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Big Brother 15 – Tuesday Afternoon Blogging

Because we haven’t had an Andy picture in awhile

As the houseguests start waking up today, one thing is certain.  Regardless who Aaryn is around, she’ll find a person to complain about.  Complaining about Kaitlin to Jessie, Jessie to Kaitlin, Elissa to everyone, etc I am surprised it hasn’t blown up in her face.

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Moments after Kaitlin wakes up from her deep sleep, Aaryn rushes to the HoH room to clean up, but in the process it was then time to do some Jessie bashing.  Jeremy calls her a typical ‘Austin girl’, and then they said she thinks about sex all day, and would definitely try to mess around with Jeremy if they were to lay in bed together.   Watching the live feeds is like a real life version of the movie Mean Girls.  It is incredible how two-faced people are to one another.



1:08pm – A little game talk happening, but some fun too.  Jessie sitting on Howard’s shoulders.  I’m sure that will give her good dreams for the rest of the summer.  Kaitlin and Jessie are doing a chicken fight in the pool, it’s good to see some fun once in awhile.

1:26pm – GM and Amanda are chatting in the bedroom, and she was rehashing some of the conversation she had with Nick last night.  Amanda and Nick then go into the cockpit to finally talk some game.  Amanda mentions how she and McCrae are the swing vote this week, so I’m going to tally up the votes early:

Vote out Nick – Andy, Candice
Vote out Elissa – Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie, Kaitlin

swing votes – Jessie, Judd, Amanda, McCrae

This means that Amanda is correct to an extent, but that’s assuming Jessie and Judd are on board.  That means Amanda isn’t really any type of swing vote right now until double J pick their side.  While Amanda is stressing and playing the swing vote card, the person they should be working on is out playing in the pool with the ‘other side’.

Basically at this point, it will take a huge shift in house dynamic to save Elissa.  With 5 strong voting out Elissa, there isn’t much wiggle room for the rest of the house.

The "you're an idiot" look
The “you’re an idiot” look

4:20pm – Had some dinner, back to the feeds.  Jeremy is sitting around talking about various things with Nick and Judd.   He tells us that there is a school in Texas that is mostly Asian and they’re all like genius level.  He references how they’re smart because they’re Asian, because of course he couldn’t go a day without a stereotype.  Then talk of India came up and let us know that there are more Indian geniuses than there are American citizens.  (note: He is referring to India, but doing a fact check he was way off.  There are about 315 million people in the United States, and about 5 million people in India classified as genius)

4:48pm – Amanda joins Aaryn in the HoH to talk about the race issue.  She thinks Aaryn is joking about the racist remarks, but she thinks Howard, Candice and Helen are taking offense to some of the comments (you think?). Amanda is trying to play it off like it was no big deal and Aaryn was joking, but I think even Aaryn will be shocked when she watches the montage of her comments this summer.

I will be updating this throughout the day if anything exciting happens, so keep checking back!

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  1. Comments (768)

    If anyone wants to get caught up on all of the inappropriate comments that have been talked about, watch this.

    • Comments (316)

      WOW I just saw it! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!!

      • Comments (316)

        I can’t stop thinking about it. When it’s all put together like that it is so sad! I wish they would throw out the whole cast and start all over again with new houseguests.

      • Comments (137)


        I was thinking the same thing. But then I think that it is not fair to the ones who are playing the game like it has been played in the past. They need to punish the ones who are making these comments, not the entire cast.

      • Comments (231)

        It continued today and it was bad. Spenser, aaryan, gm, jerk, and Kaitlin and it never stops. The only issue not really being addressed is the women bashing.
        If this becomes the Jerkemy show —– I don’t know what I will do. Jerk stated today as usual that his. ” hoh ” next week noms will be Helen, Candice and Amanda. I guess he expects to control MVP too. 🙁

      • Comments (231)

        Sorry the grammar is awkward.

      • Comments (20)

        It really bothers me that the women issue is not being addressed at all. I mean this man said when a woman says no you know it means yes. I mean why would CBS not address this issue when Spencer makes a comment like that. A woman is raped in the world probably every minute but CBS refuses to hold the MEN accountable for what they say. but CBS definitely holds the women accountable as they should be for their racist and homophobic comments. WOW CBS I am ashamed of you!!!

    • Comments (1)

      The You Tube video shows just how horrific these people are. I have never been so disgusted by a show before. Their families should be real proud of them because it is apparent that they were never taught how to behave. Jeremy, & Spencer you are the most disgusting men. I hope the sponsors start pulling away from BB if this is allowed to continue. Get rid of these HGs. Good for the two companies who fired Gina and Aaryn for their behavior.
      Paula Deen was crucified for just saying the N word once 20 yrs. ago.

      • Comments (1)

        Amen to that! I have been a Big Brother Fan from day 1 and this is the worst season ever. Put some real people in the house and let them kick some rich college kids butt and show them what life is really about. If BB doesn’t fire them for all the racists comments and bashing they will lose a lot of fans. What was they thinking putting after dark on a channel that keeps bleeping out all there conversations. I stopped watching because you didn’t even know what they were talking about. Very disappointed with this season of BB.

      • BB fan from the beginning
        Comments (1)

        I agree with Nona if BB producers are going to allow this to continue I don’t thinking will be watching the rest of this season. I have watched every season and I have never witnesses such arrogant and ignorant behavior on te show
        BB g te your priorities in order address the issues and get rid if the houseguest that are offensive to several classes of peope watching
        I have an ideas dump all the racist and sexist contestants and bring back a few alumni so the game will be worth watching again

    • Comments (528)

      I know the media has kinda picked up on this but that supercuts should go viral man. CBS should be ashamed for even letting this season go on; after watching that, I honestly feel the show should be put on hiatus this year and the casting director should be fired. It’s is outrageous.

    • Comments (768)

      After watching that video it saddened me to think that Elissa may be going home. She is one of the few who has shown compassion and class from the beginning by not making offensive comments toward others.

      I don’t think Air hole has realized that when she exits the BB House she will be sitting down to chat with an Asian woman…Julie! I can hardly wait to see that!!! hehe

      • Comments (528)

        You, it sucks for Elissa but at least she can go home with a little bit of dignity and realize she’s in a better place than that hell house. She came off better than any of them (and her legendary sister) and as much as it was a short career, being in BB 15 is something I doubt anyone would want to be associated with. This will probably be the season that finally hammers the last nail in the coffin of this show. At least in the states.

      • Comments (20)

        Sorry but Elissa is not unaccountable. She did call K a whore and sorry but a woman to call another woman that is unacceptable.

      • Comments (140)

        Hey if she thinks it is whorish to screw around with someone you’ve known for two weeks for the entire country to watch, then fine… I personally think she’s justified in that opinion. Her criticism is based on someone’s actions and her perceived lack of morals. You can not equate that with someone making hateful comments based on things one has no control over: being a woman, being black, being Asian, being gay.

      • Comments (51)

        hopefully there a big bb twist where in audience/viewers got to vote her back even as wildcard. or like in other bb version, she’ll go back to the house (no longer a bb house guest), she’ll do bidding of the audience/viewers to do good or bad with the remaining house guest, without them realizing she didn’t got back as contestant. like an audience/viewers puppet.

    • Comments (274)

      So I’m gonna tick people off with this. Just a heads up. 😉

      First off-I had said before that Julie makes fun of her race & I don’t think its right that she says its okay just because she’s the race. It works all around. If you don’t like it don’t contribute!

      Secondly-why is Howard laughing about the racist comments directed at Helen? Even Andy laughs. Some of the people say out of one side “hey don’t say that!” Then they themselves are saying crap! Kaitlin sits quietly but blurts out nword. Gm looks like someone who needs acknowledgment, says crap all the time as if she’s eating up Aaryns attention & it appears she’s just acting out solely for her.

      Heck-there’s only the 3 ladies who aren’t attention starved-Candice, Helen & Elissa.
      Oh and what is with the language coming out of their mouths? Every other word is a swear word, silly me, I thought they went to college. So classy and mature.

      THANK YOU for doing this for us to see! This has almost got to be set up! I know, I know, it isnt.
      I am sad that even Howard was laughing in the first one, why?
      Even David was attacking Candace but after he left said he doesn’t think Aaryn is racist. Birds of a feather….
      Why does this ☆☆☆☆☆ think she can act so… umm which word do i pick, theres just too many! And saying jewed makes me so frilling furious. That cunt WILL NOT have a safe place-she’s just as screwed as tot mom imho. Sadly everyone so far but Elissa, Helen, Candice & nope that’s all I saw not being a party to any of it. Laughing or being silent is being a part of it. Wth is with jerkoff saying he will scalp Andy!? Or some bs about arrowheads? I’m pretty sure I can say this as part Indian myself…what the hell are you rambling about [email protected]$$? You are such a dick! Making us look like you is just a shame! My grandfather can take your sorry pathetic @$$ out & you’d cry to mommy. You’re NOTHING! Why is it that Andy just says yeah I understand? I couldn’t continue watching it, I wanted to get in the car drive to their set & do my own ‘experiment’. Capital punishment never sounded so good to me right now. Eye for an eye & tongue for tongue for all your ugly racist comments. Oh GinaM, hun, I’ll gladly do your nails & when I’m all done you can enjoy them in the fried ricin *cough* ah I mean rice I’ve prepared for you.
      Okay thanks for the rant time-now ill just have to worry about triggering the government that’s watching my

      • Comments (140)

        In one hand you’re condemning the comments the contests have made and then in the other you’re calling someone a cunt? You’ve completely discredited yourself imho.

      • Comments (35)

        that’s so hypocritical.

      • Comments (528)

        Wow, that was crazy how you went on a mad rant about inappropriate language and foul mouths and then just called a woman a “cunt” – in the same breath, so-to-speak. That takes…something.

  2. Comments (41)

    Does anyone have opinions who might get the MVP when/if Elissa leaves this week? I really hope she doesn’t go but think she could have used the MVP better to her advantage. Week 1 she should have aligned strongly with more people – can you imagine if a Will, Kayser, Janelle, Jeff or even Rachel had been given that power? I can’t decide who I would want to have some power, I just can’t stand how most of the women that play think they have to align with a man and then look for the man to make the moves or dictate them… At least with Helen I think she might actually think for herself… maybe 🙂

    • Comments (96)

      I think Howard might

      • Comments (231)

        Can’t be Howard, he is on jerkemys side. America won’t vote for him.

      • Comments (768)

        It very well could be. It may appear that Howard is on their side… for this vote… but I have a feeling he’s taking down names and has a long memory!

      • Comments (21)

        I was going to vote for Helen but she is in on that one-on-one secret alliance with Aaryn and a larger less secret but larger one that includes Spencer…..

        Candice seems to be the only one not caught in a secret meeting with the hateful trash in the house.

      • Comments (1162)

        WHAT’S UP WITH – Helen’s attempt to form a secret alliance with Aaryn?????

        Has Aaryn told anyone else about this?
        Has Helen mentioned what she did to Andy, Candice, etc.?

        I remember seeing that play out but haven’t heard anymore about it.

      • Comments (21)

        Helen and Aaryn had a meeting just the two of them about keeping up the ‘image’ that Aaryn doesn’t like Helen and vice versa. It was on live feeds.

        If Helen gets MVP, I am positive that she will NOT put up Aaryn and because she is in the boys side alliance (Howard, Andy, Spencer) those three will also be spared.

        I think I am voting for Candice for MVP this week. She will put up Aaryn or GM. (GM is just as guilty if not worse for her foul mouth and use of the N-word in the Welfare = N^ insurance…. they both need to go.

    • Comments (12)

      I really want Nick to get MVP. He seems like one of the few that are really trying to play the game (and in my mind, he’s very similar to Dan). It sucks that he’s with Jeremy and Spencer in Moving Company though; the bigots need to go.

  3. Comments (96)

    Why is Mcrae a swing vote? Isn’t he part of Nick’s alliance or did I miss something?

    • Comments (3)

      McCrae has Amanda to worry about…he is chosing between his girl and Moving Co.

    • Comments (274)

      He is but Amanda wants Elissa to stay so she’s banking that he’ll choose her side, but the other side is giving him heat & have already said they’d get rid of mcc & Amanda if mcc doesn’t “control” her.

    • Comments (21)

      Amanda doesn’t know that McCrae has another larger alliance. She thinks her and McCrae are ‘in it together’ and somewhat partnered with Jer and Aaryn for final four.

  4. 1st Ammendment
    Comments (2)

    I thought the u tube video was hilarious. America laughs at inappropriate behavior all the time and excuse their laughter by calling it comedy.

  5. Comments (4)

    So, Bb is known for throwing twists in the show. Why can’t they throw one to correct this problem?

  6. Comments (453)

    The racists’parents have to be “ever so proud of how they raised their bigoted offspring. Sponsors left Paula Deen fast enough, they should do the same for BB, maybe then CBS will figure out a way to evict all of the racists, women haters from the show, keep Elissa and give the others a couple of weeks of no tension.

  7. Comments (316)

    Didn’t Jeff say similar crap his season and then go on to win $25,000 for being America’s fave?

    • Comments (35)

      I’m sure a lot of other former house guests said stuff like that and this time its not Americas favorite player.. Brittany also said countless mean remarks about Rachel in their season together and she also won Americas favorite.

      • Comments (1276)

        Jeff made a stupid comment that was offensive, but I don’t think he meant it in the way it sounded or came out. Brittany did talk crap about Rachel all the time. She didn’t like Rachel as a person, and voiced that in many, many ways.
        Everyone in every season talks crap about everyone. Just like people who are saying that Kaitlin is acting like a “whore”, my problem with that is that her and Jerk are acting slutty. Her actions are what people are talking about, not her race.
        There is a huge difference in talking bad about someone, like saying you think they are a “[email protected]” “Whore” “[email protected] hole” and making racist, homophobic remarks, even the comments about peples religion.
        IMO, or at least what I’ve seen through my life, is the people who try to compare trash talk and discrimination, are the ones who are trying to justify their own actions.
        As a woman, I don’t like it when someone calls me a “[email protected]”, but 1 if I’m acting like one, maybe someone needs to tell me, and 2, I’m a grown up, and sometimes people say mean things, and guess what, I’m not always going to like it. But I there is a huge difference between derogitory remarks about all women, and having an opinion on one. I can’t believe these things are even being compared, it is honestly crazy.

  8. Comments (51)

    i hope Elissa will be saved. hopefully she finally wins HOH, Veto and Mvp, possibly 3 @ the same week. then she can teach the house bullies some lessons (namely Gina Marie, Spencer, Aaryn, Kaitlyn & jeremy). or even if she goes ahead there is a wildcard vote from the audience or viewers to have her back. at first i didn’t understand why all the hate in the house for her, but upon watching a couple episodes and after dark broadcast, she deserves it. America loves the underdog. Especially she has bully’s target in her forehead no matter who her sister is.

  9. Comments (1)

    Evil Prevails When Good Men Do Nothing!!!!

  10. Comments (111)

    Guys it’s not like they could’ve told this cast would be like this just by looking at them…

    • Comments (528)

      The problem is the contestants used to represent America. They were supposed to be a kind of cross-section from all across the country, different ages, sexes, races, etc. and in the beginning they did an okay job of that. They also used to profile these people and actually to research before choosing houseguests. Now they source from modelling and acting agencies. These are just people who want to get on TV to get their big break, they’re nothing but brainless, “attractive” superficial twits – and that’s WHY they’re on the show! One of them (I’m not sure which) said during the feed that she didn’t even audition or watch the show, she was approached at a bar and asked to try out! Then they like, throw on a couple card core fans, a mom and a twist guest and boom, that’s the cast.

      They lost touch with what the show was supposed to be a long time ago. We, the audience, have known for a long time they’re no longer casting *real* people, the producers are clearly tweaking things behind the scenes and some things are scripted right up. It’s unfortunate, but this debacle might be just what BB needs – forcing them to either get their **** together or throw in the towel.

      • Comments (1276)

        If I’m not mistaken it was Kaitlin who was approached at a bar while working. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was her.

      • Comments (111)

        Yeah it was Kaitlin

  11. Comments (1)

    I have loved all of the big brother seasons and the cast members until this season. CBS didn’t know just by interviewing them that some of them would act this way but they are condoning that and that is where CBS is at fault. I’m a huge fan of Elisa and am praying that she goes far in the game. Even if she were up front about being Rachel’s sister she would have still treated like this. Not everyone is going to like each other and people are going to talk but these people are making it very personal and making fun of things people can’t help. Jeremy and Aaryn are nothing but arrogant bullies. Spencer also isn’t a very nice person either. I hope to see them walk out of the door very soon! CBS really needs to take responsibility and kick them out! Paula Dean just lost all of her stuff so why should these hateful people still be in the run for half a million dollars??

    • Comments (111)

      Well technically they’re /allowed/ to say those things because of “freedom of speech” and whatever *Note: I do not support the things the houseguests are saying 😛 *. But just because Paula Deen was fired doesn’t mean they have to be kicked out. It was all up to Paula Deen’s sponsor thingies, and in this case it is up to CBS. But you know what, karma will come around for Team Ignorance, so let them play 😛

    • Comments (1162)

      “CBS didn’t know just by interviewing them ………….”

      Andy stated that during his BB Interview process, he was asked more than once if
      he had a temper and how he handle himself when he became angry. What other questions
      are potential BB Houseguests asked BEFORE being selected for the show?

  12. Comments (4)

    After watching the end of that youtube mash up my guess is that after her eviction Aaryn is going to come out with some sob story about how the pressures of being in the house got to her and made her say/do things she wouldn’t normally do.

    I strongly believe the show would be so much better if the HG were all people who actually wanted to be on the show for love of the game. I don’t understand why CBS doesn’t do that – there have to be enough people who fit the mould of looking “good enough” to be on TV who are actual BB fans that they shouldn’t need to recruit people.

  13. Comments (15)

    Vote for Helen mvp

    • Comments (21)

      she is an alliance with Spencer and one with Aaryn….

      I am voting for either Candice (dislikes Aaryn and GM) , Judd (dislikes Spencer), Howard (though he appeared to let Aaryn off the hook last night, I am praying this was for appearances only) or Amanda (The MC is moving to get her out and she is the only person that stands up to the BS comments so I have more respect for her)

      • Comments (15)

        No she is not. That was just strategic move Aaryn is HOH. She knows that Spencer is in alliance with Jeremy and Kaitln. She is a true friend of Elissa. She was the only one who supported and comforted Elissa in the first week on the house when no one else did. She is just playing the game.

  14. Comments (11)

    As I recall Rachel R. made a lame attempt at bashing Ragan’s homosexuality during their season as well.

  15. Comments (137)

    I have read countless times about how other contestants in past seasons have said inappropriate comments. To me (mind you my opinion) those were different. They were said once and forgiven by the viewers. This season it is repetitive comments that are being made by at least 4 of the house guest. I feel that is where the line was drawn in the sand for me to voice my opinion regarding it. I hope everybody who has complained has also either written a statement to CBS and to all of their sponsors supporting BB complaining of these issues. Remember that if you are going to complain to do something about it. I did!! I want these 4 house guests removed from the show. They should not get paid week after week for these comments. It is not fair for the real fans who would have loved to have been picked to be on the show. CBS could have done a much better job in selecting the cast for this season. Shame to CBS and their sponsors.

  16. Comments (231)

    I have an idea since MVP is America’s choice, we should not vote for any moving company members or the bigots. These people include: jerk, gm, aaryan, Kaitlin, Spenser, Howard, nick and mcC. This is the only way that we can control the game! I’m also in some chats spreading the word.

  17. Comments (1)

    The video is so disturbing. CBS needs to do something about the racism. Also the cheating during the last hoh. Jeremy is a huge racist bully and aaryn is just the same. What MEAN girls there are too! Spencer is just nasty the way he tals. Very very racist. And the talk about killing ppl. Really. I have never in my life said anything like that or thought it! So so wrong. Ppl wonder why teenagers in high school bully etc. well it is from watching tv shows that allow and glorify the cast. Those responsible for the anti-comments need to know there are consequences for the words and actions. Also threatening bodily harm should be another automatic boot from the game with the bulling and racism!

  18. Comments (3)

    I love the comments made and have been reading all of them respectfully.

    I myself am angered by the vile comments made. Not just race, sexual preference but also the derogatory comments made about women. Have we gone back in time or something.

    I was actually thinking of not watching the show, but my light bulb turned on. These are real people with real views. As a Canadian, I am not taking this as America’s views as a whole, but a subset of people. Let them dig their graves.

    I cannot wait until they get evicted one by one and watch their smug faces. That will be worth it. Also, I can’t wait until the show is finished. What happened to Paula Dean for something she said 20 years ago.

    These nitwits are on the show to help their “careers”. LMAO. I can’t wait to see when they find out exactly what they have done to their careers. They will soon find out how America (and Canadians) feel about this behaviour.

    Let them keep digging.

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