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Big Brother 15 – Prank Night In The House


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Before I begin the recap of last night, I want to take a minute and thank those of you who have donated to the site! As many of you know, I spend a lot of time staring at the feeds to cover/recap anything of interest, so it does mean a lot when I see a donation come in. Even when it’s just $1, it feels nice to know people appreciate what I’m doing.  I’m not asking/begging for donations, just showing appreciation to those who have. If you’re wondering how to donate, click here.  Thank you again!

Other note: Breaking Bad is returning soon.  No plug, no promotion, just recommending you catch up on the show from season 1. It’s one of the best out there. (I say random stuff on the slow days)


Yesterday in the house was a weird one, with nobody really playing the game, campaigning or worrying about Thursday night.  I’m not a big fan of the weeks where the nominees just accept their fate for most of the week, and then do some light scrambling on Wed/Thur before getting the boot.  Give me some drama, scheming, plotting, and gameplay!  To be fair, weeks like this give us bloggers a little breather, but more than 1 per season is enough!

Candice and Jeremy had a little blowup at one point in the afternoon.  This was because Candice clearly hates Jeremy, and when he said she mentioned Amanda’s name for eviction (or something of that nature), she pretty much freaked out, jumped in the pool and got in his face.  It was a weird moment because it was over nearly as quickly as it began.  Flashback to 12:35pm to see this awkward exchange.

Houseguests sat around most of the day, working out, cracking jokes and trying to make the best of their situation.  I guess no drama is also good for them once in awhile as well.  Helen decided to get a girls night going so they can paint their nails and try to get along, but that went about as well as you’d expect it based on this season. I guess Aaryn tried a little too hard to be friendly with Elissa, and gave her a 20 question segment that made for a pretty uncomfortable situation.  Elissa flat out doesn’t like Aaryn, and I don’t think a day or two of pretending to be friendly will change that.

Jessie also had to get herself into a little drama at the nail painting party as well.   As things were winding down, Jeremy decided to crash the party which put Jessie on edge and started getting annoyed. Fast forward a few minutes and after she described her first kiss, Andy – being Andy – joked that she’s a whore (in a complete joking manner, like Andy does). This didn’t bother Jessie too much, but when Kaitlin decided to let out a huge howl over the joke, she couldn’t take it any more and left the party.  It was probably as stupid as it sounded, but that’s the BB house on slow nights for ya.

Later on in the night, boredom sometimes creates fundom, especially when you have pranksters in the house.  Aaryn found some dental dam in the storage room and joked about it with Andy, Judd, and Kaitlin before putting it in Amanda’s bed as a prank.  Flashback to 1:20am for this interaction, it’s pretty funny seeing Judd’s reaction.


Another prank which resulted in a minor breakdown was when the house hid a few of Nick’s items, and as GinaMarie was heading to bed, she noticed the missing hat, etc. A funny joke, right?  Not when it comes to GM and Nick… .nobody gets between GM and Nick’s chapstick!  Gina went on the warpath and started freaking out, crying and going a bit crazy until Amanda calmed her down and helped her find the stuff.  Flashback to 2:30am for the evidence Nick will use at his restraining order hearing.

It’s Tuesday, so I expect more relaxation, maybe a little gaming from the house, but we’ll probably see a little more action tomorrow when Jeremy and Kaitlin realize him leaving is becoming a reality.

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  1. Comments (768)

    LMAO at the restraining order comment! Good one Beans!

  2. Comments (51)

    Amanda asks Gina if she knows Nick isn’t dead? This isn’t the Hunger Games, this is Big Brother! LMAO

  3. Comments (453)

    Does anyone else wonder how much money psychiatrists are losing because their patients are on BB?

  4. Comments (77)

    Peggi, I was just thinking that if a psychiatrists approached CBS to represent them as a reduced price, they would make up for the reduced price during BB season. Sometimes while watching, I feel I could use a good psychiatrist.

    I do not understand GM and her attitude towards Nick. She was aware that he was not looking for a showmance, he never even kissed her, but you would think they were having some kind of relationship other than housemates. This girl really has a problem. However, I do not feel sorry for her because she is one of the meanest girls on the show. I also have not figured out how she landed a job training beauty queens. She has no training herself (not that I see).

  5. Comments (528)

    Man, if I were Jessie and heard ANY comment about being desperate or whatever I’d immediately point out GM being a total PSYCHOPATH about a guy she knew for two weeks. What is wrong with that woman??

    • Comments (35)

      Exactly! Or Kaitlin having sex with someone she knew for about a week?

      Jessie may be desperate, but even that is miles above what the other women-with-issues are dealing with.

  6. Comments (1)

    Is anyone else watching BB After Dark? Helen never shuts up…. Enough already!

    • Comments (286)

      Helen is defiantly he own worst enemy,she needs to shut it.Promising everyone everything she Cant possibly deliver will get her ousted.And what was up with team ignorance up in the HOH and everyone else out last night during BBAD.Its like they were taking over ,AGAIN.

    • Comments (4)

      I know! She has turned into a real windbag. She also looks for the cameras a lot. Loved her, now not so much.

  7. Comments (453)

    Sisterofmine, Sadie and Justified, I agree with all of you. I feel sorry for Jessie, she is just trying to fit in and have a friend and the mean girls all put her (and Candice) down for what they are doing themselves. Jessie reminds me of a girl with low self-esteem and is just wanting to be part of the group. The mean girl’s families have to be so ashamed of their daughter’s behavior, I know I would be, makes me thankful and proud that my daughter was taught morals and applies them to daily living.

    • Comments (768)

      Well said. The ‘mean girls’ seem to think they’re still in high school.

      • Comments (1276)

        Kaitlin even admitted as much the other night. She said something along the lines of it’s like being back in high school, except not being one of the cool kids.

  8. Comments (18)

    GM needs some help, immediately.

  9. Comments (1)

    I decided as of today I will no longer watch this show. The racism is ridiculous, I feel for Candice and Hank—all of these “mean girls”
    should be shown the door with no fanfare whatsoever.

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