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Big Brother 15 – Sunday Updates

September 2, 2013 | 385 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

bb15-judd-gm-boothSlow going in the Big Brother house this Sunday afternoon.  It’s typically a dull day barring any random storms that sweep through, and that’s because it’s right between two events.  Saturday is the veto, Monday is the veto meeting, so Sunday people generally sit around waiting to see what happens.  There has been little talk of what will happen tomorrow, but most know McCrae should use the PoV on himself and Spencer will go up.


Scrolling through the comments, I see some mention of the diamond power of veto.  To clear up the rumor, she does not have any special power right now.  I can’t guarantee that will remain throughout the week, but as of this second, Amanda is walking out the door this Thursday.   I am not even sure there will be a Pandora’s Box this year, and if there is, it will probably just be a luxury one and not a game changing decision.

Tonight on the CBS episode of Big Brother, you’ll see the nominations which I’m pretty excited to see. This is going to be the first time in weeks that the people nominated are genuinely surprised at the results.  Amanda said she was shocked to see Elissa’s key come out of the box, so I am dying to see that reaction.


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You can still sign up to the live feeds, but right now there is not much going on.  If and when Hurricane Amanda hits the house, you’ll want the feeds, but right now people are just laying around the house doing nothing.


3:00pm – The photobooth is open and the houseguests are doing their weekly pictures.

3:18pm – Judd said he is trying to plant the seed in Amanda’s head to try to get McCrae to use the veto on her.  This is so they can get McCrae out of the house this week.  If that works then McCrae certainly deserves to walk out of the house, and Judd deserves at least the $50k second place prize (though probably 1st place).


3:35pm – GinaMarie talking to McCrae up in the HoH room.  She’s explaining how they need to split up the power duo.  McCrae’s response is the typical McCrae response… ‘yea… yea…. yea….. yea…. ‘  I am just waiting for the ‘I don’t know’s to start.

3:40pm – McCrae mentions how he was thinking of using the PoV on Amanda, and GM actually said it’s generally a stupid move.  I don’t think Judd will be thrilled to hear that.   He said he won’t use it unless he had the votes anyway, but I have a feeling it will be pretty easy to convince him he has the votes.  McCrae may do a dumb move tomorrow…

4:10pm – Amanda and McCrae whispering in the kitchen about the veto situation.  It was cut-in mid conversation so I didn’t get much. I do think Amanda and McCrae are going to get completely fooled by the Exterminators alliance and end up possibly doing something real stupid like keeping Amanda.

6:00pm – Just finished watching the episode on CBS.  One thing to note, the show depicts both Amanda and Elissa in the worst possible light each.  Amanda, while definitely bitchy, isn’t 24/7 bitch mode, just like Elissa doesn’t look like a space shot all day.  On the feeds, both are ‘normal’ probably 98% of the day.  Right now for example, Amanda, GM and Elissa are sitting around the pool talking about normal stuff.

6:45pm – The house is sitting around chatting about Candice.  They are pretending to be Candice as OTEV and then talking about how funny she really was, etc.

7:07pm – Amanda comes out to interrupt a casual conversation to suggest Elissa be the renom tomorrow.  The house is humoring her but Amanda is still likely going home.


Amanda resorts to begging Judd to help her convince GM to put up Elissa and get her out.

7:23pm – Amanda is off to lay down after a begging session, but Judd doesn’t think it’s smart for him to push things to GM right now.

After Judd left, Spencer had a real talk with McCrae basically telling him he should be prepared for Amanda to go and he looks forward to playing with him without her around.

8:16pm – Spencer and Andy keep talking about production, and after a few messages, production comes on “Spencer, You’ve got to be kidding me”.  I love that recording

8:25pm – I’m off to watch Breaking Bad.  I’m not sure if the house will actually talk to GM about putting Elissa up, but even if they do, I don’t think Amanda has a chance

10:00pm – GM and Spencer are in the hammock talking game.   He basically told her that if the house goes up to tell her they want Elissa up, ignore them.  If McCrae uses PoV on Amanda, he will be in jury faster than you can say moron.


10:15pm – Amanda is in the HoH room trying to convince GM to put up Elissa, but it’s actually funny listening to Amanda.  The house really has her fooled right now.  Amanda is absolutely convinced that GM is working with Elissa, Spencer and Judd.  She keeps saying things about Andy being livid while putting on a happy face.  She has been pretty keen on some things this game, so it’s almost shocking to see her so clueless about Andy.

Honestly I’m not really too sure what to think about this move.  Obviously splitting up McCrae and Amanda is a good move, but I can’t figure out if it’s a good move for GM or not.   GM is clearly the Britney of her alliance and will likely finish in 4th place, but I don’t really know if she has a chance to finish higher.   The biggest blunder was Amanda, McCrae and GM not voting out Andy last week.  That was probably a $500k decision for one of those 4.

10:35pm – GinaMarie keeps saying how she’s on her own and that’s why she’s splitting up McCrae and Amanda.  Amanda counters by saying she’s been offering to work with her, so she wouldn’t be alone.  I’m really shocked Amanda hasn’t figured out that GM is actually in a secret alliance.

10:45pm – So GinaMarie basically took a verbal beating from Amanda but kept her cool throughout the whole thing.  It’s sad because I think GM is at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance and is just hurting her potential jury votes.  She is the meat shield for that alliance.

11:10pm – Most of the cast, including Elissa and Amanda, are outside basically chatting about Amanda’s game.  She is pretty much accepting her defeat, so a lot of secrets and truths are coming out.  It’s a pretty interesting conversation and good to see people chatting friendly and normal.

(keep checking back for updates)

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