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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

bb15-judd-gm-boothSlow going in the Big Brother house this Sunday afternoon.  It’s typically a dull day barring any random storms that sweep through, and that’s because it’s right between two events.  Saturday is the veto, Monday is the veto meeting, so Sunday people generally sit around waiting to see what happens.  There has been little talk of what will happen tomorrow, but most know McCrae should use the PoV on himself and Spencer will go up.

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Scrolling through the comments, I see some mention of the diamond power of veto.  To clear up the rumor, she does not have any special power right now.  I can’t guarantee that will remain throughout the week, but as of this second, Amanda is walking out the door this Thursday.   I am not even sure there will be a Pandora’s Box this year, and if there is, it will probably just be a luxury one and not a game changing decision.

Tonight on the CBS episode of Big Brother, you’ll see the nominations which I’m pretty excited to see. This is going to be the first time in weeks that the people nominated are genuinely surprised at the results.  Amanda said she was shocked to see Elissa’s key come out of the box, so I am dying to see that reaction.


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You can still sign up to the live feeds, but right now there is not much going on.  If and when Hurricane Amanda hits the house, you’ll want the feeds, but right now people are just laying around the house doing nothing.


3:00pm – The photobooth is open and the houseguests are doing their weekly pictures.

3:18pm – Judd said he is trying to plant the seed in Amanda’s head to try to get McCrae to use the veto on her.  This is so they can get McCrae out of the house this week.  If that works then McCrae certainly deserves to walk out of the house, and Judd deserves at least the $50k second place prize (though probably 1st place).

3:35pm – GinaMarie talking to McCrae up in the HoH room.  She’s explaining how they need to split up the power duo.  McCrae’s response is the typical McCrae response… ‘yea… yea…. yea….. yea…. ‘  I am just waiting for the ‘I don’t know’s to start.

3:40pm – McCrae mentions how he was thinking of using the PoV on Amanda, and GM actually said it’s generally a stupid move.  I don’t think Judd will be thrilled to hear that.   He said he won’t use it unless he had the votes anyway, but I have a feeling it will be pretty easy to convince him he has the votes.  McCrae may do a dumb move tomorrow…

4:10pm – Amanda and McCrae whispering in the kitchen about the veto situation.  It was cut-in mid conversation so I didn’t get much. I do think Amanda and McCrae are going to get completely fooled by the Exterminators alliance and end up possibly doing something real stupid like keeping Amanda.

6:00pm – Just finished watching the episode on CBS.  One thing to note, the show depicts both Amanda and Elissa in the worst possible light each.  Amanda, while definitely bitchy, isn’t 24/7 bitch mode, just like Elissa doesn’t look like a space shot all day.  On the feeds, both are ‘normal’ probably 98% of the day.  Right now for example, Amanda, GM and Elissa are sitting around the pool talking about normal stuff.

6:45pm – The house is sitting around chatting about Candice.  They are pretending to be Candice as OTEV and then talking about how funny she really was, etc.

7:07pm – Amanda comes out to interrupt a casual conversation to suggest Elissa be the renom tomorrow.  The house is humoring her but Amanda is still likely going home.

Amanda resorts to begging Judd to help her convince GM to put up Elissa and get her out.

7:23pm – Amanda is off to lay down after a begging session, but Judd doesn’t think it’s smart for him to push things to GM right now.

After Judd left, Spencer had a real talk with McCrae basically telling him he should be prepared for Amanda to go and he looks forward to playing with him without her around.

8:16pm – Spencer and Andy keep talking about production, and after a few messages, production comes on “Spencer, You’ve got to be kidding me”.  I love that recording

8:25pm – I’m off to watch Breaking Bad.  I’m not sure if the house will actually talk to GM about putting Elissa up, but even if they do, I don’t think Amanda has a chance

10:00pm – GM and Spencer are in the hammock talking game.   He basically told her that if the house goes up to tell her they want Elissa up, ignore them.  If McCrae uses PoV on Amanda, he will be in jury faster than you can say moron.


10:15pm – Amanda is in the HoH room trying to convince GM to put up Elissa, but it’s actually funny listening to Amanda.  The house really has her fooled right now.  Amanda is absolutely convinced that GM is working with Elissa, Spencer and Judd.  She keeps saying things about Andy being livid while putting on a happy face.  She has been pretty keen on some things this game, so it’s almost shocking to see her so clueless about Andy.

Honestly I’m not really too sure what to think about this move.  Obviously splitting up McCrae and Amanda is a good move, but I can’t figure out if it’s a good move for GM or not.   GM is clearly the Britney of her alliance and will likely finish in 4th place, but I don’t really know if she has a chance to finish higher.   The biggest blunder was Amanda, McCrae and GM not voting out Andy last week.  That was probably a $500k decision for one of those 4.

10:35pm – GinaMarie keeps saying how she’s on her own and that’s why she’s splitting up McCrae and Amanda.  Amanda counters by saying she’s been offering to work with her, so she wouldn’t be alone.  I’m really shocked Amanda hasn’t figured out that GM is actually in a secret alliance.

10:45pm – So GinaMarie basically took a verbal beating from Amanda but kept her cool throughout the whole thing.  It’s sad because I think GM is at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance and is just hurting her potential jury votes.  She is the meat shield for that alliance.

11:10pm – Most of the cast, including Elissa and Amanda, are outside basically chatting about Amanda’s game.  She is pretty much accepting her defeat, so a lot of secrets and truths are coming out.  It’s a pretty interesting conversation and good to see people chatting friendly and normal.

(keep checking back for updates)

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  1. Comments (29)

    Bye bye Amanda!

    • Comments (207)

      Adios! Amanda!

    • Comments (33)

      I know, that BITC= is crazy. Begging Judd to get GM to put up Elissa, This is the same BITC- that takes so much in pride getting people out (her alliance) She had him backdoored because she THOUGHT he was MVP. Then her plan was to vote him out right away and this DUMB BITC- wants him to help her and she thinks GM is dumb. YOU TAKE THE CAKE AMANDA

    • Comments (191)

      After Amanda leaves it will become a snooze-fest!

      • Comments (293)

        It will be for people who like hearing incessant bad language, yelling, and crying, and seeing bullying, filth, homophobia, and racism. Competitions, lying, scheming, forming and breaking alliances will continue; these are what make the game interesting for other people.

      • Comments (191)

        Shirley maybe you should watch the Disney channel

      • Comments (293)

        I do.

      • Comments (2)

        Even though we are Major Big Brother Fans, this has been the worst cast ever. They leave in the game Elissa and vote out AMANDA! How stupid can GM really is playing for fourth place. Judd, is incoherent and does not deserve to win,Spencer is a nobody, GM is a very sick woman, McCrea is just plain too nice. At least Amanda had a plan all along and Nothing she said or did was that terrible for BB15 to potray her as an evil Dick or the cast for that matter. Andy, The ultimate floater, ANDY should win at this point. Good on you all, a Floater wins because you all liked him too much! They should take AMANDA to the end since she supposedly is hated by all. This is also the last year we will watch BBAD unless it goes back to a true cable station without massive commercials and all the bleeping out. We got less time with the houseguests and there was nothing interesting about any of this.

      • Comments (120)





    • Comments (120)


  2. Comments (4)

    Noooooo! Hope McCrae doesn’t fall for it!

    • Comments (33)

      i used to like Mcrae. Now I hope they use the veto on Amanda thinking they are so much smarter than everyone in the house and they still control them. Then they’ll be known as the dumbest players in the history of BB to get played twice in a row by the same person(as they say DUMB GM)That would be great to see the look on their faces again if he used it on Amanda and GM put up Spencer. That would make GM & Judd America’s player . you’d have to love them both

  3. Comments (30)


  4. Comments (875)

    I hope GM does “not” Fall for Judd, Amanda, & McCrae’s proposal of putting Elissa up as a renom! This will happen only If McCrae saves Amanda with the Veto, then most likely the HG would vote off Elissa, and keep McCranda yet Again!?!?

    If this happens I am personally, & officially done with BB 15

  5. Comments (83)

    If he takes her off the block, he deserves to go home, I really hope he don’t, she really needs to leave, I can’t believe they want him out and not her, haven’t these ppl leaened anything from others keeping her, if she stays there alliance will be tanked, rat boy will side with her if McNasty is gone.

    • Comments (407)

      Can’t you just see her gloating in Elissa’s face if she stayed. McCrae actually stopped her from doing more bullying than she did and if he is not there, she would probably be unstoppable. We all know by now production is not going to do anything to her.

      • Comments (8)

        Production should do something about it, think what it’s teaching all the teenagers out there, if you bully someone you will get exactly what you want. HG’s put a stop to it,

      • Comments (207)

        Yeah get Amandas butt out and then start back playing. Shes almost as bad as Aaryns racial denials. This is a game but Amanda and Aaryn has gone beyond game plsy.

    • Comments (33)

      no way, Even the rat has left the burning ship, She would have no-one,

    • Comments (33)

      but look at the entertainment she would bring. She would not have Mcrae to run to & she would be seen as the piece of crap she is with nobody buying her SHI-. She would not be able to bully manyone because all they would have to do is to tell her to shut up , we are tired of your shi- you spoiled brat, What is she going to do, target the whole house. She isn’t winning anything but the booby prize.. POETIC JUSTICE

      • Comments (30)

        haha the FAKE booby prize

      • Comments (90)

        Yes, I agree about the entertainment value she’d bring if left in the house without McNosePicker. Just knowing he’s in the comfortable jury house with 3 good looking single ladies (Helen is married) will drive her crazy. But I wonder how Andy will behave toward her and she toward him? By then she will realize that he was the one that plunged the largest knife of betrayal in her back. Too bad we can’t get to see footage from the jury house. I know they will show us some snippets before end of game…..but I want to see footage NOW!!! 🙂

    • Comments (4314)

      No, they are right to get rid of McScummy first, he is the stronger player of the 2. If they take her out and leave him in, he can form an all guys alliance, which would automatically be a death sentence for GM and Elissa. If they take him out first, she has no one. The fact that everyone voted him out will let her know that she is alone and she is so insecure that she’ll be a basket case by next weeks nominations. She’ll self destruct for sure without him there.

    • Comments (1)

      I know Amanda is kniving B**** and she really does need to go home but, McCrae is definitely a much bigger threat when it comes to HoH and Veto competitions. Amanda has only won one game this season and without Amanda, McCrae might work even harder and may be tough competition. It is also very likely they will both go home this week because of the double eviction but getting rid of McCrae may be smarter because he may fight for the HoH and not end up going home. Amanda is WAY less likely to win the HoH for the double eviction and will go home that way.

  6. Comments (32)

    This will be the ultimate test as to whether or not there is an Amanda conspiracy. If she gets das boot, guess not. But if something “unexpected” somehow saves her, game over for me. That will make it obvious that CBS is WAY too involved and it is no longer a game – it becomes just another Duck Dynasty. (completely scripted from beginning to end)

    So, because this is my one and only guilty pleasure I really hope to see “Demanda” gone this week. Just cannot help but wonder what will happen in jury house – she has 4 people already there who hate her. (or should)

  7. Comments (5)

    So glad I didn’t pay for live feeds. These hgs sleep half the day away and then are up until almost day light. I would think if CBS wants people to purchase the live feeds they would make sure the hg’s are up and about when most of America is awake. Doesn’t help that i’m 3 hours ahead in time zones so all that being said i would not pay for the live feeds. At least in Canada the live feeds were free

    • Comments (226)

      You would think they would give them activities or require them to clean! I mean BB can have them do anything. I’ve never understood why there isn’t more direction from BB….ah well prolly in the contracts

      • Comments (207)

        Well if there were to much direction from bb we would not know which hgs were slobs and who cleaned. We also would not know how lazy Amands and some others were

    • Comments (1288)

      You do realize watching them “live” is not your only option? All feeds are archived so if the HGs are sleeping while you are online today you can go back and watch what they were doing while you were asleep last night.

  8. Comments (302)

    Why is Andy teflon to everyone but Elissa? It’s no wonder he wants her out so badly because Elissa totally sees through his act. But when it becomes apparent in the POV competition that Andy is working against McCranda he makes up some sorry excuse about being confused and he seems to get a free pass from McCranda. Despite a mountain of evidence presented before Judd … he buys Andy’s act hook, line and sinker. Unless Elissa & GM keep winning HOH I fear the men will divide and conquer them and apparently the combined IQ of Judd, Spencer & McCrae would still be below Andy’s & they won’t figure it out until Elissa explains it to them in the Jury House.

    • Comments (45)

      Elissa being able to see through Andy explains his hatred for her, but still does in no way warrant the names he has called her. Now America has seen Andy’s lack of character by the unspeakable names he is calling Elissa. Hope either McCrae or Andy are voted out in the double eviction.

      • Comments (682)

        I don’t recall Elissa doing anything to Andy (or pretty much anyone in the house) to warrant the names they call her. I do think Andy flipping her off is a game move (sad) in an attempt to demonstrate to the others he hates her too.

      • Comments (226)

        I know- how many times can you say the c-word without being or yourself? Ugh. Forgetting they are being recorded is a big problem with this bunch

      • Comments (226)

        Oops I meant without being one

      • Comments (1076)

        Eissa doesn’t trust Andy because of Helen, and that is game related. What Andy called Elissa is never forgivable under any circumstances. Andy has crossed the line and had no reason to. I am done with Andy. Like I said yesterday, I hope Elissa wins and gives the money to a non-profit children charity. It would give her and her husband a tax write off I wouldn’t have to be annoyed that any one of the other HGs won the money.

      • Comments (226)

        This! ^. I’ve thought for a while that Elissa would be more inclined to donate the winnings (if she doesn’t use it for a wellness center which would actually help people). I think Andy gets away with playing both sides bc be is genuinely likeable and/or a good actor.

      • Comments (1076)

        Last night Andy told Spencer and Judd that he leaves personal belongings in every part of the house so he always has an excuse for popping up every where. That was pretty clever. They all laughed.

      • Comments (226)

        He had admitted that a while back, maybe to Helen or the DR. So he’s now shared his every friend strategy to everyone else, wth!

      • Comments (120)

        andy is just a rat and needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (3)

        Totally agree…thank you.

      • Comments (120)

        Andy is now saying that when he is HOH he will put up Judd & Elissa


        Double eviction Amanda & Mcrea next week the RAT ANDY.

  9. Comments (45)

    My username worked so well I may change it to VoteAndyOut. What an annoying two-faced rat! Knowing he is a teacher I was surprised to hear the profanity that comes out of his mouth. It is deplorable!

    At least there is one houseguest that has not stooped to that level. Elissa is smart, kind, and wise. I am rooting for her to be #1 and Judd #2.

    Elissa is a good role model for Gina Marie. Hope to see McCrae, Andy, Spencer…be the next ones to leave.

    • Comments (682)

      Don’t change it yet. Wait until Thursday.

    • Comments (207)

      Hey VoteAmandaOut! Wait until Amanda gets voted out first and then change it. We want to make sure she goes first. LOL

    • Comments (875)

      VoteAmandaOut…I totally agree with you! Elissa is a great role model for GM. Elissa wants to open a Wellness Center, which could really help GM with her eating disorder. She should also ask GM to come work with her in the center, because Elissa could also teach GM a lot about being PC.

      • Comments (1076)

        It’s more then teaching GM how to be PC. GM has to realize that what she says is wrong, not just to not say these things. If Elissa did take GM under her wing it would prove that she really is a good woman. I believe Elissa doesn’t say racist things because she is not a racist. That is what GM has to learn. Wouldn’t it be great if Elissa kept up her friendship with Candice too, then GM could really see how wrong and hurtful her words were. A real live visual aide….

      • Comments (875)

        True suzyq…I would hope that Elissa could help GM in that way also! 🙂

      • Comments (33)

        elissa is sort of a strange duck but i don’t think she is a mean & nasty person like Amanda. GM could learn alot about being a decent person. She really tries hard in her own way but I don’t think she had the proper ground work.Besides she will need a job after this. Elissa is sort of a snob but she gives what she gets. YOU HEAR THAT AMANDA MET YEE MATCH

      • Comments (207)

        Well cajun i gave you a thumbs up but i dont believe Elissas a snob. I believe shes just quite. She is nothing like Rachel. I never really liked Rachel that well. I watched a episode of David Tutera on netflix. Season 5 reality brides. Rachel was so demanding and didnt want to stick with the rules of the show. Even thoughDavid told her she signed upfor his rules not hers.Her mother wanted to take all the attention but Elissa was quite and supported her sister. I would not have known she was there if i didnt see her. She didnt try to steal the spotlight away from Rachel. She deserves this chance to get her own money cause i think she has always took a backseat to Rachel. Sisters dont share alot of the winnings with their family

      • Comments (1076)

        During a very pleasant interval last night the HG’s were sitting around talking in the backyard and Elissa very casually said that Rachel was not a very attentive aunt to Elissas boy and then she said that her mother was not a very hands on grandmother (alluding to a lack of warmth and a real physical distance). Maybe what I have been seeing as aloofness and standoffishness in Elissa is really just a defense mechanism to protect herself from being hurt by a family that is not as loving and caring as she would like and truly needs. To compensate she stated that she takes her boy with her all the time and is very involved in his life. This moment of shared intimacy really knocked me for a loop.

      • Comments (407)

        suzy, if Elissa’s mother is not very attentive or loving to her grandson, she probably was that way with Elissa and Rachel. They have said that Elissa’s husband is older than her so he probably treats her like a princess and she is getting the love and attention she did not get from her own mother.

      • Comments (293)

        When they were on that wedding show, Rachel did not seem to like Elissa or her mother that much. The mother did come off as trying to be one of them instead of their mother.

      • Comments (1076)

        “Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” the opening line of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

    • Comments (120)

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • Comments (120)


      AND MCREA.

  10. Comments (50)

    Ok, so McCrae is ACTUALLY considering using POV on Amanda?!? What a dummy. I hope it happens though. They need to get him out. I don’t think Amanda will be a dominant player without McCrae there. She’s going to go bananas if he gets kicked out and all the HGs will get even more sick of her and boot her next.

    • Comments (651)

      She will go on the attack for about 15 mins until they find out about the 2nd eviction. If she wins HoH all hell will break lose in that house.

      • Comments (453)

        Ten minutes of ranting, then the pity party and be ready to leave, she will not have the mindset to win, as long as ratboy and pervert keep their mouths shut and GM doesn’t feel sorry for her.

      • Comments (2)

        LOL…of course she was offended and assaulted by Elissa’s taunt
        She was jealous of Jessie;felt threate
        ned by her hotness. Especially since she has suchh a matronly one

      • Comments (4314)

        Jackie: If she wins HOH there won’t be time for all hell to break loose because Elissa and Judd might as well just walk in the living room and take their seats. Then poor Elissa will definitely be out the door. Amanda’s revenge. That fool is so driven by hatred and jealousy of Elissa, she’ll stop breathing if she wins HOH and can’t get Elissa out.

      • Comments (90)

        Lol….so true. 🙂

    • Comments (682)

      I really don’t think McStinky is THAT dumb. Last I checked it was a ploy and not a real option for him to use the veto on Demanda. But as it was happening I envisioned Demanda actually pulling it off. She has one more day to change it from an option to reality but I don’t think he’s that dumb. Smelly and lazy? yes.

    • Comments (1076)

      Not using the veto on yourself if you are up on the block is horrible game play.

    • Comments (88)

      I so agree I think they should go after mcgross. I HATE AMANDA! Get get me wrong but I mcgross is a way bigger threat. I’m really only looking thro elissa pov cuz I 1000x rooting for her .all I know is Amanda sitting in the final two with elissa (or anyone) is a good thing. I think even arryn would vote for elissa.
      And god I thought tonight so going to be an awesome show but that was irriatating listening cry for an hour about … Wait for it….. Being bullied. LMFAO Are you kidding me Amanda I think your trying to push my buttons . What you think about that .

      • Comments (88)

        Sorry the screen on my phone is all cracked so its really hard to use the keypad and my messages have alot of errors in them.
        I would love to see Elissa and Amanda go to the end and watch Elissa win 6 to 1 to Amanda. The look on Amandas face would save this season for me.

    • Comments (4314)

      Christine: EXACTLY!

  11. Comments (293)

    The former CBS employee who has been posting on Facebook says (alleges) that Amanda or McCrae would be tempted by Pandora’s Box with a Diamond Power of Veto if one of them wins Head of Household in the near future. The near future is upon us.

  12. Comments (651)

    If GM puts up Elissa I don’t think I’ll be able to watch BB again.

  13. Comments (61)

    GM is strong like Elissa & is NOT letting anyone run her HOH I am sooooo proud of her =D Bye Bye Amanda!!! I hope GM & Elissa Dominate the rest of the Game & get those Boys out 1 by 1 =D They should start with McCrae & Andy with Spencer after them, But keep Judd for last because he is pretty much the most Loyal to GM & Elissa =D =D =D I can only Hope, fingers crossed!!! =D

    • Comments (23)

      I was confused by your post for a minute, thinking to myself, “equals d equals d equals d?? What?” Then, the 21st century slapped me and I figured it out (and was simultaneously proud of myself and embarrassed).

      It’s a long way until Thursday, unfortunately. Anything can happen. Insert your preferred Emoticon here.

  14. Comments (8)

    Well I am looking forward to tonight’s show just so I can see the reaction and the dreaded duo’s faces. Can hardly wait till both are evicted and sent to the jury house. I don’t see Candice, Helen, or Jessie taking crap from either one of them. Once this season of BB ends a lot of damage control is going to have to take place for several of the players. It should never have gotten this far but ratings are important for any show

    • Comments (36)

      Helen took her crap because she was all over the place telling secrets & alliances. She never once had the guts to put up Amanda or McCrae. She turned on Aaryn then befriended her, same with Jessie & Andy. She only opened her eyes after she was evicted to then get revenge on the others who dissed her because she didn’t care anymore cause she was out of the BBH.

  15. Comments (50)

    My friend just brought up the fact that Andy is part of the alliance called the Exterminators, but he’s the biggest rat there is!

    • Comments (45)

      It will be funny when Andy learns America sees him as “Ratboy” and not the skilled player that he thinks he is.

      • Comments (1076)

        They are all delusional about how they are being perceived by America. How do you think Elissa is going to feel being know as the “least objectionable” HG? I will vote for Howard as Anerica’s favorite so he can derive something besides a bad taste in his mouth from this whole experience.

    • Comments (120)


      IS ALREADY ON TO HIM. HE NEED TO BE VOTED OUT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Comments (78)

    I hope McCrae falls for the suggestion and out the door he will go. If Amanda goes first, then Andy will flit & flutter about convincing other HG not to put McCrae up. And they will fall for it.
    What is up with the wearing of bandanas around your arm/wrist let alone in your unkept hair? I thought McCrae was 24 not a teenager.

  17. Comments (528)

    Why is it those two useless tits never win anything unless they’re the ones actually on the block? So annoying. I’d have loved to just see the omitted against one another with no chance of either on them coming off and see how that went. Poop.

  18. Comments (293)

    Gina Marie is back to her old self. Early this Sunday morning the following conversation occurred:
    Gina Marie: I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look-a-like.
    Amanda laughs.
    Judd: Gina Marie! Gina Marie! She is Korean.
    Andy: Oh my god!
    Judd: Gina Marie is going to have people chasing her with knives.
    Gina Marie: The only ones I know are the ones that do my nails.
    Judd: Don’t say that.
    Gina Marie: It’s not like, well, you know what I mean. It’s like saying all black people look-a-like.
    Judd: Stop!

    • Comments (651)

      At least Judd said stop. The most Rat Dog could say was OMG. What a great educator.

    • Comments (407)

      I hope Julie asks GM if she is evicted, “Do you know who I am? I just wanted to make sure since we all look alike!”

      • Comments (682)

        I can see Julie saying exactly that.

      • Comments (5)

        I really hope that there is a segment on the finale that has video clips of all of the bad things that people have said.

      • Comments (357)

        Doubt it…CBS can’t afford anymore public outrage. If they have condoned it it this far/ They are not going to give the public the satisfaction of seeing how bad things really were…..MINUS the fish tank and no signal signs!

    • Comments (12)

      Thanks Shirley, read about GM’s comments on another site and I was appalled!!! A lot of people were really warming to her after she put up Amanda and the boy toy. I didn’t understand that; I couldn’t forget all of the awful things she said, especially to Candice regarding her real mom not loving her (she’s adopted). No BB game move would make me forget that. She’s a racist idiot moron.

      • Comments (207)

        Ohhh i haven’t forgot what ginamarie said about anybody. She is helping Elissa right now so i am cutting her a little slack right now. Ginamarie 3rd on my list to get smacked down by America.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree NancyW. It’s really a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend because Amanda is so mean & obnoxious. Gina Marie has said some unforgiveable things, but with her, it just seems to be more ignorance than hatred. Maybe I’m cutting her too much slack because she seems more likeable than Aaryn or Amanda. I just think if she hung around with a better crowd she would come to see the error of her ways. My guess is that Aaryn will just be more pissed at the minorities that cost her a lucrative post-Big Brother career and Amanda will continue to blame it all on Elissa.

      • Comments (4314)

        And you know that Aryan is going to blame Candice for losing her job. She and GM swear that its Candice who is the real racist. Funny thing is, I saw the reunion on YouTube where Candice met her birth mother and her birth mother is white. In fact, Candice looks just like her, only darker.

      • Comments (293)

        You’re welcome. It’s sad that we either choose the best of the worst to root for or we root for no one.

      • Comments (2)

        I am also outrage at the venomous nature of GM. Especially the public assistance is nigger insurance/and the horrible jab to tell an adoptee their mother didnt like them, as well as the Chinese insults. She needs to not be rewarded with anything else after this eviction. She needs to be hot on the heels of this evictee. The racist and the bully need to go and meet the same fate as ARYAN Aaron.

    • Comments (453)

      So much for her being influenced by the mean girls, like some thought, she is just as bad as the others who spew racist garbage!

      • Comments (1076)

        She is repeating what her parents and friends have been saying all her life. The acorn does not fall far from the tree.

    • Comments (124)

      Judd and Ellisa are the only two in that house who seem to know right from wrong. GM is ignorant, a bigot and lacks empathy for anyone who is not like her. Thank goodness they fired her and she will not be guiding young children through that organization any longer.

    • Comments (1162)

      Gina Marie is going to be giving herself her own manicures
      for a long, long time.

    • Comments (46)

      And a day or so ago, there were some folks actually wanting GM to win! Though she had the balls to make the real move, I don’t want that woman to be rewarded with cash money! There is no way that GM doesn’t have a handle on what she is saying. The woman is like a tea bag firmly steeped in that madness.

      • Comments (1076)

        She is reprehensible, disgusting and stupid. And yet, she makes me laugh. Ladies and gentlemen we have an Archie Bunker for the 21st century.

      • Comments (302)

        Perfect comparison suzyq. A bigot with a heart and a limited vocabulary.

      • Comments (1076)

        That’s why I think she can change. She is frustrated by a lack of education and yet cursed with intellectual curiousity. Someone please water this withering vine.

      • Comments (293)

        Does anyone really care whether these people change?

      • Comments (4314)

        Lez, that’s what I’m talking about. She never had me fooled for one minute. Sure I was happy that she put up The McScummies and she stands up to Scumanda, but those are just 2 pros among so very MANY cons against her. Yes I want her to take out Amanda, McCrae and Andy, but to root for her is like the lesser of 2 evils. I just can’t do it.

    • Comments (207)

      Its funny how Aaryn plays dumb, Amanda claims victim,Ginamarie plays airhead but the hillbilly has more sense than all of them put together. Hillbilly = judd

      • Comments (1076)

        You do realize that hillbilly is a derogatory term?

      • Comments (207)

        So is all the other things people are calling Amanda! And i come from a hillbilly. I say it because people have made the remark about him being a hillbilly as in country boy as in dumb! So i say that “hillbilly” isnt so dumb after all. So i not calling him hillbilly . I am saying to others hes not such a dumb hillbilly after all. Got it now?

      • Comments (207)

        Derogatory-Showing a critical and disrespectful attitude. I did neither toward Judd. That was not the meaning of my comment. It was a pop off to those who thought he was dumb. But alot of us have made theses remarks to people i think deserved them. Now back to big brother!

      • Comments (1076)

        When you call someone a hillbilly you ARE being critical and disrespectful. Previously on the posts we have a gay man who thinks it’s ok to call Andy a “gay dog” as long as it is uttered by another homosexual. Now we have someone justifying their use of the word hillbilly because she was just trying to prove that Judd was “not such a dumb hillbilly” after all. I hope you are rereading what you are writing because you sound ridiculous and are just digging a deeper hole of hypocrisy and ignorance for yourself. And trying to make your offense seem not quite so bad by comparing it to “far worse things” that others have said about Amanda is not an argument that justifies your slur; it just places you in the same category as the people you point your finger at. I am trying hard to stick strictly to BB talk, but I will not sit by and let you get away with your offensive remark. Instead of becoming indignant towards me maybe you should stop and think of how you are perpetuating stereotypes and expressing yourself in unclear and hurtful terms.

      • Comments (1076)

        And, I know what derogatory means. I choose my words carefully and suggest in the future you do the same.

    • Comments (4314)

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…A leopard cannot change its spots….That’s why whenever someone mentions that they’d like to see GM go 2 final 2 or win, I can’t fave it. Yes she doesn’t let The McScummies intimidate her, and she did make the boldest move in the game by putting them up, but she’s still the same racist little piglet that she’s always been. Everyone keeps saying how much better she’s been since Aryan has left and she’s around Elissa more. Sorry, I’m not buying it. She made despicable comments when Aryan wasn’t around (ie: last week she told DiSpencer that Jessie was probably in the Jury House eating out Candice), and she’s only “nice” around Elissa whenever she’s within earshot. When Elissa is not around, she still makes nasty comments and laughs about them with the other houseguest. The only guy in the house that I haven’t heard say anything racist is Dudd, but he has occasion, laughed at them.

      • Comments (46)

        @N2Wishun, if GM wins that money, she better hop on something fast to get out of the country! All that ballsy and bad ass, in your face talk will be confronted by some equally, bad ass folks who will want to see if she can truly bring it on!

    • Comments (120)



      SLUR IS MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Comments (41)

    So….almost to the end of my last season and what do we have.

    MC who will most likely say he can not use the veto on himself with Am up too. And keep the noms the same, and probably go home.
    Am who would be the best player to be in the final 2 for any HG to go up against and win.
    An who everyone has figured out is telling everyones secrets.
    El who everyone knows CBS planted and thinks shes entitled and shouldnt be allowed to win.
    Sp who has floated all season by being a pawn for everyone.
    Ju who got to come back in the game after being in the jury house, of course saying with a clean slate but with only revenge on his mind.
    GM another floater/swing voter for everyone in the house until this week. Oooops she is still doing El dirty work.

    Boy oh boy…..who to root for??? Sorry BB, just cant do it any more….production has just ruine game for me…..yes the game. It is no longer a game, just another production piece.

    Maybe someone from the Wedding that production let use the backyard last can be let in the game to win.

    • Comments (682)

      Was that a real wedding or were they taping for another show?

      And how is GM doing Elissa’s dirty work? She had to put two people up. Who else should she have put up?

      • Comments (41)

        El told GM that she should have MC n Am up last week and if GM put both of them up this week she wouldnt put GM up As the renom and would keep GM safe thru the next two wks.

      • Comments (1162)

        Aaryn, also, told GM to put up Amanda and McCrae and to not
        trust Andy.
        AND, she told her to trust and to work with Elissa.

    • Comments (207)

      Elissa has every right to win! She has been fighting from the beginning to stay in the house. No one has had a target on her back as much as Elissa! She made friends with the right people at the right time. She was smart enough to keep her mouth shut while being harassed! She let Aaryn did her own grave with racial remarks! The floaters are the ones that never got there hands dirty and sit back making people think they were playing the game when the first part of the game was Helen playing them.The only thing they have is other people telling on Helen. They were lazy in and out of the game and dont deserve to win. But a fighter like Elissa does.

  20. Comments (60)

    I have been watching BB since day one. I have never visited a fan/web site dedicated to it. Now i dont know if im more addicted to BB or the postings on here !! 😉

  21. Comments (126)

    Amanda could go down as the most love-to-hate villainess in Reality T.V.’s history and the kicker is that she is totally clueless to it. Talk about a rude awakening after her Jury sequester she may get a taste of it like Aaryn in Julie’s tactfully done and pointed interview.

    Maybe this experience will show Amanda what a obnoxious pig she really is and might give her a chance to recover from her loathsome self as she reflects in the reruns of BB15, a sobering perspective if she is honest with what she sees.

    Surely America feels that way, and rejects two-face liars and slanders who rudely bully so easily, even in a game of trickery, there is a thing call class, and her enormous lack of it leaves a bad taste regardless of your game-play. Dr. Will was smooth and sly and tricked, but he had Class.

    As for McCrae, well there is always Barber College, which would be a step-up from Pizza delivery 🙂

    • Comments (453)

      Also dog groomers, at least he would get a splash of water and soap now and then.

    • Comments (682)

      I think Aaryn has a better chance of reform than Amanda. Aaryn chooses not to remember saying the things she said while Amanda doesn’t think anything she says is bad and will do it again and again.
      It’s laughable that Amanda thinks she got a “bad edit”. It’s true Elissa has pushed Amanda’s buttons but not in a mean spirited way. Like when she said Jessie was the only 10 in the house. Amanda was offended by the comment and Elissa knew it would get a reaction.

    • Comments (11)

      MandaManda will be offered a spread in Playboy or Hustler,or to make a movie like Octomom was offered. Mandamanda has already lost her Realtor job from what I’ve been reading.

      • Comments (207)

        I dont think even playboy would offer her anything! I dont think they want to take pictures they have to fix! LOL im sorry! She deserved it!

    • Comments (207)

      Dr. Will also told everyone that he was going to lie and do whatever it took. That was the thing people liked about him. He got ahead in the game after he said he would lie! Lol

      • Comments (23)

        But Amanda is no Dr Will. Hell, she isn’t even close! She’s closer to Cappy – remember him in Season 6? Thrown out cause he lost his temper (and threw a chair in the pool I think). He was another bully who ran a bunch a minions with an iron fist and was prone to temper tantrums when it didn’t go his way.

      • Comments (207)

        Ohh ALICIA I was definitely not claiming Amanda was even a hair of what dr. Will was. I was commenting on someone else. Im sure you know how i feel about her when you read all my comments. SHE STINKS!

      • Comments (23)

        Oh I must have missed the comment you were referencing, sorry!

        But now that I have Dr Will (and those awesome diary sessions with Boogie) can you imagine her in a season of all stars with Dr Will or Boogie, Evel Dick (if he stayed), and other power players like Janelle or Dan G?!?! They would FEAST on her insecurities and paranoia! It would be such fun! At least until they got bored of toying with her and sent her home. Say about week 3? ;-D

      • Comments (23)

        Oops **now that I have Dr Will .. in my head,

        sorry fingers couldn’t keep up with the thoughts!

    • Comments (90)

      Nothing shameful about delivering food; it is honest work.

    • Comments (4314)

      Ray, can you imagine Amanda, Aryan, Andy and GM outside in the real world after this? How their lives as they knew them, have changed? I imagine that whenever they are walking down the street and someone looks at them, they hold their heads down for fear of being recognized. And if someone ask them “Hey, weren’t you on BB15?”, Andy turns BRIGHT lobster red and breaks out into hysterical tears; GM, “Wha, who me?”; Aryan will be like that Apostle and deny it 3 times, all while wearing an angelic smile; and Amanda will be sitting in a darkened motel room, a sloppy drunk with her clothes hanging half off and 8 ashtrays full of butts that she’s still trying it get a decent drag off of…Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

    • Comments (120)


      I don’t think amamda is a villian. she has no class, is bossy, a racist, a slob, a bully a truly horrible human being. Oh wait I
      don’t she is a human. She is nothing like Evil Dick, Dr. Will or
      Mike Boggie.

  22. Comments (98)

    Danielle & Jason convinced Marcella’s not to remove himself and was sent packing. I think that was season 3.

  23. Comments (487)

    Watching the show right now. That look on Amanda’s face is priceless. She is about to find out that she can’t control GM either. Love It!

    • Comments (226)

      I am cracking up t he DR sessions-I swear they only show the ones after they have been drinking (glassy eyes) from the one beer a night they get

    • Comments (14)

      I agree with all the comments about Amanda being saved she has ruined this show for me they should of kicked her off she is ruining big brother. She is the biggest bitch I’ve seen and how can she sit there and say its Melissa being one that chick has issues I will never watch this show again if she goes on and I hope you all feel the same way GO JUDD

  24. Comments (78)

    Pizza boy is so soooo stupid. If he gives the veto to Amanda. He has no balls. I don’t know what Amanda’s been sucking on. But. Boy is this Kid stupid!! Amanda needs to go. I never disliked someone so much in the BB house. I can’t stand to even watch the show any more. The worst cast by far. Diddle doo diddle dumb. Get that snake out of there! I will be done watching BB. If she stays I’m done. Actually I don’t see anyone is worth winning anything. But Ellisa or GM. What had Judd done to deserve it? Nothing. Spenser-nothig, Andy- nothing but a RAT. I’m rooting for GMor Elissa at this point. Wish the other evicted house guest had a chance to stay. But seems like most if the weasels ran the house this year. Being that said. I’m done!!!!

    • Comments (3)

      I just can’t believe pizza boy would be that stupid first to think he would or could deal with boca bitch out of the game…….

      btw does bb have a mirror…and a full length one at that..cause for some reason she thinks she is hot…. but she’s not……

  25. Comments (36)

    Wow, am I watching the same show that amanda’s actually on ? How can she cry in the backyard and say Elissa is so mean. She antaganized Elissa that whole day banging on her door, calling her names, etc. That girl DEFINITELY needs psychiatric help !! Who the hell does she think she is ?? Bad mouth everyone on the show, calls everyone dumb & a bit**. I can’t wait 2 see her fugly face 2 her & whimpy McCrae’s nominations. I hope she shits her pants ! Phewwwwwww

  26. Comments (2)

    Bam! Way to go GM!

  27. elissa all the way
    Comments (6)

    One thing that should be said about this season of Big Brother is that it has gotten people talking. It has been described by some as the worst and most boring season yet however as I’ve watched and followed tbe blogs I now differ with this opinion. This season has brought alot of social issues to light notably racisim, bigotism, bullying and more heinous in my book are bystanders who do nothing. We may not all agree but we have shared our opinions with each other and talked and that to me is success in itself.

    • Comments (293)

      Elissa all the way, the show is still boring. On the other hand, the blogs are great.
      None of the social issues you mention are in the dark; these house guests are.
      Getting back to boring, I had only been watching the eviction shows lately, but anticipated a good episode tonight, so I watched BB15 instead of that other BB–Breaking Bad. What a big mistake! Amanda and McCrae’s dumbfounded reactions were a letdown. Gina Marie’s speech was a blundered mess. Andy, Judd, and Spencer just loafed around and proved that chivalry is dead.
      Walt give me a dose of ricin! I deserve it for giving Big Brother 15 a ratings boost.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree with Shirley. This season has been full of long periods of boring. What has made it fun for bloggers is that there are some real definable villains and we all love to see villains get their payback(and a few like the villains). I also think the reaction from Amanda & McCrae was a letdown and I expected more from Gina Marie’s speech after her previous unintentionally funny HOH Rat & Floater speech for Candice & Jessie. Add a cast of spineless & dimwitted men and it’s been a rough season.

      • Comments (226)

        What’s bored me us the CONSTANT game play talk and leven with that the lemming mentality. In past seasons the HG actually had fun and talked about different things and you wanted at watch in thursday to see how the votes fell. I mean how many times can you have the same conversation with the same results!

      • Comments (226)

        Oops typing too fast- meant IS the constant gameplay and EVEN with that….

    • Comments (7)

      I certainly agree with you. These social issues are the ones that are basically ruining our country. The awful language added to the mixture makes an atmosphere that encourages hatred. I hope all of the hg have to watch the entire 90 days on tape and see themselves the way that we have seen them. Some will be horrified at their behaviors and the others (like Amanda and maybe Andy) won’t see anything that they’ve done that was ugly. Those are the ones that need counseling and won’t seek it.

    • Comments (23)

      Except GM was STILL making racist comments in the last 24 hours – “all chinese people look alike” etc…. I want to root for her, I really do – she has lots of personality, reads people VERY well, and is only dumb sometimes, but the hateful things that have come out of her mouth, especially about Candice, are pretty hard for me to overlook. I would still rather have her win over Amanda. I guess I don’t know who to root for, and I really haven’t all season – I started off rooting for Elissa and Amanda, but neither one comes across very well, and I’m not a fan of Andy or McCrae or Spencer. Judd can be entertaining and seems likeable enough, but I’m never quite sure if I know what he said. He seems to mumble a lot. I think a final 2 of Elissa vs GM could make for pretty interesting questions from the jury house, not to mention some pretty “dymanic” answers!! *giggles*

  28. Comments (5)

    Of course Elissa wouldn’t stoop to Amanda’s level, but it would have been hilarious if throughout the night after nominations Elissa had given Amanda a taste of her own medicine. I was hoping for something like “What’s the matter granny?” “Why are you so sad?” “Don’t cry too much, or your breast implants may pop!” And on and on……..

    • Comments (46)

      @CommitMe, if I had been Elissa, I would have been humming all day long: ding dong, the witch is dead, the mean old witch.. (not meaning it literally for the politically correct). Cuz we all know that song! It would have drove Amanda crazy if Elissa had hummed it every time she saw Amanda over the next few days. It would be so like when you heard the shark music in Jaws which is a little harder to hum.

  29. Comments (2)

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed watching Amanda walk around with no clue about what was coming. Best nomination ever.

    I really hope McCrea does not use the veto on Amanda. She needs to go!

  30. Comments (1)

    I hope McCrae does use it on Amanda. He actually wins things, so if he stays, he can definitely make big moves. And he WILL seek revenge. If Amanda stays, she won’t win jacksh** and that mouth of hers will also get her evicted.

  31. Comments (10)

    What do posters think of that video showing something weird of how Helen fell off during the competition for getting back into the house. Look at her feet in the following…. WTF??? watch closely….


  32. Comments (9)

    Yep its rigged just wait and see

  33. Comments (10)

    is that Andys legs or is he riding a chicken?

  34. Comments (1162)

    I’ll give McCrae points for giving it his all in trying to impress his
    future mother-in-law and father-in-law.
    His DR tears tonight were impressive.

    Little does he know that while Amanda’s parents probably hoped for
    a different sort of son-in-law, they’re ready to unload their daughter
    to the first guy there.
    “Welcome, Mr. Stinky!”

  35. Comments (10)

    yes middie and thank u very much for telling me that.

  36. Comments (2)

    What about when Amanda said on tonights show “$10,000 — that is more than McCrae’s gross annual income”

    • Comments (207)

      I know! That tells me his job is on her mind! She is going to try and get him to use the veto on her. If he does he is the dumbest person i have ever heard of. He will be dumber than the young blonde guy from Survivor that let girls talk him into giving away his immunity idol. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

    • Comments (7)

      Disgusting comment to make about someone you supposedly love!

  37. Comments (10)

    amandas trying to get everyone to go up and bully gm to keep her lol little does she know no one wants to keep her .she keeps talking about how hard she has worked all she has done is bullied averyone into doin what she wants thats not work. what a joke she is

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda begging – Priceless!
      Worrisome – Rat Andy & Spencer dissing Judd. Andy is back saying, “Judd is dangerous.”

      • Comments (207)

        Im gonna scream if Andy speaks anymore. At first i liked him. But he even lied in the DR to us when he talked about he had to.be loyal to the people he was with. He said thats how he was playing the game to win. Then he started backstabbing his so called friends.I know thats the game but he was close to Helen and he really lied to her. And his little rosey cheeks would hop on the next hoh. He cant win! He crys like he lost a family member everytime someone leaves! He knows that them crocodile tears is for himself. Hes afraid he wont get their vote! But funny think is……he probably would get their vote! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy hasn’t fooled all of the HGs. For the most part, his
        tears haven’t benefitted him.

        IF the Finale Two – are – Andy vs Elissa, I think Elissa could win.

        Votes for Andy:

        Votes for Elissa:
        (GM,H & A have each said Andy is a Rat, not a friend.)

        IMO, for Andy to Win BB15, he has to be sitting next to McCrae and/or Spencer.

      • Comments (302)

        As a Ratboy Hater – My fear is that Andy would win against anyone else. Unless Elissa wins HOH Andy is going to convince his dimwitted male exterminator buddies to get out Elissa now(obviously McCrae on board with that plan). I fear she is going to be bounced on double elimination night and Andy is going to find a way to get to the finals because the rest of the house is too stupid to see what a rat bastard weasel he is.

      • Comments (1076)

        I am afraid he just might be sitting next to Spencer or McCrae in the F2. Yesh!

  38. Comments (30)

    HO-manda-Put some clothes on as you have some ugly shit that America is forced to see. We tune in to see pretty Elissa and up you pop on our t.v. and we all gag. And where in the hell did you get those whore outfits you wear. You are one sick shit and glad to see you out of the game.

  39. Comments (1276)

    I just can’t figure out if Amanda actually thinks Elissa is as mean as she is? She has to see that while Elissa might get her kicks by trying to push Amanda’s buttons (with all the Aaryn and Jessie comments), but Amanda just goes straight to the gutter with every attack.
    For me, even on Thursday’s show she proved it with her answer to Julie about everyone knowing not to “push her buttons”, I would have struck right back just like Elissa did. I can’t stand a bully. The only thing worse than a classic mean girl bully like Amanda, is one that then tries to play the victim, and hides behind trash can, and cries all the time.
    It was pretty funny when she was saying she felt like she was in high school again (trying to say that Elissa was the mean girl picking on her) and Spencer said, with a totally serious face, something to the extent of where you a big bitch in school? priceless.

    • Comments (1162)

      Crude/Rude Spencer had said some of the funniest lines so far.

      At one point, Amanda was telling him about having her underarm hair
      removed by laser. She picked up her arm to show him and he said,
      “I hope you still have the receipt for that.”


    • Comments (207)

      Right Christina! I cant wait until Amanda finds out what America thinks of her and Aaryn.

    • Comments (682)

      I thought he said “Queen Bitch”. Either way you are right.

      Can ANYONE post how Elissa was the “mean girl”? I don’t recall Elissa being mean and if she was I would like to be reminded.

      Don’t get me wrong. I never liked Rachel and wasn’t happy about her sister being brought into the game. But I’m watching season 15 and looking at each player’s game. So please tell me an example of Elissa being mean.

      • Comments (207)

        Elissa just did a few things Amanda hated. One of the worst things she did that always made Amanda cry boo hoo was when Elissa would smile at her and sometimes walk away when Amanda would try to harass her. Amanda was really upset cause she couldnt make Elissa upset. At least not in front of Amanda. Its really true what my mom always told me. Kill them with kindness! LMAO!

    • Comments (293)

      It was funny when Elissa said Jessie was the prettiest girl among the house guests.

    • Comments (4314)

      The remark that Scumanda made to Julie about everyone knowing not to push her buttons, was a sly veiled threat…another bully tactic, which thank God, Elissa didn’t let slip by. I bet that REALLY pushed ole Mandy’s button, that Elissa got the last word in. And you see later on BBAD, she made the remark that she was trying to show Julie that she was a nice person and Elissa was being mean to her and trying to start a fight with her comment and just wouldn’t let it go.

    • Comments (5)

      During the first week in the house, actually I believe it was the 2nd night, Amanda proclaimed to many HGs that she is good at reading people. Shortly thereafter Andy and Kaitlin were referring to Helen as a horrible person. Amanda was shocked and said “Really?” Andy then explained that he was kidding because Helen was the complete opposite of what he was saying. Amanda said “Wow, you lie really well!” Guess she forgot about that!

      IMO Elissa has played a far better game than Amanda. Elissa figured out that even though Amanda likes to be the center of attention, she really has a low self esteem. This could be seen when Amanda dressed as a dominatrix for Mcs b-day. All of Elissa’s comments were about “the onsie.” Amanda’s reaction was due to her low self esteem. Elissa is the one who was able to figure out Amanda. When Elissa said that Jessie was the only 10 in the house she was including herself, but she knew Amanda would see it as a jab to her (and she did). Elissa has done a super job at dismantling Amanda.

  40. Comments (166)

    How awesome would it be if every time Amanda bullied someone & started ranting & raving & saying such mean things to Elissa, if ALL the HG would say “hey you knock it off”..I mean please for once if they stood unified it would shut her the hell up!! Her bullying tactics couldn’t work if she didn’t feel superior!!

    • Comments (1162)

      We share the same dream, but sadly, it is only a dream.
      : )

    • Comments (302)

      That is wishful thinking. What kills me is Amanda & Andy piss and moan about hoping Elissa doesn’t win America’s Favorite vote while she stalks and berates Elissa while Andy sits stone cold in silent acceptance. Andy calls Elissa a c**t with regularity and says he’d love to punch her in the face while Amanda says she’d love to kill her. Gosh, who would I rather cast my favorite vote for, let me look at the evidence again and I’ll get back to you Ratboy & Crazy Bitch.

  41. Comments (50)

    Amanda: “I feel safe and glorious and triumphant!” Can I get that on a loop, cutting to her expression as she gets nominated? Best episode in a long time.

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda said tonight that if Elissa goes home, she will get more
      air time on BB and will become America’s Favorite.
      Just one more of her “glorious and triumphant” delusions. lol

  42. Comments (166)

    Yes, it was nice to see that all of her hard work (not just laying on her back),has finally failed her.

  43. Comments (60)

    I’m looking forward to seeing Amanda’s and McCraes face as they get nominated! * random thought…if I knew cameras were recording me 24/7 . I would like to think that even if I looked like a jerk..I would at least be a clean jerk….some of these people in the BB house are pigs…

  44. Comments (2)

    Does Andy remind anyone of Phineas of the Phineas and Ferb cartoon character? Check it out.

  45. Comments (61)

    If I have to hear Andy say 1 more time that he will just die or kill himself if he is Evicted via Elissa I am going to reach through the screen & choke him Myself!!! + These Men & I use that word for gender purposes ONLY are beyond Boring, Frustrating, & Ridiculous with there Neanderthal talks about the Women in the house as well as women in general they are just sooo DISGUSTING!!!

  46. Comments (3)

    At the nom’s for eviction, Judd an Spence needed to say Mcranda your chickens have come home to roost.

  47. Comments (682)

    I’m surprised they aren’t pulled from the game just for saying they would kill themselves for any reason. Sounds like a liability issue for CBS.

  48. Comments (166)

    It wouldn’t surprise me if on Thursdays show when Julie tells Amanda, by a vote of 3 to 1 you are evicted from the BB house that she will still be in such shock that security will have to physically drag her ass out the door!

    • Comments (4314)

      Personally, I’m hoping she has a total meltdown, complete with cursing and spitting and throwing things and refusing to leave….all the while Elissa stands there, poised sweetly with her hands clasp together and a Mona Lisa smile on her face as 2 security guards drag Mandy’s ass out kicking and screaming with her hair all in her face and her face distorted, looking all deranged….Ahhhh Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, we knew ye well…..

    • Comments (120)


  49. Comments (10)

    I hope there is a a Pandora’s box this week so there can be a diamond power of veto up to win were mccrae or Amanda wins it and both is safe this week and get out elissa

    • Comments (875)

      Hmmmm…I think Julie Chen said that there would be a Double Eviction on Wednesday. So there will be no time for a Diamond Power of Veto.

    • Comments (207)

      I wish i could do a thousand thumbs down on you tim smith!

    • Comments (7)

      So you think bullying people and saying crude and ugly things is the right way to win a game? Amanda and McCrae are the only 2 who should not win a dime!!

      • Comments (166)

        Amanda & Mccrae not only deserve to leave without winning a dime, if I’m not mistaken they haven’t won crap yet, no trips or money!

      • Comments (293)

        Didn’t McCrae win $5000?
        Amanda and McCrae already earned money for being house guests. I’ve heard house guests receive $750 a week and I’ve also heard $1000 per week.
        The jurors get paid while they are sequestered. (Rumor has it that the all-stars received $4000 a week last season.)
        I hope they all remember to pay the taxes. The gifts are taxable too, aren’t they? Are any accountants out there?

      • Comments (610)

        Yes, all winnings are taxable, including prizes. The IRS doesn’t screw around if a person doesn’t pay their taxes, especially from a reality show. Ask Richard Hatch from Survivor, who went to jail for a couple years for not paying taxes on his one million prize.

    • Comments (651)

      Demanda’s dad? Is that you?

  50. Comments (10)

    OK you all hating on Amanda she is playing the game just like evel dick just because she’s a girl u don’t like her when Evel dick was being a dick you liked him so just shut up she is a nice person

    • Comments (279)

      SHE is not playing like Evil Dick,I don’t recall Dick crying every time he didn’t get his way.The MAJOR difference is that Dick OWNED the role of Bully and he never doubted himself unlike Amanda who Bullies/doubts/cries/and just plain freaks out on what people think of her.

    • Comments (207)

      tim smith i never liked Evil Dick! Cause he was evil! But at least he got off his ass and out of bed to play the game. He was at it all the time. Not just harassing people .He put 100%into all parts of the game. So please dont compare the two.

    • Comments (453)

      Sorry, Evel Dick didn’t walk around in skimpy underwear with his tallywhacker hanging out for all of the viewers to see.

    • Comments (7)

      No, Amanda is far from being a nice person. It is possible that she has a borderline personality disorder that keeps her from admitting that sometimes she is just ugly to the people around her. Her lies are as real to her as truth is to normal people. She needs help. Especially after she leaves the house and goes back to reality. The reception she receives when she leaves the BB house is going to shock her.

      • Comments (1)

        Borderline personality disorder fits… Narcissistic tendencies.
        She needs more than meds. Talk therapy and introspect required.

      • Comments (4314)

        I don’t know what Adderall and Xanax are for but ole Mandy proves that they sure don’t mix.

      • Comments (407)

        They don’t mix well or apparently fix the problem!

      • Comments (293)

        I don’t know what happened to my original comment, but I’ll try again. Adderall and Xanax are useful drugs when used correctly and for the right reasons, such as for ADHD or depression. However, people have been known to convince doctors they need them for the correct and right reasons, but they actually use them to lose weight. As is true of most drugs, they have dangerous side effects. I’m just saying.

    • Comments (4314)

      If you think she’s a nice person, I’d hate to see YOUR psych evaluation.

  51. Comments (12)

    If nothing else it shows real people. If we like them or not these people can no longer pretend to be respectable and loving. Look at the jobs some of them have. They have now showed there true colors.

  52. Comments (274)

    Just checking to see what happened tonight and darn it I miss the good episodes! Amanda da, dun dun, Amanda da, dun dun…
    She’s creepy and she’s kooky 
    Psycho and demonic
    Mysterious and spooky 
    Extremely loose and woozy
    A meany and she knows it
    She’s all together icky
    Her boyfriend is so stinky 
    The McCranda’s fake family
    She tries to sell houses but ruined it with her bum
    Because people come to see ’em 
    They really are a scree-um 
    The McCranda’s fake family 
    So watch her get a witches shawl on 
    A broomstick she can crawl on 
    We’re gonna pray Thursday she’s gone 
    The McCranda’s fake family

  53. Comments (60)

    1/2way through today’s episode….Amanda has never looked more psychotic than ever….if her and mcNasty do try to make a go out of it after BB …I hope they use birth control..

  54. Comments (143)

    Frankly I don’t care if he uses it, it might be better, she won’t make it past a week at this point and mccrae has a better chance of winning on a double eviction night than amanda ever would. I want Elissa to win, and her odds are better with mccrae going first as amanda is unlikely to win.

  55. Comments (1076)

    I miss Big Papi.

    • Comments (624)

      I am back from the dead! Sorry, was visiting family over the weekend. Just caught up watching Sunday’s show online and WOW Amanda has got some serious mental issues. If I found myself behaving like that on BB, I’d just self-evict.

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey Big Papi. Amanda has changed her Mantra from , “this doesn’t make sense”, to “I deserve to be here”. Her sense of self worth is blown way out of proportion compared to that of a healthy person.

      • Comments (624)

        She is in denial, isn’t she? I feel sorry for those in the jury house! Watch the smiles leave their faces when they see who it is.

  56. Comments (60)

    The look on Amanda’s face…like Master Card>>>>>> PRICELESS

    • Comments (624)

      Adios, you skanky bitch! I hope CBS has a real public audience, not a controlled one like they allegedly did with Howard. I want to hear the boos and jeers. Then off to the jury house to have her nervous breakdown.

      • Comments (1076)

        You could see the tears welling up in her eyes as the reality of her being nominated was sinking in.

      • Comments (624)

        Jeez….if losing at a game gets her like this, I can only imagine how she reacts if she shows a house to a couple and they decide not to buy.

      • Comments (120)




      • Comments (407)

        Big Papi, I believe since they had a live audience for Aaryn, they will do the same for Amanda. Aaryn seemed to ignore the boos and laughter, but I believe Amanda will have a different reaction. She will probably use that middle finger.

      • Comments (293)

        Aaryn couldn’t tell whether she was been booed or cheered. She was utterly confused.

      • Comments (293)

        I mean *being*–spelling police–being booed or cheered.

      • Comments (624)

        I would love to see her piss off the wrong woman and getting her ass kicked. She knows they can’t touch her on the show.

  57. Comments (1162)

    Amanda and McCrae are going up to see GM in the HOH Rm and find
    out her decision.

    GM wants E warned just in case Amanda’s goes nuts.

    • Comments (610)

      OK, get the security team on standby in case they’re needed in a hurry. Amanda seems to be losing it mentally/emotionally more & more each day.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda is ticked off that Judd and Elissa have been talking to
        each other.
        Asking/Screaming at them – questioning what they could be talking about
        for over an hour?
        She is sure they are at Team and doesn’t like it.
        Awww –

      • Comments (624)

        I am so sick of Amanda thinking she has to control everybody. She creates tension whenever she enters the room. Maybe stinky boy will do more than lay in bed all day now.

      • Comments (1076)

        But Papi, “she deserves to be there”. LOL.

      • Comments (624)


  58. Comments (12)

    Wouldn’t it be THE BIGGEST “expect the unexpected” blindside if CBS planted Amanda to see how people react to her tirades?? Or that most the players are actors similar to the Joe Schmo show. Except viewers were clued in for Joe Schmo. I know CBS didn’t do this but I see Amanda’s dual personas and think “is she really this delusional?” Or is this a blindside on America? I just cannot fathom why CBS hasn’t been more vocal about obvious blatant racist, homophobic, sexist, etc comments. JUS SAYIN. 😉

    • Comments (293)

      America would not be amused. Such a tactic would be the end of Big Brother, unless the plan is for this to be the last season. The network has disclaimers such as the views of the house guests do not reflect those of CBS, etc.

    • Comments (143)

      It would not be a total surpise, many previous players like Mike Boogie were actors, more like borderline extra type actors before coming on BB. Most of them have agents and many are trained or coached how to get on the show. You cannot just show up and get on for being interesting, if you notice most have similar mannerism during the screening process and give similar answers which are inconsistent with their true personalities.

      • Comments (12)

        wonder why the jury house clips r way less, the hgs support Amanda’s comments by virtue of silence, DR conversations are shown less on TV. it’s the conspirator in me 😉 I just need an explanation besides STUPIDITY.

    • Comments (624)

      That would be a true “Jump the Shark” moment.

  59. Comments (14)

    I hope GM gets up and slaps that puss of Amanda I soooo can’t stand that bitch who wouldn’t want to bring ellisa to the end nobody likes her so who ever brings her gonna win can you imagine what Amanda friends are thinking of her LOSER

  60. Comments (2)

    Go gm keeping your cool with Amanda Geez. When is there going to be a commercial.

  61. Comments (30)

    Whoa! Amanda just left the HOH rm pissed cause GM won’t listen to her….hahaha……and Mc is listening to GM explain saying ” yeah” a thousand times!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      Amanda was screaming and cursing at GM.

      After in the BY, it suddenly hits Amanda that perhaps Andy, Spencer
      and Judd want Amanda to go home.
      *Time for all of the fellas to go inside to get some chocolate milk.
      : )

      • Comments (30)

        LOVE the….I gotta get some chocolate milk……line!!!! Spence is gettin’ lots of use for quick exits on that!

      • Comments (624)

        ^&$%^& I hate that nasty bitch Amanda! Can Thursday get here any quicker? (borrowing a quote from Breakfast Club) I think Amanda and Omarosa should get together and go bowling sometime.

    • Comments (60)

      I don’t think his vocabulary goes past ” yeah yeah”

  62. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    I hope mccrae uses the veto on himself not Amanda because he would at least get that bitch elissa out of the house if elissa wins big brother then big brother is fixed for her to win because her sister is a producer on big brother

  63. Comments (1)

    This is f$cking ridiculous.
    Ananda made ‘racial comments’ she obviously didn’t mean [it’s called shock humor; ever watch ‘Family Guy?’], and you are COMPLETELY preoccupied with hating her. You feel you need to hate somebody you don’t personally know in an EXTREMELY screwed up environment that is NOTHING like the real world? Ok, that’s your prerogative. But I really hope that you realize that you all look like complete morons because you are trying to ‘fight’ hatred with hatred.
    You guys hate a person because you think she hates other people? Oh, yeah. That TOTALLY makes so much sense. And because people like Andy or McCrae don’t ‘speak up,’ you try to make them personally responsible for the words and actions of others?
    It doesn’t work like that. We are absolutely NOT responsible for the actions of others. I really do not approve of or agree with neo-nazis, but the MOST I can do is potentially shut them up; I CAN’T EVER change their minds, and it doesn’t matter if they stop saying what they feel because they’re still going to feel it. The people in that house KNOW this.

    You make Elissa out to be this can-do-no-wrong perfect person, but where was SHE when people said these racial remarks? SILENT. All she did was get Aaryn out of the house and spout disapproving comments out in the diary room.
    And speaking of Elissa, I feel as if I’m watching a different show than all of you. You guys practically are WORSHIPPING a woman who is a yoga instructor who had f$cking cosmetic surgery and breast implants and hair extensions! Yogis are supposed to accept their OWN bodies, just like they teach their students to do. Any serious yoga practitioner would recognize her as a disgrace to the practice and a phony. She is entitled and thinks she deserves all kinds of special treatment and allowances because she has a kid, which is something ANY fertile woman can do. And she’s got no social game.
    She’s been a target the whole time? Gee, I wonder why. She’s also a class-est (people who hate and discriminate based on sociopath-economic status), just like you who spout crap about McCrae because he’s a pizza boy.
    Elissa is the LEAST deserving player to win; even Spencer deserves it more, as he can at LEAST tell a convincing lie and keep his emotions in check.

    Either way, open your freaking eyes.
    I’m so sick of these self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog with this Amanda (and apparently now McCrae) hating bullsh$t! You guys are JUST as bad as you make Amanda out to be, and I hope you realize that.

    And by the way, you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells, other than the hurtful crap coming out of Elissa’s mouth. I’d find it hard to believe that he smells, seeing as I’ve watched him take showers with Amanda everyday. But Elissa is SUCH a SWEETHEART, right?

    • Comments (293)

      Koala, if you’re tired of “self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog. . . ,” you need only to stop reading them. Is that hard?

    • Comments (207)

      Who are you to talk koala? You are hating on someone who has npt been racist! At least we dont like people who are racists and bullies! I think hate is a strong word but its a word we usewhen we get angry at dumb asses! And where would our children be or this world for that matter if we all kept our mouths shut and didnt say anything about wrong doing?

    • Comments (453)

      You can dislike a person by hating their actions towards others and not have to personally know them, ie politicians.

      • Comments (1076)

        You don’t have to be a chicken to know a bad egg. I have seen McCrae play with his feet and then stick his hands in a bag of chips. That’s enough for me!

    • Comments (30)

      Go write a book….geez…….nobody got time fo that!!

    • Comments (1162)

      “…you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells …………”

      Andy, Spencer and Judd have all commented more than once about McCrae’s smell and lack
      of personal hygiene.

      When 3 guys talk about how badly another guy smells …….HE SMELLS!!!!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Dear Mr. Koala, While you are defending the indefensible you are also making subjective assumptions. How do you know if Amanda means those horrible remarks that seem to easily flow right from her brain to her lips? So let me try to understand you. When GM refers to Howard and says “I don’t date out of my species” we are supposed to think what? I was appalled. Am I reacting in an improper manner? I am very sensitive to hurtful words and language and that doesn’t make me self-righteous, it make me allergic to bigotry. Your arguments are specious at best and your facts are made up so please sit back, relax and have a nice day, or not.

    • Comments (4314)

      koala: You guys hate a person because you think she hates other people?” …You mean sort of like “Hitler”?

      “And because people like Andy or McCrae don’t ‘speak up’, you try to make them personally responsible for the words and actions of others?” …You mean like when they condone and encourage?

      “I really do not approve of or agree with neo-nazis, but the MOST I can do is potentially shut them up”….Problem is not only did they not try to ‘potentially’ shut her up, most of the time they edged her on.

      “You guys practically are WORSHIPPING a woman who is a yoga instructor who had f$cking cosmetic surgery and breast implants and hair extentions!”…..I believe yoga is suppose to be about peace, tranquility and exercise, I don’t think the yoga manual has a cosmetic clause in it.

      “she’s got no social game”….The only thing we agree on so far.

      “She’s also a class-ess (people who hate and discriminate based on sociopath-economic status)”…..Sociopath-economic or Socio-economic? Not the same thing.

      “even Spencer deserves it more, as he can at LEAST tell a convincing lie and keep his emotions in check”….Yep, you can buy a lot of kiddie porn with $5000k.

      “I’m so sick of these self-righteous commenters spamming EVERY blog with this Amanda (and apparently now McCrae) hating bullsh$t!”….Yet you “spammed” your way here.

      “you have no way of knowing if McCrae smells, other than the hurtful crap coming out of Elissa’s mouth.”….Nope, no way at all, other than Judd, Spencer and even Amanda herself telling him that he smells and her saying that he hardly ever showers more than once or sometimes twice a week.

      “But Elissa is SUCH a SWEETHEART, right?”…Nope, just not a devil like Amanda.

      Now, with that being said, maybe if BB is to much for you, you should just stick to The Amazing Race…Oh, and lay off the eucalyptus, it tends to make you kind of edgy 🙂

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda talked about wanting her and McStinky to go on the Amazing Race. Can you imagine? Let’s hope CBS/AR have more sense than BB casting.

      • Comments (1076)

        The first wrong turn McCrae made Amanda would kill him. I never thought before how she would react travelling. OMG! Travelling the world under those conditions test the mettle of the best of people. Can you imagine Amanda.

      • Comments (1076)

        My mind is reeling from this. What a TV show it would be, but no McCrae. We could call it “The Ugly American”. Every week Amanda could travel to another country complaining about everything and insulting the people. Then each week we could see her running out of the country when people started stoning her, or setting her on fire, or tossing her off a cliff. or poisoning her, etc. OOOOOhhhhh the possibilities are endless. Let’s call Moonves and pitch this immediately. Who wouldn’t want to see Amanda being chased out of a different country every week?

      • Comments (610)

        But first they would have to get out of bed!

    • Comments (46)

      @ Koala, it occurred to me that you might be the publicist that Amanda’s mother has supposedly hired. If you don’t like how people feel about Amanda, McCrae and Andy, then step on-–get the fXXX off this blog! It’s America, baby–it’s called the First Amendment!

    • Comments (279)

      TY Amandas cousin,now back to the show.

  64. Comments (30)

    ****** to Koala******

  65. Comments (207)

    Is it me or did he just write a book on hating haters? You are the one who does not make sense. You sound like you agree with there actions.You also act like we should not say nothing. Just sit back and watch. Well if we dont tell them how we feel about their actions then they will think their actions are ok. Everyone chooses a side. This is a game but there are lines tbat shouldnt be crossed while you are playing. Ginamarie,Aaryn,and Amanda has crossed them. The rest i dont like! So since you have an opinion leave the rest of us to ours!.

    • Comments (1076)

      Do you mean it is our responsibility to react when you refer to yourself or others as hillbilly? I just want to know if what you say applies to you also or just others. LOL.

  66. Comments (6)

    I really dislike Andy and from reading some of the comments that seems to be a popular opinion but I’m just wondering if other “great players” like Dan were liked during their season or only towards the end? I didn’t really follow big brother until this year although I’ve now watched seasons 6, 7, 10 and 14. I liked Janelle right away in season 6 but normally I think I just have HGs I think are okay and HGs I don’t like. I’m wondering if the audience really liked Dan (or insert another acclaimed HG) during his season or if he was like Andy and people liked him better towards the end.

    • Comments (302)

      Without a doubt Andy is the biggest Ratfink in Big Brother history and judging by post on every site I’ve seen he is not very well liked. Dan drew mixed reaction by his creative & sometimes cutthroat game play but had many fans. Andy will not leave the house with that luxury.

      • Comments (293)

        Andy is actually playing the game correctly (most of the time). Getting away with lying and having secret and double alliances are as important as is winning competitions (at the right time).
        His biggest mistake was misusing his HOH. He had the power to get rid of Amanda and/or McCrae and failed to use it.
        His biggest asset is that he keeps “America” wondering. He could be the villain America loves to hate. Amanda is just plain “hated.”
        His biggest failure is that he did not endear himself to America because of his crying and whining.

      • Comments (6)

        I see. I thought he didn’t really need to get rid of Mcranda since he knew other people wanted them out and that would get the target off his back. Yeah I think one of the reasons I dislike him is he seems whiny and something about him just irks me.

      • Comments (1076)

        If Andy was handsome he could get away with more. LOL.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy would need more than a handsome face.
        At the minimum:
        Voice Change –
        Total overhaul of his mannerisms –
        Muscled Body –

        Even with attractive physical attributes –
        His Rat-like Personality would still be disgusting.

      • Comments (60)

        I agree!, Andy is a rat!,

  67. mccrae all the way
    Comments (10)

    OK it says that elissa sister is a producer so is Ian terry

  68. Comments (3)

    Its said Amanda some how some way got the diamond veto chip during the balloon thing…… if that is true……


    • Comments (1162)

      It’s only a Rumor.
      Did you see the show last night?
      Before the Break The Balloon Comp began, the HGs were told there
      was ONE PRIZE – $10,000 – and Spencer won it.
      IMO, if there had been a Diamond Veto Chip inside of a balloon, the HGs
      may not have been told exactly that but they would have been told….. there is
      a $10,000 Prize and a Most Coveted EVER Chip – something like that.

  69. Comments (3)

    What would have been even more entertaining’ both Spence and Judd go to people in the house an tell that there is Two golden eggs that were ummm, laid in the house and if you find the “golden egg” you get a really cool prize. Grin

    • Comments (1162)

      Great Idea for getting them to pick up the dirty piles of clothing, dishes, etc. –
      searching for the Golden Eggs – and clean up the BBH.
      However, the suggestion would have to come from Production and not Spencer & Judd.

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey, I heard a rumor that Amanda has been hired to be Mike & Molly’s baby when the fall season begins and that her agent is Janelle.

  70. Comments (2)

    GM and Ellisa only chance right now is that they can win comps and JUdd, spencer and MC can’t, GM and Elissa need to backdoor Andy then start on the exterminators. Try to pull JUdd in with them. Get the rest out

    • Comments (1162)

      X 1,000
      Amanda is Evicted This Week – Cheers & Waves of Applause Across the Country
      McCrae is Evicted Next Week – Every BB Fan Hosts Celebratory Pizza Parties
      Andy’s Eviction Follow’s McCrae’s – The Day Becomes a National Holiday Titled: Tears Of Joy Day!

  71. Comments (1076)

    Hey, I heard a rumor that they can’t have the POV ceremony today because Labor Day is a holiday and Spencer’s union forbids him to work on holidays without special compensation or an additional day off.

  72. Comments (4)


  73. Comments (453)

    Got bored waiting for new threads early this morning so read on jokers things Amanda said between 2 and 3 am. about where her and Mccrae have left their bodily fluids-DISGUSTING PIGS- BB is going to have to hire a hazmat team to come in and clean the whole BB house. Neither one deserves to receive the stipend.

    • Comments (6)

      I can’t understand them at all! They are beyond disgusting. I’m watching the feeds from last night right now and I can’t believe Amanda is so stupid. That black and white top she has on looks like jail attire!

  74. Comments (4)


  75. Comments (31)

    How about this? i would like Elissa to win so I think Spencer and Ginamarie should create an alliance.(this is just to circumvent the boy alliance they could get started)….then Spencer should win Hoh and put Rat Andy and Stinky McCrae on the block…..hopefully McCrae wins POV takes himself off the block. Judd would be the pawn replacement so that Rat Andy goes home. The next week Elissa wins Hoh and puts up McCrae again along with Judd. Judd wins POV and Ginamarie will be the fake pawn so McCrae goes home. Now we are left with GM, Judd, Spencer and Elissa. Next GM wins Hoh puts up Spencer and Judd.. .Judd saves himself again ….Elissa is the pawn so Spencer goes home. So we have Elissa, GM and Judd left. Judd gets evicted, GM and Elissa are left and Elissa wins the game!

  76. Comments (31)

    I am assuming Amanda leaves this week.

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