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Big Brother 15 – Tuesday Updates

August 20, 2013 | 164 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Something has to happen in this house, and I mean soon!  We’re more than halfway through the season and all we’ve had so far is:

– The MVP twist which was a failure except when it created paranoia the last few weeks
– A double eviction night
– A jury member coming back into the game (this Thursday)

Am I missing something?  Considering the double eviction happens every season, and the jury member returning hasn’t happened yet, we’ve really only had 1 thing happen to the house.  The MVP twist which was tweaked midway through until abandoned entirely.  Where is Pandora’s Box?  Where is something new?  I want to watch the feeds one lazy weekday afternoon,  have them go to fish for an hour or two and have the houseguests come back in shock over what happened during the break.  Am I alone on this?

Since I don’t expect that to happen today, this will probably be a slow update day, but here are my reminders before I begin…

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Updates – 

9:30am – Everyone still sleeping….

10:30am – Feeds cut to fish, possible wake-up call to house

10:45am – Aaryn emerges from her castle, but that’s about all the activity in the house right now.

note – during slow times on the feeds I play Candy Crush.  I’m on lvl 322 now. It’s been a long summer haha

11:30am – Helen and Elissa outside talking about the potential votes for the week.  Not looking good for Helen.    While Helen is going to ramble about the same stuff for the next 45 minutes, I’m going to make a sandwich

1:00pm – I stepped away when Spencer was on camera sleeping with Helen/Elissa talking.  I come back and I see the same thing.  I wonder if Elissa will vote out Helen just so she doesn’t have to listen to her any longer.

1:15pm – Elissa busting out the excuses why she’s sucked so far this season.  She hasn’t had a ‘reason’ to be competitive yet.  We’ll see if this is true because she basically needs to sweep PoV to stay in the game.

1:20pm – Elissa is making fun of GinaMarie for getting upset over the Nick eviction.  She says there are far more important things in life (which I agree)… but I guess Elissa didn’t watch her sisters seasons

1:30pm – Now Helen is talking about how they put in people who are ‘kind of nutty’ around ‘normal people’ to see how they’d react (because they’re not used to it).  Again, they’re forgetting that Elissa grew up with one of those type of people.

2:00pm – The rest of the house is finally starting to get out of bed!


2:20pm – Helen and Elissa still talking about how hard they had it growing up… I can’t take it, I need a break.  Time to go eat, be back soon

5:00pm – Back from dinner, Helen and Elissa are STILL talking.  Spencer is telling McCrae he’s going to give a shoutout to his fellow employees.  I hope Julie Chen interrupts him with (ex) fellow employees

5:15pm – Breaking news: Aaryn is not in her HoH best resting against the backstop.  She made her way to the tub!


6:12pm – Andy, Amanda and McCrae chatting in the cockpit.  Really nothing specific, but it’s a basic Amanda-convo.  She gets all animated while everyone else listens.  Nothing that hasn’t been said a billion times this week.

7:20pm – The group is up in the HoH room chatting about various things from Elissa’s intention to get famous from Big Brother to how they’re going to react when they get out of the house.  Pretty interesting conversation, you’d have to flashback to around 7:00 to hear it all.

switched to Helen, Andy and Elissa, and the conversation is already putting me to sleep

7:35pm – I have a feeling the house is going to give me another early night tonight.  Should I thank them, or be sad about the season?

9:00pm – People still in the HoH chatting about nothing, Aaryn downstairs cooking.

9:20pm – Yea, this is a dead day.  Nothing going on – at all.  Sorry for the lousy updates, but blame the house, not me!   Catch you tomorrow!

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