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Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Remarks; Time For Controversy


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Today has had some slow updates to do some bullcrap I’m dealing with in my family.  Personal stuff I wouldn’t even bother burdening you guys with.  Hopefully it clears up soon, but I’m going to do my best to keep you updated on things inside the house regardless of any drama.

With that out of the way, let me tell you that the veto ceremony completely slipped by me.  I feel like a terrible blogger to find out it happened a few hours ago and you’re only reading this now.  I typically watch the live feeds most of the day, but couldn’t today and I miss an important part of the game.  Ugh.


Now that I’m done my personal bitching, it’s been no secret who the replacement nominee would be at the veto ceremony today.  Spencer won the PoV, took himself off, and he was replaced with:


I’ve said in my previous thread and I’ll say it again – this is not a racist issue.  Last week, Aaryn made a deal that she could stay in the house and let Amanda and/or Helen use her HoH if she won it. This is called good game play considering the bind she was in, and it’s how she managed to stay 2 weeks longer than her friend.

Note, during this agreement, Aaryn said she was going to also try to throw it (if the comp was a lock for team Amanda to win).  If she couldn’t throw it, she’d do whatever they wanted.  Obviously in a HoH competition that was about 95% luck, it’s kind of hard to throw it unless Aaryn picked up her ball and whipped it at Elissa’s face. Needless to say, Aaryn won, and it was her decision to keep the deal she made to continue furthering her summer in the house.

Yes, Aaryn could have made a bold move (like I suggested) by putting up McCrae and Amanda, but she chose the safe route, and it’s hard to blame her when she’s about 2 weeks away from sitting in a jury house at the beach making $1k a week.

Some will call me an Aaryn-lover for this post – I’m not.  I am a lover of house drama, that’s it.  I vote for the person who’d cause the most drama every week (which is probably why I wanted her to put up Amanda and McCrae). Some are more entertaining, some are more rude, some are just..there, but I’ll keep the biggest turd in the house if it makes it fun to blog about.

So that’s that, like I said above, family drama, but I will continue to work as best I can in the time I have.  Follow me on twitter or watch the live feeds!

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  1. Comments (5)

    Howard is definitely on his way out this week.. Amanda is probably on a rampage trying to get votes to get Howard out!

    • Comments (10)

      Amanda can still go but the decision needs to happen a day before the eviction or on the day of eviction. If Helen and company plan to evict Amanda now, then Amanda would work her magic to stay. Just be patient BB enthusiasts.

  2. Comments (1437)

    Is anyone else like me who, at this point, really doesn’t care who wins in the end?? There is no one even remotely decent left. Candice has very good perception, but was ruined in the beginning with all of the nasty comments. I used to like Helen, but she runs to McCranda with every little thing she hears. Same with Andy, who I used to like. Judd was OK, until he started thinking he could align himself with everyone in the house, and then run to McCranda with that info, too. I don’t know what Spencer is thinking and Howard has no game play. Jessie can’t think for herself, and Elissa is unstable. GM is the worst, never liked her and Aaryn the racist will get to the end courtesy of McCranda.
    Ugh! Worst season ever!!!

    • Comments (316)

      So why even watch?

      • Comments (1162)

        Jannie is not alone in her unhappiness over this years BB. I agree with her.

        Take a look a blogs and polls – It appears that the majority of BB Fans
        are totally disgusted with this year’s house guests.

        “So why even watch?”

        “Expect the Unexpected” – perhaps a game twist will happen – shake up the HGs
        and restore some decency to the BB House.

      • Comments (453)

        We can only hope!

      • Comments (768)

        Glad I’m not the only one! I find I’m watching BBAD on fast forward for about 90% of the show.

      • Comments (1437)

        Thanks, Middie. I’ve already invested this much time and who knows when a twist will happen. I just know that I haven’t ever been so bored with BB as I am this year…

      • Comments (7)

        I agree this season is the worst one I’ve seen since watching (the last five years or so). It is my favorite show, so you can’t turn away. I wanted the Moving Company to work. I love alliances, seeing them formed and secretly work everyone out of the game. The Brigade was awesome. This year is just lots of floaters and blah blah blah. No one has the gull to make any power moves. I like the MVP twist and that they don’t know America has been voting the last two weeks. Would like to see something crazy happen, like McCrae really isn’t a pizza boy or something.

    • Comments (682)

      My opinion: It’s early in the game and they are like sending your kids off to school. They thought they knew what to expect and how to play the game but they are still learning. It’s easy for us to judge, we have more info. Hopefully someone will rise from the ashes and in the end we will be able to see them grow and improve their game pick a favorite player.

    • Comments (3)

      Absolutely right! I don’t even want to watch till the end! How is Aaryn still floating around

    • Comments (228)

      so sad isn’t it. I said from the beginning after all of the personalities started to surface, that this is the worst BB cast and year ever. I also don’t really care who wins. It’s slim pickins as to who I like. Don’t really care. Sorry!!! hope next year will have more people with personalities and not a bunch of haters…Shocked they even cast this bunch considering how many interviews they make you go on as the list shortens to become a houseguest. I know because my daughter made it to the last interview in CA and I was praying she didn’t get picked. My prayer was answered. From watching BB from the past, it is so different watching and actually being a houseguest. I don’t think I laughed once at anything. Not much to enjoy…I think BB knows this and just has to roll with what they have.

  3. Comments (6)

    I agree this is not a very good season of Big Brother.

  4. Comments (1)

    I thought Elissa was the replacement nominee? What happened?

  5. Comments (2)

    This is the worst season because of MVP and just the cast. Like Howard said everyone is going with the “house” which is just Amanda. It is so easy to tell who is gonna be in the jury house and who will be in the final four because people want Howard for no reason. It will be Judd, Andy, McCrae, and Amanda. Elissa and Helen dont realize that Amanda will keep Aaryn over them.

  6. Comments (2)

    Steve beans, hope your family drama is nothing too serious and gets worked out soon because I love your updates. (Might be a little selfish, but hoping everything will be ok for you).

  7. Comments (71)

    I don’t think you’re being an Aaryn apologist, I think you are being fair and honest. If you ask me Amanda is the real apologist for racist crap–she saved her and now look how all the scaredy babies suck up to Aaryn, all is forgiven. At this point if Howard or Candice doesn’t win it, i kind of hope Aaryn does just because maybe SeeBS will give up this season’s gimmick of picking vile, hateful, and/or stupid HGs, plus nice “token” black people who end up shit on by the other HGs.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Amanda made Aaryn put up Howard and Candice to build on the racist stuff again so everybody would get her out next. Amanda might be playing well for herself NOW, but it won’t last so her play sucks. I hope America puts her on the block every week; it’s hilarious watching her go crazy trying to figure out who the MVP is! (At last check, she’s blaming Judd.). Funny how last week she was sure it was America’s vote to put Elissa and GM on the block; she cannot imag

  8. Comments (453)

    Yeppers, first time in fifteen seasons there is no one to wish for making it to the 500K. They are like a bunch of rodents, you have the moles who scamper from one hole to another repeating it all. You have the hamsters just scurrying about trying to stay out of every other predator’s claws, then you have the skunks, spewing racism, religious bashing remarks and downright sick threatening comments about the others. The only thing missing this year are the ants that take over the kitchen! But this group of rodents do provide entertainment and a great reminder of how not to act towards others.

    • Comments (71)

      OMG I know!!! Judd sees Howard praying and goes crying to McManda about how Howard is “using religion!” What???
      It’s hard to imagine how Judd grew up in Tennessee and gets all freaked out when he sees someone praying or reading a Bible!
      And the racist garbage from GinaMarie gets almost no attention from the others except laughter. GM is *way* worse with the racism than Aaryn – or maybe Aaryn is just smart enough to STFU for now.

    • Comments (407)

      I totally agree with you Peggi. You may be wrong about the ants though, these are the messiest, nastiest HG’s I have ever seen.

  9. Comments (231)

    I’ve talked about Helen’s very tangled web and she has cast doubt on Judd and Jess along with bringing Elissa back into the fold. Andy, who usually report immediately back to Mcmanda, didn’t when Helen approached him with a get them out scenario for later. Judd talking to Elissa about his hesitation to vote out Howard was priceless and E handled it well. Jess, I’m so pretty, just needs to go.

  10. Comments (316)

    I think that if everyone keeps complaining the Producers will do away with the show next year. Not having Big Brother 16 would be too sad!

    • Comments (768)

      If this is the best the producers can come up with then I say, off with their heads!!! They need to take a page out of the book that the producers of Big Brother Canada used this year so they know it’s possible to still have a show worth watching!!

    • Comments (231)

      I completely agree! I don’t like some of their behaviors either but my talk here has been just about the HG’s game. I don’t want BB cancelled so I watch the feeds, talk on a chat and chat here. I’m enjoying myself and this is my summer guilty pleasure. If you look past the bug-a-boos of others and look at yourself —— you might learn something 🙂

    • Comments (2)

      This is what happens when you have all young punks. If they had middle aged (30s 40s) this would not go on

      • Comments (1437)

        Yeah, I enjoyed it more when they have a few people over 40 – the casts are getting younger and younger…take note CBS!!

      • Comments (768)

        Totally agree! I wonder if the producers pay attention to or care about, the age demographics of the viewers. It’s getting more and more difficult to identify with some of the houseguests. I think when they have some 40+ players in the game it makes it way more interesting for some of us who have been watching it since BB1!

      • Comments (226)

        Yeah but thnk about it, how many 30-40 yr olds can take off 3-4 months of work to go on a show and still have a job? This economy is not kind. The talent pool for us older types is probably limited at best these days.
        Stevebeans thanks for your updates and hope your family drama clears up soon!

      • Comments (768)

        I’m sure there are a lot of unemployed (and employed) people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who would jump at the chance of making $500 G’s.

      • Comments (224)

        And enough with the skinny models. Get some average people playing the game!

  11. Comments (126)

    America wants Amanda out more so then Aaryn, so we shall continue to vote until the house gets the message, eventually there will be no more scapegoats for her.

    Amanda’s arrogance will grow after she dodges this bullet on Thursday, and America’s response to it should be more determine to remove her, it would be sweet to have her out before jury, we have just one more week to do it.

  12. Comments (3)

    You are an Aaryn lover. She is a racist and it shows by having 2 black people nominated. I won’t be reading your belongs anymore! #worstseasonofbb

    • Comments (3)


    • Comments (38)

      I’m not defending Aaryn, but she only put up the people Amanda told her to put up. I think Amanda hates Howard b/c he’s religious. I think she hates Candice because Candice gets hurt when people make racially insensitive comments, which takes attention away from Amanda.

      • Comments (25)

        Could it be that she wants to continue this season’s trend – get rid of people with the strongest alliances. That would leave her in the most firmly set twosome. Looks like game play to me

      • Comments (38)

        I would think that if I never heard the comments she made on the live feeds about Howard sharing his religion and the statements she’s made about Candice “playing the race card.”

      • Comments (38)

        Also, Amanda knows that Howard doesn’t have an alliance. Amanda made a final four deal earlier on, so you can’t say that any of those people are in an alliance with Howard. The reasons he doesn’t have an alliance with GM and Aaryn are obvious. Judd is faking his alliance with Howard and Spencer has become a floater. Is there an alliance that I missed?

      • Comments (651)

        Candice figures things out before others and that’s why Demanda wants her gone. She figured out the MC before anyone and she saw through Demanda from the beginning.

    • Comments (2)

      …are you shitting me? Not that I like Aaryn at all but are you watching? She basically gave her HOH to Amanda and Helen who want Howard gone. I’m surprised she nominated Candice [I think they told her to so it would be one less vote to keep Howard]. The girls have been trying to get the men aside from Andy and McCrae out since the beginning. Maybe you’re just a butthurt Howard fan (he’s handsome I get it) but while Aaryn is a little racist bitch that’s not why she nominated Howard and Candice at ALL. If she was SMART she would have put McCrae up with Amanda and then get one of them sent home. Aaryn was a pushover and gave up her HOH when she should have made a better game play move because then at least us viewers would have respected her more. At this point I’m more annoyed at what a pushover she turned out to be.

  13. Comments (682)

    Does anyone else think Andy was a parrot in another life?

  14. Comments (3)

    I’m digging this season but not for the right reasons. MVP is lame but I like it. I like watching a uneven non-fair game. Sometimes we need a train wreck season. I remember last season and how I really dug everyone even the people I didn’t want to win and I have to say this season makes them shine by comparison. lol. I wonder what would of happened if Nick an Jeremy stayed in the house over these lames.

  15. Comments (216)

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Aaryn might as well join the Klan when she leaves, because that’s the only place she will be welcomed. Her comments are pretty unambiguous, and then she puts the two black people on the block. You can rationalize it all you want, but that’s where she is.

  16. Comments (49)

    My first post here and as an avid BB fan, I cannot remember a season with as much early drama as this one. Season 11 with Chima’s excitement and Ronnie being outed as a rat playing both sides in the first three weeks is close, but still short of what is going on this year. In fouur weeks we have had two major blindsides, multiple catfights, multiple alliances and no clear favorite…personality wise or game wise.

    For the past handful of seasons we have seen the begging of no new returners….we finally got that. What we have is mostly a group of BB hardcores that are playing hard from the get go. Not only that, they know what the game is and some of te strategies. Yes, Aaryn has done things (she doesn’t even realize what she has done) that she will regret for a very long time. Yes, Spencer has shown some tendencies that aren’t very welcome. However, remember these people are in a place where EVERY word and EVERY move is seen. It has to be much more difficult in there than any of us can imagine…..and add to it the fact that only one of tem is walking out of there with potential life changing money.

    I do fear that the early drama may lend itself to a boring middle game and probably towards an unpopular winner, but I am choosing to latch on to the present and enjoy the craziness.

  17. Comments (682)

    Watching at about 3:00 pm today on Camera 3, Amanda and Aaryn. Odd how they are talking about about how people are being portrayed on the show. This happens a lot so they are aware that people are watching and forming opinions. Why don’t they work on themselves and how poorly they may be being portrayed.
    Sometimes I think they should tell them America is voting for the 3rd Nominee. Talk about an ego crush for Demanda. That would be fun to watch!

  18. Comments (682)

    Stevebeans: I hope everything ok at home. I for one, love your blogs and have been a fan for a few years now. If you need to take some time for your family I’m sure most, if not all will still be here.

    Take care.

  19. Comments (111)

    …if only Nick were still in 😛

    • Comments (1)

      But then we would not have had the priviledge of watching GM blow her nose on Nick’s shorts 🙂

    • Comments (74)

      [email protected] you know Nick’s regretting being on that show! He’s probably going to fake his death, dye his eyebrows and attend his own funeral as Phil Schiffly!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (768)

        He’ll probably only do that if his restraining order hearing against GM doesn’t go his way. 😉

      • Comments (2)

        That lady is insane. He was in the house for what, two-three weeks and she’s acting like they’re soul mates. I started watching the night Nick was evicted and I was like ‘wow that boy dodged a bullet’…he’s gonna have to go under witness protection lol

      • Comments (1162)


  20. Comments (17)

    Maybe the producers will make this eviction a double and then both Howard and Amanda will go….please….

  21. Comments (25)

    We all like to see good game play, and MVP really hurts that. I hope it disappears after this season. Also, I have always felt the same way about Pandora’s box, so glad it hasn’t reared it’s ugly head so far. I know, just a matter of time. BTW: Helen is doing her best to play the game, and has not used racist remarks.

  22. Comments (65)

    I’m hoping things will turn around and people will finally see the light and vote to evict Amanda.

  23. Comments (74)

    It’s uber annoying that Aaryn decided to wear Judd’s bear shirt during nomination ceremony KNOWING it was a guarantee she’d be seen in it on t.v. She is such a f’n loser. She managed to nom the only two black people in the house LOL that helps her racist reputation!!!!!

    I really don’t know who I want to see leave the house. Honesty, all Amanda does is talk and dry hump Mccrae and it’s boring. I’m not really concerned with who goes home this week. I think if Candice wins HOH she wouldn’t nom Elissa or Helen. I think she would go after Aaryn which would be fun to watch Aaryn flip over mattresses and stomp all over the house. Since she only gets that angry ~once~ a year LOL LOL

    Team Elissa! ~snickers~

    • Comments (768)

      Judd said a fan had given it to him to wear on the show. Okay, so when would a fan have that opportunity? I have a feeling someone gave him the shirt as a promotion with the promise that whoever wears it will receive $$$ at the end. Why else would everyone want to wear that shirt? Even Judd had to spray it with deodorant to get rid of the smell.

      • Comments (74)

        I agree it’s a hideous shirt lol. I thought it was typical that after Julie mentioned it; Aaryn just had to wear it when she knows she’ll be shown on national t.v. rather than just the live feeds.

        When a show like BB drags on for so long everybody starts to get the routine and gimmick there way to fame. They know what to say and do with the cameras. I like the people with no ambitions to be famous and just awkwardly play the game. I don’t like that CBS has to look for people on youtube and bars to get people to audition.

        If CBS wants egos they should do a celebrity big brother like the UK without special treatment. You’re f’n human you will be treated no different.

        I wonder what celebrity would be cringe-worthy to watch on BB! And when I say celebrity I don’t mean all-star BB houseguests and their pathetic 5 minutes of fame.

        I love watching the tantrums on Celebrity BB UK! Does anybody watch that? Remember the racist controversy with Bollywood film star Shilpa Shetty and the late Jade Goody who died a couple of years later.

  24. Comments (11)

    They should throw in a cupdeto (its misspelled but you know Jeff won it) that way we will at least have drama because I’ve lost all hope for any laughs the only one
    I kinda like is macrae even if he is being used WASTE OF A SEASON its just like S9 a million showmances and negativity

  25. Comments (9)

    Well haven’t they’ve been bringing a HG back in the past few seasons? So maybe this one will not be any different and someone comes back with a vengeance and plays a better game. A great twist would be for a HG to talk to someone from the BB audience for five minutes! I know I could get a lot out to some of these players to help them improve! BB needs better twists though. For instance the veto holder chooses the replacement nominee… would make for some great game play. I have a head full of great twists! What about you guys?

    Also, stevebeans you are doing an excellent job even with your mishaps. Keep your head up! Things always get better!

  26. Comments (1276)

    Before I read any posts, Stevebeans, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about what’s going on. Hopefully it will work out soon. It probably doesn’t mean much, but I’ll have you in my thoughts.

  27. Comments (45)

    Yesterday i was almost certain Howard was going but today Judd gave me a sign of hope.

  28. Comments (74)

    The season is getting boring. I always felt if I auditioned and actually got to be a houseguest that it would be a trick and I’d be some victim of a Saw sequel and we’d have to kill each other to survive.

    They should do something out of the ordinary more than just a third nom! Lock them down in the house and scare the shit out of them. Have a swat team come in and make as though Spencer was a serial killer and everybodies life was endangered.

    Or have a houseguest disappear for 24 hours and let them scramble around thinking they self evicted or it’s a twist in the game. Let us vote for that person and they can eavesdrop on the houseguest.

    Or shut off all the lights and lock them down and nothing would work. They cant go outside, self evict or diary room. The only light would be in the HOH bathroom so they’re all crammed in there speculating.

    Or they can just gas them all. LOL

    Goodnight BB fans!

  29. Comments (2)

    I am so confused why is everyone is hating on Amanda?!?!?! No Offense but she is playing the Best game! She controls the house and the house listens to her……Is that her fault?!?!?!?!? People say she is bullying………ummmmm obviously those people dont know the definition of bullying than! Im not that big of a fan but you know what shes about the only one that is really trying to play TO WIN! and not just settle for jury……….This is a fun season to watch, audiences said please dont bring back old players but complain when its all new

    • Comments (10)

      The problem seems to be that the house guests bow down to Amanda instead of playing their own game. I would like to see Amanda go because that would force everyone to play for themselves; there won’t be anyone to run to once she leaves.

    • Anti-Ignorance Fan
      Comments (16)

      I was an Amanda fan until I saw on the live feeds her true personality come out. Not impressed. Her and Aaryn are more similar than different.

  30. Comments (1)

    I don’t see the live feeds but I am wondering if any of the house guests have figured out that America has chosen the last two noms. If they think the “secret” MVP is a house guest they must be scratching their heads by now based on the the nom results.

  31. Comments (453)

    STEVEBEANS, hoping things go better for you and your family, thanks for the great blog, you are very much appreciated.

  32. Comments (44)

    This season, I always think, I can’t wait for this house guest to be evited, its too bad 2 people will not get evicted, would have loved to see all of them evicted. McCrea and Amanda’s showmance/alliance should really be called “The House”… because everyone wants to do whats best for “The House” (McCrea and Amanda), everyone is voting with “The House” (McCrea and Amanda), “The House” wants Howard gone– you get the point.

  33. Comments (9)

    I don’t know why everybody’s go such a hard on for Amanda. I’ve watched every season of bb, and she is easily in my top 5 favourites of all time. She understands the game, knows how to manipulate people, and is funny as hell on BBAD

  34. Comments (1162)

    Never thought I’d post this, but ………

    He is the only one playing the game, totally
    unafraid of the Wrath of Amandadadada!!!

  35. Comments (16)

    Amanda is the biggest BULLY in the house. When she talks to a HG she tells them how they should be feeling, how they should play, finished their sentences to her liking … she’s just so ridiculous!!! Amanda needs to go … come on!! Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing???

    • Comments (453)

      It is Amanda’s way or no way and she is a big bully. McCrae is getting just as bad, he just told Judd that “we are not going to let you bring Jessie to jury.”

  36. Comments (453)

    Ok, I have heard it all now, according to Aaryn, America will never vote her America’s favorite because of all the stuff Candice and Elissa have said about her in the DR that of course isn’t true. And GM feels that something big is going to happen but they have to get all of the scrubs out first. The mean girls are back, someone has gained the most weight since they have been in there and looks 3 months pg!!!

    • Comments (9)

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Comments (1276)

      I think they have been there the whole time, we just haven’t seen much of just the two of them sitting together, out of earshot of the rest of the house. They have gone out of their way to hide their true colors around everyone else. They are just horrible.

  37. Comments (25)

    I heard the funniest conversation last night. It was pretty much aaryn saying that she’s really careful when she is taking a shower and other things because she doesn’t want her future job or boyfriend to google her name and see that. Lol just wait til she googles her name.

  38. Comments (25)

    And I’ve heard Amanda say she was going to chill and not talk game but at same time making sure she is not going to send her home. She’s freaking out. She thinks Judd is MVP now and Andy ratted out Helen and told Amanda that Helen wants her out before jury. Another interesting convo was with GM and spencer and GM and Howard. GM seems to be very aware that Amanda is manipulating everyone but she doesn’t seem to wanna go against everyone. I think Judd or Helen could pull this off last second but I doubt it. Amanda is freaking out though. She’s going around telling people not to be manipulated lol.

    It’s so funny btw how many people “have to go before jury” or “have to go next week”. It’s like Demanda and Tellin think there’s gonna be an 8 person eviction next week. Every 5 min yesterday it was “oh Judd can’t be trusted he’s gotta go sooner Candice gotta go. Jessie needs to go. Spencer is gonna go next week. “Hmmm who else oh ya “Helen can’t be trusted and she needs to go”…….then I hear Amanda say “it’s too early to vote me out its not a good move. They are thinking way too far ahead” GM actually pointed out that Amanda thinks there’s no way she should go up.

    I’m voting Amanda again. If we are allowed.

  39. Comments (25)

    Ugh Elissa told Amanda she’s the funniest big brother cast ever. Now Amanda is trying extra hard to be funny.

    • Comments (1162)

      just how rotten Amanda is. Period!!!

      Report from a BB Fan – Amanda was imitating Elissa’s voice (Elissa
      wasn’t around!!!) saying Elissa sounds like a child with autism.

      This woman(?) should be expelled from the BB House – now!
      She threatened “to kill” Candice —- “joked” about Elissa being raped – etc. and now this!!!!!

      Come on CBS – You’ve allowed a bunch of human degenerates on your network.
      Expel them!!!!

      CLEAN HOUSE!!!!

      • Comments (195)

        OHHHH I am so glad I did not hear that comment about autism. I would of probably thrown my computer. Having a child with Down Syndrome I took personal offense when she was calling everyone a R####d and now this!!! She is just foul and a poor excuse for a human being IMO.

  40. Comments (3)

    Looks like Howard will go home on a 7-1 vote.
    Spencer says he is voting out Amanda no matter what.. because his game is pretty much done even if he votes with Amanda’s house. Anyone else even thinking about voting out Amanda will get frightened and conform by Thursday.

    Amanda has Spencer & Judd in her sights now. With Howard gone, those will be her new obsessions. And when she can make other’s believe that her targets are the MVP (Howard, Spencer, now Judd).. I guess I have to hand it to her.

    I’m not an Amanda fan personally, but do see she has great strategy. if she could dial back being so pushy, she’d be in much better shape. Now she has Aaryn right in her pocket and wants her in final 4. Should be interesting because Helen & Elissa want Aaryn out before jury.

  41. Comments (40)

    omg it was either friday or saturday morning around 4 something am mccrea n amanda actually went all the way its so obvious n she got of n gave him a hand job to finish off! I do not want them to win so glad my son is only 1 and not interested in bb yet not setting a good example!!

  42. Comments (40)

    sorry to be exact sunday the love making starts at 4:35 am

  43. Comments (45)

    IF howard does leave i hope there is a double elimination, candice win HOH and instead of putting aaryn and GM. Put up Amanda and Mcrae

  44. Comments (624)

    No doubt this is one of the worst casts. A bunch of slobs lying in each other’s beds and sticking their dirty hands in bags of junk food etc is disgusting. Then you have McCranda making out in the toilet…bet her daddy is so proud of her. Elissa is a hottie though–a kinder and prettier version of her sister. It would be interesting if a mid season twist is placing a BB All-Star into the house…not as the “coach” thing they tried the other season, but a full on player.

    • Comments (407)

      I agree Big Papi! I have noticed them eating out of boxes of cereal and bags of chips. I know they have bowls in the BB house so I don’t understand why they don’t use and they have NO manners whatsoever…chew and talk with their mouth open and full of food. Totally disgusting to try and watch them.

  45. Comments (40)

    So true BIG PAPI these house guest are gross I ask myself if I were there would I want AM and MC cuddled in my bed? so gross! I wish Candice would stop barrowing from the other girls this is the only thing Candice does that makes me upset. I bet the girls all barrow from each other but they dont like Candice so what she does gets highlighted. By the way that house is so gross

    • Comments (624)

      If I were Judd, first thing I would have done coming out of the solitary confinement would be taking all the bedding from the HOH room and washing them in HOT water. No nasty body hairs, dander, etc on my sheets….EWWW If Jessie or Elissa want to lay there, only if it’s FWB. haha

  46. Comments (40)

    MIA I did!! when did she do it? lol so gross

  47. Comments (25)

    So Amanda mccrae Andy and aaryn made a final 4 deal last night. I think it’s for real cuz they think they can manipulate aaryn til the end.

    I think if America is MVP we should all go after Amanda. Putting aaryn back on the block does nothing. They will protect her.

    Aaryn has hell to pay when she gets out but if Amanda doesn’t go she will make it to the end

    It’s possible her family clued her in on how she was being portrayed. She seems very aware of how everyone thinks she’s racist. Omg and she joked about tweeting white power.

    And Amanda made fun of autistic people last night so she keeps offending a lot of people.

  48. Comments (1)

    Every year, I mean every single year people say this is the worst cast ever. We still have a lot of BB 15 to watch. Things will be fine trust me.

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