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Big Brother 15 – Just When You Thought The House Was Boring

Jessie – “How does it feel to be half the player your sister was?”

Jessie has apparently hit the ‘depression’ part of her week, as she’s sitting by the pool looking absolutely miserable knowing she’s heading to jury this Thursday.  That’s bad for Jessie, but good for me because it gives me some time to recap the past day in a format that doesn’t look like I’m transcribing the Whitey Bulger trial.

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Here is what went down… Throughout the day yesterday, Jessie started getting a bit paranoid at the way Helen and Elissa have been treating her since nominations.  She wasn’t making this up as the house has clearly been a bit more friendly and social to Spencer this week, and that would get anyone on the block nervous.  I’m going to be repeating some stuff I said in the past two posts, but hopefully it will all come together here.

Note – Flashback to any time I give to see it on the feeds

The action started at 10:53pm and didn’t really stop until… well, it will probably keep going on and off until eviction on Thursday night.  Last night, Jessie pulled Helen into the backyard to confront her on some lingering issues, and this started a war of words between the two.  You can read this thread for specific times, but to summarize, Jessie was really upset that Helen decided to just throw her under the bus.  In front of Aaryn, Helen made it a point to mention how Jessie wanted to get Amanda out last week, but this pissed off Jessie because she’s on the block – and Helen was into the idea as well.

Throughout the evening, Jessie basically wanted Helen to admit she was in on the plan to try and get Amanda out as they entertained the idea last week before realizing they didn’t have the numbers. The reality is, they likely did have the numbers, but Helen was too scared to pull the trigger so she backed off which set Jessie up to take the eventual fall for this plan.  When you’re on the hot seat, the last thing you want is for a major player to think you were trying to get them out the previous week.

An evening of arguments ensued, mostly with Helen and Jessie, but some with Jessie and Elissa scattered in, and one even with Aaryn and GinaMarie. Of course, you also have the strange argument of Amanda and McCrae when she got all worked up and controlling after he tried talking to Jessie alone.  Amanda got super pissy at McCrae and basically scolded him all night, throughout the entire time I am sure he was counting down the days until they no longer have to see each other.  Either that, or he was picturing what his future will be like should he actually end up marrying this girl.

The other strange moment was the GinaMarie/Aaryn tiff which started off as GM trying to keep Aaryn relaxed. Flashback to 2:53am to see Aaryn worked up that Jessie brought her name into the arguments, so GM basically told her to relax, she’ll be gone Thursday.  Aaryn was not a fan of this reaction and started snapping at GM, and this didn’t sit well with the firecracker named GinaMarie.   To ‘clear the air’, GinaMarie started going a little crazy by trying to call a house meeting at around 3am.  Jessie got a little boner about the trouble she caused and was the first one in the meeting.  Definitely worth a flashback.

Stress was getting to Aaryn last night
Stress was getting to Aaryn last night

It took me a few hours to cover all that in my second previous post, and just as I finished, I hit the ‘live’ button on the feeds to see that Jessie was arguing with Aaryn in the backyard today!  A bloggers job is never done…

Flashback to 1:25pm (8/13) and watch Jessie get fired up again at the house.  This time she takes it out on Aaryn and Elissa the most, which was slightly entertaining, funny, yet also embarrassing and cringeworthy.

Jessie started it by trying to expose Elissa to Aaryn letting her know that Elissa still thinks pretty poorly of Aaryn, Kaitlin and company.  Aaryn told her to shut up and the two went back and forth exchanging quite a few jabs.  I quoted a bunch in my previous thread and on twitter but the best lines came from Aaryn herself.  Aaryn basically feels like Jessie is making an idiot out of herself (which she kind of was), but also bragged about her work outside of the house doing commercials, etc.  Little does Aaryn know how disliked she is outside the house, so I guess it was only funny to live feeders.

When Elissa joined the area, Jessie directed the rage at her by calling her ‘Rachel’s shadow’ and asking things like who got their boob job first, and how does it feel to be half the player her sister was.  McCrae and Spencer summed it up later by saying the insults were kind of weak – and they were – but this is the best we’ve had in awhile, so I’ll take it.

Things started getting a little uncomfortable when Jessie sat on the backyard couch and kept repeating ‘Hi Rachel’s shadow’ and calling Aaryn an Oompa Loompa and Barney (because she was in a purple bikini).   First off, GinaMarie is the Oompa Loompa, and secondly, why not go for the low blows?  Aaryn has been a mega bitch this season, and said racist comments. The best you can come up with is Barney?  Seriously?  To be fair, at one point Jessie did mention Aaryn’s permanent scowl, but that was about as deep as it got.  It was still fun to watch, if you like uncomfortable things.


What does this all mean?  Let’s see… If this is a strategy on Jessie’s part to put a target on her back bigger than Spencer’s, it’s not going to work.  That strategy has been played out a million times on reality shows, and the only times it can work is if you don’t make it obvious.  That said, even that strategy hasn’t worked in recent years as juries have become more bitter.  Evil Dick would have a tough time winning over recent Big Brother juries.

The attacks on Helen, Elissa and Aaryn are not going to get her favor with Amanda and McCrae. Even though they probably need the vote, they’re not going to trust her after she revealed how close she was with Helen and Elissa, and how they tried to flip the house on Amanda.  The only thing it accomplishes is telling Amanda what she already knows, Helen and Elissa need to go asap. I think they’d rather put their trust into Spencer at this point because Jessie seems like a person where it takes a few nice things said to her and she’s back on your side.  Helen can win her back with ease (if she wanted – she doesn’t).

If Jessie has just said f-it, I’m going out with a bang, then it just means the rest of the week is going to be entertaining.  It won’t change Thursday’s outcome, but it will sure beat watching Amanda pick earwax from McCrae’s ear.

Thumbs up to Jessie for standing up to herself this season.  Thumbs also up for saying a few things we were all thinking today.
Thumbs down to Jessie for having a meltdown but not taking full advantage of it.


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  1. Comments (651)

    Go Jessie Go!!

    But then I would do almost anything so I wouldn’t have see Demanda picking at McCrea’s orifices–nose, ears and God knows where else?

  2. Comments (111)

    Jessie for America’s favorite houseguest!

  3. Comments (86)

    I wish she would have said all this last week. It might have helped her. I am hoping Spencer wins the next HOH and puts up Amanda and Helen and then Mcra if the veto is won and used. Lets see what the house wants now.

  4. Comments (7)

    Jessie did the best she could do at this point. Amanda is jealous of her and would never back her. Helen is shady, stabbed her in the back, and needed to be exposed. McCray was not going to go against Amanda and Elissa is not going to go against Helen. Aaryn is scared to go against the grain. Andy is a scab. GM is with Aaryn unaware that Aaryn is getting ready to turn on her. Jesse has zero chance of staying so she took the time to expose those who screwed her over. The girl needs 4 votes to stay. Never gonna happen so get even with Helen for pulling the crap on her and sending her packing.

    • Comments (64)

      Best post! Jessie should’ve exposed the BS back when Howard was in the house. She probably could’ve drummed up enough votes to separate the house. But I hope Wed’s show keeps us entertained even though I hate to see a scrappy chick going against the establishment go home. I am so disappointed with this lackluster summer. I’m already hoping we get another cast in the fall to root for.

      • Comments (1437)

        I don’t think Jessie would have had any reason to expose anything a few weeks ago. She thought she was still sitting pretty with Judd, Helen and Elissa.
        Aaryn, Amanda and Helen have only themselves to blame for Jessie’s breakdown in the house. They tormented the poor girl constantly in the last few days with stories about Judd’s betrayal to her…and the biotch Aaryn was hanging all over Judd before she sent him packing. Jessie was so confused as to what was real in the house that it was inevitable that she was going to blow…

  5. Comments (339)

    Helen will rue the day she had two chances to oust Amanda, but instead chose non-threats Howard and Candice. Worst strategy move in years by a head player in the house.

    • Comments (64)

      I actually like Helen but her arrogance and disloyalty to people who would’ve backed her may catch up to her soon. She needs to win HOHs and vetoes to stay from this point on.

    • Comments (166)

      It reminds you of “SURVIVOR” players who get voted out with 2 immunity idols in their pocket..soo scared to play them..these players are there for a huge amount of money, BUT you still have to run around & be strategic & have social skills..this house got on co-pilot and EVERYONE basically napped!! It really sucks that now they’re down to Aaryn, GM, Meanmanda, still in very strong getting closer to that finale..GAMMIT!!!

  6. Comments (233)

    “I am going to live blog the shit out of this” Holy crap I love that sentence. Now I have to see how many times I can work that into my everyday conversation. Thanks for the chuckle, stevebeans I think we’re all giddy that something actually happened!

    • Comments (1437)

      BBAD last night was so boring – the whole Jessie/Helen fight started in the last 10 minutes.
      However…I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this disgusting little nugget that Jessie spilled last night – apparently GM has 3 piercings down in her “nether regions” one on the top, one(pardon my French) through her clitoris and one in the back end. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! The woman is certifiable. How in the heck did she get in the house??

      And you go, Jessie!! About time someone lit a fire under these morons. Jessie for America’s favorite player!

      • Comments (768)

        Ewwwwwwwwww is right!!! I wonder how long it will take for Amanda to make McCrae get one so she can put a chain through it to lead him around? That way she won’t have to yell to find out where he is in the house! 😉

      • Comments (233)

        That would be convenient, but really all she has to do to find him is SNIFF or look for the cloud of dust and fumes surrounding Pigpen.

      • Comments (1437)

        Too funny guys…or maybe she can follow the trail of earwax.

  7. Comments (40)

    Your play by play breakdown was hilarious. Thank you for your updates. Go Jessie, I know she is going to be voted out, but I hope she spills all the beans at the Jury House.

  8. Comments (10)

    Jessie should start calling aaryn aryan!

  9. Comments (528)

    Welp, I guess once all these pawns are out of the house the powers will have to go to war and that *might* be interesting. Of course, with this cast it’s doubtful. My hope is it becomes a house divided after useless people like Spencer and Andy slither into the jury house and, I don’t know, maybe something interesting might happen. Or not.

    God I hate this season.

  10. Comments (18)

    I love Jessies lame comments about Elissa being Rachels “shadow”. It’s so true, though. Hopefully, Elissa will start playing dirty soon.

  11. Comments (24)

    I am giving up Big Brother today. This season has been horrible. I usually start every season thinking that the new houseguests cannot top last season’s. Then, I get into the new group. This year is different. The racism and the news stories about child porn detract from the game. Not one of this group is endearing (maybe Judd). Usually there is an Ashley, a Jeff, a Jordon or an Ian that I can cheer on. Heck, I even liked Rachel (she WAS smart). This season has a bunch of snitches all of whom are afraid to make a big move. I’m leaving the scene. Will come back next summer. Take care all.

  12. Comments (111)

    At least I’m not the only one who liked Ashley…

    But Jeff and Jordan? GAG.

  13. Comments (27)

    Let this situation be a lesson to all future players. If you were against the wall like Jesse and overheard the conversation that she was going to be blindsided, go find a place to lay down alone and think. Do NOT act on impulse and start a shit storm.

    Think of all your assets, what info you have on who, people’s emotional triggers, and take stock of any leverage you have. Then put together a plan to covertly create tension,possibly oust a floater as a double-talker, and exaggerate distrust between alliances/power players. As the chaos ensues, stay above and out of the conflict as much as possible. Then when the chaos subsides, find the more vulnerable of the alliance or power player and swoop in and comfort them with one side of your mouth and ask how you can help with the other. If you are lucky you might have 1 piece of valuable information left in your pocket to help cement your value to your victim…er…future alliance member.

    Above all, always control your emotions. Your emotions in the big brother house are like the cards in a poker player’s hand so Never . Show. Your. Hand.

    • Comments (1162)

      Well Said!

      Please submit your application for BB16.

    • Comments (1437)

      It’s a good strategy, but I don’t know if it would have worked with the lemmings in the house this season. Nick tried it, and look where it got him. With these idiots, it only stirs up their paranoia.
      I’m glad Jessie told them all off. She would be going home no matter what she tried – and I bet on finale night she’ll be getting the check as America’s favorite player.

      • Comments (226)

        Have to agree-its a freaky followers of a season. Not sure that a strategically timed about face from Jessie would work with this crew. Too bad she couldn’t have shown her firecracker side before the veto ceremony! Mccranda wedding, ugh. Hopefully McCrae has his fingers crossed.

  14. Comments (68)

    Oh lord, their gonna have that dumb fake wedding tonight on BBAD!!O_o Man…dont nobody wanna see that crap! I know i dont! GN!zzzzz

    • Comments (610)

      I know!!! Useless, pointless. And why isn’t McRae telling her ‘no’? (he’s spineless!)

    • Comments (1162)

      Will the Bridal Gown be made from HOH bed sheets?

      • Comments (1162)

        Just now read – The “Bride” will be wearing a Bed Sheet Wedding Dress.
        Hmm – What color?

        Something Old – Stains on the Bed Sheet Gown.
        Something New – Huh? From this Group of HGs – NEVER!!! “It’s what the House wants!”
        Something Borrowed – Possibly the Groom’s Wedding Baseball Cap-Nick’s? lol
        Something Blue – The BB Viewers & The Groom

        Spencer said that viewers probably don’t want to watch this HOH Wedding….
        (He’s Correct!!!)

        The “Bridegroom” is saying that he doesn’t want to go ahead with this wedding
        but doesn’t know why……lol
        Hint – He should take a good look at his EVIL “Bride!!!”

      • Comments (768)

        Something new would have to be something buried in drawer somewhere out of sight because everything else is piled into corners all over the entire house!

      • Comments (9)

        no the sheets are full of stains unless they don’t minds the pok-a-dots.

      • Comments (1437)

        The garter is made of earwax and the bouquet will be a mixture of scabs and BB slop balls.

      • Comments (1162)


  15. Comments (9)

    Middie u beat me to it

  16. Comments (8)

    Jessie is a blazed bitch! Please shut up bitch

  17. Comments (15)

    i was going to votefor Candice for “favorite” player, but she didnt play,,, so Jesse gets my 10 votes…..

  18. Comments (1162)


    You’ve provided more laughs than the BB15 HGs.

    BTW – Fans of this site want to “Thank You” for your trite clicks because on the
    upside – the more user/clicks, the interesting ones and your Thumbs Downers,
    always benefit Steve’s blog.
    See, you aren’t worthless after all …………….

    • Comments (233)

      Glad you can laugh about it. It is pretty funny. You pissed off the Elissa gang. I’ve been hoping she’d stay above the bashing tactics, but I read that she did join in on bashing Jessie. That made me sad that the two I thought were most decent people in the house turned on each other. Ah well, I’m over it. Ef-them-all. It’s going to be a year of having a winner no one can stand. Hoping for SILENCE in the finale when the winner is determined, but you know they’ll have the audience stacked. I am so disappointed in this summer. The only saving grace would be to brutally show the hg’s what asses they were on camera and what that fall out has been outside the house. We want close-ups of that realization dawning on their faces! lol

  19. Comments (1162)

    Helen hopes Jessie knows that this (fake wedding) is an important occasion.
    Absolutely, Helen.

    • Comments (407)

      Hey MM…it really IS an important occasion because it will probably be the closest thing to a wedding Amanda will ever have. What man would want to be associated with her with everything and I do mean EVERYTHING she has shown on TV? I do not believe McCrae will give her the time of day when this show is over. It’s a shame he showed on TV what a moron he really is. He was talking about what a small town he is from and I’ve lived in small towns so I’m sure he’s the talk of that town right now and I doubt it’s in his favor.

  20. Comments (195)

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO……Amanda told Jessie to apologize to everyone and now she is doing it! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UGH And when she is apologizing to Elissa, Elissa is still going on about how she thought Jessie was acting crazy! Well our excitement sure didn`t last long folks. Oh well at least we got a little bit. With this bunch we were lucky to get any at all!

  21. Comments (1288)

    Well Hurricane Jessie has been downgraded to Tropical Delusion Jessie. She is thinking McCranda might want to keep her around, she asked Amanda’s advice about repairing things, has started apologizing and is playing nice for the wedding.

    On the upside it is looking more and more like Helen or Elissa will be gone next week if they don’t win HoH, so Jessie has that to her credit.

  22. Comments (239)

    I would like to see Amandas meltdown with Mceeeww spending his honeymoon with Jessie in the jury house. She would be so jealous she would self evict. She so blind maybe Mceeeww wanted to play some game so he could get Jessie’s vote.

    • Comments (407)

      If McCrazy got evicted first, Amanda would demand they put her up next so she can keep an eye on him in the jury house, especially since Jessie will already be there. She would probably hope for a double eviction again.

  23. Comments (4)

    I am proud of Jesse, if anything she brought a little excitement in this dull, bully season. If the highlight is the pretend wedding of Mcanda NOT… How the houseguest to keep a couple in that has been planning a pretend wedding and not think that could be a threat and how Andy would think even if he made final 3 (Not) with Mcanda that he would be taken to the end if one of them one then he is delusional. If I were him I would of listened to Helen I would have a better chance to be final 2, and he calls himself a fan (Not) Well I am still sitting back waiting for expect the unexpected and all I get is expect the expected. 🙁

    • Comments (1288)

      Andy just confirmed a F2 with Aaryan as the other half of 3AM. Helissa is a wounded animal and one will be going home if they don’t win HoH. Aaryan as this season’s competition beast is a risky proposal, he must be counting on the bad blood the rest of the house has with her over-riding their respect for her wins & game.

      • Comments (1092)

        Finally Andy showing some brains instead of just being a little weasel. Not that I am a fan, I just prefer smart gameplaying. Maybe his strategy of playing lowkey, all sides of the house will pay off.

        Curious how long he will wait to pull the plug on the honeymooners.

  24. Comments (143)

    This doesn’t surprise me. BB has been messed up[ by the producers in several ways:
    -Too many cast members (16)
    -Too long of a season
    -Too many twist
    -Too many nominees
    -Too few veto players
    -Too young and immature cast
    -Twist at the wrong time

    All combining to make a real crummy season. A large cast and a long season means that people will form tight groups over time and you get lack of backstabbing and actions. In a season with 12 people and say 9-10 weeks, what have you? Lots of backstabbing because the season isn’t so long, the relationships aren’t so tight etc.

    Too much twist eliminate strategy, hence the reason why so many floaters made it so far. In fact having a strategy actually is a negative this season, just being a tool who wins nothing like Andy or Jessie or Elissa can get you quiet far.

    Too many nominees mean the HOH didn’t really matter when it had the chance to shape up the game interestingly. This season would be alot more interesting if the abrasive players who’d actually make a move like Nick and Jeremy and Howard lasted a bit longer, which they would have if there was no MVP, or at least of America was the MVP from the start. It should have been obvious that Elissa would have gotten the MVP, and she one handly basically wiped out all the players who would have went after Amanda and made the game more interesting with a back and forth.

    Not enough veto players, had everyone got to play for the veto then you’d see more interesting outcomes, you’d see people of small relevance actually win a veto and might actually use it or be forced into making a important decision.

    The young and immature cast meant you had lots of basically boring people who had little to contribute or talk about or make interesting conversations. Often they turned around and talked about their biggoted views rather than anything of substance because they had no substance.

    Twist at the wrong time meant Amanda got to stay around when she could have gone and made some fireworks.

    • Comments (22)

      This was… This was perfect.

      • Comments (143)

        In hindsight one thing was missing. TOO big of a house.
        You cut that house size down, move the hoh room into the room with no beds and just sofas where they all met before evicting judd(not the havenot one) Move the hoh room down there or into the rainbow room. Close off another room. Close off upstairs. and knockdown a few walls and replace them with plexiglass so you can see when people are plotting. Ohhh, like in season 2, now you got a good house with a tight space, and drama is way more likely to happen. Also open up the backyard and let people see all the banners flying by, then you get even more paranoid houseguest. small house means nowhere to run or hide, if you are plotting you must plot out in the open infront of everyone, big huge monolitic alliances that get unanimous votes end because it is hard to have these big huge meetings in a 1 floor see through rooms house.

  25. Comments (875)

    Well, I just viewed “The Amanda Show” on BBAD, and from my point of view, Amanda is acting like she is “really” getting married! I totally believe that she is copying Rachel, & Brendan’s BB Wedding, but does she really think this is a precursor for her to win the game???

    • Comments (875)

      Btw…What in the hell is Andy wearing, he looks like Count Choc-u-la!

      • Comments (1288)

        I think it is the host costume that McCrae wore for this week’s veto that will be on the CBS show tonight. I wonder if the wedding is a subtle dig at Elissa because of her sister. It has proved a useful distraction to the house and one that puts Amanda in the spotlight, she has to love that.

    • Comments (226)

      I’m totally over the HG staging these shows during bbad. Really feels like production is directing this, which only bothers me b/c the hose guests act like it was their idea. If BB came over the loudspeaker and told them to do these things, that would be another story…

  26. Comments (1162)

    The “High Society” of BB Weddings – GAG!

    Listening to Evil Bride, Amanda, discuss her preference for anal sex ……….

    • Comments (1288)

      But with only 1 bottle of wine she couldn’t get drunk enough to need that. Obviously all sexual activity was of the morally approved kind.

    • Comments (407)

      MM she probably HAS to have anal sex. Her vagina is probably so worn out she has to resort to anal or oral sex she is always talking about. She’s a lowclass sl#t in my books.

  27. Comments (1162)

    Around 11:57 last night, in the BY, Andy with Jessie —

    Andy – “Elissa was just trying to make us feel crazy for seeing the psychiatrist on the day
    everybody had to see the psychiatrist.”

    Good Grief!
    A psychiatrist “okayed” these HGs – Huh??????
    What is the doctor’s name?
    Is she/he licensed or just related to a CBS/BB Top Staffer?
    Or did a BB staffer meet him/her in a Strip Club?


    • Comments (357)

      Good one. He/she must be good friends with Allson Grodner.

    • Comments (77)

      Maybe with all the craziness going on in the house they felt that all of them should see a psychiatrist. Some of them were feeling threatened and that someone might stab them or something so maybe they wanted to be sure all was well with the houseguests.

    • Comments (233)

      I am thinking the psychiatrist visit was because fans started making comments about the use of prescription meds in the house. BB thought they better cover themselves (due diligence) in case something went wrong with the meds. I would LOVE to see those sessions with the goofballs convincing the doc they need those drugs: ‘like, you know, like, I really, really need those drugs, like, you know?!’

  28. Comments (528)

    Um, how is all this crap going down and then when I watch BBAD absolutely NOTHING is happening?

  29. Comments (166)

    At the finale, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Julie, don’t stack the audience with CBS staff, let it be real fans & let these disgusting, racists, vile people actually get a real since of the feeling that we(FANS) have about them & not just be generic questions to them…I mean if we can’t see the action inside the house, then please let us see it at FINALE!! Let the audience BOO whenever Aaryn, GM,& most certainly Meanmanda come out or try to answer a question…but you watch & see I guarantee you that these HG will sue CBS saying that due to editing they made them look bad & now have troubles(losing jobs etc)…sorry HG can’t talk yourself out of LIVE FEEDS!!!

    • Comments (528)

      Speaking of which, have we heard anything from the houseguests that have already been evicted about this crap? Any non-CBS interviews or anything? Or any former players saying nothing about this season? Just curious.

      • Comments (407)

        Sadie, I don’t know about David or Kaitlin, but if you google Nick Uhas or Howard Overby, both have given interviews. Nick has even been interviewed by Rachel Reilly.

  30. Comments (79)

    aaryn telling jessie to be classy? hahahahahahahahahaha

  31. Comments (487)

    Question to the Board:

    Do you think that the MVP would have made a difference if Elissa did not share the decision with Helen?

    • Comments (1162)

      For one thing, it would have meant Elissa was there to play BB and not content
      with being a HG’s yes-man/yes-woman.

    • Comments (226)

      Do you mean if she would have kept her MVP noms a secret? Yes! She revealed her relation to Rachel and got MVP so close together it immediately put a focus on her (good or bad). I think that was her first and probably worst mistake was to reveal it every time. Probably forced the America voting for the nom thing as well. I would guess that what CBS wanted with the twist was the paranoia and drama that came later.

  32. on-a-low-BS-diet........
    Comments (53)

    Annnnnnnnd ……….Back to Boring.

    BBAD was ruined this year by being on TVGN. Shortened to 2 hours. Edited and censored so that conversations are not intelligible. Not to mention the annoying Tv guide constantly scrolling on half the screen. Horrible
    BB15 has been a hot mess start to finish. I guess we got our hopes up a tiny little bit when Jessie decided to suddenly grow a pair.
    Just as there was Finally something mildly interesting to watch on BBAD ……..it cuts off. Shows over. Was so frustrating. BB-intertuptus???????? Ugh.
    And even after Jessie spends an entire day on a rampage (loved her going after all of them!!)
    And brings a little life to this group of boring floating sheep…….. we get the Demanda wedding??? Who cares????? BORING BORING BORING
    I held out some hope that one of you all would remember how to play the game. NOT 🙁

  33. Comments (453)

    Don’t understand the occupants theory of torturing the chosen house guest to be sent to the jury house instead of trying to get on the good side wagon for possible jury votes. Seems like no one thinks past their present moments in this house of ding bats.

    • Comments (233)

      2 nights ago after the first Jessie/Helen confrontation, Helen said to the alliance, ‘well, I guess I won’t have Jessie’s vote’. A bit later she was sitting outside the HOH room with Jessie apologizing and trying to smooth it over. DUH! I was amazed how Jessie was able to stay on task and stuck to what she knew to be true. That’s a nice STORY, Helen. haha A/Mc were listening to it all through the HOH door.

  34. Comments (407)

    Just read on BB 15 Because You’re Addicted…Amanda requested from production to let the houseguests drink for 1 hour for the wedding. If they let them, it should be before the wedding or McCrae may back out. When Amanda came out in her sheet dress, Helen said “It seriously looks like a designer dress” and Elissa said “It does!” What dummies. The addicted blog shows a picture of the cake and it has 2 chess pieces on top…one black and one white. What a joke after all the racist remarks Amanda has made!

    • Comments (1162)

      Aaryn made a comment about the Wedding Cake Chess Pieces.
      No Surprise!!!

      • Comments (407)

        Oh MM. I haven’t watched BBAD from last night yet. Have to pick up granddaughter from school and I like to watch it with NO interruptions. It doesn’t surprise me though that it would come from racist Aaryn.

      • Comments (768)

        One was black and one was white and you can figure out the rest….

  35. Comments (2)

    Could someone please tell me where I can stream BB online for free live

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    Cbs should at least let the audience be real fo sho

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