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Big Brother 15 – Veto Ceremony Results


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Today is veto day, and it was finally time to see how America really voted this week.  On Thursday night, Julie Chen said that we are now voting for the 3rd nominee, which I assume sent in a massive flood of votes for Aaryn and likely Kaitlin.  The problem with that is Judd won HoH and put them both up, which shockingly (to the house) put Elissa on the block.  While the house pretty much figured out it was America’s vote, some guessed Elissa was nominated because ‘for as many Rachel lovers there are, there are Rachel haters‘.  That may be true, but I’m pretty sure Elissa had more accidental MVP votes than she did nomination votes.


 Watch the house react to the new nominee

Now that we have our official nominees for the week, one of the ‘mean girls’ are guaranteed to talk to Julie Chen this Thursday night.  As of right now, it seems that mean girl will be Aaryn, but things have been shifting a little the past few days, similar to how they shifted when Nick left, and it’s possible GM or Kaitlin could end up a target.

The shift is that Amanda is starting to receive a lot of heat from the other side of the house, and she’s been told this by multiple sources.  Howard and Spencer still want her gone pretty bad, and the feeling is mutual.  Both sides are aware of this, so they’re in the process of building their vote army for what could be a very exciting week starting Thursday night.

It would be in Amanda’s best interest to remove the person they feel is getting closer and closer to Howard, and it would be Howard’s best interest to remove Aaryn (because she is the closest one to Amanda right now). I have a strong feeling that Amanda is going to recognize this, and by Wednesday she’ll likely be leading a campaign to get out someone like Kaitlin (or probably GM because she’s a bit easier to campaign against).  This could result in yet another close vote this Thursday night as 5 votes are essentially up for grabs.  McCrae/Amanda are voting one way, Howard/Spencer are likely voting the other way.

The campaigning should get fun this week, so make sure to pick up the live feeds.  You get 2 days free, and for about 30 cents a day, you can’t beat this value of entertainment.

11:45am – GinaMarie is trying to deal with being nominated.  She is now convinced Elissa was indeed MVP, and was put on the block because she’s so pretty and competitive.

12:15pm – Amanda, Candice and crew talking about how strange Nick was, especially about girls.

12:30pm – McCrae tells GinaMarie that he will give her the $5k he won if she goes home.  He is very confident that she’s not the target

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  1. Comments (453)

    Guess Gm thought since she is so freaking special she would never be put up on the block. Elissa needs to say,”How does it feel, you self-entitled biotch?” GM thinks if she yells loud enough others will be obligated to do as she says, wrong, typical NY behavior (yes I grew up in NY and despised these type of idiots). Best week yet, all three mean girls on the block, now for the rest of the house to use their brains and get rid of the right one!!

  2. Comments (1162)

    Nick has been given a few days notice to enroll in the BB Protection Unit.
    Pack your bags and get out of town, now!!!

    Hopefully, Kaitlin will be the one evicted this week. She is by far the most dangerous
    one of the three to win challenges and possibly make it to the end.
    IMO, while many are upset about Elissa being on BB15, they should be equally
    upset that the only reason Kaitlin is on the show is because a BB Staffer met
    her in a bar.
    How does that make all of the faithful fans who have tried out for the show and not
    been given the chance to be on it feel?
    Kaitlin wasn’t even a fan of BB before meeting up with this BB Staffer.


    • Comments (228)

      It’s probaby well known that BB does what they want and controls what they want. Kaitlin didn’t even have to go to any of the auditions. I believe the same holds true for GM. This season has to be the worst ever. Kinda boring with no really game strategy. Too much personal drama. We as fans know BB production is making decisions so the game goes the way they want.

      • Comments (4)

        Really? No strategy? Sure, the MVP twist is kind of predictable, but the first two weeks we got blind-side evictions. Third week, everyone rallied to get one of the most physically competitive player out (Jeremy). Every week alliances are changing. What show are you watching?

      • Comments (160)

        I agree with Luis. Although this years BB15 has the worst cast ever due to tactlessness of the cast, it’s one of the best for unpredictability(?) IMO. I like the fact that none of them have solid alliances from the start except the showmances (especially in the first few weeks). I still don’t have a favourite player this year.

        This week, out of all the ‘mean girls,’ I would like Kaitlin to go because she’s the strongest out of the three girls. She has really shown she can compete, so if the house is smart they would vote her out this week.

      • Comments (228)

        It’s just not as exciting as previous BB shows. Lot of personal digs and unnessary comments. Just sayin!!! Chill Baby!!!

      • Comments (228)

        What I’m trying to express is too much hatred toward each other. They are embarassing themselves (and maybe their family) by their words and behavior. They don’t even feel uncomfortable how they act. Just a personal take on this years episode.

      • Comments (35)

        FYI: It has already been stated a few times, Kaitlin works in a strip club, where she is a “bartender”

      • Comments (2)

        It is actually a bar with a strip club abovd it… I know for a fact she works at the bar not the club

  3. Comments (624)

    I’m so sick of her Jersey tough girl attitude and annoying voice. Her kindness to others and enthusiasm in teamwork is clearly phony. Then acting all butt hurt and heart broken over some random guy she’s known only a handful of days. Hope she’s next in line after Aaryn and Katelyn.

  4. Comments (624)

    I think the houseguests were quick to judge Elissa based solely on the fact that she is Rachel’s sister. Big deal….she seems to be a much softer version of Rachel and super hot. Doesn’t look like a hag without makeup like GM. I think the mean girls saw her as a potential clique leader coming into the game and were gunning against her out of jealously from day one.

    • Comments (453)

      Well said!

    • Comments (1162)

      I agree, however I wish BB had not invited Elissa on the show. It seems unfair
      to her and to the other house guests. Real or Not!

      I’m, also, not a fan of former BB House Guests being on shows with newbie House Guests.
      Former BB House Guests, IMO, should only be invited back for an All Star BB.

      • Comments (7)

        I agree they not only have an advantage but its like watching the same season over and over again. same place, same people, same time. I feel the same about survivor. and omg could i live without seeing another hance family member for the rest of my life.

      • Comments (1076)

        agreed and seconded…no more relics from the pastplease….

      • Comments (624)

        Elissa I could watch over and over again. And again! Not saying she’s a Rhodes Scholar, but man she is gorgeous. The rest of them are ehh….

        Okay, my order of hotness for the remaining guests:
        Elissa (gorgeous and athletic…probably marries money and high maintenance though)
        Jessie (needs to mature a tad and lay off the junk food lol)
        Aaryn (something kinda off about her eyes and hate the attitude)
        Ginamarie (you may think you’re the cat’s pajamas coming from Joisey, but it didn’t give you good looks) She has a voice like howard’s mother on big bang theory.

  5. Comments (2)

    I can’t wait for Aaryn to walk out the door and be told she no longer is employed and finds out the hard way that making fun of people and calling people names (like she is still in elementary school) will definitely come back to get her. Can you say KARMA???

    • Comments (228)

      I wonder if they will do a follow-up on Aaryn after she leaves BB House. I know her mom has hired a PR Firm to untarnish her image. Yikes!!

    • Comments (48)

      Can hardly wait to see the look on Aaryn’s face. I hope Julie will be honest with Aaryn upon Aaryn’s eviction so Aaryn will know how America feels about her and why she was evicted. I’m sure Aaryn will blame it on production. Aaryn, take time to watch the live feeds and be honest, quit the blame shifting. If you change your attitude and clean up your mouth, you could have a positive future; if not, how sad.

  6. Comments (453)

    McCrae has lost his mind, he told GM that he would give her his 5K if she leaves this week. Let’s see, yeppers I feel bad for you being on the block because you are such a great person, call me a cockaroach and I will reward you with my 5k. She is just as bad a Aaryn with her racist remarks and is serious need of in depth therapy. I have never wanted a triple eviction so bad as I do this week. Double eviction doesn’t hack it this week!

  7. Comments (13)

    glad that they are all on the block. but dont judge GM cause she is loud. cause amanda is just as loud and in your face. and elissa i feel the longer she stays in the house the meaner she will get towards the end and you will really see rachel’s sister come out to play. i dont like that BB is running things like they are. i wish they would get Aaryn out of the house just cause i am SO SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING EVERYONE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!! get over it. lets just deal with what is going on now. amanda needs to go, she is strong and they need to break up that showmance. aaryn needs to go cause of her mouth. kaitlin needs to go. helen needs to go…i forsee alot of crying on helen’s part soon and over and over again. cause she thinks its what gets her what she wants. but it will blow up in her face. I really think andy needs to go. and he will go being sacrificed as a pawn and the script will be flipped just like in Evil dicks season and he will go bye bye..which is fine cause i cant deal with him. winner…..sorry not my choosing but it will be elissa. if BB has it’s will be her!!

    • Comments (1076)

      Amanda and GM r the exact opposite new Yorkers…GM lives on staten island, which is basically another jersey suburb, is uneducated and has a minimal grasp on the english language so she stumbles and fumbles when she tries to express herself….Amanda is a professional real estate broker transplant from long island who made a mass exodous to boca raton with a boatload of other upper middle class jews and Italians who had enough freezing winters and two hour commutes back and forth from work every day….GM will live and die on staten island….Amanda is educated enough to go wherever the best opportunities r…….

      • Comments (1076)

        sorry—minimal grasp of (not on) the English…..and I agree about Helen…I don’t care for individuals who compete on a show like this and expect everyone to be a Pollyanna or play the game based on their religious ethics…..this is not the place for it….

      • Comments (48)

        I do not agree with everything Amanda has said and done. But she does know how to play the game. Sometimes I wonder if she could be related to Evil Dick somehow. Jus’ sayin’

    • Comments (18)

      I think if BB had their way, they would keep Amanda until the end. They want someone who will keep things interesting and shake up the house. I don’t see Elissa doing that, but I can see Amanda doing that.

    • Comments (151)

      Yeah, what’s with Helen??? She said herself that crying gets her what she wants (with her kids so it will work here, or something). Helen has terrible strategy. That’s what my drunk mom does when she can’t afford booze, cries until she get’s it. I say get rid of Helen, only terrible mother’s need to fake cry to get what they want out of their children. What a lazy human.

    • Comments (228)

      I wish they would all go and start over…LOL!!!

  8. Comments (48)

    I don’t see a problem with Elissa being invited into the house. Being Rachel’s sister will not help her. All of the othere are new players and they have different personalities than those that were on with Rachel. Elissa being on the show and recognized immediately has been the only thing that has created any kind of excitement. However, I think it has been unfair to her the way the houseguests treated her because of who she is. I feel they were all on even playing field. As far as the MVP, she didn’t solicit help from Rachel on that because it wasn’t announced until after the show started. They were already in the house.

  9. Comments (2)

    I think the problem I have with GM is how she will speak of Candice’s “Black/White” side, or how she [Candice] is ghetto and what not.. Yet the GM herself will scream at the top of her lungs walking around like she’s the ghetto one. She’s a huge hypocrite. Same goes for Helen.. she’ll get mad at Howard for lying but is playing her game the same way.. I honestly don’t think they understand how they are coming off to us.

    • Comments (1076)

      GM is a product of her environment…lower middle class w/ no college education confronts black woman w/ a college degree and a professional job as a speech therapist absolutely blows her mind because it dispels all the prejudices that tells her this cannot be so….GMs’ narrow world view has been set on its ear and that explains the irrational behavior that she has been displaying lately…she does not come in contact with women like candice in her life…birds of a feather flock together…that’s what is so great about BB…even Helen has had to adjust to people she is not used to…andy has spent his whole life reading people for any danger they might represent…that is why he is best equipped to play this game…he has learned how to fit in and not ruffle feathers for the sake of self-preservation…

      • Comments (1076)

        and, this is y aaryn is so despicable..she went to college and she shud know better….the hate she displays through flippant racist and homophobic comments has been learned at home…I laughed when I heard her parents hired a pr person for her…she is a product of all the stupid sh&t that she has been taught at home…to name your child a word that means master race is either very very dumb or a deliberate statement…i’d like to see her parents on the show explaining where she learned all this disgusting venom…or r adolph and eva (that’s what I call her parents) too afraid to stand up for their nazi beliefs?

  10. Comments (7)

    Wouldnt a double eviction be nice this week i cant wait to see one or more of the hg that lost there job get out. and see the look on there face when they find out. I wonder how aaryn will spin it to be all everyone elses fault? did you hear her talking about how everyone is judgeing her and how shes so nice and dosnt deserve it. What a joke.

    • Comments (1276)

      She also complained to Judd about how she’s been making herself be nice to everyone, and someone should give her credit for putting forth soooo much effort! She’s an idiot. How she got into college is beyond me.

  11. Comments (96)

    At least one of the 3 will be leaving this week. Still don’t understand why Amanda is so against Howard though.

    • Comments (160)

      I too don’t understand why she’s so set against Howard. So far, I’ve seen Kaitlin to be more competitive than Howard in the competitions. I do not even think that he’s good at the mind games that is required to play in the BB house.

      • Comments (151)

        Amanda doesn’t see what you see, Kathy. She sees Howard as 1) someone in a showmance 2) someone who was in the only known secret alliance 3) He’s strong, but that’s obvious to anybody who can see. 4) He’s a known liar.

        You and I know he’s not really that much of a threat (mentally, at least). He seems like a great, caring, passionate guy, but he is boring to watch for me. He is struggling with himself when he should just realize that every human being lies and that it’s ok to be a jerk once in a while. Everyone is a shitty person, just accept it instead of lying to yourself.

    • Comments (768)

      Amanda is intent on eliminating every guy from the house. After Howard it was going to be Spencer, then I’m sure it would be Judd and that would just leave Andy and McRae ……

    • Comments (228)

      She knows from her standpoint that Howard will come after her or McCrae

  12. Comments (96)

    And why are Elissa and Helen trying to make a final 3 deal with Kaitlin?

  13. Comments (6)

    I really hope its a double evict this week, but I bet it’s not. Would be nice to see 2 of the mean girls leave in the same week!

  14. Comments (316)

    I want Amanda to win Big Brother 15!!

  15. Comments (12)

    The houseguests should not have judged Elissa just because of her sister, and quite frankly she is not as crazy as Rachel was! Because Elissa had a target on her back walking into the house, this is why she got MVP 3 weeks in a row! Now she can play her own game and hopefully the MVP will be given to whoever is deserving!
    It is disgusting that Kaitlin was picked up in a bar and put into the house instead of deserving people who were actually wanting to play! What a waste of a slot in the BB house! No wonder she aligned with the mean girls and acted like an alley cat with Jeremy. I am glad one of the mean girls will be going home!

  16. Comments (41)

    In the spirit of the “Expect the unexpected”, the best deal would be a double eviction, backed with a fast foward to knock out all three in one week……what a big coo. The biggest best twist of all seasons, and something that all commincation types would be buzzing with. Go BB15!

  17. Comments (1)

    What I would love to see happen as a twist this week is everyone of them go home but two and a winner announced and it all can be over!! Then maybe if they decide to do the show again they can but each contestant through a mental evaluation BEFORE they go on the show! Because I think they got most of these people straight out of the nut house this year!!! They need to put them back in their little white jackets so they can hug themselves all day long and get them off of everyone’s television so our kids don’t happen to see it and have nightmares about the “crazies” they watched on big brother 15!

  18. Comments (12)

    Don’t get me wrong I despise how the mean girls and their troops have been acting. However, I haven’t seen anywhere where the story about Kaitlin being a stipper etc has been exposed. Doesn’t she work at a place called Sneaky Pete’s (not finished to not advertise it) which looks to be a sports bar with a family restaurant attached?
    If you are gonna hate them hate them for who they are lol.
    While I agree that naming your child Aaryn shows a distinct lack of taste I think making comments like what do you expect she’s an uneducated white blah blah is not better than saying he’s an uneducated black or she’s a Jew.. by the way it Jewish not Jew where I come from.
    Racism is a horrible trait no matter what the target it.
    Elissa went in knowing if her relationship to Rachel come out she would be a target. He lies the 1st week made Jermey not trust her. When he confronted her about lying about who her sister was at 1st she denied what she said and then later tried to pass it off as a joke. Stupid move and part of why the mean girls targeted her as well as the original MVP twist.
    One thing I would like to see, but I know it cannot be done as it would ruin some of the twists in the game, would be a listing of the competition types in their scheduling order before the show starts. That would stop BB from switching up things to help someone win. Also … don’t forget if it came out there were controlling the game they could be in trouble along the lines of the game shows of the 1950s. It is illegal to fix any type of contest in the USA. If BB gets caught doing this and someone makes an issue of it … well it could be very bad.

    • Comments (2)

      1 – Sneaky Pete’s is a restaurant but it also attached to a strip club which is accessible through a stair way and a hall. She is not a stripper you are correct.

      2 – Aaryn comes from a wealthy family. Could possibly be that she was a bit sheltered growing up? I actually like her now that she has settled in. I doubt it is just an act now…?

      3 – People need to quit with Elissa. She is just as “mean” as any other girl in the house. The fact people can not see that actually bothers me a bit…

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