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Big Brother 15 – Today Is Huge For Helen

Will Helen be doing a PoV victory dance?
Will Helen be doing a PoV victory dance?

It’s Saturday, and the biggest competition of the week is upon us (I wish I knew what time).  Little does Helen realize, her Big Brother life will be at stake when she plays in the veto competition today.  Amanda has already made the decision that Helen has to go, and her followers are happily on board to evict yet another person who is a threat to her game.

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I wish Amanda didn’t say such stupid things because I’d like to praise her game this season, but when I do, readers think I’m praising everything about her.  Personally she’s been a pretty awful person (few can deny that), but when it comes to BB, she is dominating this season.  Amanda is already planning on warming up to Elissa this week because she wants to manipulate the HoH next week should Elissa actually win.  While players like GM and Spencer are barely thinking an hour ahead, Amanda is already creating backup plans for next week.

When it comes to Big Brother strategy, it takes a lot to impress me these days, but Amanda is getting to that point.   Yes, she has really weak opponents right now, but keep in mind that’s not by accident.  Nick and Jeremy had potential to go pretty deep in the game, and they’re out because they were recognized as the threats they were.  Last season, Dan almost became the first two-time BB winner because that cast failed to recognize the threat he is, and let him linger far too long.  Amanda didn’t make the same mistake when it came to Nick and Jeremy.

Helen is a prime example of that mistake coming back to bite her in the ass.  Her motto this season has been ‘wait till next week’, but unless she wins the PoV today, there won’t be a next week for her.  To give her some credit, she did say she would have put McCrae and Amanda up together last week if she were HoH, but that was still a few weeks later than needed.

PS – I know a lot of the stuff said in this post was re-hashing old topics, but when the house is dead, I sometimes create threads just to let readers know I’m still alive and watching the feeds.  There is just nothing to report on right now, but want to give you guys something to talk about.

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  1. Comments (624)

    Helen blew it. She had her chance for the “big move” when America served up Amanda on a silver platter.

  2. Comments (1162)

    Amanda is dominating the BB House, but she is, also, leaving a trail of her deception
    to the jury members who will be talking & comparing notes, which will
    eliminate her from becoming the BB15 Winner.

    IMO – any HG sitting next to Amanda wins BB 15. —- even Spencer and/or GM!

    • Comments (140)

      Only if we have a bitter jury. How many times have the contestants pointed out Amanda’s perfect game when consoling her for losing another competition? So unless they become bitter when her perfect game casts them out, I think she’d be fine in final two.

    • Comments (651)

      Demanda’s biggest game play mistake is her goodbye elimination veto. The last thing these people see/hear from her is a b*tch mocking them. Not exactly how to influence votes.

      • Comments (302)

        Nail on the head Jackie. As much as people like to say strong game play is rewarded in the final vote … Bulls**t … it is usually an emotional decision on who they like the most. All the work Amanda has done flushed down the crapper by her inability to control her snarky side in the elimination video.

      • Comments (233)

        That is exactly right, Helen has made some huge mistakes, but those parting words will haunt her. And as BoredNow points out here, Amanda has done the exact same thing due to her ego. Anyone sitting next to those 2 at the end would win. I have a sinking feeling we’re going to see Aaryn win. So many people have no idea about the exact things she said. I saw one post that said she was probably just angry. Nope, she’s a full-blown racist bully. And if she wins this thing, I’m over this game. It’s sunk as low as anything I’ve seen on network tv, and it better get a higher caliber of people for next season. What does it say about us when we start justifying why low-life, completely dark-soul people like most of those left in the house would be the best winner. Only saving grace: if Jessie comes back as HOH and cleans house… by some stroke of production genius.

      • Comments (302)

        Vic you are right on the money calling Aaryn a full-blown racist bully. Apparently the racist have infiltrated this junkies sight because I’m seeing more & more thumbsdown for calling out Aaryn for the disgusting bigot she is. I’m throwing up this suggested viewing one more time … if you come away from this thinking the racist talk is overblown than you’re probably a racist.

      • Comments (624)

        She wasn’t that bad. We all say some screwed up stuff sometimes. It’s not like she committed the crime of the century.

      • Comments (302)

        That comment in a nutshell pretty much explains why racism is alive and well in 2013.

      • Comments (822)

        Aaryn made some of her racist remarks when she was extremely angry & clearly not joking. I’m not saying if she was joking it would be OK, but when said with as much anger as she had, it’s obvious she is a full-blown racist. I wish she hadn’t been given another chance from the HG’s because she’s playing a better game – it pains me to say that!

      • Comments (21)

        Thank you for your reminder. I haven’t forgotten!

      • Comments (1)

        Thanks for posting a link to that video. I am even more disgusted by Aaryn, Gina Maria, Amanda, Jessie and even Helen than I was before. Aaryn and Gina Marie deserved to lose their jobs. All of the negative things they projected onto Candice were ironically true about themselves. It’s not Candice’s mother who is ashamed of her its A and GM’s moms who are disgusted with their own daughters! Go Elissa, kick some a$$ and win. You are really the only decent person left. Your heart is true and you stood up for a fellow person when no one else would. I wish everyone would see McCrae for the spineless loser that he is! I don’t want him to win.

      • Comments (651)

        Come on Vic it’s GM birthday. How about Candice comes back as HoH and cleans house? Happy Birthday GM!

      • Comments (293)

        Even Aaryn’s name sounds racist– Aryan Nations– Maybe that’s why they won’t show her father’s picture.

    • Comments (3)

      Have you heard anything about Amanda being a former employee of CBS and being bff with a producer of BB ? it’s a rumor i’ve read from several sources.

  3. Comments (48)

    Steve, we appreciate you so much. You do a good job for us! I agree w/you re: Amanda. I’ve like her strategy. Yes, if she would have kept her mouth shut, she could have gone down in BB history as an amazing player. Her morals, not so good!

    • Comments (140)

      See, I pointed that out one day, that should could have gone down in history for her game play, and people pounced on me. They said she in no way compares to some of the BB greats and that all the other contestants are weak this year (place conspiracy theories here, yadda yadda).

      The thing is, it’s hard to gauge just how weak the other contestants are. Yes they’ve been bowing down to Amanda all season, but what would this house have been like had Amanda never been among them? Some would suggest then Helen would have mean the Alpha but I’m not so sure. We would have had an entirely different game. As Stevie mentioned, Nick and Jeremy would have been contenders. We’ve seen Jessie’s attempt to overthrow Amanda, she just couldn’t get anyone on board. This house in general had a lot of potential, it is just that for whatever reason, Amanda was able to make everyone docile.

      I dislike Amanda as a person, I do not condone anything she has said, but her game is good and that cannot be denied, and it is not because she’s been “put into a house with weak people”.

      • Comments (140)

        **that she could have gone down

        my bad for not proof reading 🙁

      • Comments (140)

        **Helen would have been

        my bad for not proof reading 🙁

      • Comments (302)

        Any time you praise the likes of Amanda on these post the thumbs down army will make you pay. But I have to agree with you … as much as I dislike the player Amanda how can I not appreciate what she has accomplished here. Without the benefit of one single HOH win … twice on the block getting zero votes … calling the shots on who stays and who goes. She has scared enough people in this house that when someone like Jessie or Candice recognize her dominance they are powerless to stop it because the rest of the house is shivering under their covers. Sure you might say it’s “Time to bury Amanda, not to praise her” but you have to give the devil her due.

      • Comments (651)

        Demanda could not have done anything without McMinute whispering in her ear. He’s got the game play and has been teaching her and pulling her back when she goes bat crap crazy. If not for McMinute she would have been gone long ago.

      • Comments (195)

        You hit the nail on the head BoredNow. She scared and bullied people into having it her way. For me I do not believe she is a mastermind of this game. And also people that say it is not because there are weak players in the game. That is exactly what it is. Personally I would be offended someone telling me all the time what to do (I would like to think I have a mind of my own) and Amanda and Helen have said to different people to their face that I can probably get you to jury or I want to see you in jury. I can not stand Spencer but finally someone said to one of them, not sure if he was talking to Helen or Amanda the other night and they said we will get you further along and he said yah I intend to be here until Sept 25th. I can’t believe how many times both of these women told people we will get you to jury. Right then and there I would of said WHAT!!…I want to win this thing! Screw the jury!! But they all went along with it. That there show weakness. And Helen, telling everyone how great they are and you are going to win this thing like she said to Aaryn the other night. Well I would say ok Helen your right and now you are getting voted out. So Helen should not be upset when she goes to jury because apparently that is the place to go and you think everyone else is going to win this game. SMH

        Also, like in Survivor they were all worried about the showmances except for Amanda and McCrae! Helen and the rest of them are idiots for not getting that pair split up. It is just common sense….but then again none of them have any of that. So no I do not think Amanda is up there with the great players of BB. Yes she got them to follow her and kudos to her but it is because she bullied and scared them half to death and none of them had the balls to do anything about it. Scary what their real life might be like if they ever have to stand up for themselves.

        On an off topic because things are pretty boring right now or should I say still boring in the house lol. Not sure how many of you remember when Aaryn kept getting annoyed and making fun of Candace about how she says asked. She said she says axed how stupid is that and she is a speech pathologist. Well she even made fun of her in the HOH room one night again. Now, anyone with feeds or even not hears how GM speaks and Aayrns bestie friend says axed ALL the time and funny how Aaryn never says a word.

        And I don’t believe some of the evictions weren’t on a personal level. For gosh sakes just because Howard lied about the moving company he is a threat. And Candace was definitely personal for GM and Aaryn. What the heck kind of threat was she. The girl did nothing,,,,there was in no way she was a threat. The only thing that bothered them about her was the way she talked and how annoying she was and they all went on and on about that. And Judd well we all know that Amanda thought he was MVP. So because she is so self centered and has the biggest ego ever not to think it was America that put her up that is going to come and bite her in the ass. So if she was this great player would you not think that she would of figured that out!

        So overall yes I have to give Amanda credit for getting these people to follow her but it is not because she played the best game ever it is because these people that were cast this year did not have a brain in their head and sure the heck did not watch much of BB. Otherwise they would of split up McCranda a long time ago. Do you really think Boogie or Dr.Will or Janelle would of ever let them stay together in the house this long. I think not.

        They always talk a good game like they are going to make these huge moves and it never happens. Worst BB cast ever in BB history…..and I am sure it will be remembered as that for many years to come. I can not stomach the fact that one of these players is going to win $500,000. I don’t care if they have music to face in the outside world if they do win. The fact that CBS would award them the money is just plain sad. And that is my rant for today lol 🙂

        Oh yes forgot one other thing regarding Elissa. Yes at first I was pulling for her because I did not think it was fair how they judged her and wanted her out just because of who her sister was. She is her own person and as far as them all saying how she had it easy getting on the show….look at Kaitlen she was picked up in a bar!! Now, I do not believe in the conspiracy theories but if Amanda does know Allison and that is how she got on the show do you not think that Allison would of told her some inside scoop on how to play the game just like Rachel probably told Elissa. So to me that is the same thing. As far as I am concerned this year is filled with BS. The houseguests mention how thousands of people try out and yes you are right and how they picked the bunch of you is beyond me. And on a side note. Yes I believe Elissa is a little wacko and I really wanted to pull for her because she is the only one I think that feels like us about the bigots on the show but she went too far with wanting to leave. She knew going in what it would be like and personally I could not do a show that long being away from my little one and that is what you need to realize before you enter a show like this. Plus there is no way I could have a conversation with her. She never finishes what she is saying and basically says nothing except….well like you know. Too bad because at least she is a decent person and does say how much she misses her kids all the time where as Helen has said she does but only usually when Elissa mentions hers. Ok better go now you guys are probably falling asleep reading this.:)

      • Comments (195)

        Me again lol. Almost forgot one of the most disturbing things I saw was when Helen voted off Jessie with her 2yr old attitude and then in her goodbye message said she really liked Jessie. I can see the younger ones acting that way but for a women in her 30’s with a family to do what she did was just pathetic.

      • Comments (293)

        Amanda’s not a good player. She is a typical bully. She gets other people to do her dirty work. She doesn’t want to be HOH until she has no choice and the house guests she has to put up will “understand” that she has to do it because there is no other option.

  4. Comments (7)

    Aaryn will pull out the win this season. She will win HOH 2 more times, a record breaker.

  5. Comments (18)

    I can’t stand Amanda because of her comments in the house. Having said that, I fully expect her to win BB15. Then again, she is going to need the money because she will never sell another house when she gets finished with BB15. She will probably need the money to buy some friends also.

    • Comments (86)

      If she had kept her mouth shut she could have been the ultimate bb player of all time. But she is a mean spirited*selfish*and a megga racist person. There is a video on youtybe with her talking about every single race. Im looking forward to her reaction when she finds out America wanted her out of the house.

      • Comments (48)

        Ultimate player is high praise. You’d have to take out the racist comments, but you would also have to take out the constant whining about being a loser at everything, imo. And I would never say to someone ‘the best bb player was that lady – you know, the one who picked her boyfriend’s earwax…’

      • Comments (453)

        Would love to see the evicted house guests reactions to her crying because she can’t win, especially the latest of her behind the garbage can.

    • Comments (96)

      I’m really disappointed in Amanda. I really was rooting for her the first few weeks because she was the only one who called out the others when they made racist remarks. Now she is just like them…..

      • Comments (407)

        Kiki45, Amanda may have been making just as many racist remarks as the rest of them the first few weeks, and CBS/BB just didn’t air them. I don’t believe they would have shown her for who she truly is if so many BB fans didn’t complain. I truly believe when she called out the others production was behind it.

      • Comments (651)

        If you go back and re-watch when she quietly told Aaryn to stop with the comments and also after Aaryn flipped Candice’s bed, you’ll see she never said it was wrong, etc. It was all about how she’ll be perceived ad a racist. Guess she forgot her own advice.

    • Comments (7)

      Racists buy houses too.

      • Comments (357)

        Racists or not. I doubt that they would publicly allow their businesses and personal lives to be affected by scum like Amanda!

  6. Comments (651)

    Steve how about a listing of Demanda’s comments to the outgoing HG’s? It would fill some dead time and we can remember what the last thing each jury member heard from her.

  7. Comments (24)

    I did not like Aaron at all at first. but, I sure do not see Amanda, Elissa or Helen pulling out the wins. so Even though I may not agree with her comments and actions in the first few weeks of the game, she is winning the HOH’S. AND I would love to see her win it.

  8. Comments (22)

    Amanda’s goodbye message to Jessie was HORRIBLE!! Doesn’t Amanda know that if she gets to the final two that she will inevitably need Jessie?? Now Aaryn on the other hand.. Her goodbye message was heart-felt and exactly the last words that she needed to say to Jessie to secure a vote. I do not like either of the girls (Amanda & Aaryn) personally, but their game play has been good. Amanda just needs to get her goodbye messages on point.

  9. Comments (453)

    Thanks Steve.
    Candice and Jessie will voice their opinions of Amanda to others in jury, and both were good at seeing someone for what they are. If others listen to them will be the answer as to who they “house vote for” to win. I am hoping that anyone who has spewed racial, or any type of hateful remarks aren’t even in final 2, much less win.

  10. Comments (35)

    Does this season remind anyone else of season 12? I find them both really similar in the way of how Amanda and Mccrae are running the house and how the Brigade ran the house in their season

    • Comments (35)

      Let me explain: Amanda, Mcrae, Andy, and Aaryn in an alliance.
      In bb 12 you had Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Matt. Enzo and Amanda both didn’t win comps yet the other members each had someone on the other side of the house relaying information to the leader and they eliminated players accordingly. the way i see this season finishing is in the final 3: Amanda Mcrae and Aaryn. just like season 12 with 3 members and i see the leader (Amanda) going home in 3rd place (just like Enzo) leaving Mcrea to win over Aaryn. That’s just how i see this season compared to past seasons.

      • Comments (357)

        SAdly, i believe that McCrae is so whipped by Amanda (still trying to figure that out), that the pizza boy might swap checks just to stop her from crying!

  11. Comments (1)

    I don’t thing Amanda and Aaryn deserving to win bad characters this week bb. Shouldn’t eleminate no body and let one of
    The jury Come in will be a big surprise for Amanda and Aaryn and Gina Mari.

  12. Comments (96)

    I agree Stevebeans. Amanda has played the best game in the house. She hasn’t won any comps, but has managed to get out every person that she has targeted. Her only downfall are her comments, which def is a shame.
    Does anyone else think at this point Spencer is the only one who will put Amanda and Macre up? I don’t see anyone else doing that for next week.

    • Comments (453)

      Agree everyone has gone that she targeted, but maybe, just maybe editing has not shown if someone else has said they want that person out making us think Amanda makes the choices….hmmm……

      • Comments (651)

        It’s McMinute with the game play. He’s always going over the scenarios with her and explaining why this person should go if “this” happens and “that” person should go if “that” happens. Then he unleashes the attack dog to make it happen.

    • Comments (195)

      She is playing the best game in the house because no one else has any notion how to!

  13. Comments (14)

    Amanda isn’t going to win because she can’t win any competitions. She hasn’t been athletic enough, or smart enough to win anything, and eventually being a mouthy bully bossing people around and manipulating them isn’t going to work anymore. That’s why Helen is going home this week. And since this game requires good social skill, even if Amanda somehow makes it to the end, my guess is a russell hantz finish.

    • Comments (453)

      The final 3 face off in a very strenuous round that is more physical than the other challenges they have competed in all season, don’t think Amanda can pull it off, since all she does is lay in bed 95% of the time.

  14. Comments (111)

    Lol Aaryn IS going to win this and there will be a huge controversy.

  15. Comments (1288)

    Amanda is playing a strong game but do not count out the efforts of 3AM. The contingency plans (the guys alliance, the Hel/Aan/McC alliance, etc.) have really been a group effort. McCrae is surprisingly intuitive and has the ability to look at a situation from the other person’s point of view. Amanda is extremely egocentric, she only sees things from her side and perhaps that will come back to bite her in the ass.

    Andy has played a pivotal role as well. As the 3AM spy in Helen’s camp he made sure that the maximum value was extracted from Helissa before the couples turned on each other. Keeping Helen from catching on about his true loyalties has been done masterfully.

    I am hoping Helen can get back on the winning track, pull out this veto and take herself off the block. From there I see two possibilities. Perhaps she will remember that a few weeks ago she herself said that when the MVP went away Elissa will have lived out her usefulness. If this happens 3AM can keep her in the dark about their alliance. However if she sticks with Elissa then 3AM will be exposed when she leaves instead of Spencer.

    But all the plans, big moves and shake-ups in the world cannot help you if your side can’t bring home some victories.

    • Comments (822)

      Didn’t Amanda comment t McCrae that Andy was going to have to be cut before final 4. Then someone came in the room & ended that conversation.
      I know Andy has been a tattletale & weasly but compared with the way most of the others have acted & talked, I’m finding him to be the better of the worst. No good options anymore!

    • Comments (357)

      Helen’s biggest claim to fame was her campaigning for Elissa when they were both on the block. The fact that she pulled it off was brilliant. I believe that is when I began to see her head swell with power!

      • Comments (233)

        I think you’re right! I had admired her intelligence up until I started watching BBAD and her non-stop politicking and shameless sucking-up. A mix between a super-annoying cheerleader and a smarmy-baby-kissing-politician. ‘You’re Janelle!” gag.

      • Comments (357)

        GAgging here as well…..LOL

  16. Comments (1)

    Hope Aaryn and Amanda are on the block next week as Jessie comes back in the house and gets Amanda or Aaryn out of the house, Aaryn is a rat putting Helen and Elisa on the block after what Helen did to keep you *** in the house.

  17. Comments (610)

    I think a good portion of Amanda’s “good strategy” is coming from McRae…he tells he something, she makes a few tweaks, she takes total control of it and gets (takes) full credit for it. McRae doesn’t like confrontation, so he just lets her be out in front to take the hits for him. (and the credit for the things that work)

  18. Comments (1288)

    GM, Spencer, and Andy getting to play in POV. Andy has to be plotzing.

  19. Comments (2)

    Mark my words:

    McCrae WILL WIN BB15!!!

    if 3AM plan is to take out Helen, ellisa, GM, and spencer. Then you have 3AM left.

    Amanda will not win anything. McCrae and Aaryn will have highest chances of winning.
    if Aaryn wins, McCrae and Amanda go up. Amanda cant win veto…. if McCrae wins, he takes himself off. Andy goes up. Andy goes home.

    Then McRae wins HOH evicts Aaryn, then McRae vs Amanda. McCrae wins BB15.

    sorry for spoiler.

  20. Comments (2)

    Helen, Ellisa, Spencer and GM need to make alliance.

    hopefully next week Spencer wins hoh puts up AAryn and McCrae.

    then put Andy if one of them goes off block.

    take Amanda to final 2. she cant win anything and everyone hates her.

    if Amanda somehow stays to final 4 with 3AM, it will be a glorious moment watching her asss get booted and Aaryn-McCrae final 2 or Andy-McCrae.

  21. Comments (528)

    I do not like Amanda. I don’t like her personality, I don’t like her face, I don’t like her voice, but regardless of all that, she came in the house from day one and basically made it clear she’s in control and the rest of the house bowed down to her. I think the way the house kisses her ass would make anyone petty cocky…she’s clearly gotten used to an environment where when she says jump, folks say “how high?” She may have smarmy exiting comments, but as I’ve said before, it’s nothing those jury members shouldn’t already know. Every single one of them should be in that jury house not feeling bitter, but feeling stupid. Again, Amanda was no Dan…she’s been pretty clear in her intentions and the others have been so submissive that they have no one to blame but themselves when they get the boot. I don’t think whoever sits next to her will win unless perhaps it’s McCrae. Or, unfortunately, Miss Queen of the HoH Aaryn.

    I mean seriously, before comps Amanda charges in, DEMANDS everyone throw the competition and they friggin comply! They do what she says and when they don’t she kicks up a fit and no one – NO ONE – other than her showmance EVER calls her one it.

    I say again with confidence, no one in that jury house has any right or reason to be bitter because THEY allowed themselves to be controlled by Amanda.

    • Comments (407)

      Even when Amanda demands everyone to throw the competitions, she still CAN’T WIN!! McCrae obviously tried to give it to her the other night by pressing the wrong button to give her another chance, and she blew that. Aaryn looked at her to give her a chance, and she just stood there with a dumfounded look on her face. I guess we all know what her great talent is!

      • Comments (1288)

        If Aaryan was trying to throw the comp she would have just given the wrong answer and been eliminated, clearly she wanted to win.

      • Comments (195)

        You know I watched the live feeds that night after the HOH and Amanda said very quietly and it sounded like she said she threw it. Not sure if that is what she said but maybe she really did not want to win it and wanted Aayrn to so she could control her and be able to play next week and not have blood on her hands. So she pretended to be all upset so no one was the wiser. With her you never know…..

      • Comments (357)

        Doubt it! No one freaks out at every comp conclusion likesshe does, if they are throwing a comp. Just doesn’t make sense!

  22. Comments (624)

    Does anyone agree with any posts? Jeez, even neutral posts get thumbs down. The TDG is out in force today!

    • Comments (1288)

      Well as that poll showed yesterday there are more people interested in Eloser staying and losing to the bad people than Helen staying and maybe ruining their plans. Every down vote warms me knowing they have no other response.

    • Comments (195)

      I noticed that too Big Papi and it started this morning when I was reading everyone’s comments and I couldn’t figure out why there were so many thumbs down. Must be the weekend and those TDG’s have nothing better to do. Would be nice if they gave their opinion as to why the thumbs down…..but of course safer to hide with a thumbs down.:) I remember once I had asked a question about something and got 10 thumbs down…….strange.

  23. ThisBBCastIsAHotMess
    Comments (4)

    The best move Hellen and the rest of the house could have made was getting Amanda out during the Double Eviction. She wouldn’t have had a week to bully anyone or bring terror on the house. Look how Judd had little time to plead a case before Julie started the voting. Also, McCrae would have been wounded big time and he would have been on the verge of a real breakdown in that photo booth! Even if they thought she would have a chance to come back in the house, the odds would have been highly against her since she hasn’t won a darn thing. Such a move could have knocked some since into Andy who would have seen his biggest and most powerful alliance member walk out and they could have gotten McCrae or Aaryn out the next week, instead of Jessie. This decision during Double Eviction would have also left Amanda and McCrae to compete against each other to get back in the house. By next Thursday, Helen could have created a enough influence with Jessie, Elissa and Spencer to get out McCrae or Amanda if they came back. That’s your biggest mistake Helen.

    • Comments (195)

      Your right BB. And if you saw the look on Aaryns face she did not want to put Judd up but I think it would of been difficult in that short of time to convince her to do Amanda. Although if she was smart she would of. Another dumb move that they made was keeping Aaryn that week they could of got her out. I knew this was going to happen. I said to all my friends you watch she is going to win this thing now. And now the house is thinking the same thing.

  24. Comments (1)

    I did not think Helen or Elissa would make it this far. I thought McCray was crazy for hooking up in a showmance. Most showmances are voted out fast, but somehow this has been a weird season. I could not stand Rachel and was not an Elissa Fan either. I did like the idea of 3 people on block and HOH only having control over 2, but somehow this having the same MPV weekly was not good either. Maybe, a comp that was done weekly to get determine that the MPV and done with out each knowing how they did or others so still a secrete would have worked better. I like drama, I don’t like floaters, I like mixed votes. CBS is going to lose LOTS of fans if they do this again.

    • Comments (195)

      The MVP would of worked if Elissa would of kept her mouth shut. Then no one would know and everyone would be nervous and not be able to control Elissa on who she would put up or whoever the MVP might of been.

      • Comments (357)

        I heard that the ratings for this season rivals that of Evil Dick and Danielle. still trying to confirm that! But let me be the first to say BS!

  25. Comments (32)

    While I agree that Amanda has played a FAR better game than all of the others you cannot ignore the fact that she has put a lot on the line. If she, for whatever reason, does not manage to win:

    – She has shown herself to be somewhat racist with her comments towards Candice.

    – She has shown herself to be extremely slutty – in several ways and throughout the summer.

    – She has revealed an incredible ability to lie. Not something most people in the business world appreciate.

    – She has shown a lot of moodiness – again something lots of people may end up remembering about her. (are you going to remember how great a player she was or what a bit*& she was?)

    Yup, in my measure if she doesn’t win she will have lost far more than $500,000…..

    • Comments (651)

      On another site I read that Demanda just came out of DR wigging out. Suddenly she’s thinking about what people at home are seeing. She’s all upset about her boyfriend (former)could have put naked pics and vids of her on the net. And how his family is seeing her.

      Now she starts to think about what she’s showing the world???

      • Comments (610)

        Now? She’s thinking about all that now??!! Not the brightest bulb in the socket eh?

      • Comments (1162)

        I just now read that too……..sooooo funny!!!
        “Poor Amanda!” LOL

        Aaryn was crying about her father not being in any photos she’s received in her HOH Room.
        According to her, she submitted several of them and he signed the permission
        slip to use them, and in one photo his picture has been cut out.
        Done by her father’s wishes or was he cut out of the photo by Production?

        A funny line –
        Spencer telling Aaryn that her agent must be getting tons of job offers for
        her and she agreed with him. LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!

        Andy, Poor Wussie, is having a $hit fit that he will have to play in
        the competition.
        Meanwhile, Amanda is giving orders to everyone playing on when and if they should
        drop out – This group even plays comps the way, “The House Wants!!!”

        BB 15 Sucks!!!!

      • Comments (1092)

        When is the veto comp ?

      • Comments (1162)

        Sometime today …..

      • Comments (1092)


      • Comments (195)

        How do you get 2 thumbs down for a thank you? Think we have some little children on here lol.

      • Comments (357)

        I felt a tad bit of sadness for Aaryn and her comments about her Father. That’s going to be a hard discussion between those 2 and I doubt that Aaryn will understand that he did it for the good of the family and business! Further, Each remaining HG will be dealing with some really tough criticism and backlash from this season. Somehow, I don’t think ANY of them are as strong as they like to portray themselves on BB. each have commented or hinted that they hope this season parlays an acting gig or more. Sadly, any company that picks them up as a rep , role model, future actors/actresses. Will find that whatever project they allow them to endorse. Will be boycotting by some if not many people in America. A remorseful person learns from their mistakes and moves on. None of this HGs have curved their behavior…they just know how to hide it better. And if Helen thinks that she was immune to these hurtful comments? Guess again love, it’s going to start right back up when you are out the house.

  26. Comments (20)

    Yes my real name is Tom and I am the uncle of 3 nephews and 4 nieces.

    If that offends you, welcome to America where we only pretend race issues are all in our past. Please keep your fake disgust to yourself.

    In any event, I want to see Helen go. She has been a coward hiding behind the “that’s what the house wants” crap.

    No I do not want Amanda to win either although her social game has been excellent.

    I think that Amanda would not have said what she had said and still probably be controlling the house if it was her and 14 Black PR gay house guests. I don’t know why but she can influence people.

    At this point I am rooting for McCrae or Elissa.

    • Comments (32)


      Race issues are definitely not in our nation’s past. The cast of BB has clearly shown that.


      Racism is a two way street. Or actually a multi-lane highway. No one race is more or less guilty of it in reality.


      The more we point out things that really are not racial the easier it is for true racism to hide itself.

      Your name in no way offends me and should not offend anyone. The book from which you take your moniker is a classic that should be revered as a part of this nation’s history. If we choose to ignore or forget history we are doomed to repeat it after all.

      I for one would LOVE to see Judd come back and shake things up a bit. He was blamed for being the MVP and wasn’t. He was blamed for causing problems and didn’t. And I think if he came back he would not be as nice as he was before – something that led to his demise in the first place.

      • Comments (195)

        I loved Judd too until he started using the C word and laughing and joining in the group making fun of Candace. Also how he treated Jessie at the end was not nice. What I think and am hoping happened was that he was just trying to fit in with the group and was being a follower which isn’t great but again hopefully is not his personality. He was my favourite from the get go.

  27. Comments (1288)

    From the good people over at Joker’s Update:


    1:30 PM Spencer says that Aaryn’s agency must be getting a ton of offers for her to do things, she agrees & can’t wait to see.

    We can’t wait for her to see either. Bwahahahahahahaha. See…she has her’s coming.

    • Comments (32)

      Oh man, now THAT is funny!

      Wait until she and GM find out that their employers/contractors aren’t anymore….

      • Comments (357)

        Sorry people…ain’t gonna happen. Right before the finale, all of the HGs (Jurors and current HGs) are debriefed on what has been going on the real world. There will not be any shocked and/or embarrassed looks. they will be given time to digest this info and be prepared for the audience at the finale. The time to see them squirm will be when individual interviews are done after the finale has ended. I positively believe that the media will have a hayday with this and ask questions that BB did not prepare them for.

  28. Comments (20)

    What is Amanda’s obsession with Howard?

    According to another site…

    1:52 PM Amanda says Howard can probably f**k like a machine, she says he scares her.

    Remember she made up that story that Howard wanted to have sex with her?

    It seems Amanda has some dark fantasies.

  29. Comments (1288)

    Has Amanda said she made that up? Strange how she used the same verbage Howard did when he talked about molesting Helen.


    • Comments (20)

      So you figure Howard actually said that?

      I would have thought he could do better.

      • Comments (1288)

        I do not really know. When people have acclimatized to the house they do loosen their ‘public’ persona. If he said it I think it was in a joking manner with someone he has been confined with. Comments by Aaryan, GM and Kaitlin on the other hand were made with malice and bigoted intent. Huge difference.

        Amanda falls in between. As a member of a minority she has experienced discrimination and takes the route of using that language in a humorous manner in order to defuse it. Much the same way the black community has taken over the n-word.

        After nearly 60 days in house this cast has certainly grown used to the scrutiny and probably have trouble considering how it is different on the outside. Living in the house has become normal for them. You have to consider the context and intent of all words, not just take them at face value.

      • Comments (195)

        Amanda admitted after that she exaggerated what Howard said. So who knows what was really said. The way Howard conducted himself in the house I am sure she did exaggerate.

      • Comments (20)

        Has Amanda really experienced the life of a minority?

        Simply being Jewish does not mean she has actually experienced the life of a minority. We just don’t know he life experiences.

        Candice was a Born Again African American. She only recently connected with her Black mother. I suspect most of her racial disgust was just drama.

        Now Aaryn is racist. Whether she knows it or not is irrelevant.

        Spencer, Amanda and GM all have also made insensitive stereotype comments.

        I just want to see some good game playing.

      • Comments (357)

        Amen Unc! Me too….GAME PLAY please. but the one thing that i have to disagree with you about is your first statement. Kids are cruel and they look for the slightest weakness to pounce on you. Her last name and possibly her mannerisms at a young age may have put her in the line of fire. How many times have people you you know or have seen cringe a little when sitting by a Muslim (dressed in their religious outerwear) on the bus, train, or plane and not think….ohh DAMN, after 9/11? Religious beliefs are attacked just as bad as the color of one’s skin. The only difference is that religious beliefs can be covered up alot easier than one’s skin color.
        True story: My child is ecclectic, eccentric, or whatever the trendy name is these days. She dresses like the ole school (80s) NYC village kids. Socks that NEVER match, jeans with spray paint of every neon color, grunge shirts, One boot and one sneaker and wigs of every color of the rainbow to school. Looks and assumptions of her fellow HS students and parents alike would make any decent parent want to yell things that are not too kind to the spectators. I had to finally ask…the looks and taunts don’t bother you? Her answer….nope…I’m just being me and if they don’t like it? Then don’t stare at me! I said OK, if your cool within yourself, than i’m cool with how you express yourself. Hardest thing I ever did, but love that she doesn;t follow the trendy way of dressing and dresses for who she is, not what people do to fit in. This is the same for religious groups. Some would say it’s easier to hide behind the acceptable way of dress, while others stick to their convictions and think outside the box. Long story but I have a feeling that Amanda was made great fun of growing up and her only defense is to lash back at others and put them down. So that they can experience the hurt she may have felt growing up. I applaud my child for being strong enough to do and wear what makes her feel good. Just as I applaud religious factions who could really careless what we think about them. Sorry and I can’t believe that I am saying this. But as much as I despise Amanda, I see a young girl who was harassed and teased and uses the only weapon that she has (her mouth), to get even. In no way does it condone her behavior, but I can see that somewhere down the line, someone (people) have hurt her deeply.

  30. Comments (9)

    McCrae to win~there really is no other way to save face at this point. I think he’s clever (sending his harpie out to do the business.) I don’t think we should underestimate him. I’m also voting for him for America’s fave (in case he loses) so he can get some soap and a razor =)

    • Comments (1162)

      Sorry, but I had to give you a thumbs.

      McCrrae – America’s Favorite?
      NO WAY!!!
      Amanda “loves” him as is – LOL
      If not, she can buy him “some soap and a razor.”

    • Comments (1288)

      I can respect him winning. He has certainly played the game and is as well positioned as any member of 3AM. It all comes down to who wins the comps.

  31. Comments (3)

    Elissa won the veto comp already today

  32. Comments (339)

    I totally disagree that Amanda is dominating. Helen has, simply, proven to be quite stupid. Atleast when it comes to BB strategy. Lets face it: After getting out Jeremy, she had the most power in the game. She squandered it by stupidly not evicting Amanda (thus separating her from McCrae) when America gave her two shots at it. So, this makes Amanda a good player? One person’s bad play (Helen) doesn’t make another person’s play good (Amanda). Just like when Rob and Amber (Survivor reference) controlled the game and NO ONE was smart enough to vote them out, and separate an obvious iron-clad twosome.

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