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Big Brother 15 – Today Is A Huge Day For McCrae

Don't look so excited
Don’t look so excited

I think this is an understatement, but if McCrae wants any shot at winning this thing, he absolutely has to win the PoV today.  While it still may be a longshot for him to win even if that happens, this will be a step in a good direction.  By winning the veto, it will force the exterminators to exterminate one of their own, and that could result in an opening for McCrae.

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With that said, this is under the impression that McCrae is astute enough to recognize the four of them working together, but I don’t think that will happen. Despite having no problem slitting the throat of his longtime friend and ally (Helen), Andy is still a trustworthy person in McCrae’s eyes.  Even though Andy was doing it for their alliance, when someone is willing to do that, you have to be aware that they’ll do anything.

It’s no different than how paranoid they got as soon as they realized Howard was willing to swear on the bible while lying.  You always have to keep some doubt about a person when they’re willing to play cutthroat Big Brother.  McCrae was a fool for not instantly realizing Andy was the one who flipped on Amanda, and he’s a fool to think Andy may still have his back going forward.  I hate to bash on McCrae, but as a huge fan of the show, he made some huge newbie mistakes this season.

I will get an update out when the pov competition is over.  I’m not sure I will be doing many update threads at this point because there is literally no game talk going, and listening to GinaMarie talk all day is worse than nails on a chalkboard.  I think McCrae winning the PoV today could be the only thing that could make this interesting enough to live update all day.  We’ll see….

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  1. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    Mccrae you Better win

    • Comments (191)

      I can’t follow any conversation between Judd, Spencer, Andy and GM McIdiot doesn’t say much. What a group!

      I am rooting for McIdiot!!!!!

    • Comments (17)

      Everyone can say what u wish but Gina Marie is the ONLY one worthy of winning 500,000. She has NEVER played a dirty game NEVER back stabbed anyone SHE is the ONLY one who had the BALLS to get the BULLY amanda OUT and she is the ONLY one who stood toe to toe with THE BULLY AMANDA and she is the BEST competitor of the exterminators because thats why the 3 boys put her up agaist mccrae crae for the POV. she is the ONLY one whom speaks the REAL truth even though her voice and talking constantly is EXTREMELY annoying. so if she doesnt win I wish her Americas vote for the extra money. and by the way I have watched ALL 15 seasons of BB so I feel that I may know a little bit, but I do respect ALL of you alls comments bcz I know that ur BB junkies like me!!!

      • Comments (45)

        Are you kidding!? None of them are worthy with their foul mouths and minds and GM’s mouth is one of the worst! Judd is the least foul so he wins my vote only for being the least vulgar.

        I hope there is some twist at the end in the final two where they are disqualified altogether for their vulgarity and win nothing OR America’s favorite wins the $500,000 and the others get an all expense trip to rehab, jail, or the unemployment line.

      • Comments (19)

        GM and Aaryn already got a free trip to the unemployment line. I feel so honored to know before them. HA HA HA

      • Comments (45)

        Yes, I hope they show it when they are told and millions of viewers can see the expression on their faces.

        Spencer’s employer called the police on him to have him investigated about his child porn comments. I heard Amanda’s broker removed her from his office and her real estate license is inactive.

        Someone said Aaryn gave Amanda RX medication at Amanda’s request (possible felony), several talked about cocaine usage, the vulgarity, sex, cigarettes, constant asking for alcohol, racism, and the list goes on. A naughty, dysfunctional, jobless (or soon-to-be,) bunch of losers to be sure.

        Maybe if McCrae wins he can buy a pizza place and hire them all on to deliver pizzas for him.

      • Comments (1076)

        You make them sound like a fun group.

      • Comments (21)

        Are u kidding me?? Have you heard Judd talk?? I have never heard a man talk about women as bad as Judd.. A man using the “c” word about a woman is disgusting! They all have filthy mouths so I think we should go back to old school and ask who played the best game…unfortunately we don’t have good pickins but I would give it to gm.

      • Comments (45)

        Yes, agreed, the things Judd said are disgusting, but out of the bunch he is the least, which is not saying much. That is why I am hoping for a twist at the end where none of them win except for America’s choice (Elissa).

      • Comments (17)

        you can hope what u want, ALL DAY LONG, but the truth is that hope WONT happen so just stop watching if u cant hack it. STOP WATCHING and find something new to tune into, like cartoons

      • Comments (610)

        Spencer & Andy have also freely used the C word alot. Spencer makes a whole lot of sexual comments about most of the women HG. Don’t they realize everything they say/do are on camera 24/7 & thus up onto the internet for all to see/hear?!

      • Comments (1076)

        Boys will be boys…..LOL….

      • Comments (17)

        yes suzyq, you are RIGHT!!!

      • Comments (40)

        Andy uses it a lot,, and probably never saw one. but he is one just the same. I am female and hate that word,,, but now when I hear it I will always think of andy herren

      • Comments (1162)

        And if Andy returns to teaching, his students
        will use that word for his nickname. Karma

        Andy might think he’s funny bashing Elissa
        but I’ll bet those slur words will only
        hurt him after the game.

      • Comments (45)

        Alarm bells have already sounded on Spencer and should be also going off about Andy. He is a teacher and I don’t know how any school would allow him to teach after his performance on BB.

      • Comments (1)

        ITS A GAME PEOPLE!!!!

      • Comments (11)

        Spencer is the biggest PIG I ever seen. His remarks

        about Elissa are disgusting. He has no respect for

        women. Did anyone hear him the other night saying

        Elissa must taste like strawberies and He was

        wondering if she was a REAL REDHEAD and there is

        only one way to tell for sure. Andy is disgusting

        also last night he said something about tearing off

        all Elissa’s clothing so he could see but they

        bleeped the rest out. I thought ANDY was gay,

        why does he want to tear off her clothes? And

        SPENCER this MARILYN should run for the HILLS

        she deserves better any woman does than the likes

        of you. ARE YOU DONE WITH ELISSA? You went through

        all her things and ever since she left you have not

        stopped spouting shit with your mouth, put one of

        your snots in it!

      • Comments (11)

        SPENCER”S girl Marilyn should get out now. A life

        with this woman hater will not turn out well.

        Besides the fact I think he has a CRUSH on Elissa

        (Why else is he still talking about her 24/7)

        He always has his hands down his pants and

        constantly picks his nose.

      • Comments (143)

        Yes, but I’ve heard all the women after candice (except helen) call other women conts as well.

      • Comments (12)

        I think you had the best idea I’ve heard. I didn’t know that Howard put his hand on the bible and lied until someone said it here. That’s really bad for a Christian even if your playing a game.

      • Comments (17)

        yes ur right but DONT believe it until u see it. remember the haters and haters most of the time are liars

      • Comments (138)

        Howard did no such thing!

      • Comments (207)

        Has kimberlina been watching this season? GM has made a movevuntil lately. She always says,”i do whatcha want me to”……all season! Even if she plsyed the best of the best i wouldnt choose her as soon as i heard her spill the first racist comment out of her nasty mouth!!!

      • Comments (17)

        u must be black??? and yes u are right about her saying do watcha want BUT thats kept her in the game dummie!! I have NOT missed one episode btw. and when GM won is when she was suppose to win except for tonite 9-7-13. so i imagine that she is gone now. so now the bitch dont deserve to win. just remember the truth is what ALWAYS matters . TRUTH and MORALS

      • Comments (453)

        @ Kimberlina….what the heck BB show were you watching???

      • Comments (30)

        ya … u do have to give the girl props…. she’s holding it down like a boss

      • Comments (17)

        thank ya Jessica. YOU definitely see the truth

    • Comments (17)

      you mean hayden from big brother dont you?

    • Comments (207)

      I really dont want McCrae to win because i know he would give money to Amanda. They all stink! But for me Aaryn, GM, Amanda are the worst! But after all the talk its hard to choose anyone.Ohh i dont want to leave the RAT Andy out. I dont want him to win either.

    • Comments (207)

      Stevebeans i agree with you about McCrae. He should have known as soon as the votes were read that Andy was the voter who got Amanda out. He should have thought why would Elissa come tell Amanda she will vote to keep her if she was not going to. Elissa would have sit back until eviction and let them all fight. The one who benefited from turning the vote would be.Andy. But like i said before MCs head stayed up Amandas butt to much to see anything.

      • Comments (32)

        I wish Amada could see GM and McCrae leashed together – she would go bat crap crazy!!
        Also interesting to hear McCrae say that he’s going to take “at least a month” back home in MN before deciding if he’s moving to Florida…does Amanda know that??

      • Comments (17)

        maybe that he will watch all the episodes and see exactly what amanda the man eater is truly like. or maybe he has a ex that he was really inlove with and want to share ALL of the money with her and of coarse his family!!!

    • Comments (7)

      He did

  2. Comments (82)

    CBS needs to do the ULTIMATE expect the unexpected. Like someone else said as well, give Spencer Pandoras box…..by opening it, he flips the houses. Yes, the jury players immediately return to the game, and the current HG’s are swiftly shoved out the back door. Unfair? CBS owns this game, and can do what they want. What better way to get amazing ratings and everyone watching again. This is the EPIC twist and would bring players back into the game that deserve a shot at winning based on GAMEPLAY, not personal opinions of them…..Aaryn, Helen, Amanda and yes I will include fan fav Elissa. Might add a few weeks to the season, or some extra double evictions..but seriously, talk about a major twist in the game.

    • Comments (45)

      Now that is an excellent twist for the current HGs to get the boot and the jury returns. Excellent idea and would love to see it implemented!

    • Comments (207)

      Kurtis a flip would be nice even though Aaaryn and Amanda disgust me…but what if they had jury members playing against the house in a competition and who ever won got to be in the house.

    • Comments (5)

      That would go down as the BEST move ever KURTIS by CBS. It would give new meaning to,”EXPECT THE UNEXPECTD”..It would REDEEM CBS for not doing anything about this unexceptable behavior!!!Such move by CBS could be a real GAME CHANGER …and news-worthy..ie. could make it the TOP in ratings instead of being the lowest…

    • Comments (5)

      CBS has their Fall schedule in place. They have to end Sept. 18. Otherwise l would love it.

    • Comments (29)

      I don’t like the idea of jurors coming back, nothing against Judd. You played and you got evicted. In this case though I would be onboard with almost anything that makes sure Spencer, Andy,and Gina Marie do not win. It would be alright if McCrae or Judd won. I am hoping McCrae doesn’t say too much but is thinking all the time. I think that is part of the reason he may once in awhile say that same as the other hgs trying to fit in and fooling them.Like I said I am hoping.

    • Comments (14)

      And ruin CBS’ entire Fall slot? Sure why not. After all this, Survivor and HIMYM are the only shows worth watching.

    • Comments (6)

      Ain’t gona happen!!

      • Comments (82)

        Oh, I know it won’t happen…but damn it would be sweet. And as far as ruining CBS fall schedule..if it were to happen, you just bring back the last 5 evicted, so its the same # of people. Wouldn’t extend the season at all that way. Plus in the last 5 evicted, it includes all the best players anyways. What does CBS have to lose at this point? Not much….but they have ALOT to gain by doing it.

    • Comments (293)

      The should bring back the house guests who didn’t make the jury.

      • Comments (293)

        They should bring them back and give them each one minute to tell the current house guests something about the game.

  3. Comments (13)

    I honestly don’t care anymore. If McCrae wins POV, good for him, but it just means we have to watch his mopey ass for one more week. I get how attached he got to Amanda – you only lose your virginity once – but jeeeeeeeez.

    The exterminators will have to eat themselves one week earlier and that’s really the only benefit.

    I’m really hoping for a BB twist – Diamond Veto – anything!

  4. Comments (13)

    *I am kidding about his virginity – I have no idea when he lost it – just being facetious*

  5. Comments (4)

    Would like to see Judd win POV and then the only choice to go up is Andy and have Judd and Mc team up to vote Andy out. Only takes 2 votes and a great blindside

  6. Comments (316)

    Why am I still watching when I dislike this cast so much? Does this make me a Big Brother Junkie? Can’t stop.

    • Comments (12)

      We are STILL waiting for some brilliant moves….but no one with balls left…oh! maybe GM. She is the only one to have any so far. GO GM!

      • Comments (207)

        Joyce being a loud mouth nasty talker dont make you have balls. I think standing there with a smile on your face not moving when a bully is trying to send you crying ….like Elissa did! Makes her have the biggest balls of them all.

      • Comments (17)

        but ellisa DIDNT put amanda out dummy GM put amanda out…GM has a filthy mouth and ellisa has ALL the class we get it but GM got amanda OUT

      • Comments (124)

        Why must u call everyone dummy??? Are u 12?

    • Comments (233)

      It absolutely does mean that. 😉

    • Comments (48)

      I’m just hanging on because I hope there’s going to be some very uncomfortable moments for some houseguests when the first group evicted, come back on finale night and tell what all they’ve seen and heard since the beginning….Aaryn, GM, Spencer and even Amanda, although since she’s owned up to what she’s done, she still deserves a few min of embarrassment after all the rotten things they’ve said and done, I just want to see you all squirm and realize that ALL of America and Canada too, have had front row seats to your racism, bullying, sexist remarks and even the stupid kiddie porngate that happened this season….that’s all I’m hanging on for, because from now up til that point….is almost pointless :/

      • Comments (207)

        TAM there will be alot of HGs apologizing when they find out people dont like them but they need tofeel the heat first.

  7. Hayden on survivor
    Comments (13)

    If anyone wins the veto besides MC he’s going home Judd would never use it on mc

  8. Comments (162)

    GM is the only one left that has not went back on her word in the game.. She is not my fab but she has been loyal…Andy, Judd, Spencer have all jumped alliances and McCrae he is lost without someone telling him what to do…

    • Comments (207)

      Charlotte i still believe racism trumps the rat and others so i want GM to go quickly then Andy. I guess if i had to choose i would choose judd or mcCrae and thats hard to say.

  9. Comments (2726)

    Speaking of Helen; am I the only one here that liked her at first, then got to where you couldn’t stand her?

    • Comments (13)

      I liked her. She was a little annoying at times, but I liked her. She pulled big moves right in the beginning to get all the a-holes out and showed a lot of spunk. She got complacent towards the end though.

      • Comments (12)

        She got complacent because she had enough idiots doing her dirty work. She never made any moves herself!

      • Comments (14)

        Confronting Howard was a big move she did herself. Saving Aaryn was a dual edged sword, but she did it herself.

    • Comments (207)

      AIO_7! I liked Helen from beginning to end. Theres no one that can say that girl wasnt playing the game. She started playing the very first day. She the kind of player i would want to win. Watching her go back and forth putting names in peoples head without being straight forward was awesome! Amanda thought she was running the show from the beginning but little did she know Helen was asking questions just to put ideas in her head. Helen worked that game all the way to when she was evicted. If she had of figured out Andy she would still be there. That girl was fun to watch.

  10. Comments (10)

    Until Sunday night I hurried to my computer to read what is happening in the BB house. All the disgusting talk and actions after Thursday’s 2 evictions sickened me and I shut it down. What low class animals. I am no longer excited to see what happens next. I was rooting for Judd when he came back in the game but he has been a big disappointment. I hoped when Amanda left MC would be the same guy he was when he came in BB. I like the idea of switching the F5 or take the cameras of the HG and put them on the jury.

    • Comments (45)

      Is this vulgar way they speak commonplace these days? I certainly have never heard my family, friends, work place associates, etc talk this way. It is unacceptable and should not be allowed and a should be a good reason to be disqualified from the game at the first utterance of a vulgar word.

      • Comments (17)

        U gotta stop watching Big Brother its not for, but I totally understand ur morals and they are great! with all respect

      • Comments (207)

        VoteAmandaOut i agree with you! I cant believe we are living in a world where anything goes almost now days. For the people who had been hating on Julie Chen….i believe she felt as i do Aaryns racism trumped Amandas bullying. Neither should be tolerated but i understand why it would effect Julie more. Amanda will get hers all in due time.

      • Comments (357)

        How quickly we forget that Amanda’s racism TRUMPED Aaryns racism? But her bullying superseded that, so CBS is concentrating on that part of a train wreck we call BB15. Aamnda is a Bully AND a Racist!

      • Comments (207)

        nqb1234 i dont think we watched the same thing. Because if that was so then Amanda would have been the top topic in the tabloids and on The Talk! Aaryn and GM was the mains ones on that front. GM still has made remarks lately. Amanda dont get no special treatment cause i cant stand her mouth eith but she was not the top dog on racism.

      • Comments (26)

        Really??? Watch YouTube Amanda Zuckerman:Social Justice Warrior

      • Comments (651)

        Unfortunately I work in a place(an office)where they many of my 20-30 something female co-workers think this is an acceptable way to speak at work. I’ve had to file several complaints and the last one had to state that I now work in a Hostile Workplace. I have a couple of friends there so I’m not alone but my immediate boss will always blame me because it was her job to not let it happen in the first place.

        I never thought I’d work in an office where it was acceptable for one employee to say to another “You do and I’ll slit your throat” Maybe I’m just getting old.

      • Comments (610)

        No Jackie, you’re not getting old. These are unacceptable ways to speak, especially at work, and your supervisor should be the first one to correct the behaviors. Some workplaces have very specific rules against all such talk because it does make for a hostile and uncomfortable work environment. I don’t know where the young people got the idea that swearing, threatening, and character assination etc are acceptable behaviors.

      • Comments (1076)

        I think Jackie is causing a hostile and uncomfortable workplace. She needs to learn which battles in life are worth fighting for. Why is she so upset at adult language?

      • Comments (1076)

        @Jackie – If Andy is a rat, what does that make you? If your fellow workers are not doing their jobs properly is one thing. If I was your boss I would make it my business to write you up at least once a week so I had a nice big file for when I canned you. There is nothing worse at work then someone who becomes the fly in the ointment. If you can’t deal with your problems at work on a one on one basis then you don’t belong there. Maybe you could get a job at Chic-fil-a or some other goody-goody outfit. You are nothing more then a tattletale.

      • Comments (610)

        No one should have to endure filthy language on the job or a bunch of mean girl theatrics, bullying, etc. There are employers who do specifically state in their code of conduct that swearing, etc is not tolerated and the person(s) doing it can/will be written up for it. Repeated offenses usually result in termination, as they should be.

  11. Comments (98)

    Helen trusted Andy too much.

    • Comments (2726)

      Maybe Helen was too distracted giving Aaryan, or anyone else in power, pep talks while brown nosing them.

      • Comments (207)

        AIO_7 Helen really cared about people….even her enemies in the game. And what did you want her to do sit back and be a floater?

      • Comments (2726)

        Helen turned out to be a brown nose, pep talking phony.
        Even with her crying jag up in HOH, when she and elissa were on the block, she was throwing Elissa under the bus with her phony tears.

      • Comments (207)

        AIO_7 Helen was acting!!!!! Playing the game! If that was my last shot for my family i would throw her under the bus too! It was her last chance.

      • Comments (1076)

        So it’s ok for Helen, but not OK for Andy? I am so exhausted by all the double standards you have all set up for people you like and people you dislike. In my neck of the woods it’s called BULLSHIT. Sorry Jackie if you have to pray now.

    • Comments (14)

      Everyone trusted Andy too much, save for Jessie, and Candace.

      • Comments (610)

        And Elissa saw it too, and Helen said it during the jury return to house competition. Judd heard it but chose to ignore it.

  12. Comments (83)

    I would like to see Judd win, just because he got the boot and came back in, the orhers make me want to vomit, mainly Andy, he is one of biggest floater rats to ever play BB, I did not like Amanda at all, bur she did keep him over Aaryn and he knifed in the back, and Spencer is just nasty, Gm a nut job, and McIdiot is a lost cause, GO Judd!!!!!

  13. Comments (40)

    such buildup of suspense last Thursday, now its boring as hell… andy could’ve made it a little more interesting by switching sides… now the fun is over… only thing is the vote at the end and some racist ignorant vile, scumbag is going to win it… hope elissa wins Americas vote so spencer can shit on the stage,,, classless bastard. so disappointed in the next few episodes… wish there was one more grand twist that spices it up,, but I guess I gotta give up hope of a happy ending…great site here,, you guys rock!

  14. Comments (126)

    I wouldn’t mind McCrae winning, but we have to remember him winning is just about the same as Amanda winning, apparently according to Amanda’s eviction interview, McCrae is moving in with with her in Florida, guess who is going to grab and wrongly invest that 1/2 million.

    Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think McCrae can resist Amanda’s strong pervasive powers. She will probably convince or may have already made a deal to split the winnings whoever wins, looks like he would keep that deal, not sure about her.

    If McCrae is F2 the jury house lobbying will be interesting to watch by Amanda, if she comes on too strong hopefully the jury members will see that she might have claim to the cash also and be turned off by it.

    Otherwise McCrae is cool less that loud mouth liar GF

    • Comments (2726)

      Amanda getting her greedy hands on ANY money is the main reason that I want McSlovenly out this week.

      • Comments (40)

        he said he is going home for at least a month, and that he doesn’t feel that “love ‘ thing that everyone says they feel.. he is not getting all the butterflies and missing her every second as the other guys said real love does to you.. so he’ll go home and if he won, his family will have a say in what to do with it and talk him out of ever seeing Amanda again… they don’t want her as a daughter in law and will keep them apart… maybe friends with benefits but he won’t spend all his money on someone he is not even sure is likes very much…let alone Love with all his heart.

      • Comments (21)

        You could tell in the last few weeks he just wasn’t feeling it.. It was almost like he felt sorry for her and wanted to end things but didn’t want to embarrass her on tv. If that’s the case, I give him some credit

      • Comments (207)

        Well something we agree on AIO_7. No mcCrae money for Amanda!

      • Comments (2726)

        Good deal, Nancy, but just take another look at Helen.

      • Comments (207)

        I loved her game play. It was fun seeing Helen work. Plus you could tell she really cared about people. With all the trash we have to choose from tbis season are you really going to pick on Helen? Here let me give u someone else…..Aaryn,GM,Andy,Amanda,Spencer,McCrae,Judd. That should give u ALOT to write about since you are bringing up Helen.

      • Comments (2726)

        You mentioned Aaryn…where exactly was Helen’s nose firmly planted on her?

      • Comments (207)

        Helen didnt sit down enough to her nose planted anywhere. She work that show like it was her own baby. The problem she had was letting her guard down on her alliance. Come on! Everyone knows Andys nose stayed brown with everyones butt on it.

  15. Comments (30)

    The problem with McCrae winning….is that Amanda will probably ‘hook up’ with him later on…..and get her hands on it.

  16. Comments (6)

    Lets face it there will be no winners in this season of big brother,it has turned into who you dislike the least show,and this crew has made it tough for even that decision .worst big brother season ever,my vote evict them all and get it over with.will say macrea has been least offensive ,but dumb. (It’s like) has been the beginning of every sentence,enough already!

  17. Comments (2)

    If Elissa wins America’s player y’all obviously don’t go off by who plays the best game. We hasn’t done ANYTHING. But , talk done on everybody thinking she’s better then everyone she doesn’t even new it she has ENOUGH money and could honestly care LESS. If spencer or Andy win this whole thing this bb season was not worth watching like last year and the year before.

    • Comments (207)

      BBJunkiieee Ellissa worked with Helen but u have to admit she had to do something cause everyone was out to get her from the first day. There has been so much awful talk this season….and thats putting it mildly…that even if she didnt do nothing ,i would choose her.

      • Comments (2)

        Uhm , the majority of America who “likes” Elissa , is because of her sister Rachel they’re both annoying.
        But , Rachel played a way better game. Even though I can’t stand her!
        All I give Elissa credit for , is actually winning something when her butt was on the line except this last time. Hands down she made the worse move ever voting to keep Amanda . Not that not voting would’ve helped her any, GM, was the only one there who played her OWN game!

  18. Comments (48)

    I think I’m out for this season as far as these discussion boards go. I just lost all interest with the 2 that went on the double eviction show. I will watch the rest of the season, but there is no interest (at this point) to keep up with every bit of detail that happens because it is just boring. Maybe if the house sets on fire or something I’ll change my mind…

    • Comments (1162)

      “Maybe if the house sets on fire …………..”

      Well……. BB needs to figure out a way to clean that rat trap and soon.
      Fire is an extreme measure, however the Health Dept. may
      conclude it is the only way to go.
      : )

      • Comments (453)

        HAZMAT needs to be standing by the door and hose them down when they come out of the house! Then go in and disinfect from top to bottom to remove all the scum.

      • Comments (651)

        If there is a next season they should have a different house. First because this one will never be clean enough–if flies are breeding the shower, who knows what’s growing in the corners–and second those HoH stairs are dangerous.

      • Comments (610)

        for sure get rid of all the beds and bedding, towels etc. Spray for the ants, flies, probably bed bugs? who knows what other things have camped out in there with the dirty HGs.

  19. Comments (1)

    I can’t believe that one of these fowl mouthed ignoramus’s is going to win BIG BROTHER. VERY SCARY!!!! , although if one of these idiots has to win , please , oh please let it be Gina Marie , now don’t get mad , let me explain, : GM wins , and then has to be interviewed by Julie Chen . Can’t you just see it now??? ” Gina Marie how do you feel after BEING FIRED from your job for making racist comments…… ”

    The audience watches in horror as GM goes nuts , tearing at her dark roots, and yelling, and of course , as usual , NOBODY can understand a word she says.

    • Comments (52)

      I love the thought of hearing that question coming out of Julie’s mouth. And, I love the thought of seeing the look on GMs face when she hears that question. BUT – $500k buys a lot of time to let things die down, and, a lot of time to find a new job. Plus, I’m sure there are a lot of people in GMs neighborhood who will suddenly be her BFF is she wins BB. So, I really hope (considering how racist and nasty GM has been) that GM doesn’t get 1st or 2nd. I don’t think she deserves her paycheck from this season, much less any prize money.

  20. Comments (40)

    mccrae if he won his parents would stop him from moving in with Amanda.. they don’t want her as a daughter in law and will tell him what a low life she really is and he needs to find someone his age that gives him the bufflies he says he doesn’t feel for Amanda.. he likes her,, but his family will straighten him out and keep his head on straight and not let him blow that much money on such a disgusting bitch who would have him by the balls… mama will point out why he needs to forget her and move on.

    • Comments (651)

      It’s going to be more than his mom. He told Demanda she was just like his mom’s side of the family–I bet they loved hearing THAT! His Dad will probably have the Son whores are for 1 thing and it’s not marrying talk. And you know his friends are going to give him all kinds of sh*t for throwing his game away.

      And I wonder if the place he delivers pizza for will still let him do that because I wouldn’t take a pizza box that McStinky touched. Demanda may be the only place to go.

      That’s assuming her family hasn’t sent her to a “spa” to “recover” from the stress of BB.

    • Comments (1162)

      McCrae may very well move to Florida, even after his family holds
      an Intervention/Pizza Party.

      Wait until Amanda finds out she isn’t a desirable Realtor in Florida.
      Instead of Amanda becoming McCrae’s “Sugar Mama,” she’ll want
      him to become her “Sugar Daddy.”

  21. Comments (2)

    I am 66. yr old. ..and what spencer has said about. child porn and shot on stage
    ..i would be ashamed if i were any of the names he mentions…on airtime!

  22. Comments (65)

    I pray that somehow Andy ends up on the block and gets blindsided and evicted. That would be amazing

  23. Comments (1)

    I can’t believe a floater is going to win big brother

  24. Comments (4)

    I agree about Spencer. The cops should be waiting outside the door for him.

  25. Comments (12)

    Little late for Mcrae if he hadn’t been in bed 99 percent of the time, he would have noticed Andy’s split personality…but maybe McCrea will return without Amanda in a future BB. After watching the outright racist and other hateful things, I couldn’t believe CBS didn’t evict players for their despicable behavior. They would have evicted if physical violence. What is the difference? I wish my thought would have evolved…that BB production played America and that it was a “Joe Schmo” BB and it was all to see how people reacted. The difference was that “Joe schmo” audience knew about the actors…Pandoras box…bring it on…

    • Comments (1288)

      You seriously don’t know the difference between physical violence and words? As Ben Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      Why do most people think burying these issues and pretending they don’t exist is better than starting a dialogue about them.

      • Comments (32)

        Seems to me that those doing the most complaining about all of the trash talk in the house are talking even worse on this site. Don’t you get that you all sound just like them??
        Pot meet kettle.

      • Comments (1076)

        I always think that but am tired of posting it. As bad as the houseguests are I find very few here who would be better company. These people are out for blood and scary.

      • Comments (32)

        They don’t listen – they are still enraged over Elissa’s eviction.

    • Comments (207)

      ROYGBIV Cbs might not have handled all the racist crap or the way them men talked about women….if you can call them men! But us viewers can sure punish them by letting them know that they areNOT going to make any money off of us!!! I dont want to see some tame audience on the final episode either! I want to here people boo their a_ _ _ _ off!

  26. Comments (61)

    McCrae WON POV He has the Key around His neck Super dee Duper YEA!!!

    • Comments (29)

      i am hoping this is true but have not seen anything else posted yet, if so I think it will be Gina Marie (McCae will probably vote to keep Judd unless Spencer or Andy tell him not to

      • Comments (1076)

        The bromantics have discussed this and Spencer wants GM out and Andy wants Judd out. But don’t worry, it’s just a little lovers spat and they will reconcile their differences over a little pillow talk.

  27. Comments (12)

    MCrae let Amanda play his game for him .This was a vaca for MCrae . I think he had good intentions from the start ,but he allowed Amanda to use his man parts ,and just sat back and let her play for both of them .MCrae now has to play for him self ,and it will be hard for him because he doesn’t have Amanda there to tell him what to do . Maybe lf he had of stuck with the moving company he would be a great player ,but IMO he played a crappy game ,hiding behind Amanda .I would rather see Judd ,or Spencer win than anyone else . Yes I know Spencer is a poor excuse for a human ,but there is just something about Andy that is just creepy ,and GM is just as bad as Ayran ,and Amanda .MCrae wasted his game . Maybe a future show of broken showmances would be good .

  28. Comments (61)

    Sadly “Pig Mouth” Spencer WILL NOT put up “Rat Boy” Andy =[ =[ =[

  29. Comments (400)

    McCrae won. Adios Judd.

  30. Comments (1288)

    And The Exterminators are over, lmfao. It was a good run while it lasted – for 7 days. With McCrae coming down I hope they take the chance to cut GM loose. Now if only McCrae can follow this with the next HoH win.

    • Comments (1288)

      Check that, GM now has stitches in her knee and cannot bend it, they should keep the wounded animal. Andy would be the better choice but I think they will target J-U-double evicted.

      • Comments (651)

        And she has a broken foot on the other side. I think she’s done and I’m afraid I don’t feel sorry for her.

      • Comments (1076)

        No, you wouldn’t feel sorry for her. She says stupid things so she deserves severe physical punishment right? You are the meanest person here. No wonder your fellow employees curse when your around.

      • Comments (1162)

        KEEP a Wounded GinaMarie
        PUT Rat Snitch Andy On the Block and EVICT HIM!

      • Comments (86)

        Sounds like a perfect plan to me. I want Andy GONE!!

      • Comments (1076)

        Of course you do. You HATE him, that rat faced bastard. I bet you would love to throw him to the lions. Guess what? Andy and Spencer are taking each other to the F2 and I hope you get can contain yourself. No one wants you to get a stroke.

  31. Comments (7)

    McCrea won veto

  32. Comments (378)


    You all talk this crap about GM the only one with balls, but you forget THIS house has been run by hysterical manhating women since day one. Look at the board, 4 out of the first 5 evictees were men, anything that came off in a masculine level was disposed of by the hoard of testicle fearing femwadz…Andy included.

    Much like in our current social climate, real men like Howard, Jeremy n even Spence, area lost as what to do and how to act in this confused time. Act too strong, get sued. Raise your voice when some insane bitch screeches at you, face public crys of bully and oppressor. … the hypocrisy is pathetic if not sad for what it’s doing to our civilization, but so it goes….

    Could you imagine if poor Howard didnt spend all day trying to keep calm and exploded with the proper rage needed to destroy the racial punches he endured? ?? All you radical nazi scum woulda lost your minds trying to destroy him for it….crying and sobbing…rallys of hyterical mobs attempting to shutdown CBS, BB and everything associated untill this vile MAN was evicted, arrested, convicted and destroyed!!!! And you’re a liar if you say otherwise.

    So sure we end up with mice and weasels like McCrae, Andy (whole bigger issue there) and even Nick, who although knowing they’re biologically men, have been beaten down into submission for fear of the hate squads just waiting for them to fudge up…and then the piece de resistance. …they get criticized for not acting like “men” when the geniuses run out of ideas and need a MAN! ….oh shit! But there arent any left, our demented mothers and theirs killed them all off…yep nothing left but pussified bitches, homos and wimps….oh no what now?

    Gawd save us cuz youre all so stupid….GO SPENCER!! n even the boy Judd 😉 that is all lol

    • Comments (30)

      Spencer a real man? That is so sad.

      • Comments (378)

        Yep …sad to say but its as close as it gets from whats left in the house 😀 dont blame me…you nutz made it so with all your screwed up views and generations of conditioning every male into your idea of what women think a man should be….so ya …sorry …but ya…SPENCER is the product of your psycho campaign 😀 …oh and thanks for conveniently ignoring the point I made. .. typical 😛 lol

        ..can anyone confirm that McCrae won POV???

      • Comments (378)

        😛 youre prolly at this moment trying to figure out a way to exterminate ME for telling you something you hate hearing lol go suck it! Idc what you think cuz you’re a retard and also a product of this insanity sweeping over our screwed up society.


      • Comments (378)

        …oh…and f**k Julie Chen for that fluff piece with Amanda :@ …that pig was happy n not somber, cheery and not serious, she had plenty of time to dim the lights and ask in her saddened tone some tough questions, but she didnt!! She’s a hack and a foul poop stain!!


      • Comments (378)

        Lmao …you’re all so pathetic. ..you hate the messenger and ignore the warnings of the message 😛 losers!!! U deserve what you get lol

      • Comments (207)

        Me i look over you. Your mouth is getting as nasty as the houseguest. Julie Chen spoke up to Aaryn as needed because of racism. She was trying to be professional even then. But when it came to Amanda she treated her like all the other hateful players in the past. Julie dont deserve what you are saying about her. You are pathetic because you dont knowvwhat the hell you are talking about! You just want to see how many THUMBS DOWN you cant get!

      • Comments (378)

        You all act like I’m suggesting SLAVERY :efr you cant carve a good man outta shit so what did u xpect would happen eh? 😀
        Love the biblical catch there 🙂

      • Comments (2726)

        Yup, McNasty won.

    • Comments (124)

      The females in ur life must have f’d you up good. You need to take a breath and get some chocolate milk. I for one feel sorry for u, u seem tormented and lacking meds. Please seek help!

      • Comments (1076)

        I read his post but don’t encourage him with an answer. For a smart person you would think he/she could express themselves without all the bile. Like many others here, his message gets lost with all the hatred.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao I dont care… I love this place…its like being a fat kid ina candy store. 😀 I just show all you hate talkers a mirror and you resort to lables and mob rule lmao I feel sorry for all of you.

        Signed your laughing all knowing Ruler

  33. Comments (21)

    You can go to any other bb site to confirm..I always come here lastnow aand it’s only to read the comments..

    • Comments (1076)

      I’m with you. buddytv and other sites have comments without all the vitriol. What is it about this sight that brings out the worst in people?

      • Comments (1162)

        Name one BB site “without all the vitriol.”
        None exist and, in fact, this site is the most civil by comparison.

      • Comments (1162)

        I take that back –

        There is one site where sweetness reigns. Nothing wrong with that,
        The site offers a good overnight report but the comments
        come very close to exchanging recipes for Mac n’ Cheese
        and suggestions for Baby Shower gifts, plus BB Game opinions.
        Very nice people. It is a good site.

        You wouldn’t last 1/2 a day.

  34. Comments (9)

    I can’t help but to keep coming back to this blog, not because I’m still into this but because the host of this blog makes me laugh (in a good way). Conspiracies abound but they are all unfounded, sure, CBS can take game players in the DR and make suggestions but they cannot outright MAKE someone do anything… they merely suggest things… no one left in this house deserves half a million, the best and the bold have been eliminated by mere pawns in this game, Mcrae is too emotional to win this and everyone knows he piggy backed on Amanda to get this far, he talked about protecting his queen “as in a chess game” but when his ass was backed up, he threw her. Without a queen, you’re a dead man walking…

  35. Comments (1288)

    I am wondering if the POV ceremony will be tonight or tomorrow? Julie said this eviction would be revealed on Wednesday’s show implying it will have been taped and not a live event. So before Thursday they need to complete this eviction cycle and get into the next one. Her words suggest only the eviction will be “live” on the Thursday show.

    It could be POV ceremony tonight/tomottow, eviction to 4/HoH on Monday, noms on Tuesday, POV/ceremony on Wednesday and then eviction to 3 Thursday. That would give some campaign time between steps. This is a huge break for The Pests Co keeping their alliance from blowing up before they lose their first and maybe second members. They could hang on to GM until the F3 as part of the finals will be a physical event.

  36. Comments (78)

    Get out Andy. I can’t stand to watch that RAT. He’s pathetic. He thinks he can just stroll by everyone. But he plays a nasty game. He’s gotta go. Andy if you ever read these post. I want you to know your nothing but a RAT. Your not playing the game. Your just floating by. Your so hated. So discusting and so nasty. I don’t even know how your a professor. I can’t stand you. You ugly weasel !!!! Go back to white trash. White trash is what you are. Uggggggggggggggg

    • Comments (651)

      Rat Dog is a “Professor” at a community college on term to term contract. So he may not be fired but just may not have his contract renewed next term. And if it is you know as he walks into that class he’ll hear Rat Rat Rat from his students. Of course he’ll break down and cry like a 2 year old.

  37. Comments (1)

    Your writings are a most pleasant read, in fact, much stronger and insightful than most. Thank you and anyone else for a great review of BB15.

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