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Big Brother 15 – Saturday Updates

Elissabot has learned the laugh command
Elissabot has learned the laugh command

It’s the biggest day of the year so far, and we’ll be here to cover it for you.. assuming you don’t have the live feeds and are watching yourself.  The PoV competition will be held today sometime between 10am and let’s just say 1am… yes, the hour window for veto competitions almost make you wish you were waiting for the cable company.   I’m going to guess it will be at least after 12pm considering the house is still sleeping, but you never know with this game.

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I’ll get right into it after my daily plugs…  (yes, I am pushing twitter/facebook hard because the season is drawing to a close and it’s the best way to get off-season updates)

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9:30pm – Everyone is still sleeping.

10:30pm – Houseguests were sleeping, but the feeds went to trivia.  Kind of weird, but PoV possibly happening

1:30pm – Feeds finally return, and it was the PoV competition.  I am almost scared to announce who won…

1:45pm – Zingbot and baby zingbot were there, and it sounds like it was his first birthday party.  Houseguests received little toys and party favors.   Back to the game, Elissa may renom Andy to help ensure Aaryn goes home.  Amanda is already telling Aaryn she is staying even if that happens.  (On a fan note, it would be hilarious to see Helen and Andy go back to back when they both had many opportunities to get Amanda out.  That’s reality show karma and it probably will happen)

4:00pm – Just got home from a ‘quick’ shopping trip.  I have company tonight, but I will keep checking on the feeds to give you updates.  Spencer and McCrae are outside chatting, and Andy is in full blown panic mode.  McCrae and Spencer say there is no way Andy is going home, while Amanda is telling Aaryn is safe.  We’ll see who really  wears the pants in that relationship (hint: it’s Amanda)

4:20pm – Andy, Spencer and McCrae are talking about how Elissa will probably get Pandora’s Box and it will likely favor her.  Andy – ‘The game favors her every step of the way’.

7:30pm – Had some company (hey, a blogger needs a life too – sometimes). Going to eat and then do some blogging so keep checking back for night time updates

8:00pm – Judd, Elissa and Andy are up in the HoH chatting. Andy looks miserable, but he had to expect to go on the block at some point.  Elissa then pulls him aside and tells him he’s not going up, but still wants him to campaign against Aaryn this week

8:10pm – Elissa said that Aaryn is ready to start a fight with her.  Elissa went into the room and Aaryn apparently said ‘what are you looking at?’ .. things should get heated this week!

8:13pm – Judd talking to GM.  GM said ‘I think Aaryn is actually more with Amanda and McCrae than she is with me’….. things are not looking good for the poor minority blonde with blue eyes (yes, she calls herself a minority because of that).

8:20pm – Amanda is outside saying how pissed McCrae is right now.  The two are having a conflict on who to keep in the house this week… Aaryn or Andy.

The girls are now bitching about Elissa and how bad they want her gone.. well, I think GM is going along with it but has a little side thing going with Elissa.  Strange house tonight

8:30pm  – Aaryn has joined the Elissa bash session.  I don’t know what to make of it all.. I know Amanda and Aaryn hate Elissa, but I can’t put my finger on GM

8:39pm – Elissa comes outside and pulls GM away from Amanda.  She mentions something ‘I want to ask her … I wonder what it’s like to find out you’re pregnant in the Big Brother casting process’  (cut to fish) ….  (update: Found out she was talking about Amanda.  It was a low blow about a miscarriage Amanda had prior to the show)

8:42pm  – Amanda and Elissa are starting to have a little argument as Amanda forces herself into the Elissa/GM conversation. Amanda keeps joking how she appreciates Elissa throwing the veto to her today.  Apparently Elissa was saying people threw the competition to Amanda this afternoon.

9:00pm – Andy is in the HoH room chatting with Elissa about her plans for the renom.  He is in full blown panic mode, everyone else is tense, there are a lot of whispers.  This week should be really fun to watch.

Andy is promising to Elissa that he would vote Aaryn out, so if he’s nominated, she’s losing a vote against her.

9:13pm – Feeds appear to be having technical difficulties

9:18pm – Andy and Spencer say they’re only going to talk in public together about  movies and stuff.  Try to avoid strategy

9:30pm – Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer and McCrae are outside eating.  Amanda has calmed down a bit, but she is really worked up about Elissa mentioning the pregnancy thing.

9:50pm – Andy is outside talking about pissed he is that McCrae and Amanda may vote him out if he’s up.  Judd is saying his friends are going to give him crap for sticking with Amanda so long.

10:00pm – Booze delivery

10:45pm – Andy, Spencer, Judd and Elissa are now in the cockpit doing a bash session of McCrae and Amanda.   It’s incredible how bad people talk about each other when in other rooms

10:53pm – Heading to bed, if you want to hear a long bash session of Amanda, tune in around 10:40 or so

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  1. Comments (162)

    Can’t wait for the POV…it should be very interesting to see who really plays hard to win..

  2. Comments (23)

    Absolutely loved watching Elissa spray Sprite all over because she was laughing so hard @ Demanda!!! It was hilarious!!! Enjoying this new side of Elissa. I just love watching Demanda’s meltdown now the shoe is on the other foot!

    • Comments (610)

      I sure hope that’s included on the Sun or Wed show!

      • Comments (407)

        Marie, I wish they would show this too, but I doubt they will because it would be one long BLEEEEEP!!

      • Comments (610)

        True jojo, but the Sprite spray & laughter + McCrae coming in to “rescue” Amanda was so funny. I wonder if he realizes how he comes across on the show? Filthy slob who kowtows to Amanda.

      • Comments (23)

        Elissa, in her pics, looks joyful! Love that, she gets how this is game, no more, no less. It is lovely to see her smile and the others will respond to her stopping the madness of Amanda and beginning a game all may play in.

      • Comments (682)

        They may need a two hour special to cover all the stuff this week, especially if Demanda goes up.

    • Comments (195)

      I just finished watching that. It was hilarious. And loved how Amanda then goes to HOH room with Elissa and tells her how bad GM talks about her. Meanwhile all she has done is bash Elissa. I just love love love watching Amanda squirm! Best live feeds yet this week. So glad I decided not to cancel my feeds! I love also how Elissa is laughing at Amanda in the HOH. This is so priceless seeing Amanda get what she has been dishing out all season!

      • Comments (682)

        I was laughing with Elissa. I was waiting for Elissa to say “I know how you feel” but the laughter was a better response.

        McCranada phrase of the day = “I don’t understand!”

  3. Comments (651)

    Would there be any bigger reward for BB fans staying with this season than seeing Demanda on the block with a shaved head?

    • Comments (316)

      Would you like to have your head shaved? I think not. A lot of people in the house have said horrible things this season. You wishing this on anyone makes you just as bad!

      • Comments (1288)

        Not really, this is the game. We could just as likely see Elissa with a shaved head and Amanda taking McCrae down after winning the POV.

      • Comments (316)

        I would not wish for any woman to have her hair shaved. Too cruel!

      • Comments (140)

        It’s just hair. It grows back. If people stopped associating “long beautiful flowing hair” with femininity, perhaps those who are unable/choose not to have such locks wouldn’t have to struggle with feelings of inferiority or inadequacy.

        I’ve seen many cancer patients who are just as beautiful if not more so, than vain women with long “beautiful” hair.

      • Comments (1162)

        Considering “EVERYTHING” Amanda has been willing to
        show of herself on BB, shaving her hair off would have
        to be the least offensive and her most watchable
        moment on the show.

      • Comments (16)

        Agree wholeheartedly.

      • Comments (610)

        MM: rofl, how very true!!

      • Comments (651)

        It would be her choice so what are you whining about?

      • Comments (231)

        Agree absolutely!

      • Comments (20)

        Try having cancer and losing all your hair….now that’s cruel. A game show and losing your hair….not cruel!!

      • Comments (32)

        Been there and done that. Hair grows back. I personally shaved mine for a friend who had leukemia. (an auction and someone paid $200 to shave my head)

        I learned some really important lessons from that event in my life:

        1. ALWAYS bring sunscreen and/or a hat to a cancer benefit. The top of my head got fried.
        2. Being completely bald is not such a bad look actually. Just different but not necessarily bad.
        3. My head is a really odd shape to it. Since it had been covered by hair all along it was something I didn’t know.
        4. A full head of hair will grow back in under a year easily. And it grows back more healthy for some reason. (thicker and healthy shine)
        5. Vanity will only take you so far in this life. Sooner or later you will lose your looks and you had better have something else to fall back on.
        6. Hair is only a small part of those looks. And has nothing to do with the real inner person.

        Head full of hair or bald, Amanda will still be the same bullying, self-centered, non-competitor (has won nothing all summer) person she has always been. Even hairless leopards still have spots and those spots don’t change.

      • Comments (1162)

        Well Said!!

      • Comments (140)

        Beautifully said! I couldn’t agree with you more. My boyfriend started losing his hair in his very early 20s and decided he’d rather be bald than have a helicopter pad or a comb over – he shaves his head. Never having known him with hair, I giggled my butt off when I saw his high school graduation photos. To me, he looked silly that way. I love his bald head, how it looks and how it feels. If you have the right confidence you can rock any look, and I noticed his wonderful sense of humor long before his lack of hair.

        The downside? Everyone else! We are forever having to explain to other people why he’s bald, it’s always a quick target for someone who wants to make a joke at his expense, and people have an air of superiority sometimes when they talk about it. They establish a sense of pity for him “aww, poor thing can’t grow hair” and it infuriates him. There are bigger things to worry about in life than the hair on your head. He is so much more than a 31 year old bald man. Everyone needs to let go of these ideals and expectations. Do what makes you happy and forget everyone else!

      • Comments (651)

        And we know Demanda is not one of the people who would look past a bald head. That’s why it would be so perfect for her. Bald, 30 pounds heavier and on the block–now that’s what I call karma!

      • Comments (316)

        I don’t like you!

      • Comments (651)


      • Comments (1162)

        Well, I like you both via your comments, but I think
        your harshness toward jackie is uncalled for.

        As you’ve said this is a Game ………
        No one is saying they think a woman shaving her
        hair off isn’t a difficult choice and for cancer
        patients it isn’t even a personal choice.

        Everyone is commenting on Mean Girl, Amanda,
        and the BB Game. That’s all.

        Consider Amanda’s comments ………ALL of them!!!

      • Comments (71)

        Grow up!!! Good grief! LMAO

      • Comments (231)

        Me too!

      • Comments (140)

        If only she were still orange! Hahaha

      • Comments (23)


      • Comments (651)

        Thank you. I was beginning to worry about myself with all these thoughts but that never occurred to me. I bow to the Master 🙂

      • Comments (1162)

        I almost did an “Elissa” with my iced tea.


      • Comments (16)

        So true. That REALLY would look HILARIOUS.

      • Comments (407)

        Aw Jackie, looks like yearbooks is outnumbered. It appears you are very well loved which includes me. And by the way, I totally agree with you!

      • Comments (195)

        Love u too Jackie 🙂

      • Comments (316)

        I don’t mind being out numbered. I have truth on my side.

      • Comments (71)

        You have OPINION, not “truth.”

      • Comments (71)

        Jackie, the only way karma like that would be better is if Demanda were a have-not as well!

      • Comments (16)

        Karma has the reputation for rearing its head at the most inopportune times. Let us wait to see what it does to Demanda….. 🙂

      • Comments (231)

        Your replays are somewhat mean. Note to self: Avoid them!

      • Comments (231)


      • Comments (2)

        I think if amanda or anyone else shaves their head we will have to listen to them talk down about people with cancer.I don’t think i would beable to stomach what would come out of amanda and aaryons mouth.I hope no one has to shave their heads so we don’t have to listen to their foul mouths.It is bad enough we have to listen to all the racist remarks and feel uncomfortable this would just top it all.

      • Comments (610)

        for $500,000, I’d surely shave my head.

    • Comments (24)

      gotta say that would be great! karma

    • Comments (27)

      McCrae with a shaved head would be awesome too. Not that I don’t like him, but somehow I think that would be more upsetting for Amanda!

    • Comments (16)

      Then seeing when she walks into the jury house, cussing because McCrae voted to evict her. That would be the highlight of the season for all of us who have been waiting for her to be evicted. (and that is most of us)

  4. Comments (6)

    And many of us thought Elissa would shrivel up once Helen was gone!!

  5. Comments (74)

    Elissa always laughs! It’s the cutest thing about her. Maybe you should stop hating and watch it more carefully.

  6. Comments (74)

    Hey my emoticons don’t work on this rotten forum lol. 😉 ;D

  7. Comments (162)

    Why didn’t we get to GM and Amanda in their arguement on after dark… Seems like all the good fights we never get to see

  8. Comments (8)

    Do not have live feeds. Could not see fight between Amanda & GM. Did they make up?

  9. Comments (74)

    I love how clean Elissa keeps her HOH!!!!! LOL

    I think fans of the game with a prejudice about Rachel can’t let go about Elissa and its sad because she’s actually smart in this game. I hope she wins. She’s classy!

    • Comments (316)

      I like Elissa too. She is one of the very few who has not said racist things.

      • Comments (233)

        I love your posts, yearbooks, even when I don’t agree. You’ve been fairly quiet this year. Glad to hear you can appreciate someone like Elissa. Not perfect, but by far one of the more positive people in the house.

      • Comments (316)

        Hey thanks. I don’t like the cast this season but I can’t stand mean behavior of any kind. Not from the houseguests nor from people posting here. Maybe I stand alone with this view, but that is ok. I understand this is just a game, but some of the racial slurs and horrible things said about children are just not my thing. RESPECT NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE!

      • Comments (407)

        Yearbooks, I guess that’s why we make some of the comments we do about the houseguests..we have NO respect for most of them. Even though it’s a game, the racism, horrible things said about children, the foul language, the nastiness of the house, having sex on live TV, and no modesty whatsoever (Amanda). Like you said, RESPECT NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE, and since we have none or very little for some of these hg’s, I guess you will just have to put up with our opinions and keep down thumbing them.

      • Comments (316)

        You all have the right to your opinions. Aaryn, Spencer, Gina Marie, Amanda and even some of the already evicted HG’s have said some vile things. It just seems to me that wishing someone bald is stooping to their level. You don’t like their behavior, why then behave that way yourself? It is just my Two cents.

      • Comments (407)

        Yearbooks, if you will go back and read the comments, you will see I did not wish someone to be bald. I was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks after my sister passed away. We had the same type of cancer. I survived and she did not, so NO I do not wish anyone to lose their hair, although it is not the end of the world.

      • Comments (233)

        I know what you mean. I just got called an ‘assh*le’ on an earlier thread — for making a joke. But the thread that was going yesterday was so funny, I read it for about an hour and had a good laugh. I turned to my husband (who tolerates BB, at best) and read a couple of hilarious remarks from here. He looked at me with a smile but with eyes that looked kind of worried for my sanity. lol So, that’s why I love this site. There are some pretty harsh people on here sometimes, but I can always find someone with a great idea for game play or hear a different perspective that makes me stop and think. Those who make me laugh are the best!

  10. Comments (487)

    We won’t know the winner of the POV until tomorrow night? The POV is being played now but there is nothing but trivia on the screen? How much you want to bet Amanda wins this? I know another conspiracy theory or was viewership down last week and they want to build interest?

  11. Comments (1288)

    You can tell a lot about group dynamics from where people spend their time. Outside of GM, is anyone spending any time with Elissa outside of game talk?

    • Comments (651)

      Nope. Judd is keeping his distance as part of the plan and Aaryn still floats to the others. Which works right into Elissa’s plan of getting GM on her side when it comes time for Aaryn to go.

      • Comments (1288)

        I have the feeling that the old GM will surface after the POV ceremony and Elissa has no more power. The same goes for the rest of the house.

      • Comments (651)

        Elissa was by her side through the Demanda fight and after as well. I see anywhere that Aaryn came to GM to help her feel better. GM has a lot of issues but loyalty is not one of them and her loyalty has split if not shifted.

      • Comments (651)

        “don’t see”

      • Comments (1288)

        So if Aaryan wins HoH next week you don’t think GM will be her BFF again and Elissa will be the cockroach about to feel their wrath? Perhaps.

  12. Comments (8)

    Spencer may just shape the future of this game after the veto comp, the biggest floater in the game, may become the most important player in the game!

  13. Comments (651)

    If Judd sticks with the F2 with Elissa then Spencer won’t have any idea. The plan is to get Spencer and GM to the F4 with them. As long as Spencer thinks he and Judd are going after the girls he’ll follow Judd.

  14. Comments (140)

    For anyone else wanting the GM and Amanda tiff.

  15. Comments (651)

    I just had a thought. If POV started shortly after the HGs woke up then their meds won’t have had time to kick in.

  16. Comments (651)

    Okay this site is called Big Brother Junkies and I’m dying for my BB fix!! Who won VETO????

  17. Comments (2)

    I personally think Amanda is a great player of the game. As an avid BB fan, I would be disgusted to see someone like GM or spencer in final 2

  18. Comments (118)

    Thankfully Elissa doesn’t have her sisters Rachel’s laugh. That meeting Elissa had with Amanda was hilarious. It was like the bad wayward employee meeting the boss and sticking up for herself and the boss gets the giggles. McRae comes in says nothing and chews on his fingers and leaves with her.

  19. Comments (78)

    Can’t wait to see Amanda leave. Oh it would be so nice. Love love Elissa now. She was wsys doing what Helen told her to do. And now she’s stepping out and taking over. So proud of you Elissa. Way to go GiRL!!!!

  20. Comments (453)

    POV is taking so long because they can’t get Amanda out from behind the garbage can!

  21. Comments (13)

    Man, Seems like this POV is taking forever. Excited to hear the results

  22. Comments (610)

    POV must be quite the challenge this week; it’s taking a long time. I hope, hope, hope, that it goes well for Elissa’s plan. We need to see some real game & not revert back to Mcranda control.

  23. Comments (875)

    I wonder if Zingbot made an appearance, and then they had the POV competition??? I really want to know the outcome of the POV, I also hope thing go Elissa’s way!

  24. Comments (195)

    I KNEW IT AMANDA WON VETO. Maybe what I mentioned early about hearing that it looks like she is going to leave than something happens. This is AWFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Comments (2)

    Omg did Amanda win the pov?

  26. Comments (1288)

    This is the perverse nature of the game, what can go wrong usually will LOL. Now will Elissa put up Andy or Spencer?

  27. Comments (682)

    Amanda won Veto. Crap!!

  28. Comments (407)

    I wonder who Elissa will put up now?

  29. Comments (13)

    Amanda WON Veto. Please say its not so. This this true?

  30. Comments (71)

    Put up Andy the rat!!!

  31. Comments (487)

    Just watched the Amanda begging session with Elissa. Now Amanda feels like everyone else did in this position. Too bad, so sad. Karma!

  32. Comments (4)

    Yup, Amanda won. Which means she cannot be backdoor and she will take her boytoy off the block. Elissa should put up Andy as replacement.

  33. Comments (13)

    Well I wonder if Elyssa will honor the two week deal with Andy and put him up. She’s doesn’t have too many choices. I can’t see her putting up Spencer and wasting her HOH on a floater.

    • Comments (1162)

      Elissa just told GM that she is going to put up Andy.

      • Comments (13)

        Well thats good that she told GM to put up Andy. Now we get to watch Andy break down. I think he will have a nervous break down being on the block. Whoever goes home is fine with me. Thats one less vote for Amanda. This will even out the house. And we all can hate on Amanda for one more week.

      • Comments (226)

        Apparently he’s been melting down for real and for fake all afternoon

  34. Comments (2)

    She will not use it . Right?

  35. Comments (407)

    This is one veto ceremony I am not looking forward to. I will have to have a barf bucket ready!

  36. Comments (195)

    Hopefully she will put up Andy. Would not matter to me which one goes but I think if Elissa has any chance of staying next week it would probably be better if Andy went. But, Aaryn flip flops and gets so paranoid all the time that she will probably just go crawling back to McCranda. Have a funny feeling that no matter what Elissa is in big trouble next week. Now the only saving grace might be if there was a diamond power of veto or a Pandora’s box that could maybe keep her safe. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. The money at the end can only go to the only person left in the house that is not a racist or poor use of a human being which is only Elissa.

    After watching the HOH comp over and over again and now with Amanda winning veto it is getting harder and harder not to think some things are rigged or adjusted for a better outcome. It blatantly looked like both Candace and Helen jumped off. And like I said I watched it over and over because I do not want to believe this to be true. Gosh I hope I am wrong. I always give the benefit of the doubt but as I said it is getting harder and harder to do so.

    If this is true than the show should then just be called Big Brother Scripted not Big Brother reality show because there will be no reality to it! I am just so mad right now lol…….uGGGGGGGGH

    • Comments (103)

      I can’t wait till Elissa get eliminated. She floated all game and only now came to life in the game. I just don’t understand how the “public” loves her so much!

  37. Comments (357)

    I’m SHOCKED! The person who couldn’t win herself out of a paperbag even when handed to her. Wins the most important POV EVER this season? I’m sticking to my conspiracy theory! Those late night coachings in the DR FINALLY paid off. Great job BB! You would be lucky to even hit the ratings scale next year if Amanda wins! Unbelievable….no wonder they didn’t get booze this time. They needed Amanda to have some cognitive sense about her! Ugghhhhhh!

  38. Comments (4)

    If you believe the rumor mill of Amanda winning BB15 then this just adds to the conspiracy theory

  39. Comments (25)

    The evil things that spew out of Amanda’s mouth appall me. It is a GAME and she says things like I want to punch her (GM) in the face with brass knuckles and she wants Elissa to die and that she (E) can eat her $hit with a spoon. I mean really, come on. She is just an evil person. So much hatred and anger. She has issues!!

  40. Comments (23)

    I can’t believe production let’s Amanda talk like she does! She is one evil woman…So cold hearted!!! Boy, how things turn on s dime! She was weeping last night, literally begging for her life! Now she is ready to stab Elissa in the back! I hope Elissa has a back up plan!

  41. Comments (195)

    Just when I think Amanda can not get any grosser she just blew her nose in the towel she has on her head and keeps it on. Took it off now and is wiping her face with it. ewwwwww

  42. Comments (651)

    Okay someone please talk to me about Pandora’s Box and if you think it will happen. I need something–anything to keep me watching this season.

  43. Comments (1288)

    If Elissa had really wanted to get Amanda she would have been better served to put up GM and Aaryan then kept her mouth shut until the opportunity to backdoor her came along.

    Instead she played the Her Royal Highness route, stirred up the bee’s nest and got stung. Why didn’t she plan for this possibility?

  44. Comments (23)

    I don’t think they will do Pandora’s Box so soon considering they just brought back a juror.

  45. Comments (22)

    I don’t think I can take another week of watching the two of them in bed. Did not anyone see last night when Amanda and the boy toy had Andy waiting on them. 1st the Advil, than Amanda’s ice cream. I can just imagine what their parents do for them at home. Lazy!!!!! They are loser. Is this the best CBS can do?????

  46. Comments (1)

    WOW, okay I just watched some BB15 “after dark” and I do not blame Elissa for behaving snobby towards any of these people, quite honestly they are all really mean and just constantly trash her. I sincerely hope Andy goes home and then Mcreanda and Aaryn.. used to think they weren’t so bad especially Andy but hearing them talk about shit all the time has seriously turned me off of them..and Spencer is just a waste of BB house space and food. He will never in a million years win even if he does by some chance get to the final 2 all he has done all summer is say vulgar inappropriate thing. Elissa + Judd FOR THE WIN.

  47. Comments (195)

    Steve, Elissa was joking to try and get a rise out of Amanda which she did saying everyone threw her the veto. This happened around I think 7:30 bbt. Elissa did this because she caught on to what Amanda is up to with faking saying they are going to vote out Andy. Elissa is still putting up Andy but telling him she isn’t until the last minute so Amanda can’t dream up some other story to tell to try and convince her not to put up Andy. It has been a great night for the feeds. Just when you think it is going to be slow all hell breaks loose lol.

    • Comments (65)

      I, in no way approve of the vile things Amanda says or does, but I don’t think what Elissa said to GM about Amanda’s pregnancy was called for at all! Of all the people in the house, as a mother, I expected she would know better than to bring kids into this game. Yes, Amanda did it with Elissa’s son, but that doesn’t mean than it is okay for the “holier-than-thou” Elissa to stoop to that level and make ill comments about a baby Amanda lost….so not cool or CLASSY….it’s disgusting.

      • Comments (401)

        It sounded to me like Amanda got a positive pregnancy test and shortly thereafter started her period. Technically a miscarriage but not usually devastating unless you’ve been trying and trying to get pregnant. It’s why many women keep it to themselves until they’ve passed that point. Was it a nasty thing to say? Absolutely. Would we know anything about it if Amanda hadn’t told everyone she mistakenly got pregnant? No.

      • Comments (65)

        True, Amanda told everyone, but it still shouldn’t have been used as ammunition to get a rise out of her…just like Amanda shouldn’t have said anything about Elissa’s husband or son. I understand, this is a game and sometimes you have fight a little dirty, but there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed for ANY reason….race, religion, sexuality, violence towards another (like Amanda’s comment about raping and killing Jessie), and anything related to kids and family/friends outside of the house. It is in very poor taste, and quite frankly, appauling, disgusting behavior.
        I also can’t get over how much these people talk trash about each other. It is like watching a bunch of high school girls, it is insane!

  48. Comments (195)

    oops almost forgot…Elissa also told Judd they should do that every week from now on to Amanda. Find something that will set her off and just keep going on and on about it. Gotta like this girl for that….we all want to see Amanda squirm a little right lol.

  49. Comments (1)

    Come on people, you know that Amanda really wants Andy off, they just want Ellisa to think they don’t keeping Aaryn will be a slap in Ellisa’s face. The show is getting to predictable, I can’t believe they are allowing a disgusting cast like this to stay on the air. Would love to see Amanda evicted but I believe now the show is rigged, to bad I really liked big brother, if Amanda does win won’t ever watch it again. Give it to someone that really deserves it like Judd. Not to a fat lazy slob like Amanda and her new beau. (gross)

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