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Big Brother 15 – The Reign Of Aaryn Continues

bb15-elissa-cryingWell, that was an interesting eviction night. If you’re against Aaryn, the worst possible game thing could have happened tonight – she won HoH.   If you’re a fan of Elissa on top of that, your night may got worse when you remember she can’t compete for PoV this week.

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The dust is starting to settle in the house, but right now the drama meter is pretty high considering the plans for nomination.  Aaryn has promised her HoH to both Helen and Amanda, but it’s unknown if Aaryn will stick to that deal.  She likely will, there is no reason to ruffle feathers, so Elissa may be safe – for now.

livefeed2Watch the live feeds
See the house reaction to Aaryn as HoH

With that said, Amanda has early ideas for the nomination, and that will be to (shocker) get Howard out.  The problem here is that just a few days ago, Amanda and Candice sat down, had a long talk and promised each other safety.  If and when Aaryn nominates Howard (and Spencer), it could get real ugly real quick in the BB house.

It’s midnight EST, time to sit back, grab a drink and watch the feeds for a little while.   Keep checking back here for updates!


It looks like Elissa is feeling better.  Note, after this picture, she had Amanda try to pull her legs closer to the floor, and it practically broke her spine.  I feel uncomfortable watching it, ouch!

– Amanda said that right before the live show, Howard, Spencer, Candice and Elissa tried to get the house to flip the vote to Aaryn. Apparently Howard/Spencer are going to try to use this against Elissa to Aaryn this week, but Amanda isn’t too worried about it.

– McCrae and Amanda talking together about their position in the house. They feel they’re in a very good position going forward, especially getting one of Howard or Spencer out this week.  It’s a matter of time to see if that will be true.

– I think the houseguests are going a bit stir crazy after this long lockdown.  They’ll probably be in until the have-haevnot competition as well.  Here is Jessie doing a roll off of Amanda…


– The house is going a bit crazy tonight, in a fun way.  Jessie doing flips, Amanda dancing and singing, even Elissa is having fun.  Now the house is going to hide on Aaryn when she gets her key to HoH

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  1. Comments (35)

    I would LOVE to see Amanda/McCrae nominated. I know Aaryn won’t do that, so I’ve already placed all 10 MVP votes to Amanda!

    • Comments (126)

      Same here

    • Comments (53)

      Helen is so spineless i know she’s “playing the game” but talk about disloyality to the fullest.
      first to elissa then to candice after asking aaryn to put up howard run to her and say i tryied to keep him off the block. she was just telling elissa they will try to keep howard for candice because she’s there friend.

      i guess it doesnt matter since she only want to make it to jury because she will be the first out once howard’s crew gone even elissa see that i hate that someones stupid play cant effect all the people i like

      • Comments (53)

        Anyway 10 votes for aMANda i wish she goes home so bad

      • Comments (151)

        Why? I just don’t understand why people hate her? Is it cuz she wore an ugly bathing suit? Who cares. Plus I think she looks good.

      • Comments (35)

        I think Amanda is beautiful. It has nothing to do with appearance! I don’t like her attitude and how she thinks she runs the whole house!

      • Comments (151)

        Well, her comments do not deserve her to go anymore than elissa’s…why not vote for her to go? Amanda causes less drama than any girl except helen and is still VERY entertaining! It’s nice. So why get rid of her?

      • Comments (27)

        Amanda is as bad as Aaryn in the mouth department however she guards herself more to whom she say it!!

      • Comments (38)

        Have you heard 1/2 of the things she’s said??? Amanda’s mouth is vile. She said she wanted to swing Elissa around and knock all of her teeth out, then slit her throat so she wouldn’t scream when they do anal (this was before the bathing suit comment). When Kaitlin said the N word and caught herself, Amanda said so. She said wiping up with a wash cloth is a Puerto Rican shower and that Puerto Ricans are smelly.

      • Comments (38)

        I submitted by accident. Amanda has called Andy F****ty-Ann to his face. She’s made fun of Howard’s religion. The list really goes on and on. You should watch the live feeds.

      • Comments (624)

        Rocky, I’d bet Elissa could whoop Amanda’s ass! Look at that lean and mean body she has. Just that she seems too soft of a personality to be a fighter though.

      • Comments (158)

        You hate how she thinks she runs the house. Well…she basically does! Look at the last several HoHs. The HoH initially wanted someone else and Amanda talked them into doing what she wanted.

        She doesn’t even have to have the power and she plays the game to get what she wants. She doesn’t THINK she runs the house, she DOES.

      • Comments (1)

        I feel Amanda should stay, it’s a game and she is playing it. Elissa needs to go home. She sat there and said how horrible Aaryn is, she is just as bad. Elissa needs to go home and lay of the Botox!

      • Comments (1)

        Your right she has been a floater this hole time. big brother is not about sliding by with every hoh winner’s in the game. get up and win something

      • Comments (21)

        Elissa is not a floater. She won veto and MVP 3 times.

      • Comments (624)

        I’m sick of Amanda and pizza boy. She’s so bossy and they both think the HOH room, including bed and tub are for her personal use whenever she feels like it. Get rid of these loafers, right behind jersey shore wannabe GM. Aaryn and Elissa assure us good drama and good eye candy!

      • Comments (1)

        You can’t say you think someone is beautiful, say its nothing to do with appearance, and then say you don’t like her attitude!! That completely contradicts what you’ve said! If you don’t like her attitude, or her appearance, ya simply don’t like her. If you do have something you do like about her, say what it is, and leavi it at that. Not trying to be snarky to you, but, you left this comment open to an interpretation from your own words. And yes, I realize they are your, to write, and yours to feel, and yours period. As are mine. Please don’t be offended, or irritated about my own opinion of what you said.

    • Comments (1)

      I did also!!! She needs to go!!!

    • Comments (1)

      Same here… Gave all my votes to Amanda.

    • Comments (17)

      Same here. (20 votes if you include text msgs and Internet voting). Amanda is the leader of the house, let’s see what happens if her feet are put to the fire and if her minions would do the smart thing.

      • Comments (53)

        And for everyones looking for motivation amanda finally told that she was working with aaryn for three weeks after eviction.
        won nothing but thinks she runs the game, i hope the arryn plan comes back to bites her,
        and her and mccrae goes up.
        to see her face when she notice she didn’t run anything just made a lot of enimies priceless

      • Comments (7)

        the sad part is that the biggest minons think they have the power like helen and candice and andy and i lost mad respect for macree putting all the moving company guys under the bus he actually think amanda likes him but she jus using him.

      • Comments (44)

        my thoughts exactly! Who’s Andy?

    • Comments (1)

      I did as well…even tho I read somewhere on another site that she was kinda put in BB by the producers and is expected to win I really want to see her gone…she hasn’t done anything in this house at all other than have sex and take over everyone’s HOH for them because she can’t get her own HOH…so hopefully everyone voted for her and the producers don’t play with our votes.

    • Comments (1)


    • Comments (1439)

      Amanda was ultimately responsible for flipping the house to keep Aaryn, but let’s not forget the role that Judd played. He, like Helen, are likeable enough, but they KEEP RUNNING to McCranda every time they hear something!! Judd told them that he was in a fake alliance w/Kaitlin, Howie, Spencer and GM. By not taking out that racist Aaryn, and putting money before morals, the house got EXACTLY what it deserved!!

  2. Comments (274)

    What happens if aaryn gets nominated as mvp?

  3. Comments (528)

    I hate the hell out of Aaryn, but by god, that was the best result I’d ever seen. THE WHOLE HOUSE WANTS HER OUT and yet in a full majority vote they mutually decide she’s not a threat and then BAM. HoH. Glorious.

  4. Comments (26)

    Amanda,(undercover redneck) Mccrae,(amandas lap dog) Andy,(drinks a lot of fluids because he is always talkin) Helen,(snob-know it all) Aryn,(racist) Judd,(Kuntry) Spencer,(kkk-undercover) GinaM,(insecure) ,Ellisa,(nicer than her sister) Howard(nice guy). Hey Candance (smart, n beautiful)wins BB15.

  5. Comments (26)

    AMERCIA please vote Amanda for MVP. She is mean, a racist and is using McCrae.

    • Comments (7)

      Amanda is so transparent. Do you think that she “SHOULDN’T/COULDN’T” like a guy like McCrae just because of their different socioeconomic status? How is she using him? She could have jumped ship a long time ago? And being in a showmance is actually not GOOD for your game, so I don’t get your reasoning here… not that I really like everything she does, but I bet you’re not SUPER NICE 24/7 either…
      Just sayin’…

    • Comments (151)

      She’s playing the damn game! Good for her for using mcrae…he isn’t complaining. She is smart as hell! Don’t vote her for MVP! Please, America. I live in Canada I don’t think I can vote (lol).

      • Comments (7)

        Totally agree. Why wouldn’t you be able to vote? you just go to the cbs website and use your FB log in. I put 5 for Elissa – her insecurity made her show her a** this week and 5 for Aaryn. She has won 2 HOHs now and I will just puke if by some fluke she wins… shudder….

      • Comments (140)

        You know your 5 for Aaryn were wasted since she’s HoH… right?

      • Comments (1)

        Is she using McCrae.. or is McCrae using her? As Jeff said…he is in the best position right now because she is a huge target and a huge ally.

      • Comments (26)

        Yes I think it may be both ways. She is playing the game but does she have to be so mean. I know she has a soft side, I felt bad for her when E insulted her stripper outfit

      • Comments (15)

        yup you can vote

      • Comments (27)

        I am Canadian I can vote!! I voted for Amanda 10 and GM 10 on my cell!!

    • Comments (158)

      She’s mean? This is the game man.

  6. Comments (7)

    Can the MVP nominate the HOH?

  7. Comments (21)

    This vote is the reason why I am no longer a fan of Big Brother. I am disgusted with the entire house right now. I understand this is a game and people have to do what is “best” for their game but there are 9 people in that house who just proved they would sell their soul to the devil just to win some money. So because Aaryn is a good little actress and able to “play nice” for a few days and convince people that despite her behavior, she should be kept around, they keep her? Is money really worth sacrificing your morals? These people spent days complaining about the racism and discrimination and when they had a chance to stand up for themselves and fight back by ridding the house of the “evil” that is Aaryn, they choose the money and to keep “evil” as their temporary best friend. Again, I know this is a game but the game and the money could have waited a week. For someone like Helen who has children or even Elissa ( she sees the evil that Aaryn truly is ), she should be more worried about setting an example for her kids than some money. All these people just threw any shred of morals or dignity they had out the window this week. Moral of the story is, when it comes to the game of Big Brother, money is worth more than respect, dignity and tolerance. This is what the world is now coming to…. Hey America, now we have it. It’s ok to be racist if you can win some money as a result. Sick. Just sick. And pathetic. Shame on you Big Brother producers for not finding a way to get rid of Aaryn after her display of such racist behavior. Who cares who wins now…. Big brother has a cast of racists and racist lovers. It was proven tonight.
    Once a fan, now a hater.

    • Comments (35)

      Couldn’t agree more! I knew before the episode tonight it would be Kaitlin, but I was still so mad! Aaryn is a vile human being! Just another reason to want Amanda out. She was the “ring leader” in Aaryn staying!

    • Comments (17)


    • Comments (36)

      What’s really hilarious is that they voted out Kaitlin because she was the “threat”…….. Hello? Did she win HOH?? NO, Aaryn did. So they vote out Kaitlin, and hey presto, Aaryn wins HOH again. Now who could’ve predicted that?? Oh yeah. History.

    • Comments (38)

      The house voted to keep Aaryn because Amanda has been working with her and when she realized she could control Aaryn and not Kaitlin she decided to start pushing to keep Aaryn. She planted a seed with everyone that Kaitlin was dangerous so no one would realize that she wanted to keep Aaryn for votes and to control who goes up. Remember that Amanda can’t win a competition if her life depended on it so that’s why she started sleeping with McCrea. McCrea was her ticket to win HOHs. Kaitlin formed a secret alliance with Howard, Spencer, Candice, GM and Judd that would have protected Howard from going home since they would have the numbers. Judd told Amanda and she had to ensure that that would not happen so Kaitlin had to go. I understand that using people is part of the game, but when you combine it with the nasty things she says about people it makes it disgusting to watch.

    • Comments (191)

      So you will not watch and comment again?

  8. Comments (78)

    Get out Amanda. She’s controlling and thinks she knows it all

    • Comments (151)

      Why get her out for playing the game???? I just don’t understand. Ellissa out! She is just as mean as the rest of them!!!

      • Comments (21)

        Being a racist is playing the game? Ok you idiot. I didn’t know that making fun of people for being black or asian is part of playing a “game”…. Obviously you don’t watch every episode. If you did, you’d be well aware of the racism displayed against Howard, Candice and Helen. Chances are, you’re a racist yourself. Either that or you’re on team Aaryn. There is even a third possibility, you have no soul and you are the spawn of Satan. Either way, there are many different Human Rights Activists and Groups that would disagree with you that Aaryn is just “playing the game”. Congratulations sweetie! You now look as stupid and bigoted as Aaryn. Good job!

      • Comments (151)

        The third option is correct. Since I said Amanda is playing the game, I am so horrible that I am the spawn of satan. Nobody worse out there than me!!… I’m not sitting here calling people names like stupid, or satan. I’m just saying my opinion. I am just trying to converse without hatred. Feel free to disagree with me, but no need to be rude :)…. It was meant for Amanda. I never once said Arryn nor did I mean it about her.

      • Comments (1076)

        You left out idiot. I love it when a moron calls an intelligent person an idiot.

      • Comments (158)

        Wow, with that sort of “logic”, may I say “Pot meet Kettle”.

      • Comments (1076)

        Are you as mad when the SCOTUS says we no longer need voting rights laws? Do you picket Fox news? Have you been active in protesting for marriage equality and human rights? Did you protest this week when Hannity spewed vile remarks about Trayvon Martin and the POTUS in the same sentence? Were you incensed when Rush Limbaugh went on his typical racist rant this week about how white people should not feel guilty about slavery? I hope you are not directing all your anger against a silly, ignorant little girl from Texas that is only repeating what she hears from her family and peers very day. I Believe Aryan can still learn empathy and compassion, but she is just a product of her upbringing and environment.

      • Comments (38)

        MissKatie, your comment was really harsh. Rachel may not know what Aaryn or Amanda has said. I believe it’s more effective to put the facts out there and let folks make their own conclusions. Whether it’s a good or bad conclusion, at least it’s an informed conclusion and they can struggle with their own moral and ethical compass as to what kind of person they are. It’s not for anyone to judge only themselves.

  9. Comments (528)

    Anyone else notice how weird the eviction was? Like when she came out they didn’t show the exit at all, they focused on the houseguests until she was seated, and the audience was very subdued…it was quite tense. Even though it wasn’t Aaryn, they were still super-cautious. Really looking forward to see what the do with the queen bee.

  10. Comments (1)

    I think America should vote Amanda. It would be best situation for the viewers. Amanda already thinks she’s entitled to everyone’s vote. So if she was nominated she would go on a rampage accusing the others of being MVP. I’m really hoping she goes soon. She is such trailor trash. I don’t know why everyone is so shocked that Amanda is with McRae. Her family even said she’s had a lot of boyfriends. She’s prob slept with atleast 10 pizza delivery guys.

    • Comments (25)

      I disagree. 15.

    • Comments (528)

      Are we going to start calling the women in the house we don’t like whores now? Is that where this is going?

      • Comments (6)

        It is actually pretty obvious Amanda is. I agree lol when they interviewed her family they said “she has had a lot of boyfriends”. Amanda just seems like trailor trash to me.

      • Comments (528)

        She’s like, 30 years old or something, who cares how many boyfriends she’s had? Shes a grown adult. Has nothing to do with anything. A woman can date as much as she wants without having to be called a whore, that’s just more sexist BS.

      • Comments (1276)

        If it was a man they were talking about he’d be a stud. If people don’t like Amanda for the Vile things shes said, then great. But if they dislike her for being assertive (if it were a man, powerful) or dating (we’ve already covered) then it’s just sad that they still think that way. I don’t see anyone on here or anywhere else calling McCrae a whore, and I’m pretty sure he’s done 100% of what she’s done that we know of.

  11. Comments (34)

    Hi everyone! Was just voting for MVP nomination and was able to vote for Aaryn. Does anybody know why? Thanks in advance for your responses :-). Hugs

  12. Comments (1)

    If anyone else in the house want a fighting chance to win the game than Amanda/McCrae needs to be nominated this week with Amanda going home. Besides the fact that Amanda is downright obnoxious & haven’t won anything, she’s also super bossy & manipulating the rest of the house. She literally has no loyalty towards no one, except maybe McCrae. & Hey, that’s ok, she’s playing HER game… even though her technique is acting like queen bee & sitting on her ass when she’s not straddling the pizza boy. I think Spencer & Howard need to get Elissa & Candice on board with them. Judd was a complete idiot to have told the rest of the house about the alliance between him, the two men & Kaitlin & Gina Marie! He literally just nailed his own coffin cuz just a week or so ago Amanda was offering his name to the last HOH to be put up. People in that house need to focus on the real picture & that’s breaking up Amanda/McCrae/Helen. Otherwise they all deserve to go home cuz they are just floating & not playing the game!!!

  13. Comments (12)

    Amanda has said things as bad as Aaryn.
    Amanda commented about how dirty her hair was and how she has only been able to “washcloth clean” herself. Then she said: “I’ve taken like 14 Puerto Rican showers”. Someone commented that was racist, and her first reaction was to say: “We don’t have any Puerto Ricans in the house”. Then she laughed and said she was just joking, continued to laugh and said: “It’s just that Puerto Rican’s are smelly”. She kept laughing and McCray called her out telling her that her comments were racist. She said they weren’t, and said she was just joking again. Then she said: “Whatever, if the Puerto Rican alliance want to come after me, then they should shower more”
    So ….
    I guess she won’t be seeing a lot of Puerto Rican customers after the show… or other hispanic one I’m thinking.
    Or she could just join Aaryn in the sensitivity training and they can both become spokespersons for tolerance.

    • Comments (18)

      I don’t get the live feeds, so if that is true, then my opinion of Amanda just slipped. You can find smelly people in every race. 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        “you can find smelly people in every race”. Really, is this your retort? It is almost as bad as dumb as what Amanda said!

    • Comments (1076)

      I have never heard that expression. I thought a quick wash up at the sink was called a “peacock bath”. In the name of my beloved friend Rosie who has been like family to me since I was 13 years old and her two beautiful children who are now in their 30’s I wish to tell Amanda that what she said is disgusting. As a Jewish person myself I would like to remind fellow Jew Amanda that Hitler and the Nazis said the same thing about the Jews. Shame on her. Amanda was brought up in very a very liberal environment, so unlike Aaryn, who grew up in a less tolerant atmosphere, she should know better. Shame on her. But then again, my rabbi when I was a kid was also a racist sh^thead, so there you go. An idiot, is an idiot, is an idiot…..

      • Comments (1276)

        santiagoN – I’ve always heard the term “hooker bath” when you wash up from a sink, I’m pretty sure no explination is needed there.
        I’ve been defending Amanda pretty hard. I think her game play is pretty dang good. While she can’t seem to win anything, she’s managed to control pretty much every HOH and really most of the votes. She keeps the ones no-one really like close, as side votes for herself. She even manages to pretty much live in everyone elses HOH rooms. She seems smart and very able to get her way, some call that a bitch, I call it a strong woman.
        BUT, the comments she’s been making are making my skin crawl. I think a lot of people are mistaking jokes for racist comments, but when the jokes are hurtful, and not funny, like the bath one, then it crosses the line over to racist. The “faggedy Andy” comment pissed me off to no end, and if I had been sitting there and seen his face, and how he swallowed his pride and said nothing, I would have gone bat shit crazy on her.
        I would love to see someone like an Amanda win, but, once she started crossing over, using these racist and at times homophobic remarks, well I’m starting to want to see her get one of these blindside back doors that she loves giving everyone else.

      • Comments (624)

        You can pretty much slip any minority name in the term….
        ” shower” or bath
        Not saying it’s proper to say…

  14. Comments (22)

    Wow.. I knew Amanda said a couple things, but that wasn’t cool. Very mean and inconsiderate.

  15. Comments (18)

    I guess it is just me, but I think Amanda is funny. She brings life to the game. I personally hope she stays. Gina Marie is just annoying. If she goes up, it would be one less person who would vote the way Aaryn wanted.

    • Comments (1076)

      No one on Seinfeld was funnier than Kramer, but the actor that portrays him still managed to go on a racist rant during a Los Angeles comedy appearance. I also enjoy Amandas humor but she still need to apologize for her horrid words.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think that’s part of it santiagoN, if she’d just realize what she’s saying, instead of trying to convince a full fledged racist like Aaryn to watch her mouth, she could still redeam herself. But I think someone needs to grow a back bone and stand up to her and the rest of the houseguests that keep saying the crap. Don’t just sit around a talk about it in small groups away from the guilty party. Call them out on it right them, tell them that they are making horrible, racist/homophobic comments, and it’s not ok. IMHO, sitting back and biting your tounge is just as bad as saying the words.

  16. Comments (6)

    Vote Amanda please! Amanda is trashy, and she doesn’t do anything.

  17. Comments (1)

    I just hope if Amanda goes up they don’t think Elissa got MVP.

  18. Comments (39)

    Here’s what Aayrn should do if she’s smart. Put up Candice/Spencer, if one of those two wins POV back door Howard. If it goes like I think it will Elissa will be the third nominee because people are just too stupid to read the rules. After that you get out Howard and there all physical challenges will be even for the rest of the game.

  19. Comments (316)

    AMANDA IS NOT THE LEADER!!! If that were true Howard would be gone just like she wanted. DUH!

  20. Comments (41)

    Are you guys all crazy…..are you all BB fans….have you been watching the whole season, or any BB1 thru 14 seasons….do you know what game play even is…? Amanda has been playing the game since day one and is playing with little to no blood on herself or McCrae. She has only reflected the words of the house, Andy is one of her best allies, she is the fastest to figure out future moves even several Weeks down the road. Helen and Ellisa is in the 6 alliance called the knockouts, Helen brought Aarons deal to Amanda, shes trying to move up the ranks. Howard is the next threat, and if everyone cant see that, their blind. Remember anyone can screw up and be the next threat. Ellisa has been pushing buttons and with no MVP, she is quickly moving up the threat and target list……..think game and play the game people, not the entertaining antics showing.

    • Comments (528)

      Yes, but you seem to forget that Amanda is a WOMAN and when women make the same moves as men they’re not “good players” they’re annoying. See? Logic.

      • Comments (27)

        She is playing a good game no one person is denying that, but in the racism department she is the same as Aaryn can’t you see that!! …just saying!!

      • Comments (528)

        I have actually, and I don’t like it and certainly don’t appreciate CBS trying to cover it up while vilifying Aaryn, call her out for that for sure, but regardless, she’s still playing a good game and has these people wrapped around her pinky finger. That’s a good player. Just with a dirty mouth.

  21. Comments (21)

    Why is everyone in this country so sensitive? Just because someone does not believe the same way that you do does not make them a racist. This is America jack…..Freedom of speech and to have your own opinion.
    Also, BB production needs to get America out of it. People will try to vote out people because THEY dont like them. This is not a popularity contest. Those people are in that house playing a GAME. Let them decide the out come……..not people outside looking in.

    • Comments (528)

      Spoken like a true privileged person who obviously isn’t being personally hurt by these kinds of comments and so they clearly shouldn’t matter to ANYONE. Grow up, Jack.

      • Comments (21)

        Well thanks to American freedom you are entitled to your opinion and no one can argue with that….so please dont argue with mine.

      • Comments (528)

        I will. I’ll always argue with someone who feels it’s okay to hurt others with words and use “freedom of speech” as some kind of shield protecting hatred. Justify it all you want, it’s hateful and hurtful and if you think that’s fine then I guess you’re just a hateful, hurtful person.

      • Comments (21)

        Your and Kathys ignorance is showing

    • Comments (160)

      It’s sad that you believe it’s okay to make jokes about people’s racial backgrounds. It’s even sadder that you hide behind “freedom of speech” to justify your racist ideal and agenda.

  22. Comments (19)

    I voted split between GM and Spencer. GM is annoying and that would leave Aaryn by herself in the house when she left.

  23. Comments (25)

    Prediction this week. I feel Aaryn will put up Howard and Spencer as instructed. BUT…I have a feeling Amanda will be the mvp vote. I think Elissa will be safe this week. At that point she will be 100% convinced Howard is MVP. Amanda won’t go home. I think we will actually see Candice win veto and take Howard down. Elissa will go up but Spencer will go home. Next week I am hoping Howard will win HOH and I have a sneaky feeling that mvp ends this week.I really think MC/Amanda are in for a rue awakening next week.

  24. Comments (40)

    Yes I do feel that Amanda is a smart woman, But she is rude and so very demanding. I would like to see Howard go further I respect his game. I enjoy watching how he acts when on the spot or upset I believe this is a great example for Americas Reality Television it shows that not all reality stars are not crazy loud talking bimbos. I also enjoy Candice I thought she was lame at first but she is really smart in her own way.

  25. Comments (1)

    I don’t like Aaryn at all, but she is HOH and safe for another week. As far as Amanda goes… I’m on the fence. She is a good social player, and there are two parts to this game, social and winning comps. Yes, she hasn’t won anything, but the fact that everyone she has wanted to be evicted has left the house, its pretty impressive. I think she is a bigger threat than Howard, and since this season “The House” wants all the big threats gone first, Amanda should be the next to go, although she probably wont. I want Howard to go far. I think there is a good chance a floater wins this season, just because this house is full of stupid people who don’t want to play with good players, but keep the weak ones around because they’re easier to beat.

  26. Comments (40)

    Kerrie_ I agree 100% I would like to see Howard go far I also feel like Andy is a huge floter and he also could win. He know what to say and how to stay out of mess. Andy changes the dynamic in the house for sure. My dream final 4 would be *Howard *Helen *Candice *McCrea ( It changes everyday)

  27. Comments (1)

    I love Aaryn’s attitude and hope she wins.

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