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Big Brother 15 – Slamming Instead Of Strategizing

Even out of the house, Elissa is still a popular subject
Even out of the house, Elissa is still a popular subject

I will admit, the feeds are becoming painful to watch. The remaining houseguests spend most of the day chatting to each other about former houseguests, and part of the time it turns ugly.  Elissa has been a huge conversation piece despite being evicted on Thursday, and I don’t understand why they can’t let it go.  I am a huge fan of the game part of Big Brother, and regarding the game, they beat Elissa.  They beat Amanda.  They beat everyone who has left the house.   Instead of trashing those people on the feeds, why not try to be good sports about it?

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Sure, with only 5 people in the house, conversation will likely get dull most of the day, but with 4 people in the way of half a million dollars, you’d think they’d spend more time trying to figure out a way to sit in the final 2.  Right now it’s just a few people waiting around for the next competition to see who wins and who advances further in the game.

McCrae should be approaching Spencer and GM about a final 3 deal because Judd and Andy have bigger chances to win over them. Judd should be campaigning against GinaMarie instead of throwing a tantrum and then taking the word of people telling him he’s safe.  GinaMarie should…. well, I don’t mind if she gets evicted so I’m not too concerned what she does.

Anyway, football season starts for me today (don’t care about the Ravens or Broncos), so I’ll pop in and out of the feeds but Sunday’s have been very slow all season, I don’t see it changing now.   That said, with the eviction episode on Wednesday, the PoV meeting could actually be held today which means some more Judd pouting if he’s indeed put on the block.

I’ll keep you updated regardless!

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  1. Comments (5)

    I totally agree with you. I watched some of After Dark last night but eventually turned it off. I was disgusted with their behaviour. Andy in particular seems to have an obsession with bashing Elissa.I wonder what the original creator of BB thinks of how it has evolved. I watch the Australian show as well and it is a total different take on BB even though they both started with the same concept

    Would be interested in hearing other people’s viewpoints on why the two countries takes on the concept are so different.

    • Comments (10)

      I have not watched Austrailia but I have watched BB UK and I think that is far superior to how we do it here. First of all, BB messes with the house guests. They give them secret missions to carry out and not be discovered by the others. They have to compete for the food and make a collaborative shopping list. They don’t have chess games and a pool table. I love that the house guests need to interact and cooperate. I think these people in our version are given rather than have to earn creature comforts. And in the UK version, they nominate but the public votes. So that puts a different spin on things too. Those people seem to be having fun and enjoying the experience. I have not watched the UK BB in a few years and it is off now but from what I have seen in the past CBS could take a few pages out of that book for the “twists” they seem to be desperate to include. JMHO

      • Comments (4)

        When BB USA started, they had to compete for things like the pool table, exercise equipment and even the pool, if I remember right. They also were not allowed alcohol in the house. The show has changed alot since it began, and after watching this season, obviously, it has not changed for the better. With three of the woman losing their jobs, one of the men under investigation for child porn and another a very poor example of a teacher, ‘shaping the minds of our youth’, how low can they go?? CBS obviously needs to pay more attention to the selection process of the house guests.

      • Comments (226)

        I just don’t see why they don’t have conduct rules in the house, or at least remind them they are being filmed so perhaps they watch what they say.

        Almost every time I pulled up jokers the last two days they have been bashing someone (mostly Elissa). It’s really out of control.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree Saabgirl. I hope that after this years horrible season that “they” create a whole set of conduct rules & which ones will result in an automatic penalty nom and/or removal from the game.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree with you also Saabgirl. I have been a BB fan for a long time and I do not remember ever being this disgusted with the show. Past shows have ticked me off at times, but never to the point that I can’t even pick a hg to root for. The sad thing is, these are individuals that should realize there is life outside the BB house that they are going to have to face. I think that is when the reality of what they have done and said will come home to them.

      • Comments (1)

        I believe that many of this years HG have changed their lives in a very negstive way. I also believe that CBS has lost a large number of regular BB viewers. They drug the bottom of the barrell with this bunch and they have done nothing to curb their disgusting behaviors. I will watch the rest of the season just to see the outcome of this train wreck but for the first time, I will not be back next season.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree jojo, i have been a fan since the beginning and i have gotbreal mad at times. But i have have almost constantly been disgusted this season. I really dont want any to win. But since someone has to ,i hope its McCrae.

      • Comments (11)

        And may I add Spencer who did absolutely nothing strategic in the house just because he was pawn so many times is deserving of $500,000.00? And guess what I believe he will be the winner. But what did he do to deserve that money but eat and sleep. Wow!!!!!!!

      • Comments (226)

        Or put them in some kind of time out or extra chores if they do!

      • Comments (11)

        And Saabgirl for McCrae to win would be doubly disgusting as all he did all season long was screw Amanda. That’s all he did and for CBS to write him a check should he win for $500,000.00 would also be just as distasteful. The McCrandas lived like slobs and from what I read they also stunk. Would you buy and eat a pizza from McCrae?

      • Comments (5)

        Ruth you are so right…and remember when America picked Eddie?

      • Comments (1)

        I don’t like how the other (non- US/Canada) Big Brothers work. It’s just a popularity contest/phone voting show. I’ve seen a bit of BB germany and it quickly becomes dull. Normally you can guess the winner by watching the first 3 episodes.
        I started watching BB US last season (and reading this great blog) and even a bad season like 15 is still so much better. It is a game afterall. Big brother -rest of the world- is not a game, just who is the most popular among people, who are regularly wiling to spent 50 euro cents for a phone call. It’s very predictable, and there is no game talk at all. whoever would target a popular HG would loose the favor of the callers.

        i think what might have wrecked this season of BBUS is actually the combination of Nick playing too hard too soon with the moving company, and Helens strategic comunicating skills milking this until most strong players were sent packing.

        However in BB Germany when a Houseguest last season made a potentially racial joke.(it was obviously not meant racist though, just had a nazi reference in it), he was imediatly called to the diary room, and never came back.

      • Comments (18)

        I think the public voting would have made this season much more interesting!!

        I’ve decided Spencer and Andy are the two most vile of the remaining HG’s. GM is gross and offensive but I think she is basically ignorant and uneducated…so i give her a bit more leaway (but not much) Judd is just kind of a lazy talking southern boy who seems lost in the whole mess of things.

        Andy is a teacher and should sound more intelligent then the crass creature he is. Spencer is a disgrace and a pig.

        The production voice should come over the intercom and finally say “Andy, quit b*tching about Elissa” lol

      • Comments (378)

        Homo 😛 lol

      • Comments (5)

        Your description of the UK show is exactly how the AU show is. I find it much more enjoyable to watch. I found a Youtube channel that puts the shows up usually within 24 hours of the broadcast so that’s how i’m able to watch it. I also found a youtube video of the original Dutch version and that’s how it was too. The Canadian version this year was similar to the US version with some of the UK/AU aspects. Kind of took the best of both.

      • Comments (875)

        I have been an avid fan of BB since season one. And I believe that in the 1st two seasons of BB the viewing public “did” vote for who they wanted to vote out, & who won Big Brother Game.

        But it became much like how American Idol voting is handled, with the person who could garner the most votes rising to the top, even if they were not deserving. So I think starting with season 3 the HG decided who was nominated, who is voted out, & who won the entire game.

      • Comments (4)

        What if America was one vote instead of all the votes? A compromise of the two ideas. So, if five people were voting then America would make the sixth vote. There would always be a wild card that the contestants could not control. And we could have got rid of the mooners like spencer this year.

      • Comments (875)

        Seriously!?!? All I did was legitimately answer the op’s question!!!

      • Comments (4)

        Love the idea of HOH nominating but America voting contestant out. They wouldm’t be sitting around bashing people because we would send them packing. LOVE IT.

    • Comments (11)

      I enjoy watching the AU Version.. It’s actually worth paying for!

      The differences, well, imo, compare the USA with most any other Country these days with regards to TV, Corporate strongholds, News and Education (or lack thereof).. They’re not raising whiny, I deserve everything for nothing, brainless and brainwashed people.. The USA has become a “Win At Any Cost” mentality.. Which is extremely SAD, also Wrong imo. Another issue I feel, is the fact that we’re still such an f’in Closed Minded country it’s stupid.. It’s 2013, not 1500.. But that all heralds back to my ‘braindead and brainwashed’ statement..

      Other countries still get the concept of the word, “Game”.. It’s supposed to be Fun, Lively, and Enjoyable.. Win OR Loose… Also, they think a lot more for themselves, care more about others, oh and are smart enough to realize It’s a Game, and They’re on Live TV and being Judged by everyone…

    • Comments (1)

      I think Andy’s Obsession with Elisa Bashing,is because she could see through him,and that terrifies the guy.Nobody else seem to realise just how double sided Andy has been.

      • Comments (207)

        The racist comments from Aaaryn and GM that started this season off making me feel sick was the worst. If it would have stopped with Amandas bullying and her mouth maybe i could have clearly made a choice between these floaters……but hearing all the filth coming from their mouths its so hard to pick a person i want to win. But definitely not GM or Andy or Spencer.

      • Comments (53)

        hey fakellisa bashing is so fun tho

    • Comments (12)

      I agree with you. Watching BBAD last night was disgusting and if tonight is the same I will not be watching. We all realize this is “a game” but when people are talking disgustingly about others and hitting way below the belt that is wrong. Also after watching Big Brother since day one – if next year is not better with decent houseguests will not be watching. For years BB has been my favorite show ever but this year with CBS not doing anything about how disgusting a handful of people have been to others with the racist comments and bullying – if this happens again I will not watch the show again. Unfortunately, these handfuls of people will probably be what ends the BB show. It’s a shame.

    • Comments (74)

      It kind of seems like an American issue, judging by what everyone else is saying. I live in Canada, on the trail between the States and Alaska. I have met some wonderful people from the US over the years, but have always found Americans to be fairly equally divided on their opinions of the state of their country. Also. It’s obvious that quite a few of these particular ‘people’ are all trying to break into show business. I think they are just jealous because Elissa has been on more shows, and Candice was on Oprah. I’m not sure if it’s ‘entirely’ about race and/or money. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t believe one if those HGs are going to win a half of a million dollars. I don’t feel as if ANY of them deserve it!!

  2. Comments (30)

    HG, left in the house is so not worth watching. They are to low to bother with. But I do want to thank uou steve, you do a great job with this site. I hope to see it again for BB16.

    • Comments (30)

      Hopefully there’ll even BE a Big Brother 16…….I think Julie Chen’s husband, Les Moonves….( the head guy at CBS? ) was pretty pissed-off at what HE was seeing this season.

      • Comments (407)

        Dennis, I respectfully disagree with you. He may have been offended by the racism, actions and comments done on this show, but I think he is still laughing all the way to the bank. If he was really upset, he would have put a stop to it in some way. Maybe a few warnings about evicting them might have made it a more enjoyable season, but since that didn’t happen, I really think in a way he is condoning it.

      • Comments (7)

        Perhaps it is time to hit CBS where it hurts. If sponsors and advertisers pull out maybe that will get their attention, because obviously valid complaints from their viewers doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Say what you will about Canada, but BB is far more entertaining and far less offensive.

      • Comments (610)

        I wish I had the list of advertisers & sponsers because I’d definitely be writing them letters! Does anyone have that info?

      • Comments (378)

        Youre prolly one of the dramatic that are also trying to take violence outta greats sports like hockey n football too eh??
        ..btw genius. …watch the show, you know those segments where they try to sell toshow and sell u stuff n ideas?? …those are called commercials 😉 …now try to follow… commercials are paid for by …… (here it comes, hold your breath) …advertisers &sponsers 😀 pretty wild eh??

        🙂 morons!!!

      • Comments (610)

        ME, I usually ignore what you & a few other trolls say on here, but today I’m tired of the crap. You make alot of ASSumptions & you’re such a “big” person who seems to enjoy hiding behind your computer screen…your comments aren’t any better than the remaining HGs this season. I have been watching & lately the “commericals” have been advertisements for the new CBS tv shows and new season of existing CBS shows. Thus it’s kinda hard to get a list of advertisers that are ‘supporting’ BB15.

      • Comments (624)

        They are banking on the Howard Stern theory. It’s so repulsive the think people will tune in to see what they’ll do next.

      • Comments (207)

        I agree with jojo. He could have took them out and let the evicted players play to get back in the house. I bet there would not be many running their mouth then.

      • Comments (14)

        Does it matter? All head ups really look at is money. And I bet CBS got a killing from the viewer numbers. Never mind the live feeds.

      • Comments (875)

        @ Dennis, you’d think that there would be some written rules for the BB House Guest huh…Like you’re on Camera 24/7, watch what you said & do!

        But this season of BB has taken the cake, the overt Racism, Sexism, Gay Bashing, & Bigotry has been just utterly sad. I hope in the future anyone who spews this racist crap is Removed from the house. Also there were far too many HG on “Serious Mental Meds” this year too, (Adderall/Xanax) that was a problem also! It also gave Aaryn an edge in competitions, but not Amanda tho, because I believe that she is Bipolar.

      • Comments (610)

        mello_one, I mean this will all kindness, please don’t call Amanda bipolar. I know several people with bipolar, medicated, and even when they were not medicated, they never behaved anywhere close to how Amanda behaved. However, I think she definitely has some kind of mental health disorder(s) that her meds are clearly not helping. But none of that excuses her horrible behavior one bit.

      • Comments (5)

        Really Dennis ..”Mr.Chen” is a large part of the PROBLEM taht describes this season! Didn’t you see his wife’s interview with Amanda? ie. ALL fluff with NO substance and NO reference to her racist, violent and constant bullying!!!!!!!

      • Comments (11)

        Therefore I guess they should replace Julie with Jeff (previous BB contestant) to breathe new life into the show. The show and the host are both disgusting this season. Julie did not question Amanda on her behavior at the exit interview. Why? Was Julie also afraid of that nasty person Amanda? Seems like it to me.

  3. Comments (11)

    “”They beat everyone who has left the house. Instead of trashing those people on the feeds, why not try to be good sports about it?”” -BBJ

    I fail to see how they ‘beat’ anyone other then with sheer luck, stupidity and arrogance. You wanna know why they can’t be good sports about it? Have you been watching these a-holes? There isn’t a ‘civil’ or ‘moral’ anything in any of them that are left, sans, maybe GM.. And don’t dare ask me to feel bad for McCrea, he’s a blind tool..

    And everyone looks at me funny when I tell them that today’s Youth aren’t worth a sh! as a whole.. If they had some scruples, I’d be less blunt, but they simply don’t have any..

    CBS can go to hell in a handbag, they put a coke-head, and at least two pharm junkies on TV, let alone a Live TV program. They blacked out their viewers in numerous, large cities. And they still have the arrogance to promote and tout this sh! all in the name of money.. Like they don’t have enough already to last 10 lifetimes..


  4. Comments (651)

    If there is a next season will they PLEASE make new rules requiring the HGs to get the hell out of bed? Why would anyone (except our favorite blogger Stevebeans) pay for the live feeds when the HGs are only up and moving from 5pm to 5am? And the first 2-3 hours of that are them stumbling around waking up? So anyone on the east coast would at best get 2-3 hours of viewing–we have to get up and go to work.

    Give the HGs assigned jobs and a deadline to do it in. If THEY don’t do the job by the deadline then the whole house goes on slop for 24 hours. Give them a wake up time. If they don’t get their butts out of bed blare a horn through the house until everyone is up. No one should be allowed back in bed until all jobs are done.

    This would ensure a cleaner living environment (the after BB cleaning crew will thank you) but also make it reasonable to purchase the live feeds. It would also ensure the laziest, dirtiest HGs will be the first to go.

    They should also place penalty noms in the rule book. Talk about doing bodily harm to another HG = penalty nom. Racist comments should be replayed for the whole house to see the next day. This will not only out the racists but all those who sit silently by.

    • Comments (30)

      Jackie,.love the idea.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well Said.

      Thinking about the deeply embedded filth in the House, BB should charge the
      HGs for House Damages, just like it’s done in college dorms and for apartment rental deposits.
      These people are SLOBS……lazy, do-nothing slobs!

      At the very least, threaten them with it and watch them all turn into ‘Mr.Clean.” lol

    • Comments (682)

      Add penalty noms for mentioning DR session, singing, whistling, pretty much everything that makes us watch fish.

    • Comments (453)

      Great idea, would like to add that CBS needs a better screening process when it comes to mental health. And like the FBI requires character evals from friends, neighbors, fellow workers, etc. So we get some decent human beings instead of the sorry lot we have had to endure this season.

      • Comments (651)

        They could spend a little extra time and money on mental health testing and less on who has the biggest boobs. Put a ban on anyone on controlled substances and no more booze.

        A little extra time and effort in casting and more effort in coming up with new comps and twists so the HGs don’t know what’s coming next could bring the game back to what is once was–a great show.

      • Comments (453)

        right on

      • Comments (378)

        …so you’re all complaining cuz you have nothing to watch in your boring pathetic lives?? Lmao man you ppl are sad 😀

        Lmao at all of you 🙂

      • Comments (87)

        we post her on this site to talk about the BB show ME.. not quite getting why it is you post on here as you seem to only post about US

      • Comments (87)


      • Comments (3)

        lol, at least our ‘boring and pathetic lives’ aren’t spent trolling the internet and being a jerk to people. What’s more pathetic? People commenting and voicing opinions about something they love or someone who goes around making fun of those people? Think about it…

      • Comments (8)

        you must be the katelyn from the beginning of the show??

      • Comments (32)

        Just seems that some here have a huge hate on for, and complain constantly about something that you all seem to be obsessed with 24/7.
        Kinda sad…

      • Comments (3)

        Lol, look at yourself Jannie, what’s sad is that you are on a website for a show that you act like you don’t like, making fun of people who are here because they do like it. Who are you to tell people what to do with their lives? Who are you to judge people you don’t even know? Have you considered that some people are here to escape something going on in their lives? Or maybe people are here for the community. Maybe people are here because…oh my gosh, they love it, and how dare they? So, if you hate it so much and feel like YOU could be doing something better, then go do it and leave the fans alone.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao “at least” … hahaha 🙂

      • Comments (274)

        Jannie=suzieq=ME=Lloyd=xyz=whatever other names “it” picks.
        This person has no life, friends, family, job, or hobbies. They are a sad individual. Hides behind their screen making coversations with itself using fake names and puts others down with it’s drivel. Seriously it really is pathetic.

      • Comments (50)

        I guess we are the same person now according to paranoia Jill. At least we know the truth. I don’t like her associating us with that idiot “Me” though. I guess everyone who calls her out is the same person in her mind. She must have the Amanda type personality where every one loves her. “it just doesn’t make sense”…..LOL

      • Comments (1076)

        According to Jill we are one and the same Jannie……BbBbwwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhh….lol…

      • Comments (875)

        Jackie…Bravo! I also wish that CBS would also cast HG the KNOW how to play the Dang Game is played!!! And stop recruiting cast members from bars, malls, & off the street!

        I truly liked Lawon, but he didn’t have a clue, or even know what Big Brother was until he was recruited…Why!?!? And why doesn’t CBS cast HG who know how the game is played, and that are fans of the show???

      • Comments (45)

        There must have been an A-List cast and then a rejects list that somehow got mixed-up and a huge mistake was made and they went with the “reject list” and did not realize until it was too late…is the only think I can figure out on how this cast made it.

      • Comments (453)


  5. Comments (14)

    These people barely knew how to strategize 50 days ago. Why would they start now?

    • Comments (71)

      Exactly. The constant bad-mouthing didn’t just start on Thursday, the HGs (especially Amanda) have been doing it all season. I paid for the whole season of live feeds but I have hardly watched them in quite some time because most of the HGs have been unwatchable either because they’re hateful or just plain boring. I read this blog and Jokers to see what I missed and usually I didn’t miss anything. If I do, I flash back but that’s pretty rare.

      Thanks for all you do here, Steve. 🙂

  6. Comments (30)

    Floaters never plan -they just float from day to day. Andy and Spencer make me ill. If they were part of my family I would be sad to say they were kin to me. I hope this follows them the rest of their life and can not decide which one is the most evil.

  7. Comments (124)

    See now I HAVE to vote for Eilessa as America’s Favorite because it will just pis off the rest of them so much and THAT makes me happy.

  8. Comments (29)

    I think they will not talk about their game because none of them were really playing and they don’t really trust each other. Andy I think is so focus on Elissa to through McCrae off. I don’t think he needs to be so vulgar about it though. I would love it if one of them would step up and take control. Spencer still not playing telling Andy and McCrae you pick who you want gone (no doubt so he can say it was their idea not his)If they are not going talk game I rather hear about their families, hobbies etc. I have never seen a bunch of sore winners (I use that term lightly)in my life. Like you said get over it already

    • Comments (226)

      It’s also time in the game for everyone to start turning on each other so can’t be that much game to talk about. Looks like BB has given them some arts and crafts items, but they spend that time bashing Elissa, too! Urgh

  9. Comments (124)

    Just to remind myself why I loved this show so much I watched “dr will greatest big brother player of all time” on you tube. Even though Janelle will always be my favorite I have to admit Will was pure entertainment.

  10. Comments (49)

    Hey poster friends……if you are DVR dependent watcher….do not forget to record the show following Big Brother tonight. There is tennis on this afternoon and the possibilty of run over is always out there.

    • Comments (407)

      Thank you BB. Just set mine to record longer, especially since football is on before tennis, so I can definitely see the possibility of a delay. We all know BB is SO exciting now that we don’t want to miss a minute of it! I watch it hoping something will happen to perk my interest just a little.

      • Comments (407)

        Should have said “thank you BBCubby” because at this point I’m not thanking Big Brother for anything.

    • Comments (1)

      Thanks for the “heads up” . I have to go play pool tonight and would really be disappointed if I did not get it on DVR.

  11. Comments (2)

    im still on Team Candyland!! Vote for candice she deserves it for putting up with these people.

  12. Comments (1)

    This is pitiful to watch. I now skim over the live feeds because I’m only hearing hateful comments, mostly about Ellissa.
    Thought I liked Judd, but he gave up during the Veto and let the clock run out. He can’t sit around moping and expect any of these guys to just give him a spot in F2. I like McCrea a lot more without Amanda and he at least said something about all the Ellissa bashing going on and it’s pointless.
    Just waiting to vote for Ellissa for America’s favorite. Not about what she
    already has. It’s about her character and how she handled herself in the game. The rest of this season is The Bash Ellissa Show on CBS.

  13. Comments (610)

    Can CBS/BB even say that this season is still a game and “entertainment”? IMO, no. (and I certainly would not let any of my female friends or relatives anywhere near Spencer. Based on his many disgusting comments this season, he is definitely not safe to be around)

  14. Comments (3)

    I have been very disappointed this season. I did not like Amanda at all but she seemed to be the only one playing the game. The rest of them (McCrae included after he hooked up with Amanda) just followed her lead. I think GM is vulgar and needs to go with Spencer. Andy is a cry baby and has not played at all this season. I don’t care who wins and this is the first season since it began I did not have a favorite I was rooting for. Go figure.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well, you’re with the majority of BB Fans.
      CBS packed the House with a crowd of creeps and left BB fans
      with an unwatchable BB Game.

      • Comments (23)

        ME-there’s something wrong with you. You would have fit right in with this cast.

      • Comments (37)

        Exactly what I was thinking, Kar. Little people hide behind fake names on line and the mob rules in the house…goes to show us what they are really made of. They all need a week in a room of mirrors and a reel of their nasty words playing 24/7. I am sure they would continue to think they were witty and cute while they picked their faces. So predictable these people, they don’t see themselves as losers.

        “me” is a twelve year old pimple faced kid who has no life other than posting hate filled crap on any blog he can find…probably posts on the weather channel also. No life in the future for this person of little words.

      • Comments (274)

        No no no you are offending the 12 year olds. This person is a psychopath who claims to be educated. No joke. They are actually at least 6 different people on this site. A 12 year old has better grammar. This person is purposely acting stupid to get a rise out of people. They have no life but desire to, hence the fake lives created. They want to upset others to make themselves feel superior. Psychology 101…that’s high school psychology. They should study up on things if they are trying to pass themselves off as educated.

      • Comments (37)

        You think I was serious? Uh,No…I just like to throw a bone to idiots who think they mess up every one else’s day by showing how little they fit into group having a chat. Of course this person and his or her make believe lives are sad and we should pity them while we throw stones!

        Oh yeah, no offense to any 12 year old children who are posting here.

      • Comments (378)

        Awwww thanks 😉 *hugz

      • Comments (37)

        You are welcome ME. So funny and witty! We all have really laughed about you and enjoyed your spelling and lack of diction…but a few more years in reform school, by the time you are out at eighteen you might get work. Doing what, is still iffy…we’ll see.

      • Comments (124)

        I think Spencer and GM had a baby years ago and because of the great lack of intelligence they let the baby name himself…thus the idiot came up with the name ME

      • Comments (37)

        I believe you hit the nail on the head, Kate.

      • Comments (624)


    • Comments (228)

      The final twist should be ‘america votes’ One option would be NO ONE!!!!

    • Comments (87)

      it should be an America vote for the winner of BB this year and including the Jury member’s

  15. Comments (7)

    Steve, I don’t really like it that you’re so over-the-top with your hatred for GinaMarie.

    I know a lot of people don’t like GinaMarie, but out of the rest of these people, she’s the only one who’s made a big move. I loved it when she evicted Amanda and said, “Get to steppin.” It was just fantastic. She’s also shown her ability to stay in the game. After the veto comp yesterday, Spencer had wanted to evict GinaMarie. However, after GinaMarie had a conversation with him, he wanted for her to stay and Judd to go. She knows how to save herself.

    Judd doesn’t even deserve to be in the game, he was already evicted. He knows that he’s going to be evicted this week, so now he’s just making up things. He told Andy that if Andy were to be the re-nom over himself, then Judd would voluntarily get evicted in the final four. Who would even believe this? Andy didn’t, he could see right through him.

    Andy is a rat, and he always will be. He’s already selling Spencer out to McCrae.

    Spencer is a total floater, he won his first HOH at a time when it didn’t matter who won it, because McCrae was the target anyways. His only big move coming out of this week is getting Judd out, again.

    • Comments (29)

      Gina Marie nominated Amanda but really it was Andy who told them about Eliassa’s plan to keep Amanda and Andy’s vote that threw a monkey wrench into it GinaMarie was the tie breaker (it is not a hard thing to put up 2 people everyone wants out really)Had they not known about it and Andy stayed with his original allience, she would be gone along with Judd and Spencer. I don’t think Steve has picked on her more or less than any other with their vulgar behaviour

  16. Comments (6)

    You would think BB would create a way to get Elissa & Amanda back in the game to mess with the floaters and remove the supposedly injured GM and the Dudd who can go from zero to nutsoid in 2 seconds. Waiting for GM to step on her tongue and swallow her entire leg – doesn’t matter if its the sore toe leg or the busted knee leg.

    Also waiting for Judd to punch a hole in the wall so BB can put him back in the jury or simply just send him home. Expecting Judd to punch McCrea sometime this week for how dare McCrea win when the Dudd quit playing? There’s logic for you.

    If Elissa & Amanda come back, they can take care of the disgusting pig and the floating rat (glad he doesn’t teach my kids)and send them packing HOME – don’t even want to see them. I’m sure the strong he-man girls can zap them out. McZero is irrelevant. Wow, but he sure can win against the nothings left in the house. Big deal. Not worth watching.

    Had to cut the children from watching (BB – they were part of your audience too!) Not any more. Not with the filth left. Can’t trust BB to filter the garbage out. Don’t think our kids are going to grow up wanting to be in the BB house.

  17. Comments (87)

    I would hope ppl from CBS read this blog/thread (thank you SB), you all have really good ideas that would greatly improve this show- if they can’t or won’t change it up next season I don’t see much point in continuing to support the show with my viewership.

  18. Comments (407)

    Hey, we have great posters on right now! There is not a single thumbs down, which will probably change when a certain few come on.

  19. Comments (14)

    What a flop of a season…. That’s all I have to say about that. :/

  20. Comments (23)

    I stopped recording BBAD after Thursday night as there is nothing enjoyable about listening to a bunch of cretins ripping everyone else apart, and what they say about Elissa is inexcusable. It really ticks me off that one of them will win half a million dollars.

  21. Comments (10)

    My Mom & I have watched every season since the beginning & recently added BBAD to our routine. This is the 1st time we aren’t cheering for anyone!! The remaining hg’s are all disgusting & undeserving. So tired of listening to Andy & Spencer bash Elissa. There was no reason for him to tell the cameras that everyone should look up (Elissa’s Husband’s 1st & last name & city) &email to tell him ” how much of a f#@!head his wife is”!!! They constantly use the C word & I don’t know if they can say one sentence w/o the F word. I can’t wait until the end…hopefully the remaining players will be able to tell that they are disliked & can’t wait to see their faces when Elissa wins favourite player. So tired of the Elissa/Candace /Helen bashings!!

    • Comments (228)

      I think Andy wishes he was ‘Elissa’ he’s so obsessed with her that deep down he wishes he were her. As for Spencer, it’s all been said I can’t add anything other than he’s a sad human being.

      • Comments (226)

        Either that or he is hurt by her not being his friend and cutting her down for that. To spew that much hate comes from pain. One would not put that much energy in to hating someone without that (taken from the notion that you can only truly hate someone you wanted to like or love).

        It’s kinda what I see in all of them that are left, Elissa kept to herself and they are Ll lashing out at her rejection of them (real or perceived).

      • Comments (226)

        Oops mean all lashing out. Typo!

  22. Comments (3)

    Everyone thinks Andy is not using stratedgy? I think he is. I believe he knows America will most likely vote Elissa for America’s favorite. I believe he is bashing her so as to turn America off to her. This way if he doesn’t win first or second he is keeping himself in line for America’s favorite. He is very sly. Just my opinion.

  23. Comments (12)

    Not sure it’s the concept or just this particular cast of characters. Dan brought this show to an all time low last year with his lying and backstabbing – but he never talked about the topics this cast brings up. It is flat disgusting with the subject matters, language and behavior. Andy and Spencer top the list with the basest of slime. Obviously, it is their true character shining through. I would not want my child taught anything by anyone like Andy (everyone should do a background check on who is teaching their children) or near something like Spencer…. I’ll bet his next appearance will be on Dateline with the train yard as a back drop. Certainly makes you think twice about using the rail system.

    • Comments (124)

      Sherry, I disagree about your Dan comment. He actually played the game and used strategic moves to manipulate the other HGs. BB isn’t about a bunch of people making friends, it’s about outwitting everyone and getting to the end. He paid for his behavior by coming in second because the other HGs were still reeling that they were duped. My personal opinion was he actually played a better game than Ian…but Ian was just sooooo darn nice!

  24. Comments (190)

    “Good sports???” The remaining HG’s aren’t even good human beings. They could never make the jump to good sports.

  25. Comments (36)

    This season has been sad to watch. It’s not just the racism, misogyny, and bullying. It’s also the crass vulgar behavior and
    nonchalant admissions of broken laws. But what stands out and bothers me most is the hatefulness. These people are some seriously developed haters. It’s like they are hard wired for it. Of the people left in the house, even the 2 who might be less inclined (McCrae and Judd) cannot seem to help jumping right on that bandwagon of hateful hardcore bashing. Their spewing of outright vicious lies was so bad on the live feeds the other night, they stopped and questioned if they could be sued for slander. They decided the contracts everyone signed protected them but it worried them enough that it took a half hour or so until they were right back to their favorite object of hate.
    How is bashing people who aren’t even in the house anymore gameplay?
    I remember something Aaryn and some others were discussing on the live feeds about a month ago about this year not being a level playing field. I didn’t know what to make of it the time, thinking it could be them implying it wasn’t fair that Elissa came back but Aaryn said that it was actually in the contract or papers they were all provided with. At this point, I would be so happy to find out that it had been a different kind of season to see what would happen if they planted some of the nastiest most obnoxious and hateful “actors” in the game to see what would happen.

  26. Comments (3)

    His stratedgy does not work for me. I want Elissa to win America’s vote even more so now because of Andy’s bashing. Ewww I can not stand him. He so reminds me of Howdy Doody.(they even put the scarf around his neck in the promo like Howdy wears). (sorry) I used to think Ron Howard/Richie Cunningham looked like him but Andy does more so. The difference is I like Ron Howard!!!

  27. Comments (3)

    oops sorry strategy^ not stratedgy. 🙂

  28. Comments (2)

    Andy is a professor? Of communication..public speaking? Count how many times he says”like” ..when he is speaking. Spencer..has a creep factor about him….child porn remark. Etc. Something off there.

  29. Comments (651)

    Check this out


    GM makes it to YouTube and I don’t think she’s going to like it 🙂

  30. Comments (8)

    Let this season be the instruction manual of how NOT to play BB. Lets hope next year cast realizes that if they make personal attacks, their outside life is likely to be affected.
    On another note, WAY too many floater this season.

    An interesting twist for me would be to have one eviction without the house guests being allowed to interact. For example, hold the HOH comp, and then immediately separate the house guests into different rooms. The veto is done right after, and is one where only one house guest goes out at a time, does the task required and gets timed (fastest time wins). The eviction would also be done without anyone interacting. Personally,I feel that this would cause floaters to pick a side. I wouldnt recommend it for this season cause itd just be a waste,

  31. Comments (651)

    We’ve all been talking about the trash they been saying about evicted HGs which is disgusting but what about the guys laughing at GM’s injuries? Yes GM is a gutter rat and whatever happens outside the house as a result of her behavior she’ll get no sympathy here. But what kind of males are these that will laugh to her face when she is so injured? She has a broken foot and a busted knee on the other leg. And she cut herself cooking last night. What? One of these guys couldn’t make her something to eat?

    These males are the worst example of Y chromosomes I’ve ever seen.

    • Comments (37)

      More reason for women to take over running things. “Boys will be boys” is getting old.

    • Comments (71)

      When GM and McCrae were tethered together she was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and McCrae just stood there looking like a stoned zombie, doing and saying nothing. It was a perfect illustration of the male-female dynamic with most of the HGs this season. I was so disgusted I turned off the feed and haven’t watched it since. I may watch again on Wednesday night, maybe.

      I can’t imagine what those lazy slobs are going to do when their last house maid (GM) is gone.

  32. Comments (4)

    Does anyone else think that there is a possibility that the finale will be taped and not live? See, hubby and I watch together and he has flat out said that if he were a HG’s relative (or just a guest in the audience, for that matter) He would have one heck of a time putting those remaining HG’s in there place. He actually imagines how easy it would be to make Andy cry and pee his pants, simultaneously, on live TV! With both Rachel and Elissa’s husband in the expected audience, I see no way that there will definitely be some fireworks going off in that audience (or, right there on the stage!)

  33. Comments (110)

    I don’t think that production has anything to do who stay and who goes because if they did Spencer and GM would have already be out of the house
    Best things they could do is vote off GM because what been happening to
    her like having accidents how is she going to play the comp. if she is hurt.
    Spencer wouldn’t do it because he hasn’t got any sense anyway to put up any
    instead of Judd the saying goes Stupid is that Stupid does and that Spencer
    the perv.

  34. Comments (45)

    The vulgarity is escalating and hit a new low on degrading Elissa. The disgusting way they talk about Elissa (and other disgusting things) should warrant their immediate removal from the house or a penalty nomination at the very least.

    Hopefully, the twist in the end will be that the network is going to exercise their right to NOT award any prize to the remaining HGs due to their vulgarity, hatred, and racism. Then award the $500,000 to America’s choice (Elissa) and split the $50,000 second place to others who were victimized like Howard, Candice, and Helen. My faith in humanity would be restored.

  35. Comments (8)

    I really am tired of everyone complaining about the cast. Yall complained all last season for bringing in former house guests and all this season for not bringing in former house guests… Ya cant pleass everyone. Andy played just like Ian and Boogie… But people loved them. Elissa acted like a grown up and stayed above the immaturity, bur she was too high and mighty. Aaryn was amazing at competing like Rachel but because she was racist she had to go. GM can not articulate her thoughts but stood up for herself and won when she needed to. Spencer won 1 POV and 1 HOH .. He stayed under the radar and played it safe. Judd really has not done a lot but be nice, until now…… Everyone says McCrae is stupid but he joined up with a smart manipulator and ran things until final 7 AND he has one 2 POVS and now HOH, he won when he had to and ran the votes so he didnt have to win everything. You just cant make people happy… Evil Dick was Evil and everyone loved to hate him… This season has not exactly been thrilling, but you are dealing with humans not writers.. Every episode and cast can not be Jordon and Rachel and Janelle filled OK?? And clearly the whiners are still watching or you wouldnt be commenting. I think if you want the best person to win , it go Judd.. If you want to person who played the best game to win, its Andy.

  36. Comments (110)

    I will be glad this season will be over I really don’t care who wins this
    year and I hope Big Brothers doesn’t come on again. I don’t really about
    watching it anymore I am watching the shows of Survivor on the TV guide channel
    this week will be Survivor all-stars I think but I am not to sure it one
    of the old Survivor shows. It’s better TV then this show so boring.

  37. Comments (30)

    Hey ME, I dont know why you have to be so nasty.

  38. Comments (1)

    CBS should have the drill sargeant come on the speaker system and punish them when they cuss or say nasty things about the other house guests…like do 50 push ups or do the dishes for a week or sweep the floors all week.

    They should insist they do their own dishes, keep their beds made, their clothes folded, etc. If thy violate the rules, punish them by giving them chores to do or feed them slop or take food away from them

    Also, CBS should have it in the rule book….no sex on BB….it is live feeds and gives a very bad example to all those watching a game show.

    From Joan from Kentucky

  39. Comments (624)

    They need to crack down on these HG. Not just the endless bashing of anyone and any race, but also the lack of regard for house rules. How many times do we hear BB tell Andy “you are not allowed….” followed by him just smirking and waving them off and continues his conversation? How about “ANDY, go to the diary room NOW!” next time he blows them off? Then the producers can give them a one-time final warning face to face. Bring their diva asses back to earth.

  40. Comments (110)

    What Judd needs to do is tell McCrea that Andy voted for Amanda and not Ellissa
    that way McCrea and Andy will vote off GM a little blackmail doesn’t hurt
    to keep you safe the in house I also think that Judd needs to tell McCrea
    everything about GM and Spencer too because right now Judd doesn’t care what
    McCrea knows if it help Judd in the long run and needs to tell Andy that he will tell McCraa about his betrayal and I don’t think he wants McCrea to know
    what he did. That would be a target on Andy for sure if McCrea knows.

  41. Comments (624)

    I’m not even that excited about BB coming on tonight. Soon to be a house with 4 sloppy men. Thank goodness for NFL again! I may just watch the night game instead.

  42. Comments (29)

    you are doing exactly what ME wants by acknowledging and commenting on ME’s posts etc When I see ME or any other one like it I skip right over it because it’s not worth my time now. I was putting thumbs down and realized it was ususally him so I just skip it now.

  43. Comments (651)

    Well there you go. Less 15 minutes after 2 HGs are up and they are Elissa bashing. Seriously? Judd and Rat Dog are both vile.

  44. Comments (2)

    My theory on Amanda not being grilled. I think her family has money and has hired a lawyer to start damage control. It has been said she has a “mental illness.” So of course she is not responsible for her bad behavior. We can thank the ADA for that. So her family is gonna crawl under that rug and threaten to sue CBS if she is confronted because she has a “illness” and can’t be to blame for her bad behavior. WHATEVER!! As for the rest of the pigs in the pen they all need a good old fashioned ass whippin. From the amount of haters out there they better sleep with one eye open. I would be first in line to bitch slap a few myself. I do think CBS needs to stop this behavior from being allowed again on BB. I’m sure they were blindsided by this house of pigs and will learn from those mistakes and kick them out next season or BB is doomed.

  45. Comments (302)

    I totally agree with stevebeans. The Elissa obsession is mind boggling & NO strategy talk(How stupid are these people). Spencer tells Gina Marie Andy can’t be beat and they both fear he might win POV next week. But Spencer can’t seem to grasp that he doesn’t have to wait a week to worry about Andy they can take care of him now. That’s what Bromance’s do to you. Of course Andy wants to take you to the finals Spencer because he knows he’ll win. McCrae has expressed concerns about Andy but does not go to Spencer to make a deal and get Andy out now. It’s like Elissa was the only one in the house not wearing Andy Rose Colored Glasses. At this point in the game even if they can’t figure out he’s a rat they could at least figure out he’ll have his fair share of jury votes(the sad part is Elissa might even give him a vote not realizing how despicable and cruel he’s been too her). Judd — jeez — lost cause.

  46. Comments (143)

    I like Elissa but one has to wonder, when all 5 people who actually spend a day around her can’t stand her… one really has to wonder. Some like gm or andy who are dispicable people themselves doesn’t surprise me. But it seems McCrae hated her just as much and frankly, he has been one of the few people who actually stood up and made a point to tell others to stop making racist comments (like when he told amanda to stop saying racist things about puerto rican showers). I don’t know how the show is edited, I really don’t know WHY all the hgs hate elissa, I wish someone could explain it to me. But there is nothing normal about so many people hating her for no reason. Did Elissa DO something to them is she like insulting and rude to them and it is edited out?

    • Comments (3)

      Elissa can be annoying, and she has made some thoughtless (or perhaps passive aggressive) comments. Some of it may be jealousy because she’s got money and/or she’s in super shape. But when you get a group of people together, there is a tendency to single out someone, especially someone who can be annoying at times. Once the powerful people in the group start, everyone else joins in (mostly glad it’s not directed at them). They have to vent and so they put all their frustrations and anger into talking about and acting out at this one fringe person in the group. Everything this person does is exaggerated and embellished to make the people bashing feel justified in their bullying. I’ve seen it a million times in the workplace!

      Often times this person either leaves because of the hostile environment, or is fired (or evicted), sometimes for trumped up reasons. What all the bashers don’t realize is that the group will now be looking for the next target.

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