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Big Brother 15 – Summer Can Officially Start Now; Live Thread

poolsideI don’t know why I chose this image as my cover image for the first Big Brother 15 live thread of the season, but probably because the cast is almost entirely made up of people pulled from Maxim, GQ, and Where’s Waldo, I may as well take the poolside approach.


If you’re a new reader to Big Brother Junkies, welcome!  If you’re a returning reader, welcome back and I hope you have a great season reading our blogs and tweets.  Every Wednesday, I put out a live blog that I update during the show (during EST), which is good for those who don’t have access to a TV or just want to read my thoughts on the episode.  Once that is done, I flip on the live feeds and watch the aftermath of the eviction, or follow along with the endurance competition if there is one.


Watch the live feeds right here

This season of Big Brother 15 is a little longer than previous seasons, and with roughly the same amount of houseguests as the largest seasons, I expect quite a few interesting twists.  I am anxious to see how Julie Chen is going to pull off the ‘no floater summer’, but we already do know that there will be an MVP of each week who will have special powers.  Those powers will likely be linked to the 3rd nominee of the week, and possibly be related to the ‘no floater’ aspect.  Vague enough?  Good.


Keep refreshing this page as the show is going as I will update it often…..

8:50 – Julie reveals more twists … The MVP will nominate the third, just like I called a few weeks ago!  The MVP will be completely anonymous, as will their nomination.  Very interesting part of the twist.

8:46 – McCrae is the first HoH, and Jeremy won the season long ‘no havenot’ pass.

8:36 – Elissa’s secret is already out, well to a few people.  It didn’t take long for them to figure out she looks almost exactly like Rachel.

8:32 –  HoH competition.  It’s another endurance hanging one.

8:26 – Twist revealed:  3 nominees…. HoH will nominate 2 like normal, 3rd person will be picked another way, will reveal later on (likely MVP)

8:19 – Elissa introducing herself and Judd says she looks a little familiar.  I knew it wouldn’t take long for her secret to leak.

8:13 – Girls talking about an ‘all girl’ alliance, and GinaMarie is already rubbing people the wrong way.  Very catty group so far.

8:00 – Introduction time.  We get to see a bunch of people who pretend they knew about the show.

Stay tuned.


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