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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Afternoon Blogging

July 7, 2013 | 45 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



It’s been a fairly busy holiday weekend, especially considering I”m not used to Big Brother airing before the 4th of July, so I had to squeeze some time in to have some fun, while still trying to make sense of the clusterf*ck going on in the Big Brother house.  Big Brother is on CBS tonight, so this thread will take you right up to that (and more), so if you’re checking in during the episode, here are some reminders:

12:09pm – Spencer and Andy are in the kitchen while Elissa and Helen are outside doing yoga stretches.  Spencer mentions that he wants to be able to keep the weapon of MVPLissa, but appears worried he’s going to have to vote out someone he likes to do so.

Elissa has been working Jessie on the vote by explaining how she’s a throwaway piece in Team Ignorance.  She (Elissa) is debating on putting Nick up and trying to get him out while she can, and this is just a funny note.  The MVP was supposed to scare floaters, yet every single floater in the house is completely off of Elissa’s radar right now.

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I’m so beautiful, I don’t even need a bra!

Jessie pulls Andy into the pantry to talk game.  Elissa has basically been doing the Jeremy strategy of threatening people to go on the block if they don’t vote their way, so she wants to see if she did that to Andy.  He says she didn’t, but they are still debating on getting her out of the house.  Jessie doesn’t want to keep kissing her ass because of the MVP twist (she’d rather kiss the ass of douchebags and assholes I guess).

One thing I never understood is why people like Jessie, who are bottom of the totem pole, try to suck on to a strong alliance because she thinks it will get her further in the game.  Yes, it’s a great strategy if your goal is to get to the jury house, but do people really think they’ll get further that way?  My idea would be to get rid of the strong people (ie Jeremy), so I’m the strongest and can then dictate what happens.  If I go to the final 3 with people who can easily beat me in challenges, that basically means I am settling for 3rd place.

1:18pm – Spencer has a new idea for the moving company. He is working Jeremy to target Amanda sooner rather than later so they can get McCrae back to the Moving Company.  His plan is to get Elissa to put Amanda up as a replacement nominee instead of one of his guys.  I don’t see how it’s remotely possible for this to happen, but as far as Spencer’s short-term game, it’s not bad.  If you ignore the fact that Jeremy is much tighter with Aaryn and Kaitlin than he is the Moving Company.

Helen, would you like to join the wolf pack?

Helen, would you like to join the wolf pack?

1:50pm – Alan from “The Hangover” apparently made his way into the house and is now working Helen for a vote against Amanda.   She doesn’t seem too into it, but it appears she’ll humor him anyway.

2:10pm – Jeremy pulls Amanda aside to let her name that she may be getting some heat.  This is to try and get Amanda on Team Ignorance for a few weeks until they’re done with her.  It’s very clear that Jeremy has almost no loyalty to Moving Company as he’s repeating everything word for word, but not revealing names.  She guessed the names, then finished with “I’m with you.  We’re young and strong and the best looking” – Ok Jessie Jr.


2:38pm – Judd is outside talking with McCrae and Amanda.  They talk a little before calling Helen over to clear things up.  Helen reassures Amanda that they’re together and that the other side is worried.  In addition,  she (Helen) thinks that former winner Dan is cousin with Nick.  They agree with Spencer has been a bit shady recently and needs to go pretty soon.

The big worry going around the house is Nick being Dan’s cousin could lock him down for MVP once Elissa is out.  This rumor can possibly save Elissa as Amanda and crew would rather have Elissa as a weapon, than Nick.

2:49pm – McCrae is really worried they don’t have the power this week and he’s pushing Amanda to vote for Elissa to go.  This is because the house keeps threatening anyone who votes to keep Elissa, and he thinks Amanda won’t be safe if she’s a vote for Elissa.  It looks like Jeremy’s intimidation tactic is working.  People really believe they’re the weak ones, and they’re drinking Jeremy’s kool-aid.

4:40pm – Aaryn tells Kaitlin “hate is a very strong word, but I hate her.  HATE her” (referring to Elissa).  Hate is a strong word, but apparently racial slurs aren’t.

keep checking back, there is a lot to talk about!

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