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Big Brother 15 – Tuesday Updates


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Something has to happen in this house, and I mean soon!  We’re more than halfway through the season and all we’ve had so far is:

– The MVP twist which was a failure except when it created paranoia the last few weeks
– A double eviction night
– A jury member coming back into the game (this Thursday)

Am I missing something?  Considering the double eviction happens every season, and the jury member returning hasn’t happened yet, we’ve really only had 1 thing happen to the house.  The MVP twist which was tweaked midway through until abandoned entirely.  Where is Pandora’s Box?  Where is something new?  I want to watch the feeds one lazy weekday afternoon,  have them go to fish for an hour or two and have the houseguests come back in shock over what happened during the break.  Am I alone on this?

Since I don’t expect that to happen today, this will probably be a slow update day, but here are my reminders before I begin…

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Updates – 

9:30am – Everyone still sleeping….

10:30am – Feeds cut to fish, possible wake-up call to house

10:45am – Aaryn emerges from her castle, but that’s about all the activity in the house right now.

note – during slow times on the feeds I play Candy Crush.  I’m on lvl 322 now. It’s been a long summer haha

11:30am – Helen and Elissa outside talking about the potential votes for the week.  Not looking good for Helen.    While Helen is going to ramble about the same stuff for the next 45 minutes, I’m going to make a sandwich

1:00pm – I stepped away when Spencer was on camera sleeping with Helen/Elissa talking.  I come back and I see the same thing.  I wonder if Elissa will vote out Helen just so she doesn’t have to listen to her any longer.

1:15pm – Elissa busting out the excuses why she’s sucked so far this season.  She hasn’t had a ‘reason’ to be competitive yet.  We’ll see if this is true because she basically needs to sweep PoV to stay in the game.

1:20pm – Elissa is making fun of GinaMarie for getting upset over the Nick eviction.  She says there are far more important things in life (which I agree)… but I guess Elissa didn’t watch her sisters seasons

1:30pm – Now Helen is talking about how they put in people who are ‘kind of nutty’ around ‘normal people’ to see how they’d react (because they’re not used to it).  Again, they’re forgetting that Elissa grew up with one of those type of people.

2:00pm – The rest of the house is finally starting to get out of bed!


2:20pm – Helen and Elissa still talking about how hard they had it growing up… I can’t take it, I need a break.  Time to go eat, be back soon

5:00pm – Back from dinner, Helen and Elissa are STILL talking.  Spencer is telling McCrae he’s going to give a shoutout to his fellow employees.  I hope Julie Chen interrupts him with (ex) fellow employees

5:15pm – Breaking news: Aaryn is not in her HoH best resting against the backstop.  She made her way to the tub!


6:12pm – Andy, Amanda and McCrae chatting in the cockpit.  Really nothing specific, but it’s a basic Amanda-convo.  She gets all animated while everyone else listens.  Nothing that hasn’t been said a billion times this week.

7:20pm – The group is up in the HoH room chatting about various things from Elissa’s intention to get famous from Big Brother to how they’re going to react when they get out of the house.  Pretty interesting conversation, you’d have to flashback to around 7:00 to hear it all.

switched to Helen, Andy and Elissa, and the conversation is already putting me to sleep

7:35pm – I have a feeling the house is going to give me another early night tonight.  Should I thank them, or be sad about the season?

9:00pm – People still in the HoH chatting about nothing, Aaryn downstairs cooking.

9:20pm – Yea, this is a dead day.  Nothing going on – at all.  Sorry for the lousy updates, but blame the house, not me!   Catch you tomorrow!

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  1. Comments (1)

    It would be great if which ever houseguest comes back to the game is automatically the new HOH.

    • Comments (80)

      Lol if that’s the case, let’s pray it’s Jessie.

    • Comments (27)

      That really be the only way to keep them from going right back out the door and pulk this season out of the predictable nose dive its currently in. Maybe they’ll have an endurance comp and add in the jury. Last jury member to fall gets back in; last person overall is HOH.

  2. Comments (316)

    I actually think Amanda has the best game play. Like her or not, she is the brains behind all of the evictios and everything else.

  3. Comments (357)

    I’m SMH at the lack of creativity and confusion from BB this year. I can’t get a firm grasp on WTH is going on with the HGs! I have never seen so many passive players in any game (whether it is BB or not). I am old school. And if you lose….guess what? YOU lose!
    The BB house is a conformed mix of the biggest oxymoron ever. By BB standards…I don’t want to do anything to hurt the house feelings by voting for you to stay, thus get “blood on my hands”. But in real world standards…no holds barred (whether it’s bigotry or bullying)! I just don’t get this cast! @ CBS…you have done a poor job with casting this season and it shows with what most bloggers and members are saying about this season. BB15= HAM (Hot A$$ Mess)!

    • Comments (1162)

      IF the rumors are true about Amanda’s pre-determined BB15 Win, then it would
      appear the weak-willed HGs were specifically selected by casting
      to help her achieve that goal.

      • Comments (85)

        i don’t think they predetermine who is going to win but I do think that they have something to do with keeping the more entertaining HGs in the house or at the very least getting them fired up in some way. As far as the yeast infection is concerned, a woman can get them for any number of reasons, mostly from antibiotics or some over the counter meds can cause it also. its just a depletion of the naturally occurring yeast in a woman’s body.

      • Comments (1162)

        I’m 50-50 on predetermination of the winner.
        CBS lack of integrity so far had left me …….wondering.

        There are several questions and one which a poster raised just
        a few days ago has me puzzled.

        During one of Arayn’s HOH reveals, Amanda picked up a photo
        of Aaryn’s and said one of the girls pictured in it looked familiar.
        It was a photo of Aaryn’s BFF.
        Amanda asked if the girl was from Austin and Aaryn said, yes.
        Amand then said, she knew her.
        End of Conversation………. Huh??????
        That doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.
        Where were the exclamations of ….. “What?”
        “You’re kidding?” “How do you know her?” etc. etc. etc.
        BTW – production never chimed in with any warning about
        them discussing the matter.
        Toss in all of the other so-called “rumors” and……. BINGO!
        There is a credibility problem.

      • Comments (316)


      • Comments (407)

        MM, I noticed that too and wondered why the conversation ended like it did. I thought Amanda’s roots were in New York and Florida, not Texas. I was thinking why didn’t Aaryn pursue it further, but it never happened.

      • Comments (1288)

        Amanda did say that her experience being discriminated against came when it was like she was the only Jew in Corpus Christi [the city might be wrong but it was somewhere in Texas].

      • Comments (1162)

        I recalled watching that exchange on BBAD but forgot about it
        until a poster mentioned it just a few days ago.
        Since then several posters claim the segment can no
        longer be found on the Live Feeds. I don’t have the Live
        Feeds so don’t know about the accuracy of those comments.

        I did check with Jokers Updates and found it.

        BB15 Daily Recap
        July 25, 2013
        Titled – “A Second HOH & A Second Chance For Aaryn”

        The exhange is typed in at the 10:20 PM time slot.

      • Comments (85)

        my suspicion started a few years back the guy with the little bow tie tattooed on his neck, dont remember his name – everyone hated but caused alot of trouble in the house, and no one would vote him out…

      • Comments (316)

        Crazy James?

      • Comments (1)

        On a previous HOH of Aaryn’s, Amanda and another HG (I believe Helen) were commenting in the HOH room looking at her photos, about how they seemed to recognize one of the girls in a photo that Aaryn had. Aaryn said it was her BFF in TX, and they probably wouldn’t know her, but she did resemble a certain celebrity and that is perhaps why they thought they knew her. Amanda (and I think Helen) still thought they knew her from somewhere else. So that recent conversation with the new photo of her and her BFF probably stems from that original conversation.

      • Comments (20)

        Standing ovation for jaded, they are so right about their information and idea of how BB play the game. Yeah!

    • Comments (162)

      I love BB, but this year is bad in regards to the cast hurting one another by the racist remarks and pokes at their families. And if Amanda does win then something had to be up she is awful.

      • Comments (5)

        They have no real game play so all they do is talk about evicted house guests or each other. Sooooooo Boring

    • Comments (14)

      The lack of creativity is truly a killer for me too.
      I recall a season where the HG’s made puppets to entertain themselves etc…

      Idk, they just look like they’re sitting around waiting….

      and I too thought alls fair in love and war, ok, I don’t enjoy the bigotry or misogyny but that’s part of real life stuff too so ughhhhhh
      JUST C’MON HG’s… get dirty…ok McRanda not you two…sheesh!

      • Comments (1)

        The cast this season doesn’t have to make puppets. They already are puppets for the disgusting puppet master. It’s very strange how they all bend to her will & protect her at all costs. And the best part, cbs gives the witch the best edit possible so she doesn’t appear like the total lowlife that she is. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for casting this sorry lot.

      • Comments (407)


  4. Comments (5)

    i agree take away the winning and the racism and the bulling amanda is certainly a fearless competitor!!

    • Comments (487)

      I would not call Amanda a fearless competitor. She’s a smart competitor. If she was fearless she would be out in front not hiding behind the other HoH or McCrae. She should have won at least three competitions by now that did not involve teams. She couldn’t even win when Amanda and McCrae tried to lose.

      • Comments (357)


      • Comments (231)

        I don’t like that the HGs are throwing comps to appease Amanda so that she can win. I feel like I’m being injected with stupid juice.

      • Comments (1)

        Not sure to laugh or cry but she can’t even win when her sheep try to throw the comps lol

      • Comments (1276)

        The only one I’ve seen throw a comp for amanda is McRae. Aaryn looked scared out of her mind for winning, like Amanda would climb on her and beat the mess out of her for doing it. Amanda is great at strategy, but she is not a competitor, she’s far from it. You would have to actually win a compitition to be a competitor.

    • Comments (453)

      Fearless competitors don’t go hide behind garbage cans and cry because they didn’t win a comp….just saying

  5. Comments (1)

    they need the coup D Eta like the one Jeff had years ago they should give to Elissa to Chang the nomination

  6. Comments (85)

    bring back zingbot! i loved zingbot!

  7. Comments (1162)

    Last night or sometime yesterday, Elissa said Rachel told her how much fun
    it was to be on BB because the production crew gave the HGs amazing fun
    challenges with incredible sets.
    I agree.
    Whoever designs the sets for challenges should get a raise and “Kudos!”
    However, the BB staffers employed to provide the “Unexpected” on the show
    have failed BIG TIME.
    Where are the surprises?
    What’s new?
    HGs have been able to anticipate everything, except America voting as MVP.
    Boring, Boring, Boring Show along with the most disgusting HGs, ever!

    • Comments (6)

      I hope the fun stuff is coming. Maybe CBS is waiting for the right guest to get the Pandora’s box. Let’s face it, if Andy got it, it would have been a huge waste. I just can’t find anyone to root for! Maybe if Jesse or Judd returns? Still, the pickin’s are slim.

  8. Comments (34)

    Who ever return’s in the house thursday will be put on the block no matter what. I really think judd’s the one comming back but lol nothing’s gonna change, :-/ the queen will stay the queen,& if Helen goes that’s a rap just give Amanda her money now because, i just don’t see anybody else stepping to Mcranda Ellisa maybe :-ooooo no i don’t think so she’s to soft & her game sucks plus without mvp she’s not a treat anymore to Amanda so yo just enjoy the rest of the show, i think people should stop expecting big moves from them because during all season long Amanda’s been making all the big move’s so, just sit back relax and watch her work her magic by getting rid of everybody she want’s in the house, to bad that those people are to stupid to hummmmm i don’t no ??? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MAYBE lol i’m use to it now so HEY WTF …. :-/ 🙂 KiCK THERE ASS AMANDA & SEE YOU AT THE ALL STAR GAME’S 😛 (can’t believe i’m saying this 😮

  9. Comments (46)

    I blame the fail of mvp on america
    Elissa won 3x for doing nothing, that was probably unexpected by the producers,

    Also we had 3 nominations which was a new twist….

    • Comments (1288)

      MVP would have been fine if Eloser had not been in the house. She had an unfair advantage in the running for that with her sisters army of mindless drone BB fans out there punching buttons for her. I support my assertation that they are mindless drones by the fact they turned around and put Eloser on the block the first week the voting changed from MVP to nominee. Best laugh all season.

    • Comments (768)

      I don’t. I blame it on the producers for not thinking it through. They should have had it so the same person couldn’t have it any more than once.

  10. Comments (316)

    As I have mentioned before, if we keep on complaining there won’t be a Big Brother 16 at all.

    • Comments (302)

      I beg to differ … the more we complain the more likely there will be another big brother. In show business it’s better to be hated than to not care at all. This season was headed for the crapper until the racist remarks. Now a majority of those watching want to see the bullies and racist get their payback. The problem with this season is there are so many unlikeable players it’s hard to find a hero.

      • Comments (682)

        I completely agree. Instead of rooting for someone I find myself naming the ones I DON’T want to see win. So I guess McCrea is my choice, for now anyway.

      • Comments (302)

        I agree Rita .. my choice changes weekly as each and every houseguest says something petty, cruel or demeaning and I have to reevaluate.

      • Comments (231)

        McC is just as nasty as Spenser with the comments about Elissa and women in general.

    • ashamed to be watching
      Comments (12)

      If we don’t complain about this sad season ,we might end up with C.B.S. thinking this was acceptable .I would not want an other season of this behavior nor will I ever waste my time watching BB if this is what it has come to.I have watched since season 1 and not always Loved everyone but I have disliked a cast SO much they just seem so inhuman !!! It really does not feel right rewarding any of them

      • Comments (48)

        I know where you are coming from ashamed. I have watched since season 1 also. Even when things happened that I didn’t like I would never miss a show. However, I have not botered to watch the last three shows. I will watch the show on Thursday though. I feel like we will have a little excitement watching to see who comes back in. I liked Judd but he will just come back in and team up with Amanda and McCrae. The only one I feel that might come back and give us a little entertainment is Jessie. I am hoping for it to be Jessie and she wins the HOH.

      • Comments (302)

        I’m with you ashamed. CBS could have put their foot down on this behavior early in the game. Instead they used the controversy to boost ratings … damn the anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist hate spewing from some of the contestants. CBS would immediately throw someone out if lay a hand on another houseguest … I’d argue this seasons behavior worse than slapping someone in the face. We expect some catty behavior but this season takes the cake. This bunch not smart enough to have an intelligent conversation so they’d rather just bash whoever is not in the room.

    • Comments (1092)


      As boring as the last weeks have been, the ratings are really high this year.

      There is no way in hell that CBS would drop one of the most succesful shows of the summer, year after year.

      • Comments (316)

        We shall see.

      • Comments (357)

        The ratings are high not because it’s a great season. The ratings are high because we are waiting to see Karma come around and start slapping some of this animals right in the A$$!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Nor would they risk their reality competition show franchise to give some girl $500k. Now, did they themselves start the “Amanda is destined to win” rumor to push ratings? Perhaps.

  11. Comments (15)

    They showed us the reset button but it never had the option to be pushed hmmm. Reset when Amanda was on the block and then have them vote her out hehe.

  12. Comments (651)

    Wish List:

    1. Candice comes back as a birthday present for GM (watch GM lose her mind)
    2. Elissa wins HoH–McMinute and Amanda go up
    3. Spencer wins POV
    4. Elissa tells Spencer that if he uses it Andy goes as a replacement and the next time he’s on the block he’s gone…

    Now can we have some fun?

  13. Comments (2)

    Haha Steve.. I’ve been unemployed for a year, I’m on level 391 on Candy Crush!!!

  14. Comments (407)

    Wonder if Kroger is supplying the groceries for free advertising?? It seems like almost everything they use is the Kroger brand. Just an observation.

  15. Comments (2)

    Steve, thank you for keeping up with the blog. However, I know it must be frustrating for you since this season of Big Brother is so boring. Thanks to the posters here who suggested watching Big Brother Canada instead (every episode is on YouTube). I have to say, CBS needs to take note of how the Canadians handled their first season of BB ever. There was a twist in the house seemingly every week. There were fun/silly random secret tasks that Big Brother provided to a random houseguest some times and if the houseguest was successful, the whole house would win a prize (or punishment). Plus, the casting was great, because they managed to find people who were into playing a real game of BB.

    I’m hoping that there will be miracle twist to happen this Thursday that will save this game of BB for me. I can only hope that the “reset” button will be used and take out Amanda and put in other people. Maybe replace the current houseguests with the people that were evicted? Haha…I can only wish.

    Finally, BB Canada made a big deal of punishing people for not following all the rules in HoH competitions, tampering with cameras in the house, etc. Why can’t BB USA do the same thing and punish these houseguests for their disgusting behavior? Seems like you can get away with anything in this house this season. It’s honestly so frustrating to me.

    • Comments (768)

      Well said! BB Canada was way more entertaining too! And it was just the first season too. I still don’t understand, why after 15 seasons they can’t get it right. If anything it’s gone downhill. Time for some new producers with fresh ideas. Just don’t steal our Canadian ones! 🙂

    • Comments (528)

      Also, the group in BB Canada was far more diverse. They clearly has several purposely attractive young people. But they also had some odd jobs like glimmer guy and YouTube dude (sorry, I never remember people’s names) thrown in there as well.

      • Comments (14)

        Glitter guy name is gary from toronto. Spoiler, if you are just watching now, he is one to watch.

      • Comments (2)

        Glitter Gary was my favorite part of BB Canada!!! Any way we can get him to the Big Brother 16 house? (Sadly, I’m already looking forward to next season…)

      • Comments (624)

        Isn’t he a convicted child molester?

      • Comments (624)

        What I meant was, isn’t he the guy who wrote the sports event song where everyone yells, “HEY!” at the chorus?

      • Comments (768)

        Different Gary.

  16. Comments (17)

    Did anybody notice how GM is so flirting w/Spencer? (bs game play.. ho shit I forgot GM doesn’t know she is even in the bb house)and for Helen she needs to stop trying all this game play (acting like Jessie last week)(which Helen was quick to blast her for her actions) b/c she is messing with Elissa’s game play for the rest of the season. but Helen only care’s about herself.

    • Comments (158)

      Elissa has no game play.

      • Comments (1288)

        She is a stuck up elitist trying to get some of the D-list fame her sister found. Her constant whining is ridiculous. It is kind of scary she has no idea about what Adderall is, at one point she likened it to methamphetamine and then called it synthetic heroin. No matter that the effects of those two drugs are diametrically opposed.

        Shouldn’t a mother today be aware of something like Adderall? If their precious snowflake isn’t on it, then they are surrounded by kids who are and a parent should know about that. As to Adderall being a PED, that’s bullshiat.

        In other words, all of the evidence that Adderall is “cognitive enhancing” appears to be anecdotal. Which means that there might be some otherwise healthy kids out their risking damage to their bodies for no reason at all.

        From here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexknapp/2012/06/12/the-biggest-unanswered-question-about-adhd-drug-abuse/

        So good job Eloser and Brenchel army drones for leading kids astray by making them think abusing Adderall is a way of getting ahead in school.

        Lastly I call shenanigans on her sudden slop “allergy”. She has been on it enough with no effect and suddenly she is whining that she is deathly allergic to it. What a crock of shiat, she chose to play so live with the game. Thankfully the Benedryl she has started popping will hopefully keep her in blissful slumber so we don’t have to listen to her duckface uttering painfully stupid comments.

      • Comments (158)

        Careful. Apparently we’re not allowed to question Elissa’s “allergy”. You’re a horrible human being if you do. Actually I think that applies to anything Elissa does…although since she’s done nothing in this game except do yoga, there isn’t much to criticize.

      • Comments (1288)

        True dat, plenty of Brenchel Army drones around here who drink their daily koolaid rations religiously.

      • Comments (158)

        Never understood the appeal. Rachel just cried and threw temper tantrums the whole time she was in the house. But for some reason, being annoying is enough to earn you a following in today’s “reality” television.

    • Comments (166)

      Well GM already told Aaryn that she’s going to be her maid of honor when she marries Nick, maybe she’s trying to round up a best man!! Run Nick Run!!

      • Comments (228)

        Unfortunately, GM is so delusional to think that Nick is remotely interested in even dating her. She has it in her mind that they are getting married. She has Aaryn as the maid of honor. Nick is an ambicious
        llifestyle and having her around would only taint his image and his business. His life does not include her…

  17. Comments (162)

    Hopefully what ever happens Thursday night will turn the house upside down and things will start happening……..

  18. Comments (1)

    Helen,s time is up, I,can,t understand y they don,t break Amanda, and mc,crea up also I am surprise the house guest let this show mace go on this long.

  19. Comments (1162)

    Looking to see something truly beautiful?

    Tonight there will be a FULL MOON.
    8:45 CST
    There are usually only 3 per year, however this year we are going to enjoy four.
    Depending upon how clear the sky is in your area –
    You might see a Full Red Moon, or a Blue Moon and/or a Green Moon.

    Dogs and GM will howl!!!
    : )

    • Comments (1288)

      Well since you started the off topic train I will jump on board. If you have access to BBC America on Demand you need to check out a series called “Orphan Black”. I just came across it and it is great TV. In short a street tough young woman sees another woman who looks like her set down her purse and commit suicide by jumping in front of a train.

      She takes the purse thinking maybe she can empty out the woman’s bank account. Going to the woman’s apartment and looking at her IDs she sees this woman could have been her twin. She then meets another woman who looks like her, then another and another. And someone is killing them off one by one. Good action, well written and while they do play fast and loose with science it is not done ridiculously.

      • Comments (651)

        Love Orphan Black…they’d kick some BB ass!!

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        thanks for the recommendation – I see that the first episode is free to download off iTunes so I will check it out!

      • Comments (1162)

        Sounds fantastic …..
        Thanks – will check it out asap.

        OFF TOPIC – better than BB15!!
        : )

      • Comments (1276)

        Orphan Black is an Amazing show! I was stuck home from work sick for two days a few weeks ago, and watched the season back to back, and it was AWESOME! Great show!!!

    • Comments (768)

      Something else slightly off topic, but still pertaining to BB. If anyone has Google Earth (free download) on their computer, copy and paste this into the search….

      34 8.668’N 118 23.345’W

      The location of the BB house in Studio City will show up. Zoom in on it.

      Click on ‘View’ at the top left of the screen and make sure the ‘Toolbar’ option is checked off. On the Toolbar click on the clock. A slide bar shows up. Slide the bar to the left until it gets to 7/2008. If you zoom in on the yard it looks like they have it set up for a competition?? Anybody recognize what those objects are in the backyard, besides the pool and the hot tub?

      • Comments (682)

        It’s not very clear. Looks like 2 mud pits.

      • Comments (233)

        Rob, I tried but didn’t get a good view.

      • Comments (768)

        Hi Vic, yeah, it’s a bit blurry for that year. I was just hoping there was an Ian on here who would have recognized what was going on that day! 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m pretty sure that’s just a pool cover in the top left corner. Usually google earths pics are pretty old, so that is probably from some time of the year when the show wasn’t on. I could totally be wrong, but I’m about 99% sure it isn’t from any kind of a comp.

      • Comments (768)

        It says it was taken in July 2008 Christina. As you scroll back over the years it will tell you the month and year the photo was taken. Unfortunately that year wasn’t as clear as some of the others, but it was definitely taken when BB was taking place.

  20. Comments (5)

    My comment is this: Is anyone out there as sick and tired of watching Amanda and McCrae always lying down. I mean, do these two not have any muscles in their legs or what?! I don’t care what part of the house they are in, they are always on their backs!

    • Comments (682)

      I’m tired of seeing it too. And it seems like every night around 9:00 (BBAD time) they go wander off somewhere to snuggle and talk game. It’s like Amanda is trying to show all the women watching that McStinky is her man.
      Spencer always makes sure he’s on camera for the 2 hours as well. After BBAD is done, more often than not, he wanders off.

    • Comments (228)

      That’s all they do is lay in bed and screw around. McCrae doesn’t even shower. He’s so dirty. Amanda probably got her yeast infection from him not cleaning himself. He doesn’t even wash his bedding..Amanda is lazy. She dirtys the kitchen and doesn’t clean up after herself. Her attitude is to have the ‘mothers’ clean it. I would of taken all of her dirty dishes and put it in her bed.

  21. Comments (1)

    I agree with David. These two are buck wild. Amanda has not won any thing……..so I’m praying they get her out soon.

  22. Comments (651)

    Okay I’ve come up with the way to get Helen to stay and she can stop campaigning. I doubt her and Elissa would even think about it but Demanda has all but told them the key.

    Mean Girl 101:

    Helen and Elissa set up situations where Demanda thinks she’s eavesdropping on them. When Demanda is in place start saying things like “Did you see McCrea with Aaryn!” “OMG! and with Amanda just in the (fill in the blank)!! They wouldn’t even have to say what they saw just that they saw something.

    Demanda has already accused McCrea of wanting Aaryn and supporting her over Demanda. And she’s made remarks about Aaryn wanting McCrea. So use it against her and stand back and watch it fly.

    Aaryn will turn and vote out Spencer and go after Demanda–that’s assuming Demanda doesn’t physically attack her and then of course GM would jump in…

    No I’m not a Mean Girl but I believe in Know Your Enemy and how to turn them on each other 🙂

    • Comments (5)

      Brilliant idea! Unfortunately, these HG’s are to stupid to think of it, but man o man, would it mak for some great TV! Of course, it is ONLY Amanda that thinks McCrea is “all that!”

    • Comments (1288)

      Helen might think of that but I don’t think she would want go that route. Eloser would do that but I can’t see her being smart enough to think of it.

  23. Comments (3)

    I think BB paid Elissa big $ to come on this year. She looks like the money is not the reason she is on the show. Not going to the jury house ( turning down that money)and she never talks about the final prize.?

    • Comments (126)

      I believe she once said that her older husband is well-to-do, so she be too. 🙂

    • Comments (682)

      Actually I have heard Elissa talk about the money quite a bit. She just talks r e a l sloooow when saying “a half a million dollars” so you may switch screens to see something more entertaining and miss it.

    • Comments (228)

      Elissa made mention to Helen that she negotiated her own fee to come on the show. She made a comment that she was there to ‘help the show’. She was not even sequested like the other HGs before entering the house. Also, Aaryn had said that early in the game she wanted to evict Elissa, but production talked her out of it. They weren’t having it at all. Production has alot of influence in the DR. Wish the cameras were in there for us to view

      • Comments (768)

        If you go to You Tube, type in ‘Big Brother Diary Room Leaks’. It’s pretty interesting to hear some of them.

      • Comments (3)

        Rob can u link the BB 15 ones way too many other years and spoofs on it etc. Thanks Rob

    • Comments (3)

      Thanks born2shop I new she was getting more money to come to the show….wonder how much anybody know?

  24. Comments (1288)

    Back on topic. Why does everyone assume that Candice, Judd and Jessie have compared notes about the house? As it is up in the air over who is in the jury and who is still going back in, allowing them to talk would be considered an unfair advantage for whoever came back in. They would have had private time with two jury members and that gameplay would have taken place outside the camera’s view.

    Notice how they haven’t shown any of the “arriving at jury” video packages. By now we normally would have seen Candice meeting Judd and Sunday night we would have seen Jessie walking in to meet both of them.

    I think they have been kept in separate locations and will remain apart until they are brought together with Helen to compete for the return spot. The three who lose will get their first glimpse of THE jury house together.

    If Judd comes back and wins HoH perhaps they will actually get together the guys alliance Helen and Eloser have been paranoid over all season, The Brigade Part Deux so to speak.

    • Comments (610)

      Dan, you could be very right. We just have to wait & see on Thursday. (meanwhile, time drags on & on….)

    • Comments (651)

      I thought Julie said to Jessie that she could say hello to Judd.

    • Comments (49)

      I’m with you….I don’t think the Jury house has started yet, nor do I think any of them even know who has been kicked off after them yet. In all seasons past BB has always had the previous guest sequestered if they were going to have any impact on the game. There is no way they BB would risk it this season. They probably were already told they may have the chance to return and been given hints to the game that they have to win to return. My guess is that each of them will be brought back in order to either on stage with Julie or into the BB yard to play the game, since the fourth player is already there. No time to do anything different. The fourth person may not even get to see Julie. They will probably play the game, has to be a short game, then the three losers will go to the Jury House together. Hopefully the HG’s get to watch the game and get to root them on at least…..and we all know who comes back at the same time. My guess is that the returning HG will get one week of immunity…then its alls fair in love and war. They will have to start the new HOH game (probably endurance) right after that, probably before the BBAD starts at 1 am, so more people can see the results on it.

      • Comments (1288)

        I would expect the “win your way back in” game to be onstage with Julie, that way they get the image of someone walking back in the door with a “I’m back m*therf*ckers” moment surprising the HGs [even if the only surprise is who it is]. Walking in the sliding door to the BY just isn’t as powerful.

        Probably no immunity included but they should get a chance in the HoH comp and an endurance comp is due.

      • Comments (8)

        I like that idea!!

      • Comments (875)

        Ikr…Remember when Brendan was evicted on BB 13, & returned to the show, he was sequestered in a in a beautiful Home, all by himself. Then Brendan came back and competed with Lawon, because Lawon was the next HG to be evicted from the house after Brendan.

        Brendan won the competition with Lawon, and returned back to the BB 13 house. What I don’t remember is, did Brendan get immunity for 1 week…

    • Comments (48)

      The last time I saw them bring a jury house member back they sequestered them and then brought them togeether to compete to come back in the game. They did not get the see one another until the competition.

    • Comments (220)

      Why would it be an unfair advantage for the jury members to compare notes? The jury members do not have outside information. They’re sequestered from the world, just as the BB HGs. So comparing notes among themselves, wouldn’t be any different than if they were all still in the house.

  25. Comments (682)

    It seems like the only time anything entertaining happens in the house is after they give the HGs alcohol. A couple sips and Aaryn goes starts seeing beyond what’s in front of her face, which is Amanda. You’d think they would give them more than one bottle of wine and 4 beers (Especially when there are no have nots) and give it to them earlier in the evening not at 11:00 at night.

  26. Comments (239)

    I haven’t watched BB or BBAD in weeks. Everytime I try I die a little inside. Thursday I will watvh to see if a good move happens. Although I will probably mute the t.v. I can’t stand HG’S egotistical comments. They say I am making a big move. What big move? From the bed to going outside on the couch. WOW! That is a big move. I am one of the people who feel the show is more scripted than not. Did anyone watch the Joe Shmoo Show? All scripted. At least they were honest about it and you knew to root for the hero. Okay that being said unless something happens Wednesday they might as well direct deposit Amanda’s check. So what’s left? America’s vote for player. Does anyone know when that will happen? Atleast there our voices can be heard. (well unless those are rigged lol) Just saying do we know that our mvp votes were really calculated? Didn’t they use to show vote percentages? Sorry I sound like a conspiracy theriost. Just can’t believe they had one chief and a whole lot of Indians.

  27. Comments (302)

    Helen has finally figured out her weak threats including the “Brenchal” factor & “Good vs Bad” campaign is not going to work. Now she goes to reverse psychology and pours on compliments to each and every person in the house proclaiming she will not go out like Jessie did(Yeah Helen don’t be entertaining). Meanwhile she has Elissa playing the trump cards trying to stir the pot a little in hopes of getting someone to change their mind. Elissa making it seem like Spencer would be an unbeatable foe in the finals …. give me a break.

    • Comments (768)

      Helen in panic mode now….

    • Comments (407)

      Bored, I think Elissa was trying to make Spencer sound unbeatable so they would actually vote him out instead of Helen. She was saying she and other former hg’s would vote for Spencer if he was final 2 over anyone else. I think she was just trying to sway the votes.

  28. Comments (28)

    I think it would be interesting if the option to reset the game (Ie just put all the jury members back into the house) was given…

    Perhaps there is a contest in the jury house between the 4 people. The winner gets to choose to EITHER 1- rejoin the house as the current HOH or 2 – reset the game whereby all the people in the jury are back in the house BUT a new HOH has to be determined (could be anyone, or could be limited to the people who were still ‘officially’ in the house).

    • Comments (14)

      Option 1 where they come back as hoh is the to hope for, all except judd will go after maccranda. Judd blames helen not amanda, so he would go after helen. They can not bring all jury members backunless theyhave a double evecton every week from now on, this season has to end soon.

  29. Comments (18)

    Aaryn looks so beautiful in that picture. I think im in love!!! 🙂

  30. Comments (1288)

    Last night they were making up their own rhyming clues like those in the OTEV veto comp. Andy is a genius: “This blonde has got one of the prettiest faces even though she’s an overt racist”. His Jessie one was just as funny: “Even though you had no power you f!ngered yourself in the HOH shower”.

    Spencer’s and GM’s offerings do not deserve repeating.

  31. Comments (27)

    My hope is next year, to make the game really unpredictable and hilarious, they should cast the house guests only with previous house guests; the gig is they can only be house guests that were the first one evicted from their season. They could crown the “Worst Player Ever” and the “Winningest Loser”. Come on CBS, load up the short bus and let the palms start smacking the foreheads!

  32. Comments (1288)

    Why oh why doesn’t Helen remember that she once said she would get rid of Eloser once she was no longer needed for MVP. That happened when Eloser tried to blowup the plan to save Aaryan by telling Kaitlin. Eloser has since encouraged the breakup of their alliance and the targeting of Amanda that has Helen up against the wall. For some inexplicable reason Helen has tied that lodestone to herself and is going down for it. How does she get paid back for such blind loyalty?

    Eloser moaning that she cannot work with Aaryan and GM, “they are not nice people and are sooooooo jealous of her”. Instead she is running into the arms of McCranda, the main architects of Helen’s demise. Now if Helen is the returnee perhaps she will kick Eloser to the curb.

  33. Comments (35)

    Anyone catch aaryn the other night acting like she did not know about BBAD.,,please..they all change during the hours BBAD is on..much less fighting and alot of trying to deflect off their shitty personalities…something has OBVIOUSLY been said to them about racist comments since they all deny it when BBAD is on..joking about how ridiculous that is..aaryn/amanda waaayyy to concerned about how they are “portrayed”..they must know

  34. Comments (8)

    Just for the record, if anyone cares, Spencer has not been fired so he does still have coworkers. I know spencer and his family personally…he’s older than me but our dads are bfs. In NO way do I defend any derogatory remarks he has made. They should have never left his mouth (period!).
    However, I will defend him as a person and tell y’all he (and his brothers & cousins [whom im extremely close with]) have never been anything but gentlemen towards me. We all say and do stupid stuff sometimes that we can’t always defend and if there is anyone out there who hasn’t I would really love to meet you. Basically, it’s called being human or in this case being locked in the BB house a bit too long. The one thing that people sometimes forget about and its something that is really hitting me hard this season and I’ve been a huge BB fan for years is that just bc you watch someone on live feeds for a few months doesn’t mean you actually know who they are in the real world.
    Thanks for listening. Luv me some Spence, but I will debate no one on him having played a strategic game…he’s done horrible! LOL

    • Comments (35)

      He offends me the least…and I am a woman…I find GM Aaryn and Amanda much more vicious….Spencer seems to be joking but GM Aaryn and Amanda’s comments are made with the intent to hurt people

    • Comments (1288)

      My read on Spencer is that his remarks have always been said in an attempt to be humorous and not out of hate and bigotry like those of Aaryan and GM. Even tho the child porn comment was tasteless it is ridiculous that some people decided to waste the time and effort of the police over it.

      It was said into McCrae’s mike to imply it was McCrae making the comments and he would get in trouble. It was in no way serious and anyone who tries to say it was is just letting their disappointment at the failure of their favorite (**cough**Eloser**Eloser**cough**} cloud their judgement.

      • Comments (302)

        I am so with you DanDaMan on the Spencer issue. I just can’t stand how we love to throw away tax dollars in this country. Spencer’s comments were disgusting and ill-advised but it was a tasteless joke and to waste police man hours investigating that is totally ridiculous. Joan Rivers usually makes a “Jerry Sandusky” joke every week on “Fashion Police” and they aren’t calling the DA’s office.
        That doesn’t mean I excuse a few other things Spencer has said but for the most part I agree with DanDaMan that most are weak attempts at humor not hateful speech like GM & Aaryn.

      • Comments (231)

        Spenser’s kind of “so called” humor” belongs in a special place not on live feeds that people of ALL AGES watch. I’m by no means a prude and have been around many types of people BUT I’ve been able to say to that person ‘knock it off.’ Spenser’s UGLY thoughts about others have no place on the BB forum.

      • Comments (1288)

        What right minded parent would let their child watch the uncensored feeds? And the same goes for AfterDark. I would never have let my child have access to those.

        The CBS show is edited for a general audience and is the only thing anyone under 18 should be seeing. You see I learned a very important technique for avoiding those things that offend me, you might want to write this down.

        Just avert your eyes.

        There it is, four simple words that will guard your delicate sensibilities. Nobody is forcing their way into your home and foisting BB on you, you are looking for it and if it so offends you, then just don’t look for it.

      • Comments (231)

        U are not a man at all.

    • Comments (302)

      Thanks Kylees for that food for thought. I really wasn’t rooting for anyone at this point but if Spencer wins your post here will make me feel a lot better about it.

    • Comments (651)

      My problem with Spencer’s jokes is they are so wrong on so many levels. What kind of person even thinks these things much less makes jokes about them? From day 1 he’s referred to woman as c*nts so while his brothers and cousins may be gentleman, we know what he really thinks about women.

      • Comments (407)

        I agree with you Jackie. I read on jokers that the houseguests were talking about what America sees and writes about them. Spencer thinks there won’t be anything bad about him out there. He also proceeded to say he would like to donate his winnings to Oprah Winfrey Adoption Agency. This came after another round of bashing Candice. Sorry, but I can’t pull for someone like him to win the 500K. Even if he is just trying to be funny, he’s failing big time.

  35. Comments (1288)

    I guess you have never heard of The Aristocrats joke or the film made about it.


    And a number of the women have trotted out the c-word all by themselves so what Spencer says is not outside of the norm the house has achieved. This is not a Mormon summer camp, it is BigBrother.

  36. Comments (1162)

    How did BB Production miss this – ? –

    Amanda and Spencer should have been BB15’s Showmance.

    Last night they, once again, discussed their sexual preferences and these, two,
    are perfect for each other.

    Amanda’s family and friends must be sooooooo proud of her. lol
    When she flies home to Florida and there isn’t anyone at the airport
    to meet her, I wonder if she’ll figure it out?
    Oh, and if she stops by her FORMER Real Estate Office ………… I hope
    the local press is there to capture Amanda’s facial expression. Sweet!!!!

  37. Comments (1162)

    At 4:52 AM, BBT
    Amanda was crying because Production refused to
    give her her Xanax.
    She was having terrible anxiety ……………

    “The House Has NO SYMPATHY!!!!”

    • Comments (610)

      If she has such terrible anxiety, why is she playing BB?

      Here’s a thought: bring in Dr. Phil for an evening with the HG. Wouldn’t that make for some real entertainment?!

  38. Comments (1162)

    Summer is over and School Bells are ringing across the USA.

    The following Public Announcement will be shown on the Big Brother Buliies Show –
    because “CBS CARES!”


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