P you xpect players to quit then you vote them out backdoor style???? Damn you people really do live up to the idiot amorican stereotypes lmao 😀 learn the ge before you comment …just sayn 😀 bwahahahaha

      • Comments (111)

        How about learn to spell before you comment.

      • Comments (357)

        X Infinite Omokisei!

      • Comments (407)

        Me…you must be one of those amoricans.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao at u guys focusing on other than the point 😀 you know nothing bout the game n yor comments prove it lol

      • Comments (1076)

        @ME – Very soon now Rob will be accusing you of being one of a cluster of names he believes to be one person. This group chased a very nice woman off the comments by being jealous of her ability to interweave her life into her comments. I found her insights and lifestyle fascinating, but she had two homes and lived a lifestyle that annoyed many here.

      • Comments (357)

        Sideways glance!

      • Comments (768)

        LOL Welcome back suzyq! Or should I say lloydA, or santiagoN, or feltso gudinya, or cnoodleman? Did I miss anyone? Anyway, I don’t care who you post as. Some of your comments are actually very introspective and spot on. I sometimes find them more entertaining than the show this year so thumbs up to you!

      • Comments (357)

        Sideways glance confirmed!!!!

      • Comments (233)

        Gotta laugh. I usually don’t feed the trolls as Christina taught me, 🙂 but sometimes it’s kind of entertaining when the show is so bad. And it’s been bad lately.

      • Comments (27)

        @ Me: You obviously are attention seeking. We should all just ignore your comments!

      • Comments (228)

        say what!!!!!

      • Comments (27)

        You are correct, but Zingbot??? For such a big POV??? They knew the week a jury member returned to the house for the first time, would be an important POV!

  14. Comments (3)

    Congrats Amanda. When you needed it, you got it. What a crazy craaaaazzzzy game this is. And she has done better lately….I know there are haters here, but to know you are safe is so sweet. You have 12 days to wheel and deal. Good luck to all of them. Even though I hate ALL of them. And GM can go ARGO screw herself. She so gangsta yet so unintelligent.

  15. Comments (30)

    Oh man, nooooooooooooo. She needs to go for Andy the rat.

  16. Comments (16)

    I knew Elissa was making a mistake by splitting her nominations. She should have Nominated McCrae and Amanda. Then keep Aaryn as a replacement. Now she is going to have to break a 2 week safety deal to replace McCrae. #WorstCaseScenario #TeamElissa

  17. Comments (13)

    Even Amanda can get lucky and win a comp. Odds where in her favor that she would finally win one. This is not the best situtation, but if Elyssa puts up Andy. It could be very interesting also. I would like to see Andy beg Amanda for her vote. Whoever goes home, team Amanda takes a big hit. Judd has to win next week or it could be Elyssa and Judd on the block.

    • Comments (75)

      I think Amanda would keep Andy. Andy is 100% with Amanda and mcrea! Aaryon is also with GM they will get rid of her.

      • Comments (13)

        I think your right but would love to see Andy have a nervous breakdown.

      • Comments (316)

        Would you really want to see Andy have a nervous breakdown or are you just joking? Well anyway,If Elissa puts up Andy that would be a good game move for her. However, I’m hoping SPENCER goes up.

      • Comments (18)

        oh Jeez… what is wrong with you?? Yeah, John Really meant a complete and utter psychotic break from reality and have a true nervous breakdown.

        I would safely assume he meant he’d start crying and running scared through the house and wondering WTF happened to his game… a tv nervous breakdown. And I agree.. would be fun to watch since he was such a little sneaky rat with no backbone.

      • Comments (316)

        Oh Brother!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Well Rachel tweeted that Andy is a rat so it must be so. No matter he has been in his alliance with McCranda since day 5. No matter he acted as buffer between the couples that got them halfway thru the game. No matter he won a HoH and advanced his alliance. Andy is FABULOUS – deal with it.

        I wonder if the Zingbot calling Andy a floater is to his benefit. Will Elissa want to just take out a floater this late in the game or should she go after a power player?

      • Comments (768)

        Elissa knows full well that Andy runs back to Amanda and McCrae with every tidbit of information he hears. She told him point blank that she knows he does that. She’s also had it with him interrupting conversations, so maybe (hopefully) she will. If she puts Spencer up she may as well start packing along with him.

      • Comments (162)

        Y spencer all he has done is play with himself…

      • Comments (357)


      • Comments (162)

        I hate to dog him, but he either has his hands in his pants or his nose…

      • Comments (231)

        Andy is going up.

      • Comments (228)

        Just throw him so cheese and a float…LOL!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Andy does not have to beg for Amanda’s vote and sending Aaryn home is only a positive for Amanda’s game. Half the time I don’t understand what half of you are talking about. Are we even observing the same show? The Queen loves her court jester and was merely keeping her enemies near and dear in the case of Aaryn and GM. Elissa is an idiot and a lost cause.

      • Comments (1076)

        It will be Elissa and GM on the block next week. And, it will be GM who will be doing all the ass kissing.

    • Comments (220)

      If Andy or Aaryn leaves this week = a decent HOH nonetheless. Shook up the game slightly. It put some fear into McCranda for a while.

      On a side note, I actually hope another double eviction is coming soon. Lets wrap it up, BB15!!!! I’m anxious to learn of the aftermath for some of these people.

      Hopefully, if 3AM becomes 2AM, this week, Elissa could rally some of the floaters (as Howard put it, ‘ants vs. grasshoppers style’): with Spencer, GM, Judd. That would leave 4 against 2AM. The power shifts and makes for good t.v. I hope that is what happens this upcoming week, so long as Elissa puts up Andy as the replacement nom to sit on the block with Aaryn.

  18. Comments (453)

    Amdamnda is going to be strutting around making her snide, bully, hateful remarks to Elissa and Gm now, both just need to keep laughing in her face. Hope the ones who said they had her back (Elissa’s) stay true to their word and vote out Andy just to show Mr.&Mrs. McCrappy they aren’t welcome to stay.

  19. Comments (30)

    Put up the rat and it will slow down the pizza boy and his bed mate as far as knowing everything going on in the bb house but I think Aaryn and Judd my turn on Elissa now.

    • Comments (378)

      They should turn on the biggest fraud to ever play, Elissa sucks at BB lol whata wastest hoh…well now Helen dont look like the goat..thanks Elissatard 😀

      • Comments (3)

        That’s is funny. I agree. Smart move is a couple, so one goes. Elissa played dumb with a personal nom and a strat nom, then an epiphany with backdoor amanda. Now she made a mistake…aaryn was told to get rid of the couple to break the bond between H/E and it did. Amanda is very very smart/manipulative with a touch of timing. She really does like him, by the way…. slut or not.

      • Comments (42)

        seriously..wat a waste of HOH! Elissa,so last week you are trying to make an alliance with Aaryn and this week u nominate her instead of nominating Amanda..her sister didnt teach her anything…

      • Comments (407)

        Will you please tell me whata wastest is?

      • Comments (357)

        Hold on jojo. I’m trying to look it up in the dictionary of ignorant! I’m just stuck on looking up what “idiot amorican stereotypes” are!

      • Comments (407)

        Thanks nqb. If you ever find that in a dictionary let me know what kind of dictionary you have and maybe then we can understand their posts. I already told Me she must be an amorican.

      • Comments (357)

        Gotcha jojo! There is only 1 dictionary of it’s kind and it’s kinda hard to read. So I had to go back to my grade school years and pull out my “Hooked on Phonics” books for further reference.
        Basically what I got from the 2 books is that an “Amorican” is someone who is “A MORon who believes that It’s OK to and that they CAN write ridiculous comments about the stereotypical American”! IDK…my head hurts from dumbing down on this one! I need a nap!

      • Comments (407)

        OMG…you are too funny! I loved it.

      • Comments (1076)

        It’s the Gina Zimmerman edition.

      • Comments (78)

        Ignorance can be educated but Stupid is forever and some of the post replies are just Stupid especially the ones posted by “me”.

      • Comments (357)

        Well said Retired!

  20. Comments (75)

    I’m thinking she won’t have the votes to get out Andy. I dont think Spencer and Judd will vote him out.

    • Comments (13)

      Thats ok then Aaryn goes home, a big piece of 3 AM. If Spencer goes up he goes home.

      • Comments (357)

        I agree John….I need for sphincter to go just so that I can stop pressing the mute button when he opens his mouth. And if I were his friends back home? I would NEVER eat from any bowl, bag, pot, or skillet that he has touched before. Constantly fixing yourself and digging in your nose is enough for me to go on a, “thanks, but no thanks diet”! NASTY!

      • Comments (13)

        I agree about Spencer, but he is such a weak target. It would be a waste of a HOH. He needs to go but not this week.

      • Comments (357)

        I don’t think the votes are there to evict Aaryn. Especially since she’s become Amanda’s shadow since the POV comp.

      • Comments (110)

        Then GM will go after Mcrea and Amanda.

      • Comments (1076)

        3 AM was bullshit, is bullshit and will always be bullshit. 3 AM was Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Amandas way of neutralizing Aaryn (and GM). Judd is back and that will be the final 5. The true test will come when it is just the four guys and Amanda left. Will bros come before hos, only McCrae can answer that question.

    • Comments (36)

      I think Judd will and Spencer too. I think everybody in that house is looking at the bigger picture now. This just means a delay in getting out the mcmandys which will suck for the houseguests. But it will probably be some of the most entertaining TV we’ve seen all summer!

  21. Comments (316)

    I’m guessing Aaryn will have the votes to stay. Why not put up Spencer or GM??

    • Comments (4)

      Aaryn and Andy are loyal to Amanda so one of them needs to go. GM is with Elissa so she won’t put her up and Spencer is a wild card that can end up going on Elissa’s side.

      • Comments (1076)

        Aaryn is loyal to Aaryn. She way hornswangled by Amanda out of fear. And as far as Spencer, he despises the air that Elissa breathes. She represents every stuck up pretty girl that would never give him a second look. It is his chance to make up for years of being ignored and rejected by the Aaryns and Elissas of this world. I am pretty sure Judd is of the same mindset as Spencer.

    • Comments (407)

      Yearbooks, I just read on the “other” site, that McCrae and Andy both want to keep Spencer over Aaryn. She is freaking out and says whoever tells me I’m safe and not keep me, they will not get my jury vote. I don’t care, I’ll be a bitter juror. Then Andy agrees with her.

      • Comments (316)

        Interesting JOJO

      • Comments (1076)

        I hate to say I told you so, but……… In all seriousness, if you stop projecting your own emotions onto others and view the entire show as the psychological experiment it is, then you wouldn’t be so surprised by what happens. I of course cannot predict who will win HOH or POV, but once that happens the rest is basic psychology. Spencer and Judd love Andy’s company. I have noticed time and time again how Judd and Spencer will sit right next to Andy at the dinner table or on the outside couch even if there is plenty of room to spread out. Body language and physical body observance is more important then the crap they spew to each other to stay alive in the game. It is harder to fake action as opposed to words.

      • Comments (357)

        Hhhmmm! Thinking….

      • Comments (407)

        OMG..I have to watch the show to get my “psychological fix?” I thought I could just read your posts and get it so much faster! I am so disappointed.

    • Comments (651)

      If Andy goes up 3AM is done. And now that Andy has spilled the beans about 3AM to GM there is little doubt he will be the one to go on the block.

      • Comments (1076)

        Once again, THERE IS NO 3AM! The 3AM is just as much bullshit as the Helen, Andy and McCrae alliance.

  22. Comments (3)

    Whoever predicts the show is calling shots I AGREE. Amanda could not win at ALL then all of sudden she wins when mcrea is up . How stupid do they think public is? This is it for me. I’m done. Why waste time. So long bb

    • Comments (316)

      TA TA

    • Comments (228)

      It’s definitely fixed to favor Amanda. Hope Grodner gets alot of mail to let her know we are on to her

      • Comments (1076)

        Did you ever hear stories like the one about the woman who lifts a Volkswagon off the ground because her child is stuck underneath it? Or how about Elissa winning POV and HOH when she needed to when up until then she was in a coma as far as game play was concerned (and by the way, where were all the cries of “it’s fixed” when that was occurring)? People who are in danger will experience jolts of adrenaline and keener thought processes because to stay alive they have to. It is not an unusual phenomena.

      • Comments (228)

        And Allison Grodner rigging the pov for Amanda helped her

      • Comments (357)

        It wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe that BB is in favor of BOTH Amanda and Elissa. I never thought about this before until now. But look at the facts:
        Elissa is claimed to be the only HG not sequestered before the show. She negotiated her pay to be on the show. And she receives little perks from DR.
        Amanda was favored by America in the beginning because BB edits showed HGs making racist comments and pushed her into the limelight as the only one to stand up against racism. But we all know now that she is the worst of the worst in that category. She cries everytime she loses a comp. It reminds me of a child who was promised a win. Her insight on the game is fueled by DR…check the times they call her before a comp. Her comments about being the only one able to get more booze from the DR. Her constant paranoia before every comp, but this time she managed to sleep with very little gameplay.
        The final 2 was meant to be Amanda and Elissa, but McCrae and Elissa’s newfound need to succeed like her sister, has muddied the waters. I’m going to continue with my conspiracy theory until the end….wait for it!

  23. Comments (3)

    So glad Amanda won POV!! Love her!

  24. Comments (4)

    Amanda has done nothing but whine about not winning anything, now she wins THIS?! Unbelievable!!! The only positive thing I can say is maybe she won’t whine for a few days, but gloating may get on my nerves more than her whining. So ready for her to go to Jury House.

  25. Comments (41)

    I’d like to see Judd go. That would put it back to where it was before they had the competition to allow one jury member back in the house. This would be the fairest thing.

  26. Comments (4)

    I knew it. That would be our luck…

    • Comments (1076)

      What does “our” mean? Were you promised some of the winnings? You are not playing and there is no “our”. You remind me of those crazy sports fanatics who scream and yell about a bunch of players who could care less about the people in the stands except how they pay their multi million dollar salaries. Look around your home or workplace. That is “our”. BB and the NY Yankees is “their”. That would be a lesson well learned by many commentators here.

      • Comments (357)

        IDK…I may be crazy but this is a game right? Much like any other GAME (Basketball,Football,Baseball etc). People want to have someone to root for. It makes watching the game fun and exciting. “Those crazy sports fanatics who scream and yell about a bunch of players” are being…..entertained. Yes, that’s it..entertained! In the world of sports/BB, there is a word “many commentators” are familiar with on here and its called “SPORTSMANSHIP”! It’s about what is FAIR, how to PLAY fair, and RESPECT for the outcome no matter if you agree with it or not.
        If you could just step back for one minute and read all of the replies you posted. Does that conform with the spirit of sportsmanship? If you can agree that some of your replies seem harsh, obnoxious, condescending and rude? Then that is “a lesson well learned”!

      • Comments (316)

        I agree!!

  27. Comments (83)

    I do not believe it was was not rigged, Amanda ain’t won shit, and when her disgusting boy toy is up she win, I don’t buy it, well I would get rid of there big mouth snitch boy, he is worthless, then maybe they will be on there own, with nobody to help them, Amanda will probaly win BB now, they all stood by and let it happen.

    • Comments (23)

      The only time Elissa has won has been when her butt was on the line…why is it so hard to believe Amanda would be the same way. I have a difficult time seeing how production could fix the show….they can certainly influence stuff (which they do) but do you really think, if they were fixing it, they would want Aaryn to win so many comps? She is the original racist in this house and I have a hard time picking which one, between she and Amanda, is worse. They both say some of the most disgusting, vile things I have EVER heard. If BB was fixed, I would like to think they would have given Aaryn the boot a long time ago!!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        It is akin to the masses blaming the Gods for things that they couldn’t understand. As society became enlightened and science, biology, mathematics and the arts started to explain many of the things that were for years unexplainable did people stop blaming the “fates”. “La Fortunata del Destino”…….

    • LosingfaithinBB15
      Comments (6)

      I do agree with you Veronica. Amanda couldn’t win squat and as quick as you can say wham bam thank you ma’am she wins one. Production had to have a hand in her win.

      • Comments (228)

        Production is controling the game

      • Comments (1076)

        or not……..I doubt CBS would open themselves up to millions and millions of dollars in law suits just so Amanda could win a game. Do you have any idea how much their license to broadcast is worth to their shareholders. I don’t want to insult anyone but you all sound like “Chicken Little” who proclaimed the sky is falling when it was just rain.

      • Comments (65)

        I concur. It seems outrageous that a company would risk 14 seasons of a good show with fairly strong raings just so they can hand a less than $300k (after taxes) to some real estate agent from Boca, CBS connections or not. I am sorry, but there is no way I would risk my reputation and my job for a friend…especially not if it was only to let a friend win some money….I just don’t see the logic in it. It’s not worth the risk.

  28. Comments (357)

    Still feeling the after effects of being Bitch Slapped! Hey BB? It’s A-M-A-N-D-A, Z-U-C-K-E-R-M-A-N AND M-C-C-R-A-E, O-L-S-O-N. I just felt you needed to make sure you spelled the names right on the checks! Elissa needs to pack her bags and get ready for her exit from the house next week. Props to her for trying to make a big move. She can blame this injustice on her BFF and fellow jurist Helen! SMH

    • Comments (36)

      I,m betting Amanda zuckerman s name is already correctly spelled on file in the CBS payroll check cutting department. I hope I’m wrong about this but I,m starting worry the rumors may be true. Curious to see if it was the face scramble veto comp. I noticed amanda and dirty boy toy spent less time studying the faces on the wall than all the others and Amanda walked away flipping her hand in the air saying something about easy.

      • Comments (407)

        Constance, I have posted this on here a number of times, but google–Amanda Zuckerman 2008, and you will see videos of her when she worked for CBS that year. The show was called Big Shot Live. One of her videos was titled “Itchy Butt!” Wow..she may have been getting ready for McCrae.

      • Comments (36)

        Lol JoJo! Good grief MaCrae looks nastier and nastier by the day!
        Well that was an interesting video . Confirms she worked for them. I have not doubt she is friends with Alison Grodner either and I find it just too incredible to believe she made the producer comment. I believe she was fed the info from someone in production. And if they did that why wouldn’t they give her comp answers. Even if they didn’t go that far, they deserve the suspicion. Guess this is what they meant in the houseguests contracts this year about it not being a level playing field this time.
        So jojo, do you know if she is the 38 yr old then or 28? Haven, t gone back and checked that other link about that yet. I’ll have to hunt it down.

      • Comments (407)

        No, she’s not the 38 year old. That poor lady’s name is Amanda Jane Zuckerman and the 28 year old on BB is Amanda Joy Zuckerman. She has my sincerest sympathy having the same name and also living in Florida. I’m sure her life is probably a living hell right now.

      • Comments (36)

        Thanks for that info and I so agree. It must suck for her. People can be such half cocked inappropriate fools sometimes. I bet it will really be bad after the show. That’s when a lot of hatefulness will be mistakenly directed at any online identity she may have.

      • Comments (1076)

        And, the website that stated this false claim was unwilling to admit they made a mistake for weeks after they let out this erroneous information. They called people idiots and morons just for calling them out on their error. What a bunch of Grade A assholes.

      • Comments (228)

        Well Amanda has been servicing him under the sheets constantly.

  29. Comments (3)

    Ugh of course this is the one comp she wins! Lame!!! Elissa needs to put up Andy

  30. Comments (195)

    I guess Zingbot called Andy a floater and he is really pissed off about that saying that he has been keeping this house all together. Yes you have Andy and it is called being a rat!

  31. Comments (768)

    He floats around the house all day eavesdropping on conversations that he can report back to Amanda and McCrae.

    • elissa all the way
      Comments (6)

      He drives me nuts!!!. He needs to go but I don’t know who I want first him or Aaryn

      • Comments (1076)

        Andy is a genius. By the time Helissa figured this out it was too late to help their game. Andy had a role to play and he played it to perfection. We will now see how the Queen and her advisors repays the court jester. Does he outmaneuver her cabinet to sit beside the Queen or does she go with her beloved Essex. This we shall soon see.

  32. Comments (2)

    Yessss… Finally…Elissa is a patronizing, egotistical snob that thinks everyone should bow down and kiss her feet. I was full of her after week 1..hope she goes soon. Amanda has been in charge since Day 1…and it was obvious to anyone with a brain that watched BBAD.

  33. Comments (240)

    I had a feeling she would win. Too good to be true.

  34. Comments (9)

    Well she needs to put Andy up in his place.

    • Comments (1076)

      What’s the difference who goes up? The vote is 4-1 no matter if Spencer, Andy or Judd goes up. Aaryn is going to jury because Elissa is one of those people who is not as smart as she thinks she is. And, if GM goes up it is a 5-0 voye to send Aaryn packing. This week is over because Elissa in a world called Elissaville.

  35. Comments (7)

    well this wouldn’t have happened if she put up amanda and mccrae together, then it would have been definite one of them would have gone home

    • Comments (1288)

      Or put up another couple, GM/Aaryan, then Amanda might not have been in the comp or trying so hard. A shot at a backdoor would probably have presented itself. Of course she would have had to keep quiet about it and that is probably beyond her abilities.

    • Comments (2)

      I don’t think Elissa is really that stupid. I think BB had other ideas!

    • Comments (1076)

      NO. NO. NO. Amanda would have taken herself down and McCrae would have had a fighting chance against any one else put up.

  36. Comments (13)

    The problem is that they booted out all the people that could win comp regularly. All is left is a bunch of misfits that would be the last ones picked in a school yard playground.

  37. Comments (14)

    I want to see Andy up and then watch Elissa watch the HG’s decide…meaning she must stay silent about her. desire for either to Hit The Bricks…this is gonna be a looong week…let games continue to continue ; )

    • Comments (14)

      heehee Andy has already begun his melt down b4 the replacement nom ceremony…too tickled but gotta dash..

      Thanks SteveBeans, you’re the hotness for this blog!

      • Comments (1076)

        Andy has absolutely nothing to worry about as long as Aaryn, GM and Elissa are in the house. You all seem to be watching a game called fantasy island BB. The guys love Andy. The guys hate Elissa and Aaryn. Please explain your logic when you make such claims.

  38. Comments (42)

    Another HOH goes waste…good going Elissa..Brilliant!! You surely dont know who can be friend or foe…who ever is Mccrae’s replacement (probably Andy) doesnt matter cause Aaryn is going out of house this week…next week it will be bye bye for Elissa unless GM or Judd wins next HOH!!told u not to nominate Aaryn with Mccrae :)…

    i think Elissa is jealous of Aaryn cause she is equally competitive and good looking…which will cost her dearly now…

    • Comments (1288)

      Not wasted yet, she may turn 3AM into 2AM, but that is something McCranda has been knowing would happen. It is a tossup over who they would keep, probably Aaryan for her comp skills and she will be looking to take out Elissa next week.

      • Comments (1076)

        Once again, 3AN was a pacifier for Aaryn to feel safe. They can’t stand her. And who among you really believes Judd is on Elissa’s side? Judd and Spencer hate Elissa and her aloof stuck-up snobbery. Boys wait a lifetime to payback women like Elissa and Aaryn.

  39. Comments (111)

    Here’s to hoping GM or Judd wins HOH next week…

    • Comments (1076)

      Elissa is the target next week no matter who wins HOH. Amanda will be sure to let them know immediately after the competition.

      • Comments (8)

        elissa was the target next week regardless of any events transpiring in the house this week. she had ZERO allies heading into this week. if, and this is a big if, judd or gm win hoh, they would be silly not to target the power couple despite whatever feelings they may harbor for elissa. next week’s vote only requires 2 votes (hoh tiebreaker) to get your target out. elissa has no one and can be picked off at anytime once her vote secures a stronger position for judd or gm. I doubt they figure this out though.

  40. Comments (191)

    Elissa is an idiot. She should have put Amanda up with McIdiot. She should put up Andy

    • Comments (302)

      I respectfully disagree. The 3AM alliance were already going to be coming after her no matter who she eliminates. By getting rid of the human tape recorder Andy or the Racist Bigot Aaryn you still knock their numbers down to three. As much as most of the people on this site are sick after Amanda won POV(including me) I think it increases the chance that Spencer might join Elissa, GM & Judd. He has shown in the past he’s sick of Amanda and must recognize that duo needs to be broken up.

      • Comments (768)

        I think Bobby Joe meant Andy should go up as the replacement?? If so, I agree!

      • Comments (191)

        Yes, Andy as the replacement!

      • Comments (226)

        I agree-thy have all (aside from Andy) been talking about his Amanda is running things, so as long as Amanda or McCrae don’t win HOH, it could still be game on.

    • Comments (166)

      True, but her target was Aaryn. Aaryn has been a lil mean bitch to Elissa from the get go, as well as Whoremanda, so at least she can hopefully get rid of the racist bitch now & we can work on Whoremanda next week!!

      I mean really Whoremanda wins the POV..UGGHHH!!!

      If its no big deal that you have been employed by CBS & now on one of the biggest CBS reality shows, well hell I guess they’ve probably had past or present employees on the show before, NO CBS theres no advantage to their game at all..for all we know CBS letting her on the show theres no telling when she goes into the DR whats going on with her, when shes a have-not the producers are probably giving her cheese burgers..probably giving her a heads up on challenges or what other HG are saying!!

      Thumbs down to you CBS for letting her in & for KEEPING her!!!!!!

      • Comments (228)

        Amanda has gained so much weight for being a have not…Must be her servicing McPussy under the sheets keeping her full..

  41. Comments (8)

    I am fine with this. Aaryn is a bigger competition threat anyway. I never believed she would follow through on her promise to elissa. I hope she puts andy up, and aaryn goes. That will leave her with gm and judd. spencer will float to whatever side wins hoh next week. as far as andy, he will have to attach himself to spencer now. next week’s hoh is crucial.

  42. Comments (65)

    It really blows to see Demanda and her “man” safe this week. Guess we have to do the next best thing and re-nom Ratatouille. Part of me really wants Aaryn gone, and part of me really wants Andy gone. Can’t choose! They should both get evicted.

  43. Comments (2)

    I’ve always wondered if BB has a hand in the outcome and now I know!

  44. Comments (111)

    Andy really frustrates me when he talks so I’m fine with him leaving.

  45. Comments (74)

    Noooooooooooooo what a cruel f’n joke man!!!!!! What’s up with this game LOL. I listened for an hour GM talk about GM on After Dark. I knew I shouldn’t of confirmed myself Team Elissa I’m such bad luck. 🙁 I’m done with BB just kidding maybe I don know. Arghhhhhhhhh lol so whomever Elissa replaces Mcnugget with is going home and 3 A.M will back door Elissa next week? I guess the minority will get herself out another bind. Which I guess it’s good because we all know how blonde haired blue eyed people have had it bad for centuries ~rolls eyes~

    Team Elissa ahh f it I quit!!!!!!

    • Comments (357)

      I don’t think the situation can get any worse. Once Elissa is evicted next week. There will be nothing left but a bunch of racist and misogynistic HGs left. Help us all over the final weeks, because it’s going to be brutal to watch any of these people win that money.

      LOL @ Team Elissa ahh f it I quit!!!!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        The south shall rise again! This show is serving as a one-stop shop against the humanist culture. Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh must be talking to someone. Now we know who. The contestants of BB.

      • Comments (74)

        I’m from the South and there is bigotry and hate even in the North. You should get out more. Oh btw I think I reported your comment by accident LOL. Oopsie

      • Comments (1076)

        is the principal going to call my mom. I hope I don’t get grounded next weekend, i’ll miss the prom.

      • Comments (1076)

        and, I do live in the south and I need to get out less, not more.

      • Comments (357)

        PLEASE don’t start that! Not ONE reply/comment on this entire post mentioned anything about the North and South. That was until you slithered your way in. Cut it out and enjoy the comments as they were meant to be displayed! Your sarcasm and condescending replies is just NOT a good look for you! Your replies make you sound like a bitter person and AGAIN, this is not the forum for Religious beliefs and Politics.
        Most mature adults know that it’s best to stay away from discussing Religion and Politics. So, I am going to speak for the many on here and ask that you refrain from talking about the 2? Your replies on here are seen as hurtful and degrading (as evidenced by the multitude of thumbs down you received). This is not Real Talk radio or Fox News! This is BB15, so keep it clean and respectful and you’ll learn to enjoy this site for what it is.
        Now back to BB. Who are you rooting for? I am rooting for Elissa and McCrae. Why? Slim pickings at this point and they are the lesser of 2 evils! (0-:

      • Comments (407)

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You said what I have been wanting to say for quite a while now. Suzyq seems to have an answer or opinion on almost every comment and she, he or whatever, is a very disturbed person. Not the real smart person they are trying to portray.

      • Comments (357)

        I tried not to reply to many of her comments, but this time. I felt enough is enough! I like the atmosphere on here. Sometimes people say the dumbest things on here (me included), but the (unspoken) BBF code is to respect each other without the name calling and obnoxious comments! I have my suspicions, but I will keep them to myself for now.

      • Comments (768)

        Oops suzq, looks like you annoyed someone….again! lol

      • Comments (357)

        Thanks Rob for confirming my suspicions! (0-:

      • Comments (768)

        LOL I was just about to respond to your other comment and ask if your suspicions were confirmed! I’m pretty sure that Me could also be the same guy.

  46. Comments (1288)

    So Elissa who I had taken to calling Eloser hadn’t won anything and then suddenly had to win the POV to stay and followed with a HoH win. Won’t it be interesting if Amanda does the same?

  47. Gaetanne LelClerc
    Comments (1)

    Elissa made the biggest mistake ever. She should have put Amanda and Mccrea together to insure that one of them goes to jury. Guess we’ll say goodbye to Elissa next week. To bad I was routing for her. She began to play the game as it should be played. Not too sure to route for now. Maybe Judd. Everyone but Mccrea and Andy has been horrible and said some very racial comments and are just plain mean. What a bizarre season!!!!!

  48. Comments (9)

    I am new to this Big Brother thing but I don’t understand this DR. None of the other reality shows, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. has such direct contact with the contestants. I am told there are suspicions every year about the DR involvement – isn’t that illegal??

    • Comments (401)

      Illegal? What laws would they be breaking?

      • Comments (316)

        Kinda funny Ann

      • Comments (1288)

        The Communications Act of 1934 as ammended in 1960.

        Game shows like this are considered similar to lotteries and have to be a contest of skill and chance.

        The DR influences players by what questions and discussions they have. They will spend hours talking to the players to get a 15 second clip they show on air. Sometimes the clips are taken totally out of context to move the show story line along.

        Last week they probably asked Helen something like “do you think you are the good guys or the bad guys?” A question like that blooms in Helen’s mind to the whole we are good and they are bad discussions with other players.

        But they cannot tell the players what to do beyond show directions: stand there to make your speech or sit there when nominated.

      • Comments (228)

        Or yes they can! They tried to get Ian from the previous BB to take Dan to the end. He said that they had 2 producers pressuring him to do what they wanted. Ian was being interviewed by Evil Dick on his radio show and let it slip out. Production rigged this game for Amanda and is controling the game to what they want. Sad but true. I’m done w/BB. Hope their ratings sink to the level they created.

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes, the questioning and discussions are leading by the final decision lies with the HGs.

      • Comments (1076)

        I can’t believe people don’t know this? I know a lot of you are too young to remember the game show scandals of the 1950’s which led to the acts updating in 1960. But I too was born later, yet there is a thing called history that some people make an effort to learn about. There was also a great movie called “Quiz Show”, with Ralph Fiennes, Paul Scofield and Rob Morrow that covered these scandals. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW to screw around with these programs. As I stated before, do you really believe CBS/Viacom would be willing to go out of business so Amanda Zuckerman can win 1/2 million dollars? You all sound crazy.

      • Comments (401)

        Is Big Bro a quiz show?

      • Comments (3)

        Did you ever see the movie “Quiz Show”? It is a true story about game show fixing from the 1950’s. As a result of that it is illegal to ‘fix’ a game show, that is, have a predetermined winner. While it isn’t a level playing field, and production has input, there is enough chance in the game that you couldn’t fix it.

      • Comments (1076)

        sorry, didn’t see your post until after I sent mine.

    • Comments (357)

      @ Jeri Witt….I have been a BB fan since season 1. I always thought that the players and production were not allowed to discuss certain aspects of the game. i had my suspicions from time to time, but they were squashed with twists and outcomes. But this is the year that many of us are seeing that the DR does have alot of influence on what happens in the house. This is by far the worst season ever and the wrong one for you to start out on. Sit back and read the blogs, watch the show and make your own opinions. Unfortunately if the FCC hasn’t stepped in to squash the racist, homophobic, and misogynistic comments since day 2? Then you can assume that what BB is doing is definitely not illegal.

  49. Comments (1)

    Can someone please post where that rule comes from that the Veto winner cannot be put up as a replacement? Since the veto winner can only use the veto for one person it doesn’t make sense that two can be saved by one veto. I have looked everywhere for that rule and cannot locate it. Thanks :0)

    • Comments (17)

      I Think ONLY if it’s the Golden Veto, the Last 1 of the Season CAN it Save 2 people!! I Think Elissa Should Be Able 2 Put up Amanda. I Don’t Think anyone’s Ever Done it, though!!

    Comments (1)

    Amanda wins her first veto just when she needs it to save herself and the rumours about her being the predetermined winner…Coincidence I think not?

  51. Comments (8)

    Amanda needed a veto to save the day, now elissa needs a pandoras box to save the week!

    • Comments (2)

      I’m so ready for Pandora’s box to change this all!!i seriously feel sick to my stomach about Amanda staying and saving her boy toy, whom I believe she will leave if he doesn’t win. I just need big brother to make this year so much better.

      • Comments (1288)

        Just remember opening PB could unleash something like the veto being upgraded to a Diamond POV this week. Then Amanda could pull down McCrae and put up say Judd. Be very careful what you wish for.

      • Comments (17)

        I’m sooo with you Jazz!!!

  52. elissa all the way
    Comments (6)

    I’m really disappointed with today’s events. We can only hope tbat Andy will be the replacement and either him or Aaryn goes home. I hope there is some twist to the game like cout de tat otherwise Elissa will be walking out the door next week. Urgh!!! Worse case scenario!!!!

  53. Comments (5)

    So happy Amanda won! I think I’m her only fan on this site! Lol! This is what I’d like to see happen. GM goes up as replacement and goes home. Aaryn wins HOH next week and puts up Elissa and Spencer. Don’t care who goes home first. Team 3AM in the final four baby!!!!!

  54. Comments (1)

    I’m so happy she won! I love Amanda, McCrae, & Andy. 😀

  55. Comments (2)

    You’re right…I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m absolutely convinced that Elissa wasn’t supposed to win HOH. She was positioned by Amanda for Amanda to win. Amanda of course sucks so bad that she still couldn’t win it! So, they had to give her POV. BB you have really messed up this year in ways I thought would be indescribable. It’s too bad. I’ve had ideas through the years that you designed certain comps for the players you wanted to stay in the game. But this year? I think that based on everything…Amanda was the winner before the game began. Here’s hoping that fate will step in and strip her of her power and the game becomes the game again. So disgusted! Julie Chen has ruined BB. Ruined the After Dark and now the game. So sad!

  56. Comments (9)

    There was a big scandal years ago (guess I am telling my age) about fixing game shows, etc. If DR has decided who is going to win and is helping them do so I would have thought it would fall under the same
    rule – maybe not.

    • Comments (651)

      Yes it would and that’s what’s got CBS worried. If Demanda wins there will most likely be a Federal Investigation into EVERYTHING from casting and who knows who to how the comps are run, etc. CBS does not want this even if it wasn’t rigged just having the investigation is bad for business.

  57. Comments (8)

    If Amanda was smart, she would use the veto on Aaryn & tell everybody to vote to keep McCrae!with Aaryn’s vote she would have the numbers & Aaryn would forever be grateful to her!

  58. Comments (2)

    Oh yea go mccranda 🙂 that just made my day I love mccray 🙂

  59. Comments (1)

    “Don’t worry guys! The show is still rigged in favor of Elissa!”

    Seriously, though… All of that stuff is probably just a bunch of BS because production caught wind that people could see the show was rigged in favor of Amanda. What better way to throw everyone off than to make it look like someone else is the favorite?

    Well, you can easily write a script for how the rest of this season is going to play out. *SPOILER* Amanda wins! */SPOILER* With any luck this will be the last of BB…

    • Comments (166)

      I sadly agree with you trdaOiO, if Whoremanda wins BB15,then I’m nominating myself to never watch BB again..I’m like everyone else on this website, I’m a HUGE fan & have been from the beginning, but putting in friends of CBS executive producers who turn out to be the biggest racist, filthy mouth, whores on t.v & winning it, NOPE I will not be a fan any longer!!

      • Comments (316)

        Such Sweetness i hear!

      • Comments (1076)

        @Annette – Why does McCrae get a pass and Amanda is called a whore? Women who like sex are whores while it is natural for men to like sex? You need to stop posting because your insights are disclosing more about your unhealthy mother/Madonna complex and your Oedipal conflicts then they are about the contestants you refer to. Please seek psychological help. Seriously, you sound like a fool with many of your own problems to conquer. Women like you hold back the advancement of other woman in our culture. Shame on you.

      • Comments (293)

        Suzyq, McCrae was shoving his breasts in anyone’s face. Amanda used sexual advances to get McCrae. He didn’t do anything to get her.

      • Comments (293)

        Suzyq, I apologize for my typo. I meant to ask, “Was McCrae shoving his breasts in anyone’s face?”

  60. Comments (13)

    I don’t know if the show is rigged or not. I hope not. I’m sure BB is loving having Amanda in the house for a least one more week. Look at all the comments. If she went home the show would be boring. Enjoy your victory in this battle Amanda, but she has not won the war yet. Still a lot of game left. Amanda is the villain we all love to hate, so I will continue hating Amanda and be rooting for anyone to stop her.

  61. Comments (27)

    I am really disgusted with BB this season….. There is no way that this game is not being fixed-no way Amanda won this Veto on her own – CBS should be ashamed if themselves running a show like this!!! Amanda is on way too many drugs & should be asked to leave- she’s a disgusting human being- between her racist comments & her scanky ways & listening about her cocaine addiction she doesn’t deserve a dime- go home please!!!!!!!!

  62. Comments (111)

    “I did not work my ass off this hard to be taken out by the hands of Elissa!” – Andy

    • Comments (17)

      TIME 4 you 2 FEEL the Hear, Andy 4 Lying 2 Everybody , & being a Gatekeeper!!!

    • Comments (166)

      LOL..’I did not pop up in every room at every freakin minute of everyday listening & taking mental notes & bobbing my head up & down like I agreed with everyone for nothing!’

      If Andy is the replacement nominee we are fixing to see him turn 50 shades of red!!!

    • Comments (357)

      I have 3 great joys left in this game. Andy the Wuss leaving red faced and crying is one of them. Poor game play Andy!

  63. Comments (7)

    Well, if I’ve learned one thing from watching over a decade of this show it is to expect the unexpected. Things can always turn on a dime in the BB house. I hope Elissa puts up Andy as a replacement when Amanda takes McCrae off the block. Andy’s never been up for eviction and I think it is time he had the experience. Plus, if he goes to the jury house, that will eliminate Amanda and McCrae’s spy, which needs to happen. Then McManda will have to do their own dirty work and listen at doorways themselves instead of having someone else do it for them.

  64. Comments (17)

    This IS the Worst Season of “After Dark”, & Absolutely the Worst Houseboats!!! It’s Very LAME, & no one Wants 2 MAKE a move without the rest of the house!!! The ONLY 1 Brave enough 2 make a move IS Elissa, & that’s because she’s a Fighter, like her sister Rachel!!!

  65. Comments (80)

    I am 100% done watching this show.

    • Comments (228)

      me too, since Grodner (BB Producer) rigged the game for Amanda. I’m going to shoot an email to her to let her know that we are on to her bogus game

  66. Comments (1)

    It is set up all of a sudden amanda wins! I dont think so the rest of the house needs to raly together now and ever chance they get try and get her out!

  67. Comments (34)

    Put Andy up fo real no other choice, if you take out Andy than you have the number’s cuz Andy’s a snitch ass dude lol & he will never stop ratting out everything you say to him to Amanda. Thing is that does not save Elissa at all :-/ Amanda’s got Spencer McCrea & Aaryn a little so if Amanda are McCrea even Spencer win’s Hoh next week it’s game over for Elissa :-/ Amanda will make it her world to get Elissa out after almost kicking out McCrea, she will not stop but the thing is, if Andy goes home well Aaryn will still want to take out Elissa 😮 chiet i mean i just don’t see Elissa winning the game this year to many people are on Amanda’s side how the hell is Elissa’s going to stay in the house it’s impossible now that McCrea is staying.i have a huge huge feeling that McCreae will win HoH next week after Amanda just won her Pov so ic Elissa does not make any alliance well game over for her.

  68. Comments (162)

    I am beginning to wonder about it being scripted cause Elissa was all for getting Aaryn out until she came out of the DR. Then she was all about Amanda. And then Amanda wins POV… Not understanding!!!!!!

    • Comments (228)

      Production probably forced her decision. This year’s BB is rigged

    • Comments (48)

      Charlotte, I agree with you about the possibility of BB being scripted. I am so grieved over Amanda winning POV. Shame on you BB production, if this is what you are doing! The rumors appear to have credence! If so, CBS/BB production you should be held accountable for your dishonesty! How can we trust you ever again. BB15 has been in the crapper since day one. And not just the HGs. . . including those running the show!

      • Comments (162)

        It is a shame cause BB was my favorite of all game shows. My husband said all along it was scripted but I didn’t want to believe it, but after watching what looked like Helen was pushed off the wall the other night and then Elissa changing her mind so fast yesterday I just don’t know if he Helen wasn’t right all along.

  69. Comments (1)

    Yes MCranda lives to fight another day
    I hate Elissa terrible gameplay through out so far finally gets hoh and your plan back fires. Hiding behind Helen through out most of the game. Terrible social game. Nothing has convinced me to be on her side. I would rather see and evil Dick type game plan from Amanda then Elissa gameplay.

  70. Comments (1288)

    This week’s events are much more typical of Big Brother. It shows what a masterful job was done by Helen/McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Elissa/Aaryan to thin the herd down this far. They figured out the correct strategy for the MVP twist and survived it switching to America voting. Perhaps they might have held it until the F6 but it wasn’t meant to be, they were only as strong as their weakest link.

  71. Comments (6)

    Andy needs to go up as replacement and Aaryn needs to go, she wins too much. They can get her out this week. Andy is already freaking out which is priceless.

  72. Comments (302)

    This probably won’t end well for Elissa but I applaud her efforts. If nothing else she has made McCrae plead for his BB life and made a fool of himself trying to get Elissa to put up GM. She’s made Amanda go batsh*t crazy .. crying and threatening … oh what a beautiful thing. Now Andy is having a meltdown and crying like the little stoolie Beeootch he is. Thank you for these memories Elissa.

  73. Comments (195)

    Here we go again. Andy all week sucking up to Elissa and now for the past hour had been saying how much he hates her and everyone is going to go after her next week and also that he thinks most of America probably hates her too. He is just too much and I have to eventually turn off the feeds when he is on them because it gets too much to listen to his BS.

    Ohhh and by the way we have a brand new rat in the house called Spencer. After his talk with Elissa that was supposed to be kept quiet he went and told everyone their whole conversation. One by one he went to them.

  74. Comments (7)

    I would expect Gina Marie to go up with Aaryn being Elissa’s main target. Elissa doesn’t know about 3 am, so from her mind she sees amanda and mccrae together, aaryn/gm together (aaryn just put her up and said it was because she saw helen and elissa as a threat to her due. Then you have andy, spencer, and judd who doesn’t have open to the house ties to anyone. From elissa’s perspective it just looks they are all just floaters going with whatever the majority says. Andy was not the swing vote for helen to go home, if he would have voted for helen, helen would have still went home and made a bigger target for himself. This isn’t very hard to sell to Elissa because it is the truth without giving away his 3 am alliance.

    Then GM goes up, with elissa pushing for aaryn to go home. Then andy, mccrae and amanda vote for gm. Judd and Spencer can fall into that or not, even if they vote for aaryn- GM goes home 3-2.

  75. Comments (487)

    Okay so Amanda won the veto. If Elissa puts up Andy next to Aaryn, it won’t matter which one goes because the 3AM alliance is done. Elissa said she didn’t care about next week. So if she doesn’t put up Andy. Amanda and McCrae still have to win HoH to stay completely safe. If they don’t and Aaryn or GM wins the HoH, both of them will be nominated for eviction next week with Elissa or Spencer being backdoored.

    • Comments (1288)

      Not done, just now 2AM. McCranda has discussed this but wisely only between the two of them. Elissa took her backstabbing of the alliance beyond Helen and that is why word got back to McCranda. Helen was evicted for Elissa’s sins.

      If Andy and Aaryan are on the block together, whoever stays will owe their game to McCranda and will be hot to go after Elissa. Win-win for McCranda, not so much for Elissa.

  76. Comments (1)

    Amanda’s been the only house guest playing the game from the very start, then you have Elissa who only made it this long because of who her sister is/her relationship with Helen and has basically floated along till she had to win something… She’s been horrible to watch I mean are you seriously about to quit the game because you didn’t get mvp for doing nothing?!?!Sure Amanda’s a bitch but everyone else in the house has been letting her get away with it they had chances to get her out and they didn’t take them, no ones fault but their own when Amanda wins it all as she deserves. As for all this crap about the game being rigged for her to win, has anyone noticed all the special treatment Elissa gets and how she actually SAYS she’s friends with members of production? There was another Amanda Zuckerman who is 38 from Florida who is actually friends with members of production and is being confused with the actual Amanda in the game.

  77. Comments (65)

    Elissa just came out and basically exposed Amanda to Andy saying she has a plan to vote him out! Yes! Andy is balling right now and I am LIVING

  78. Comments (195)

    Oh my gosh whoever has live feeds go to them now…Andy is trying to fake cry to Elissa…..It is priceless!!!!! I’m killing myself laughing 🙂

  79. Comments (195)

    Oh no Elissa’s starting to believe him!!

    • Comments (166)

      Sambella, I don’t have live feeds please keep us informed!!!!

      • Comments (195)

        Annette, Amanda made up this story to Elissa that if she puts up Andy then she has the votes and they will vote Andy out. She is trying to get Elissa to put GM, Spencer or Judd up. Well at first Elissa saw right through her and said she is just trying to cause trouble. Then Amanda went out in the backyard and told Andy what she said and he thought that was brilliant and promised to act all upset around Elissa. Well Elissa comes out and says to Amanda so are you telling Andy your plan and she says yes and then Andy storms off.
        That’s when he goes in the cockpit room and Elissa follows him. He starts to fake cry (it was priceless) and at first Elissa was not falling for it but then Andy says he has to leave and she sits in there for a long time looking very sad. I pray he did not get to her because if she puts up anyone other than Andy Aryan will stay and then this will be a waste…3am will still be intact. After that pretty much everyone went to lie down.

        Right now Amanda and McCrae are talking but before Amanda came out Spencer was there and him and McCrae were talking about their final 2. McCrae keeps telling him that he is the only person he trusts and the only one he will take to the final 2. I can’t believe what idiots these houseguests are. How they think any one of them will be taken to the final is ridiculous. Meanwhile just about an hour ago McCrae was saying how he could care less if Spencer goes home this week. Once again these stupid stupid houseguests (and I hate using the word stupid) are under McCranda’s spell.

        Hope this caught you up a bit Annette and made sense lol.

      • Comments (1288)

        Such cunning play from a pizza boy eh?

      • Comments (166)

        Sambella, Thank you soo much!!!!!

      • Comments (195)

        Your welcome Annette glad to be of some assistance if I can. Right now not much going on. Most of them are sitting around the hot tub and McCrae is on the couch outside. Of course he would not be caught dead anywhere near water LOL. Sorry had to say that. I’m bad. Another thing I noticed too is anytime Amanda is sitting she always sits like a guy with her legs spread open. Maybe in a previous life she was a man….that would explain a lot lol.

      • Comments (166)

        Well her name is A MAN DA!!! LOL

      • Comments (11)

        Thank you Sambella! I don’t have the live feeds and appreciate reading comments like yours as well! Thank you too, Steve!

      • Comments (453)

        It is so she can air dry her smelly self!

      • Comments (226)

        How do they keep track of all of the comments/alliances fake or real/lies/whatnot without any paper!!!!

  80. Comments (7)

    Not watching the live feeds but why do you think she puts up Andy? Just because he voted for Helen? So did everyone else. As mentioned he was just going with the house, his vote wouldn’t have saved her.

  81. Comments (166)


  82. Comments (2)

    Love her or hate her Amanda has played the best game this season. I’m glad to see her finally win a comp, on the flip side, Elissa nominating Aaryn and McCrae has probably been the best and boldest move made so far this season so, way to go Elissa!

  83. Comments (166)

    Now with Meanmanda winning POV & saving her McGross bed partner she will really be spewing at the mouth, she will be soo cocky thinking nothing can stop them now, so hopefully the house gets enough of her ass & puts her up next week & votes her ass out unanimously(even McGross!!!) He has to be sick of her too, he cant take 3 steps in the house going any direction that her GPS on him doesn’t go off!!!

  84. Comments (7)

    How is 3 am screwed? still waiting for someone to say why they think andy goes up? i don’t see this as being so obvious. what am i missing?

    • Comments (302)

      Andy is a little rat and Ellisa knows it. What are her other choices? GM – No they’re bonding … Judd – No they’re forming a new alliance … Spencer – Maybe if McCranda can pull off their plan to fool Elissa. But Elissa seems to have a pretty clear head on what’s going on a realizes that Andy is aligned with McCranda and is her best option to get Aaryn out or still damage the 3AM alliance booting Andy.

  85. Comments (1)

    Love Amanda!

  86. Comments (1)

    Veto ceremony happen yet?

  87. Comments (1)

    people sure forget fast. Try to remember that elyssa was by far the biggest wench for the first 4 weeks. Go 3 AM

  88. Comments (103)


    Can you please take care of that Me guy?

  89. Comments (8)

    I knew Amanda was going to win the pov. she win the game.

    • Comments (875)

      Yep…Its apparently Fixed, Amanda even said that she knew one of the guys throwing the balls during the HOH Competition…smh. I’m deciding do I even want to watch BB next year, I’m tired of the rigging.

      • Comments (48)

        mello_one, I agree with you about the possibility of BB being fixed. I am so grieved over Amanda winning POV. Shame on you BB production, if this is what you are doing! The rumors appear to have credence! If so, CBS/BB production you should be held accountable for your dishonesty! How can we trust you ever again. BB15 has been in the crapper since day one. And not just the HGs. . . including those running the show!

      • Comments (7)

        Its not fixed. Amanda didn’t even win the HOH competition…and it was a pitching machine shooting the balls. The person placing them in there doesn’t have any control over anything.

      • Comments (228)

        I sent an email to CBS to Allison Grodner. Long story short I told them me and my family are done with BB since it’s rigged. Ian from last years BB slipped when being interviewed by Evil Dick saying that when he was in the DR production was pressuring him to do what they wanted. Go to CBS, scroll down to feedback and tell her.

      • Comments (228)

        Drop an email to Alison Grodner and let her know we know it’s rigged..I going to…

  90. Comments (143)

    I believe her best move is to get out Andy, Andy will NEVER go against Amanda so its best to take out her ally if she can’t get her out. Aaryan might go after amanda, sure she is sucking up to her now because she knows who controls the house/vote, but I won’t cry if she goes home either. Aaryan seemingly realized last week that Amanda does need to go.

  91. Comments (83)

    Everyone of those ppl in the house, need to look at Amanda and say, look you nasty, foul mouth bully, we will no longer play by your rules, we are not scared of u either, they need to start playing for themselfs, put up who they want not who Amanda wants, but I do have this feeling Amanda will win this thing, I just hope next year they do a better choosing who plays the game.

    • Comments (228)

      They are all just like her. Their personalities are so deplorable. And Aaryn really showed who she is. Can’t wait until she she what awaits her outside the BB house. Will Amanda protect her then. LOL!!!!

  92. Comments (21)

    Noo, why oh why?? Now she can get rid of Andy .. He’d be the other one left. She has to break up that quartet..

  93. Comments (1288)

    But wait, didn’t Elissa the good, fair and just promise Andy a 2 week deal? Surely she wasn’t lying was she? Come to think of it, the tactics she used last night seem an awful lot like the ones everyone complains about Amanda using. Maybe Elissa will go back on her word and put up Andy. Of course he will out that and everyone who has made a deal with Elissa will know she has no intent of keeping her word, they will most likely do whatever they want.

  94. Comments (233)

    From the way Elissa was stroking GM last night and also telling her Aaryn is not GM’s ally, etc. she was definitely wanting Aaryn out. Then she goes in DR, comes out and tells Aaryn she had an epiphany and sees that they really need to keep her safe and backdoor Amanda. She offers to fight for veto to keep Aaryn so they can finally get Amanda out. Fake hugs all around. It was convoluted and messy, and it sure looked like her game plan changed on a dime.

    I’m not sure any choice to evict this week would have made much of a difference in Elissa’s game after this week. The 3AM team plus Spencer will stick together and they have the numbers. I don’t think Judd is going to side with Elissa at this point. I say get Aaryn or Andy should be evicted to keep it from being a total loss.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Vic, at this point just put up Andy to replace McCrae. At least someone from that quartet will go home. Preferably Andy, and that would reduce the info that goes back to Mcranda. I doubt if it will eliminate it because it seems like nobody can keep their mouth shut in that house!

      • Comments (233)

        Absolutely. Just about every word from Andy to Elissa and Helen was a lie. Elissa was playing him with the 2-week deal. She knew he would always nominate whoever Amanda told him to if he was HoH. It’s about time he knows what betrayal feels like. You can’t be allies with every person like he has pretended to and not eventually be found out and cut off.

  95. Comments (166)

    Okay I just watched Whoremanda’s dumbass on youtube..her show she tried to host was called Big Shot Live..IT SUCKED..SHE SUCKED..she looked pregnant & totally had no skills then or now!!! Really CBS, you suck at casting!!!!!

  96. Comments (30)

    New rule: For each time one of these hgs uses the word…’LIKE’….as a sentence filler, he shall be penalized with a $25 fine. That would be entertaining !! They’d nose-dive into the RED and self-evict!

  97. Comments (82)

    Ummmm….if any of you have read my posts…..GO AMANDA!!!!! Hell yes, you won POV like I said, You took control of the house again. You are the best player in the house by far. Keep it goin girl. Get rid of Elissa next week. You own it. Hell yes!!!!!! Ok, dislikers, hit that thumbs down button. But, you can’t deny it…..she rocks!!!!

    • Comments (82)

      haahhaahahahahaha all you haters can suck it! Go AMANDA!!!! Way to show everyone that you are the best. They can hate you for emotional reasons….but when it comes to Big Brother, you are the best! If you want anyone else to win, its emotional. If you honestly know big brother and how it works, you gotta go with Amanda!! Keep it goin. You rock, and screw the nay-sayers. Dislike? Hell yea, dislike it! Please…..

    • Comments (166)

      Kurtis AKA a member of Whoremanda’s family or last friend left trying to save her name. I mean her poor family & friends have to be reading the blogs on these websites & trying to convince us she’s an all around girl!!! Good try Kurtis!!

      • Comments (82)

        Nope not even close to being her family or friend. Would love to be her friend though! I liked her week 1, and not gonna change my mind. Especially with all the haters, its just fueling my fire to cheer her on! She owns that house, and it KILLS all you haters. Love it, fill up all these blogs with your hate, while Amanda keeps rolling to 500 grand!

    • Comments (1162)

      Agree – Amanda Rocks!!!
      However, the only thing Amanda rocks is whatever bed she happens to be on
      and the rocking is due to her weight – nothing more.

  98. Comments (41)

    Could El really be thinking about putting GM up, so she wont vote for Ar to stay? Omg…will production have to step in again to give El and GM the hints they need to wake up?

    Id almost get excited over all the game play if……..

    It wasnt week nine before evryone in the house finally started playing the game.
    If some of the cast members even had a clue what is going on in the house.
    If I didnt want to reach into the house and slap every person in there.

  99. Comments (195)

    Gosh I just go away for a bit and come back and Amanda is screaming at Elissa. They were all nicey nice outside. Don’t know what happened but this is goooood tv lol. Going to have to rewind feeds after everything is over to see what started this.

  100. Comments (82)

    Amanda and McCrae will stay true to 3am. The replacement nominee will go home if its GM. If its Andy, then yeah…Aaryn is gone. Amanda… are by far the best in the game. Way to show it today!

    • Comments (1162)

      When Floater Andy goes up on the Block, Aaeyn will spill Andy’s secrets
      and then Spencer & Judd along with GM will vote to evict Andy.

      Sorry but no kleenex for you, however I’m sure Amanda and
      McCrae will share a corner of their stained bed sheets with you. lol

    • Comments (1162)

      OMG – she listed “Driving” as one of her Special Skills.
      Perhaps she used the word, “Driving” as a euphemism for her special skill, F**King.

  101. Comments (83)

    Maybe we will get lucky this week and there will be pandora’s box, and McCrae or Amanda could still go home, its wishful thinking but thats all we got right now, if not hope she will get Aaryn or Andy out.

    • Comments (228)

      I hope so. Amanda is a dirty filthy pig. She just (so she says) miscarried and she boning that unwashed dirty pizza boy almost every night, and she wonders why she has a infection in her box!. If her mouth isn’t shut she has it under the covers servicing pizza boy

      • Comments (875)

        I read on Jokers where Judd was telling McCrae about his hygiene…Then Elissa said, “don’t touch anything where they have laid down on, wash the sheets!” I don’t know how Amanda lays up with that dude, she must want a Man badly…ewwwww!

  102. Comments (651)

    Sitting her watching BBAD and the Mean Girls are in full B*tch mode. OMG!!! How did these creatures ever crawl out of the slime?

    • Comments (302)

      I am so with you Jackie. I can barely stomach watching this pathetic circle of losers. I pray Elissa sticks with her gut and puts Andy on the block. I would hate to see McCranda gloat if she put up GM and Gina Marie was sent packing instead of Aaryn. The hypocrisy of this pathetic group is mind blowing. Amanda claiming Elissa is a lowlife for bringing in personal arguments as Amanda is making fun of Elissa’s husband and her looks. Andy can’t believe Elissa would have such idiotic game play as to dare put him up and lose an ally(you sniveling cry baby back-stabbing little beeootch). Aaryn can’t believe Elissa seems so two faced as Aaryn just finished pledging her loyalty to Elissa only to run downstairs and say she’d vote her out in a heartbeat.
      What’dya say Big Brother Gods .. can you right some wrongs and dish out a little justice here?

      • Comments (293)

        MoneyMan, I stopped watching weeks ago except to see the eviction votes and the evicted guest interviews. Otherwise, I read this and one other site for updates. Thank you, stevebeans!

      • Comments (875)

        MoneyMan, Elissa is over this BS too! I just saw Elissa on BBAD telling Andy that she hopes that she is voted out of the House next week, because she is not used to people screaming at her on National TV.

        The way its going now, I think Elisa may get her wish. Lets all hope that Elissa gets Pandora’s Box, & gets a special power for the next 2 weeks, were she can’t get voted out. 🙂

  103. Comments (1288)

    This is unbelievable, Elissa cannot seriously be considering putting GM up. If she does she will be laughed out of the house as the worst, most gullible player ever. Helen told her what to do, take Aaryan and GM on board and declare war on McCranda and Andy. With three targets she could have sent one home.

    But noooo, she had a better idea lmfao. She comes up with an abortion of a backdoor plan then blabs it across the house and cries when it blows up in her face. Now she is on the verge of getting GM out and herself and Judd as the targets for every other player in the house come next week. Perhaps she will salvage the situation and still put up Andy but who is going to look at her with respect after this fiasco?

    • Comments (875)

      Yep, DanDaMan…It has gone from excellent on Thursday/Friday, then from Bad to Worse on Saturday!

      This is Amanda & McCrae again, manipulating the game again, with Elissa & Judd falling for it. GM will apparently be the re-nom, & voted out, due to Andy, Amanda, McCrae, & Aaryn. This is truly the McCranda Show, so why is BB going through the formalities! They should just give Amanda the $500,000, & Sloth the $50,000. This game is so fixed for these turds to win, it make me Sick! This is far worse than Dan’s BB 14’s Misting of HG…smh!

      • Comments (1288)

        I think you underestimate the stupidity of their competition. A sticking point may be the timing. The POV ceremony is not until Monday so they have to carry this story all the way thru Sunday. Amanda seems to be herding Aaryan and Andy is on Elissa patrol but there is always the specter of the alcohol ration going to their heads. Elissa hasn’t put up GM yet.

        Has anyone noticed tumbleweeds blowing through Elissa’s HoH room yet?

      • Comments (610)

        If GM ends up on the block this week & then gets voted out because of Mcrandy, then yes, I agree mello_one, just end the game right now and start showing Survivor!!

    • Comments (302)

      This sure went from Joyous viewing to TV Torture in a short time. I too foolishly thought Amanda couldn’t win a competition but as the numbers dwindle her odds got better. I’m not even sure who Elissa should trust now. Do any of you think it’s possible that Andy is so pissed off by being called a floater by Zingbot that he wants to prove his manhood and turn on McCranda? I think when he’s drunk … yes … once Amanda gets him in a stare-down he’ll crumble. It will be sickening to watch if this stupid community theatre production that Amanda dreamed up works. Just seeing her gloat might end the season for me.

      • Comments (302)

        My faith rewarded as Elissa tells GM she is still putting up Andy and that they will all be shocked. No one else in the house would have withstood this assault like Elissa has. I’ve gone from complete disliking her – to having no feelings about her – to my favorite player … the absolute only person in the house to have fearlessly attacked this game.

      • Comments (233)

        Thanks for that update. I was wondering if Elissa was falling for it. She has definitely made moves on her own this year, but she was hobbled by the Helen alliance. Most people say Elissa hurt Helen’s game, but I don’t think that’s right (other than being RR’s sister). Can you tell if Judd is really secretly aligning with Elissa or is it an act? Sadly, if GM or Judd even talk to her, it is quickly noticed by 3AM-S.

  104. Comments (1162)

    Wuss/Floater Andy has been going back and forth between actual crying
    and fake crying.
    IMO, Elissa will put Andy on the Block and for the rest of his hours inside of
    the BBH, he will be crying REAL TEARS!

    With open arms and her special dance, Helen will welcome Andy to the JH.
    : )

  105. Comments (1162)

    Elissa will put Andy on the Block and tell the HGS –

    I’m putting two Amanda/McCrae Puppets on the Block.
    You choose which one should go to the JH and
    which one should stay in the Game.
    Which one helps Amanda & McCrae more?
    Are you here to play & stop your kowtowing to Amanda & McCrae?
    Isn’t this supposed to be YOUR GAME, TOO?’

  106. Comments (166)

    It has to be so hard for Elissa, bcuz through out this whore(AAryn, Whoremanda) ordeal she has kept her head up still staying true to who she is as a sweet person & not out to degrade or belittle anyone…she just plays the game..those other BITCHS are soo incredibly skanky its unbelievable…Whoremanda has come out herself that she was 3 days pregnant when entering the BB house & has the morals of an alley cat..Aaryn is just a spoiled self important lil Bitch.

    They are all in her ear to put up GM..NOOOOOOO..please Elissa stick to your gut feeling & put up Ratndy!!!

    How come Spencer, Judd, Andy,dont align & FLIP this house…a huge part of the BB game is always flipping the power…WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?!!

  107. Comments (166)

    One of the MANY breaks CBS/BB gave Whoremanda was taking away MVP..America had her on the block twice, Whoremanda was almost out the door then all of a sudden after that second week she was on the block they did away with it..REALLY, makes you wonder!..bring that back CBS bcuz ya can, or something major with Pandora’s Box needs to happen b4 Thursday eviction bcuz you ya can!!

    I’m sure they are trying & succeeding to keep Whoremanda in, thats pretty obvious, but when her ass turns on CBS & sues them for editing & betraying her(this will be her thoughts) in a horrible way & now jobless,family death threats etc. she wont go down without a fight CBS, better cut the Bitch lose now while ya have the chance!!

    • Comments (1162)

      I think there are a few HGs CBS/BB hopes do not win because if they do
      headlines here and around the globe will not read –

      Instead, the headlines will read –
      (The coverage will be a nightmare for CBS/BB.)

    • Comments (226)

      Agree about MVP- didn’t they say in the beginning it would last till the end?

  108. Comments (41)

    ID…..if El really wants Ar to go. El is really only with El, and only if GM or Ju is up is the only way Ar stays. El needs to put one of them…..GM or Ju.

  109. Comments (233)

    This season has seen a new low in human behavior, and I’m not talking about the lying, scheming, floating, flipping bad BB behavior that we have come to accept and like about this game. It’s been ruined by racial, violent, homophobic comments direct at blacks, gays and women and children. Sadly, this site has drawn so many people who think that kind of behavior is acceptable and even applauded. We keep seeing post after post saying this is awesome game playing, and the comments themselves are so abusive and hateful to anyone who might express an opinion. That says so much about our society as a whole. Our country is quickly sinking into the depths of depravity, and this BB game we watch is a microcosm of that. CBS/BB have done nothing to stop it that we can tell. We’re wasting our time on a TV game that shows this much hatred and filth, and then they reward it… all in the name of the almightly Dollar.

  110. Comments (15)

    If Amanda uses the Vito to remove McCrae, I just hope Elissa puts up Andy. At least it would be an interesting vote this time. I do hope Andy goes to jury if that happens. Next week Elissa will be gone unless she wins the Power of Vito or gets some other break that keeps her from being nominated to be evicted.

  111. Comments (79)

    Amanda won PoV, how convenient. Can anybody say fixed?

  112. Comments (1)

    SOmebody get this fat fuck off the show.. Amanda is ridic

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