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Big Brother 15 – Racism Briefly Addressed On CBS

bb15-kaitlin-andyI was going to just get right into some night blogging, but first I had to mention the CBS episode of Big Brother tonight.  While they did leave quite a bit out, I felt they did an excellent job exposing Aaryn and to a lesser extent, GinaMarie for the pieces of scum they’ve acted like during the live feeds.

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If you don’t have the feeds yet, get them here (2 days free) because you really never know what is going to come out Aaryn’s mouth.

I have to give Howard some credit, he has really been strong throughout this as he hasn’t even mentioned a word of it to Aaryn.  I wasn’t aware just how much the house knew, although I did know they had some clue, but apparently it was well known yet they took the mature route by not stooping to her level.  Keep in mind, Aaryn still believes she has a chance at MVP and isn’t even really aware how she’s going to look when she leaves the house.

With that out of the way, it’s time to check in on the house and see what’s going on.  It’s been a pretty crazy day with the vote this Wednesday still completely up in the air, and we’re still waiting for them to announce the re-nom so we know for sure who is going to be worried the rest of the week.  It’s likely going to be either Nick or Kaitlin, and apparently even her alliance members are starting to feel the same way.

Throughout the night, Aaryn has been talking about the way Kaitlin is always up Jeremy’s butt and vice versa.  She’s getting sick of it, and she’s not alone there.  That said, we all think she’s sick of it because she has her eyes on Jeremy, and wants her competition gone.  I wouldn’t put it past her.

8:39pm – Aaryn has been going off on Kaitlin/Jeremy to anyone who will listen.  First it was GM, then Andy went to the HoH room and got to hear it as well.

8:54pm – Kaitlin has been up in the HoH room for a little while now, and Jeremy joined.  This means plenty of Jeremy/Kaitlin cuddling and more of Aaryn raging.

GinaMarie runs down to tell Nick about the conversation.  We’ll see if he runs and tells Jeremy.

9:17pm – Aaryn is up in the HoH room with Jessie, and the conversation about Kaitlin and Jeremy resume.  I am guessing once Elissa is gone, those two will be her new obsession.

The two go through the list of who should go next, and they keep waffling between Howard, Spencer, Helen, etc.  One second they say those players should go, the next they trust them and want them around.   Very confusing to listen to.

9:27pm – Aaryn is rubbing off on Jessie now.  She said Amanda must have a lot of money because she’s Jewish.  “I know, it’s a stereotype, but what Jew do you know that’s not loaded?”  — These girls are dumb.   Aaryn said she (Amanda) did a Lean Cuisine commercial, so she must be getting thousands of dollars every time it airs.  Note to Aaryn, starring in a commercial doesn’t get you thousands of dollars in royalties every time it airs.

The houseguests have been given some drinks, let’s see if the night gets spiced up

So will your family be as embarrassed as my family?
So will your family be as embarrassed as my family?

10:00pm – People sitting around having casual talks, playing pool, etc.  Not much going on right now.

I’ll keep updating this thread until I pass out

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  1. Comments (7)

    Can’t wait till they get smart…not holding my breath with this group though….& finally get Aaryn & Jeremy OUT! Troublemakers is all they are! It is such a shame someone can be pretty, but SOOO mean!! Wow! Sure glad SHE isn’t MY daughter! It will be interesting to see who FINALLY wins this season as none of them know how to play. Well, Helen & Andy & Howard are good. THEY mind their own business. Right now I am hoping Howard wins it all, & Helen too!

    • Comments (1)

      Yep ! night one I said boy is Aaryn a cutie !!! My son said to me during the live feeds “she’s not so cute anymore is she mom?” what a complete Bitch !! this group has to smarten up!

    • Comments (10)

      It’s a wonder Aaryn didn’t ‘t pick on any of the other races. If she is talking like that, you can imagine that she learned from her family. BB ought to kick her out. No BB fan should be exposed to that…….and what is she going to say to Julie Chen when she is kicked out by her fellow HG’s???? So what, she is college educated, but she is not life-educated!!!Get her out of there now!!!!

  2. Comments (2)

    Thanks for the updates!! Lovin your style and your added humor 🙂 great start to the season! Definitely not boring!!

  3. Comments (2)

    And YES aaryn is such a brat!! She must go! Loving Helen hope she can work her way out of being nominated…

  4. Comments (3)

    I hope people realize every cast member does get paid for being on the show every week.. It’s in the audition information. Every week they stay on, they get more money. Keeping aaryn in the house after cheating in the hoh comp. and being the nasty racist she is means she gets paid more!! She needs to be removed from the house and I’m hoping on eviction night that CBS will say hey house guests, due to an issue in the house there will be no eviction. Instead, aaryn will be leaving the house due to the repeated rule breaking!

  5. Comments (1)

    I like Howard but I do not think lying to elissa and using his religion as part of that lie is not the christian way.
    As for Arryn good on big brother for airing some of it but all the house guests who have also done this should be called out. And as for the cheating with Arryn and jeremy admitting it and it being on tape. Why .were they not disqualified.
    I was upset with canada big brother for some of the things they did. But at least they punished the house guests if they cheated or did not follow the rules.
    Remember big brother is always watching. Guess not on season 15

  6. Comments (316)

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen Julie Chen on The Talk imitate her Asian parents in that voice??!!

    • Comments (1276)

      That’s just not the same. Doing something in a loving joking way, poking fun at yourself or someone you love is much, much different then the hateful racist comments.

      • Comments (407)

        Like Jerry Seinfeld said. “He turned Jewish for the jokes. I’m offended as a comedian!”

        It’s the way it is, you can make jokes about yourself or your race/gender, but when you joke about others, that’s when you need to tread lightly. Some can get away with it, most can’t.. Aaryn falls in the latter.

      • Comments (1)

        Please confirm for me if Aaryn told the Asian lady to “go eat some rice”. Do you consider that a joke?

      • Comments (1276)

        Not even close. I think it’s safe to say that when a racist says anything, even when posed as a joke, to another race, it’s a racist comment. Plus, was she saying it to Helen, in a light hearted sweet way? No, she was talking smack about her in a tacky rude way behind her back.
        People, please see the difference here. Do any of you guys watch comedians? Like, for example, Joe Koy? He makes jokes about his culture and his mothers accent all the time. He isn’t doing it to belittle anyone, or degrade their culture. He’s doing it in a funny, light hearted way, to make people laugh.
        Aaryn is evil, she is a horrible person, who is rotton to the core. She is saying it to belittle Helen, saying she should shut up and go cook rice? Is that a joke? Come on…

  7. Comments (111)

    Since Aaryn has gotten people like Jessie and GinaMarie against Kaitlin & Jeremy, wouldn’t the smart thing for Elissa to do be to nominate Kaitlin as a replacement nomine?

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