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Big Brother 15 – Rough Week Ahead For Amanda; PoV Results


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On to the story…..

One minute, Amanda is sitting pretty with her hands on the controls of the house, the next she’s scrambling and stressing big time.  Why?   She was named the MVP nominee this week, which means if there ever was a time to get Amanda out, it’s now.   This is the absolutely perfect scenario for people like Aaryn (and GM) as they can live up to the deal they made, but still work on getting Amanda out now that they can.

Of course, this all depends on who wins veto, which again could change everything, but that’s still in a few hours from now.  Needless to say, Amanda is in full scramble mode right now and more worried than she’s been at any point in the house.  I guess bragging about the ‘goof troop’ being the only players not nominated yet was a big premature.


You’re going to want to watch this on the feeds, especially if Amanda doesn’t win.  This should be some classic campaigning going on that we haven’t seen all season.  Amanda has been pushing hard for other people, she’s going to be relentless when it comes to herself.  I am already getting a little chub thinking about the drama that entertaining week ahead of us (tmi?)

As far as the veto competition goes, here are the players:


Epic, pure epic. Howard and Spencer are going to be busting their ass trying to win, as will Amanda.  Jessie hopefully will try in order to save Amanda, while there is no doubt Candice will be in 5th gear in order to save Spencer.  This makes me think of a future twist for Big Brother – Each nominee gets to pick one player to play veto with.  The only thing that could have made this a more perfect veto competition would be McCrae playing instead of Jessie.   I also hope it’s a competition like the All-Star one where every round gets harder and harder all the way down to shaving heads, burning clothes or weeks of slop.

They are currently building the veto competition at the moment, so I will keep you updated on that, but sign up to the feeds to watch Amanda campaign her ass off.  Great week, great result from the twist, great drama.  It’s what I love about Big Brother


7:25pm – Feeds are back, and it appears Spencer is in this game now.  He is wearing the veto necklace, which means Howard or Amanda could be going home this Thursday.  This should make for a wild, wild week on the feeds.  Get them here NOW

8:20pm – McCrae and Amanda sitting in the cockpit, while Candice and Howard are in the HN room.  Both are talking about the week ahead, but the Candice side is definitely sounding more defeated at this point, and frustrated.  Candice is frustrated that she asked Jessie what she plans on doing, and Jessie’s reply is just ‘I’ll vote with the house’.  Howard and Candice both see the path of the game, and are upset nobody else can right now.

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  1. Comments (53)

    Candice has to win pov to flip the house and get amanda out so let hopes she win amd pulls off the biggest underdog move of the season let get the energy out there #letsgocandice

    • Comments (39)

      If Candice wins and vetos Howard, Aaryn will just put up Candice in his place.

    • Comments (53)

      Worst case game almost game over, now that howard still on the block its a 50 50 split
      its gonaa be even harder to get helen to work with spencer and he mite try to work with judd to take out candice. It spencer he’s not that bright.
      Chances of amanda going home droped from slim, to maybe it you ask your fairy god mother, because everyone is gona want to play it safe, aka give amanda the 500,000.
      it’s like she has voodoo dolls of everyone no free will at all.
      It makes it boring when one persons in power so long so
      so disappointe, but still hoping for a game changer

  2. Comments (140)

    You said Candice will be trying to win to pull Spencer off the block. Why Spender and not Howard?

  3. Comments (682)

    They will be running out of people to pick off soon. This would be a good time for the house to flip and get Amanda out if she doesn’t win Veto. Amanda is playing a good game and there may not be a better chance in the future.

    • Comments (4)

      I don’t understand why so many people are on the “get rid of Amanda” bandwagon when in the same breath(post) they admit she’s playing a good–if not great game??

  4. Comments (23)

    Love it! Absolutely love it! America came thru as MVP! Lol!

  5. Comments (140)

    I feel we have a troll who is just going around down-voting everyone tonight haha.

    • Comments (768)

      That’s been happening for a couple weeks now Amanda. Too bad that someone thinks their opinion isn’t worth listening to so to compensate they give everyone a thumbs down no matter how innocuous the comment is!

      • Comments (768)

        If anyone ‘gets a little chub’ 🙂 giving a thumbs down on any of my comments, feel free to go right ahead! LOL

      • Comments (1076)

        How can u tell? Most of my comments get plenty of thumbs down. LOL…

      • Comments (1276)

        There are some that once you disagree with them, you suddenly start getting thumbs down on everything, even when you just answer a question.
        That being said, santiagoN, you know why you get plenty! lol 😉

  6. Comments (682)

    I’m getting tired of Amanda threatening others to do what she wants or she’ll have them evicted the next week. She said it about Judd, Kaitlin and now Jessie this week.

  7. Comments (68)

    If they are smart they will get Amanda out while they can! She has them all as her puppets.Get her out now! If Howard has been throwing the comp,.now is the time for him to put on his game face and do the darn thang and WIN!

    • Comments (768)

      If Howard doesn’t put his game face on now, then he deserves to go home.

      • Comments (53)

        howard winning is good, but Best case is candice winning that can totally flip helens vote with will give them somthing to use to pull jess and gm over.
        by saying if they do they gain five votes next week howard, candice, helen, elissa, spencer they would run the house

  8. Comments (1)

    The MVP nomination really puts a twist in the game and on McCrae. Love it when big moves are made.

  9. Comments (1)

    I like Amanda and her game I can’t believe we Americans voted her as MVP. Big Brother must be rigged this is good for tv drama

  10. Comments (453)

    Amanda knows she is worthless when it comes to competing in games, otherwise she wouldn’t tell Aaryn and Jessie when to fall during the comp or McCrae telling Jessie she has to win veto but not use it. All aboard for the eviction express: Amanda!

  11. Comments (682)

    With Amanda on the block McCrae has been very talkative. Watch the live feeds and drink every time he says “I don’t know”. You’ll be hammered in no time.

  12. Comments (4)

    Praying that Amanda will not win Veto. Wish they would get on with it.

  13. Comments (4)

    Praying Amanda will not win Veto!

  14. Comments (4)

    Praying Amanda does not win Veto

  15. Comments (4)

    Wish they would get on with it!

  16. Comments (1092)

    Lousy choice for nominee. Helen is the one that has to be put on the block. She is controlling the whole house. Time for a shakeup !

    • Comments (651)

      Getting Amanda out would be the biggest shake up. You end McManda and McCrea will have to start playing the game. Power will be up for grabs and the HGs can start playing their individual games. And Andy just won’t know what to do with himself.

    • Comments (3)

      I have to agree. I think she should have put up Amanda and Helen. They get on my nerves more than Aaryn

  17. Comments (83)

    Amanda is worthless Period, all she does is lay in the bed with Mcray, she needs to be evicted soon or she will win this whole thing.

    • Comments (35)

      That’s how I feel with Howard and Candice now. I liked Candice better without her showmance. At one point I wanted Howard to win, but he doesn’t seem real interested in the game lately. I don’t believe he’s been throwing comps. McCrae is pretty competitive and I think he’ll try even harder after Amanda’s nom. Whether she goes home or not. I hope she doesn’t. The show with be so boring without her. It’s really funny that the promos for BB during BBAD show McCrae saying he needs to play the game for himself and tonight he told Amanda that he’s playing for her, lol.

      • Comments (35)

        *The show WILL be so boring without her.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree Lady S. I was a big Howard supported early in this game but I just can’t cheer on a guy who is playing the game so horribly. It’s like he just gave up after the “Moving Company” fell apart. I just don’t understand Helen’s obsession with getting him out. He’s shown no ability to win challenges(even if he was throwing some of them I still don’t think he’d win). He seems much less dangerous than Amanda and he respects good game play so he’d probably side with Helen if he was on the jury. There is no better time to get Amanda out than now. I agree she adds spice to the House but she has gotten a free ride on some of the nasty things she’s said.

      • Comments (160)

        Helen is obsessed with getting him out because he lied to her about the Moving Company. So if anyone else has an alliance she is not in on, she targets them. That’s what got Kaitlin evicted from the house when she was put up. Kaitlin was in that secret alliance with Spencer, Howard, Judd, and GM.

        Please take out Amanda BB15 houseguest!

      • Comments (302)

        The funny part is that Helen is being lied to right now as several of her alliance members have discussed when to give her the boot. Howard didn’t come clean as fast as the others in the “Moving Company”(his mistake) but Helen holds no ill will to Spencer or McCrae who proved he can’t be trusted by lying to his own alliance.

      • Comments (160)

        I hope she doesn’t get booted out before Amanda. At least make it to final 4. I have feeling that Judd and/or Jessie will make it to final two. Right now it SEEMS they’re in the safest spot in the house as floaters. But we’ll see what happens. I think it might be too early.

  18. Comments (16)

    ready for AMANDA to be GONE!!! This is the best scenerio yet this season. Finally, some of the HG’s are actually going to have to start playing the game!!

  19. Comments (160)

    So let’s say Amanda leaves this week (or even next week, if her target, Howard, is evicted).

    Who do you think the house will see as the next target vs. who is the most dangerous player in the house?

    • Comments (651)

      If Amanda goes we have to see what kind of game McCrea will play. Andy won’t know what to do with himself and Helen will probably go to the dark side of bossy. That could be her downfall.

      Just can’t believe POV is taking this long!!!

  20. Comments (1276)

    Holy Crap, Spencer just won Veto?!?!?!?!?!?

  21. Comments (651)

    That stinks!!!

  22. Comments (651)

    Wow. If Aaryn puts up Candice she may last a little longer in the game but by putting up both Howard and Candice she will not be helping herself when she gets out.

  23. Kettle? The pot's calling...
    Comments (10)

    Lots of people on the various BB sites that are calling out the HGs for bullyng, lying, racism, bigotry, sexism, perverted comments, name calling, trash talking in general, are doing/saying the SAME things – in some cases worse – in their posts! Guess it’s ok to do it if you are hiding behind a computer screen. I put my life on the line and fought for this country, but there is definately an ugly side to America the Beautiful that is sickening…and hypocritical, to put it mildly. I don’t condone the HGs bad behaviour but many people posting online also need to check themselves.

    • Comments (651)

      Agree. Unfortunately that has been the case since back in the ’90’s when AOL went unlimited.

      I think what is astounding is this is 2013 and these HGs know their being watched 24/7 and just don’t care who sees their ugliness.

  24. Comments (1)

    Put McCrae up!

  25. Comments (1)


  26. Comments (195)

    Aaryn just never ceases to amaze me and not in a good way I might add. She is talking about putting Candice up because she feels unsafe in the house because Candice thinks she is a racist. Then goes on to say that she is totally not a racist and that if she has said something that they think she said is racists it is their fault because they are taking it the wrong way. This girl is in so much denial but what makes it even worse is all the houseguests that were present for this agreed and McCrea said if he had ever heard her say anything racist he would of called her on it. You know it just makes me really sad because I know this girl will never ever learn from this. As I have said in previous posts she is going to spin this like it is everyone else’s fault.
    Oh yes and almost forgot. She actually said America will see how badly she (Aaryn) has been portrayed because of Candice and Howard making her look like a racist. Oh for the love of money why oh why could she not have gone home last week!!! But, only good thing about this…if Candice or Howard go home this week America is just only going to hate her more.

    • Comments (195)

      Sorry about the run on sentences everyone. I was just so upset what I had heard and needed to get it out. lol

      • Comments (651)

        LOL…I’ve barely been about to put two words together.

      • Comments (195)


      • Comments (282)

        Aaryn has def.got a problem but if you look at her eyes she really believes she has done no wrong.She has no idea of what is racist in the true sense.She believes being called Barbie is a racist comment.But the reality of it is when she gets out America or at least those who watch BB will let her know her comments are not acceptable.

      • Comments (651)

        We were talking BB at work the other day and a co-worker is a big Amanda fan. She said everyone talks like Amanda, Aaryn and GM in real life. I told her NOT in my world. She came back with the same old “They are just jokes”. So I said the only thing I could–A racist joke is by definition racist. She hasn’t spoken to me since.

      • Comments (41)

        Good for you 🙂 “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” – JFK

      • Comments (1276)

        Dang it Julz, that was the saying I was trying to remember last night, and I just couldn’t get the words right. I should have just looked on here (or looked up JFK sayings lol). Thanks, I won’t forget it again.

      • Comments (1)

        And Aaryn doesn’t have a job because of her racist comments. The agency that had her contract announced that they have released her. Along with GM who also lost her job. Wish I could see her face when she gets out and learns this.

    • Comments (302)

      Yeah the Bigot Aaryn has quite a track record. It’s stunning how she is blaming others for painting her as a racist – This girl is delusional. On top of that in her first run as HOH she made Howard, Candice, Helen & Andy the Havenots – the Minority Quad in the house. So it looks like this time she’ll make it Howard and Candice as nominee’s. Yeah I get that this time it probably goes along with her paper thin new alliance but no doubt she sleeps easier at night in her Klan Onesie after the move. I’d say shame on the rest of the house for not getting rid of Aaryn earlier but most of the people posting here have watched after hours feeds. At least half of the house has used some sort of racist or homophobic slur … Amanda has called out several people and then done the same … not to mention her use of the word “Retard” which I find equally offensive. Judd showing his true colors has used the C-word describing women more than Jeremy ever did. This is as unlikeable a group as any reality show has ever seen.

      • Comments (160)

        Yup, that’s why it’s so hard for me to pick who I want to win the grand prize.

        Even though, I’m slightly annoyed with Helen, as of right now, I’m rooting for her.

  27. Comments (651)

    Now I’m wondering what Aaryn’s parents are thinking now that she’s gone back into Aaryn Overdrive Mode again. And you can bet the PR firm they hired is watching the feeds and grimacing.

  28. Comments (83)

    Aaryn the racist bitch can spin any way she wants but america knows the truth, as does her employer, OH wait she has no employer, I would love to see her reaction when she gets the news, GM is another one who deserves to loose her job, she is a total nut job.

    • Comments (195)

      GM did lose her job….glad about that one too! Oh Jackie your right I bet the PR firm will have a fit when they see what she said. Hey maybe they will quit heehee.

    • Comments (1162)

      GM did lose her job.
      : D

      IMO, Amanda should lose any affiliation she has with any
      reputable Real Estate Brokerage Firm.

      • Comments (651)

        Let’s see she has said that Puerto Rican’s don’t shower and smell bad. She has made anti-Semitic remarks. She calls people “[email protected]!ded” and was talking/laughing about how she’d like another woman to be raped and what she wanted done so she couldn’t scream was mind boggling. And much more.

        Who would buy a house from this horrible person?

      • Comments (71)

        I despise Amanda more than any of the hg’s, even Aaryn at this point. But I doubt she made antisemitic remarks considering she is Jewish herself. I do think she is an evil hateful bitch, but she is probably NOT antisemitic.

      • Comments (9)

        Don’t forget she called Andy F*****y Ann… if people really talk like that in America, I haveto my children patience, tolerance, and sincerity. SMH

      • Comments (38)

        Don’t forget when she was asked to guess what Howard’s private parts would taste like she said cocoa butter. Aaryn said that was racists so then Amanda said watermelon and laughed. She also said she doesn’t give a s**t about the bible. I know she doesn’t follow that religion, but no one says that about the Tanakh. That should just never be said in reference to anyone’s holy book or religion (or lack of religion), everyone’s beliefs should be respected.

      • Comments (38)

        Also, when she was asked to guess what Howard’s private parts would taste like she said cocoa butter. Aaryn said that was racists so then Amanda said watermelon and laughed. She also said she doesn’t give a s**t about the bible. I know she doesn’t follow that religion, but no one says that about the Tanakh. That should just never be said in reference to anyone’s holy book or religion (or lack of religion), everyone’s beliefs should be respected.

      • Comments (160)

        The most disturbing part was the rape scene she was describing. She’s not only a racist bully, but an internal misogynist.

      • Comments (1)

        I have mot heard about this ‘rape’ discussion…. what all did she say? Please do tell.. as a person who was raped at the age of 16, even joking about it is unacceptable and she should be next where her job cans her ass. I think I hate her more than Aaryn

      • Comments (1276)

        basically she said that she would like to slit elissa’s neck, so that she couldn’t screen while being raped, ummm, from behind (I just don’t even want to get more grafic then that). I’m not going word for word, but that is the gist of it.

      • Comments (407)

        Google Amanda Zuckerman and you will see she is employed by Prudential Florida Realty in Delray Beach, Fl. If I lived in Florida I would definitely not do business with them if they continue to employ her because that would mean they condone her actions.

      • Comments (1162)

        You’re correct.
        Amanda is listed as one of their realtors.

        I agree with you that this Prudential Realty Office apparently
        approves of Amanda’s racist and hateful comments. She is still employed there.

  29. Comments (407)

    I’m hoping Amanda will be voted out this week, although I really don’t see that happening. So, hopefully America will get to vote MVP again and we all keep voting for Amanda to be the MVP nom.

    • Comments (651)

      I would love to see Aaryn put up McCrea. It would be a gaming changing move. Can you imagine how Amanda would react. But I think Aaryn’s a coward(among other things)so it will be up to the rest of the house to finally get that this may be there one chance to dethrone Amanda.

  30. Comments (123)

    Helen was the Host of the POV…

    POV was some sort of Puzzle and Andy said that Howie sucked at it, lol…

    Aaryn is planning Re-Nom Candice…but is afraid Candice will call her Racist by putting up 2 Blacks…

    • Comments (651)

      Little does she know Candice calling her racist is the least of her worries.

    • Comments (407)

      Andy has no right to criticize anyone else…what has he won?? In fact, what has he done in the entire game? His nose is in every conversation, he backstabs anybody he can and still has done nothing to contribute to the game. I read where someone said he has lost a lot of weight…that’s because he’s RUNNING from room to room afraid he will miss something someone is saying.

  31. Comments (1162)

    Judd still thinks that Howard has some kind of special BB power, so……..
    he went through Howard’s things looking for proof!!!!

    What a Creep!

    • Comments (651)

      At first I kind of like Judd but as time has gone on he has shown a very ugly side to him. And it’s coming out more and more.

      Is there something in the BB water? What is with these people?

      • Comments (1276)

        I think it’s the old if you spend your time with garbage eventually you are gonna smell like trash. Well, it’s effecting the entire house to one extent or the other.

    • Comments (195)

      I was thinking the same thing today. I had read his HOH blog and it was very sweet especially what he said about being on slop. Said he hates it but there are people in the world that would love to have slop to eat everyday so he feels fortunate. He has always been one of my favourites. But this morning he was talking with Andy and was really bashing Candice and then later yelled at Helen. I am hoping that it is just because he has been around such ignorant people for so long it has just rubbed off on him and he will be back to himself once he is out of there. But who knows….really though was not right of him to go through Howard’s things.

      • Comments (651)

        Judd has is now constantly calling the women c**ts. And it just flows out of his mouth. He’s too comfortable using that word for it to be something new.

      • Comments (195)

        NOOOOOOOOO your kidding!! I hate that word with a passion!!! So very very disappointed.

  32. Comments (453)

    Aaryn denies she is a racist because she has no empathy for anyone or anything. She has a delusional mentality when it comes to others that she considers beneath her, she is one pathetic person. The pr firm will surely be earning their fee with all of the damage control they have ahead of them.

  33. Comments (39)

    Aaryn will probably put up Candice because it is the best way to guarantee getting Howard out. As for people thinking Aaryn is the devil and needs to be burned at the stake after she gets out, remember she is young and naïve. I honestly think she doesn’t realize what she’s saying is really offensive and she’s probably just used to being around people who normally talk like that. Now she is self centered and a bit of a bitch, most likely because she’s had her ass kissed her whole life.

    • Comments (407)

      Well then she is in for a rude awakening when she gets out. I can’t believe anyone her age doesn’t know better. There’s too much in the media about bullying and such for some of it not to have sunk in that bleached blond head of hers.

    • Comments (651)

      Sorry but I have to disagree with you about Aaryn. She’s not a child and this is not the 1950’s. If the people around her normally talk like that, then she chooses to surround herself with those people.

      Burning her at the stake is a bit much(especially since Amanda has said much worse)but if you were a potential employer would you hire her and risk an employment lawsuit and/or loss of business?

      • Comments (1076)

        Let me introduce you to the United States House of Representatives, or the majority of state legislators, or the millions of Romney voters….Aaryn old enough to know better. What about these fellow Americans, aren’t they old enough to know better?

      • Comments (169)

        I gotta call you out on this comment. While probably the majority of “racists” are conservative Republicans, it’s too broad a brush to paint one half of the country as racist… Romney got almost 50% of the vote… Do you seriously believe half the country is racist? I’ve said before that I lean ever so slightly to the right, and I’m FAR from racist, so I do not appreciate being painted by that broad brush. Sure, some voted for Romney because they are racist, and don’t like having an African American in office, but most voted for Romney simply because they disagreed with the policies of President Obama and the Democratic Party in general. I’m an independent, yes I live in Southern Arkansas and I’m in my 20s, but I’m not a wing nut. I voted for Kerry in 2004, I voted for Mike Beebe, the current governor of Arkansas who is a Democrat, in 2006 AND 2010. I supported Romney in 2012 but didn’t vote, and I didn’t support him because I’m a racist. I supported him because the country’s current budget shortfalls. Don’t judge one side of the country because of a few kooks, whom don’t make up a big margin of the party… I don’t judge either party based on the few supporters of either side that may be on the extreme edges of the political spectrum.

        So, in closing, please stop calling EVERYONE on one side of the aisle are backward RACIST…are Independents that vote democratic on year, and republican the next… Do they suddenly become racists in your eyes? I guess if, during the next cycle, that label is removed if they change sides again? I’m not meaning to start a political debate, this isn’t the place, it’s a site for updates on a reality show, but when I was scrolling down, “liking” all the anti Aaryn and Amanda comments because of their comments, I got to yours and I couldn’t believe my eyes.. And I couldn’t let your comment go without it being called out. Just because I’m an independt that happened to support Romney this go around, doesn’t make me a racist, and I’m sorry, but I kind f take offense to that… I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it, but please remember to not paint everyone with one, broad brush. Thanks.

      • Comments (233)

        And ‘southerners’ do not deserve to be painted with that same broad brush. Ignorance is found all over this country. I will say that the times I’ve seen or heard racism down here is from very uneducated people who are poor and angry or those at the other end who have had so much privilege they believe they are better than others by virtue of birthright and bank account. They are the exceptions, not the majority, who are hard working, good hearted Americans who routinely help their fellow man regardless of race, religion, orientation or any other difference. I see it down here in the south with every disaster or illness. People will give away their last dollar to help someone else in need. Sorry, just had to speak up for the south. Now, back to the game…let’s get rid of these losers and try to find someone we think is worthy of our support. Surely there is at least one! LOL

      • Comments (302)

        Sad to see most Americans never do their homework before they vote and really have no idea what both the Democratic and Republican parties stand for … neither stands for racism. There have been idiot racist from both parties in Congress. Many republicans, like myself, hate to see the fringe wacko’s making headlines all the time. But it bothers me just as much when an African/American republican is labeled an Uncle Tom. The sad truth is that many democratic programs have created a culture of economic slavery by making it more attractive to stay unemployed with lots of kids than to have a job. These programs began with good intentions but should have made them job programs not welfare. The fastest way to prosperity for minorities is not Government spending. African/Americans & Hispanics in the Republican party want equality and independence and hope to help their party find different solutions.

    • Comments (160)

      I hate it when people use that defense for Aaryn. I’m little bit older than Aaryn and *I* know better. As someone said here, there’s the media AND history books that explain why racism, and bullying are WRONG! For goodness sakes, I would be curious as to what Aaryn thinks why race segregation was abolished to begin with if she continue the way she’s acting. How about Amanda? Why isn’t anyone using the “she’s young and naïve,” card on her? There’s no excuse for bigotry. If she doesn’t know, at least make the effort to listen why her comments are inappropriate.

      • Comments (1162)

        I know youngsters, children, who know better than Aaryn, Amanda, Kaitlin and GinaMarie.
        How did these 4 BB House Guests & others, fail to reach the age of reason, knowing the difference
        between what is right and wrong, yet managed to get on the BB 15 Show?

      • Comments (160)

        I know Kaitlin is no longer in the house (thank the heavens!) but I CRINGED during her post-BB eviction interviews blaming the other mean girls of her actions.

        It’s soo nauseating that none of them would take accountability for their actions. Always pointing fingers at someone else for the things that comes out of THEIR mouths! Obviously none of them would label themselves racist but at least they should say “Hey, maybe the things I’ve said were inappropriate and I should apologize,” but no, of course they need to keep their egos intact. **sorry for the run-on sentence lol.

    • Comments (31)

      Jon, I am beginning to wonder about you. You must be one of Aaryn’s relatives.

  34. Comments (71)

    Even if Amanda does not go home this week, I think it’s awesome that she is on the block so she can sweat a little. Bitch!!! I love seeing her all stressed out and crazed even though she’s even bitchier that way!

    That said, this will probably be my last week watching BB this season assuming Howard goes home. I just cannot stand most of these houseguests — most are stupid, weak lemmings who are afraid of their own shadows. I really wish I had chosen to only get the live feeds month-to-month. :/

  35. Comments (195)

    Is anyone having problems with their live feeds? Mine says no signal. Has this happened before or is it maybe because I’m in Canuckville LOL.

  36. Comments (1076)

    Howard is toast because he sucks at this game. He’s been in the house over a month and talks to no one except Candice. He hasn’t even spoken to Spencer that much this week which not especially seems to be a real mistake. He obviously doesn’t care for the other HG’s so he will reap the big heave ho on Thursday. How can someone read the Bible and still not be able to put a cohesive sentence together. Maybe it is an illustrated Bible and he is just looking at the pictures. It just blows my mind that a grown man is unable to express themselves clearly. Judd and Howard shud do a two man stage production of “Dumber and Dumber” Oh, oh wait a minute, Andy has approached Howard and Candice in the bedroom and Howard is actually responding to him. Maybe there is hope for him yet. It’s a long way to Thursday. This would be a good week to backdoor Elissa and remove any Rachel influence that’s been floating around.

    • Comments (38)

      Who would you suggest Howard talk to? He was already warned by another houseguest that Spencer has been telling people what he’s said to Spencer in confidence. Judd, who he thought he could trust, is faking his alliance with him and told Amanda about Howard’s alliance, which is why Kaitlin was voted out. Andy only talks to everyone so that he can report back to Amanda. McCrea who he was, and still is, loyal to can’t see past his p***s. Jessie is a floater. Elissa, with good intentions, confronted him about the alliance. Although she was trying to help, it looked like she was against him. Howard’s social game got messed up once the minorities were made to feel like minorities. I don’t think his gameplay was his fault, I think it’s this season’s cast he got stuck with. I don’t think I have to say why working with GM and Aaryn wouldn’t work out. I think he was just dealt a crappy hand :-/.

      • Comments (9)

        Rocky I totally agree. They’ve all been trying to get Howard out since the second week & for what? I still don’t see why they’ve been wanting him out so bad. Now I understsbd he’s on the other side of the house but I haven’t seen anything on the show or the live feeds that warrants so much anger towards him. And another thing, I understand BB is a game but if I was put in a house with several people that obviously have no problem using racial slurs it would be hard for me to sit up in there face & been fake, so I would distance my self as well.

  37. Comments (1076)

    See, i’m the king of thumbs down, but I still think howard and judd and gina marie are reason enough to disband our school systems and start all over again from scratch…How did they graduate high school? Tis’ a puzzlement. Imagine yourself a human resource employee of a company and in walks Howard and answers your questions the way he speaks to other in this house. If you hired him you would be doing an injustice to your company. He would reflect very badly on you as your new hire. OOOH, Amanda is crying. but Howard is in a room with Judd, Jessie and Candice and won’t even acknowledge Judd or Jessies presence. Like I said, he sucks at this game.

    • Comments (1276)

      See santiagoN, you know your going to get tons of thumbs down when you make this kind of post. But I think you mostly enjoy the thumbs down, you like saying it as harshley as you can to make your point. I know you can word it better, you just like the reaction. Hopefully you know I’m not judging, just pointing it out 😉

  38. Comments (4)

    Ok, I’ve been reading this for a little more than a week or so,.but never said anything and probably rarely will in the future.
    But, I really, really like Amanda (granted I’ve not heard the things that some have mentioned here)
    I like her because she reminds me of myself and the women I was raised by, strong, tough, & independent!
    Notice I did not say perfect. My daughter wants to be on BB so bad she can taste it & I’d like to hope she plays like Amanda–with just enough of Jesse’s sweetness to keep folks unaware.

    I cannot stand f’n Elyssa! She is a spoiled little brat that butches and whines incessantly…yuck!!
    I couldn’t stand Rachel either…but for different reasons. They(along with the test of the mean girls in the house) act entitled to everything, and when they don’t get their way it’s off to the nursery with their pacifiers!

    Candice is just as manipulative as Amanda, she just can’t get people to do what she wants–which isn’t Amanda’s fault.

    .vC is the only guy really playing the game all along and now that he’s got Andy & Judd I really think he/they will go far…I do believe they need Amanda. She/they balance each other and have been doing so for the last three weeks or so.

    One last thing before anyone goes ballistic about me calling”precious” Elyssa a mean girl…check the episode where Amanda dressed up for McC’s birthday–Elyssa was down right nasty!! She is not a nice person….she just knows how to pretend to be one…YUCK!!

    Go McRanda, Jedde & Andy!!

    • Comments (4)

      Sorry for all the typos–working with a phone that’s on it’s deathbed :-/

    • Comments (453)

      So you would approve of your daughter saying she would like to slit someone’s throat so they can’t scream when they do anal? Or, swing someone around by their feet so their head smashes against the wall and knocks out their teeth? Or your daughter making racial and homophobic remarks???????

    • Comments (195)

      You can not even come close to comparing what Elissa said to Amanda and Amanda’s horrific comments about Elissa. ScarlettO you need to watch the utube video. It is absolutely disgusting. I am not a huge fan of Elissa and wish so bad she knew what Amanda has said about her. She thinks Amanda is her friend and Amanda thinks how awful it was what Elissa said. And yes Elissa’s comments were not nice but again nothing absolutely nothing like what Amanda has said!!

    • Comments (1076)

      welcome to the thumbs down club. If you upset the pseudo guilt ridden sunshine and happiness club you receive the wrath of thumbs down. But that is why W.C. Fields (who you can be sure none of these highly gifted theorists ever heard of) said, “You will never lose money underestimating the intelligence of the American people”. I have been talking about Howards horrible game play which seems to be a major insult to the BB world, but his ass is going out the door because of it. It’s about 12:30 AM and the whole house, even nominated and POV winner fat ass and getting bigger every day Spenser, is having a good time and enjoying each others company, except of course Howard who is either performing some strange sanitaria religious exercise, or just kneeling over his bible and rubbing his head obsessively with alternating hands; and Candice who is killing Andy’s good mood by moping and crying about being put up next and how she’ll never campaign against her hero (and maybe serial killer) Howard. The best part is knowing that Spenser and Howard have already throw Candice under the bus to save Howard. Hysterical. And try not to sound too smart. That really freaks these people out.

      • Comments (1076)

        See scarlettO – two of the wack-a-moles have already reared their ugly heads. Peggi is so dumb that she and fellow idiot TerriJo (who must have been so embarrassed we haven’t heard from her since)were taken in by a PhD candidate who used a false identity and got them o say the stupidest thing and then revert to name calling (giving us the liberty to address these two morons as morons). There lives are so bereft of excitement that they take all this bullshit to heart. When Amanda or McCrae or Judd or Andy end up the winner we will know that we were actually paying attention to a game and not relating it to how people actually behave in real life. Religion, morals, ethics belong in this house as much as Peggi should have a chair at Harvard….LMAO….

  39. Comments (26)

    Judd – representing for Kuntry folk. He could use some speech lesson from Candy. I knew he had issues, he is just as mean spirited as Aaryn. He pretended to like Howard, Candy and Helen. But his true color is out.
    Can you say KKK. Humm maybe he can mumble it.

    • Comments (39)

      I’m sick of your racist comments saying every white person is in the KKK. Grow up.

      • Comments (26)

        I mean really. Have you been watching? Yes Judd is dumber than a box of rocks. He is KKK under cover. you probably as well.
        Hope he loose his job as well. oops he probably does not have one.
        Is this grow up enough “fer ya”?.

      • Comments (274)

        How can you “loose” a job. Judge and be judged. Dumber than box of rocks? Bahahaha I don’t believe you even read your last sentence. Can’t quite understand it, yet you wrote it nonetheless. You don’t capitalize correctly and there’s your improper placement of punctuation as well to discuss. Where’s your box at?

      • Comments (26)

        Did it take you that long to do a grammar check? You are so cute. NOT. YEs dare r some typoes. lol. It still does not change anything for Kuntry Judd. As far as the location of the box, look under your bed. Now what?

      • Comments (1076)

        btw john, did I leave my sheet at your house? I can’t find it any where.

  40. Comments (26)

    Andy – cartoon character – always biting his nails or drinking or whispering. Mr. Yuk
    Judd- King of the mubble, open your mouth and represent your fam – Honey boo boo en dem. lol
    Jessie – the lost child
    Candy – whiny voice but knows the game, she connected with the wrong player
    Helen – OMG – SHUTUP
    Elissa- challenge Aaryn to a yoga duel\
    GM- get some speech lesson from Candace (judds long lost sister)
    Amanda- bi-polar
    MCCrade – probably still a virgin
    Spencer – in the closet
    Howard -too nice – should have played up to the all the ladies
    Aaryn – open racist to the world and closed to her world – poor thing

    • Comments (624)

      Andy – Also open mouth chewer and always reaching for food after having fingers in his mouth biting his nails. NASTY
      Judd = Boomhauer from King of the Hill
      Helen – Still riding the high from being HOH. Settle down already.
      Elissa – On death row since day one. Prejudged simply because she’s Rachel’s sister. Like to see her whoop Aaryan’s ass!
      Amanda – Rhoda Morgenstern on steriods. Pass the earplugs!
      GM – Oh wait….still need those earplugs.
      McCrea – wimpy puppet boy
      Aaryn – Snobby HS cheerleader from back in the day that has yet to mature. Lacks empathy.

  41. Comments (1)

    Honestly, I dont know why Spencer is getting off the hook so easily. He is racist, homophobic and anti-semetic

  42. Comments (48)

    It has been bad enough watching and listening to Aaryn all of these weeks and now she has a chance to entertain us but I am sure she will not. It would be great if she put McCrae up as well. I know she doesn’t have the backbone for that but it is the least she could do to entertain us in some other way than she has so far. I do not like her but I would think more of her if she as least played the game and put someone up that shows gameplay. If she puts Candice up it will only show everyone that she not only makes racist remarks but feels that way too. The only way I would be entertained by her at this point is if she made a big move on her own.

  43. Comments (40)

    Someone help me get this clear Amanda and Helen basically running the house telling everyone how to vote. I just don’t understand why Howard and Spence are a threat can someone please tell me!! Also Im watching live feeds when Jesse express to amanda that Candice bullied her? So now Candice is a bully? Really? I will not say what this is starting to look like but I will say not smart nor good. Everyone wants Amanda out but they are so determined to get out Howard. People are just not as smart as they used to be SMH I think this is my last year watching bb the show is just not making sense I just dont agree with peoples morals. Like someone stated on this board last week the house sold there souls to the devil by keeping Aaron. Excuse my bad grammer

  44. Comments (407)

    Well as of today I have lost ALL respect for Helen. You would think as the oldest person in the house she might have a good influence on the younger HG’s, but it seems to be just the opposite. She is now cursing repeatedly after saying the other night on BBAD that she never cursed before coming into the BB house, and I just read on another Big Brother website that she is now smoking. What an influence she has let these younger people have on her! Also, she is lying on Candice and telling that she (C) is bullying her. Greentea, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think anyone in the house has good morals any longer.

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