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Big Brother 15 – Time To Analyze The Guys


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The most exciting thing that happened in the Big Brother house last night was the bachelorette party the girls threw for Amanda.  If you want to watch it, flashback to around 10:30bbt to watch this.  I’m not really sure what to make of it. I remember having fake weddings with neighborhood girls back in grade school, so watching this kind of brings me back to that time.  Minus the beer and penis-shaped cookies of course.

I guess that’s what happens when the person ready to be sent home has been mentally defeated and is just waiting for their turn to walk the plank.  I mentioned it last night how a few people have a prime opportunity to make a big move this week, but when Jessie brought it up, she was bashed all night by the person who really should have been considering the move (Helen).  Who knows, maybe it will just make for better TV once the power alliances actually start battling it out, but for now it’s pretty clear which direction the house is going in.

As we buy some time until tomorrow night’s fun double eviction episode, I have been talking about various things, strategies, or even girlfriend material.  To continue that theme, I’m going to put up a poll for the best boyfriend material this season.

I pretty much know who will be leading this poll, but I’m mostly curious to see the rest of the order.

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  1. Comments (140)

    I really struggled with this poll. I’m a girl and yesterday’s was super simple. I questioned to my boyfriend if my struggle was due to the fact most of the guys went out early so we had less exposure to them, or if it’s really that the guys were so unappealing this year.

    I think it’s the latter.

    • Comments (80)

      Agreed, but I think the only guy we really didn’t get to know was Nick.

      David was a dope. (Lifeguards during season and collects unemployment off season – what a loser.)
      And Jeremy was a complete ass. I know girls like bad guys but look at what I just said, “girls” not women. Lol

      • Comments (35)

        I’d like David’s job. For work he gets paid to hang out at the beach and in the off season he gets paid to hang out at the beach. Sounds like a peaceful life.

      • Comments (80)

        I don’t enjoy my tax money going to able-bodied people who are too lazy to get a job.

      • Comments (35)

        Lifeguard is a job. He pays in as well.

        I don’t see seasonal jobs as people being lazy. I guess I see it as a positive they don’t get other jobs that will be temporary to them when they could be really needed by someone else. Then again there are seasonal jobs for every season.

    • Comments (15)

      I struggled too… I wouldn’t be attracted to any of them. I don’t understand the double-standard of casting for Big Brother because the women are always attractive, fit, etc and the guys are just ok and a lot of the time are out of shape (Spencer) or just so-so. Not that it’s all I look for but truly if they thought the surfer boy (forgot his name already) was supposed to make women swoon they aren’t really clued in. I just don’t like the Hollywood double-standard (which is nothing new or exclusive to Big Brother casting). I liked the people they chose in the earlier years because both the women and men seemed more equal in looks, brains, etc.

      • Comments (768)

        They also seemed more ‘normal’ and didn’t rely on medications to get them through the day.

      • Comments (150)

        Yes!!!! What is that all about? Judd won the boyfriend poll. Who wants a boyfriend so hammered on Xanax that their sexual drive is almost nil. That why he hasn’t “teamed up” with any one. Andy is gay so he is alone in the house and Spencer is a pig with that disgusting beard but what is Judd’s excuse. Even holy Howie copped a feel whenever he got a chance. Amanda and Elissa are also on “medication”. I believe that if you are prone to depression or anxiety you do not belong partaking in a psychological warfare game. Everyone playing BB should be physically and mentally healthy.

      • Comments (5)

        Just because someone has anxiety or depression doesn’t mean they should not enter the competition. I have depression, but if I were to enter the Big brother game I would have to remember what is going to happen and to be aware of that. I am pretty sure if someone with depression or anxiety were to enter the house, they would take everything in. If they get emotionally hurt they need to understand that they should have taken that in, and not have come on the show. And I think that BB should say that unless you NEED the medication, have the proper paper work, ect. you are not allowed to have that medication.

      • Comments (13)

        Apparently Elissas all pissy because she feels Aaryn has an unfair advantage in comps because she takes adderal. In Elissas own words “Its not fair that she can take adderal. She can feel things”…???? Maybe I don’t get it BC I don’t take add meds, but what “things” can she “feel” that would make it unfair?

  2. Comments (80)

    Howard and Judd seem like genuine men. I suppose you can also throw McCrae in (he seems pretty genuine as well and has a good head on his shoulders; knows what’s right and wrong & what and what not to say – Amanda could really benefit from him!).

    • Comments (140)

      I guess I went pretty deep with my considerations. Mc was an instant toss for me because I find his lack of hygiene to be completely unappealing to me. He hardly showers and he’s forever in the same close. He also has some mannerisms I can’t stand, the constant bobble head when he talks, and sometimes his eyes roll to the top of his head as it’s bobbling. Also his age and where he’s at in his life doesn’t appeal to me either. I’m 28, educated and have a career ahead of my – what would I want with a young pizza boy?

      See? Over analyzed, I guess. But we’re talking boyfriend material, and I take relationships seriously 😛

      • Comments (35)

        I don’t the pizza he delivers is that great either. Now all I can picture is “Sorry honey, I couldn’t pay the bills… But I’ve got pizza!”.

      • Comments (407)

        Amanda, I agree with you about McCrae. He’s constantly playing with his hair when he’s in bed, making out with Amanda under the sheets, and then biting his fingernails no matter where they have been! I would not even want him to deliver my pizza even though he personally may never have opened the box. Of course, we never know what may actually be in the food we eat from a restaurant, but seeing his lack of hygiene definitely lets me know I wouldn’t want him around mine.

      • Comments (150)

        Yes, but think of how strong his immunity system must be. He can eat dirt and not get sick because his body is used to it.

      • Comments (407)

        WOW!! He should be in good shape….eats dirt and associates with scum.

  3. Comments (231)

    I picked Judd bc he seemed the most kind but due to recent events I’m not sure he deserves it. He is losing his game due to his loyalty to Mcmanda and he stopped listening n observing.

  4. Comments (40)

    I am not going to vote, because I wouldn’t pick any of the guys as a boyfriend. All for different reasons. I will say as a Christian, that Howard would have been my closest pick, but I didn’t like how he was trying to tell Candace how to think and feel. I am glad she stuck to her guns regardless.

  5. Comments (12)

    It was pretty easy for me to pick, I went with Judd. Reminds me a lot of my fiance (at least what they show on camera lol)

    But McCrae’s eyes are gorgeous (haha) and Howard is/was just a stand up guy overall. Andy’s gay and I’m a straight female, I’m not into Jeremy or Dave, and we didn’t get to know Nick soon ehough (of course that hasn’t stopped GinaMarie LOL)

  6. Comments (3)

    I picked Howard because of his loyalty. He seemed to have had his head screwed on right most of the time. I like Judd, but I can’t stand smokers and he is hard to understand a lot of the time. So he could never be my boyfriend.

    McCrae is just nasty. He seems nice enough, but who wants a guy you can walk all over? And like I said- he is just nasty.

    Andy would be okay as a friend as long as you didn’t tell him any secrets.

    And the rest of the guys- just NO THANKS!!

    If my husband was in there, I would have surely voted for him. 😉

  7. Comments (1446)

    How about “none of the above??” Howard seems like a good guy, but admits he has a temper. Just the fact that McCrae is involved w/Amanda tells me he’s an idiot. Judd seemed OK, but now is allowing himself to be led astray by that horrible Aaryn. And who can understand a thing he says?? Even if Andy were straight, he is such a weasly little rat, no thanks. And I’m sure there’s a dark side to Spencer outside of the house. Not a good one in the bunch this year.

  8. Comments (35)

    I picked Andy solely because his stories amuse me to no end. Plus, yeah, none of the guys really appeal to me & I’m the target demographic (straight twenty something female) for them.

  9. Comments (4)

    CBS just announced on facebook that both evicted houseguests this week will be in the Jury! It’s a shame how they treat Candice but at least she gets to chill and avoid the drama all while being paid.

    • Comments (49)

      Sorry KNA completely scanned over your post and posted a similiar message. Slightly different angle, though….now Candice gets trapped again.

      • Comments (4)

        Bbcubby: I didn’t think of it that way but you’re right! Even though they won’t be playing anymore some of those girls hate Candice because of personal prejudice and that won’t change in the jury house. Just sad.

    • Comments (407)

      KNA, it all depends on who else goes into the jury house with her. Lord help her if it’s Aaryn, GM, or Amanda. Lock her in the house with one of them, and there may be a LOT of drama. Hopefully, we will get to see it and I hope Candice holds her own since the cameras won’t be on them 24/7.

  10. Comments (35)

    This is completely off topic, but needs to be said; Every time I see the picture by my name I get “Walk like an Egyptian…” in my head and can’t think of the rest of the song, lol. Obviously I have problems, lol.

  11. Comments (49)

    Just saw that CBS announced that the jury begins now and there WILL be nine. Now that second eviction, assuming Candice is first, becomes a little more interesting. Not that we get to see them together…but poor Candice…..she had the chance at freedom and gets trapped again.

  12. Comments (3)

    Did anyone else notice that Spencer always has his fingers up his nose?? So gross!!

  13. Comments (453)

    Sorry, with this group I would be washing my hair a lot.

  14. Comments (651)

    I heard the same thing. And this will give Candice a chance to be sort of the leader of the jury. I think she’s got what it takes to start opening peoples eyes as they get back-stabbed. Plus I’m glad she gets jury pay.
    I think BB did this because they don’t want Candice out there doing interviews. This way it gives her a chance to cool off in a relaxing setting and if anyone gives her grief she can give it right back without worry.
    Candice has my vote for favorite with Jessie a close second.

    • Comments (1162)

      CBS/BB attempting to control the wreckage of BB 15.
      (Too little and too late!)

      If Candice is the first person in the Jury House, she should select the bedroom she
      thinks Amanda and McCrae would like to have.
      : )

  15. Comments (768)

    Safe to say there definitely isn’t much testosterone left in the house now. Once Amanda leaves there won’t be any.

  16. Comments (18)

    BB just announced on Facebook that jury starts this week with the first evicted houseguest, if anyone is interested.

  17. Comments (651)

    Here’s another couple of thoughts about why BB starts the jury now. First it stops all this playing to be on the jury bullsh*t that we are all so tired of. Second, they are taking such a hit about how horrible these people are, this gives them a chance to control the message from the evicted HG’s. And third–but maybe should be First–GinaMarie!! What if she got the 2nd eviction. If you were Nick would you want to be at the finale with her much less have her just leave the house and track him down? Maybe they want to be sure GM has “Specialized” therapy before they turn her lose on the world.

    • Comments (768)

      Or they want to make sure that Nick is far enough away and his plastic surgery has healed.

    • Comments (453)

      They would have to hire security to protect him and put ankle cuffs on her so she couldn’t run to him. LOL

    • Comments (302)

      CBS continues to show their disregard for the viewers of this game. Spencer joking about child porn goes unaddressed and now they begin the jury with 9 so Julie Chen won’t get creamed on the internet when she soft peddles an interview with the likes of Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer or Gina Marie. This is a totally bogus move by CBS because they got caught last week pulling off a fake live show because they were afraid of the reaction from their live audience when Howard got booted(Houseguest would hear angry reaction when door opened). So they taped the eviction part earlier in the day with CBS staffers as the audience and only held the HOH competition live. They turned audience members with show tickets away claiming they had overbooked … a total lie. By expanding the jury now they can wash their hands of the evicted guest. Total cop-out by CBS .. they have mishandled just about everything this season.

      • Comments (407)

        Doug, google Julie Chen and read the article about Aaryn. Whether it’s true or not, it states she intends to confront Aaryn about her racist remarks when she is evicted. There’s also an article stating Julie put a picture on her twitter account showing a big red button with “reset” on it and said “Look what I found.” It may mean something and it may be nothing, but I agree with you, they’ve had too much backlash from the public to let this go on.

      • Comments (240)

        Doug, I always agree with your comments. You write what I would or wanted to say. I get you. Good thing I am not a stage 5 GMarie. 🙂 Thumbs up to you

  18. Comments (453)

    Does anyone else think that GM has an eating disorder? The amount of fiber pills, fills up on soda, hardly eats, always has a fairly large amount of food left on her plate. Starting jury this soon is like hiding behind all of the negative repercussions that fans have about the way Candice has been treated. I was really hoping Amanda would be out before jury, she will be just as mean and lazy in jury house as she is now.

    • Comments (875)

      Yes Peggi, do seriously think that GM has a eating disorder…In fact I read on Jokers that she told Nick that she was making herself throw up the whole week b4 reporting to Big Brother.

      I kind of also think that she may be illiterate, or may have a learning disability. I don’t know for the life of me how someone like GM got cast as a contestant for Big Brother, because she has some serious issues.

    • Comments (651)

      I’ve seen GM eating and WOW!! It was like she was afraid someone was going to steal her food. I think she may have an eating disorder. Just one of may disorders bouncing around in GM’s head.

    • Comments (233)

      Agree… It was not normal how she was sucking down that ice cream in that competition awhile ago. I’d feel bad for her if she weren’t such a lowlife racist.

    • Comments (624)

      When she had the cone on, wow the sloppy animal eating sounds were magnified. I think she’s trying to break Kalia’s record for most crap shoved down her gullet.

  19. Comments (407)

    My thoughts on the jury starting this week…which one of these nut jobs will be in the house with Candace (if she is evicted)? I hope if it is Candace, Helen gives her little speech that she had a hand in evicting her and then ends up in the jury house with her!!

  20. Comments (26)

    Am I the only one that doesn’t think Howard is a good guy? He’s said some seriously questionable things about women. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Comments (150)

      I agree with you. If the other hg’s weren’t such racists I don’t think that there would be as much love for him. There is always the narrow minded and judgmental crowd that wets their pants whenever they see a bible, but for the discerning rest of us he does seem to set off some definite alarm bells. His homophobia and his foul talk about women which endeared him to Spencer would have stood out more if he wasn’t made a sympathetic figure because of all the hate in the house. And that whispering in Amanda’s ear was pretty shady if you ask me. Why on earth would he want to hook up with her (the main reason he was evicted) if he didn’t have an ulterior motive?

    • Comments (26)

      If you need enlightenment check out 8/1 5:01am camera 2. Also 7/1 3:50am camera 3/4. He’s had a good edit but c’mon.

  21. Comments (875)

    Judd ~ Boomhauer from “King Of The Hill”
    Howard ~ Class Act, & Inspirational
    Spencer ~ A Total Pervert…ewww
    Jeremy ~ Good looking kid, but far too cocky for his own good.
    David ~ What’s Up With that Hair-Do dude, & Surfs Up!
    McCrae ~ Pizza Boy, & nice if you like guys that wipe their boogers on their Tee Shirts…yucky!
    Nick ~ A Mystery, is he, or isn’t he????
    Andy ~ Next Job should be with TMZ

    • Comments (651)

      McCrea ~ Pizza Boy, & nice if you like guys that Want You To Pick their boogers and wipe it on their Tee Shirts…

    • Comments (150)

      Class act and inspirational? What’s next, canonization. Howard was a religious hypocrite (like most religious people) and I wouldn’t trust him with my mother or sister. He was a lecherous dude who hid behind his bible. I don’t care what color he is, him and spencer are pigs.

  22. Comments (1)

    I also think they are trying to damage control by starting jury this week and avoid a Candice/Howard press tour about the racism in the house and how BB did nothing to stop it. It really infuriates me. As much as I wanted Candice to stay, I more so wanted her evicted for her own sanity. The people in that house are the most vile and repulsive people I’ve ever seen on BB. I can’t even watch anymore. Now Candice is going to be trapped again with these vile people.

    I just read that Aaryn was talking about Howard and how she felt threatened by him because she didn’t like the way he would look at her and lick his “big” lips. She is a disgusting human being and I honestly can’t wait until she is out the house and sees how much America hates her. Same for Amanda and GinaMarie. And I hope the rest of them are called to task for their implicit acceptance of those girls behavior for being silent and saying Howard and Candice were being “over-sensitive”.

  23. Comments (41)

    I need one question answered before I can take the poll – has Judd actually made any kind of physical moves on Aaryn?
    Why is jury starting so soon? But I am sick to death of all their “we’re going to get you to jury” it is disgusting so if it’s early for that I’m grateful… this game is for $500,000 and why don’t they do a better job screening instead of picking all these immature 20 somethings that think life is just a big party in the summer and that is all they went in to the house for! It’s like they all signed up to get to the jury house which they must equate to a Jersey Shore atmosphere! This has been the 2nd worst cast ever – my vote for all time worse had to be the winter season 9 but I stopped watching that early and am only hanging in here hoping desperately that Amanda and Helen get knocked off their high horses as they lie to everyone then are the biggest hypocrites when they feel something is kept from them… HELLO… THE NAME OF THE GAME IS LIE, CHEAT AND MANIPULATE YOUR WAY TO 500K!

    • Comments (150)

      I don’t think Judd can make a move. Please look up Xanax and you will see impotency as one of the major side effects. And he sometimes takes more than one a day! He is a mumbling zombie most of the time (when he is not taking a nap. Jessie had her thigh right on his privates when they were kissing and there was no stirring in those pants.

    • Comments (26)

      They supposedly made out today when feeds were down.

  24. Comments (41)

    I have to vote Nick so I can see the results but I don’t like any of the choices – Steve I think none of the above should have been an option. They all have really questionable moral, hygiene and personality traits that I’m too mature to find attractive 🙂

  25. Comments (1162)

    TMZ – article about the Arkansas police checking into Spencer’s porn comments.
    So far they’ve noted nothing criminal has been done, however you don’t ever
    joke about child porn.. Period!!!!

    • Comments (68)

      Absolutely, this man(Spencer) has a sick sense of humor! Somethings you just DON’T joke about! Nothing about child porn is funny!

    • Comments (150)

      Spencer is an idiot. I never heard any comedian joke about child abuse (or child porn). It is just not funny no matter what angle it is approached. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Spencer is a fascist and a pig and I distrusted Howard because of his immediate attraction to him. I find him repulsive. Spencer wasn’t in the house a week before he was praising Hitler.

  26. Comments (40)

    secret confession I like Andy. I think Andy brings a little bright side to the house. I like his stories and how he tells them!! I makes me laugh and once I am done laughing I am like wait…

    • Comments (150)

      I love how Andy just swoops in and plops himself down no matter who is talking to who. He cracks me up. His chatter is harmless and self-effacing and he is loyal to his alliance. Amanda, McCrae and Judd were very smart to make an alliance with him at the very beginning. Unlike talkative Helen, Andy knows just what is going on with everyone all the time.

  27. Comments (528)

    None of the people in this house are dateable.

  28. Comments (68)

    Spencer jokes about everything! Joking about child porn is just horrible and disgusting! Production should have called him out on it! They yell at them(HG’s) about everything else from “obstruction their microphone, to singing” on BBAD, so production should tell him to “knock it off”, and not speak on such filth! I feel CBS is just as guilty as Spencer is for allowing him to say as much as he said, and that includes other comments about anyone. This cast sucks! As for Candace, i will be happy when she is allowed to leave to house. I love Candace and she has been through enough. I want her to go so that she can get outta that hell hole of a house and be at peace. Always will be a fan of her and Howard!!
    Jessie will be their next person to pick on and torture, it’s only a matter of time. She better hope she gets HH and I hope she does something with it and make a big power move. The rest of those HH don’t have the balls to do it!

    • Comments (651)

      Unfortunately for Candice the jury starts with this eviction so she’ll be locked away with these vile creatures until the end. I heard she told off production in DR and they are afraid of what she’ll say in interviews so they’re starting the jury now to keep her isolated until the show is over. Normally I wouldn’t believe it but with this season I’m afraid I do. I don’t trust CBS/BB anymore.

      • Comments (875)

        Jackie, I think this is true, Candice telling off production. What Candice fellow HG have done to her has bordered on Racial Harassment, and there has been “no” consequences for the personal very bad behavior towards her. I’m pretty sure when Candice agreed to go on BB, she didn’t know that she had signed up for this!

        If I were Candice I would sue Aaryn, GM, and Amanda. And I think CBS is thinking they could get sued also…So now we get a RESET, maybe either Amanda, GM, or Aaryn might go Thursday…idk

    • Comments (150)

      You like all the bad players. Being nice is not necessary for playing BB. Candice lays in bed while the whole house is upstairs having a party. And what’s with her campaigning to get Spencer out of the house instead of Amanda. Jessie had a good idea but she went to loud mouth Helen first so it was doomed from the start (and she doesn’t know that Judd is aligned with Amanda, Andy and McCrae). The Goof Troup alliance and Amanda’s latching on to Aaryn with no strings attached (unlike Helen who demanded to pick the nominees when Aaryn was HOH), thereby getting GM too at no extra cost, has been the best and smartest game play so far this season. Helen and Elissa can discuss this soon when they are sitting in the jury house with Candice, Jessie and Spencer.

      • Comments (150)

        OMG. I am getting thumbs down reactions with no comments. Woe is me. I am completely worthless now. I hope I can muster the energy to eat dinner tonight. I shall salt my food with my flowing tears. What have I done to deserve such a fate? How dare I disagree with all these righteous minority loving defenders of the women’s movement and gay and civil rights for all. Never a disparaging comment about a black person has ever been uttered from any of their lips. When and how can I reach this utopian nirvana that all the others have reached? What God, what did you say? Oh, they are all lying and have said despicable things at one time and now see themselves as pious and devout. But God, they can’t all be full of shit, can they? Never mind. Excuse me while I stop and frisk my neighbor.

      • Comments (1)

        Not sure why you’re getting so butt-hurt over thumbs down…

      • Comments (357)

        Look at the last blog by stevebeans and you will see why. Mr. cnoodle is an insecure person who comes on here to disrupt the nonthreatening chitter chatter between HGs. We should nominate him to go INTO the house!

      • Comments (150)

        It’s Ms. Noodleman to you and I will match stability and self confidence with any of the nerds that watch BB 24 hours a day. Does questioning my self-esteem make you feel better. I am the youngest in my family and couldn’t be happier or more loved then I am. And I live in a wealthy neighborhood on the intercostal on the Boca/Delray border. My husband is an author and illustrator of children’s books and I graduated from NYU. Oh yeah, my mom moved in with us when my dad died so we have a built in and loving mother and babysitter in one. Just because I think that most of you are overwrought morons wasting your energy on a game show does not make me insecure. I like the show too, but my days are too full to watch all day long. And, I am allowed to disagree with any one I want without the presumption of my self-worth. Viva la difference!!!!!!!!!! There are only a few dozen of you posting on this blog, I wonder why? Birds of a feather. And you know where you can stick you thumbs.

      • Comments (150)

        It’s called sarcasm you twit.

      • Comments (357)

        OMG! You are so hateful! You look like Amanda and Aaryn, only ppl don’t know who u really are. For the love of everything holy and jus., PLEASE stop taking this game so personal. PLEASE stop bashing ppl personally…it’s just NOT cool!

      • Comments (150)

        I can’t help myself. I am so insecure and self-hating that I just have to take it out on others. I was born in a trunk at the princess theater in Pocatello Idaho. I have never been the same since I fell out of that trunk and bumped my head. I was left unable to blow smoke up my own ass as well as the rest of you do. Please help me be a good person like all you God fearin’ folk. I will even move to a red state and vote republican if that suits you. In closing I just wish to remind you that Jesus even loves a sinning blaspheming contrarian like myself. In his eyes we are all equal, so how do you like being my equal?

  29. Comments (6)

    With Candice going into the jury house,wouldn’t it be nice for one of the twists we are given the chance to send one of the jurors back into the game. I KNOW I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  30. Comments (166)

    David–Narly Dude, has had a bump on the head one too many times from surfboard!!
    Nick–Nice guy now has to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder!!
    Judd–Sweet country boy you wish your daughter would bring home!!
    Jeremy–Typical Jerk!!
    Howard–So nice & very upstanding character!!
    Andy–Likes to have a good time & loves to laugh!!
    McCrae–EEEW, wait I already used that word..Dirty, filthy, gross..lucky Amanda!!!!!

    • Comments (624)

      Nice list! I had to go on….

      David – Will be umemployed with a beer guy before age 35.
      Nick – Relocating to the far SW coast.
      Spencer – He’s the type that reaches in a bag of chips everyone is eating right after he just scratched his junk with the same hand. Yes, EWWW. Also likely has a big ol’ box of porn in his apartment.
      Judd – Boomhauer from King of the Hill.
      Howard – Nice guys finish last sad to say.
      Andy – A bit creepy. Also a walking tape recorder.
      McCrae – Concur on all counts!

      • Comments (15)

        I thought I was going to throw up when Amanda was giving McCrae a foot massage, his feet were nasty!!! And what’s up with his hygiene, gross!

        Howard seemed like a nice guy but sometimes he would go on random tirades … I have to say I didn’t understand what he was talking about sometimes.

        Spencer? Where did they find him? Why was he chosen? Just don’t get it. Plus, I have seen him pick his nose then bite his fingernails. I know they forget they’re on camera but the camera-person did a close-up of it and it was disgusting.

        Andy is a little tattletale but I’m sure he’s a ok if you don’t mind having a friend who talks behind your back!

        David and Nick were gone so fast they didn’t really make an impression on me.
        Judd seems like a genuinely nice guy who would go out of his way for anyone. I wouldn’t want to date him though.

      • Comments (768)

        Janice how do you get your photo on here as your avatar?

      • Comments (624)

        Uff….Andy’s habitual tattling, or his open-mouthed chewing that he does…both I’m just sick of.

    • Comments (651)

      If my daughter brought Judd home I’d smack him upside the head so hard he wouldn’t need Xanax. I like him for a little bit but then he started getting as ugly as the others (excluding Amanda who will forever be Super-Skank).

  31. Comments (166)

    Hey, know what would be awesome?!..Amanda going out the door & double eviction kicks in & McCrae right out behind her, that way we wouldn’t have to see the most nauseating BB couple of the shows 15 seasons & she can groom him like a momma monkey grooms her baby on animal planet in the privacy of the BB jury house!! Let Amanda run the jury house like shes done in the BB house & STILL have no idea that America thinks she’s a nasty hateful person!!!

  32. Comments (651)

    Let’s hope Spencer’s Union is paying attention:

    Spencer’s employer Union Pacific comments on the issue:
    Due to the volume of feedback Union Pacific has received from the public about Spencer Clawson’s August 5 comments on the CBS reality show Big Brother 15, the company wants to reiterate that it has taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show. Mr. Clawson took an unpaid leave of absence to participate on Big Brother 15. Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson’s August 5 comments.



  33. Comments (150)

    Saint Howard. Famous lecher and president of “The He-man Woman Haters Club”. Vice-president Spanky. Treasurer Alfalfa. Secretary Buckwheat.

    • Comments (5)

      Why do you hate Howard so much? I mean with everything that has gone on in the house? I believe he did say what Amanda said he did. But I still think he was the most stand up guy in the house. He did not threaten anyone and avoid the “scary black man” stereotype. IMO.

      • Comments (150)

        I don’t hate him. It is just that he was a very bad BB player, and he was no angel. And, I can’t stand people who refuse to make their relationship to God a private matter. The BB house is no place for religion. I don’t like when people turn god into a wish machine. God doesn’t care who wins BB or ballgames or lotteries. I just think that praying for selfish reasons is disrespectful.

  34. Comments (41)

    I wouldn’t choose Judd because I can’t understand most of what he says. He doesn’t enunciate and he hardly opens his mouth when he speaks. So it comes out as mumble. Not one of them is boyfriend material, if you ask me, but if I had to choose one it would be McRae. He’s a pretty decent guy, and he’s funny and smart. Just wish he had a better job and better fashion sense! 😉

  35. Comments (875)

    Hey y’all…Julie Chen just tweeted “RESET” to all of us BB Fans, and expect the unexpected! Wouldn’t it be out of sight if they Reset this weeks Nominations, except for the MVP, because that was the people’s choice.

    Btw I saw this “Reset” thingy on Jokers. Maybe the Powers that be at CBS have taken notice to our disappointment in some of the Noms, & House Guest.

  36. Comments (240)

    I hope the house actually does get Amanda out and then reset she’s back in. Ug! Something with the girlfriend pole I picked someone. With the guys I couldn’t pick. I would rather stay single if those were my only choices. I am not desperate enough. Lol It was interesting to see where everyone landed.

    • Comments (624)

      I would like to see Aaryn get the boot also, but they gotta pick off the bigger a-holes first. Poor daddy’s girl is now forced to be slumming it with the lowly non-popular kids from school to stay in the house each day.

    • Comments (240)

      *I meant to say it would be great to get Amanda out but suck if the reset put her back in.

  37. Comments (357)

    Woman of my word. Looking forward to tonite! (0-:

  38. Comments (10)

    I wish they showed more of Andy. Don’t really know what he’s thinking. Also, Howard may be a good guy but he is definitely a hypocrite.

  39. Comments (83)

    GM is a total nut job, I think she was dropped on her head as a baby, or ate to many paint chips.

  40. Comments (10)

    I think Helen is playing the game the way it should be plaayed. Of course there is lying and manipulating and controlling. That’s the point. It’s the person who does it best w/o getting caught who should win.

  41. Comments (10)

    What just happened in the first 10 minutes?

  42. Comments (7)

    Not one of these guys would be good boyfriend material. dam sure not I think child porn is funny spencer.ewwwww is the wright word for him.

  43. Comments (9)

    I liked the boyfriend poll. It was easy for me to pick. I picked Howard because of his loyalty, how caring he was of Candice and his empathy for others.He held his head high when things were bad!

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