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Big Brother 15 – Sleepy Sunday Updates

August 25, 2013 | 342 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


I don’t know why I picked an image of Spencer for the Sunday Updates thread.  It’s probably because Sunday’s are pretty boring, and that represents Spencer’s season thus far.

Unless Big Brother throws something in today, it should be a pretty predictable day with a lot of campaign, tears and snarky remarks.  The PoV ceremony will be held tomorrow (unless changed), so today is generally a pretty tense or super dull day depending on the week.  With Amanda winning veto, I am leaning towards tense because Andy is likely the replacement nominee, and he’s not very happy about it.

If you want to watch the feeds, you can sign up by clicking here.  There is a free trial, but you’re going to want to get it for the rest of the season.  Even when slow, the conversations are usually.. interesting to say the least.

No plugs today, just diving right in…


10:40pm – Feeds cut to fish, likely doing the wake-up call

10:53pm – Feeds back, some houseguests are up and about.  A lot of them are up, must have been some good songs played during the fish

11:25pm – Elissa and Judd discover that Andy left the hose on going into the hottub.  Water overflowed on the patio, so Elissa rushes to the DR to find out what to do.  Maybe they’ll let her make a phone call while in there (I kid, I kid)

11:35pm – Judd and Elissa head to the HoH room so production can clean up the spill outside.  The two begin to bash Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae

12:00pm – Elissa wants to have a good-bye message calling her a trend.  She’s fun to jump on but quickly becomes old and you regret it… ouch


2:14pm – Elissa tells McCrae to never go through her stuff, and the two start snapping back and forth (yup, this week should be a fun one – get feeds here)

McCrae says “You’re the most down to earth, grounded person I know” … Elissa couldn’t understand his sarcasm and left.  She returns and tells him to tell his girlfriend not to touch her stuff either, and the two exchange more snaps

2:17pm – Apparently someone went through Elissa’s stuff to maybe get a ball?  McCrae is saying it’s GM but Elissa keeps telling him to stay out of her stuff.   She threatens to tell production that he’s touching her personal property, while McCrae does the same (apparently she went through one of his drawers before?). Real petty stuff, but it shows where the tension level is.

McCrae runs off to go to the DR, rings the bell but they don’t let him in.  I’m not sure he rang the bell or not because when Spencer asks if he went, he just says ‘no’.  Kind of weird not to let him in if he did ring the bell, especially considering the entire show apparently revolves around favoring his girlfriend (right?).

When he returns back outside, the two continue to exchange jabs with Elissa calling him gross, McCrae snapping back at him.

Amanda comes outside and both of them make mocking comments to Elissa about how she just walked on the Big Brother set despite many others trying to get on.  How she said she won’t be voted out because she’s Rachel’s sister, etc.

Amanda starts taking personal shots about how Elissa always talks about her son while never mentions her step-son at all.  She is still bitter about Elissa telling GM about her pregnancy as she brings that up.   She finishes up her attack with ‘you should have been a blow job, Elissa’

2:30pm – Oops, fell asleep.  Judd and McCrae are outside talking about Amanda and whether or not he’s coming after them.  Looking back, apparently McCrae and Amanda had it out with Elissa… damn nap.  I will try to get some times

3:18pm – Amanda is putting on makeup while Aaryn comes in to tell her of the Judd developments.  Andy walks in (of course), and Aaryn tells them both that Judd is pushing for Andy to go on the block.   He wants her on the block because he thinks that’s a better chance of getting Aaryn out, but Andy looks as he’s about to cry and walks away.

Judd comes in to confront Aaryn about it and denies saying he wants Andy on the block.  Aaryn insists he wants her out.

3:35pm – I don’t think Andy is handling this week too well….


4:40pm – The ugliness of the house has calmed down – for now.  McCrae and crew sitting outside talking about zingbot.  McCrae thinks it’s annoying, and I do agree with him.  The voice they use is absolutely painful to listen to, but the zings are sometimes decent.

Big Brother is on CBS tonight so you’ll finally found out who came back to the house and who won HoH, but I have a feeling if you’re reading this right now, you already know.   I am going to be playing a game off and on tonight, but will keep the feeds going and keep updating this thread if anything interesting happens…

5:00pm – Photo booth time

5:50pm – Elissa called to DR, feeds on trivia.  Kind of weird

6:10pm – Still on trivia… could be pandora’s box

6:30pm – Feeds back, but nothing happened.  Amanda is just yelling at Elissa

6:50pm – Feeds are on fish at the moment.  Something is going on…. this is a weird night

7:00pm – Feeds up, nothing happened.  People just sitting around, Elissa showering.

8:00pm – House is still calm, cooking some hot dogs.  GM invited Elissa down but she seems content to stay in the HoH room

8:30pm – Elissa is in the HoH room having a pity party for herself.  She says “I just want to play the game”, but that’s what they’re all doing.  When Elissa was threatening Andy about votes, she said it’s part of the game.  It is part of the game.  It’s a sucky part of the game, ask the people who had to deal with Evil Dick.. but it is what it is.

8:45pm – Amanda is getting weird feelings, especially since the photobooth is active again.  She thinks she hears something at the front door, so GM grabs a chair.  It would actually be kind of funny if someone tried to break into the BB house.  Probably the worst house in the world to break into.

9:00pm – Everyone is freaking out.  It’s like someone slipped the house some acid.  GM is running around screaming because the cameras are acting weird, Amanda is walking around trying to see any differences.  Elissa even came down from the HoH room to check things out.  They expect Pandora’s Box to be this week.

9:30pm – Amanda is back to reading the rulebook, Aaryn/GM messing with the photobooth.

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