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Big Brother 15 – Saturday Updates

bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)
It’s Britney Haynes v2.0, minus the personality

Not much really happened last night after I wrote my Hurricane Amanda thread, so I skipped the morning recap and now just doing the Saturday Updates thread.   The house is already up and players have been picked for the veto competition:

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GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Spencer, Andy will be playing for the veto competition today, but this is another challenge that means very little.  The house would be fine with Amanda or McCrae going home, so regardless who wins, they’ll get their way.  The only way anything could change is if they somehow convince GinaMarie to put Elissa on the block if one of them is removed.   I don’t see that happening at all, so this competition isn’t really too important.

With that said, I wonder if GinaMarie realizes she’s the Britney from BB12’s ‘Brigade’?   Sure, Britney is prettier, funnier and had a much better personality, but 1 girl / 3 guy alliances don’t really seem to go very well for the girl in it.  GinaMarie is doing one hell of a job playing for 4th place, but to her credit, that’s about 10 places higher than I expected her to finish.  Just don’t expect to see her back in future seasons as a coach, that’s for sure.

Time for some updates:

10:20am – The Exterminators are up in the HoH discussing plans for the PoV competition today.  GM still has a bum foot so they don’t expect much from her, but they’re still working out an order to drop from the competition based on Amanda and McCrae.

PS – Spencer and Judd are out of their chicken suits.  Am I missing something?  It hasn’t been 48 hours yet… isn’t that what Julie said the other night?

10:35am – The crew talking about how dirty Amanda and McCrae have been this year.

12:00pm – Feeds are down for the veto competition.  I am trying to unclog my tub so I may be a little late when they return.  Hope not

1:45pm – Still on trivia.  Good thing because I had to call a plumber.   🙁


2:05pm – Feeds are back, Amanda does not look very happy.

McCrae won the PoV


2:12pm – Sounds like it was a knockout type of competition because Amanda said ‘I don’t know why Andy kept picking me’.  It sounds like Andy had to show his cards during the competition, so now they’re going to realize he’s flipped.

It sounds like Spencer will be going up as a pawn because GM refuses to put up Elissa.

2:30pm – Andy is going to explain why he kept picking Amanda during the competition. He said he just didn’t know what to do, he was scared, blah blah.  If they believe him after watching what he did to Helen, they deserve to go home.

3:00pm – Andy, Judd, Elissa and GinaMarie are all chatting.  I can’t quite tell if Elissa is drunk or not

(keep checking back for updates)


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  1. Comments (45)

    GM fell in the DR and the medics came.

  2. Comments (378)

    Lmao 😀 *singing…its a mans world 😛

    So after months of watching the ladies take control and mess up everything its now time for dudes to do what they do best…..laff at ya and win 🙂 hummmm kinda like in da real world huh?? Zinnnnnnng lol

    • Comments (111)

      So many things wrong with this comment, so little time to correct it.

    • Comments (30)

      watch the winning male take his girl of the block, and then see how you feel about it!!!! I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • Comments (120)

        NEXT THEN THE WEEK AFTER ANDY THE RAT CAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (5)

        I agree with Tara. Amanda has to go, then McCray, then rat fink, double agent Andy.

        Amenda has been the meanest, craziest, bi-polar type person ever on BB. All she needs is for any HG to get right back in her face big time and she will bring on the tears.

  3. Comments (302)

    Agreed about Gina Marie … it would probably be in her & Judd’s best interest now to be more loyal to their alliance with Elissa than the Exterminators. Elissa seems to be the only one with her blinders off about Andy being a ratfink bastard. She is one observant enough to see Andy working both sides of the house and warns Judd about it. Instead of keeping that info close to the vest Judd runs off and tells Andy what Elisa said. I guess when an Exterminator lets a rat run free in the house he’s going to have to pay for it.

    • Comments (378)

      Elissas a loser….n I mean all the way. Cant wait to see that grill of hers in 15 years blah puke 😛 lol

      • Comments (286)

        Hit wrong space sorry beans.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m sure “Me” was loving the house late night as Amanda took the lone bottle of wine and drank out of it not allowing Elissa to have any. The men just sit around stone cold quiet and let this bullying go on and on. What a pathetic example of manhood on display. Gina Marie the only one with balls enough to put Amanda on the block while the rest of you still worry what she might do to you. Are you afraid you’ll lose Amanda’s jury vote? Stand up and act like men and maybe you’ll win a few jury votes too.

      • Comments (832)

        Amandaflew off the handle those couple of nights when Elissa had more wine than Amanda & Amanda had to point it out to everyone that E had more. Now Amanda downs a whole bottle & all is well. Amanda has done everything she accuses everyone else of, but it must be “different” whenAmanda does those things. Many of the HG’s can’t seem to live without their alcohol!

      • Comments (6)

        I would be in dire need of alcohol if I had to deal with some of those people to lol

    • Comments (1)

      Andy really annoys me! He is just a RAT in every way possible.

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (17)

        Perfect order! I will actually celebrate if it goes like that! Here’s hoping..

      • Comments (17)

        He is such a wimpy piece of crap. He has gone above & beyond being annoying! I can’t stand him!!!

    • Comments (86)

      For the life of me I cant figure out or understand why they (exterminators) are letting Andy play on both sides.McNasty might win hoh. I would want him to know about Andy turning on him so he would target the rat and not me. That would be the first I said to McNasty and Demanda.

    • Comments (120)

      ANDY IS A RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AFTER MCREA AND AMANDA GO IT’S

    • Comments (120)


    • Comments (14)

      Omg I can’t andy anymore if there’s anyone out there that knows him personally will they bitch slap the shot out of him for me

  4. Comments (191)

    I hope McIdiot wins the veto and Elissa is put up in his place. That would be the most entertaining for us

  5. Comments (1)

    I hate how they are keeping Elissa out if there plan!
    Next up get Andy the RAT out then Spencer the floater…
    I hope McCranda doesn’t get the veto

    • Comments (90)

      Spencer could have one a couple of comps that were thrown.
      He doesn’t tattle like andy and judd.
      He can hold his temper. He was loyal to Howard.
      He is really likable in the Diary Room.

      Andy IS a rat!
      search youtube:
      Big Brother 15: The Saga Ep.9

      • Comments (111)

        I love Wil’s parody series!

      • Comments (61)

        Sorry Susie but Spencer is 1 Big Fat Tattle Tailing Rat!!! He runs & tells Amanda or McCrae Everything!!! He has done it several times Today already – Spencer joined the Rat Club with Andy!!! Elissa, Judd & Gina Marie a Perfect Final 3 =D =D

    • Comments (120)


      • Comments (1288)

        Loyal? When her alliance changed the target from Aaryan to Kaitlin Elissa tried to sink the deal by telling Kaitlin. When her alliance wanted Howard out she tried to backstab them and get Amanda out. When her alliance wanted Candice out she tried to backstab them and get Amanda out – again. That is not loyal at all.

        Elissa is a very selfish and fake player, she thought Aaryan and GM were freaks she didn’t want to sit next to and now GM is her BFF.

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (1288)

        She certainly stuck be Helen because it was Elissa’s stupidity that got her sent to Jury. And she may have put up McCrae but that didn’t exactly split them up did it? Elissa cried about what a mistake that was. She is elitist, derisive and a snob. She should have gone home week 1 and would have without the unfair advantage of MVP nominations.

      • Comments (52)

        First, no one forced the HGs to evict the MVP noms. Elissa was kept in the house at the beginning of the game because Amanda and Helen wanted to use Elissa’s MVP to their own advantage to get rid of stronger players when they couldn’t take control of the noms by winning HoH.

        Secondly, Elissa isn’t the reason Helen got voted out. She formed an alliance with Amanda, took control of the house, then relied on Andy to be her ace in the hole to protect herself from Amanda when she (Helen) decided it was time to rip their alliance apart. Helen’s downfall was her own lack of observation by not seeing Andy for what he is – and – by not voting out Amanda when she had the chance (several times).

      • Comments (1288)

        Wow, you conveniently forget Elissa trying to sink the save Aaryan over Kaitlin plan…or trying to get Amanda out instead of Howard … or trying to get Amanda out instead of Candice. Helen’s association with Elissa is what put them on the block and Helen out.

        You do have it right that Elissa was saved the first week to lock down the MVP noms. Helen should have cut her loose when she became useless.

      • Comments (4)

        Tara sweetie, you’re yelling turn your caps-lock and we’ll get your point just as well without it. 🙂

  6. Comments (13)

    bout time someone did something. they should have done this so long ago. you cant let a power couple stay in the house as long as you did. i hope mccrea wins and takes himself off the block. now that would be good tv to see her face when he does that. and then she gets sent packing. oh that woud be just so good. i would love that so much!!!!!!!!!

  7. Comments (651)

    If one of them comes down I hope GM puts Rat Dog up. I’m so hoping she’s not buying the crap he’s selling.

  8. Comments (40)

    but if they don’t put andy up in place of one of the mcnastys and puts up elissa,, that would suck….. they know andy is a rat,, just get out Amanda and mccrae today,, and put up the other and andy next week, then take it from there….. elissa might even be gracious enough to tell them to send her to jury when it gets down to the wire,,, not before.. oh hell no.. but she is a great adversary to git it dun
    its almost 2 pm eastern time,, when does the comp start?

    • Comments (378)

      You do know the point is to win right? ….morons! Id laff for days if the veto is used n Elissa goes home before Amanduh just sayn…Keep Andy cuz he cant win, the jury should know better than that 🙂 I hope Spencer wins 😛 hetero males rule the planet 🙂 just sayn lol

      • Comments (37)

        Lets not forget Andy and Spencer using the C word in reference to certain women. Andy about Elissa last night while throwing more dirt to McCranda. Yeah, hetero males rule when it comes to proving how small both their heads are when it comes to having to use them…losers both! “just saying lol.”

      • Comments (378)

        Fine be ignorant of how silly you are n how far removed from reality youvw become idk 😛 lmfao

      • Comments (56)

        A little touchy aren’t you? Feeling like the shoe fit? We were talking about Hetero men (your topic) and I said some had small heads…which small head applied to you for you to get all squeaky about?

      • Comments (1076)

        pot meet kettle…..

      • Comments (56)

        please put mirror down. You shouldn’t be doing two things at once!

      • Comments (378)

        Different personas eh????? Lmao ok wackjob 😀

      • Comments (1162)

        “Spot On” when referring to Me and his low class group of “hetero males.”

      • Comments (34)

        I think “me” is another user (won’t mention her name S) off her meds, just saying…

      • Comments (768)

        Nailed it! 🙂

      • Comments (453)

        wording, spelling, attacks, been the same as about three other names, that disappear after a few days, then a new one pops up. So, who’s mom are u Me?

      • Comments (34)

        Right @ rob and peggi

      • Comments (1076)

        Oh no, I am not taking the fall for this one. “Me” is an idiot who just says crap to rile people up. I try to add humor, a little insight and irreverence to the conversation. None of my personas would ever be an illiterate ape. .smiley emoticon…..

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao sticks N stones homoz!! 😛

      • Comments (90)

        Everybody needs to play nice. We are not in the BBHouse!

      • Comments (357)

        Come on suzyq, cnoodleman, or whatever you call yourself these day. i had faith in you, but then you cant fix stupid! keekee and Rob… you are spot on!

      • Comments (1076)

        I am a lot of things but not stupid. Don’t call me names. THAT jerk is not I. I would never speak to people that way. Enough already with the assumptions, OK? Give me a break!

      • Comments (34)

        @ nqb1234 AWESOME!

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao you cant bully me u bloated r3tardz! 😀

      • Comments (166)

        I totally agree!!!!!

      • Comments (166)

        I’m agreeing with MM, KeeKee & Rob!! It all sounds very familiar.

      • Comments (4)


    • Comments (90)

      Splitting them up is great, but not on the same day.
      I hope Amanda is out to jury house next, followed by Andy.
      Let’s see McR play his game without Amanda for awhile.

    • Comments (30)

      it’s double eviction week… get both of them out !!

  9. Comments (357)

    GMs best move is to align with Elissa and get judd on board!

    • Comments (357)

      And with a split vote in the air….Amanda can def get moved out at the hands of GM! Spencer sucks at comps and Andy…well I’m still trying to figure out how he won HOH! Elissa, GM, and judd could dominate that house until finale if they worked together. But judds still sticking to his boys that had no problem getting him out the first time! McCrae is the NON MF factor he walked into the house to be. He’s no Ian!

      • Comments (233)

        Disappointed in Judd.

      • Comments (407)

        Me too, Vic. I thought he and Elissa were working together, but it seems he has turned on her and is staying with the Exterminators. He may be surprised when he finds out GM, Andy and Spencer want him and Elissa out and they don’t care in what order.

      • Comments (120)


        Judd needs to use his brain and get with GM and Elissa.
        Andy the rat and Spencer will send him down the river.

      • Comments (302)

        Judd is just too stupid to see it. While the jury members were playing to get back in the house Helen was sharing info during the comp and warned them that Andy is a rat. Judd already knows Andy lied in his face earlier in the game. Elissa warning Judd that Andy is working both sides of the house now. For God Sakes Judd do you need a notarized statement from the Rats R Us club for it to sink into your thick skull.

    • Comments (226)

      Yep-and if Amanda or McCrae come off the block put up Andy!!!!!!!

      • Comments (1162)

        A faultless suggestion ……
        : )

      • Comments (56)

        YES YES YES! Little A-Rat needs to be reminded his game is dead. GM may be smarter than the average player when it has come to holding her hand close and keeping game play out of lime light. Judd is good, too. Andy is eager to show how clever a rat he is and that has been played out and his rat maze has hit a dead end.

      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (1076)

      Dear nqb1234…..This “Me” person is not me! This person doesn’t even sound like me and I haven’t had my hands on any technology until about 4:30 today. I have never spoken to people that way. I may be overbearing and strident at times but I would never slander women and homosexuals. Rob, I am disappointed in you. You have been excellent at knowing when it is me. If you think I am “Me”, I kind of feel insulted. This guy is a jerk.

      • Comments (378)

        No picking sides or anything 😀 but THAT ONE spews more hate than a manhating feminist rally on pink ribbon day at Julie Chens house lmao 😀

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao I’m also disappointed in rOb ….the stairs look treacherous? ?? What are ya a homO??? Lmfao 😀

      • Comments (768)

        Okay so Lloyd this is you…. as I suspected for awhile. Let’s see… lloydA, santiagoN, feltso gudinya, cnoodleman, suzyq, and now Me. Nice try. And after I was starting to like your posts and give you a thumbs up on some of them you post this? gfy

      • Comments (34)

        And three others. I suspect there are more… awkward

      • Comments (1076)

        It is 4:08 AM ET and I am posting for the first time since about 6:30 PM yesterday. What would make you think that idiot is me? Is stevebeans able to see our email addresses and URL’s? Can he clear this up for us? What can I do to prove to you that this vermin is not me. I was thinking it might be someone who is trying to get back at me for goofing around at times, but it seems out of character for the most of you, and too clever and calculating for this person. I even like sizzors. Why would I do this? I have admitted each time you have nailed me and have been quite impressed up till now of your ability to follow my speech cadences and writing style and get me every time. I don’t know how to get the smiley and sad faces (emoticons) on my computer and this clown has them all through the posts he/she sends. This person is vile and uses words I would never use. Seriously, have any of my posts ever been stupid. This person is trying to ruin your good time and I have only tried to belong. My crime is being too verbose at times, like now, but I was out all night and this has been gnawing at the back of my brain all evening. And, I have never been mean to any if you. Well, I don’t know what else to say but I am sorry that you think I could stoop so low. I have created full blown characters to portray on the posts, not wackadoo morons. I thought we were getting along. Goodnight and good luck, Lloyd…..

      • Comments (378)


      • Comments (357)

        Awwww suzyq. this is the not feisty person that I am growing to like. Sometimes a joke goes too far and in all honesty. I thought you could take it. Suck it up girlfriend and move on! Let your haters be your motivators, but in moderation. When you pull it out? You pull it out! Be that person without the over the top sarcastic. I think that some people appreciate the sneak peaks that we get of the REAL suzyq. I went back to all my recent posts and realized though I may not have called you that vile person, i assumed you might be. That’s not your character and your more intelligent to construct a decent sentence and not gibberish. Again i apologize if my joking has hurt you in anyway and I wil TRY my best to be better. As long as you try to respect others replies with constructive criticism. Deal? Just got off of work and this is getting deep…..don’t let a few stop you from enjoying this site, because clearly you do. Otherwise you would never have come back! (-:

      • Comments (357)

        @ME….You chose the perfect name to use on here!

      • Comments (357)

        @Suzyq…not sure when I accused you of this, but my apologies if i did. He/she is a nutcase and I wouldn’t want to be associated with him/her either!

      • Comments (1076)

        Thanks for believing it is not me. I was really upset that Rob thought it was me because he has been so keen and insightful and has picked me out under every name I have posted. I was just taken aback when he thought I was this jerk and I thought you were all agreeing with him. There is nothing smart or clever or original or funny about “this persons” posts and I felt bad that I was accused. My flights of fantasy and characters does not include someone with such limited vocabulary and wit. It is very early Sunday morning and I must get some sleep. Thanks again and have a nice Sunday.

      • Comments (233)

        I like your posts usually and sometimes I love them, but your objectivity annoys me at times. We like to find someone at least somewhat decent to cheer for in the house. Slim pickin’s this year. I don’t think you’re ME, don’t really care who that is, I ignore posts that are stupid or repetitive.

      • Comments (1076)

        I don’t really like anyone in the house this year. Everyone seems to be a stereotype instead of a real person. Also, because of my schooling and career I have been browbeaten to be objective at all times so my conclusions are not tainted with subjective thought. But, you are right, it takes some of the fun out of watching BB. The best case scenario is that Elissa wins the money and donates her winnings to a non-profit organization like St. Judes.

    • Comments (120)


    • Comments (233)

      I think it’s looking like the males are going to make a run to the end, dumping Amanda, GM and Elissa as quickly as possible. Andy, Judd, McCrae each will probably try to keep Spencer for the F2. Classic BB. Sucks, but didn’t expect this to be a lousy end. No one to root for Elissa, and we all know the reasons so many are annoyed by her. Still a sliver of hope Judd will surprise is, but not much chance.

  10. Comments (2)

    It’s a known fact that Amanda is friends with BB’s producer Allison Grodner and that the game was rigged for Amanda to win. Google it and see for yourselves. That is also the reason that Amanda has been allowed to harass and bully Elissa and CBS didn’t put a stop to it. I know there is no such thing as “reality” tv and that it is just entertainment. I have watched Big Brother from the very beginning and I am DISGUSTED on how the show and CBS allowed this to play out. I wouldn’t count Amanda out yet. Yes, I hope that vile woman goes and if she does, it’s because of the MASS emails and complaints (along with a Petition to CBS) to get Amanda removed from the house. The petition can be seen @ CBS made a big deal about Aaryn’s racist remarks (and rightly so) but they have yet to talk about Amanda’s. If you don’t have the live feeds, go to youtube and check it out. Earlier this summer, GinaMarie was terminated from a job as a pageant coordinator and Aaryn lost a modeling contract and magazine spokesperson gig, both for hateful and racist comments. Last week, Spencer’s employer reported him to authorities for things he said on camera, but his employment status isn’t as black and white since he’s union. (Spencer made some comments about child pornography and other disgusting comments as well).

    Now Amanda’s position as a realtor is being questioned due to an inactive real estate license. Before the show, her license was active and now it is not. However, without an official statement or an understanding of how the real estate world works, it’s hard to say if she has or hasn’t been fired since appearing on Big Brother.

    • Comments (407)

      It’s nowhere near a known fact that the game is rigged for Amanda. That is one of the most absurd comments I’ve seen. The rumor has spread based on some anonymous facebook status that has no proof behind it.

      People have taken that status message and morphed it into some sort of fact that has 0 validity behind it. If and when Amanda goes home this week or next, there will be a lot of crow to eat

      • Comments (378)

        ……or you can say If Amanduh doesnt win becuz of a trumped up hate squad campaign fueled by jealous cows hellbent on screwing with things they dont understand, then an in justice has occured 🙂

      • Comments (2)

        CBS and Big Brother are both guilty of allowing this kind of behavior. Rigged or not, it’s disgusting! Racism, gay slurs, harassment, bullying, child pornography and graphic discussions about killing or injuring housemates is allowed. Shame on both Big Brother and CBS! I’m still curious as to why Big Brother has NOT made a big deal or even mentioned Amanada’s comments which are WORSE than Aaryn’s! Makes you wonder why. Perhaps the game is rigged…just saying.

      • Comments (90)

        Don’t recall the exact season, but I do think CBS has told houseguests thru DR in the past that certain things are inappropriate and warned them against fighting words.
        Maybe it was the season with the handsome middle-east guy and the lesbian?

      • Comments (378)

        Mmmmmmmmm lesbianZ 😀 lol

      • Comments (357)

        You are BEYOND ignorant!

      • Comments (56)

        It is do to lack of blood flow to both his “brains”. Poor little things.

      • Comments (55)

        Ignore ME. Whoever it is just wants to get a rise out of people. Skip over those comments.

      • Comments (1076)

        Rob #2 is right. A oron is a moron is a moron. Ignore this jerk.

      • Comments (10)

        ME seems like a male … maybe a eunuch?

      • Comments (2)

        I would be happy to eat crow if she would just GO HOME!

      • Comments (79)

        Yeah like nothing like that could ever happen in the real world.

    • Comments (1)

      I don’t have the live feeds but I youtubed it and WOW…Amanda is WAY WORSE than Aaryn! If Amanda wins the POV, I will NEVER watch BB again! Amanda and Spencer are two of the most horrible, disgusting people ever!!!

    • Comments (52)

      I’m with Beans on this one. These internet rumors make for good conversation (if you enjoy a good conspiracy theory, which I do), but, these ‘facts’ are merely imagination run wild.

      We covered this last week with the rumor that Amanda had negotiated a backdoor settlement and was going to leave during the live show after a public apology. That didn’t happen because that rumor wasn’t true.

      This rumor is exactly the same as the other – imagination posted anonymously on the internet. (I met him on the internet, he’s a French model. Bonjour)

      I’ll say now what I said last week — CBS only cares about ratings! A billion dollar corporation could care less about the outcome of one game and would NOT risk its own well being (BB is a proven money maker) by rigging a GAME and having to deal with the fallout from that fiasco.

      What? You say that there will be fallout from viewers enraged by the racism, homophobia, etc? Well, you’re right. But, it’s not the same. No matter what you think about these seemingly vile contestants, none of them have violated the terms of their contract, so, none of them can be legally removed from the game. Plus – ANY PRESS IS GOOD PRESS. So, no matter what any of these douchebags does (and, I apologize to any douchebag who is offended by my use of this term in connection with people who have obvious, serious mental defects) they are all going to stay on the air until the natural course of the game sends them to jury, the finale comes and goes, and they finally head back to their respective lives (where a few of them will have to pay for their stupidity for years to come).

      That’s all I’ve got to say about that…

    • Comments (1076)

      A real estate license in Florida can’t become inactive just because you are not affiliated with a broker-manager. If you don’t take continuing education classes and you are not housed at a broker-dealer for 24 months, then the license becomes inactive.

      • Comments (30)

        I’m sure her acting career will falter.

      • Comments (23)

        If the rules and regs around real estate are anything like they are in Canada, then you may have a valid RE license, but if you are not affiliated with a brokerage, you are considered inactive. A sales rep cannot practice without a brokerage behind them. So if her brokerage decided to terminate her employment, it would automatically change her license status to inactive. Once (or should I say if) a brokerage decides to employ her, them she could reactivate her license. As I said, that’s if the process is anything like it is here in Canada.

    • Comments (120)


    • Comments (4411)

      @Cat: Amanda worked for her mother’s brokerage, which I believe came under Prudential (I think that’s the owner). As of a few weeks ago, Amanda’s Prudential webpage/site had been taken down with some sort of disclaimer (someone sent me the link from YouTube, I don’t have it anymore but I’m sure you can find it if you look). And as far as CBS not confronting her about her behavior, remember, she hasn’t been evicted yet. I’m sure Julie will address it in her exit interview, as she did Aryan.

  11. Comments (1)

    Amanda first then Elissa then Andy.

  12. Comments (162)

    Y don’t Elissa, GM and Spencer team up

    • Comments (651)

      Spencer hates women. He has shown this time and time again. He is still hoping for a guys alliance. And I really don’t want to see that Perv sitting at F2 with his hand down his pants like usual.

      • Comments (453)

        One hand in his pants the other up his nose

      • Comments (1076)

        I don’t think Spencer “hates” women. Like most men he is more comfortable with the guys. That’s just how some guys are. And Elissa is a real high maintenance kind of woman that turns Spencer and Judd off.

      • Comments (160)

        Considering the misogynistic comments he’s said throughout the show, I can’t believe he doesn’t hate women.

      • Comments (1076)

        He is sex obsessed and from the looks of it is spurned quite often. He wants women very much but I don’t think the feeling is mutual.

      • Comments (4411)

        @Kathy: I don’t believe he hates women, I believe he just loves his blow-up doll “Marilyn” more (I STILL don’t believe she’s real).

      • Comments (30)

        Dumb & Dumber, Judd & Spencer. GM & Elissa should stick together.

  13. Comments (4)

    Hope McCrae wins veto and Elissa. Goes. Home!

  14. Comments (83)

    Come on Elissa, u can win veto, leave noms the way they are and vote the skanky whore out, she stays she will be so pissed she will probaly win HOH, McNasty won’t know what to do without her giving him instructions, hopefully he can go next, if they both stay again they will be final 2.

    • Comments (10)

      The only thing better than Amanda & McCrea being on the block, would be Elissa winning the Veto to seal the deal!! Would LOVE to see the look on Amanda’s face then! I don’t know which one of them would cry more Amanda or her boy toy!!

      • Comments (17)

        Watching now (after McCrea won pov) & I’m actually ill over first Andy & McCrea pressuring GM to put Elissa up & now Amanda & Mc trying to make deals with GM & tell her shed be better of with them!!! It’s actually stressing me out bc GM looks like she may be interested! Please I need some input (really reassurance) from you other junkies!!!! I really am starting to believe this game is rigged!?! Wow Amanda must really have gotten under my skin for me to care about the outcome so much!!!!

      • Comments (90)

        Aaryn told her about 3AM. If GM has a brain, she would put up Andy.

      • Comments (1076)

        But Elissa is the biggest threat standing between GM and 500 thou. Why would she want to keep her?

      • Comments (4411)

        @Kayla: I feel the same way watching BBAD. The McScummies are tag teaming GM in the HOH about putting up Elissa. And they are both telling so many lies on her that it isn’t funny. What I can’t understand about any of these clowns is that they run from one to another telling all kinds of lies and nobody seems to have the sense to question them on it, they just take it at face value. I’m confrontational as hell, and if you come to me and tell me that someone said something about me, I’m gonna drag you to that person and they’re going to have to repeat that lie right to my face and the person they told it to. Yet, oddly enough, the only person I’ve ever see do this is Scumanda, the MAIN culprit. SMH

  15. Comments (10)

    i hopa Mccranda wins the vito i really want to know if shes dedicated to stink boy …bet she wouldn’t use it on him lol

  16. Comments (111)

    To be honest, Britney is kinda overrated 😛

    • Comments (9)

      Totally agree with this statement. Britney is not cute at all. I like GM’s looks and she’s honest to boot. Britney is too much of a gidget. Not sure why she was ever a coach. I’m sure GM could do a better job. Britney also has the personality of a napkin. GM finishing 4th… I see her finishing higher.

  17. Comments (2)

    Amanda is so terrified of McRae going to jury with other women that if she wins veto she very well might take him off the block. I cannot stand her but it is so pitiful to watch her ask him over and over to assure her he will move to Florida when they are done with BB. And if she takes him down and she goes out and he wins the money and does not come to Florida OMG….don’t want to be in the path of that wrath!!!!!!!

    • Comments (407)

      Amanda made the comment the other night that they do not need the money because she had 10K saved! Then she made another statement that she owed her boyfriend (ex by now I am sure), 1k. If you have 10K saved, why would you need to borrow 1K?? I think she has more loose marbles than we even realize.

      • Comments (1076)

        And, how far can 10K take two people who are unemployed? Not very far in the Boca/Delray area, that’s for sure.

      • Comments (407)

        I thought the same thing suzy. I’ve never lived in Boca Raton, however, I have vacationed there and that has been several years ago and since then, things have changed a lot. Much more expensive.

      • Comments (1076)

        New GL houses in west delray (about 8 miles west of the ocean) are STARTING at 600 thou up to about 2 mil. Custom homes are going for 5 mil and up. And this is delray, which used to be the reasonable choice just north of boca. It is crazy here, but also beautiful.

      • Comments (293)

        I thought her parents were multimillionaires.

      • Comments (1076)

        Her parents are still working people. They are well off but not wealthy. And even so, Amanda is not 12. She is an adult who has to earn her own living.

      • Comments (1162)

        Donald Trump is still working……….

        Amanda’s parents have been able to help her begin
        working in the Real Estate Profession, and she has
        certainly slapped them in the face with her behavior
        on BB15. Ungrateful Brat!

      • Comments (1076)

        Sharper than a serpent’s tooth is an ungrateful child……King Lear

    • Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
      Comments (74)

      Omg that’s it! She wasn’t being a martyr girlfriend, the bigger person by letting him stay. She just doesn’t want him alone with Jessie LMFAO!

      That relationship is doomed. He’s like a little mouse in the corner of the glass cage with no place to run and the snake is ready to eat him. The snake being Amanduh. Was getting off worth a half of million, Mccrae?

      I think he’s going to kick himself in the ass because he literally gave up his game for her. He might of liked it when he was getting ‘some’ but now that reality has set in he’s realized he threw his chance to win and he can’t get out of it. He dug himself a hole. I really believe Mccrea had a chance to win this because before Amanda f’ed his game he was a strong player mentally and physically. He had a level head in playing this game and look what happened? I don’t even see chemistry between them it looks more like fear! And I don’t feel sorry for him. You made your bed LAY IN IT with Amanda forever…….for….ev…….er. LOL

  18. Comments (162)

    If Judd doesn’t open his eyes he is going to gone again.. STOP telling Andy anything… Dang!!! Y r they keeping Amanda over McCrae? I’m sick of seeing her..

  19. Comments (27)

    Amanda has done the evil-Dick screaming and now the Dan I am done stuff so I can see her trying to blow up everyones game if she knows she is next to leave. We will see if her so called true-love with McStupid is like Brandon for Rachel if she wins POV and takes him off the block. She is a time bomb ready to explode soon!
    I would like to see Elissa-GM-Jud final 3

  20. Comments (8)

    So lets see how Andy handles this one

    • Comments (651)

      He’ll either curse out Elissa and/or cry because that’s what he does.

      • Comments (120)


    • Comments (111)

      Woahwoahwoah why is your picture a dog and not a scribble doodle monster!? :O

  21. Comments (124)

    McCrae is toast on Thursday unless he wins veto. I predict Ellisa wins next HOH and puts up Amanda and Andy (because everyone wants to be eligible to play in the HOH following this one so they’ll all throw it to Eillsa). They’re not even worried if Amanda wins HOH because they know she’ll go after Ellisa so winning HOH is a bad game move this Thursday. Agree?

    • Comments (90)

      Pizza boy was my favorite the first week.
      Amanda ruined him.

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda didn’t ruin he’s game–he did and he needs to own it. He talks about being a BB SuperFan so knows that showmances never make it to the F2. He saw that she was bullying everyone and turning jury votes against them but never even tried to distance himself from her. Maybe he was just so happy to have a female who would put up with his stench.

      • Comments (401)

        I think he knows that. He knew it before being put up.

      • Comments (124)

        I liked him too and was hoping he’d go far but he was toooooo weak. Not Amanad’s fault pizza boy was thinking with the wrong head.

      • Comments (120)


  22. Comments (316)

    “ME” for you and you for “ME” tea for two and two for tea. LOLLOLOLOL

    • Comments (316)

      Sorry Me, I couldn’t help myself. Every year there is always some foul mouth runt on these boards trying to ruin it for everyone else. This time I think it is YOU!

  23. Comments (768)

    Just watched BBAD from last night and was wondering if anyone else finds it rather ‘unusual’ for someone (McCrae) to eat a plate of food while sitting on their bed? Or taking the Bible into the toilet with you??

    • Comments (1162)

      No, I do, both, most all of the time.

      *McCrae should have considered praying while on the toilet BEFORE he
      took Amanda into the stall with him.

      • Comments (651)

        I have so been trying to forget that!!

      • Comments (56)

        Midwest Middie that so made this olein lady smile. Life is full of simple pleasures and those two things good for the soul.

      • Comments (56)

        Sorry for errors in text…have a new puppy who is trying to make up for all the shoes, mail, blankets he has destroyed sitting in my lap. How can one small dog wreck such havoc in so little time..he is cute, though.

      • Comments (1076)

        Did you buy the dog from a breeder or get it at the pound? I am dying to get a puppy but the breeders want so much money, I’m scared to buy one from a pet shop (puppy mill) and it is so had to get a puppy at the pound. Sorry I am off topic, but I am dying for a puppy. Older dogs always seem to have a lot of their past owners bad habits

      • Comments (18)

        We got our mixed breed dog from the pound when he was only 4 weeks old. Cute, sweet little boy. He is now 1 year old and 100 lbs. He doesn’t understand why he can’t sit in our laps anymore. We love him though. 🙂

      • Comments (1076)

        I am jealous. Every time I go to the pound they never have babies and I just walk around crying because I feel so sorry for all the dogs in the cages. I am exhausted by the time I get out of there.

      • Comments (1162)

        Visit an Animal Shelter and I guarantee, you will
        fall in love with the right pet for you and your

        BTW – IMO, most older dogs in the Shelters do not
        have any bad habits from their previous owners.
        They simply need someone to love them. Also,
        they can have an easier time than puppies
        adjusting to a new home

      • Comments (56)

        We adopted our dog from the spca shelter, she was older, about ten when we got her, she had a crooked little grin in the pic I looked at for two weeks till I caved in and made the trip to get her. Red doxie. New pup was not working out for owners and he needed a home where he could stay out of trouble. Black and tan doxie. Love um both, but the old girl is a lot more considerate of my things! The young one will keep us all on our toes, just needs some limits set and time to grow up. He got two old ladies to keep him on the “good dog” train! My husband just smiles and shakes his head, but he loves them, too.

      • Comments (1162)

        sizzors, I commend you for adopting a 10 year old dog.
        I’ll just bet you’ve become the love of her life.
        : )
        Having a new little puppy around is probably just
        the kind of “annoying” fun the older dog needs. Does
        the older one willingly share with the puppy? My guess
        is, Yes. Meanwhile the puppy probably claims “ownership”
        to whatever is close at hand. Lots of laughs come with
        having one dog for a pet and two brings double the fun.

      • Comments (1)

        We have adopted older dogs from the SPCA Shelter, we have rescued 5 dogs over the past 11 years. We adopted Pomeranian mix and a doxie mix recently after we lost out Chiuahaha and Cocker Spaniel. They were both older dogs when we rescued them. Our Pom mix, Dixie we saved at the 11th hour as she was being taken from her cage to be euthanized and I said I want her and she’s my best friend lol! As for BB, I like Judd, but this season has disappointed me…watched since the beginning!

      • Comments (1076)

        I am so afraid of falling in love with an older dog and then having only a few years with them. I have had my old heart broken too many times. But, I am sure I will go down the same path again very soon. My house is cleaner without a pet but my heart is emptier.

      • Comments (233)

        I’m exactly the same, too many dog losses over my lifetime. So for the past three years, we’ve been pet-less except for visits from grand-pets. Those visits seem to take care of the longing for my own pet. I know a family who acts as “foster parents” for dogs, and they love it. Of course, they have adopted some of those foster puppies. 🙂 I love the freedom of having the kids grown and the house to ourselves, free to leave at a moment’s notice if we wish. Ok, back to the backstabbing, filthy behavior of the BB House.

      • Comments (56)

        Thank you, and you are right on! The spca does a job that is never praised enough in helping dogs find forever homes. The first time thirty six years ago and I hope I live to adopt another after my sweet old lady passes so this young one gets a taste of frustration in his old age! I got to go shoe shopping……

    • Comments (453)

      Saw the plate on the nasty bed and gave my snack to the dog, gross!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Ever since I went to weight watchers years ago I have been trained to only use the bed for sleeping (and you know what else)….He is so lazy he should weigh 300 pounds. If I laid in bed all day I would be enormous.

      • Comments (378)

        …weight watcherz eh???? Of course lmao 😀

      • Comments (1076)

        What’s that supposed to mean? I had a problem with food and I sought out help to fix my problem. I can now eat out like a normal person and my health has never been better. You are despicable and ruining every ones time here. Sod off you twit.

  24. Comments (4)


  25. Comments (45)

    POLL: If the final two are Elissa and GinaMarie who would you pick to win??

    • Comments (316)


    • Comments (226)

      That’s a hard one. May depend on how either of them play out the last few weeks….

    • Comments (407)

      Casey, I would definitely pick Elissa. GM is again badmouthing Candice and talking filth about her to Andy and Judd. I think she sometimes forgets there is a camera recording them 24/7 or maybe it makes her somehow feel superior to put people down. My opinion of her just keeps getting lower and lower although I do appreciate her putting McCranda on the block. GM said she would consider her (GM), Judd or Andy as Americas Player. Andy commented he would be enraged if Elissa gets it. I certainly don’t think there are too many people right now that would vote for GM due to her racist comments and foul mouth, and I think Andy the floater is going to be very surprised to find out what people really think of him. Zingbot hit it right on the head!!

    • Comments (1076)


    • Comments (17)

      GM would make the most out of her money AND while her racist comments made her a target for America, as the season has gone on, she does has shown to have a good heart, just ignorant and sheltered.
      She also shows that she can win and also put up people that need to go. Remember the comment about Helen, She forgot that she was Asian.

      • Comments (12)

        I don’t understand all this new found “GM love” simply because we all dislike Amanda much more. SallyD you (and many others) have a short memory, and don’t remember how awful GM has been this entire season. I will not praise a racist because she makes a good BB game move.

    • Comments (120)

      BUT I WOULD LIKE GM TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (36)

      Well, kinda like Ellisa, kinda like GM. BOTH in spite of some “off” behavior during the season………….. Guess I’d hafta pick GM. Seems like Ellisa really doesn’t need the money, her sister already won, seems enough for one family, 🙂 and GM really DOES seem as though she could do with a helping hand. (Really………. Howard, but it’s WAAAYY to late for that one!)

    • Comments (90)

      “POLL: If the final two are Elissa and GinaMarie who would you pick to win??”


  26. Comments (1162)

    Who knew McCrae would become lazier after being put up on the Block?
    Is he trying to gain sympathy from the other HGs?
    He sulks while Amanda cries and shouts. Sheesh!
    What a pair.

  27. Comments (316)

    E L I S S A

  28. Comments (9)

    Hi: Excuse me if this has already been said. I read on one of the sites that McCrea was in theatre of somekind and now I realize where I recognize him from. The was a cartoon about a dog called “Skooby Doo” and the dogs best friend was some idiot with long dirty hair, had a problem stringing three intelligent words together, was lazy and was bossed around by a dog.
    I just know it was McCrea.

  29. Comments (651)

    Looks like veto comp is on. Even if Demanda wins this one there won’t be any gloating because then she would have to decide whether to save herself or McStinky and risk her rat going on the block as well.

  30. Comments (1162)

    The Veto Comp is ON!!!

  31. Comments (32)

    I just wonder, based on how close Amanda got to Elissa in an openly threatening manner, just how close security is just in case Amanda were to truly “lose it” and start a physical altercation.

    Anyone else notice how really bad she looked in the DR; pale and unkempt. Knowing that you are on national TV with international potential most of the houseguest have really worked hard to always “look their best”. Seeing Amanda is that state is more telling about her level of emotional stability than anything else.

    Bottom line – she is unstable and unpredictable. Meds or not, if she were in my unit I would not leave her unattended based on my observations for fear that she may harm herself or someone else. And she is only going to become more unhinged as the week goes on and she really comes to realize just how little power she has now and that her game is over.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree Gern and even more so when she gets to Jury House. I am very concerned that she could totally lose it & go off on someone in either house. More so with Elissa though since Amanda has made so many threats against her, most of them specifically about what she would “do” to her physically.

      • Comments (407)

        Marie, I thought about Amanda going to the jury house and what she might try to do, but I think she is outnumbered if she tried any physical stuff. I don’t think Helen would step on an ant, but Candice, Aaryn and Jessie just may be mad enough to take her on. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it did….I WISH I WAS A FLY ON THE WALL!!

      • Comments (610)

        excellent points jojo! So, CBS/BB please take the hints & put in a couple of 24/7 cameras in Jury House. I can’t imagine Amanda totally changing her personality over night once she arrives there.

    • Comments (768)

      Not that I want to defend Amanda, but she did say that they wanted her to take her makeup off for her diary room sessions. I’m not sure if that was for continuity so they could mesh it with an earlier DR session, or they just want her to look nuttier all the time. She looks more bedraggled all the time.

  32. Comments (10)

    Players for the POV Competition: Ginamarie, Amanda, McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Elissa
    Host for the POV: Judd

  33. Comments (10)

    When McCrae & Amanda get evicted this week & next week I think it will be Andy who goes in the double eviction as they will find out he is a rat and has been playing all sides of every alliance. Then comes the Andy crying and wetting himself lol.

  34. Comments (3)

    Aside from the unnecessary “male domination” comments that ME makes, he/she actually understands the game and how good players, (I miss the old days of Big Brother) play. This season has been boring and full of stupid moves by all parties involved. No one has played a “good” game this year. They lack strategic skills, independent thought processes and quite frankly manners. CBS scaped the bottom of the sludge bucket to assemble this gaggle of miscreants. I think ME’s game related comments are pretty bang on. I don’t care what his/ her opinions are. This is a blog. Not daily life. It’s about the game. Let’s keep it about the game.
    Amanda: her behavior is the reason why people like ME hate women.
    McRae: is a wimp who is so excited that an actual real live woman is talking to him that he has list cognitive functions
    Andy: is the little whiny kid from the school yard everyone hated but our mom’s made us play with anyway
    Elissa: is a spoiled brat who has been handed everything her whole life and will be just fine after BB
    GM: reminds me of an unattractive overweight girl who loses tons of weight, changes her looks and niw thinks she fits in. She is just plain out obnoxious and annoying
    Spencer: he’s rude and abrasive and clearly is not find of women. Who knows, maybe he has his own version of Amanda in his past. That would turn me off of women too if I was a man
    Judd: well Judd is just lucky to be here now isn’t he

    Enjoy your holiday weekend people.

    • Comments (1076)

      Don’t make excuse for “Me”. is offensive, not funny or witty in the least.

      • Comments (3)

        Clearly if you had taken the time to actually read my pist, you would see that I did nothing of the sort. I came in here today for the first time and what I see as an outsider to your little cique is SEVERAL people bashing one person. And you nqb are the ringleader. They say that when you take offwnse to what a person says it’s because you feel that way about yourself. Perhaps Me’s comments ring a little too true to who you are in the inside and you can’t handle it. Enjoy your fighting. YOU Nqb clearly enjoy the drama. I see now that commenting in this forum was a futile attempt at entertaining myself or enhancing my BB experience. Thanks nqb. ME may be obnoxious but he/she didn’t tuen me off this website. Your ignorance did. I will go back to LIVING my life now. Sorry to have intruded on your make-believe existence.

      • Comments (4)

        LOLOLOLOL I never post on here, I just Enjoy reading. But I had to post this time. Wide awake you so got it right about nqb. All nqb does is bully and personally bash the other posters in this feed. It’s about time someone pointed out nqbs ignorance.

      • Comments (357)

        DAMN…I get up to go to the bathroom. Peak to see if steve has put up a new post and I read this? How many times have I read over the last week about ppl NEVER posts, but just had to this one time? Seriously Ilovemycat, know your facts and don’t hide behind others replies. I have never personally bashed anyone on here unless it was done to me first. That’s called Fight or flight my dear. I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with that concept. Whatever Wide Awakes hangups are, are just that…her hangups! She has a right to her opinion. I read it, disagreed and chose not to reply b/c she won’t be back on here (her words not mine).But I have more respect for her because she didn’t wait for someone else to lay the groundwork to voice her opinion. That’s the rode you chose to take.
        Furthermore, Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. Yep that sounds just like me (not)! I’m tired and I want to go back to bed. But I look forward to reading your points (examples) of my ignorance! Until then, have a GREAT day! (0-:

        By the way….based on the date and time stamp of your reply. One can only assume that you had to wait for Steve to moderate your reply first before posting. Because it certainly wasn’t there this AM. Welcome to BBJ! It’s always nice when Steve picks up a new member! (0-:

      • Comments (357)

        You know what? Oh nevermind, your leaving the site anyway!

      • Comments (4)

        It is YOU’RE. YOU’RE leaving the site anyway! Maybe it’s time for you to stop throwing stones and commenting on other poster’s grammar…….

      • Comments (357)

        Really? Read your post above. Pot…meet…kettle!

    • Comments (111)

      Please tell me you are trolling.

      • Comments (3)

        I have no idea what “trolling” means but like I said last post for me. This was supposed to be about the game Big Brother. It feels a lot more like a middle school girl fight and I am not interested. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

      • Comments (1076)

        The people here may be a little “over enthusiastic, but they are really nice folks. I too felt isolated and even created different personas to worm my way in, it just takes awhile. I am determined. When I moves to San Francisco I decided to shop in the Chinese stores on Clement rather then pay top dollar for Chinese food downtown on Grant Street. It took a few weeks of persistently showing my face before they stopped ignoring me and allowed me to be a regular customer just like the regular Chinese shoppers. When they realized I was not going away and I was willing to wait for them accept me it didn’t take long until I treated like everyone else. What I am trying to say is just be patient. Your first posts were contrary to the popular beliefs around her, but maybe you are also being a little thin skinned. Stick around, be thoughtful and polite, show some intelligent insights and people will come around. Don’t give up the first day. Sometimes people just don’t realize they are being exclusive. I guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight, but you are well worth the time and effort, I would like nothing better then to see you posting again…..

      • Comments (4411)

        I’m confused…You said that you kept persistently showing your face till they stopped ignoring you and started treating you like a regular customer…I thought the way it works is, you give them money, they give you food….what’s to accept?

      • Comments (233)

        Ever hear of Soup Nazi? No Soup For You!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Unlike the soup Nazi the Chinese countermen would just ignore you. I stayed my ground and became one of the gang. You would not believe the difference in prices. Pork buns 3 for a dollar, downtown $2.50 a piece, a whole cooked duck $5, downtown $20 – $25. There was no way I was giving up. I shopped on Clement for 4 years. I went on vacation once and when I came back one of the guys said that they missed me last Saturday. I knew I was home then.

      • Comments (1076)

        It would seem that way but, they would wait on people that came into the store after me. Each culture is different. They don’t take numbers. The men (never women) would call out to the person they wanted to wait on next. I would stand there patiently and not give up. I was the only one in the stores who wasn’t Chinese, but after a few weeks I guess they figured I wasn’t giving up and I was a good sport and put up with the “hazing” and I soon became like everyone else in their eyes. It was worth it as far as my wallet was concerned.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmfao ..personas???? …..”worm in”??? *clears throat 😛 …..FAIL!!!!!! 😀 lol

    • Comments (26)

      I agree with your description of all houseguests, with the exception of Elissa. She IS spoiled, but has not acted like a “brat.” Elissa (always) and Helen (sometimes) are the only ones who showed compassion for others.

  35. Comments (90)

    Amanda should be kicked out by CBS now!
    If the above link doesn’t work or isn’t allowed here, search YT for:
    BB15 Amanda tries to hurt Elissa

    (she slammed a door open, hoping to hit her)

    • Comments (768)

      She should have gotten a penalty nom for that. Oh wait, she is nominated! lol

    • Comments (8)

      And she opened that door with such force, that it if had connected, serious injury would have been done. Obviously this woman doesn’t think before she acts.

    • Comments (407)

      Oh Wow! Thank you for that Susie, I had missed that somehow. It could very well have been another hg coming through that door and really could have seriously hurt someone. CBS better do something about her before she does do serious physical damage. She’s a ticking bomb just waiting to explode.

      • Comments (90)

        You’re very welcome.
        BTW, who knows the best email addy to contact CBS about this?

      • Comments (4411)

        Susie: Did you try the official BB site on CBS or maybe the CBS site itself, and make sure you post/attach the link to it. Sad part about it is the if someone posted it on YouTube, then you KNOW the BB 24 hour monitors/moderators/cameramen already know about it…in fact, they probably have it filmed from all angles 🙁

    • Comments (43)

      wow, that was messed up. she would have really hurt elissa had she still been standing there. she needs to get a penalty nom or something. she is such an evil spiteful brat.

  36. Comments (45)

    i want amanda to win pov then take herself down. then put up spencer with mccrae then send spencer packing.

    • Comments (124)

      You’re living in a dream world!

      • Comments (1076)

        At about 1:30 AM PT while everyone was sitting around the table playing cards, Spencer (who was not playing with the others) picked his nose and flicked the bugger to the floor. This was at the table that they have their meals at. Spencer is a piece of work. Maybe some people are raised by wolves. Up until now I just thought that was an expression.

    • Comments (41)

      I’m with ya, casey, except that I’d like Elissa to be the one goin’ up against McCrae and would love to see her goin’ out that door on Thursday.

      • Comments (1076)

        If they back door Elissa they would b

      • Comments (1076)

        Let’s try this again. If they backdoor Elissa they would be removing the biggest obstacle to the remaining HG’s winning the 500 thou. If I was in the house I would want to get rid of the person standing between me and 1st place.

  37. Comments (110)

    Everybody that wants Amanda and Mcrea out keep your fingers cross and hoping
    they want win the veto today.

  38. Comments (231)

    Didn’t anyone see on the FEEDS the first day of Elissa’s HOH when she n Judd decided not talk or be seen together at all. E also made the same agreement with Gm. Gm n Judd were also to get involved in anything that was offered to them n talk like the others about anything.

  39. Comments (3)

    Patricia I do remember that. Hoping there is an Elissa, Judd, GM alliance that is in the dark.

    • Comments (302)

      I think that is wishful thinking. Judd once again being sucked in by the ratfink Andy. He never tells Elissa anything about the Exterminators conversations but immediately runs to Andy to inform him about anything Elissa says. What a dumb F**k!

      • Comments (1076)

        If Judd is in the F2 with Andy, Judd will win. Isn’t that Judd’s goal, to win the money?

  40. Comments (3)

    I honestly think SPencer is the most vile and disgusting. Everything is some disgusting, degrading sexual reference . Even if he was “joking” what kind of crazed mind goes to child porn. He is the creepiest. Amanda and Mc are disgusting too but they are just downright dirty and foul

    • Comments (1076)

      Quite the trifecta, eh?

    • Comments (4411)

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, someone had better check the sex offenders list to see if his name is on it. He is a pervert, without a doubt. And either poor Marilyn is a blow-up doll or some woman who spurned his advances and is now chained up in his basement.

  41. Comments (55)

    Do these veto comps always last this long?

  42. Comments (45)

    Is it just me or is this thread getting all mixed up and out of order?

    • Comments (610)

      No Casey, I’ve noticed that after a large amount of activity, the posts seem to get out of order & I don’t think they ever get back on track. So sometimes I just give up trying to keep track of stuff after about 180 – 200 comments.

  43. Comments (407)

    McCrae won VETO!!!

  44. Comments (226)

    Omg- McCrae got I!

  45. Comments (407)

    Now what is going to happen since McCrae won veto?

    • Comments (226)

      Saves himself if Amanda’s word from yesterday about wanting him to stay in the game is true…

      • Comments (48)

        if he really loved her, he’d stay and not use the veto to prove it…..then either one of them could go! but that’s in a perfect world and we all know better :/ ( this is me rationalizing him not using it on her LOL

      • Comments (41)

        That would just be a stupid move on McCrae’s part if he did that. Has nothing to do with “love.”

  46. Comments (651)

    McStinky still in the game!! OMG!!

  47. Comments (651)

    So now GM has to put someone up. If she puts up Elissa any nice things I’ve said about her recently I will have to take back.

    • Comments (226)

      We have to wait til Monday for tat, won’t we??? Please make it be Andy!!

      • Comments (226)

        Ah, spencer is volunteering

      • Comments (293)

        Spencer is the better choice to go up with Amanda because that will ensure Amanda leaves. If there is a tie GM votes–In case Andy chickens out–Judd & Elissa against Andy & McCrae. McCrae won’t know about Andy’s alliance with the Exterminator’s, so McCrae will think he has an ally once Amanda is gone. If Amanda stays, she will figure out Andy has a new alliance.

    • Comments (407)

      I think she will put up either Judd or Elissa, probably Elissa. She said earlier that was the two she wanted gone next.

      • Comments (407)

        Well here’s a reply to myself!! GM is not going to put up Elissa because she said Elissa didn’t put her up last week. Maybe my opinion of GM scooted up just a little.

    • Comments (48)

      sounds like she was trying to get one of the boys to volunteer and keep her word about Elissa….too bad she didn’t just volunteer Andy instead LOL

      • Comments (4411)

        @Tam: Now you know RatAndy the garden gnome yoda won’t volunteer for anything like that. He peed in his pants and cried every 5 minutes when he was on the block last week. DiSpenser volunteered to go up because he’s counting on The Exterminators to keep him safe….Silly fool, as fast as they switch up in that den of inequity, I wouldn’t trust any of them…and let’s not forget that this week its a 2fer. Since McScummy will more than likely take himself off, the only other way to get him out this week is if he doesn’t turn around and win HOH and they put him up again and vote him out. If only it were a 3 for 1 and The McScummies AND Andy could GO…..Oh well, in a perfect world…..

    • Comments (56)

      Don’t worry, she won’t put Elissa on the block, she said she wouldn’t and she is not shy about what she IS going to do. I just hope she puts up a A-Rat and shows him just where he sits on the food chain. At the bottom.

      This season should be called “Murphy’s Law is alive and well in the house”. No amount of “fixing” could account for the way it is playing out. CBS got lucky and it has made for exciting game play for all and heart stopping for some! Love it! Hate it? It’s BB at it’s best for me.

      • Comments (1076)

        If GM sits next to Judd or Elissa in the F2 she will lose. If she sits next to AM/AN/SP/MC she has a better chance of winning. So, who should she put up?

  48. Comments (2)

    they are trying to talk McCrae into using the veto on Amanda I guess if he does that then what that lady saying is true it is rigged for Amanda to win. If he does use it on her I’m going to stop watching the rest of this show and probably all the others to come.

    • Comments (453)

      Who is trying to talk him into using it for her?

      • Comments (407)

        Judd suggested convincing McCrae to use the veto on Amanda and Elissa will go up as a pawn. GM refused. I no longer have ANY respect for Judd.

      • Comments (453)

        Judd is hoping to get him to do that so it is easier to vote McCrae out.

      • Comments (50)

        I think their initial target is McCrae. They think (and they’re probably right) that they could beat Amanda much easier. I think they were going to say that people will be more likely to vote Elissa off if she’s going against McCrae than Amanda. Then vote McCrae out instead.

  49. Comments (651)

    Spencer is volunteering to go up as replacement. Guess Rat Dog won’t volunteer to prove his loyalty

    • Comments (407)

      Amanda will work her fat butt off this week trying to get Spencer voted off. It’s going to be fun watching Andy this week…which way do I go, which way do I go??

    • Comments (4411)

      @Jackie: Not only won’t he volunteer, but probably “chit” on himself at the mere thought of anyone suggesting it.

      • Comments (4411)

        Amanda is like a cross between a rabid dog when it comes to Elissa, or maybe even a coyote…she’ll chew off her own arm just to get to Elissa and tear her apart. You could tell by that YouTube video, where she tried to hit her with the door, that she intended to do some REAL damage, even knowing that would automatically get her kicked out of the house. She has gone beyond hatred towards her.

  50. Comments (23)

    Happy! Happy! Happy! I hope Andy is caught being the dirty rotten rat that he is…Love Amanda’s Tutu!!! Lol!!! Love that GM is sticking by Elissa!!!

  51. Comments (651)

    Oh Judd!! Trying to convince GM to put Elissa up. I’ve lost all respect for Judd

    • Comments (453)

      X5000 what a slime bag, she is the only one who really was nice to him when he first came back.

      • Comments (651)

        And she refused to put him up as a pawn. Judd you suck!

      • Comments (768)

        Judd the Dudd. His play frustrates me. I can’t understand him and can’t figure out exactly what the heck he’s trying to do or who he’s truly working with. Elissa clued him in that Andy is a rat, yet he continues to want to work with him. I can only hope he is suggesting they put up Elissa to take away any idea that he is working with her.

      • Comments (1076)

        I remember Judd receiving a warm welcome back from everyone but Aaryn.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy, Amanda and McCrae were, also, not happy about Judd returning
        to the Game.

    • Comments (124)

      No Judd, no.! Get Amanda OUT…no Elissa distraction.

    • Comments (35)

      Why would Judd want one of his alliance members to go up and not Elissa who is not in his alliance? Would you want one of your alliance members on the block? I wouldn’t

  52. Comments (29)

    Now is the moment of their “love”… Does Mcrae use his POV On his woman, or himself?

  53. Comments (34)

    Ig gina marie put’s Elissa up on the block and Spencer & Andy flip side lol it’s over folks Mcranda will win the game

  54. Comments (407)

    I can’t wait to see what type of comp it was. Amanda is complaining how it wasn’t fair for her. They should tell her to take it up with Allison Grodner!

  55. Comments (651)

    Okay GM is now talking with Elissa about a F3 with Judd. Please Judd shake off the xanax and WAKE UP!!

  56. Comments (83)

    That sucks that McNasty won, but if takes himself off and not his whore, she can finaly go home, unless these ppl do something stupid, which we all know thats possible, if they let her stay, they all deserve to loose, maybe they will turn on rat boy and get him out the 2nd eviction. She needs to go to prove to everyone the game is not rigged for her to win.

  57. Comments (1076)

    McCrae just won POV. The plot thickens. I am going out now. Family does not allow me to take any technology with me when I am with them. I will not be posting for hours so please don’t associate me with anything “Me” says or does please….I am not an animal, I am a human being…LOL….

    • Comments (1288)

      And while McCrae won, Andy had to expose his disloyalty to McCranda. GM is about to expose her deal with Elissa to the Exterminators by not putting up Elissa so it looks like all the cards are going down on the table. Very little strategy left, win or go to jury time.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m sure I missed something DanDaMan. How did Andy expose his disloyalty to McCranda? Was there a declaration of some sort? It seems like Andy is continuing to play both sides of the house.

      • Comments (1288)

        The competition required players to choose the next contestants or something like that. Everyone kept choosing Amanda and she kept winning. It was clear that all but McCrae wanted her knocked out. Andy tries to explain it as a nervous mistake but that is a weak excuse.

      • Comments (302)


  58. Comments (3)

    How does America ‘s favorite player work.? Is it all the players from day one?

  59. Comments (1276)

    i still think the funniest part about amanda is how she goes out of her way to act like a bad ass, and torment and bully anyone she can, but still cries every 5 minutes. like Dan G said, if you are going to act like a bully, bad guy, then own it.

    • Comments (768)

      Hey Christina, you’re back. Long time no hear. I liked what Dan said about Amanda. He said that she is probably the same way in real life as she has been in the house and that she is just basically a nasty person.

    • Comments (56)

      Yes and it makes her look like a spoiled brat who has pushed everyone around then cried foul! I can just hear her..wait we all heard her on the feeds talk about how everyone picked on her. Poor baby, she is one sick lady who will never ever get it. It is not all about her. Run away McCrae, run away! Don’t look back, save yourself!

    • Comments (233)

      Been missing your insight since you say what I’m thinking better than I do . Wondered if you had gone to rehab to kick this habit. You’re not ME are you? Hahaha

  60. Comments (875)

    The remaining HG need to vote Amanda out this week…Then next Andy, Amanda’s stool pigeon/rat boy!

  61. Comments (43)

    I love that McCrae is a pizza delivery guy and he’s always eating pizza.

  62. Comments (2)

    Since it’s a double eviction, if McCrae takes himself off, and Amanda gets evicted, when Julie anounces after(is it after the votes?) that it is a double eviction, can they then re-nominate McCrae for eviction?

  63. Comments (43)

    Just realized…Judd looks like the real life version of Fry from Futurama!

  64. Comments (1)

    I’m new to this but McRae looks eerily like Charles Manson and Amanda acts like a crazy Squeakie Fromme! They are nasty and freaky. BB not a good career move for anybody this season- I miss the good old days of Dr. Will, Boogie and Janelle.

  65. Comments (4)


  66. Comments (5)

    Super stoked mcra cra won pov! I want to see him play the game without amanda!!!

  67. Comments (34)

    Look no matter what people, Amanda will leave the game Thursday for sure there is no one in the house, who is willing to sacrifice themselves to save that girl, if Gina marie put’s up Spencer, the votes are sealed for Amanda but if Gina put’s up Ellisa wish makes no sense for her ?? :-\ well the Amanda fans if there is any, will be very happy because in my opinion if, Ellisa goes on the block Vs Amanda it could go both ways :-\ because think about it Elissa could win it all at the end & Amanda will talk to Gina Marie about that for sure she would be stupid not to 😀 the game has become really interesting i’m not gonna lie, with all that said i can’t wait to see who leaves Thursday 😛

    • Comments (35)

      It makes sense for gm to put up Elissa because Elissa’s not in her alliance meaning she is putting up someone from her own alliance if she doesn’t put her up.

      • Comments (378)

        Id love to see Elissa beside Amanda …whata trip it would be to see what the HOUSE wants hummmmm the witch or the fraud….tough one 😀 mind ya if you let the hogz in here have a say, theyd snort out a “hail Elissa” between mouthfuls of koolaid from out the trough 😛 jus sayn lol

      • Comments (1076)

        Koolaid is a liquid, solid food goes in a trough, and you have a problem with linear train of thought. Some people think I am you. Are you purposely speaking as if you are uneducated? What’s your game? Why should any one respect your posts when they are so poorly laid out?

  68. Comments (34)

    Look no matter what people, Amanda will leave the game Thursday for sure there is no one in the house, who is willing to sacrifice themselves to save that girl, if Gina marie put’s up Spencer, the votes are sealed for Amanda but if Gina put’s up Ellisa wish makes no sense for her ?? :-\ well the Amanda fans if there is any, will be very happy because in my opinion if, Ellisa goes on the block Vs Amanda it could go both ways :-\ because think about it Elissa could win it all at the end & Amanda will talk to Gina Marie about that for sure she would be stupid not to 😀 the game has become really interesting i’m not gonna lie, with all that said i can’t wait to see who leaves Thursday 😛

  69. Comments (1162)

    Spencer is volunteering to go up on the Block. Huh?
    “Dude, get a grip and ask Andy the Wuss to volunteer.”
    The Wuss’s reaction just by asking him to do so will reveal soooooooo much ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    IMO, when the time comes, GM will “volunteer” Andy.

    McCrae winning the POV is interesting. What to do?
    “How much do I love her?”
    “Is it real?”
    “Does she love me?”

    And will someone give Judd a quick whack on the side of his head and
    get him back into the Game. Good Grief!

  70. Comments (1162)

    Comment placement is out of whack!

    Time for a new page………….

  71. Comments (60)

    *Taps foot rapidly*
    I CAN’T wait for ANDY to go home. He’s a low down dirty gay dog * before you call me a gay hater…I’m gay myself*

  72. Comments (1288)

    Hmmmm, they are saying the nomination speech of GM really lit a fire under McCrae for the Veto comp and he may be a beast come the next HoH. Some HGs may realize how peaceful the house will be with Amanda and Elissa gone.

  73. Comments (16)

    Now I’m not exactly defending Amanda here but I do think it’s possible some of the house guests ate beginning to suffer from cabin fever. It would certainly explain the excessive sleeping (that many of the people on here are merely assuming is laziness) as well as the paranoia running rampant in the house. I would also wager that given Amanda’s obvious issues that it could possibly affecting her worse than the other house guests. Now by all means I’m not saying that the all the things she has said are acceptable in anyway but just look at the huge transformation in her from the first few weeks in the house (when she was one of my favourites) It may also explain why Elissa seems to be handling the situation better than most as she has her yoga to take her mind off things and relax.

  74. Comments (34)

    What is Judd up to? Is he in an alliance with Elissa or what? I’m so confused after reading updates about his meeting with Amanda…any thoughts?

  75. Comments (401)

    Not too long ago on the feeds Judd was saying that Amanda told him she/ her parents sue people: after a fender bender, when she got food poisoning at a restaurant. Who’s surprised?

  76. Comments (401)

    The comments are all over the place without regard to time posted.

  77. Jeanette Bennett
    Comments (1)

    Regarding BBJ’s original comment comparing appearances of Britney and GM (“Britney v. 2.0”). Britney is more pleasant and she speaks better in diction and content. It is easier to follow Britney’s train of thought. While Britney is cute IMHO GinaMarie has beautiful features when she isn’t emoting, cutting up, acting silly, etc. We know from GM’s comments earlier she has surgery bills to pay. Were these for facial reconstruction and/or for weight loss? Whether or not GM’s face has gone under the knife, she is really a pretty girl. I don’t think Britney is quite as pretty. It goes without saying that I like Britney more though. 🙂 sign me JENBEN

  78. Comments (110)

    I read that Spencer wants to go up has a pawn but can he trust Andy I really
    don’t know if he can but the truth will be found out Thursday I still thinl
    that GM should put up Andy because I know Spencer, Judd and Ellissa will vote
    off Amanda that would be the smart thing that GM could do so Amanda will leave the house and by the way if people gives me a thumbs down I really don’t care.

  79. Comments (3)

    Does Anyone think that Macrae might take Amanda off the block instead of himself!!!!

  80. Comments (7)

    Could everyone that has posted above and below me that elect to BASH EACH OTHER commit suicide? That would be great and finally some entertainment. Set up a camera and YouTube it for the rest of us. Then the rest of us can enjoy the comments about the show.

  81. Comments (3)

    That ass gave took off Amanda from the block……….. send pizzaboy to the jury…….

  82. Comments (1288)

    From the folks over at Joker’s:

    6:12 PM McC hopes GM gets a Pandora’s Box. GM wonders why there hasn’t been one yet. McC says it’ll probably be silly, not a power.

    Silly? Yeah, right. He’s got to be hoping it will change the veto to Diamond POV or put another POV in play..

  83. Comments (1162)


    The Comment Queue is OUT OF WHACK!!
    May we, please, have a new page?


  84. Comments (86)

    Gm is dumb id she doesn’t put rat boy up in mcnastys place. If rat boy isn’t on the block he could vote to keep his master demands.

  85. Comments (10)

    Maybe Amanda is Andy’s sister or cousin as she is crying alot like him now, boo freakin hoo feel sorry for me. If I was Elissa I would just be so freakin nice to her always saying hello, asking if she needs anything? Just the complete opposite and rubbing the NICE into her like acid lol.

    • Comments (4411)

      Nah, I like it better when Elissa laughs in her face. That drives Scumanda C-R-A-Z-Y. I actually think Scumanda would rather Elissa curse at her than laugh at her. I love that Elissa does it because Scummy is so insecure the laughing REALLY messes with her head. Keep laughing Elissa, maybe her head will explode.

  86. Comments (61)

    Is it just Me or is it longer & longer in between Updates lately??? Yesterday the Show was almost on in some time zones pretty close with the updates & even a time or two after??? This is My FAVORITE site so I am holding out for when help arrives things will pick-up again =D =D =D
    Boo Hoo McCrae Won POV =[ Of course better him than Amanda! Love it that GM sees right through Amanda’s crocodile tears =D My only issue is Spencer after an “Exterminators” meeting he ran right to Amanda & gave her tips on how to get Elissa on the Block when the groups decision Not to do so was still hot on his lips, Traitor!!!what is up with that I thought he was an “Exterminator”??? How about next week up goes Spencer & McCrae get them both out these next 2 Evictions!!! Then let the Final 4 duke it out fair & square!!! Of course My Favorite part of yesterday was when Julie totally blindsided Aaryn, LOL!!! Wait till next week when Amanda walks through that door to plenty of Boos & her delusions of popularity are CRUSHED!!! I Hope Julie rubs it in by at least telling Amanda that Elissa is sooo well liked, LMBO!!! Super Yea on that moment!!! I will not only watch but tape so that I can enjoy each moment over & over again, tee hee hee =D =D =D

  87. Comments (5)

    I can’t stand the way Amanda attacks Elissa and it is great that Elossa has enough class to hold her head high when Amanda is slinging all the dirt at her. I really enjoy Elissa’s game and would not mind if she were to win.
    Hope when its over Julie is able to tell Amenda in front of the world that it was AMERICA that voted her to go on the block because she made America hate her by her trash game play. She is no lady, talks, dresses and behaves like a slut. I can’t see how her family is not ashamed of her performance, and McCray(what kind of stupid first name is that anyway) is like a little boy star struck because a pretty girl with big boobs is after him sexually!

  88. Comments (166)

    Guess who else is praying that Amanda gets evicted Thursday…her parents!!!

    • Comments (1162)


      I’ll bet they hoped she would be on her “best behavior,” while on a 24/7 televised
      show. Ha! Fooled them!

      I, also, think the Amanda we are watching on BB15 is what they feared America seeing –
      the “Real Amanda,” the same one they and her friends have experienced for years & years.

    • Comments (4411)

      Annette: BEST post of the week!…LOL

  89. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
    Comments (74)

    I think it’s too late for Mccrae to bounce back. I actually like Mccrae more than Andy. He’s a disgrace! Andy kind of reminds me of that gay guy on Survivor. I forgot his name. He got sick midway and went home. He was a villain and played both sides like a fiddle. I think Andy says he’s against that kind of foul behavior so he can go back to his job and be I had to go along with it but didn’t you watch my DR sessions?

    I’m still rooting for Elissa. From day one I had this weird feeling Judd was going to win the game and then he was voted out. I thought wow I was dead wrong. But now he’s back. I really don’t want him to win but I would rather see Elissa and Judd at the end to be honest. 🙂

  90. Anti_Aaryn/Amanda/Andy
    Comments (74)

    I need to stop replying to people because I either accidentally click the thumbs down or report a comment when that’s not what I wanted to do LOL

    “Me” is the only thing I thumbs down! It just wants to rile people up lol.

  91. Comments (1162)

    Amanda can hardly wait to tell GM that………….. Judd is play the Game for himself!


  92. Comments (1)

    Amanda really needs to go. It’s people like her I think of when you talk about a bully. I hope when she sees the tapes she realizes what an idiot she really is. Yes Andy needs to go and McCrea. Would love to see how others in jury house react to Amanda coming in. Will Amanda be humble or her normal brat attitude. Yes, Amanda, America does not like you!!!

  93. Comments (1)

    What’s going on in the house? Waiting for an update!!

  94. Comments (60)

    I hope Julie lets Amanda both barrels on her exit interview. Lets see if Amanda can with stand the grilling.

  95. Comments (43)

    Where is Amanda!? I have yet too see her on after dark tonight..I do see McCrea is not hanginout around her tonight lol

  96. Comments (43)

    Is McCrea avoiding get G.F.tonight?! LOL I have yet to see her on after dark…

  97. Comments (42)

    And he denies to accept the title of Floater!!

  98. Comments (29)

    Well cry baby Amanda stole the whole bottle of wine. Too bad she had to borrow that idea from another brat.
    She just can’t handle the fact that she’s not in control, is going to jury, and is jealous of Elissa.

  99. Comments (32)

    I have always been a huge big brother fan, but I just read something posted on another site in which the FCC states that big brother is not classified as a game show and that the show has pre-determined winners. They equate it with wrestling. Just google “FCC big brother game show” to see for yourself.

    • Comments (1076)

      What site was this posted on?

    • Comments (302)

      While there have been a few contestant complaints raised during reality shows(specifically Survivor) there has yet to be a court ruling on whether Reality shows would fall under the same rules as Game shows. It appears the FCC really not interested in going down that road unless it became blatantly obvious that a reality season was rigged for one contestant to win. But the rules implemented after the game show scandals(The $64,000 question) specifically refer to contest of intellectual skill and that the same rules apply to all contestants. But rules(or lack of them) on reality shows like Survivor & Big Brother are often determined during game play by the contestants. Plus I imagine most of you on this site would argue whether this season of Big Brother would have anything to do with Intellectual skill.

  100. Comments (15)

    The part of after dark I saw was Amanda and McCrae talking to GM and it looked like they had her convinced to put Ellisa up as a replacement nominee. I sure hope GM was just going along with them. If not then they will all live to regret it because I am sure they will vote Ellisa out and Amanda and McCrae will be back in power especially if one of them win HOH. Maybe the game is fixed. I do not want to believe it but if Amanda ends up staying after Thursday then I will believe it is fixed.

    • Comments (302)

      Gina Marie was just playing along and has no interest in changing her mind and actually seem a little sick & tired of Amanda & McCrae’s attempts to get her to go after Elissa. GM even told the Exterminators that after their 30th conversation she hadn’t changed her mind.

  101. Comments (60)

    It’s funny to see McCranda squirm. They are on a sinking boat…now…to get Andy on that boat. I hope you people that DON’T know a gay person*which I seriously doubt you don’t know any***we everywhere !!!!! Buuaaahhhaaahhaa.
    Hope you don’t think we are are like Andy.

  102. Comments (27)

    I really wish these players would keep race remarks out of their mouths as it makes them look really bad. I just don’t get why they think it’s ok to hurt others feelings for no reason and should have to become have nots over it. This years bunch needs better class and stop with their dirty nose picking habits also!

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