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Big Brother 15 – The Season Of The Showmance


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Before I begin, I want to let everyone know that if you don’t see any live threads happening on the blog, it’s probably because the house is a bit slow (especially Tue-Wed) and I generally just update twitter with small things. You can follow my twitter account here.

Tonight’s Big Brother episode on CBS will be the MVP/PoV competition, but you’re probably tuning in to see what’s happened since the veto ceremony.  Honestly, not a whole lot this week.  Compared to last Thursday night, the house has been very calm and quiet.  People are actually getting along and having fun.  Helen had a nail painting party, and tonight on the live feeds, she’s going to host some fake talk show similar to The View or The Talk.  It’s pretty funny listening to them talk about what to do, Helen wants to keep it lighthearted while Candice wants to slam people with game related questions, especially asking about the mattress flip.

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Speaking of Candice, it appears a new showmance has been blooming the past few days.  I think it was Thursday morning I noticed Candice and Howard sleeping together, and looking very close at that.  They have been pretty friendly since, but it appears they’re not really going to hide it much longer.  Personally I think it’s a mistake because that just puts a target on your back (ask Dave, Nick and Jeremy), but that’s just my opinion. The only real showmance that has a shot at going far in the game is Amanda and McCrae, and that’s only because they lay together and talk game pretty much all night every night.  They are extremely dangerous, and if they don’t go home soon, I predict one of them will win it.

Regarding the eviction ceremony tomorrow, there have been a bunch of small attempts to save Jeremy, but right now it’s pretty much set in stone that he’ll be talking to Julie Chen tomorrow night.  I was wondering if there would be a late week push to keep him, similar to Elissa last week, but McCrae mentioned they have no intention of keeping him.  Jeremy has upset too many people and it’s not worth campaigning to keep him because it puts a target on their back.  That said, Jeremy still does have 2 guaranteed votes in his favor, but finding the other 3 will be next to impossible.

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  1. Comments (453)

    Since it is about time for the ants to enter stage right, (surprised with the lack of housekeeping they’ve not already made an appearance) they (the ants) can be all of Jeremy’s votes. It is just mind blowing that BB casting found so many narcissists and was able to put them all on the same season.

  2. Comments (5)

    Is it just me, or does Kaitlin really look like Katy Perry?

  3. Comments (14)

    I also think Amanda has a good chance if winning. Super smart girl.great game player

  4. Comments (14)

    Does anyone think that elissa looked liked Lindsay Lohan in one of the DRs? Speaking of DR, Helen is soooooo annoying in there!

    • Comments (1276)

      I just wish Elissa knew how much prettier she is when she doesn’t have on way too much make up and the fake lashes. She really is a gorgeous girl, with a banging bod, and if all that hair is real, a gorgeous head of hair. And as far as the bod goes, I’m still missing my favorite Jeff S… but I am so jealous of Elissa’s arms I think I have a girl crush!

    • Comments (51)

      Andy even told Elissa, she looks different and so much better in person than in the picture in the bb cast.

      i totally agreed with Christina, Elissa is way hotter dressing down and without makeup & fake lashes. she’s tall & super fit.

      but her voice is quite annoying.

  5. Comments (96)

    Kaitlin is a huge threat. She almost won HOH and won the veto. Both were memory challenges, so if I was a houseguest I would watch out for her.

  6. Comments (316)

    Andy might just float all the way to the finish line lol

  7. Comments (195)

    Just finished watching a fake talk show that the houseguests put on. They actually did a pretty amazing job….it was really entertaining to watch. Who would of thought all of them could come together like this and put on a great show.
    Helen is still annoying me however. Earlier while she was talking with Aaryn was just too much. Helen telling Aaryn that she knows there is nice in her blah blah blah. I have my suspicions that Helen may just be acting like she loves everyone and is so forgiving so she may get America’s vote for America’s favourite player. Just a thought. A week ago I would of probably voted for her for that but definitely not now! Sorry Helen you just seem to be coming across now as phony.

    • Comments (195)

      I shouldn’t of said acting like she loves everyone and is nice as I think she probably really is….just think she is going way overboard with it…

      • Comments (1276)

        Well, in that one DR she was talking about fake crying to get her way. How as a Mom (which by the way I’ve only heard Mom’s with sons ever doing) she uses crying to get her way at home. Don’t get me wrong, she’s obviously a great mom, much better then what raised some of that house she’s in, but I had a feeling she would be that type of mom.
        You know, the kind that gently and calmly talks a point into the ground. Then boo hoos when she thinks it will guilt the kids into doing what she wants. The kind that would have driven me nuts. But hey, it seems like the sobbing, and guilt is working on the cast. I just think that he admitting it in the DR made her look less lovable and kind, which would hurt the MVP vote and Americas Favorite.

      • Comments (233)

        True, Christina. I thought admitting that you manipulate 2 and 4 year old boys by crying was terrible. It is scary for young children to see their mom crying. So… they grow up thinking if they’re not “good”, girls will crumble into tears? Or she fake-cries so often that they grow up thinking all women are manipulators and will disregard their feelings altogether? I’m probably over-thinking this one. (I have 3 sons.)

      • Comments (195)

        Oh my gosh Christina you took the words right out of my month. Last night after I wrote my post I forgot to mention about the crying and figured I would do it today. I was so disappointed to hear that she uses that tactic to get her kids to do things. It is emotional abuse. I try very hard if something is upsetting me not to cry in front of my daughter as it upsets her so much to see mommy cry. Even when I would see my mom cry it would upset me and when she passed away I was really upset as we were close but held my crying away from my daughter as much as possible. It made me sad that Helen does that….especially sad for her kids!

  8. Comments (1)

    Does kaiylin smoke reguarly who does

    • Comments (14)

      No, I don’t believe Kait smokes regularly. She must occasionaly because she said she wished she would have brought some with her. Amanda told her to be glad she didn’t. I think the smokers are Amanda, McCrae, Judd, and Jessie.

  9. Terri Balentine
    Comments (1)

    I have watched every Big Brother season, and this is the first one that I don’t have a favorite.I still hate watching BBAD on TVGN. Please put it BACK on Showtime next season BB !!!

  10. Comments (71)

    I read comments on another blog saying that aaryn’s mother is hiring a public relation person to help reverse damage done to aaryn’s reputation? I think I read that Paula Dean hired a PR person too. aaryn’s family must have money?

    Also read comments saying that BB production “prevented” elissa and helen from putting howard up for eviction because BB did not want aaryn and howard up at the same time because BB felt it would cause tension?

  11. Comments (71)

    Link to LA Times Television article regarding aaryn gries mother hiring PR to do damage control:,0,1890671.story?track=rss

    ‘Big Brother’: Contestant who made racist remarks to get PR help:
    By Greg Braxton
    July 17, 2013, 5:54 p.m.
    “Big Brother” houseguest Aaryn Gries, who has made derogatory remarks about African American, Asian American and gay members of the house, has no idea that her remarks have sparked a controversy among viewers.

    But when she exits the house, she will apparently get some help with “spin control” to deal with the potenial public fallout from her controversial comments.

    Sources for the series said the mother of Gries, who lives in San Angelo, Texas, has already hired a publicist for the 22-year-old college student, making Gries perhaps the first contestant in “Big Brother” history to get representation while still living in the house.

    Gries has already lost her job at a modeling agency as a result of the remarks. While she is still isolated and unaware of her dismissal, her mother is aware of the firing and is taking steps to redeem her daughter’s reputation.

    In last Sunday’s episode, Gries mocked a female black contestant, adopting a stereotypical black accent. She has also been shown mocking Asian accents, telling a Asian houseguest that she should “shut up and go make some rice.”

    “Big Brother” host Julie Chen has lashed out at Gries and fellow houseguest GinaMarie Zimmerman, who has made similar remarks against minorities.

    • Comments (1162)

      Thanks for the link and information.

      Aaryn’s mother may have hired a PR firm to represent her daughter and indirectly
      the parents as well.
      Was her daughter raised by her parents to be a bigot?
      Do her parents own and/or are they employed by a business which is suffering
      a downturn because of Aaryn’s comments?

      No doubt, Aaryn’s UGLY comments are having a ripple effect and I’m not sure
      any PR firm can change anyone’s perception of her. After all, her unapologetic
      response to the BB house guests, IMO, has already undermined any efforts to save her

  12. Comments (1276)

    I would laugh about Aaryn’s mom hiring PR, but it’s just sad. I mean what contestant, no matter how they have been have had to worry about damage control???
    On a side not… is it just me or is anyone else hoping that Jerkemy talks his way out of eviction this week? When I saw Helen and Elissa talking, after Jerk’s plea to be their hired gun until jury time, I actually ended up hoping that he gets enough votes to either stay or for Helen to be a tie breaker to keep him.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s a changed man (and I really LOVED the fable Candice told about the turtle and the scorpian) but IMO, he’s the lesser of the evils. Aaryn is pathological, she actually thinks she’s done no wrong, and that every outside the house sees her as a sweet girl, who got pitty when her boy toy left. Her comments are so beyond forgiveness. GM, is no better, I still for the life of me can’t figure out why people keep acting like Aaryn is worse. GM made the horrible letting your “blackness” out comments to Candice, was the one that called Medicaid “N”insurance and so much more.
    I want GM and Aaryn out way before Jerk. So what, he’s probably win HOH next week, that means he’ll get one of the rest of the house out. That is of course, unless anyone on the other side gets MVP, then GM or someone else will go up and they will be voted out. Plus, I really could care less if Spencer gets voted out this week either, but I would rather see Aaryn go. I don’t want GM or Aaryn to make a penny for being in Jury.
    Plus, if Jerk leaves I see the house being very boring. Not only will we be seeing more caddy girl crap, but there will be no one that has as big of a personality (good or bad) as Jerk. For my entertainment purposes, I want him to stay until at least jury. Heck, I want to see how he acts once in jury, and which Jerkemy is closer to how he really his, the demon that feeds into any crap Aaryn and GM pull or the calmer (even sweet with Kaitlin) guy that wouldn’t have been horribly to live with.
    What do you guys think?

    • Comments (1276)

      OK, now I’m thinking, am I crazy or weren’t Elissa and Helen talking about what to do if it was a tie, and either Spencer or Aaryn were tied with Jerk and who she should vote out in that event? I’m looking at house guests, wouldn’t it need to be 1 vote to one nom, and 4 to each of the others for a tie to even come into play?

    • Comments (1162)

      I would like to see Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMaire AND Jeremy OUT OF THE HOUSE.

      IMO, if BB15 becomes boring after they’re gone ( which I doubt will happen) and the ratings for the show drop,
      perhaps the BB Bigwigs will use better judgment when selecting BB16 House Guests.

    • Comments (768)

      Christina, you may be having second thoughts about him because this week he has been almost acting ‘normal’…okay as normal as he can. People may forget the things you do, and people may forget the things you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel and I’m sure that’s what a lot of the houseguests have in the back of their minds. If he had acted somewhat decent from the start then I might agree with you. I’m sure if he were to gain any sense of power again he would go right back to being the brash, obnoxious, chauvinist that he has already demonstrated himself to be.

      • Comments (1276)

        You’re right Rob. I just don’t think he’s near as bad of a person as GM and Aaryn, or Kaitlin for that matter. I think he’s mostly just immature and easily manipulated. As much as I’m sure he’d say that wasn’t the case, but Aaryn pouted that they were being mean about the wine, and he “defended her” by taking the blame.
        I think part of him is just young and dumb enough to show his bad sides if he thinks the group he’s around is fine with it.
        If he had been around a different group, I think he would have been a different guy.
        I still wanted him out, soon, but Aaryn and gm FOR SURE first, then Kaitlin and him.

  13. Comments (1)

    I love to see Howard and Candace together. They both seem to be wonderful people and I hope they make it as a couple outside of the house.

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