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Big Brother 15 – Twas The Night Before The Finale

bb15-ginamarie-hohroom (1)


It’s been a long, but very fun summer following Big Brother 15, and that is including all the shows flaws.  Was the cast perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Was there more sleeping than drama?  Without a doubt.  Did I constantly wonder what was happening inside the house?  Definitely!

Big Brother is like pizza, or sex… even a bad season is still pretty good.  No show can duplicate the addictive feature which are the live feeds. As boring as the show may be at times, it’s still fascinating to watch the live feeds all summer and see the little things that never make the air.  The conversations that are too boring for TV.  The pranks and jokes that can’t squeeze into an hour of the show.  The wonderful showmances that… wait, scratch that last one, those are pretty lame.

Since there isn’t a whole lot to talk about, I am going to talk about the chances of each person winning the game in a minute.  First, I want to mention that next year we will indeed be doing a log-in to comment system (without facebook), and I will add another moderator or two.  The site blew up in popularity, so I wasn’t remotely prepared to handle 100+ comments on each post.   Every year this blog gets better, and I expect no different for Big Brother 16!


With that said, let’s talk about the finalists….

(note – for the stats, weeks on the block means either being nominated, or a re-nom.  Basically, a week where they sat in the nomination chair)


GinaMarie Zimmerman

I have to be honest about this one, I did not see her making the finals when the show started.  On the first episode, she was loud, obnoxious and ‘in your face’ so I felt she was definitely going to be an early exit. Her voice may be like nails on a chalkboard, and her laugh sounds like she’s 80 years old, but she managed to be the least bitchy ‘mean girl’ and avoid the wrath of the house.


  • Head of Households – 2
  • Power of Veto – 0
  • Weeks on the block – 3
  • Have Not – 3

Why she can win this season:

What GinaMarie has going for her is the fact that 6 jury members are female, and they have been in the jury house long enough to potentially put aside any grudges they are holding.  In addition to the girls, she made good with Judd and McCrae before they left and has really done a solid job working the jury all season. Candice aside, I don’t see a jury member who really dislikes her.

She also has getting Amanda out on her resume, especially being the tiebreaker to send her to jury

Why she can lose this season:

For the same reason GinaMarie can win the season is also the reason she can possibly lose.  Not many people in the jury really dislike her, and that’s because she hasn’t had to make a whole lot of moves.  As mentioned, she got Amanda out of the house, but other than that, she’s basically just been ‘there’.  People may not completely respect her style of play and vote Andy or Spencer instead.


spencer_clawson-thSpencer Clawson

Ahh Spencer (aka Adam Poch 2.0).  The king of all pawns.  The guy who can go from talking about Jessie’s butt to giving a shout-out to his girlfriend in the next breath. Spencer did not make many fans from the female audience this season due to his candid ‘locker room’ style talk that he probably should have toned down a bit. He floated his way to the final 3, and could easily find himself with a $50,000 check just because he’s the easier opponent to beat in the final 2.


  • Head of Households – 1
  • Power of Veto – 1
  • Weeks on the block – 8
  • Have Not – 1

Why he can win this season:

I don’t see many scenarios with Spencer winning this game, so I’m not even sure what to write here.  The only thing he has going for him would be the record amount of times he was nominated, but that would only win him the game if he were sitting next to his clone Adam Poch.

Why he can lose this season:

This one is pretty simple… Spencer is the biggest pawns in the history of the show and has done almost nothing other than that.  He won two competitions, and in any alliance he was part of, he generally was just an extra vote.   It’s hard to imagine him receiving more than 1 vote – if that – so he is almost guaranteed 2nd or 3rd place (2nd if GM or Andy are smart).


andy_herren-thAndy Herren

When it comes to Big Brother fans, Andy is a mystery to me.  Out of the final 3, he’s the one who has said the least controversial things this season, and has actually played the game (whether you agree with his style or not).  Amanda took credit for a lot of early exits, but Andy was very instrumental as his role as the ‘snitch’.  While he is probably the biggest floater in the house, it was more of the Ian-style floating rather than Spencer.  His goal was to make good with everyone and get information wherever he could so he could report back to whoever his true allies were at the time.  I like to call it the trojan horse floater.  It’s a risky style, but if it works, it works well.


  • Head of Households – 2
  • Power of Veto – 2
  • Weeks on the block – 1
  • Have Not – 3

Why he can win this season:

If Andy is in the final 2, it should be an easy victory for him (note: SHOULD doesn’t mean it will be).  GinaMarie may have the blood on her hands from Amanda, but Andy is the guy behind her stabbing her in the back then running away into the bushes leaving GM to get caught. He betrayed just about every alliance he was part of and really set the flow of the house.  The brilliance of his game is when he admitted he placed an item of his in every room in the house so he could have an excuse to break up a conversation.

Floating may be frowned upon in the game, but that’s true floating.  When it’s used as a strategy, it’s pretty damn smart.  Risky, but smart…

Andy should win this season unless GinaMarie wins the final HoH and takes Spencer to the final 2.

Why he can lose this season:

He’s had such a good social game this season, I would be shocked if he makes the final 2 if he loses the HoH challenge.

If he makes the final 2 and loses, it’s because of a bitter jury.  He had far an away the better game than the other two people in the house, so this is a breakaway empty net shot with a potential bitter jury the only thing standing in his way of half a million dollars.


There it is, this season is Andy’s to lose, and if anyone else walks away with half a million dollars, I’ll be pretty shocked.


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  1. I agree completely with your analyses and predictions, stevebeans.

  2. If GM takes Spencer I think she will win…Andy just might pull it out through…As for the 25,000.00 I think they should just give it to third place.. cause I really don’t know who I would choose to win it.

    • I am assuming Elissa has this fan favorite in the bag. I just don’t get it. And NO, just because I am not an Elissa fan doesn’t mean I support the disgusting comments that have been made against her this season. I have nothing against her as a person, she seems nice, classy, etc, but her game wasn’t all that interesting or special to me. She flip flopped and changed her mind constantly, and was very passive aggressive to multiple people this season. That said…I don’t know who deserves the 25,000…

      • Howard should win the 25k, he got the shortest end of the stick ever from helen and amanda

      • Howard deserves NOTHING.

      • but yea elissa will win hands down zzzzz

      • god dont upvote that, she deserves nothing lol

      • AFP doesn’t mean who played the best game or who did or didn’t flip flop, it is for who the majority feels deserves it. Like her or not, Elissa was targeted from day one. Some things in life you can’t chose, family is one of them.

      • You’re right Peggi. Elissa had everyone talking behind her back since the first week, assuming she’ll be just like her sister.

      • Jannie

        Yeah, but her getting the MVP for a few weeks took the target right off of her back. She had the power, not the target. Then she was carried by Helen for the next month. She had NO game and was viewed as the vapid house snob by all of the HG’s – they hated her because she treated them all like dirt from the minute she walked in.
        And if she was such a saint, then why didn’t she stand up to the trash talk…she sat there and listened to it too, and said nothing. A few times she left the room – but she sat there PLENTY and listened to it. That is, when she wasn’t being “a rat” and listening on the other side of the door to every other HG conversation – she was as bad as Andy in the rodent dept.

      • Peggi, I totally agree with you comment about not being able to choose family, however, I can tell you the reasons I dislike Elissa (as a PLAYER, not a PERSON, which I stated in my above comment) are completely different reasons than why I dislike Rachel. I wasn’t a huge Rachel fan, but I can tell you I gave Elissa a fair chance before making my mind up on her, and Rachel had nothing to do with it.

      • And had there been no MVP, and Elissa managed to last through those first few weeks as a target without that power, I might agree she deserves America’s fave.

      • Rita

        I would love to see Elissa (if/when she wins America’s Favorite Player) hand it to the next person in line from the votes. She knows a majority of her votes were due to her sister and would win praise if she passed the check.

      • Your way more fair than I am. I disliked her solely because of her sister. We made jokes etc etc but as soon as the mean ones crept out it changed everything. I too don’t think she played well it just pulled on my heart strings. I always seem to go for the underdog.

      • Amanda and crew said that when she didn’t have the MVP anymore then she was no good to them, they were only keeping her and basically using her because of the mvp vote, to get who they wanted out that week, and Helen also used her for that. The first month she stayed in a room hiding from all of the hate that she got from most of the others. Did she play a good game, it depends on how you define good game. Did she try telling others that Amanda needed to go, that Andy was a rat, yes, did she use more force in trying to get others to do things her way, no, which was her downfall. As for her being a bitch to others, anyone with self respect would lash out with all the hate that was thrown at her so yes she was a bitch to some of them, but, she had every right to for the way they treated her, would you take all the crap she did and not say a word? I know darn well I wouldn’t.

      • Jannie this is the facts.

      • Jannie

        Bob – Yeah I see.
        Helen never used Elissa – they were BFF’s from the start, before Elissa even got MVP.
        Elissa is so beautiful to them that she blinds them from all sensibility.
        And she hid in her room because she has no social skills, except to be a snob. She was rude because that is who she is, not because of the trash talk in the house.

      • Sorry I had a few drinks. Can’t tell from your sarcasim. But in was.agreeing with you. Lol. Time to ride my bike home from the bar. Then I’ll comment some more.

      • In Elissa’s defense (I am NOT an Elissa fan…she was terrible at the game for the majority of her time in the house) but, if you were locked in a house with people that behaved the way most of this season’s house guests have, would you be very nice to them? Don’t get me wrong, Elissa definitely got her jabs in on people, albeit passively, but nothing was geared toward a person’s race or about children. I can understand her “snobiness” towards some of the HGs, I wouldn’t have wanted to socialize with them either.
        With that said, I wonder if she is a snob in real life…..

      • Jannie

        Google up “Elisa Slater on Anderson Cooper show Bridezilla”
        She may be ever worse in real life.

      • to me favorite houseguest is who you liked the best. they don’t have to be the best player. I like elissa the best because everyone wanted to evict her at first just because she was rachaels sister and therefore she had a disadvantage right away. Liking her had nothing to do with who her sister was but I did not think it was right for her to have a target on her back right away because of her sister. Evidently there were many who felt as I did because she kept getting favorite. Also, I started liking elissa even more because of the abuse she took in the house and also because how she did not join in any of the other nastiness and abuse and nasty sex talk about others. She would get up and leave and just not associate with those people. Thats why hg thought she thought she was better than them. Because she did not join in with their crap. She was not used to being around people who act like that and said things about it and thats why people and hg thought she was snobby. Then they would complain because she never talked about her life and then when she did- they complained about her bragging about her money. She did not brag about her money but she did tell people things about her life and it let them know she had married into money and then they held that against her. she could not win whatever she did. She was also the first to figure out amanda and for sure andy. That is why he hated her so much. She did not trust him and she put him on the block to get off aaryn. She knew he would not be voted off but the rat could not take it. Elissa intimidates the hg because they are jealous of her character and everything about her so they try to drag her down and say she was wierd or psycho. Elissa mentions many times that she has worked very hard for everything she has and I believe that. Just the discipline she showed with her Yoga all the time shows she works hard. I think she was brought up in a sheltered home and has just never been around vile people who acted like these hg have acted. If you think about it rachael never got nasty either. when I mean nasty I mean cussing and calling people nasty things and talking about sex all the time. She cried a lot and thought about herself a lot but she was not a vile person like these hg. I don’t know if we have ever had hg like these. The game calls for back stabbing and telling lies but not personal nasty attacks on peoples character and talk about their families. That is why I think Elissa is many peoples favorite this year.

      • Very well stated, and I totally agree with you.

      • Jannie

        McCrea said – AND I QUOTE…
        She treated us all like second class citizens and scum from day one.”

        FROM DAY ONE!!! She didn’t suddenly become sullen because of what was said in the house.

        She was an anti-social bitch when she walked in the door!! Always looking down on the others and demanding special treatment(which she got).

      • Jannie

        P.S. –
        Elissa also got paid more per week than the others – and they know it because she would announce it when she was drunk in the backyard.

        Yup, she’s a charmer.

      • You’re quoting McCrae for something he said during
        one of Andy’s daily group sessions dissing Elissa
        when she was in the JH and out of the Game.
        Too funny!

        You know if McCrae had asked Elissa to cut his hair
        she would have done so. LOL
        An anti-social bitch would not have cut the hair of
        the other HGs but Elissa did.
        She, also, cooked and cleaned for the HGs.
        What endearing ways to treat others like they’re
        ………….second class citizens and scum. roflmao

      • True.
        It doesn’t say America’s choice of best player just our favorite.

    • I agree. It is sad though that these are the final three. So even if it went t a 3rd place I would be even more unhappy.

      • Peggi i couldn’t reply under you so-
        Peggi you’re right! I spaced the fact out that she did start the fire to get Amanda out. I take it back, she did play the game.

      • Sure she did do that except for the whole game as a whole she wanted to quit, go home and not even grace the jury with her presence. I personally felt for a while there it was to get what she wanted from production. Threatened to go home so she can get whatever she wanted. I didn’t care for her at first but felt bad for her. She had moments of good play but nothing as a whole.

      • there once was a girl known as jill
        who swallowed an exploding pill
        they found her vagina
        in north Carolina
        and her tits in a tree in brazil

        1602, William Shakespeare

  3. Spencer blew it. I cannot see a jury of 6-7 women give Spencer $500,000.

    • Spencer Did not add anything to the game. He was a seat filler and he said gross things. Get To Steppin’ Spencer!!

    • Jannie

      It depends on how much of his crude remarks were heard by the female HG’s.
      I think GM is a shoe-in if she gets to the final two. I think she played a good social game and her off-color remarks went, for the most part unnoticed.
      Andy would most likely beat Spencer. It all depends on how bitter the jury is – but Andy did connect to them all socially(more so than Spencer).

      • Andy has way more likability than GM, even the people he stabbed in the back, a) still like him, and b) realize he played the game his way and dominated with it

      • I agree-if the jury members truly evaluate Andy on his game strategy they will award thim the $$.

      • I Can’t STAND Andy!!! He’s so SHADY and is such an a-hole!!! He is such a SNAKE and is such a CRUEL person!!! I hope he looses sooo badly!!!! I vote for GM!!! At least she is real and is true to her word. She knows what it is too be LOYAL and actually is LOYAL to her team!!!

      • there once was a schmuck known as tru
        whose brain matter was made as glue
        he did not like andy
        thought shit smelled like candy
        then spent his last years in a zoo

      • I am sorry, but I doubt their is a jury member that has forgotten her comments the night Candice was evicted. You know, throwing the fact that she is adopted in Candice’s face, telling her that her mom doesn’t want her….it was definitely noticed!

  4. Thank you Steve for this blog. I am so happy you will be having a log-in next year without using facebook. I have not commented or posted anything for several days simply because a few people have nearly ruined this blog for several of us. The comments and arguments have gotten ridiculous and I don’t have to mention the names, we all know who they are. It might help also to limit the length of the comments as a few have gotten ridiculous. Thanks again and I am happy everything is going well with your dad.

  5. I hope we have an interesting final 2, like GM & Andy. Then we get to see how the jury thinks & subsequently responds to their social games and their actual strategy & gameplay. If Spencer is in the final 2 its only because he floated there. Maybe he even stategized to make final 2…hey it’s an easy $50,000, right. Anyhoo, I reluctantly would vote Andy only because he has been playing the game since day 1. (but he, and most of the other HGs should be penalized for all their vile & disgusting comments).

    • I super agree with this, please let it be andy and gm, I think GM is the only one of the two that would do this though. I would say it is a mix of her honor, which she really does have in my opinion, and her stupidity, which isnt abundant but it is there. I do think she is smarter than she comes off.

      I dont think andy would take her, but who knows.

      • I hope, expect the unexpected was the jury house getting to watch BBAD.. Then they can see Andy and Spencer for who they really are.

    • $50k can buy Spencer a big ol’ box of porn!

    • I agree that a final 2 of Andy and GM would be more interesting, exciting and fair. Spencer does not deserve to win any of the big money, he has already won $10k plus his stipend and a Bahamas trip which is more than he deserves IMO. GinaMarie is much more deserving of 2nd place than Spencer. Andy should win because he did work very hard 24/7 from day 1. His game play was brilliant in the way he made sure he was aware of everyone’s play (making various secret alliances)while staying under the radar and playing a good social game. Andy is very confident of his game play and may just be cocky enough to take GinaMarie to F2. I really wish this is the way it will end up for the reasons I already stated.

      On a personal note, they have all displayed hateful, disgraceful behavior in the way they constantly bashed other houseguests, and talked about disgusting subjects, using the F word excessively. There’s no excuse for this level of obscenity.

  6. Good Luck Andy (bring on those down votes)

    • I personally don’t like him but I have to admit he did play the game well. He played everyone and was able to walk away hoping to not get caught with the blood. Game wise he did do it. I need a drink.

      • Oh I forgot to say thank you Steve beans for doing all the work blogging for all of us! I have never been here before this year and will be back for next year. I appreciate your hard work especially when you had real life drama. This is a great place to take a break from life, meet new peeps, and voice our opinions. I also welcome the new sign in.

      • @Jill – I am sure that if andy knew you, personally, he wouldn’t care for you either. And, you don’t need to drink. The people who come in contact with you need to drink.

  7. I’m a late-comer to this site, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your posts and commentary.

    I’m torn between GM and Andy — actually for me it’s a lesser of two evils situation. I’m not thrilled with this final three, so I’m not really invested in who wins at this point. I’ll throw my support behing Gina Marie because she’s made me laugh (after her negative comments are taken out of the equation) whereas I haven’t liked Andy and he didn’t win me over with his personality at all. My olny wish is that Spencer walk away with noting becuase he has been such a non-entity in the house this season.

    I think the log-in idea is a great one and I look forward to signing up next season and being more acitve in these comments.

    • I’m a late comer as well . I have really enjoyed this site a whole lot beter than some . At this point it really doesn’t matter who wins . If I had to chose I would probably chose Andy .Only because he was the less obnoxious of the remaining 3 . Even if he is a rat/weasel. Ginamarie will win.

    • …oh N your ANALysis proves U dont know the game!Spence was almost always playing for 2nd place retard….watch how he puts himself down to GM and Andy while telling each how dangerous the other one is. No doubt about it dude….your too bias to host a blog 

  8. Your site changes for BB16 will be greatly appreciated.

    I, also, agree with your comments regarding the likely outcome for BB15,
    even though I’d prefer to see GM and Spencer in the F2.

    There is a reason the final juror doesn’t meet with the other jurors
    before the voting – personal disappointment, bitterness and the willingness
    to tell ALL to the other jurors in the JH.

    Andy’s real nightmare is McCrae’s vote and possible influence in the Jury House.

    When McCrae repeated back to Andy, Andy’s own words, I thought
    Andy would faint.
    Earlier in the Game, Andy told McCrae that the only reason he would be a bitter Juror was
    if he was stabbed in the back. Hmmm
    So while McCrae has to be angry at his own poor game play, his bitterness
    toward Andy may cost Andy one or more important jury votes.

    When the Final Vote Tally is counted, we will finally learn “What the House wants.”

    • That is andy’s one downfall if mc can spread that around the jury before the vote. we will see.

      • I don’t think McCrae had a chance to sway anyone’s vote because I heard the jury was sequestered again after McCrae was evicted.

    • You used to get some many thumbs up, now they are all down. Hmmmm, maybe due to your over the top hatred of the tv characters and you trying to effect their life after the show. Maybe even people who don’t like what they have said on the show have also heard enough from you.

      • Rita

        Bob, How do you feel about the 3 remaining HGs bashing Elissercize? Aren’t THEY trying to effect Elissa’s life after the show?

        I’m not an Elissa fan (by far) but I do like Midwest Middie!

      • Gawd damn yor the dumbest one yet!! 😀
        You’re gonna defend shitty behavior with shitty behavior? ??
        😉 lol

      • Rita

        Did I defend anyone?

      • They have said some fucked up shit. Shit people say about people when they are stuck in a house for 90 days. They have no form of entertainment or a way to relax. This is how they do it. Do I personally agree, no, but do I want to stop them from having a life outside the show? That’s a big no, I separate TV from real life. Hell they all on some level are media whores, with Elisa being the biggest being on multiple reality shows and all. That still doesn’t give me the right to actively try to ruin their life does it? I’m not Christian but I assume most of you housewife’s are. Jesus didn’t teach stop hate with more hate. And to finally answer your question I don’t think their rantings will effect her business in one bit. Would anyone know about it if she didn’t go on a TV show where this could happen?

      • Hey Bob and all your made up people I have kids who read this and would wish you’d put some soap in your mouth. Hope you’d get some on your fingers as well. Just because your miserable in life doesn’t mean you have to taint the others. Your opinion is all we want to read, stop with the foul mouth name calling and cussing.

      • Sorry you let your kids on a site about an adult TV show. Nothing about this show is kid friendly. Also all kids no what bad words are. And they are not bad just.words. I’m not the cause of them using them.

      • Oh that’s why they bleep the words out on national t.v..

      • Im sure your kids go on much worse sites than this.

      • No you see parents can & do monitor what their children Iook at. I am going to just go out & say that ‘Bob’, ‘Big Papi’, ‘Jannie’,’Me’, ‘Suzyq’, ‘You’, & a few others are the same guy.I can see 2 others that I cannot be certain but they seem to play right into the big picture this guy has started.Notice how they all seem to converse with each other in agreement &surprisingly just happen to be online right when they need to be?It’s uncanny how the timing works out for them all.The tone of their opinions all ring the same.I won’t bother reading any of their opinions any longer, it isn’t any fun to talk to the same person who tries to be somebody else.I’d rather it stick to the one &the same & just state how you feel.This joker has a political &personal agenda.He has a vendetta as well.Just let us BB fans enjoy what we enjoy &you can start your own blog about how to create more than one profile on blogs.Sorry to say but only your pretend names will read it.

      • This is a reply to Nate, you can and do evaluate what ever you want, but you just said they read this which you are worried about but you still let them? I guess you just suck as a parent then. You are also very naive if you think you can keep your kids from looking up stuff on the internet. It doesnt have to be in your house on your computer.

        Also, I am myself, I have no idea if any of the others you mentioned are the same person. No where am I as vulgar as they can be at times, and Im not trying to troll anyone, I just put out the facts as the truth they are

      • Lmao 😀

        U got Me nate im everyone including U…everyone but that nasty middie….shes a foul kunt 😛 btw now that u “proved” its jus Me and my personalities, maube youll give Steve Beanbag the hrads up 😉 no point in him upgrading the site ( sign in/comment capacity) if its just Me, cuz I dont trust him with personal info…he’s a fascist! !!

        Tweet me at #betchaKATESgotAhairyBUSH

      • me wants spence to win btw, i dont, ive also constantly told ppl to ignore him as hes an obvious troll, and i disagree with most of his posts, i have never given him a thumbs up or down i just ignore, except his zoo post, that made me chuckle

      • @Natedogg – Just because you are paranoid does not mean there is no one out there trying to get you. Stay strong.

        By any chance were you one of those people swearing up and down Amanda was going to win the show because some anonymous person said so on the internet? Is this your new conspiracy theory?

      • Nate don’t listen to them!! Im both of them also 😉 plus I’m Steve beanz the chicago bears and ….well …I’m your father son 😀 lmfao
        U stupid cocksucker!!!

        Fuck Julie the pig fascist Chen 😛

      • Natedogg is an asshole. Why is Bob miserable in life? How the fuck could you know that? People have made that same stupid remark to me and I lead a wonderful life. And for the record, any parent who would allow children to watch a show rated TV-14 is a shitty parent. And, when an idiot has nothing intelligent to say in reply, they start complaining about foul language, Ever hear the Nixon tapes? See Argo, or Zero Dark Thirty, or Silver Linings Playbook? Adults curse all the time. Even fucking Billy Graham.

      • Why do you think housewives are Christians? And why do you refer to the females on this site as housewives? Are you using your highly evolved male intuition?

      • Ha. You are right as a progressive on liberal I shouldn’t place labels on people. I made the comment though based on other blog posts. Ones where as Christians they were offended by certain houseguest. And then when I asked someone to find a new hobby she listed all of the house chores she does through the day as they were hobbies or interest. Sorry it was somewhat of a rude generalization.

      • Jannie

        Totally agree w/ you, Bob. Can’t believe there were some here posting links to Andy’s employer and then gleefully wetting their pants when they think they got him fired.
        Do I think Elissa is a phony?? You all know I do. Some of the stuff I’ve heard and read about her is pretty contradictory to the image she portrayed on BB. But will I give a rat’s behind about her in three days?? HECK NO!!
        Some will still be seething about Andy, Spencer and the rest for months to come – creeping around online trying to ruin their lives.

      • I believe you’re referring to a comment you made to

        If so, your Reading Comprehension –
        and Retention Level – are ??????
        I answered your post.
        Swimming is one of my hobbies. I listed it.
        Most people don’t swim for 2 miles a day
        in a cold lake unless they’re good at it
        and love doing it.
        Baking Bread – has been one of my hobbies for
        many years and I’m an excellent baker.
        I don’t need a new hobby as I have several
        that I enjoy.

        Also, I never stated that I was a Christian nor
        did you ask me about any religious beliefs.

        I stated and still believe Andy’s constant
        use of the word, “C**t” is inexcusable and offensive.
        You may want to give him a pass on his horrific
        behavior but I don’t.

      • Hey Midwesr Middie – When I discuss my lifestyle your head explodes. Because I have my own pool to swim in and buy my bread at the gourmet boulangerie doesn’t make me any different then you. So if I was poor humble country folk then it would be OK to talk about my life? You are a jealous fucking hypocrite. Go swim in the lake…..

      • I’ve only been to this site a few times but honestly I assumed most of you were ‘housewives’. And I hate to say it out loud, but the reason I thought you were housewives is you all seemed so boring, puritanical and judgmental. You all react to things the same way my 60 year old mother would. If I had to guess what kind of cake you like, it would be ‘plain vanilla with no frosting’.

      • Oh my, a Message from Bob Almighty!



      • I appreciate that you think I’m almighty, but I’m just a regular guy. Not sure why you hate me so much. you’ve even accused me of being a sexist, racist etc for asking you to stop hating Amanda and Andy so much.
        I’m not really rooting for anyone left, but if Andy or Spencer won I’d be fine with it.

      • HINT – the use of the word, “almighty” = SARCASM!

        BTW – I don’t hate you and never said that and I never
        accused you of being a sexist, racist, etc..

        Since you must be home from the bar by now – “Good Night, Bob.”

  9. Like the idea of log in, thanks for a great blog.

  10. Sorry Steve I have to disagree with you. Bad pizza is disgusting and can make you ill and bad sex = sex not worth the effort–just ask any woman who’s faked it just to get it over with.

    And that is what we have this season disgusting and not worth the effort. Oh we do love you and all you do for us. But let’s be honest it wasn’t worth buying the feeds because most of us were getting ready for or already asleep before these lazy people got to moving around. Elissa and Helen being the exception that proved the rule. And when we did hear what was said and done well vile and disgusting seem to be the appropriate terms.

    I so hope next season we have a show where we can discuss game play and strategy rather than listen to what man, woman or object found it’s way into an HGs crotch. Perhaps we can see game play rather than racial attacks. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    As for my F2. I just want Rat Dog to get nothing. If he had just been a floater, I could root for him. But he would instigate the hate and attacks and then sit back. He’s not taking credit for that is he? And the one time he was on the block he acted like a spoiled 2 year old brat. His hate psycho hate for Elissa started that day and hasn’t stopped since. He was the only one who hadn’t been on the block at least once and look how he behaved. Who did he think he was that he couldn’t be on the block?

    • Not sure why you got so many thumbs down, BUT you got a thumbs UP from me! Your analysis was spot on Jackie. Could not have said it better! (0-:

      • she got some many thumbs down because a lot of the readers DON’T like her opinions.

        his name is andy not ratdog.

      • Jannie

        Woo Hoo! Go Andy!
        He is the only one who really did any work(as shady as it was) to earn the money.

      • “He is the only one who really did any work ……………”

        That might be true if Andy had attached a Swiffer to
        his a$$ and cleaned up the BBH as he ran from room
        to room.

      • lol youre so bitter, learn to accept defeat instead of being a sore loser. andy played an amazingly well thought out game

      • Rita

        I like her opinions. I am getting a little tired of seeing Andy be referred to as “Rat Dog” though. Whether Andy was a rat is debatable however feel free to refer to McCrae as “McStinky” or any other reference you have for his lack of hygiene/showering. That is not debatable as it has been confirmed by everyone in the house including “Mr. Mustard Soup” himself.

      • Someone here refer to Andy as “The Agent”. I got a good laugh out of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL
        Dbl low 7

      • Ratdog could have been anyone of the 3 HGs…why do you ASSume it’s Andy?

      • Andy the Rat said himself that he knows some
        of the jurors are calling him a “RAT!”

        When McCrae left Andy a piece of cheese by
        his bed, the “lightbulb” went off in Andy’s head.

      • Link to a writer’s take on a –
        BB Producer’s Conversation With The HGS.

        BB Producer- “Before we allow you all back out into the wild,
        we need to go over …..uh……a few things.” ……………………

      • That was flipping awesome!! Even his defenders KNOW what he is! LOL

      • Rita

        Are you calling me an Andy defender?

      • Lol I guess I did.
        My point is he is the 1st one to come to the forefront of everyone’s mind when the word rat, weasel, or other sneaky rodents come up. It doesn’t sound nice but if the shoe fits,gotta wear it. Every single person (aside from here) that I talk to about BB knows him as a rat/weasel. You have to admit it is funny.


      • Funny that ALL of your friends that you respond to have the same amount of thumbs up. Coincidence, highly unlikely. Btw I don’t even know the rats real name!
        P.S. Jackie-LOVE your comments! Keep em coming!

      • And your name is ME, not Bob!

      • Seriously im not me nor do I condone or thumbs up all his comments. He says dumb stuff I don’t.

      • No one likes yours or the rest of your personalities

      • Wow I’m hurt, Peggi, an anonymous person on the internet told me no one likes me. How am I going to go on living. Back on topic though. Andy is a good bb player and probably tomorrow.

      • Jannie

        Peggi –
        Don’t you have a group of mentally ill/challenged people to go and mock now?
        Bob – no worries, Peggi likes to tell everyone they are not liked and should go away.
        Stay sweet, Peggi.

      • Jannie, why don’t you troll on back to your den, or where ever you dwell and confer with the rest of your troll friends.

      • Jannie

        Stay sweet, Peggi.
        Your personality is positively enchanting!!

    • Good points. They have got to set rules for sleeping hours to keep these lazy slugs out of bed. The wake up calls BB gives them should not have an “ignore and go back to sleep option”. Why pay for the feeds to hear people snoring?

      • Why do people act like watching live is the only option with the feeds? The feeds allow you access to the season long archive. When something happens while you are away from them you can go back and see it later. I find this willfully ignorant attitude perplexing.

        Also what exactly is there to do in the house besides sleeping? I certainly saw enough of Helen organizing games of hot potato and freeze tag. Where is the excitement in getting out of bed only to go sit on a couch…or in a hammock…or at the table?

      • Thought out reasoned thinking makes hate cowz give sour milk 😉 jus sayn lol

      • Isn’t that how they make sour cream?

      • Its like they paid to go the the zoo and are pissed that the lionz dont do nothing lol …. go to the monkey cage ( TMZ ) them shitflinging clowns will do anything to entertain you attention deficit mongoloidz 😉 lmao

      • this did make me laugh

      • If I were in a house full of young women? Oh the possibilities…..

      • Is jerry or chicken george your all time favorite player?

      • Neil and Bob!

    • Hey Jackie, I want to admit I gave you a thumbs down because I personally disagree with you, but I respect your opinion. I do not respect your bs bully attitude though, you are one of the people who I talk about in my posts, you cant admit that andy played a great game, may have been a floater but did so in such a way that got him where he is, made friends and backstabbed them when he needed to. Eventually you need to be in the Final 2, that means getting rid of 14 other people, and who, answer honestly, had his hand in evicting pretty much everyone in the house. Who was able to mole out so much information to pass to who ever it needed to get to, to put targets on backs. Andy slaughtered this season, he won comps when it mattered, he aligned himself with the perfect meat shields at every turn, he went on the block one time as a pawn, and he did it all, with out getting caught. He convinced everyone, he was with them, elissa was so thick she thought mc voted out amanda, cause andy was so convincing, the only person who thought he betrayed them was mc, had he made the mistake of going after elissa though i think even if he put andy against gm, gm would go not andy.

      • Also I again want to say, I dont condone what most of the hg’s including andy, said this season, a lot of it was crass and unwarented, but you need to seperate their behavior and their gameplay.

      • I agree completely with your opinion. Andy Played the best game all season. I think he wins vs gm and Spencer. They both know it. He has to beat gm to go to final two and when he does I think it convinces a possible scorned McCrea and Amanda to vote for him.

      • Yea, the final hoh comp will be trivia, and i think andy wins that hands down, will bring spence to f2, and winn bb15. Congrats andy imo, but who knows, again just because it will add flavor, i really want it to be andy gm f2, i still think andy wins that but, andy spence is a landslide.

  11. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but, Andy lost his job at DuPage Collage on Friday. Here is one article explaining,

    • I don’t think he lost his job as he wasn’t currently employed there. Their statement verifies he was previously employed there part time but it certainly did not state that he was fired.

      • I agree Kate, I think the college is just confirming, yes he worked there previously (before he went on BB), and no, he is not currently employed there (obviously because he’s still on BB). As a part time instructor his first opportunity to teach again would be winter quarter (starting in January), so theoretically he would still have time to get a class set up & for students to enroll. I assume the college was getting bombarded with cards, calls, emails regarding Andy’s behavior on the show. The college is just trying to minimize the negative impact Andy’s behavior has brought to them.

      • they shouldn’t be receiving calls though. Why would anyone try to screw over the life of someone they didn’t like on a tv show is ridiculous. go volunteer for a charity if you feel bad about watching a tv show you don’t actually like.

      • Jannie

        Some Elissa fans just won’t be happy until Andy is publicly executed on live television.
        Mob mentality, Brenchel Army and all that good stuff.

      • Id pay to watch that 🙂

        ….hers hoping Jessie endz up on a porn casting couch 😀 lmao

      • That’s a pretty big leap … Have you been manning incoming calls at this college? Who knows IF anyone has called the school and maybe if someone did call it could have been concerned students or their families. Must everything be blamed on Elissa or her fans?

      • No, but when Amanda was being burned at the stake her some mentioned calling her work and complaining. Both for Amanda and Andy on another website members discussed calling there workplaces.
        I’d assume that there are 50 or so outraged people who post here. Maybe one or two would actual make that jump to insanity and call? You multiple that by the twenty or more bb site there are. Plus any parents of students who watch TV, you might get 100 calls. That would be tough to ignore.

      • Bob, I doubt anyone here called Amanda’s
        Real Estate Office, however your BFF, suzyq, wrote
        about her sister-in-law going to the office and
        asking the staff about Amanda. Hmmm
        suzyq, also, wrote about Amanda’s parents house
        not having lights on at night. Huh?

        Florida’s media outlets covered Amanda’s
        stay in the BBH and I’m sure that fact was
        noted by Prudential. How long do think
        it would take a major corporation to oust
        an employee behaving like Amanda?
        Not long …….. and Amanda’s behavior
        being on television 24/7 had to be even
        more upsetting to them.

        Local media coverage for all of the HGs is
        not unusual and if any of the HG’s
        behavior goes beyond Game Play then
        you can bet their local media outlets are reporting it.
        The behavior of some was so bad that national
        media reported it.

        The HGs are responsible for any and all
        consequences they may face when they leave
        the BB Game.
        While lying about and backstabbing other HGs
        during the Game is part of Game Play – the
        unrelenting use of certain words, threatening
        or wishing physical harm, dissing HGs family
        members, etc. is not.

      • Rita

        I have several reasons to dislike Andy. On this subject I don’t see how ANY TEACHER can be in this venue and constantly say “I would kill myself” when referring to anything that doesn’t go his way or if something happened to upset him and not expect repercussion.

        Swearing and trash talk is one thing and he goes way over the top, but good teachers try to set an example. I’m surprised COD took so long to post anything on the subject.

      • Andy was not fired from his job but he took off and knew that if he was not back by certain date he would lose his job. He was not a full time person anyway. He worked only about 10 hours a week. He also was not a professor. He has only a ba degree. think that was andy lying on his resume for bb. He has mentioned that he worked as waiter and some other minimum wage job. I doubt the school would take him back now anyway. That is my own opinion.

      • Jannie

        Well once Andy wins the $500K he really won’t care, now will he??

      • Lately with how teachers can’t leave kids floyd (lol) I wouldn’t want my kids being taught by him. He may snap&kill someone with his constant suicide rants.You just never know &he is flaky. So emotional, crying, threatening, you know he seems unsafe to be teaching anyone!

      • So you’re cool with your kids reading your unintelligent drivel.

    • Andy had been working for them part time before he entered the BB house and he was hired in July to teach three speech classes in the fall of 2013. It was even tweeted on his Twitter account by people managing his account while he was in the house. Yes, they did fire him. It is all over the media. DuPage worded it as he “formerly worked”.
      Here is another article,

  12. Andy made it hard to watch this year. From his clothes, his actions, his voice and his meanness he ruined the show. The only thing good that can happen now is Andy gets sued for all the thing he said about Elissa and Julie Chen. There were a lot more hateful players but Andy never gave it a rest. Hope Rachel scares the shit out of him on the finals.

    • sued? you have no grasp of reality. his clothes and his voice? why don’t you just the real reason you don’t like him.

    • That stupid t-shirt with the open rib cage thing I swear he wore more than half of the time. I wanted to punch him just for wearing it.

    • Its cuz the “tolerant” progressive only likes their gays to be total flamerz like that prancing glitter Gary 😉 lol

      • lol, i really wouldn’t classify a the “hate haters” as progressives.

      • lol 🙂 ….u mite be right

        Fuck that drunk Julie !!!

      • I’m one of those tolerant progressive people you sneer about and I like men to dress like adults (gay or straight) … This little boy look Andy is trying to rock is just another of his ploys to get his hands on the money. Maybe he’s trying to look pitiful so they’ll give him a vote.

      • Then you aren’t really progressive if you demand all males to dress the same way. Like straight adult males. I’m not a huge fan of casual attire but it doesn’t make my blood boil. I was referring to the hate haters who you are not one of. Also it was obvious I was insinuating he doesn’t like gay people.

      • I didn’t “demand” anything. I said “like” … And I also didn’t say men should dress alike and “like straight adult males” I said I liked men to dress as ADULTS not little boys. Also casual clothing certainly doesn’t BOIL my blood … It’s my opinion that his style is child-like … You’re a bit emotional and overly dramatic.

      • SNAP!!!

        : )

      • Well then he was playing the gsme before he even got there, another reason why his haterz are waterheads. Come on!! The smiling ribs embrasing the smiley heart!! Genius! Im actually surprised a cow fart like u picked up on that…. u trying to impress Me??

        😛 *spreads ass cheeks and ringz the dinner bell…. “dinnerz ready cowz!!!” Lmao

    • Well there’s definitely enough evidence for a civil lawsuit for defamation.

      • No. No. No there isn’t.

      • Yes Bob, yes there is. Didn’t you know they’re being taped? Here buddy I will help you out.
        “Defamation” is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone’s reputation. Written defamation is called “libel,” and spoken defamation is called “slander.” Defamation is not a crime, but it is a “tort” (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming.Defamation law tries to balance competing interests: On the one hand, people should not ruin others’ lives by telling lies about them; but on the other hand, people should be able to speak freely without fear of litigation over every insult, disagreement, or mistake.

        What the victim must prove to establish that defamation occurred

        The law of defamation varies from state to state, but there are some generally accepted rules. If you believe you are have been “defamed,” to prove it you usually have to show there’s been a statement that is all of the following:published false injurious unprivileged. First, the “statement” can be spoken, written, pictured, or even gestured. Because written statements last longer than spoken statements, most courts, juries, and insurance companies consider libel more harmful than slander.2. “Published” means that a third party heard or saw the statement — that is, someone other than the person who made the statement or the person the statement was about. “Published” doesn’t necessarily mean that the statement was printed in a book — it just needs to have been made public through television, radio, speeches, gossip, or even loud conversation. Of course, it could also have been written in magazines, books, newspapers, leaflets, or on picket signs.3. A defamatory statement must be false — otherwise it’s not considered damaging. Even terribly mean or disparaging things are not defamatory if the shoe fits. Most opinions don’t count as defamation because they can’t be proved to be objectively false. For instance, when a reviewer says, “That was the worst book I’ve read all year,” she’s not defaming the author, because the statement can’t be proven to be false.4. The statement must be “injurious.” Since the whole point of defamation law is to take care of injuries to reputation, those suing for defamation must show how their reputations were hurt by the false statement — for example, the person lost work; was shunned by neighbors, friends, or family members; or was harassed by the press.5. Finally, to qualify as a defamatory statement, the offending statement must be “unprivileged.” Under some circumstances, you cannot sue someone for defamation even if they make a statement that can be proved false. For example, witnesses who testify falsely in court or at a deposition can’t be sued. (Although witnesses who testify to something they know is false could theoretically be prosecuted for perjury.) Lawmakers have decided that in these and other situations, which are considered “privileged,” free speech is so important that the speakers should not be constrained by worries that they will be sued for defamation. Lawmakers themsleves also enjoy this privilege: They aren’t liable for statements made in the legislative chamber or in official materials, even if they say or write things that would otherwise be defamatory.

        “Actual malice” means that the person who made the statement knew it wasn’t true, or didn’t care whether it was true or not and was reckless with the truth — for example, when someone has doubts about the truth of a statement but does not bother to check further before publishing it.Private people who are defamed have more protection than public figures — freedom of speech isn’t as important when the statements don’t involve an issue of public interest. A private person who is defamed can prevail without having to prove that the defamer acted with actual malice.

      • Yawn….yawn. I thought about actually posting why but you beat me to Wikipedia. First I’m pretty sure that they sign all sorts of waivers that stop all sorts of litigation from happening between the houseguests and themselves and with cbs. Second I don’t think any judge would even hear a case. Let alone would anyone actual go through with a civil the modern TMZ era.

  13. I am not for any of the 3 to win. But I won’t be suprised if Andy wins. He taught ‘Public Speaking’, at DuPage College. He is going to fight to the end with his speech. I think if he doesn’t win it will be because of how he looked people in the face and lied to them and even told some of them he was on their side and then voted them out. From what I have seen at the jury house they didn’t like it. Andy keeps saying how bad he needs the money, well now he really needs it now, but not anymore that the other 2. Gina Marie has been fired, and reports say Spencer was “denounced” for the things he has said, so I don’t know if that means that Union Pacific fired him or just came out saying they didn’t support or agree with anything he has said. They all act like they are so superior, wait till they are told they don’t have jobs. Or almost lost theirs. And Aaryn too. By the way, “After Dark” has been so aweful this week, with all their horrible commentary my husband and I have watched only a few minutes and then deleted it, night after night. This season has just been one disappointment after another. Bring on Survivor!

  14. What exactly did Spencer say about Jessie’s butt?

  15. stev….please kick that fool “ME” off of this site. He is just as vile as some of these low class house guests!

  16. Apparently Andy said in the last few days that if Elissa had stayed in the house he would have “punched her in the throat”. Here is DuPage’s comment on their Facebook page and the link to the article.

    College of DuPage’s Facebook comment posted Friday reads, “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

  17. I’m hoping for and Andy and GM final 2 just for the drama and fireworks. The real exterminators will be called once the house that they all stunk up is vacated.

  18. Thank You Stevie for giving us a GREAT place to voice our opinions about BB15. Hopefully BB16 will be better (BB Redemption). To all of the amazing people I have met on here? Be blessed, stay safe, and see you next season! PEACE!

  19. It’s funny how some on this site have a BIG problem that Julie Chen is married to an older successful man & has her own shows (The Talk & Big Brother) because of his position with CBS..really..good for her..whats the big deal that she does or doesn’t work for you think she’s the only woman to have ever worked for her successful husband! Who cares about her personal life, at least she’s professional & educated & does a really good job as host of BB!

  20. Really, I could see GM winning over Andy….

  21. kneeless

    I have been trying so hard to like Andy. If he’d not been such a mean trash-talker, he’d handsdown be my fav of those left. I’m still hoping he wins but if he’d kept it classy I think he’d have more people behind him.

    Steve – thanks for running/hosting ths site, I’ve been here more than anywhere! Hope things go OK for your family.

  22. The only GOOD thing about this finale is that TWO of these three players will lose. No one in this group deserves to win $500,000 ( less taxes probably closer to $350,000 ). Andy betrayed the people who carried him through most of the game. Spencer has no respect for anyone and considers himself to be better than everone else, but he is weak. GinaMarie is fake, she is only strong after winning a competition, she survived by laying low then sucking up to Elissa and back-stabbing Aaryn.

    • Youre so right, Andy what a lottle backstabber, instead he should have kept them then let them win, that was the honorable thing to do! And he was soooooo carried, clutching onto their backs, never providing any useful info just holding on for the ride.

      Ok enough of that. Again people, only 2 people make it, that means how ever far you want to make it, thats how many people you have to betray. Andy was upfront and honest with them in his confessional videos or even when he straight up told mc, you guys are all so blind.

  23. I am wondering less about the winner, and more if Julie Chen will “dress down” Ginamarie and Spencer as she did when Aaryn was evicted. I can imagine that once the votes are in the box and locked in, Julie will get on her high horse and bring up the racism issues to both Ginamarie and Spencer regardless of who is in the house, or who just joined the jury.

    If Julie brings it up, I just wonder if Ginamarie will sit there and take it? And let’s see if the winner and the two runners up make it to “The Talk”.

  24. watching bb after dark the other night was disguting. Andy was drinking out of a bottle like a wino. spencer kept belching like a frog. It was just gross. these guys have no class at all. Gina keeps purging in the bathroom. She excused herdelf after eating. I bet my ladt dollar she wad puking in the bathroom. I hope tere is a better class of people next time. Don’t they have to pass psych testing? Someone got the test wrong.

    • Reminds me of the Chris Moltasanti intervention on The Sopranos: Silvio explains, “One morning I came into the Bing to open up and you had your head in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting”.

  25. I would laugh my ass off if the FBI was waiting for Spencer at the end of the shiw.

  26. The great part about living on the West Coast is I can find out who won before the show airs here. If Andy wins I can’t bring myself to watch … at least a Gina Marie/Spencer final would be interesting to see how Houseguest vote. Andy no doubt beats either of them. On another note I can’t believe CBS has gone to the Jury house just once for a short segment. The prime time shows would have been much more interesting to see more from the bitter and bickering jury. I liked seeing Amanda get voted out but truly understand where people were coming from about her entertainment value. Since she’s left it’s been a total bore.

  27. Steve, I disagree! I don’t see Andy winning this season at all. It will be Andy and GM for the final two. The jury will definitely go with GM. Even Amanda will vote for her especially if her other option is Andy. He has pretty much screwed everybody over. The only vote he might get will be Candice. I’m sure GM won’t care about losing that vote. Spencer is “The Floater” of all floaters. I would like to say Thanks for your blog it has been fun and I thought people were very polite and I really enjoyed having the discussions because noone else in my house watches BB! Thanks again and I hope you have a great year!

    • I didn’t either Lisa but now it seems like he will sell himself on the fact he manipulated everything to work for him.I honestly think GM will win but Andy is a close one.

    • Amanda seemed much more bitter towards Gina Marie than Andy in that clip from the jury house. Helen made it pretty clear she’d vote Andy and I fear she’d convince Elissa who has no idea how horrible backstabbing Ratboy has been to her. He’d definitely get Spencer & Candice vote and Jessie would be a toss up. I just don’t see any scenario where those two are in the finals anyway. I have to believe both would take Spencer if they won the final HOH.

      • Ah, but McCrae wasn’t there yet – he might be bitter enough at the Exterminator alliance knocking him out that he works Amanda over into voting against Andy. You never know. I’m not sure who I want to win. Andy played the game from start to finish and played well, but was talked so badly about everyone, its hard to cheer for him. GM, well, we all know her faults, but she played well too, even hurt – she just never quits, ever, and she didn’t tell big lies, played the game as honestly as possible, and made a big move at the right time. Spencer sat on the couch and was fairly awful to listen to as well.
        Tough call. Glad I’m not on the jury.

      • Andy played the game from start to finish and played well, but was talked so badly about everyone

        *was talking so badly Oops!

  28. What did Spencer say about Jessie?

  29. Are Bob and Me the same person?

    • And who knows exactly how many more, seems strange so many thumbs down on comments they disagree with and quickly. Must spend a lot of time signing off and on to get so many likes for their garbage and dislikes for the rest of us.

      • No I’m myself. Just a guy. I read the blog last year. Looked at the comments have way through this year and was so annoyed with the majority of comments were just stupid I hate this person comments. If you notice I spell correctly ,use proper english, and don’t use emoticons. I do like some of men’s comments though.

      • before you can actually say you know how to spell you need to learn how to spell and use the proper words. TAKE A STROLL TROLL

      • Jannie

        Does Peggi actually WATCH Big Brother, or is she just her to be insulting and rude????

      • Unlike you trolls, I live in a house with electricity, tv’s, cable so yes I do watch BB and have watched every show since season 1. Why do you and your other troll friends feel the need to make negative comments to posters comments on here just because they don’t agree with you? We have the right to our thoughts, freedom of speech, we don’t make nasty or negative remarks to you so knock it off.

      • Jannie

        “we don’t make nasty or negative remarks to you.”
        Ummm. you told me to crawl back under my rock with the rest of the trolls, sweetiepie.
        YOU, my dear Peggi, have had some the most negative comments about anyone who dares to disagree with you.
        YOU, my dear Peggi, constantly tell others that they are not liked nor wanted here.
        You, my dear Peggi, need to look back at what you say to others before accusing them of being the negative ones.
        Even your post telling the rest of us to not be negative was horribly nasty.

        You are the mean one and you don’t even see it.

        And yes, you would be, to me, someone who would make fun of handicapped people – it’s my opinion and I’m sticking w/it.

      • Typing on my phone its hard to see if I make typos. I’m sorry they offend you.

    • We have a ‘Sybil’ trolling around in here.
      But don’t worry; –it’s REALLY a fake Dr.
      (Fake) Physician, heal thyself…..
      The psycho crap in here trumps this miserable BB season.
      How sad is that????

      • I’m not suzyq. I’m not me. I’m Bob. I don’t say crazy offensive things like me. I don’t tell weird personal stories like suzyq.

      • Jannie

        Is it paranoia that makes some think that multiple people are after them?? And then maybe it’s just one person?? And they must be stopped? And then they get nasty??
        So tired of the accusations that we are all one person.

        Get over it, some of us think alike, and don’t agree with some of you. And that’s………..OK.

      • Differences are apparent, I always throw in some obscure literary or musical reference to underscore my points.

        In long years of ancient time, stood alone a friend of mine.
        Reflected by the ever-burning sigh of a god who happened by.
        And in the dawn, there came the song of some sweet lady singing in his ear.
        Your god has gone, and from now on, you’ll have to learn to hate the things you fear.

  30. I believe that GM will win.Spencer..well Spencer will just sit there hand in pants drooling over all the women.Andy played the game but was way to much of a weasel.Wil (I aint got time for 2L’s)nailed it when he made Andy a rat.Hilarious!That guy has skill, BB should hire him to spoof every segment & use it as filler whenever they run into an issue of not having enough footage to fill in episodes.Lol how does that even happen!

  31. Why is “ME” getting so many up votes and anyone against him gets down votes? That is my question for the universe right now.

    • Cuz im everyone in here cept U stupid 😉 lol

      • Only stupid one in here is you and all of your split personalities. Like someone stated yesterday, run don’t walk to the nearest mental health clinic, you are in sad need of serious help. Maybe your “friend” SQ will give you a ride in her expensive car. bahahahahahaha

      • Woohoo!! … 😉 can I wear my helmet n stop for ice cream on da way?? 😀 lmfao at U

  32. I bet when a winner is announced & the HG come out of the house that GM will be wearing Nicks blue hat!!

  33. Thanks for another great season – Steve beans. My daughter got me into BB five years ago, she doesn’t like the Spoilers, but I do, I find the added insight of someone monitoring live feeds Enjoyable. Having been in Law Enforcement 35 years I love to watch the interactions of the HG think the Social game is the most important key to winning. Your evaluation of who will win is totally on point!

    • Retcop I have to say thank you for your service! Coming from a family of military, firefighters, police officers/under cover detectives, and paramedics, I am truly grateful that you chose to help society and put yourself in danger for others safety. It takes an amazing person to fill those shoes.
      Hope to hear more from you next year!

    • Lmao how Jill racing to lick your ballz 😀

      Fuck Julie Chen

  34. i think who ever the final hoh is should take spencer to the final 2 with them just based on the fact that no one in jury will vote for him because he really didnt do anything this whole season. because if andy and gina marie make it to the final two i can see if being 4 to 4 with probably judd being the tie breaker.

  35. who ever the final hoh should take spencer to the final to because he is the easier person to beat because no one in jury would vote for him. if any and gm make it to the final i think it will be 4 to 4 with judd having to decide the winner.

  36. I used to enjoy coming here to this site and share my thoughts about this reality tv show and even complain a bit. Not anymore. There is this angry guy on here with multiple names who spews mean things and I can’t understand why he chose a big brother comment area to do this. Why would anyone want to ruin a tv site to talk like that? I don’t get it? There are plenty of chat rooms and political sites to share those kinds of thoughts. Why did he pick here?I wonder what is wrong with him.

  37. GM won a power of veto. I remember because she was like “BOOM” with it in the diary room. Maybe she won more than one. But I know for a fact that she won at least one.

  38. jimbo

    Let’s face it — Andy has said nothing controversial? He lives a gay lifestyle. Like it or not, that is still controversial. Catch his talk on After Dark last night of the gay hook-up phone app he was explaining to Spencer? Gay anonymous hookups are about as controversial as straight anonymous hookups. Perhaps using an app to find the nearest bj/sex is normal to this writer, but for most, that is not controversial-free. Not that any of this matters, just thinks the writer is fooling himself thinking that he is mainstream in his actions and things he has said.

  39. Nick should get a restraining order against Gina Marie and Elissa should against Andy. Andy seems obsessed with her.

    CMON BB!!! Another twist! No remaining HG can win for violation of the rules. (gotta be something they can use right?) The 3 remaining HG have to vote for someone in the jury to win $500k

  40. How do you want next season to go? All new HGs? Fan Favorites? All Stars? Combination? Personally, I want Fan Favorites…at least it’ll be people with social skills who know how and most fans already like them.

  41. I don’t think that Andy can win at all. He has too many in jury that will be upset with his disloyalty. I don’t see Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, or Elissa voting for him. Candice would vote for him.
    I just don’t see the votes for Andy.

  42. Nick should get a restraining order against Gina Marie and Elissa should against Andy. Andy seems obsessed with her.

    CMON BB!!! Another twist! No remaining HG can win for violation of the rules. (gotta be something they can use right?) The 3 remaining HG have to vote for someone in the jury to win $500k

  43. If I have to listen 1 more time to “Rat Boy” Andy & “Pig Mouth” Spencer say or act out there DISGUSTING display of what they say Racheal came in & told them about Elissa – Yah Right! “Elissa during a bathroom break doing the #2 & freezing it to use as a vibrator during her next bathroom break” They are slandering 2 people that may come after him! I will reach through my tv & throttle them both!!! It is as if they know tonight is their last night so do what they want =/ + with “Rat Boy” Andy have had already inhaled 9 beers I imagine it is only going to get worse =/ OMG “Rat Boy” Andy took a bathroom break & “Pig Mouth” Spencer whispered to GM “Fuck Andy he gives blow jobs is that disgusting how can he do that” alcohol loosens the lips & it is getting interesting!!!

  44. Disgusted Canadian

    LMAO at BB Production. We complained that watching these boring house guests was like watching paint dry so… they give them figurines to paint and then MADE US WATCH PAINT DRY!!! Well played production, well played!

  45. The only thing I find offensive about this season of Big Brother is the idea that our culture has gotten so sensitive and PC that many of these houseguests are going to be treated like pariahs outside the house, for committing the one crime that is inexcusable by the American public – not being perfect on TV. We are beginning to evolve a social dynamic where we thrive on vilifying people for having personal flaws (as we all do) as our main form of entertainment. And the ironic thing is the people on this site who perceive themselves as ‘the good people’ are more guilty of it than anyone.

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