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Big Brother 15 – Racism Is Dead, Right? Overnight Smackdown


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Well, that was a pretty interesting night in the Big Brother 15 house.  Aaryn, America’s sweetheart, went from one of the most liked girls in the house to one of the most insecure, jealous, and downright racist over the course of 24 hours.  The beauty of the Big Brother house is that over time, people tend to forget they’re being watched, and their ‘in the head’ thoughts start coming out of their mouths.   That happened between Aaryn, GM, and Kaitlin last night on the hammock starting around 1:15am.  (flashback here)


It all started with some stupid hat incident where apparently Candice sat on Aaryn’s hat or something that doesn’t even really matter.  This had our blonde bombshell in some type of rage I don’t think many of us expected was in her.  I don’t want to go into the details of the conversation on this blog, but let me just say the girls took shots at Helen, Candice and even Howard.  The entire conversation is worth a watch (again, 1:15am), as some of it will completely change your opinion on these ‘sweet’ pretty girls.  (side note: Jessie may end up being the prettiest after all, if Aaryn’s personality continues to make her look ugly)

Throughout the conversation, the girls bashed Candice for her newfound ‘blackness and cockiness’ after being removed from the block during the veto ceremony earlier in the day. Ironically, the three girls sitting on the hammock had a field day bashing the rest of the house because they are the ones who feel they’re sitting pretty with the numbers in their favor.  Countless times in the conversation, Aaryn had a very cocky attitude and just brought up how they have the numbers and the power to essentially do (and say) what they want.

They don’t

This is all building up to what could be one of the most entertaining nights on the live feeds this Wednesday, assuming the house moves in the direction it should.  The moment an arrogant player realizes they’re not the one in control of the house is always worth the price of admission, especially if that price is free (for a trial period)

On another note, how awkward is the Nick and Gina ‘showmance’?  Can anyone look more disinterested in being hugged than Nick at this point?


I can just read his mind “Keep your head as far away as possible, and she may not try to kiss you”. 

The next few days, RC (racist crew) will walk around acting like they’re in complete control of the house.  With a few more booze deliveries, we could see some more wild nights of forgetting they’re being watched by many, many people.

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  1. Comments (231)

    I’m not surprised about Aaryn since she can’t stop looking in the mirror but if she has a beef with Candice why include Helen and Howard. Racism is a fact of life —- like it or not. I’m from Philly, it runs amuke here. The live feeds use to let u put in a time to watch but that was a few yrs ago so I can’t seem to watch it. Pretty doesn’t always a nice person make!!!

    • Comments (1276)

      There is a little icon on the live feeds that looks like a calender, if you click on that you can go back, just like before, just a different set up.
      The crap they were saying was so ignorant! It wasn’t just Aaryn, it was all three of them, and the things they were saying… I just can’t imagine thinking them, much less saying them. I’d be glad to see any of them go now.

      • Comments (169)

        Wowww.. Just wow. My jaw dropped when I read the things the girls and Spencer were saying! I don’t like many on this cast… Howard I like because he seems mature and has values/morals, I like Helen and Candice, and also Elissa… It makes me mad when people judge her because of who her sis is. I love how spencer thinks he has the whole game planned out. He’s a toolbag… I liked him ok til I read all what he’s sad so far. It’s like they scraped the bottom of the barrel for some of these HGs.. ESPECIALLY the girls (excluding Candice, Elissa and Helen). Pardon what I’m about to say, but they seem like a bunch of skanks. I call them the bimbo alliance because they act like high school girls.

        Not sure if I’ll continue watching if these bimbo bigots stay too long.

      • Comments (20)

        agree 100%

      • Comments (1276)

        I must have missed what Spencer said. All I heard him doing was kissing up to everyone, but I never heard him partake in teh cool-aid.
        I was thinking Kaitlin was the better of that bunch of 3, but then I heard her talking with Jeremy and they were talking about how Spencer was playing the “gay” card, trying to buddie up to the girls. In my experience, it’s isn’t pretending to get along with the girls better, it’s just who some gay men like to hang out with, so that seemed a bit tacky to me.
        And I’m not saying that these girls fit into the overall perception of “skanky” or trashy, but what is coming out of their mouths sure is. I just hope these guys can think with their heads, and get rid of some of those girls, if for no other reason that how incredibly annoying they are going to be the longer they are there.
        I hope Elissa stays, Rachel could drive me nuts with the best of them, but I don’t think she’s evil, just a bit hard to swallow. Plus, Elissa is not Rachel, they should at least give her a chance to find out if they like her before they trash her.

      • Comments (169)

        Spencer is the bearded guy from Arkansas, the gay HG is Andy, I think. But yeah, Spencer was calling various women the four letter “C” word, yelling at them to get their asses to cooking and cleaning, amongst other things.. They have an entire list of all the racial and sexist stuff various HGs have said on anther BB site.

        Nw I remember one thing he said, it was to Candice. She was laying her head on his shoulder and said something like “you better not get my shirt greasy”… That’s not exactly what he said but the jist of it. And Jeremy talked about Katlyn’s vagina, saying he wanted to see what he was getting and also called it a “meat wallet”… And one of the girls yelled at the guys about what the wanted to eat or something, I cannot remember exactly, but Jeremy said to the other guys “p***y”… In reference to what the girls could give him. He’s a fine gentleman, isn’t he? Oh and Aaryn saying that Adam would win MVP because “America just LOVES the queers” and “nobody will vote for who that queer puts up if he becomes HoH”… This sure is a charming group, huh? Aaryn may look good on the outside, but she is our ugly on the inside. All these girls, with the exception of Candice, Helen and Elissa, act like they’re desperate to just give it away to any of the guys. I especially cannot stand Aaryn and Gina Marie. Talk about bigots.

      • Comments (169)

        Suppose to awfully ugly, not “our”. Darn iPad!

      • Comments (1276)

        don’t worry about a typo Keith, at least you got the dang names right!

      • Comments (169)

        And it seems like Gina Marie is trying to act like she’s back to being 20, 21 yrs old… She definitely doesn’t have the maturity of a 32 year old. She’s trying hard to fit in with the younger girls… I really can’t stand ppl that refuse to grow up. I know too many ppl in my life that are like that, unfortunately! People in their 40s still going to clubs, hanging with people 20 years their junior. Sad.

      • Comments (1)

        It’s “sad” to you that people of all ages actually ENJOY their lives and have friends of any and all ages? That’s a pretty low expectation for the 75 or so years you’ve been given to LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

      • Comments (169)

        Umm I’m 24 years old….. Not sure where you got the 75 from. My point was that some ppl never grow up or refuse to… Must have struck a nerve with you? If so, it wasn’t my intention.. chill out.

      • Comments (1276)

        LOL, I’m an idiot. These people really aren’t making much of an impression on me. My bad, yes, I was talking about Andy. I never heard any of what Spencer said.
        I really have been shocked at what I’ve heard them say, but you sure filled me in on some I missed Keith. I just don’t get why these people seem to be forgetting that they are recorded 24/7. I’ve often thought that I’d be mortified if any of my family or friends heard me say, or even sit by while others said some of the things said and done in past seasons, but this group… man, they really are not scared to say what they think. Again, thinking any of this crap is something any person should be ashamed of, but to add insult to injury, they are actually saying these things out loud, and on camera? There are some real low lifes in this house.

      • Comments (169)

        More lovely comments from Aaryn..

        Ginamarie & Aaryn talking Candice. Ginamarie: “”Candice is on the dark side because she already is dark” Aaryn: Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to the b*tch”.


      • Comments (169)

        Gah there’s so much more I don’t even know where to start. From Spencer calling Andy “Kermit the fag” to Amanda calling him Faggety Ann”, to Aaryn making fun of the Asian women that work on her nails and then looking at Helen and laughing, to Gina Marie saying Howard and Candice will stick together because they’re black and they’re just “tokens” in the house, she says they’re like the black Barbie and ken and Aaryn laughs and says “except they’re not!”… Spencer calling Helen “Kim Jong Un” (!!!), Aaryn saying about Helen “Dude, shut up and go make some rice” Gina Marie says she should be kissing their asses and serving them rice..told nck that Candice’s voice is fake because it sounds too “white”…then proceeds to mock her voice, Aaryn bragged about making Asian eyes in the DR, Gina Marie said they should make Helen’s eyes look straight…calls welfare “n***** insurance” which they all laugh at, kaitlyn said the gays can’t be trusted in this game. David said hs sheets were dirty because “black Candice” had been on them.

        Seriously, I could list even more, but you get the idea. And to think, this is only WEEK ONE. I pray these bigots are evicted WITH HASTE.

      • Comments (1276)

        The BB house has always been full of caddy remarks, and childish name calling, but this, OMG, this is so bad. I mean seriously, I almost wish that there were rules about that sort of thing, and that they could come in, pull those people out of the house and say that it is not only not ok with CBS, but that they will not tolorate that kine of racism!
        I don’t think they will be able to, but these idiots need to find out that it’s not OK to say or think these things. I hope all of their families are ashamed of them, and that their “friends” on the outside have seen what they are really like.

  2. Comments (4)

    Sad for a person to hate someone just for the color of their skin smh…

  3. Comments (1)

    Racist or not, Aaryn is fine! and I hope she is on the show for a loooong time.

  4. Comments (1276)

    All of the conversations going on last night on that hammock are so stupid. GinaMarie is acting like she’s in some long term serious relationship, Aaryn, well she’s said more than enough to make her ugly. And as much as it’s shocked me to see this side of Aaryn, maybe not shock, but I didn’t expect it, and as horrible as the things are that are coming out of her mouth, half of the time she just sounds dumb. GinaMarie on the other hand, seems like an angry mean girl. I thought she seemed funny, and fun, but she is looking more trashy now.
    As much as Kaitlyn is there for all of the talks, she seems to be the only one that isn’t putting her foot in her mouth every 5 seconds. I think she at least has the brains to know that they were saying some really wrong things, she just wasn’t smart enough to remove herself from it.
    I hope the house votes against them, I would LOVE to see all of them get let down to find out that EVERYONE isn’t there to do their bidding. Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Comments (316)

    on another note: I think once someone is selected for MVP that they should not be eligible for nomination.

    • Comments (1276)

      I like that idea, but the flaw there is that they don’t have to admit to being MVP, it is given to them in secrecy. So if they added that, then they would have to make the MVP known. Plus, then really they could ride to the end, if it’s someone people like enough. As much as I have hated seeing those I love go in the past, it’s not just about popularity, but also about how well they play the game.

  6. Comments (231)

    Jeremy would be missing his teeth if he referred to me or mine that way but Katie looks and acts like she belongs on a pole. I must have missed quite a few conversations and they sound awful. McC tonight put Amanda in her place about a gay comment, I’m happy to say. But, on BBAD there were more gay and black comments by Gina. I think someone called her a skank — I’ve thought that too. The Elissa hating and using is disturbing from both sides.

  7. Comments (316)

    I kind of like McCrae. I like Elissa the most. So what she has a sister who played the game, big deal.

  8. Comments (528)

    Gotta say, after just finishing BB Canada you can really see the difference in attitudes. It’s not such a stereotype that Canadians are just friendlier and more respectful…almost until the end of the season those people hardly got nasty or aggressive. It made for a kind of boring season.

    Fascinating to see that within the foray week of the show these people are already racist, homophobic and sexist. Nice representation there, ‘Murcia.

  9. Comments (20)

    I find the gay slurs by Amanda and Spencer totally offensive as well as the racial slurs and the derogatory comments directed toward women by Jeremy and Spencer. These house guests along with the others just need to be evicted pronto. I am going to stop watching until they are as it is just to offensive to watch.

  10. Comments (169)

    I read somewhere they had already been warned once by BB Production regarding the racist and sexist comments… If so, apparently it didn’t take. Just sickening and can’t wait til Wednesday to see Aaryn’s previous Davd get evicted and her go postal. She will likely just move onto the next guy after he’s gone… These girls just want showmances, probably trying to get screen time hoping someone in Hollywood will notice them..ohhhh they’re getting noticed alright.. For the wrong reasons.


  11. Comments (143)

    I don’t have the feed, can someone enlighten me as to what the racist comments are? go make rice is racist?

    • Comments (1276)

      when saying it to an asian yes it is. in general, they’ve made horrible comments about Alicia and Howard (who seems to be the nicest guy in the house) and how they will stick together just because they are black. they have made comments about gay people, black people and asians. I’m sure if there were any other races in there they would have something to say about them.
      The comments that some of the guys are saying about women are pretty bad as well, I can’t remember a season that it’s ever run rampid like this.
      The irony here is, “Jerkemy” (I borrowed that one) brags about being Indian, even though tons of his own comments are derogatory towards Indians. Seems like he’d have a bit more sympothy and understanding that the sort of things that are being said are wrong, but it’s pretty obvious he either doesn’t or just doesn’t care.
      Either way this is by far the worst I’ve ever seen on any show.

      • Comments (151)

        Yes, it’s a terrible group. But this season is great so far, you have to admit. It’s fun to watch.

      • Comments (3)

        Yea the seasons great but imagine the horrible comments being said to the house guests were being said to you personally. How would you feel? Obviously they cant remove them completely but hopefully they can at least punish them.

  12. Comments (1)

    Please sign this petition asking CBS to remove racist, homophobic and misogynist cast members from the Big Brother house.

    • Comments (151)

      Why? Let the house guests (and america) hate them. Their racism is their own stupid opnion. They shouldn’t leave the house. It would be boring without them. DON’T SIGN THE PETITION

  13. A Canadian Viewer
    Comments (1)

    There is a big debate is the US right now whether racism is still as prevalent as it used to be. It is clear that it is. BB 15 should allow this to continue to play out in the open as this needs to be exposed. A discussion needs to take place. CBS should bring this to the fore and air it on prime-time TV for all to see. Nothing changes unless we confront the issues and remedy them. Face it tolerance or intolerance is something we are taught. Prejudices and bigotry is a worldwide problem and is not exclusive to any particular country.

    • Comments (1276)

      While some might try to say that racism is not an issue, anyone with half a brain knows it is. Most of the time the ones that say it’s not an issue, are themselves either racist or living in a bubble.
      While we do have a black president, a portion of the country will never get behind anything he does because he’s black. While some states have made steps towards making all citizens have equal rights, most states still vote down any gay rights rulings.
      It’s sad, it makes me sad, that in this day and age people think down on others due to race, sexual orientation or religious views for that matter. But it’s part of every day life. While I think the majority of the populace might not agree with those dark aged views, there is still too many that do to deny the issue.

    • Comments (528)

      It’s called privilege. When white people say racism is hardly an issue or when straight people say they wish gays would just shut up about it already or when men say feminists are overreacting and being nazis or when the rich feel the poor are just whiny moochers. It’s called privilege because you’re too privileged to comprehend or empathize with this other group and thus you say stupid, ignorant things about stuff you clearly know nothing about.

      It’s actually more damaging than straight up racism or bigotry because those people actually think they’re not part of the problem where as the former is obvious. We know a skinhead is a racist and so we can just ignore them. The privileged are allowed to spew their stupidity on TV like its fact…look at Fox News for crying out loud.

      • Comments (1276)

        Preach it Sadie!!! (btw, if you are sadie from last year, which I’m 99.9% sure you are, I’ve missed you!) You are so right.
        I think some people are lucky enough to live in the few and far between areas or should I say towns that really don’t see a lot of racism and and bigotry. I sure wish I was lucky enough to be one of those people. But there aren’t many people that get to live like that.
        I live in NC, born and raised, and while I can say it’s gotten way better here than it was growing up, it’s still an issue, people just aren’t as open about it. Plus, instead of being idiots like the people and saying their horrible thoughts out loud, people can now say their racisist opinions and hide behind screen names.
        I can’t even begin to add up the number of people I see making horrible statements on newspaper blogs, websites, chatrooms and so on. Things they would never have the balls to say in public. The difference here is that it is being said out loud in and in the plain sight of millions of people. Sadly, racism and bigotry aren’t dead, like you said, they often come from the privilaged, I think people just usually hide their dark sides better than this group of fools are.

  14. Comments (2)

    I really like what I have seen of Nick Uhas outside of BB , friggen talented guy , actor, model, Pro Skater, lots of stuff here to think that after the show he will be able to leverage this for a slight boost to get work in the entertainment field

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